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Volume v!.
chandler, oklahoma territory, friday. july 27, 1900.
Number h
Historical Society
On the £ ^ W"""* o |
We are going to "Fire" everything in summer
goods in our store regardless oi proiitb to mhke
room for our fall line. Look over our "Skirmish
lines and you will lind that we are "loaded with
"hot shot," What could ba more attractive to buy-
ers eager to Save money than the following ammu-
11 patters lawns, former price
10c, Fired at.. 5c
10 patterns iawns, former pr.
15 and 18c, your choice.. ..10c
$1 75 ladies' oxfords fired at
close range 81 50
1 50 ladies' oxfords, good am_
munition 1 25 J
1 25 ladies' oxfords, on the j
retreat 1 0^
1 00 ladies' oxfords, smashed
to '"c
48 pr children's tan oxfords
and shoes, sizes 14 to 1 for
50 to 88c
3 00 shirt waists to tho rear *1
I 50 shirtwaists tired at. ..75c
75c shirt waists fired at.. .50c
Dissensions Among Chinese Are
Fierce—Soldiers Assert That
Tiny Wero Led Iato
the war through deception.
Allies Will Begin March toPekin
At Once—Foreigners Safe
July 10, Says a Runner.
Remember the sale is now on, and continued until you have
captured the entire lines.
Our Hammocks can be Hung up at Cost.
The Auction
BMtiKJBtteaHBTTCiRr. *•
V -
Chandler Bryan Club.
Pursuant t .• r h t uoticc u .• I * is sr
———- of free silver ot'-rs was held at the court
Stayer of John T. Adams Under kou*e Tuesday night to organize
Arrest at Scdalia.
Tli ruec tin# v. :8 called t !
order by Judge Clark1, ^bo stated the!
I Anthony W. Poor, ailu DatA Poor, I purpotet of the organisation qpmotionl
! uiri sted lant Thui day ntiir War- \V i ■ i i. i ti n } wi.3 i. eti-'d i huirman
Isaw, Mo., charged with the murder of j s.nd V I! IV neli c cretory A motion
' John T Adams lie had Adams ' te;.ra i v.-ua < arricd to organize a Bryan club,
Tien Tsiu,.Iul>' 20.—Chinese coming
iu from the country report that (lie Chi-
nese soldiers are killing the boxers wher-
ever the hitter lire seen, giving as a
reason that the boxers deceived them in
embarking ou a hopeless struggle. An
intelligent Chinaman said lie regarded
this an a sigu of wide-spread dissension.
It was ouly a matter of a short time, he
said, before the sain;- slat'1 Would exist
iu F kin, when, in ail probability, Jung
Lu, commander-in-chief of the Chinese
forces, and Prince Ching would be able
to regain sufficient, influence to make
peace, especially if the foreigners iu the
capital were sale. This appears to repre-
sent the general native opinion here as
far as it is possible to ascertain it.
In the meantime reliable news as to
events in Peliin and whether the foreign-
ers are alive is entirely lacking, or is
only obtainable from Chinese sources,
and even this is most meagre and con-
It is now thought that the forward
movement of the allies will probably
take place earli' i than wui at tlrst in-
tended, possibly by the end of this
month; but nothing definite will be de-
cided before the arrival of General Hir
Alfred Uaseiee commanding ;ii • I i.'.nrn
\ ruii-i r who arrived Pokiti yes-
terday say- tli'. foreienet were ai.f >u
July. 1«, ai d ; i&t there had be.:,, ccnsid
urabjo i.gbtltig between the boxers and
HlUbid' the city.
