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After Three Hour« Consultation With
His Attorneys Governor Has-
kell Issues Letter Declaring
Seat of Government
Oklahoma City—Through a citation
issued at Guthrie by Federal Judge
John H. Cotteral ordering the appear-
ance of Governor C. N. Haskell before
him Friday, June 17, the United States
government Monday stepped into the
breach in the fight between Oklahoma
City, declared the capital of Okla-
homa, and Guthrie, defeated in Satur-
day's election by an overwhelming
majority. The papers were served
More Interest Manifested in Capital
Fight Than In Railroad Amend-
ment—Former Leads by
About 25,000 Votes
Mist Lee, Having Tried Many Med-
icines Without Benefit, Re-
covers Rapidly by the
Use of Cardui.
Oklahoma City — Oklahoma City
won the state capital in Saturday's
election over Guthrie and Shawnee
by receiving approximately 58,000
votes more than both the other can-
. the bod*
didates, according to nearly complete *
returns received from practically
every county in the state. The re-
ports received from approximately
1,500 of the 2,300 voting precincts ol
the state, the figures in the main be-
Calypso, N. C.—"For three years,**
writes Miss Julia Leo of this city, "I
suffered with almost everything a
woman could, more especially, acute
Inflammation. I tried 3 doctors, with
but little benefit, and had almost lost
hope, when I decided to take Cardui.
"Now I am in better health than I
have been for 3 years."
One medicine will not cure every
kind of sickness, because different
medicines act on different portions of
on the governor at the Lee-IIuckins obtained from the records of the
county election boards, show that
the proposition to permanently locate
the state capital carried by a vote of
70,004 to 39,642. Should the same
ratio obtain in the remaining pre-
cincts the proposition will have car-
ried by 107,100 to 60,800.
The precincts reporting show that
Guthrie received 19.032 and Shawnee
There were cast 34,862 votes in the
Complacent 8moker Had No Use for
the Bands, so What Was the
There were four of them on the
rear platform of a car, thrown to-
gether, so to speak, by a rough track.
All were smoking. An odor, rot of
cigars, detracted somewhat from in-
terest In the general conversation.
The odor became pronounced. One
of the quartette cast about for a rea-
son. He saw one of his companions
complacently smoking a cigar that
had burned down past the flaring red
band that girdled it. There remained
no question of the source of the odor.
"Excuse me," the discoverer said to
the complacent one, "your cigar band
Is burning."
"That's all right, old man," the com-
placent one replied, "I'm not saving
hotel Monday night.
Ignoring Guthrie's activity to block
t'ne capital removal plans of the gov-
ernor, various stato officers busied
themselves in Oklahoma City Monday
securing proper offices and preparing-
to remove the state records as soon
as quarters can be placed in shape.
By Thursday it is expected all depart-
ments will be located and ready for
Oklahoma City—Following a three
hours' consultation with his attorneys
the state's attorney general and oth-
er legal autnorities, Governor C. N.
Haskell at midnight Sunday issued a
public letter ethically and legally de-
The troubles of most women, who
are delicate, arise from simple lack of
strength. The most obvious way to
help them Is to give them a remedy
which will bring them the particular
strength they lack.
Cardul's success, In benefiting and
curing sick and ailing women, Is due
to the fact that It gives women
strength, where they most need It.
Being composed exclusively of vege-
table Ingredients, which act gently
and sympathetically upon special
organs, It Is a tonic which Is at once
regulating, and rebuilding.
Fifty years of success prove that
this is fact. Try Cardui today.
"My motto is 'The truth, tho whole
truth and nothing but the truth.'"
"Yes; but you'd rather have some-
body else tell it."
t .U -1 nA N. B.—'Write tot Ladles' Advisory
precincts reporting for the raiiroaa Dept.f chattanooga Medicine Co., chat-
amendment and 60,581 against. The JTEIJStKS:
ratio probably Will show a total mar mrnt for Wobm," sent Is plain wrap-
jority against the proposition of 40,- ; per* om re<I"e*t*
For Proper Care of Tuberculosis.
