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Page Two * Democrat rimiMlay Sepl 25 l!*47'
\ B1 N \ K T1 N
Tra4» Muk B^q TJ |. Mo*. OMna
— Marls nn l*apr One -
The in^xp^Tienced but eaqor
Saputpans. executing the intri-
cate T foerratio^ far th* firat
time. #trt spark* 1 by the
xtrllar play of Jack Mclntoih.
ISO pound full, and seatting
John Doremut, MS-pound half,
who made nmol dotvling
leatheT toting sprint* during
th* nrC vt However, the Chief
ii hi
-iA ’
S K ! R T S
—— Sl.trls <ni ! ;i£r* One—
Remember «r make them t*>
Ml W • • 1» *. Whittle**) "Yw,
I (|<i Itlr lh»* lonjfct Avid,
ns link bus il. my hushrm'1 like*
Ihcni |(mv f.ike nil other wotnfit,
I in Jetting it;e hem* down in
•' v do"1 <•' of making them
longer by re-making them I*w at.
unys liked to «tiav tn «l>Je.**
Groat I ollmo i>
Vnlnl. 01 Head
Sa\" in \iltlrr**
I tain forward wall turned In a
*rut*v performance. looking
laulf good on occasion* but
moot ol l|i,> I into yielding ao
Iho hai4*drnini| hormanito*
pouiod through
Tlio Tiger*. who tumhletl five
[ iinto* during the night. dawerl
| Iheir #«i lo pay rtirl in the «e-
l timd noil third j erlnd*. Tlirli
I fil'd counter mini* near llir rnd
j ,•( It*c» iinlf when Uip) marcher)
jit' > mil* i nit *,lnHhn;i through
the haltered Bill. A White tin#
for thru Inlltnl counter Then
i’Oily In the Ihlnt mierter. the
f*tger* rotted ncQiii driving from
fhoir own 40 down In Ihe Sa-
||||||>« 1.1 From llimr I'm only
I 1 "Oi'plntl aerial ,,f 11,,- g;lnie
n'i’iml thi- nvnl rtown lo the 1-
yurd stripe. onrt again the Chief.
| Norman'* lockctf cruised over on
; both «eorin* play* and John-on »
l ilinil .I toe dmmMIj annex
w .
The gam* but boillv out
classed Sapulpans received a
hia break early in the battle
bul were unable to caxh it In
lor a tally II came a lew min-
ute* after the opening kickoff
when Normon fumbled and
tim knqqa recovered for the
Chieftains on the Tiger 27.
Tour down, later however, the
Blue & While slab frrilrd an
the Noiman 20
l In make Ihelr hilts In two confer-.
I enee game* on ihe rirenlf* week .
j end hnSkie slate B*dh< W'lH be
> >|intlight mnte»t»
Tulsa* mighty Central Braves
'tfi on-champ*. and the promis-
ing Rartlenillc WIMial* rollnt
at Bartlesville With Jack Adam# |
lurring the Cat# attack the
Bartlesville aggregation made II
debut Iasi weelf liy blanking 11>« (
l)ewe> Buildups. 12 lo 0 Al the |
same tim* Central raeked up the
only touchdown in the Huger*- j
Cenlral-Wel. lrr all-clt* melee at '
Tulsa The Biases should lam*'
Ihe Wildi nta Friday mphl.
In the other District t duel
the slashing Okniulqae Bull
dog* led by triple threat*? Slu
atl James will Jdumey lo Tul
*a where they'll rip into »h*
Will Boqer* ttoo*r* The he«r*#
than a llrecrachet Bulldoq*
lustily blew tho ltd oft Ineit
season at Okmulqee Trlday
mqht when they swamped Sul
phur JJ lo 0. geger* ptababty |
will be Iheu secon J mum
In the meanlliu* tha rdtiw
. . leu .s nf the di,ii . i wil
.hnr|«rn their talerrfe^sn Inter
i v .! ■ Sn culpa Uiki
Bi d Spr'n,- Sanrtifes u
• \ •• i II'" Chieftain
ie i unie .u heller
■i ■ • si. . I > > ■ yw I he 7-I
e ^ .>nfei
ri and the highly InulPi
\s • ihelr scalp
. If u pes ban
lie ni Bui k
i-M Iiiisi . | f.
lie Muskop*
' the M. Al< .Ie
t-.i . .. ... • -f th.iri t VA
f ueie none too Jpi
i i > . mi 7 In S is .
e- H . i ’<■ Iasi w eek N*ith
dph Rough
a 12 in "
"e .......
A <.( Ihe IVIatr> f
1 A loop.
yes!fvcAcHEADoumiEM »*
VI Unlit' (ki. I.‘>
rhr*Mi”h Nnirmlwr
I or ^pi in” I ImttT'
r h o n r 6t2
M 0 I) K C
I Ml (M»s X (II \\! Us
Satisfaction Gua.ant«*od
Slate I m|»lo\ men!
HolU Slum (rain:
^iiffls ( limit. Iuu
mu; itiNTHK i b viad
TITI I S< RAM 1(1 I (ills
I Mil KU \\ I niim
_ Rifbt this w»v u Ihe way t» I
l)r LeC.eei s quality rtescripriww — and the any «B I
•tror*. he*>hy livettork poultry and heyw Aab aa far |
va'uahle rrsr*r#mvnl h nis
—1■■ SOLD *r
rltng nf) If
jja!|l Thr 1?M7 A grid till**
lold off lo a fast s|*rt
% Friday %%Hh four nf fl»r kn»p>
* I spven isrbtHtihi i\ ntochinck du*’
srmi m ii (. \s i \m ii n
i* Thar# is no itrra to l«»f ttom-
if #tch gat <“sus#» It'ss of tlc^p and
• ,:«* your dis(MAKi( ion Just la*r|
a *p<N>nful of Bl\ma-Rrx in a glara 1
the | of untor befnrr g^mg to tied
Rlfjn,i-R«*x relievos stomsrh dis-
t*i fXHnfoft due (u «rid-indigestion
mrt quukl>. Pi;y a boffte nf Vi doses
md for Tele at th» Ro\aII I>rug Store
tl«*- -O. L. Humei I>rug Store
- Ads
17 N Water Pho
vt t> I
Dunnq the war years it wa*
hard to secure many of the dr
sired bulbs but several of
these are now on the market.
