The Publicist. (Chandler, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 5, No. 8, Ed. 1 Friday, June 24, 1898 Page: 4 of 4

he Publicist
Anderson pays tli
o most r
Anderson pays the
ruiji i-ined Evtur fbidat.
Eptered at the Pastoflice at Chandler,
Oklahoma, a-: second clasa matter.
w H FB?scn ... Editor un J Msnafcr
Sirs. 0. 0- Fii**?,vh. .. .^Vssuofatu Eiliti.r
FRIDAY JUNK 34, 1008
t Local Items. 5
o Anderson pays tho most for produce.
J- W. Beard, cf Shawnee, w; i her
Fine line of Lfioes at Clarii Me
M E. West, of Booueivillc, wan in
lown Tuesday.
Anderson giakt a specially of
jiaodlinf produce.
Chu. Perrill, .f Palestine,Va as.
vas iu the city Tuesday.
You can always get the highest price
for your produce at Anderson's. *
T. Little, o# Fo# township, returned
Saturday from a trip to Abilene, Kansas.
See the Roman stripe dress goods,
latest thing out, at the Klondyke Store.
Wm. McMullen, of Oklahoma City
was doing business in the city Wed
P. A. MoWothy is putting up a bus!
n«'s.-i build lnir on his lot on Manve^
The Shawnee Drug Co. Carry a full
itock of all kiuds uf drugs and pate
N. 8. Darling, of Oklahoma Cit;, was
here Wednesday
Alderson make:, agpecialty of h^ndlipg
•II'' J, of Clifton, wa ng
bii'jln . j iu town AJonday.
"lost for produc
Yoiir pro-tuceli justapge ^d
at Andersv.i.'s. •
I). B. Burke, a train dispatcher of Em
pofla, Kansas, is her< visiting Miss Jo
See Smith, the undertaker, if you want
a first class job. No. 5 West Main
Shawnee, Okla.
M. D. Bogue brought in a sample of
fine onions last week from his farm
southeast of town
The committee of arrangements are
making preparations for a grand celebra
iion on the Fourth.
Will Colrard, the young typo in the
News office, returned "Monday from
visit to his home at Shawnee.
James Sikes, a brother of Mrs. Judge
Cordell, of Rogers, Arkansas, stopped
over Monday for a few days' visit.
Mrs. John Hale and son, of Guthrie,
were oter on a visit the first of the week
They stopped at the Mitchell Hau*
Contractor Davis has burned a large
k: o of brick, and will commence work
the store building for Rooney Bros, at
Mrs. A H R. Calvin, the stepmother
of W 1. CaJvin, died Monday morning
at M " clock, at her h#kr.e northoiit of
Ma^e final proof on your homestead
^efore W. M. Allison. IT. 8. court com
^littiooer. Your application made out
tree of charge.
Bapti^ fypth services at Presbyterian
9hurch ai, a y y. aud 7:30 P. u. the first
♦nd third SuuiUlv^ ;:i each month.—W.
A Rowp., P*^'
tor undeij^Yt^ ^ W> Smith's, where
you get a iji^t very reasonable
as well as ty<s;c^able. No. 5 West
Maiu, Shawnee, Qjkla.
Mrs. Mary Green visiting friends in
Hhe iounyy. 9*>e will leave for Kansas
i,u a fey( days to spend the remainder of
Vic summer visiting friends and relatives.
Take a pill that. Is a piU, built on
ipedical science by an ahje physician,
Jjuch is the short story 9/ Dr. 8a\yyer's
Little Wide Awake piUs. For i<fcile by
I>. Wright.
Dr E D. Murdaugh, President of the
Territorial Normal School, will deliver a
lecture at the Methodist church neft
Tuesday evening June ,'8. All are iu
vitcd to attend.
The dark brown taste ami liorrid breath
you have iu the murnjug in oaunud by «n
inactive liver; some nujdicinee ri'licvv (or
awhile, others for a few days, but
Herbine cures—A. I). Wright.