According to the National Associa-
tion for the Study and Prevention of
Tuberculosis, New York state leads
in the number of beds for consump-
tives provided up to May 1, with 5,476
beds; Massachusetts is second with
2,403 beds; Pennsylvania, third, with
2,347 beds; Colorado, fourth, with 1,489
beds; and New Mexico fifth, with
1,104 beds. As yet, not one state in
the country has made adequate pro-
vision for its consumptives. New
York has set itself the task of having
"No uncared-for tuberculosis in 1915,"
and several cities in other parts of
the conntry have adopted similar pro-
grams. The national association
says that tuberculosis will not be
Btamped out until all cases of this
disease are cared for either in their
homes or in institutions. With this
end in view, efforts will be made to
increase the number of hospital beds
in this country to at least 35,000 by
May 1, 1911.
Governor of Oklahoma
Uncle Ezra Says:
Playin' on one string soon wears out
the string ez well ez the player.—
Boston Herald.
Medicine Not Needed In This Case.
It is hard to convince some people
that ooffee does them an Injury! They
lay their bad feelings to almost every
cause but the true and unsuspected
But the doctor knows. His wide ex-
perience has proven to him that to
some systems, coffee is an insidious
poison that undermines the health.
Ask the doctor if coffee is the cause
of constipation, stomach and nervous
"I have been a coffee drinker all
my life. I am now 42 years old and
when taken sick two years ago with
nervous prostration, the doctor said
that my nervous system was broken
down and that I would have to give
up coffee.
"I got so weak and shaky I could
not work, and reading your advertise*
inent of Postum, I asked my grocer if
he had any of it. He said: 'Yes,' and
that he used it in his family, and it
was all it claimed to be.
"So I quit coffee and commenced to
use Postum steadily and found in
about two weeks' time I could sleep
soundly at night and get up in the
morning feeling fresh. In about two
months I began to gain flesh. I
weighed only 146 pounds when I com-
menced on Postum, and now I weigh
167 and feel better than I did at 20
years of age.
"I am working every day and sleep
well at night. My two children were
great coffee drinkers, but they have
not drank any since Postum came Into
the house, and are far more healthy
than they were before."
Read "The Road to Wellville," found
in pkgs. "There's a reason."
Ever read the above letter f A new
sae appears f.-om time to tlm*.
are ffiaf
claring Oklahoma City the permanent
and Immediate seat of state govern-
In his letter to Attorney J. H. Bur-
ford of the Guthrie capital commit-
tee, the governor states that his ac-
tion in aproving the removal of the
capital is entirely within the law and
the rights of the people. He stands
at all times willing and ready to give
any complainants a hearing, as speci-
fied in the letter, and states that any
and all business conducted by the
state officers in Guthrie Is illegal
Oklahoma City being the state capi
tal, as a majority of the voters so
declared 'Saturday, June 11.
"No official proclamation is needed
in this case," said the governor. In
speaking of the open letter issued
**I have not mentioned Shawnee be-
cause I do not believe Its citizens
will have any rpejudice. Under the
law Oklahoma City is the state cap-
ital and I have simply done my duty
I am ready and willing at any and
all times to give the people of Guth
rie a hearing, and I have so specified
in my letter."
Stirring scenes both at Oklahoma
City and Guthrie marked the day af-
ter the election. Sund&y night Sher-
iff J. W. Ma'noney, of Guthrie, armed
with papers against the governor tc
prohibit his taking any steps in the
removal of the state offices, were
made out and the Logan county of
ficial attempted to serve them.
Meeting the governor in the bal-
cony of the hotel, the sheriff made a
step forward to 'hand the papers to
the executive, when the governor
snatched them from his hands and
threw t'nem on the floor. There was
no disturbance and it was all over *n
less than a minute, the Logan coun-
ty official retiring quietly.
The trouble with Mahoney started
Saturday night, when he put an armed
guard around the state offices In
Guthrie to prevent any attempt at re-
moval of state records. Somewhat
angered, Governor Haskell ordered
the state militia, in command of Gen-
eral Canton, to arrest the sheriff and
put him in jail and disarm the guard
The situation in the city Monday
was unparalleled in history of the na-
tion. Within one night a state capi
tal is transferred from one city to an-
other. Wlth'n one day after an elec-
tion scenes have been enacted whicl
are of world-wide interest.
In Guthrie , the deposed capital,
many Incidents are beyond descrip
tion. Around the state offices throng-
ed the incensed citizens, watching
the armed guards of the sheriff, eager
for the opportunity to see removal of
records started injunctions were
issued against every member of the
state staff and orders issued to eerve
them Immediately.
Apparently more interest was mani-
fested in the capital than in the pro-
posed railroad amendment fight. The
former led by nearly 25,000 votes.
