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Sapulp* (OkU.) Herald, Sudajr. Jaly M. Ml—PACE SEVEN-D
PACK TWO—tapalpa (Okla.) Herald, Maeday, J«ly 81,
United States France
Soviet Union China
Great Britain India
Shelter board
plans meeting
The Board of Directors for
the proposed child abuse
Mary Cumbey 2SHSS52!:
second floor of the Berry hill
''Canada South Atrl
Israel Sweden
Italy Switzerland
Japan West Germany
South Kora.
Funeral services for Mrs.
Jim (Mary) Cumbey of
Kiefer were held today at 10
a.m. in Westside Baptist
Church, with the Revs. T.
Howard Allen and Archie
Rivers officiating.
Interment was in Green
Hill Memorial Gardens
under direction of Smith
Funeral Home.
Serving as pallbearers
were Jack Roller, Doyle
Carter, Dwayne Colvin,
Truman Divine, Charles
Hankins, C. R. Wood, Jim
Greer and Blaine Grove
A light luncheon will be
served, and the necessary
steps envolved in
establishing the home will be
discussed, according to a
group spokesperson.
A felony charge of robbery by fear has been filed
against a Creek Couity man in connection with a July
21 robbery and beating of a rural Sapulpa woman.
Roy Lee Davis has been charged with the robbery of
Mary Elizabeth Perryman. Davis allegedly beat Mrs.
Perryman, knocked her down, then carried away some
of her property.
A warrant of arrest has been issued for Davis.
Iran president elected
following bloody election
The membership of the ssclear weapons dab has been fixed at six since 1974, wkea
crisis with the testing of a nuclear device assembled with the aaaathorteed ase of * .
from Canada But weapons capability has not remained similarly static, as «»rgl attach m Iraq * nnctear
reactor la Jane brought forcefully to world atteatloa. Wwtera £
among a select group uf nation, now possessing the technology to build unclear weapons whenever they decide to
do so. Another II nations are within 11 years of the same capability.
★ ★ * ★
Thousands of accidents
happen at nuclear plants
The nation’s three dozen
atomic reactors suffered
nearly 4,000 mishaps in 1900,
a jump of 65 percent from the
previous year when the
Three Mile Island accident
put the industry on its toes, a
Ralph Nader group reported
Critical Mass Energy
Project, in a report called
the “Nuclear Power Plant
Safety Scoreboard 1980,”
examined the implications of
3,800 mishaps reported to the
Nuclear Regulatory Com-
mission by reactor owners in
1980, finding 104 of them
“especially significant”
The number of events,
each MBcattra a reactort
NRC “technical design
specifications" were ex-
ceeded, was 65 percent
higher than the 2J00 reports
filed with NRC 1979, the year
of the Three Mile Island
accident in Pennsylvania.
The study attributed M
percent to human error, 16
percent to design or
fabrication error and 57
percent to equipment
"If nothing else, it shows
that a serious management
problem exists,” said
Richard Udell, author of the
Among the more serious
1980 accidents reported
—A large sod! of tainted
water in the containment enough to generate media
building of Florida Power coverage apparently were
Corp.’s Crystal River 3 not reported,
plant. They were a Nov. 3, 1900,
—A malfunction of vital spill of contaminated water
control rods that quench the at Consolidated Edison’s
nudear reaction and shut off troubled Indian Point 2
the reactor at the Tennessee reactor in New York and an
Valley Authority’s Browns NRC inspection that found
Ferry 3 reactor. two reactor operators ap-
—A release of radioactive parently asleep at the
Iodine-131 that exceeded controls of the Dresden
environmental standards at Nuclear Power Station in
the New York State Power Morris, III.
Authority’s FitzPatrick 1. The study report listed
—The discovery of
mussels contaminated with
high levels of Cobalt-60 in
waters adjacent to Boston
Edison’s Pilgrim 1.
Critical Maas also noted
that two events significant
Lawyer named to head
investigation of Casey
The Senate Intelligence
Committee today named
lawyer Fred Thompson,
Republican counsel during
the Watergate hearings, to
head a heightened investiga-
tion of embattled CIA
Director William Casey.
Committee sources said
Casey will be invited to
testify before the panel,
v. hich is looking into the CIA
director’s past business
dealings and his con-
troversial appointment of
Max Hugel as the agency’s
chief of clandestine
A committee spokesman
said Thompson “came
aboard today, has met with
the committee and is now
taking charge of the In-
Thompson, 38, Is a partner
in the Thompson and
Crawford law firm, which
has offices in Nashville,
Tenn., and Washington.