Water was struck at a depth of fifty
Ceet in the well that was beinjj drilled or
the highest point in lienuett's addition
The well was sunk to a depth of Vlli feet
Hud now has tlfty-aix feolof water
Impure blood i& responsible directly
and indirectly for many other diseases
Purify the blood at once ivitli I)r. 81m-
mons' Barsnparilla. fifty cents%nd 50
(Joses. For sale by A. 1). Wright
A boy named Alfred Case fr.ll from a
awing at the reaidcuco uf Miss Mtubble-
Selil Saturday night and broke his leg
'ialf way b« tween the ankle and katc,
li was set by Dr. Wolcott and Dr.
i'aRaines, and is getting along very well.
Ballard's Know Liniment cures ltheu
aial ism, Neuralgia, Headache. Sick Head-
ache. Sore Throat, Cuts. Sprains, Bruises,
Old Sores, Corns, and all pain and in
ilammation. The most penetration Lin-
itacut in the world, Try it. 25 and 00c.
—A D. Wrighti
- W. E Davis and wifo will leave
loaunew on un overland Irip by wagon
1)''" Moines, I#wa. Mr. Davis' health
lias been bad for some time and he
Hi ilk- the wugon trip will prove a bene-
fit lie will visit with parents and
relatives for several months.
C E, llllderbrauil, one of the new
wercliaiti of Stroud and an old
acquaintance of ours from western Kan
« , modi' us a pleasant oall Saturday.
Mi llilderbrand is putting up a two-
; > y bualn ss buil^ii i an-i ... • u .. . it
I completed will open up a large gen-
wnl store. He is an enterprising,
rsji'tlj hn.'iii . mah and will prove
. miiibk .uc|uUitii)n. to the IJfci.ncss
ihu runts .of Stroud. ,
tieo. L. I.' iss, ^f Ewing, Indiana, was
looking over the city Wednecilay.
Your produce is just aa good as
money at Anderson's.
Bd Gnlyen brother of Dr. R. H.
Oalyen. arrived In tho city Monday from
Missouri. .
.The Klondyke Store is headquartero
for men's hats.
The county convention to elect delo
Kates to the populist territorial convcn-
lion will be held tomorrow
Men's neckwear, strictly up to-date, at
Clark McGaughey's.
Bishop F. K. lirooke ^ill holdEplsc
pal s. rvices at the Presbyterion church
Tuesday evening at ^o'clock
>01ark McGaughy will take pleasure
in showing you his new goods,—The
Klondyke Store.
A. Jiindt, of Shawnee, representing
I the new Shawnee Ice plant of 'A. Kuem
meli, ,vas in town yesterday.
1 Furnished and unfurnished rooms to
rent. Apply at this offlce.
An enjoyable dance was given at the
new Egbert store building on Mauve!
avenue Wednesday night.
If you want the highest price for yiyir
prod vice take it to Antler.. ^ s
Commencement Exercises of
■si;|)oolgraduates wil' bc j„.1(1 H1
Church Wednesday ,
M E.
cuing June notli.
t, >>mo . si , "If'ng Ilrtss pat-
terns at Md.a . hey j Epndyke Store
'' M' S,I,;C"-"8 r"l'Icnce on Allison
ayenueund tyr. «tivn f. ,
/ ;.-Pt is about cor
It 13 >uo of the handsomest
residences in town antf .n „ v,r [|(, irn.
Die location
M O. Latiy Is prepared to loan Indi
^idual money on farms at lowest
payable at plcasurp after
him for teruis
All the noyelties
Governor Barnes L s beer, authorized
to raig^j * ball, ti ion of infantry in Okla
honiu jf 480 fuvu, iniudiug offlcerL, and
W.1J < pen rqsruitln^ Rations as s«,on as I —r—
tc receives furtliu filers l(e ttwi Th« troops' that* sailed from Tampa j
appolntiid Attorney1 fphn F. Stone, pt I aboirt taft days mo fur Vantlago und.r|
G&thrip, putjgr. Tin iher appoiubnents |''oneriil Shatter arrived at (iuatnaim. .. I
go to
Ellis' : :
Drug Store
! year Hoe
« A. Jennings returned Tuesdav fr ,m
«Md* Springs. Kansas. Bil health i.
better lian"when he left, hut 1,1 f,,
from well yet He Is thinking of taking
a trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
The best place to get your undertaking
is at Smith's, where you have the largest
stock to select from. No. 5 West Main
Shawnee, Okli*
Captain StabpMald «rant to Guthrie
Tuesday to see the governor am' ecure
indorsements of his application for the
position of major-general in the army
"The captain It ft hero with a long peti-
tion for lijf appointment.
