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Happy Hour
Club Meeting
rH*w Fusli Button Efgftrfc long*
Mr* M J Armstrong I<■ 13 East
TT>om|i«.,n. ont-rfain««1 member.
of ,h' “"PPy Hour r|uh in he,
JOAN WAITE UW8QN. Society Milo, . Phone Ml " -
:::::: ui.^
fa°mi Chapter
Members Meet
War Dad Auxiliary
) Meets Monday
Th«* W»r ()ndi auxiliary
IlF-SS, >n,nr"f ,h' ............... auxt.tary met
!*>»onu chapter OFH 'mi,"Th 'h' Mn»d«y evening in th** ba*emenl
-1.T evening in’ Ih* h"" f'*' «
Hurlng ih J h«H meeting X _______
rmn. were m«r|,.,V«?C*C"'p'."* I("rln« ,h* course 4 hu*ines«. K'"1’"’"* Mr. Re,
'•■Hon.' nnrt p*,r Patr-m,' v,„h, ,h'> Mr. W F. | >fin *"'• Hnurtp Dtvl*
*hlrh '« »" he hplij on rhursHa* l*r**'nl«d hpr re.igna' .n A
«1> railed
I'lPpl PomnnrtPp for mi. ,nh^r 1 *' "hlrh time n nPAA
>’*pp|ing mu ^ M,rtp MuIllnt prp'idPnl aa III he elected A1|
Imngene Davie Vpmn Bateman’ ,T»"*•"<!
Ulu Lnph.m Opnl Graham. Ro.Ip ,h" m~"n»r
I A Vffktfk f ft. t a __ KM o n .amap.
—- — ■ new «ea*»n
Iniring fhp iflrrnoon gama.
of ronlp.i warn enjoyed hv tho.a
Thp ho*le«, .erved lovely re-
fra,hm«nl, to ihe.e members
• •• W 11 Bawyrr Mr* Utile
Hlrk. Mr» R F Douglas. Mr.
Ron Marion Mr. Ra> Uw.nn
Mr« H I. Simpson Mr* Rodney Mr. Re*, Burroughs.
leen-Aqe Dances
Start Friday
• —- 1 i , * < 1 . « .
Honor-Roll Quality Clothes
for Every School Occasion
Boys’ Sport Shirts
• •
ra>np Je»e|| Mobley and \a-
omi Uortman
At thl. nipptmg lha pa.l m*.
,r,'n "nd patron* «* 111 pr*,pnt a
rpramony of initiation ..n three
.Aim plan* were made for
-------p- Annoiinipmanl wn< maria thl.
Plans were made for lha au* ,h*' Ertrlay night dance,
Illarv t» a.*|s| lha War Dad. In "hi''h ---------- 1 -
-ong Sleeves
tha annual Gold Star Christmas
Kifl • ampaiirn fhr the GoM star
XEaxr to
. _ ' in*- unin Nir *
rhildran II rn announrad that hl* ,Frl'1a7 ,,,r
a complete ||g| of these rhildran
ha. not haan obtained and any
Athioh warp .pon.nrad In.t yaar
Pa tha Flka Iraigp during tha
arhool yaar sA-ould ha ra.umod
all high «• ho.,|
woor V.
"" " •Mntip inr A ■ Mini
ba bpld on IWambar °n‘' knowing of additional name.
ha .ft__1- flit III.. II.a k. . - t _a
--*™«i ■»»! t rpi rill no*
and 4 with chairman balng Mr.
Rp|la Navin*
*Tha na»t maating of lha .hap-
lar will ba on Saplamhar ?,1 and
all F.artarn Star* ara In.itad lo
at Iand
Frisco Veterans
Auxiliary Luncheon
Mam bar* of tha FrUrn Vatar-
»r.. auxiliary mat Tua*da> In tha
for thi. Il.t should contact rja*.
Crawford chairman of tha Wnr
Tha naxt maating of tha aux-
iliary will ba on Monday. fVt 4
Sapulpa Teacher
Speaks at Bristow
Mi.« Mary Bridget Saxton of
Umdon, England. A*ho I* teaching
In tha Sapulpa .chool ayateni
r , a ’ - "'"f nihil ivAinn Cluhroom* for a envarad '*rm. .poka at a maating of
filth Inn, kp. . .. ul l . .* a. _
*4i*h lunrhaon with ho«ta««a» ha.