Editor Frohwerk Repudiates the
Mark Hanna Brar.d of
Thi ritaata-Zciiung, the -.t.ongest and
most Influential German paper iu Ivan
sua, which lias heretofore supported thi
republican party, ban announced editori-
ally tlmt it will ntuud up for Bryan and
the Kansas City platform in the contest
this fall, Kditor Frohwerk explains bis
change of heart this wise
In my opinion we are lo de-
cide iu the present eampaigu
between Knglisb ur American
predominance iu our country,
between au American or an
English financial system, be-
tween our traditional forma of
republican institutions and the
new fangled notions of foreign
conquest, between a large and
expensive standing army, which
is a standing threat to the liber-
ties of the people and a soveru-
meut of peaceful development
established and intended by the
fathers of our country.
The German newspuper
Two Hundred Wolf.!: PV-ileot s
Mowed Down By the
Boers in ALlcu
London July '35.--A dispute"'i from
b ird Roberts: day say-; the Brli .tve
suffered another disaster by the ! of
•300 men of the Welsh fusileeiM .
Boers. Another dispatch from Lord
Roberts dated yesterday chronicles a
general advance against th.- Boers t '.;<
eastward. These lioers are believed to
constitute the main army, aud President
Krutfer is reported lo bo with them, if
not in personal comumud.
Prof W. T Woolley, the Notod
Magnotio Haul or
Prof. \T. T. Woolley, the noted mag-
netic Ihealer, (aud his little 4-ycars-ohl
daughter, Alberta, who lias cured many
by the touch of her little bauds be I'm a
hundreds of people on the street) of our
city,) lias decided to remain two weuks
longer, as he has a class In magnetic
man was [healing aud many pat' tits who wish
given a cordial welcome into the demo-j him to stay until they are completely
crulic party at the convention yesterday [cured.
ip board
Editor Cia X Hudson M^mod
Mr. Clark C. Hudson and MiLaur
Gertrude Kelley were marrie 1 ,:t Okla-
homa City Wednesday, .Inly 25, and left
at one ■ j-r their norae at Eur> aaSprings.
Ark., where Mr. Hudson is editor ot the
Daily Times-Echo. The bride is a pop-
ular you: u ! . ly "f Oklahoma City, and
the gr r.m is well known throughout
tin territory a a ncw.->i>aper man of
ability He was former.;,' edit r of the
K pr, scntativ at Guthrie, and later,
with Roy Si ,1;. :'d,established the Cham-
pion, at Oklahoma Cily. Several months
ago he RBSumi d charge of the Times-
Echo and bus vastly improved it. We
join heartily in congratulating the happy
young couple.
White Man Turned Yellow
Great consternation was felt by the
friends of J! A. Hogarty, of Lexington,
Kj, when they saw he was turning yd
low. His skin changed coloi al*" hi3
eye-, are! lu suffered terribly. He was
treated bj the beat doctor.- but without
benefit. His malady wns yellow jaun-
dice. Then be was advised 10 try Elec;
trie I'TS, tiio wonderful stomach and
liver ivmedy, and he writes, "After tak-
ing tw.i bottles 1 was completely cured."
A trial proves its matchless merit for ail
stomach, liver, and kidney troubles, idc
A. D ,Vright.
Series of Sermons at At. U. Church,
The pastor of the M. E. Church of
('handier will deliver a s -ries of Sunday
. veiling discourses as follows:
July 29—Man's Spirit Nature, Th-
Link That Binds Iliin to An I naeen
Deai iny.
Aug. i—Man's Immortality, Is It a
Myth -
Aug. IJ -Shall \Ve Know Each Other
iu the Land to Wnich We Go
Aug. l'J—Is Heaven ii Iteality or
Aut.-. -;«i— Is Hell a Scarc to Annoy Us,
or a Kact '.'
All who are interested in the discus-
sion of th 'io subjects are earnestly re-
quested to tie piesent. Preserve this M*
nounoemeat for reference. If for any
caudc any one or more of these subjects
be not giveu at tho appointed time, the
omitted one or ones will be taken up on
Sunday evening following the closc ot
the above mmouuccment
,f. A. Ferguson, Pastor.