The proposed amendment received its j
heaviest vote in the First and Third
congressional districts.
Reports from the following counties
show majorities for Oklahoma Cliy:
Adair, Alfalfa, Atoka, Beckham, j
Blaine, Bryan, Canadian, Caddo, Car- ,
ter, Cherokee, Choctaw, Coal, Cleve-
land, Comanche, Ellis, Creek, Custer, ,
Garvin, Grady, Grant, Greer, Haskell, :
Harmon, Hughes, Jackson, Jefferson, j
Johnston, Kay, Kingfisher, Kiowa,
Latimer, Le Flore, Lincoln, Love, j
Major, McClain, McCurtain, McIntosh,
Marshall, Mayes, Murray, Nowata,
Okfuskee, Oklahoma, Osage, Ottawa,
Pawnee, Payne, Pittsburg, Pontotoc, j
Pushmataha, Rogers, Roger Mills, [
Seminole, Stephens, Sequoyah, Till- J
man. Tulsa. Washita, Washington, ; Dut?
Woods, Woodward. 1 Dings—Oh, it was a howling suc-
Guthrle received majorities In :ess
Craig, Garfield, Logan, Muskogee,
Noble, Okmulgee and Wagoner coun-
ties, while Sawnee'B largest vote was
In Pottawatomie county.
The returns from Beaver, < immar , an eczeraa_ an(j for [t j h;U] tw0
ron, Delaware, Dewey, Harper and j fllff(irpnt ,tn,H„r hpn,l w r vf rv
Biffs—How did the baby show turn
"My mother used to have a very bad
tiumor on her head which the doctors
Texas counties are incomplete.
,ate returns from Shawnee gave
that city 4,140 votes for Itself for the
capital, against 383 for Oklahoma
City, and 88 for Guthrie. The capital
bill was defeated by a vote of 4,135
to 799, and the railroad proposition
carried by 2,778 to 1,929. Shawnee's
total official vote will approximate
Tulsa county gave the bill a small
majority, thus indicating a remarkable
revolution in sentiment there within
the last few days. The city of Tulsa
ten days ago was set against the
bill. Twenty-one precincts out of 31
in Logan county shows the following
returns: Capital location, 282: against
4,562; Oklahoma City. 206; Shawnee,
16; Guthrie, 4,072. For amendment,
1,595; against, 2,852. Thfrs includes
nine of the ten precincts in the city
of Guthrie.
It is notable that while a heavy
vote was cast against the bill In the
First congressional district, that 1*
which Guthrie is situated, several
counties gave Oklahoma City a big
majority. This Is true In Lincoln,
Pawnee, Kay, Grant and some other
counties. The stress of Guthrie and
Shawnee efforts was against the bill,
and in some of the counties of their
sections they won a partial victory.
Osage county gave Oklahoma City a
good vote, while Garfield county went
heavily against it.
The total vote approximated 160,-
000. The Fourth and Fifth Congre
slonal districts, true to the reputation
they made in promise, rolled up heavy
majorities for Oklahoma City. There
were some surprises in the Third dis-
trict. Mayes county turned a tide o!
opposition that had set in before the
first of the series of capital debate!
and gave the metropolis a surprising
ly large vote. Of the 2,433 votes cast
in Le Flore county, 2,196 were for thf
bill. Ten days ago Washington coun-
ty was against the bill, but a remark-
able change of sentiment took place,
It was generally admitted that aa
opposing organization in Muskogee
county had set a large majority of
the electors of the county against thf
capital bill. Governor Haskell's Fri-
day night speech in that city and th«
efforts of his friends Saturday saved
hundreds of voteg to the bill.
Grady county gave the bill nearly a
two-to-one vote, in spite of the fact
that resolutions condemning the bill
were purported to have been passed
by cortain organizations in that coun*
ty. Here the labor vote asserted ifr
self, ag it did in other counties.
Of Peculiar Interest to Women.
Mrs. Mary I. Remington, Eigleberry
SL, Gilroy, Cal., says: "I suffered so
severely from pain and soreness over
the kidneys that it was a task for me
to turn over in bed.
My kidneys acted
very frequently, but
the secretions were
retarded and the pas-
sages scalded. I was
weak and run down.
After taking other
remedies without ben-
efit, I began using
Doan's Kidney Pills
and was permanently cured. I was
going through the critical period of a
woman's life at that time and after
using Doan's Kidney Pills there was a
miraculous change for the better in my
Remember the name—Doan's.
