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Beauty to Plead Self Defense
Pleads Not Guilty
‘Going Up
Triple f'our contract club lun- •
cheon at W E. Auto camp, Mrs •
Allen Gray hostess
CYLuta Hanna society meets in •
the home of Mrs S W Moore •
South Methodist Missionary so- •
ciety meets at two-thirty in the •
church parlors, for mission study *
and November program
Authenaeum club meets with •
Miss Mayme Simpson
Mrs William Oriess hostess to •
Swastika club at Mrs. Eakins’ tea *
Mrs. D. L. Krappenbergei en- *
tertains Fntre Nous club
Tuesday Art club meets with
Mrs Jess' Collins
What Not Art club with
Worrell Zelgler
Mrs J. O Lewers entertains •
Queen of Clubs In her home.
Ace High club meets with Mrs *
C S Gaddy.
Method!.-.1 Guild meets with Mrs *
K. A Miller. 1120 East Hobson. *
assistant hostesses Mrs C. F *
Husted and Mrs J. G McBride •
Baptist Women’s Missionary so- •
ciety meets 2 o'clock In church. *
business session.
Aroetle club entertained by Mrs *
J. T Crow at Mrs Eakins tea •
St.. Anthony study club meets *
with Mrs c. F. Kinley
Junior Sodality meets with Miss >
Jean Hartnett
San Fran club one o'clock lun- * j and their
cheon and white elephant bridge attend
in the home of Mrs C. A. Ayrer
Business and Professional Wo- *
men's club Thanksgiving party •
in club rooms, hostess chairman *
Mias Audrey DeLong and Mrs •
Carrie Drum
Saturday Dinner Bridge meets •
with Mr and Mrs Oren Landrlth •
Saturday Afternoon
Clans Meeting*
Members of the AlpLa Sigma class i
of the First Presbyterian church met
Saturday afternoon in the home ol ■
Mary Pauline Cheffer for the regular !
class meeting
During the a.ternoon the girls made
picture books to be sent to a hospital
lor Christmas.
Refreshments were -served bv the
hoe teas to Leona Mae Johnson, Judith ,
Johnston, Patricia Aitcheson. Jane j
Vickers, teacher. Mrs. B F Knlpp |
and one guest, Mrs. J W Johnson |
♦ ♦ ♦
Attended District
Meeting Yesterday
Mrs Mary McLaughlin accompanied i
Mrs. Verna DeArmand, Mrs Zella j
Holmes and Mias Luctle Lano ol
• 1 Tulsa, to Shawnee yesterday for the
Mi-s • i fourth district conference of the
* Business and Professional Women's
I clubs held in the Aldridge hotel
Mrs McLaughlin appeared on the
: program at the morning hour and at
j the luncheon served at twelve-thirty
Mrs DeArmand. national recording ,
secretary, and Mrs. Jennie Mayfield
of Okmulgee, past state president. !
were the principal speakers
Following the afternoon business I
session Mrs Florence Cartwright. I
state membership chairman, enter- .
tairnd the group at tea in her home i
♦ ♦ ♦
Pythian Sisters
Homecoming Dinner.
The Pythian Sisters and the Knights
; of Pythias will entertain with a
homecoming covered dish dinner at
the K P hall at six-thirty tonight.
All K P members. Pythian Sisters
families are invited to
Will meet tn Springfield She was accompanied
two-thirty by another sister, Mrs P J Mulrenin
♦ ♦ ♦■
Methodist Guild
Meeting Wednesday.
The Methodist Guild
Wednesday afternoon at
in the home of Mrs K
1120 East Hobson avenue
Husted and Mrs J. G. McBride will
be the assistant hostesses
Courtray \ew York Doily Mirror
Min Vert* Streti
is a new photo of Miss Vera Stretz, attractive university grad-
who.-e atiurneys announced that she will plead self defense at
:orthromine N< w York trial for the fatal shooting of Dr. Frit*
Gebhart, German-Amorican financier.