Ing Mr. ] I. Franklin and Mr*
* M Faupell
r;ua*t« wara Mrx Ida Frank-
Rn F R Kalaar. C V Rlckert.
nnd W R Mullins.
Mamhar. pra.ant wara Mr.
C F. Conway. *tr« I. A i;~dan
Mr* A E Lexrta. Mr* Nola San-
af and tha two ho.taa.a«
during lha aftarnoon a .hort
bu*lne< maating w*< hald fo|-
4°wad by a «oaial hour
Tha naxt maating of tha «u*.
diary will ha on Tuaaday Oct
Guild Honors
Mrs Browner
Mr. Frad Rrawnar waa mm-
plimantad with a farawall lunch-
a«n Tuaxday by mamhar* of tha
Mae®*worker* C.uild in tha h. ia
of Mr* R L Kantingar 1212 E
Mr* Brawnar who is |*-nt
of tha efuh. Atra* pra»antad wdth
a Invaly gift by mamhar.
Mamhar* pra.ant wara
V » Pratt. Mr. W H Bonham.
Mr* Tracy Tan.a Mr. Frank
Collin*. Mr. P J I>aRro««a Mr.
C E Knap[>anhargar. Mr* N W
fiiarhart. Mr. Roilman. Mr.
Ban Hnndm. Mrs Thoma. S Har-
rta amt Mr* Brawrar
tha Rrt.tow Bu*lna.i nnd Pr.ifa*.
• lonal Woman* club Tuawla*
Ml.* Saxton u*ad a* har *ub-
»*ct. "Education in England"
To Arnve Here
Mr. Eldon law.on and daugh-
lar Rarky, fVta„a. Ta* fomiar
Siptilpan- will arri*a Monday to for .evaral weak* m the
hone of har ptfTwnt. Mr and
Mr. E S Carla* U'« Fa*t l.ln-
coln. and Mr taw.nn'. parant*
Mr and Mr* Ray lar.on llfi
Wait Bryan
Mr l^twaon will Join hi. fam-
ily on fk-tobar .1 «nd will ra-
maln for a weak . vi*lt
Chaperone, for tha dan< a* ul|l
he Mr and Mr* J d Harrl. and
MF and Mr* Kenneth Harrunn
Tha Elk. lodge will alternate
with the new ly-organized youth
center In .ponaorlng tha dance*
Entertained Friends
With Steak Fry
A .teak fry in har backyard at
har home. «2S South Mound*, wa
the manner In which Mia* And
ray Del/tng entertained a group
of her friend. Wedneotay even-
Included m the gue-t Il.t were
Mr. A I. Collin., Mr* Rarhura
Parton Mt«* Jane Hogan Mr.
, 1 Milan Erwin Mr* Ruth Murphy
Mi*a Pexrl Mcflrnv Mr R..h
I aw «nr Mr. Ray (. erhart Mr.
fori* Hick. M .- Wlltn.A Muncy
Mr. tieorgella Wilton Mi.. Ag-
ne, r»avi. Ml.a Irma Gallagher
nnd Mis* Jean Snider
' Tin* revolutionary new clwtr
H hamg produca.l by Hutpau.t lr
cooking control, there are 14 new f.
unprecedented automatic parfon ft-
I ml each button t* * talking mi...
aod t 'in to Identify at a glance tf
'he four .Airfare Wnit* and iv»n. T
•erior oven corner* for easwr cUc
timer clock, Itt-inch fluorcxgvnt lao n
• peed t alrod turfacc umta, even * ,
»rul f.nger-tip ball bearing drawer;
come* with two full use ovens, of in a
■>n|e, *fet,f,H liy pu.h Sutton*.
In »ildition to the innovation in
' . which g ve the horvemaker
» zt the touch of a button Be.
« ’TIT1, v,,||ow- *‘»l»t green
• tc dme/ent best setting, fc.g
few r*ngo a .0 hai rounded in-
greater -.triage n- \v
to light Cooking turface, high
-at light, electric tun. mea* .rc,'
'n locked stop Tht new
sing oven model.