For sale by all dealers. 50 cents a
box. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
The Rude Visitor.
There is a story about the secretary
of a golf club who was a man of di-
minutive stature. It was summer time,
and the grass had been allowed to
grow rather long. The secretary was
playing in front of a visitor who was
a very long driver, and kept dropping
his ball in the neighborhood of the
secretary all the way round. At last
tho little man could stand It no longer
and walked back and remonstrated
with the visitor on his conduct, but
the only reply he got was, "If you
would cut the grass, one might bo
able to see you."
different doctors. Her head was very
sore and her hair nearly all fell out
In spite of what they both did. One
day her niece came in and they were
speaking of how her hair was falling
out and the doctors did it no good.
She says, 'Aunt, why don't you try
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Oint-
ment?' Mother did and they helped
aer. In six months' time the itching,
burning and scaling of her head was
aver and her hair began growing. To-
lay she feels much in debt to Cuti-
cura Soap and Ointment for the fine
aead of hair she has for an old lady
3f seventy-four.
"My own case was an eczema In my
feet. As soon as the cold weather
:ame my feet would itch and burn and
hen they would crack open and bleed.
Then I thought I would flee to my
mother's friends, Cuticura Soap and
CJutlcura Ointment. I did for four or
Ave winters, and now my feet are as
smooth as any one's. Ellsworth Dun-
aam, Hiram, Me., Sept. 30, 1909."
Would Mean a Better Show.
"Johnny," said the teacher, "here
s a book. Now, stand up straight
ind sing like a little man."
The song was "Nearer, My God."
Mo sooner had the school commenced
:o sing than a little girl waved her
land frantically. Stopping the sing-
ng, the teacher inquired the cause.
"Please, teacher, I think Johnny
will get nearer If he whistles."—
An Embryo Emancipator.
A little miss riding on a Brooklyn
trolley car the other day tendered
the conductor half fare. "How old
are you, little girl?" he queried, gin-
gerly handling her fare.
She pursed her lips for a moment,
then calmly opened her purse, dropped
two more pennies Into the conductor's
extended palm, snapped her purse
and demurely replied: "You have
your fare, sir; my statistics are my
Spoiling It.
"I've noticed that all unusually tall
women are graceful."
'Thank you, Mr. Feathertop."
"Why, Miss Flossie—aw—you're not
unusually tall, you know."
AYefietablc Preparation for As-
similating the Food and Regula-
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digestion,Cheerful-
ness and Rest Contains neither
Opium .Morphine nor Mineral
Not Narc otic
SOU DrSAMVllfmn*
Pumpkin SttJ -
Mix Stun* * \
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jnist Sttd •
/hpprrmirU - \
hit (
Hirm Sud -
iWW Su7ar 1
Wmtpm* Ffovr. '
A perfect Remedy forConstipa-
lion. Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Fevtrish-
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
Facsimile Signature of
The Centaur Company,
For Over
Thirty Years
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Oldest and Best Tonic; for Malaria and Debility.
A splendid general tonic; 40 years' success. Contain®
no arsenic or other poisons. Unlike quinine, It leaves
no bad effects. Take no substitute. FREE-
book of ouizles sent to any address-
ABTHIR rrun * CO., flaa'l AgaaU.
For nrd. ItrblnK EtcIIiIp. Cr.H, S«rr
Falling Eyelashes and All Ey« That
Need Care Try Murine Eyo Salve. Asep-
tic Tube!—Trial Size—2Sc. Aak Your Drug-
gist or Write Murine Eye Remedy Co.,
Results All That Count.
Who asks whether the enemy were
defeated by strategy or by valor?—
The Army of
It Growing Smaller Every Day.
only give relit
they permanent!
cure Constipa-
tion. Mil
lions use
them for
ness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Sallow Skin.
GENUINE must bear signature:
l atta All Saasaa.
htn|. (Iimraaiswlef-
ooUt*. OfalltesUrs
ir MBipfepald for 10a.
I Deftalk A e.
Brvuklja, law la*
Senator Dolltver, of Iowa, aaya: —
ism of emigrants from the United States
oOanada will eontinno."
.Senator l>olliver recently paid s
\idlt to Western Canruln.
| un>1 aaya: "There Is a
| Isn't humtrr in the hearts
of UnulUli npeaking poo-
pie; this willocoouutfor
the removal of to rnsnjr
lows farmers to Gsnada.