The subject for consideration at the
courthouse next Sunday night by Uev.
M. D. Tenney will be "Some Unfamiliar
lf*you want the highest price for
your produce take it to Anders m's.
Mr. Nicholas Heffrou and Miss Nellie
E. Kinaey were married by Rev M. D.
Teiiney last Sunday at the home of the
brido neir Davenport.
Nature is forgiving, and will restore
your diseased kidneys that will bring
ou perfect health by using Dr. Sawyi
Ukatiin. For sili- by'A. D fright.
The school board was authorized by
the sp.', a! sell 'Bl meet in : held Tuesday
to deed the right-of-way to the railroad
across the west side of school reserve
block 82.
Rich, red and pure blood can be had
by using Dr. Simmoi.s' Sarsaparilla.
Only 50 cents per bottle and 50 full doses
for an adult. For sale by A. 0. Wright
Orin Ashton returned from his Kansas
trip Tuesday night. He has got the war
ver and will be one of the volunteers
to go from this county under the late
Dr. Simmons' Sarsaparilla eHectually
aids weak, impaired and debilitated
organs of both sexes Its action is qtfick
ami lasting. Fifty doses and 50 cents
For sale by A J). Wright.
For Dressmaking and general sew
call upon Mrs. M. I.. Augusiino at
residence of Miss Stubble field on K,
Allison Avenue
The colored school gave a public enter,
taiunn nt last Friday and Saturday
evenings, consisting of literary and
musical exercises which were tstremely
interesting and entertaining to the audi
ence of parents and friendi who wit
ed the performance.
are npt yet annftutv^d. Il the appor-
tionment to each county was •made
according to population Lincoln county
would be called 011 f^r about sixty, it is
understood that Lincoln county will be
allowed to furuiah between twenty-five
and forty privates As a number, of
Guthrie gentlemen who stand close to
th governor huviMkindl/ < ftasented to
Ull all the offices of the battalion above
sergeant, it will probably not be neces-
sary to call on Lincoln county to furnish
any officers above the grade of corporal
You can always get the highest
price for your produc* at Anderson's,
Teachers' Examination.
Regular quarterly teachers examina-
tion will be held at the school Louse in
Chandler July l^t and 2d.
.B'reo! Free!
the new «t df queensv*-w at
Htnchrfy a Batllff's, they are giving it
away to their customers.
Fred Huyt, Mrs. J. C. Fletcher and
Miss Zoe returned Tuesday from a trip
Wichita. They were accompanied by
Miss 11attie Briggs, of Oskaloosa, Iowa,
who will remain frere several weeks.
To those troubled with piles, cither
itching or bleeding, we particularly
recommend Or* Sawyer's Arnica and
itch Hazel salve. It will immedi-
ately relieve and positively cure this
disease. For sale by A. D. Wright.
Frank Tenney and family left Monday
for their old home at Junction City.
Kansas. It is unfortunate that sicknesB
the family compelled them to go Just
when the development qf our town ofter-
them greater inducements to remain.
One of the largest stocks, and we are
making lower prices, than any firm in
the county. Bee us before buying your
dry goods, notions, hats, caps, boots
and shoes. Hinchkv & Katliff.
First block north of Public Square.
We are informed jy the Fourth of
July committee that {Loy lioi^man has
positively promised to be here on the
'ourth if he is in the territory at the
time, and that he will not be at Stroud
advertised by the posters Beut out by
the Stroud committee.
Cheatham's Chill Tonic is peculiarly
adapted to persons in enfeebled health
and invalids. It assists digestion and is
a perfect strengthened and appetizer.
Satisfaction or money refunded. Put up
in both tasteless and bitter styles. 50 cent
size. For sale by A. 1). Wright.
Prof. Hennessey, the elocutionist who
has been with the Normal Institute for
the past week, ifave an entertainmeut
last night at the M. E. church #Most
of his pieces were of the humorous orde
and his grotesque maneuvers excited
considerable mirth.