O !vJuet>,. txi4? Oot Dr. MUM* P*\ln Pills, .
All ill j^giauiiKU Ur. Alllca' l'atu i'lll*.
j-.u«i the foliowiti . officers vv ti - lccted
, Preiident, J. W, Feuqusy; 1st vice
president, I'. It Welty, iJ vice presi-
dent, C el. Slaughtei seeietary, T. .1
After the election of otticers the niinu>.
nf those who do-'it'i . ■ :•••« t;-v clat
were- tak' s down by t: seer 'tar; io th(
number at thirty.
Snort addresses were then delivered by
ami .itlier j
The town
Township will reu-ivo ■ a, bi
the uuiistrnction oi a bridge ou
Fork, until the last ijnturday in
The boafd reserves the right to
any an i all b".ls. For speciUeatioiis
'•ilir# of township el ik at Slandu,
By order of tlic boarJ.
\, vv. fa lift. Cieil
and wairon in possession al th time
of the arrest, which was made ^vitbir;
ei.'i.i miies of where the body of Adanis
w::s lound. ['>n Saturday Poor sent lor
th- he.iCs • Benton and Hickory
counties and in their presence c >nfessi'<:
to the killing of Adams.
Poor said that when he and Adams
r ir: ed a jwini in Hickory county thir-
ty-five l a: i • - - ... 1th >i War aw they had
a luarr. 1, and in se .-defense li? brained! a number ot eand iat
Adams with an ;■ The po.i ot the ax , demeu piesent. (...i uiuti u
crashed in Adams' forehead and he i if Hirce w. appointed ti
dropped dead at Pe' .r's feet Poor then ' sun ble room for hc&dquarti ■ s during j A 1
placed the body in the wagon, with the j the catupaiio, consistlmr of B F, Itaid-i
intention of raking it to Warsaw and | castle, .I B. A Robertson, and W II ,
turning it over to the authorities but en j French V , ommitte, armaments | c ,unty. near 0arn
route his i urag. gave out He was; was aiso appointed, eon isting -f U V.I
• r
s ih-
O, T
and was invited to make a speech before
the convention,which ho did, reiterating
the declarations he had formerly made
in ills paper aud again declaring liis
allegiauce to Win. J. Bryan and the
democratic' jlarty.— Kansas City Times,
Town and Township Delegates.
At the populist primaries in Chandler
city Wednesday L. .1. Knlklosch, J. W.
Feuquay, W. C. Anderson, and W. II.
French wero elected delegates to the
county convention to be held tomorrow,
and W. H. French, I. • J. Kalklosch and
Geo. Dawson were elected delegates to
the Initiative contentions b held
life n, August I
In Chandler township th' following
dele1 J i were -lected to th eounty
.or,, u'iou. Philip Hofeld, Go. FicU,
a; t P Shults, and tli-following tu the
kgislutivc ■ inventions al Clifton l'l.llip
! i f«k, Wo;. Blacklock, J
e>p > ',ar hair i dling out ' i.i. ipi
: r i - d iii r ire! I - s of 'uy .air
• wo bottle- ;J Ilei;fi Flair i a ,vci , ; v -
ii liue growth." J A I.indei, - Ii o
Adv. ..ti llumestowu, Iowa. Guaran-
teed !'or all scalp discuses: re-.tores uai
eirtd 1'rowth and color. Try It now All
<irnu_ji i s
What is Hunts Cure The bos
known remedy for t: ecure for al. turnn
i of skin etis-asct OlLerc :,:m ii eiir
. i It does cure liL. worm, tetter, • /.etna
oilier gen-1 Itch. "r "V R" "r variety. Easy to ap-
committee I P'y N. mb ma) treatment l- scss.ti
procure , "ld ui Jet abf lute guarantt to cure
Farm For Sule.
I have for sah
Prof. Woolley treats all foiuis of dis-
eases and breaks up bad habits, such as
tobacco, opium, whisky, or any other
habit humanity is heir to.