Our neoi.lo are pleased
with Us Government and
the excellent adminis-
tration of law. and ther
are coming to iron in
tons of thousands, and
tW are -it111 coming."
lowscontributed lurge-
]jr to tho 70.000 Amerl-
.armors who mailo Canada
their homo dxirlnff 1909.
Field crop returns alone
durtngyearudded totliewrulth
of tho country upwards of
(■rain growing, mixed farm-
ing. cuttle rolatng and dulrjlng
nr« ail profitable. Free Home-
stead* of 100 acres are to be
had In the very host districts,
160 acre pre-emptions at 93.00
Fletcherite Loses His Count.
"Bobby," said his mother, "sit up
straight, and don't tuck your napkin
jnder your chin. I've told you hun-
dreds of time—"
"There!" exploded Tommy, "you've
made me lose the count! 1 don't know
dow whether It's 256 or 356 times I've
chewed this clam!"
According to some It makes no dif-
ference how many dead cats you
throw Into the well so long as you
icep the pump handle polished.
As soon as we divorce love from the
occupations of life, we find that labor
IfiganerateB into drudgery.—Whipple.
nringct^<ni>B.tilHrr)M>asiid dysentery Iftby using
(Ptrry Itov'-"
Honest politicians are as plentiful
in some places as white blackbirds.
Use Red Cross Ball Blue and make them
white again. Large 2 oz. package, 5 cents
Don't pose as an earthly angel un-
less you want to attract suspicion
your way.
m.( I t-uiriit. < -11111 m f *• 111 h • 11 fll< •«!.
noil the rt( ti<-st .wood. «utcr and
building inutorlul ploatlful.
For particulars as to location, low
settlers' railway rites and descrip-
tive Illustrated uainphlot, "I.ost
Best West," and other lnforma-
No. 121V. Ninth Strtst, Hum City. Ms.
(Use addross nearest you.)
W. N. U., Oklahoma City, No. 25-1910.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Is the best of nil medicines for the cure of diseases,
disorders nod weaknesses peculiar to women. It is the
only preparation of its kind devised by a regularly gradu-
ated physician—an experienced nnd skilled specinlist in
the diseases of women.
It is a safe medicine in any condition of the system.
THE ONE REMEDY which containa no alcohol
and no injurious habit-forming drugs and which
creates no craving for such stimulants.
THE ONE REMEDY no good that its makers
are not afraid to print itn every ingredient on
each outside bottle - wrapper and attest to tha
truthfulness of the same under oath.
It is sold by medicine dealers everywhere, and any denier who hnsn't it can
get it. Don't tnke a substitute of unknown composition for this medicine of
enown composition. No counterfeit is ss good ns the genuine nnd tho druggist
who says something else is "just as good as Dr. Pierce's" is either mistnken
or is trying to deceive you for his own selfish benefit. Such n man is not to be
trusted. He is trifling with your most priceless possession—your health-
may be your life itself. Set that you net what you ask far.
Complexion Soap
If you want a soap that
curea pimples, chaps,
chilblains, sunburn, ec*
zema and all cutaneous
affections, use
It ia the SPECIAL aoap
person. Price 85 centn.
All Dealers
Baker-Wheeler Mfg. Co., Dallas, Tex.
Four hundred thousand peopls
take a CASCARET every night
—and rise up in the morning and call
them blessed. If you don't belong to
this great crowd o{ CASCARET
takers you are missing the greatest
I asset of your life. no
CASCARETS ioc a box for a week's
treatment, all drugrists. Biggest seller
in the"world. Million boxes a montb.
Sincerity, a deep genuine sincerity,
Is the tlrst characteristic of all men In
any way heroic.—Carlyle.
Mrs. Wlpatow's Soothing Syr rip
biidren te-ttbing. softens lb« guaia. reduces In-
i. cur as wlud colic. fecabolUe.
No Alonzo, a silver cup never runs
when it is chased.
Combination Wood and Wire Fence and Corn Cribs
The most practical and economical fence made for yard, lau-n,
garden, orchard or stock. Sold in 75 and 8o-foot rolls and
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THE HODGE FENCE 4k LUMBER CO.. Ltd.. Lake Charles. La.
Because of thoaa ugly, srlzxty, gray hairs. Use " LA CREOLE" HAIR RESTORER. PRtOE, SI.OO, retail

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