It is not what a manufacturer says
about his own medicine that cures
patient, but what the medicine does
Ballard's Horehound Syrup does tin
work and does it well. It cures coughs
and colds in a day. It's healing, sooth-
ing and quieting? 2.1 and 50c—A 1)
The Indian ippropr • n bill Int., t ,11
finally agreed ou iu couterence and wiil
be reported to the senate with the fre
homes amendment stricken out and
substitute adopted extending the time o
payment for lauds. After holding out
for many weeks fm#the free lmaus
clause the senate conferees finally
receded from that amendment aud the
following substitute was incorporated in
the bili: "That the settlers who pur-
chase! with the oondition annexed of
actual settlement on all ceded Indian
reservations be and they are hereby
granted an extension until July 1, 19(H).
in utl'iii u>u to tht extensions h. •.
planted in which to make payments as
now-provided by. law.
T. Tegerson, at the l{ed Stone Mill,
selling chop feed and the finest meal ...
lowest prices. Custom gliding, llijil,
est market price paid Tor corn.*
We are informed that a number of
announcements of candidates, bath of
democrats and populists will be made
neit Week. The county conventions will
be held .luly 30, and the people ought to
know who .are to be candidates The
ottlcc can't be blamed for not finding the
right man if he hides nut of view until
twenty minutes before the convention
# If you have a new home you wish to
furnish go to Smith's Furniture aud
l arpet House, where you can get every
thing needed to do so at the lowest
prices. No. 5 West Main, Shawnee
The board of insanity commissioners,
consisting of Judge Cordell, Dr. Wol
cott and \V. H. French, drove out Mon
day into the Kickapoo, twelve miles
seuthwi I of t, wn,<o examine into the
mental condition of Mrs. Harriet
Hollenbeck, who was not able to stand
the trip to Chandler. She was adjudged
insane and an order was made Tor her
urnmitifHint to the asylum at Norman.
Is your child puuy, peeked and peevish
Does it have convulsions? If so, it has
worms. White's Cream Vermifuge is
the only safe cure. Every bottle is guar-
fliteed to bring whrms. 25c.—A. 1)
District Clerk J \V. Daurou. who has
Iieen suffering from malaria for some
time, had a. severe chill Monday which
Was almost a congestive chill. H
still very wt ak from its effects. He will
ave in a fety days for Cherokee, Kan-
sas, and ffom there after a short yisit
will go to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. He
will be absent about a month. His
deputy, George Ballard, will attend to
his budtneis for him during his absence.
Tho Lest insurance policy on earth is
to have perfect kidneys. The best
medicine on earth for those 9ick kid-
neys ij Dr. Sawyer's Ukatlne. Peopli
who had suffered for years found no
cure for their kidney disorders until
they used r. Sawyer's Ukatino. They
now recommend it, to their friends—so
will you. For sale by A. D. Wright
ij F Johnston, of Johnston Rros. &
aught, tin contractors who are build-
ing the Sapulpa extension, was here
Tuesday on his way oyer the line from
Sapulpa to Oklahoma City. He is stlrrine
up the subcontractors along the line to
greater speed in the grade work so that
•i here will he no delay hi track laying.
He says the rock cut sixteen miles this
side of Sapulpa will be finished by July
4, aud track laying will go on from there
then at the rate uf a mile and a-half a
day Ho says he must have the cars
running into Chandler not later than
•August 15. He has bought two addi-
tional engines and fifty cars to use in the
work, The pile-driver is now on Ed
Davis' plMMtaM of town and in a few
days will be at work at the big trestle on
the Kalkloseli farm.
There is no pain or discomfort when
Tabler's Buckeye l'ile Ointment is used.
It relieves that itching incruaaed by
scratching, il is prepifr. d with scientific
uracy. and professional knowledge,
and ia the kind that cures blind,bleeding,
itching aud protruding piles with nopaiu
ir loss of time.—A. II. Wright.
Makkikh —At?the hdtae f tlie iride's
mother, Mrs. Mary Green, on Tuesday
evening, June 31, at 8 o'clock, M r. Horaci
K. Struughen and Miss Almira Green
Kcv. K. S Stockwell officiating. Only
few intimate friends were present.