Relumed Home
I-ast Night.
Mrs P F Ruskoski returned home
last night from a week's visit with
her sister. Mrs W
A Miller.
Mrs. C F
P Stone and Benjamin N Cardozo
With more than 1.000 suits chal-
„ ______ longing the processing taxes already
L Vandevcnter, filed and collection of some $150,000,-
000 in taxes held up, the tax blockade
was expected to furnbli treasury ofit-
cials a serious porblem
L'orona Club
The Corona club luncheon to have
jeen held Thursday has been post-
poned until a later date which will
ye announced.
♦ ♦ ♦
I uni or Auxiliary To
American Legion.
The Junior Auxiliary to the Amer-
ican Legion held their regular meet-
ing Saturday afternoon in the hut.
Miss Marian Michener, the vice presi-
dent, was in the chair during the
business hour.
Plans were made tor the Christmas
party to be held in two weeks in the
Miss Dorothy Lawrence the pro-
gram chairman presented the follow-
ing numbers: Violin solo by David
Young accompanied by his sister.
Maine Young , tap dance by Eula Mac
and Helen Jean Lovett; piano solo,
Mary June Marshall; talk by the
sponsor, Mrs Carl Noble
Mrs Glenn Young was the guest
of the auxiliary
♦ ♦ ♦
Spent The Week
End Here.
Gerald Ruffncr of Indiana. Pa
spent the week end here in the
home ol Mfcs Miranda Fleming and
her parents, Mr and Mrs. W. J
Fleming The visitor stopped here
enroute to Brownsville. Tex
the winter
♦ ♦ ♦
Birthday Cablegram
From Australia. „ ,
Mrs. N J. Dritt of 300 South Park
.street is celebrating her birthday
anniversary informally at her home
today. A cablegram this morning
iront her daughter. Mi's R D. Cave
in Sidney, Australia, who visited here
last fall was a high point of the day
♦ ♦ ♦
Rainbow GirLs
Business Meeting.
The Rainbow Girls will hold their
regular business meeting at seven-
thirty in the Masonic temple
♦ ♦ ♦
Dinner Celebrates
Wedding Anniversary j
Mr and Mrs. Jasper Cox were the
honorees at a dinner in their home
at 616 South Adam.', yesterday in sur-
prise courtesy to the forty-fifth wed-
ding anniversary. Sharing honors
with Mr. and Mrs Cox was O E.
Hyland who was present at then
wedding forty-five years ago in Mis-
sour!. i
Two readings "Mother- and Fatn-
Bencfit Presentation
At High School Tonight
The Senior Mothers club will spon-
sor a benefit presentation, the wed-
ding gown parade, to be given at the
high school auditorium tonight the
proceeds to be used for the year book
fund A very small admission will be
charged The public is invited to
♦ ♦ ♦
Univerxi'y Students
Here Over Sunday.
Mrs F F. Selby and Mrs. S. C
Rollman drove to Norman Friday and
were accompanied home by three uni-
versity students lor the week end,
Charles gelbv and his fraternity bro-
ther Emil Mise of Norman, and Lee
Rollman The visiting trio returned
to Norman last night
♦ ♦ ♦
Guests Yesterday
From Broken Arrow.
Mr. and Mrs O R Ramsey, 109 S
Mounds, had as guests yesterday, In
their home, the former's brother and
wife, Mr and Mrs Roy Ramsey and
family of Broken Arrow
♦ ♦ ♦
Week F.nd Guests
In Tulsa.
Mi and Mrs. Claude C Taylor were
the week end guests of their daughter
and son-in-law, Mr and Mrs Warner
Lewis In Tulsa
♦ ♦ ♦
to spend Family Dinner
, Ye»:erday.