The professor is a graduate of the
world-renowned Weltmer School of
Magnetic Healing, of Nevada, Mo. lie
bus hundreds of testimonials frnni grsle-
ful people he has healed by the Weltmer
Examination and consultation free.
Ho will also give free treatment to a
limited number for a limited time on
Thursdays, at his office in tho H ill iff
building, room No I, up stairs
Waa It A MiracloP
"Tho marvellous cure of Mrs Uena
■I. Stoat ot coiisuinptiou has > mated
gn at eioiteineut in <'uiiuiiack, lnd„"
writes Marion Stuart, s leading drunj
gist 'if Maurice,"Im!, She only weighed
I • ii ' pound, whei . ; "dor in l oiktwii
su I • • must die. Then she began ti
Dr. King's New Discovery and
ined ijs pounds in i. ' and was
•mpli i' ly caw . " Ii ure I thous
an ! ' ( Ii e le se . ai is, <<l
to cure all throut, ei.toi md luni; dis
eases. 5Uc and $1.00 boll • Trial bot
I s free at A D. Wright's.
afraid the officers would not believe his
story, and he bid the body in th« ..rush
by the road ide, when n was found last
Sunday. No er leu - is giveu bis st"iy
of a quarrel.
Wn^n it becam" known on toe streets
of Warsaw that Poor had m:.e. i con-
fession admitting that he u id killed
Adams much excitement follow.' ■ > and
lynching was freely uh ocati ..
iVe. i-iug slipped I' ii out of the ja ' .
Temming, A. J Rittenhouse, und ;
M clilll inney
The club then udjourned, to meet at j '
the e 'art bouse toiuorrow nigh' to eoin-
pleli the organr/.ation of tin club.
Inetullation aud Baaquot.
The following otije of Chandler
lodge N". a of tlie K'\" al Tiih of Joseph
were installed last Fiidsy evening
,1 C Monforte. par
nd buggy bo
water nt tin do
s of flu,' tisii
e fields with
-asy paym
Exchange and Collectiun a Spec'alty
Dc ;« General Ii nkm,. business.
f the best farm.- in
Fine btrr
e six room dwelling ,
r fine iish pond with
Farm is divided int
fiee oreliar,! Will sel
ill , or trade for Chaudlc
^ o- -
if" «&, i. Ai
property, ( .illattuy fumitu st( n in
('arton build id." Uoff mau 'a
bunk,« haji .xr.
i? rear door ?ind ' )o!c * 'Ji to i 'i • i*1! palnarrb :
for safe keeping- Af. the cuni-
mittud id Hickory • -juuty lb- : risonei
will b t Uen to Hermitage for tn:i.
Poor is ^51 yearn old und has a wife, who
lives eight miles north of Warsaw, tnit
no children.
ii \\ >\\ i I ll
■ Han astle. seribe ! I NX y\\\ll \jjJj ///
.usurer.Chi Kjberi. . j N -
An Ep:dotnic or Oiarrhooa,
Mr. A Sanders .vriting lioni C-.uia-
unt tir jvc, Fla., say tber> lias been
v'.iilc in epidemic oi diarrlioea llier. Lie
had severe uti.xlc was curcd by
Chitmberlaiu's < die, Cholera, and JJiar-
rhoe* Kemedy. Ho says he also recom-
mended ii to his 'riiida aad they say it i;;
the best medicine they ever ii v i. Hold
A i> W'ri .-iit, lleieMmncy ^ Ellis,J-'ity
Drug store.
WoddinK at Fallis
Married, .t the home of W H. Fui s,
on Thursday, In.y 19, 1000, -Mr. (ohn Ifeaal and <
Heck, of, Mo., ml
ui Bpielberger, trta
t >cor' .1 C Barker, priest Mrs Ai
Zipf, quei n; Mrs Ofcus lOgbert. princesr I
?,Irc Win Spielbi'r/t'.r priestes- MrsOM;
Slaughi r propbetctf Miss GraceN"w«'
Lsc< rt.