$1.59 to $3.50
r -a
Elk* Will Award 200 College Scholarships
In $60,000 Competition
Boys Slip-Over
Garden Club
Met Monday
Returned Home
From Coast
Mr and Mr* O R Pickett.
Ill South Unden. returned la.«t
week from a month.' vacation
trip to California
In San Diego, they were hou*e-
gue*t. of their «on and daughtcr-
mlaw. Mr. nnd Mr* Mllia.n
Enroute home they vi.ited In
la* Cruce. N M . with Mr p k-
etfa brother and wife. Mr and
Vtr* C ; Pickett
They also visited In the Carl*
on their way home
Visited Parents
Over Weekend
Mr and Mr* Jerrry Parker of
Member, of the (karden Club
met f,* ih,,r flr„ fj>|, rneef Ing
Mr. Monday afternoon at 2 nclock In ln ,h
J the hi.-ie of Mr. Jam.-. I prmce h',d f*" Carl.had. N
l«'l Ea.t Hoh*..n
The buxine*, meeting w a *
conducted hy the pre.ident Mr*
O E V'anl andinghnm Fifteen
member* were prevent
I airing the program, Mr. Opal
Hellewell presented an Interest-
ing report on lilie* She explain-
ed how. when and where to
Attended Rush
At Okla A<SM
Mtxa Peggy |giw*un returned
home Sunday evening after
pending the weekend In Stilt-
N*wr York—Two h .xdred col-
lege icholarxhJp* totu*. g IRO.OOO
*‘u *>« awarded in tr.e aeven
feentn annual Moat Valuatila
■Student competition conducted by
th* Be ,evident and Protective
Order of Elk., Jonn F. Mallty.
Chairman of the Board of Tru*>-
tee* Of t.xe E.a* National Fiun
dation. announced today Awardt
are mad* to needy xtude-jt* of
ouHtanding ability
Mr Miller , r| the 44 r. n
award, totalling S12.00*. and rJr,g
tng from JdOO to S100 each wii! be
made, with identical amount*
offered in separate competition
for boy* and giri* Recipient* ,f
the national award* will be ie
lected next *prmg from winners
# of competitiona iponaored by
State Elk* AaaocUtion* and indi
vidual Elk.< lodges, which offer
additional Jcholar^bip* in amount*
up to *400
Competition* will be condu ted
in every *tate and poa.- xjion*
of the United stale*. The awardj
are tininced by income from the
E >undation * »,00u trftjxt fund
.uppwmented by fund* fr .rr
*tate a.jnciatiorx and mhordmate
lodge*. Mr Malley said
' ,r hlP» are a part
Jrder'* program of po*i-
i.m to develop
then and women better
' E'k
f odr
tive Ar
''•|U*Ppc1 for ntireruhip m a
............ Mr Malley Mated
r* it*'* *rn ,nou*,) »»airtplei
’ ’ 1 ft graduate* w ho have re*
nounced democracy for totalitar-
•.r.nm to know that education
1 ’ ,r ’ eno jgh Nca erthela*.
a ■•emorratic xortety impo.e* upon
• iti/rru *periai reiponjibllitie*
» r.ii i they can better aieuma if
i -v have the knowledge and
g v ’■ an rdu'-at.of. can
C'.nfer Therefore, while scholar-
f•* the hr t requirement for
ttiese awards, they are made only
to student* whose background!
clearly now their fidelity to the
principle* of liberty. Justice and
Any lertlor student of a high or
preparatory school or college
ur lergraduate. who t* a resident
of the United State* or it* posse*.
«ion - may apply for an award.
Application forms and complete
dc\,;... can he obtained at any of
t..e 1.49ft F. k. lodge* Application*
• *■ gh> t ef re Mart1, 1.144
w ever in
bwina all
d »bol Sev
jy» and rnwri.
Junior Sweat Shirts
f"s*k* PAvQi
E ,T».nc
pre^nled hy Mr. J
dav lille*.