' Mr and Mrs W P Urquhart en-
tertained their sons and families, Mr
and Mrs Bates Urquhart of Okla-
homa City and Mr and Mrs. Bun
Urquhart in their home yesterday at
a venison dinner The deer was
brought back by Bunn Urquhart and
party from a recent hunting trip to
♦ ♦ ♦
Drove To
W M. Peacock, Miss Betty Lotus
Peacock Miss Doris Reynolds. Miss
Thelma Anderson and Mrs S L. Mc-
! Reynolds drove to Shamrock yester-
| day where the tatter perfected the
organization of six auxiliaries of the
Baptist Msisionary society and elected
a young people's leader Mrs Mc-
Rcvnolds is voting peoples leader ol
the Baptist Pawnee-Creek association
♦ ♦ ♦
oi Tulsa
♦ ♦ ♦
Dinner Brid*r
Saturday Night.
Judge and Mrs George L Burke '
were hosts at a dinner bridge given
Saturday night at Mrs Ross Bakin's
tea room. 126 South Main street. •
Covers were laid for Judge and Mrs. | j|,nCE
L. O. Lytle, Judge and Mrs Burke -------
and a group of

Returned Herr
Judge and Mrs. Fred A. Speakman
and the latter's mother, Mrs A. C-
Hollister, returned Saturday from a
brief stay in Chandler and Wellston.
Judge Speakman was in court in
Chandler Friday and Mrs. Siieakman
and Mrs Hollister remained with
relatives in Wellston
—■ 1 ■ -"f
' has been fixed by the state planning
j B. S. Oraham, the board's secretary,
announced today It Is located four
miles south of Warwick, in southeast-
ern Lincoln county,
l The spot Is about 30 miles north-
tast cf Oklahoma City. 70 mile*
, southwest of Tulsa, and 20 miles
| not thwest of Shawnee.
The population -■enter is 27 miles
! almost due east of the geographical
! center.
of strain and anxiety
showed on the face of V era Stretz
when she appeared in New York
court to plead not guilty at her
arraignment for degree mur-
der in connection with the fatal
shooting of her employer. Dr.
Fritx Gebhardt.
Lillian Spanbauer
An elevator girl who is “going
up" in the world is Miss Lillian
Spanbauer who wa» picked a. a
prospective screen star when "dis-
covered" working in a New York
department store
Confessed Slayer
Of Altus In Prison
For Safe Keeping
SANTA f E, N M . Nov. 25. OP)—
Hcllir Martin. 17-vear-old Altus. Okla.,
confess! d stayer of three of his rela-
tives. was In the state prnitenttary
here today, for sa.ekeeplng.
The youth was spirited away from
Carrizwo Saturday night, because of
increased lynching threats after ho
entered a plea of not guilty at hts
Hi will be held in the penitentiary’
until the March term of Lincoln
county district court
The Carrlzozo sheriff said an un-
dercurrent of public opinion and the
■'arrival of many strangers” In the
town caused him to decide to bring
Martin here. Two state highway
patrolmen hePxstf him make the
Old papers for sale a< Herald office.
Climax night, a combination ol the
other three nights, with men. women
and young people displaying signifi-
cant colored ribbons for designation
as a visitor for that group.
friends from Tulsa
♦ *
Leonard Short. Galena. Mo., Russell
Cooper. Fort Smith, Ark Dewey
Gilmore, Willard. Mo ; and Jack Mil-
ler, Ctaretnore, Okla . Cherokee In-
dian Miller is charged with being
one oi the brains" of the gang
O'Malley. Virgil Melton and Pled
Reece, the latter Missourians also.
*°HeadyayOllmore and Cooper are | J^^^^clS^ov
c^nLt£nCtwThnlrobbefTof Oilv I Oklahoma's exact population center
National bank there last May 3 | ■ .....
'Du- double robbery Ohmb «•
.staged in December, 1934 A gang
swooped down on the two banks at
opening time, and looted both simul-
taneously The robberies were staged
with clock-like preclsoin, and the
j gang fled, leaving only slight clues.