At the conclusion of 'he lustulltition •
i.i; .nniesthe members w!th a fe . in-
vited guests. of membni: .adjourn
i d to the ik •' Ileiiii buildini: across tb< |
street, when b.uuju.t served
Ti;-- onaquet vtns ti: • result of a conit s* '
n securing o*'W rtumb« r>. tin* lodge be
Jng divided into ip; siuj,' 6idea, eaclt •
under Hs captain, itcside securinj. ti.
few.i member3 k furnibU a b:\miust I !
aw ccl5pse
Costs hut lit tli
Covers more
lasts longer,
sell it
more than poor
surface, looks
Buy only £ood paint.
*5 j
y 0y ■>yfrr*1v
. sy 1- i.. •/
TinnrnnrmT r;r
Mrs. Annie Zipf, cuptftiu 1 tholosin
side, by whom t'ii '):in<iuct w.i3 f;.
nil v'. v.'t-'. • ;M-. .1 tin- : !•
M. ^l.LU^liter, captain
Ira.--Mary I tlic winners, reload*. 1 J ^a!
C. Bentforo. of Miioh'ell. Juige l-'aliis j loseb acted W to
ortlclatin-4 ;wer,L'
Annmbtrol friends were j-re-cnt at bl't,et • "CI ■ •
Notbinu' to
the ceie nony. .-.f'®r which thvy l'uVe to
the home oi James \V Murphy « 1 par-
took of a jumpiun. s weddin? dinn> r
Tlio evening waa spent by the whob-
crowd at tho home of Dm f. He h. - i
of the groom, the ieaiivities cndiinj w :h
charivari nn;i i canuy t; '' fh1
rooui is id ? tars of as;e and th jrido
Th# suBSts were Mcsfi ■ undM'
dani'o John Murphy Uud
James \V. Murphy. Ho lay. D
Hoclt. -Miii -i Cole Murpliy, Elm
(day, IVtti. Couch, Thomr. Coui -
let and CVun'l OolllOi. Mn«c| Fmma.i fl,0®Q
lidith and EUaCollii and Aia Ho iday.l At Co* ^ Co*.
laler. i issi-.
( * Wotii
W M. A'.liS. 1";
V . \V [III:
' ny.
ui F.
r Pol-'
"Thc VmniuUbeil."
"N'ot .in Orator." Eujenc I cacon.
Frtsa 'Bating Content.
' 'Thoy had an eallnit contest tin other
night at Pin Hook schoolhoua#
Who won?"
"Ben fcplutteii — he ae nine bead of
"Didn1 it make him siclt'/"
"No. lie i ust took a spoonfull of Dr j
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. That p" n nti
b troubles of any kind, thev say
Oi the Sun Ov , djrk shJ'Jow
the earth. So it Is with th human bow;,
when disease shut* out tht Jightct health
eivd happint u<
Is an antidote for all disease whkh attaca
ihe Kidney^, Ltver, Stomach or Bowels
It drive* oat . • itipatc-j onditions, restores
(uncuonal activity nod regularity,
fiuru Moodt
ttror.g itervM and
gooc! creation.
People who have used t siy it h their
oain rdiance lot keeping the body healthy
Price, «i.Oa
aractAL ort A rnmmu
U 'fc. MM >Mt .1 t* Ut4 M • <UI*t It M Ml >aWU
WCkH ■

l. BI
foVnV jWl oi\ '.rj)'iP
Does a General banking Huslncss.
AKKreKntc Rt ponsibillty ol StocKholi .i
Your Patronage Solicited.
Cor. bleventh St, and Manxd \ve,
Paints, Glass, School Supplies, and Stationery
COX & COX, Proprietors.
Next Door to Posl< Otiiee.

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