Stillwater returned to'their Home T?f '»'» he held
Sunday evening after viattlni oa- !>n '’nd*> f>c1<>ber II with the
-—neii nno wnere to 1 ,
plant them Another paper wn. w*,,>r where »he attended the
*•- . •• f#u "ru»h ' act ia 11 i e* <>f thi- CM
Omega «.r..rity at Oklahoma A.
and M college
Sunday evening after visiting oa
er the weekend with the form
•*r*» parent*. Mr and Mr* Roy
Parker. 602 South Bixbv
Young Parker i* resuming hi*
studies at the Oklahoma A and
M. college thi. semester.
ho*te*» being announced at a lat-
er date
Visited Relatives
In Seminole
Former Pastor
Visits Here
Psychology Club
Members to Meet
z»nd Mr* !>tck Kay and dauebi^r
dr« ve t«> Seminole Monday to vU-
(It rtUtivti
Mrs Ka> an«1 daiighter rm utn*
Member* of the Child P»A.hol- r<! ,,,,, * ’*"* <1*>* vl*" h**p—
°ffy flub will eet FVvday for r'‘,urnln*f ho,n* •
a 1 o'clock luncheon m the home
of Mr* Roger Shank*. 5*M South 1
Maui street
The program for the afternoon 1
wilt be presented by Mr* Mmi.
rice Davi, who will talk on Child- South ^
hood Fear*.” south I ind.-n tiave returned frtuu
a vacation trip to point* in Tex*.
, f*1 Ff>rt Arthur Tex they visited
“ 'if Imtlart ia Birds Dr rtav' with relative*
Rev nnd Mr* James Savage*
of Wlncheitfr VC> , were guest*
lit Sapulpa Tue*dn> visiting nl.4
Air and Mr* I ennard Strain friend*
Among thou- Snpulpan. visited
by l he Eavage* were Mr and
Mr* A P Crawford
Rev. Savage wa» pa,tor of the!
little Methodist church In Sa-
pulpa in 1909 At the pt+senl
time, he 1* welfare secretary of
the Methndlit Brothertiood of the
Mate of Kentucky
Visited Points
In Texas
Mr and Mr* W H Sawyer
California Visitors
Return Home
Tw» Cornell zo .IcgHt* who txik
to the lir them»e|re» to investi-
gate birj migration;. .Jggeit that
to finding their via*, the bird*
»cem to rely on fix il,ar land
marlfi rather than a ipe .a! sente
°f dieectwn foe .ex .tivit* to Inc
earth * magnet.e field Ur Don*ld
B Griffin and Raett m.d J llork
reported ln "Scierce,'' weekly p-.ib-
beation ef the American Associ*
lion f.,r the Ad. ancex c t ,,f Sr
eoce that bird* of at lea-i oi e «pe
c|e* do not fly a -traight path to f
the target but sorretin e* explure
wide area* before locating fkmilur
tomtorv to serve at a g ude Thev
uved a »perially equ.pped bght » r-
p!ane and selerted for their experi
menta a typical migratory ipene*.
the gannet. a large white sea bird
Some IT ganneU were iiDented *t
Caribou. Maine, more than 100
mile* from their neet* Nine were
tracked b* plane, one flew 100
mile* south when it* ne*t lay tu
the northeast: other* w-ent equally I
far astray Vet moil of the gar-
net* eventually returned to Uic.r
nest* in one to four dav*.
Facie Bam Busing Diamond*
Uncle Sam lx buving diamond*
on a large icalr Before the war
74 per cent of the world's dia
mondi were marketed In the Unit 1
ed States ''Now it s about BA per |
rent." said 'Joseph Baumgold. sec-
retary of the world * largest dia
nd cutting firm. Biggest buyer
digmand. today, after the prox-
iv# bridegroom it l'ncletSain j
■*■ of course, are a atra- j
_ itarial ^Diamonds rut
ougb aluminum and other'iight !
developed for nyar use ail
h they were so much butter. |
When you need good printing, i
•11 Onbe—dOU, I
Mr and Mr. C. II Kai,er and
their <w>n«. Jimmie and Charles
Announce Adoption tSn ?.X&'ncZ' ^ '2
Of Rohv month, with the former'*
^^7 ‘JOn parents. Mr and Mr* A R Km,-
er They were nn-umpanied home
by Mr Kai«er, father and hi*
nephew, Darrell Murphy.