Federal department of Justice agents
ran the alleged bandits' down, and
arrested Miller only recently
The Loyalty month attendance at
the First Presbyterian church has
MUSKOGEE. Nov. 25. <IP>—A Jury
was speedily selected today in federal ule rilBl r,r™,K, —
court here to try five alleged members an increase over previous years,
of the Irish O'Malley gang on charges lt was indicated this afternoon, with
of staging a double national bank on]y onp more service left on the list,
robbery at Okemah. | Eligibility for the gold honor roll ln-
The defendants are Dan T. Heady. I dudes 16 services, and eight for the
Kansas city: Leonard Short, Galena. bhu, ron
Mo.; Russell Cooper, Fort Smith. Ark ;
Dewey Gilmore. Willard, Mo , and Jack
Miller. Claremore, Okla , Indian
, Defense attorneys exercised ten
challenges and the prosecution five
belore a jury was chosen, with U. S.
Judge R L Williams presiding
U. S. Attorney Cleon Summers an-
nounced that the government would
seek to prove that the five men were
in Okemah prior to the $17,000 rob-
High Court Gives
the huge AAA benefit iiayments.
The fear of eventual adverse su-
preme court action on the final ques-
tion of the constitutionality of the H..w — -.......—
entire AAA program was intensified bery last December 22. “casing the
The temporary order applied sped- SonW in nrpnaration for the rob-
M The women of the church had
charge of ihe morning hour yester-
day for all except the sermon on mis-
sions. Last night was observed as
C MTiftlON
■ THEMM.....
Selected Shorts Including a New
Mickey Mouse in Technicolor!
Where the B Ml
| HEARTS'iw-/
—, in Em
Ntiaii TitM N»i'l.
Three Selected Shorts
fically only to the one-cent a pound
rice processing tax paid by the eight
Louisiana millers who brought the
It will remain in force until the
banks” in preparation for the rob-
He said he would also attempt to
show by witnesses that they were in
Okemah the day of the robbery when
a gang swooped down on the banks
court acts on a review petition which simultaneously staged the robberies
-—*■* „ dock-like precision and fled
Gilmore and Miller
Attorneys for
made no statement. Short’s attorney
said he would prove an alibi
Three other persons charged with
participating in the robbery are not
being tried at this term of court.
They are O'Malley, serving life im-
prisonment in the Illinois penitentiary
in the kidnaping of August Luer. a
wealthy Alton, 111. banker, Virgil
Melton and Fred Reece, both Missouri
men accused in a robbery in that
League of Women
Voters Tomorrow , | oninions
proposed pure food and drug legis- ,
latIon will be studied at the meet-
ing of the League of Women Voter*
at nine thirty tomorrow morning m
taises the question of the right o,
taxpayers to sue to restrain collection
of a tax which they contend Is un-
The court announced it would hear !
argument on this petition Drc 16
The government has contended that
taxpayers must pay first and then j
sue in the courts for a lefund Such
a procedure was specifically provided
in the AAA amendments, but tax-
payers contended that a provision
against refund unless the tax had not
been passed on made the guarantee '
without value
Meanwhile, the state of Arizona j
resumed its battle against the Boulder
dam projert and the apixirtionment
of waters in the Colorado basin.
The supreme court also ruled in
favor of action taken by the state
cf Virginia to torce removal of moun-
taineers nom the homes where they
iii'M* lived for main vean. to make _ _
room for a “summer playground.” c~cm7y sentenced Arthur Ooooh, con-
The Blue Ridge families lmd refused vktpd kidnnper to death Gooch’s
to budge from the mountains
The supreme court then recessed
for two weeks In which to write
court here
double na-
Okemah a
MUSKOGEE Okla.. Nov 25 <LP)—
Kive- alleged members of the Irish
O'Malley gaijg of Kansas City today
, went to trial In federal
cn charges of staging a
j tional bank robbery at
I year ago.
They went to irial before stem t
U. S judge R L Williams, who re-
bu rramim.N iVA^va*^* — in ...... _
were given by Miss Virginia Cox. j lhp Sl james hotel dining room The
laughter of the honor guests.