Earlier this year, he
served as special Republican
counsel during confirmation
hearings of Alexander Haig
as secretary of state.
prominence as Republican
counsel in the Watergate
investigations and later
wrote a book - “At That
Point In Time” - about the
Appointment of a special
counsel Indicated the serious
view the committee was
taking in the Casey
proceedings, sources said.
plants with the highest total
number of mishaps as TVA’s
Sequoyah 1 in Tennessee,
Hatch 1 and 2 in Georgia,
Arkansas 2, Brunswick 2 in
North Carolina, North Anna
1 in Virginia, FitzPatrick 1 in
New York, Beaver Valley in
Pennsylvania and Pilgrim 1
in Massachusetts.
“The supposed benefits of
nudear power do not out-
weigh the dear risks in-
volved,” the report con-
cluded. “This study supports
our long held position that
nuclear power is a
dangerous and deeply flawed
July 14,1M1
Pat M. Fratee, Victoria
Ifotala, Valerie D. Evans, Baby
Girl Freeman, Baby Boy Evaoa,
Edna E. Covington, Dollie Lyle a,
Ruby S. Corbin, Ada A. Smart
and Cinda L. Butler.
Billy A. Brooner, Jr., Paul
Jonea, Nadine O. Reed, Ethel M.
Wataihe, Ethel M. Harding,
Catherine Msnsell, Vernon D.
Slice, Ibrry L. Varner, Ruby H.
Kelley, Nancy Jane Johnaon,
Charles R. Minney and Joseph E.
M arte lie.
July a, 1M1
Cinda Butler, Baby Girl
Butler, Mary Louise Mercer,
Melina Ann Blakley and
Douglas E. Cottongim.
Claud B. Taber, Florence G.
Watashe, Linda A. Tate, Helen L.
Taylor, Ida L. Brock, Don L.
Baccut, Linda Sue SUce, William
T. Pickering, Grade H. Cole,
Alisha Bridges, LB. Hurt and
Nancy C. Rowell.
July M, Ml
Ethel E. Ellis, Stephen R.
Tolbert, Sarah A. Markley,
Tamara N. White and Thomas
W. Osborn.
Melius Ann Blakley, Gloria J.
Knox, Baby Boy Knox, Karen D.
Freeman, Baby Girl Freeman,
Virginia E. Wolfe, Haiel M.
Slaybaugh, Valerie D. Evans
and Baby Boy Evans.
United Pru International
Premier Mohammad All
Rajai, running against a
puppet slate from his own
ruling Islamic party, swept
to victory In Iran’s bloody
presidential election to give
the ruling clergy complete
control of the nation by
formally replacing im-
peached President Abolhas-
san Bani-Sadr.
At least 13 people, in-
cluding 11 revolutionary
guards, were killed in gun
attacks and bombings on
Friday’s election day,
government figures said
The Interior Ministry said
Rajai had outpolled the huge
vote total of Bani-Sadr, who
gained the presidency in
January 1980 but was ousted
in June this year.
The ministry said Rajai, a
bitter foe of Bani-Sadr, cap-
tured 12,926,607 out of
16,669,489 votes cast, sur-
passing the 12 million votes
cast for Bani-Sadr 19 months
ago despite a call for an
election boycott by Bani-
Sadr, who is now in hiding.
Observers said official
results to be announced
Tuesday are Hk*lv further to
Berry's World
Stock List
By Uaited Preu Intern ittoaal
Am TAT 5.40
BethStl 1.60
BlueBel 1.80
Bn niff Inti
Celanei 3.80
Chryller Cp
Cities Sv 1.00
© t«i by NEA me
-MSfSLCu Sapulpan held
in Tuba death
today to committee chair-
man Sen. Barry Gold water,
R-Arix, and Sen. Daniel
Moynlhan, D-N.Y., the vice
aained Goldwater has said the
«ihi<r»n selection of Hugel, who re-
signed amid allegations of
improper business practices,
was enough to question
Casey’s judgment
The committee is
scheduled to meet Tuesday
in secret session.
Racial violence reported
in small Georgia community
A Sapulpa man is being
held in connection with the
Sunday shooting death of a
20-year-old Tulsa man.
Gregory N. McGee died
from a single gunshot wound
to the abdomen following an
early-morning argument
Sunday in Tuba.
Tulsa police arrested
Bruce Leroy Griffin, 28, who
was identified as an
unemployed electrician from
Sapulpa. Another man was
reportedly being questioned
as a material witness.