Legion Auxiliary
To Meet
I The American Legion Auxiliary
will meet Monday. Sept Jii at
the Legion hut for a regular bu»i-
ne», meeting and al*o m tin*
time member, will complete the
election of officer*.
Order of Rainbow
Elects Officers
At the regular meet ' f of u„
R.unbtiw Gtrla 1 ueada an ele<
lion of offtcer* f the iwust tali*
of fo«r lrnirti* . w i* m id
Elected wr»re- fie,. Ptcheyini
M’ortJiy A *wL- r; A'icliu Dean
h. AsetsSa. I A Uftsur e>k*is
Seay, owniyt Nunn*
ll‘H*e ’W) Atu: -Xiaey. Vatin
Ann Kr im oirtted nr |» drtnn
II* recorder >«d,Joyce Otdenhac-
ua« .elected to complete her if
flee term,-*
Planned by the girl* for Tu-*
day evening is a weiner roa.l
at l ake Sahoma They will meet
at the Masonic hall al ti Ki p,
nnd go to the lake together
Presbyterian Guild
Member* of the Presbyterian
*btiilffi m#*t Wf»dnp<(iay in th-
church for a 1 o’clock luncheon
vvith Mr. K. W. Frau acting „
Girls' 1007o Wool
School Coats
$16.95-$29.75 ,
with or without hood **
K. U Club To
Meet Friday
I Mr. J R startle., Ea.t
Uno will rnt#»rtaIff1 w*mben of
th^ K L* rluh in hor home t’rf. i
day ^vtnlnr at ^ n'rlork
fit.) FLOI'KKS
' ' fHT.MOlK
?• *
7 N. Park Phone 254
t t
Mr and Mr* Earl Wonlbert.
Tulin announce the adoption of
a five-month-old *<>n which they
have named Michael Allen
Mr* Iwittle Hick, of thl. city i*
the niaternnl grandmother
Mr* B’oolbert i» tha former
Norma lllck* of thl* city
Kind* ml ( kee*e
There are 18 duto.rt kind* of
cheese ivg.table today and 400 Jif-
I ferent vanetie.
v by (UuloH
Two aids to beauty you 11
want (or the loll seewot.
Ever, lip sticks are loner
as evidenced by this com
pletely rew long penal style
nevlon Lip Fashion.
Revlon's cream woier make
up in vanity style suitable
for purse
(prices plus federal tax)
Reel Drug Store
Phonu 784
Wt Deliver
Preamble to Constitution
and By-Laws
wTiSis? 'w'h*r
To uphold and deland the cortotitution
of the United States ol America.
To maintain law and order.
To foster and perpetuate a one hundred
per cent Americanism.
To preserve the memories and incidents
oi our association oi the great wars.
To inculcate a sense of individual obli-
gation to the Community. State and Nation.
To combat the Autocracy ol both the
classed and ths masse*.
To make Right the master ol Might.
Earth/* pr0n,0,# P*at# and 9ood will on
To safeguard and transmit to posterity
the principles of Juetice. Freedom, and Demo
To consecrate our comradeship by devo-
tion to mutual helpfulness.
American far Dads
Seamless nylons. All perfect.
A good buy at such a low
price. These lovely nylons
are available in the new
fall shades, so come in to-
day and select several pair.
$1.00 pr.
A New Shipment of
OH1 So cute
baby blarke
and come in
Size 30x40
27-inch** Square
$2.98 Dozen
New Fall Bags t
■ ‘.ion
.'t*> wanted
>w arrival*
• V
d soft are th
ese new que
llity Lsmor
The larger
si2es are 84
Jtoen bour
:lher blue o
r pink with
deco nation
Sue 36x50
Sue 36x50
•• ■ *1
. -
• a
3l school
9 are ,‘ea-
Ail jood *
• Use Our
•rJ4.LtuLttrr:rs:trrrrrrrr r1
M *4W*-*b '
• *- p4-h* w. *.
------* - - —*.._**.w.muuimui ui imzr:

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