The happy couple at once began house
keeping at the Green home on east Ninth
street. The bride is ouc of the best
kuown and most successful teachers in
the county and is in every way a young
lady of sterling worth. Mr Straugben
bad alsn In en a promim nt ti In r sine
this country ..pene4, bir for (he past
ightecu months he has acted first as
deputy county clerk and later deputy
I Ilintja treasur r In holh these fosi
tions his unquestioned title ss and cour
teoui treatment of all with whom he
has been thrown in contact have made
hftnone of ihe most popular officials al
,th« courthouse.
At Valley Queej}
Mji July the Fourth, three miles tnotb
of Tryon, live miles west of Parkland,
under the auspices of Iowa monthly
meeting of Friemjs of Oklahoma tierc
will be held a gospi I meetint; am) basket
dinner. J{cv O. S. Hartfey. Uriend,
and Key. Wagner, pastor of M. K. church
of Carney, and other speakers', will be
present. Meeting commences .Saturday
evening and continues over the Fourth.
Come ouc come all.
Kev. E. E. Pearson,
M. K. Maunes,
To Curp a «old in Ono Day
lake Laxative llromo Quinine Tab-
lets. Atl druggists refund the money
if it fails to cure. 350
a few days ago and commenced landi. v
at different pbiu's under the ptotccti.ui
of Ha tfarsdi.ct;. , ,y little re,..lUli.e
WU£ offered ;.nd the whole expedition is
now on the land at severaf different
points in the vicinity W Santiago
It is expected that a combined naval |
and rai itary attack wi'4 b made on ^tin
tiago within a week
The Cuban Bpies#rcj iirl Cervera
is making preparations ti lip out of the
harbor with his fleet on £ .e dark night.
Final ProoO.
Those wishing to make fluid proof
should see J. W. Dill ron, deputy clerk
of the district court, lie is giving
special attention to thif^matter
""ice tip - lair - it, , ,11 fioW. I 'hand-
ler? o T.
'South AAanvel £K v
J. C. Fletcher & Co,
, Hardware, TiinA/are
St°ves, Pumps, Etc.
Glfdfjen Barbed Wire,
Manvel Ave. Cor. 9th St.
Wed ii
Chandler, Q. T-. i
Junfe 24, 18ttS. I
Editor of The Publicist
I wish to mnkc the following Btr.ti'nient
through your paper in regard t«. the
separation of Jennie and Iiilev Elliott
That my parents had nothing to do what
ever with our separation or anyone else
hut I left him because I had sufficient
groends to do so, and was not influenced
by anyopc in the least.
Jenni# Elliott,
Hunt *8 Cure
('urea all ski^ diseases in all its various
forms. No internal treatment n. cedlary.
Failing, money returned to purchaser.
For sale by A. J). Wright.
n. Oklahonii
June IS, 1801
Crops arc in flne.condition.
Quite a hail storm four miles south last
.Mrs. Lizzie ('hapin was quite sick this
week. 8he is improving now.
1 he threatening cloud Sunday evening
canted a hasty adjournment "from th«
croquet yards to the cyclone cellars
McGrath, r.-- till water the (piarantine
agent ig in town tliii week teeing that
cattle arc kept on the p'/i. >er side o< the
Creek line.
Lon Dean was at Chandler this week
visiting the normal.
J. .\. McLaughlin. J. M. Reagin and
George K. Sutton were elected delegates
from this township to the county con-
vention June 2.').
Farmers have h. en liringing black-
berries to town this week Tl?«
readily at ten cents a quaft
S. H. G
Do a
Pusiness .
and Col-
lections a
Chandler, Okla.
*7 Sell
Emancipation Cajobratjon
On last Saturday the colored people of
Lincoln county held an Emancipation
celebration in the city park of Chandler,
tended by about 400 persons,
emetl to have enjoyed themselves to
the fullest extent. About 10:30the orators
took the rostrum, and the celebration
gan with songs by the Zion
8um|ay scl ,.l choir Prayer, Kev A
Robertson; a short address of welcome
by Prof. Johnson, u( the Chandler ctfl
red school, fur iho people of Chandler,
nswi red by Rev. A. Robertson for the
isifors; following came Prof. Wjlliain
Sulcer, of Oklahoma City, subject,
The School System of Oklahoma Ter-
ritory;" he held the audience spell bound
for about one hour, and everybody
thinks he made an excellent, progressive
and up-to d te speech; then came Judge
R A. Hudson, who explained the reason
why the people of Texas celebrated the
18th of June instead of the 92d of Sep-
tember or 1st of June, followed by Mr.