Kays pointed out the cJnsab;)
ity of purchasing good quality
disease-free bulbs which will
grow true to variety and color.
These can ordinarily be ob-
tained from well established
seed houses certiln-d seed deal
ers or nurseries.
I rom where I sit... Jy Joe Marsh
Oklahoma Committee
Began Work 8 Years Ago
W 1 T H£ l \ \ E H S I* It I V f, s
round 4*efVbmt»on I>;i\
'%hi»’h blooms dut
The fir*1 Amor i
more Uian Vsj v«uis
i K 1646. n roltunnl
Jojkoph Jenkrs im'1
C (tuple of fflV'Utbs Agf' I •toff
ss (Here slioiit S.f hre? Ie »ng k •
insUrrd in Oklfthom. Nou. lb**
I»**. r Imliofn ha* another annl-
\rrssri A»» rth rownraUni on . . •
th»- orvArii/at’on of th»- okl»-
h<»ma ( emmittre of the 1 H.
Ilri u< r% I’oundAt.on right years
ago this month.
Fv w^rk ’-g tnrMhPf through
thaj Committee the brewers. di»-
tntvulom and retailer* have1 done
a lot to maintain high standard*
of operation in places whore 3 2
beer in aold. "The big majority
of retailers have come to realise
their obligation to keep thing*
clean and orderly Objectionable
conditions where found, have In
mart exam been corrected Minor
law infraction* have been great-
ly reduced Official* are receiving
helpful AAMatance in eliminat-
ing undesirable retailer*.
From where | »lt. thi* wftfi nf
«w If n gulat ion (|c%rr\o* thr sup
port of oar Htjanpa and a *'Wf
hand*' f * a g*h well <kue.
<■ 1947, U. 1 B>iiV(f', lO'INOBTION • MINM (OMMlilU
1304 Dt Nat I Bldg., Oklahoma City
An KxihtI Oiiinion
. . I* viii c' t when iuti ili nr in
(<• nur repair Mink'lmp fur an rxtimate
a' tn what li.ii In lg ilnrn and him mm h
it will ciMt
Sliimlaril ( lietrolet (,o.
100 South Mam
mis cmiMi \i n
oi oi ^
By Old Barnacle Bill
pre I live
viere sift in
■ /
•i (rue. Inti
I ing out of the lat
I hit trtf close to
A bunch at C!
around a shelter dun
in the barrage the Je
showering them with,
bragging aliout ttifir
home states AH hau
steam except t»n^’ rctiv
I who had not sounded t»ff
| was accosted with "Well,
have >ou got
A Superior J y BIL E E
nes were I
got to
in «»ut of
■ni fellow ]
iiat J
to mi) about your I
p sourdough and itie ]
house He Mnnghten-1
you'vpi trailed *for!
YOt^'F dteusrd of suih crynl.-irt, longed lot n. * sued lor
il-hcre it it' An utierl) mu Lind of mirttcit. Dnesrdi all
old-fashiofled ideas of manresi < 0110101 .n So gemls buoy-
ant, so umformly restful, it qu. Ll> fi. #11 you ofi to deep
relaxed sleep. Soothes even nene, coaniorti musilr,
gives you s thrilling new experience in the healthful enjoy-
ment of sleep No other mattress has its lotuuv”* ~*v No
other maiucn torsions you >0 completely.
S 19
- ^
!U« rtttfirH inaidr
kiQ4r! • BBtfUfM (O
K I F P «( cumfor-
Self id'unn| to uo- No tufa, lump* or
equal wcifhta of **o butfot Smooth and
•’erpert No mit>ni comf^noblc. No 6n
or rottMic to (truer. A taicbtra.
\ • riL
!?cfl ON A *
There is
vt;itc n<*t foun*
n the wnrld
The natural s(w»kf*snitiii of tic
gang vaid "Well, what? Th
proud answer. "My home"
I wonder ii he wai not
thinking and feeling the some
thing our president d.'d when
he remark'd about how good !
it was to get back home after
the wanders of the great South 1
American continent, or Jimmy
Melton on the radio recently
aft* r his return from a so-
journ m Europe when he said: i
Now I am going to sing you I
a v,,ng which will tell you how i
1 felt when 1 started home. The
matchless Hills of Home.’
'Breathes there a man with soul
so dead who never to himself
hath said this is my own native
land, whose heart hath ne'er
within him burned when he re-
turned from wandering on some
foreign strand '"
Or are we who have returned J
from the vacation we were ju#t J
dying to get away on, but oh so |
glad to return from?
Sure it is all the *ame and we I
we have a new realization of the
immortal There us No Place hike
Blessed E v e i» l
\ ;i I li es!
Y l K N I T l H E
While we are still in this
realization would H not be a
good time to go into a huddle
and consider rt we can by care-
ful planning and concerted ef-
| lort. make our communrty.
cur home, a little better: a
place we can be a little proud
n of: and which will be a
place in which we may be
happier and more prosperous?
This column will be continued
nnrl from time to lime Old Unm-
ade Bill will offer suggestions
trnd he invites every citizen of
thix community to write him your
idea Those selected for publi-
cation in this column will bear
(he by-line of the author.
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