Covers were laid for the following
Mr. and Mrs O. E Hyland. Mis*
Patsy Wimberley, Mr. and Mj A A
Miner. Mr. and Mrs C A Dunba"
Harry Dunbar. Mrs. Anna Moebius ;
Edward Eckert. Mrs Birdie Jeans oi
St. Louts. Mrs. Bonnie Smith. Mr and
Mrs. C. L Cox and daughter Bar-
bara Jean, of Seminole. Mrs. L. W
Pulton. Jim Cox, Mr and Mrs. A. L
Bradley and daughter, Marie. Jasper
Cox, jr.. Muss Virginia Cox. and Mr
and Mrs Cox
♦ ♦ ♦
Visiting Matron
Left Yesterday.
Mrs Emma Chastain and Miss
Nellie Chastain have had as a guest
in their home for the past week the
former's sister-in-law, Mrs I. N.
Rhode, oi Wagoner. Okla.. who re-
turned to her home yesterday.
Clifford Chastain and family and
Mrs Emma Chastain drove to Wag-
oner yesterday to accompany her
home returning to Sapulpn last night.
• •
Old papers for sale at He-mld otflce
discussion will he led by Mrs. W K
Lyons, chairman of government and
economic welfare
Swastika Club
Mrs William Grless will entertain
the Swastika club tomorrow night at
Mrs Ross Eakins tea room on South
Main street.
When it returns, the heaviest legal
firing of the new deal regime will
I open Legality of the original AAA
1 act will be argued and the court will
hear a demand that It outlaw the
Tennessee valley authority.
Decision of the court on the rice
tax injunction was not unanimous
Justices Louis D. Brandt is, Harlan
victed kidnaper to death Gooch's
cast is now lielore the United States
supreme court
Thiee nu n also charged in the
J17.COO sensational robbery won con-
tinuances, and will go to trial latet
Thirty-five veniremen were sum-
moned. from whom a Jury will be
Those who went to trial todai
w«re Dan T H'fldy Kan.-as City. Mo.;
SALE! Nelly
Wash Frocks
1 |
■m m LBS.
Flat pieces ironed.
Knit underwear
and socks ready
to use. All other
wearing apporel washed and
Phone 17 109 S. Water
tVe Give SAH Green Stamps
While she was going through the
change of life. Mrs. Susan Price, of
Hallsboro, N. C., was "very weak at |
times, and had to go to bed,” she j
writes. "I couldn’t sleep well and didn't |
have an appetite. I was so nervous |
I was always looking for something |
bad to happen. I read of Cardui nnd :
took it. It helped my nerves so much I
| and gave me strength and built me |
I up. I took Cardui off and on for two j
years ... I have recommended Car- j
I dui to other people, hoping they would |
be helped and given strength as I was *
(with this good remedy
Thousands of women testify Car-
dui benefited them. If it does not i .. . ^ , c
bene!;! you consul* a physician. 11 L U W MAW 3
All sizes and lliushe*. A wonder-
ful price on high grade heaters.
Frocks in pretty print-
ed florals,, stripes, dots
and neat ‘ patterns!
Wrap-around and regu-
lar styles Ruffly col-
buttons, pockets,
belts, plcatcs —
anything you could
want! Smocks arp Nelly
Don artist style; Solids
and fancies! Wood and
novelty but tons!
One Day Only!
Tues., Nov. 2H
rnOD NEWS' Yes, genuine Nelly Don Wash Dresses—on sale tomorrow at $L00 each
Beautiful patterns in practically all colors! Well made frocks such as all Nelly Dons are
It's a sale that every thrift-loving woman will want to altend—early Vte ve quite a large
selection—specially bought for this onc-day sale—but we early shopping for chotc
selections! They're botind to go fast at only a dollar each.___
kt ot 1 OH'i-
m E.OEWZY DF.PAL I H6HT.jSTQB€1l. '.H!.1..,

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