Sterues, of Qklahoma City.
The oral music was rendered by the
/ion choir, of which tho writer believes
he can truthfully say iihout fear of
successful contradiction tHat they are
second to none and equaled by but a few,
specially on t(ie songs they sang Sat-
The instrumental music was rendered
the form of tho*flddle and dance, to
which Ephraim joined himself lo his
idol aud refused to let go until the roar
of the storm was heard in the distance
Then there was great scrambling for
cyclone cellars, which ouded the last of
the nevcr-to-be-seen-again celebration of
lnuti. . t #
Robbed tho Qrave,
A startling Incident, uf which Mr.
John Oliver, of Philadelphia, was the
bjeet, is narrated t^y him as follows
I was in a most dreadful condition.
M.v ■* 11 :is altni >■ vtiuken.
tongue coated, pain continually in back
and Hides, no appetite,, gradually grow-
ing weaker day by day. Thri" physi-
cians had given me up. Fortunately, a
friend advised trying 'Electric Hitter-
and to my great joy and surprise the
lirst bottle made a decided improvi nu-iit.
I oontinuciluhelr use lor thr ■ wi-i'ks
and am now a well man I know they
saved my life aud robbed the gravi- of
another victim." No ■ ne should fail to
try them (fitly .'me t r !•. tile tit A. |i
A P'oasant Surprise.
Taktiudoe. O. T., 1
June 0. 18118./
Edilair Pi , i.n is l —t >m old friend nd
neighbor P'r (-ieorge Partridge, was
greatly surprised yesterday June 15
upon receiving a ncte fy-oin his wife
staling that as tliip was bis birthday he
would please come home to dinner in
stead of having it brought to biin al Ihe
store as usual. He complied with his
wife's request aud upon arriving at his
house found lo his surprise a house full
of his friends anil neighbors assembled to
celebrate bis 4Sth birthday, which was
done in grand style.The dinner was simplj
excellent, the table being loaded with
everything that was good to eat. In Ihe
center of the table was a cake .the exact
image of a log cabin Beautifully deco-
rated on one side of the roof was the doc-
tor's name, on the other the year 1850,
in which he was born. The afternoon
was spent in looking oyer bis orchard,
garden etc There was also some splen-
did music furnished by the doctor and
\V m. J. Hosier. Everybody enjoyed
themselves and spent a happy day which
will long be remembered by those yres
ent. The doctor has sold his claim und
will soon leave for Colorado, bis former
home. Our best wishes follow him and
his good wife wherever they go. May
their future hi prosperous is our prayer.
—A friend who was there.
Remarkable Rescuo.
Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plainfleld, 111.,
ipakes the statement, that she cuught
cold, which settled on her lungs; she
was treated for a month by her family
physician, but grew worse. He told her
she was a bopeb ss victim of consump-
tion and that no medicine could cure
her. Her druggist suggested Dr. King's
New Discuvery for ('onsuniption; she
bought a bottle and to her delight found
herself benefitted from lirst dose. She
oontinueil iis list- and after taking six
bodies, found herself sound and well;
now does ber own housework, and is as
well as she ever was.—Free trial bottles
of this Ureal Discovery at A. II. Wright's
Drug Store, Large bullies 50 cents and
M M >
Town Property
a Specialty
\ye Always Have Time
to Uive Information.
* a Of * Oklahoma
Real Estate,
Farm Loans
* * and «,
||a A A .-■ A ■ *.
Long-Bell Lumber Co.,
Esiimatps CheecfuIU Furnished"
Your Patronage is Solicited.
W. S. HORGAN, Mgr.
,v V v v * v
Home Grown Trees
Best kind for this Climate
Wo will have for sale during the fall of 18!IH One' Hundred
Thousand Home Grown Trees of tin i,^.t varieties. Wo
afe npw budding the late blooming Plum and Peach.