Coltlnd 2.90
Col Git 2.70
ContiGr 2.60
CrownZ 2.30
DelUAr 1.60
Dow Ch 1.80
EiKodlk 3a
Exxon Corp
Fintne .45b
Gen) El 3.20
GnIFdl 2.20
GnMot 1.20b
GTE 2.72
GuliOil 2.80
Halbrtn 1.20
IntPapr 2.40
JohnMv 1.82
KerrMcG 2
Motrola 1.80
Penney 1.84
PhilPet 2.20
ProctGl 3.80
QuakrO 1.80
RCACp 1.80
SafwStr 2.80
Sean 1.38
53 H- 44
23VI Vi
28 Vi 44
344- Vi
61V4- Vi
8V4- Vi
8344 Vi
3544 44
39V4 Vi
89V, 44
3144 44
7244 Vi
35 V4
5944 Vi
3144 V4
48H Vi
29V4 44
3744 44
85 Vi
48V4 44
1844 Vi
78 Vi
87V4 44
31V4 Vi
44- V4
7344 44
34 V4
2844- 44
1744- Vi
"You're from — ah — California, I take it!?’’
tilt the majority in Rajal’s
Despite the contention by
Iran’s ruling mullahs, that
the voters took part
wholeheartedly in the
balloting, nearly 200 people
were arrested, 135 during the
polling and the following day
and another 60 prior to the
elections. Opposition sources
claimed actual arrests ex-
ceeded that figure.
The elections of Rajai, a
former mathematics teacher
who formed a fun-
damentalist government last
August, completed the ruling
Islamic Republican Party’s
control over Iran.
Following the massacre of
74 of its of officials in a
Tehran bomb explosion June
28, the ruling party threw out
67 presidential candidates in
preelection screeing, leaving
four choices.
But at the last minute,
Rajai's three competitors
urged voters to ignore their
candidacies and vote for the
premier instead. Rajai's
anticipated victory turned
into a landslide.
Khomeini has not said if he
will also bestow the military
command on Rajai. He gave
the command to Bani-Sadr
last year but took it bai* 12
days before firing him.
Bani-Sadr, who is using
clandestine broadcasts and
tape recorded messages to
wage an anti-regime cam-
paign from his undisclosed
mountain stronghold, has
promised a return to power.
Wreck kills two women
HAMMON, Okla. (UPI)-
Two women were killed on
State Highway 33 in Custer
County in an accident with a
tractor, officials said.
Janet Sue Hart, 19, and
Elisha Ruth Hart, 20, both of
Hammon were dead on
arrival Saturday at an Elk
City hospital, the Highway
Patrol said.
The tractor, which was
pulling a trailer, was driven
by Edgar Wallen, 36, of Elk
City. It was passing the
Harts’ car when the car
made a left turn in front of
the tractor.
Wallen was not injured.
The use of homing pigeons
dates back to the jear 3,000
B C. in Egypt
Job Printing
Complete Line 01 Office Supplies
Lap! Farms-Rul Estata Forms
Printed Forms Books
Gabo's Office
Supply, Inc.
108 East Dewey Ph. 224-5660
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la Cater
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WILLACOOCHEE, Ga. Savannah office will join
(UPI) — Federal and state offic*rs trooa ®e Georgia
law officers are arriving in Bureau of Investigation u.
response to the mayor’s plea
for help in investigating
racial violence that has
plagued the tiny rural
community since a cross was
burned on the lawn of a white
“race mixer” in April.
The first officers were
expected today.
Mayor Luce Futch, who
wrote the FBI for help last
May after a shooting in-
cident, said Sunday he
wanted the government to
investigate the violence in
Ms town of 1,800 “before it
gets any worse.”
So far, no one has been
injured. There have been two
shootings, plenty of hate
mail and a cross burning.
“We want to stop this
before it gets any worn,”
said Futch. “Our town Is a
quiet, little, old town and
we’ve lived in harmony in
the past — ever since it was
Incorporated in 1889, I guess
— and we want to see it
continue that wav.”
investigating the incidents.
The mayor said it all
started last April 17, when a
cross was burned at the
home of Helen McGovern, a
white woman who allowed
black children to play in her
yard and sometimes fed
them in her ham.
Agent Jim Mullen
members of the
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utiMMO t» bucn* «ist» distribution co . wc © iaei mm own, ftoaux™ |lj
Showtimes 1:30 7:00 9:15 p.m.
Adults $3.50 Children $1.75

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