Call on or address,
H. F. Johnson or F. S. Dimon, Chandler. Okla
W. E. Merydith, Pres. p. a Hoyt) Cashj;.r
J. W. Feuquay Vice " • Ed W. Hoyt Asm.
Merydith. J.T.Sims, J W. Feuquay. F. B. Ho, t
W. Robison, J. B. Callison, Ed W. Hoyt. (i. P. Martin..
W. E.
Lincoln County State Bank
Capital Stock, $10,000. Surplus, $2,000.
\Y. M Allison, as U. S. court commis-
sioner, is authoriaed to take final proofs.
If you think of proving up on your
homestead call and see him at Democrat
and Telegram office.
Money to Loan on
Improved Farms.
Terms right, r
better rates ant
had in Oklaho
see mo.
VV. C HOOVER, Room 5
Chandler, t)klahoni;i.
low. No
us can be
Call and
Spooial Attention Given to Collections
.Does a General Hanking:
Cho net 1
deckjfr' V RORFRTsnM I -J; H- BLAKEMORE;-
ATTORNEYS AT LAW. j I'lans and Specifications furnished.
STROUD, • QK'T \H()M \ 1 K \T dakkkk HO I
' ' '<'"AV|>M l: OKLAHOMA
Stand Privilogos for tho Fourth.
Stand privileges for I of Julv, 181)8,
. lie . : b) he in tlrrsi^ned « .. •>
on application in person, and on com-
plying with th- following terms, to wit
For one stand of any kind 15.00, one
half in advam< balance at noon, 12
o'clock.4 f ■ I nly lth. ls; s,
TI;. •prlvib'K' 1'■>$ danciug i latfi rm
will b«' let to ti* highest and best bidder.
It P. Hardcahtj.K,
P. A McWktuy,
Bimt*! UghteU/tg Oil
Cures Catarrh, Nenralgiat Sprains.
Cramp Colic. Diarrh« a. Cuts. Headache,
Rheumatism U>od for man and beast
Failing, money refunded. For sale by
D. Wrl^bt,
5()c A- YEAR!
All tho War and other Nows -64
Columns Each Isauo for about 1
Cent a Weok.
send your name ant
W.-kly Stair ( Mpit
T rritorial We.-klv
at> >t warn mvs, th<
.tnd tlTe worhl, in
:iahle shap< Then
50 cents to the
il and g< 1 th. great
for :i year# Thii -
w - k. It is sef on lino
and runs on a perfecting
04 columns of live matt- r
It is as cheap and will
news than any of ihe
The Holland lintel is the favorite
stopping place for Chandler people when
'11 SlftiwtU't
A J. Rittenhous« D N'. rra.. r
'Ittici' in Maxclio huildiutf,
N. of Court House Si|uari*.
County Attouxky ok Lincoln Coi ntv
mrOII ;u Courthousi'
A I K )K\tY-^I
II the courts of the Tcrii
Office in Public Build
-I. Klknvel Avenue, *
h of Post-ortice.
CHiNDLKl: "Kl.
" The Rocker Washer
V100 nn i: IM' Nr
r w4t t im
Llv M matiMmtbU Ki KM
Liquor Notioo
Notic- is ■ * y v. 1 1 t Kl> lit
Sparks have this day tiled thr applies
tion and petition for license to s-
mnit. ipiritooa &nd \Inout liquoi 1,
u$. block 4S, town Mf Ohaadler, an
ilBltis objeoti 'ii ■ i<' 1 in iMi ..m ■
on*or btfovv (he 1m ol 1 uljr 189fi
mM - in I b« granteth
Witness mv hand and official seal a
Chandler this 17th d i.v of June. lhUS
[skai-l (j a Smith.
# County Clerk.
The New Time" and Tuk Pfiti.itts
fur only $l*6v a year*
r~r—*■ - •-■rVm- i,. ,
Ho! Ho! Stop and ccnsic r!
Th'-ri 1- : 1 • ,
Have the best Cattlo and Hog
Pence on earth
the Page woven wir- r 1:1
is tin best fence on earth will stop*
anything from a Buffalo to .. lUb
! - ! i 1"
Hiii ;...
\ A,n. WRIGHT 1
)uth of
Post office.

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