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TERMS $1.00 Per Yc.u
Rntored at the Postoltlca at KUim'nd, (
for transmittal through tin i mils ns
jIush mall mutter.
Simple Treatment Will Restore Ar-
ticle to Its Former Effectiveness
—When the Feather Mattress
Is Indispensable.
The rates of The Sun tor political
announcen ents, to run until the pri-
maries are held in August, nr. -|j,
including write-up o/ cumin ii- with
cut if desired. I 'n.ier no >
oes will announcement !•< pu
unless paid for at time 01« • i
(Political Advertisitu
The Sun is authori • d to an
that Joe Sherman of M : or «•« n;
a candidate for congn>--
Second Oklahoma district,
the republican primaries ■ h
August L\
Edward Dewci Oldiield of * >kl
ma City, desires, through The
to announce that t"■ c.u i!i
for th« office of .link'' of tlit Suj i
Court of this county, on the , uI
an ticket, subject to the prima to
Ite held August 2.
I hereby submit my nana to th«- U<
puhlicaps of Oklahoma < < unt
candidate for the nomination ' " tin
office of I ounty Clerk of Ok lalu
J. \\\ R1LI V.
Hid* Wanted.
On cane racks, ball racka shoot-
ing galeriea and all ; musenunt:
other than provided free by tht
committee. Put bids in by the
20th of June with L. B. Challen
or J. W. Potts.
Sagging Mattress.—Even a hair mat-
tress of extra quality and workman-
ship will sag after much use. A bet-
ter recourse than frc<|in ntly turning
your mattress when you l>< tfin to "Ho
hollow" la to lip open the renter, draw
out the tuft string, and fold brick
enough of the ticking so that the All-
! Ing may be thoroughly loo ned tip.
, The opening may be sewed up by
| hand, so that you will have no dilfl-
J culty In repeating the process at some
tunce future time. Mattresses too much
t\. U' worn for ordinary uso come handy in
i the I making box couches. A number of
jet to! single three-Inch steel springs fast-
ened on thw top and half a width of
a bed mattress laid upon it w*ill make
a yielding surface. The whole may
r>nce Immured in the Fortress of
Schluesselburg They Leave It Only
for Real Instead of Mock
In the middle of the River Neva,
where it Hows out of Lake I^adoga,
there lies a tiny island surrounded on
three Rides by the turbulent waters of
the river and hemmed in upon the
fourth by the cold and stormy lake.
Upon this island stands a very an-
cient fortress inclosed by high walla
more than twenty feet in thickness.
This is the fortress of Schluesselburg.
Day and night sentineh; relieved
every two hours pace around tli<' top
of these walls, keeping a vigilant
lookout on every hand. No one from
within the fortress, not even the sol-
diers or gendarmes, is allowed to com-
municate with the people who dwell
upon the banks of the river. If the
unwary fisherman chances to drift in
The Prophets Welcome.
On the evening of June 9th,
Prof. Bryan, class prophet en-
tertained the senior clas*. The
entertainment consisted of dif-
ferent things that were interest-
ing and enjoyable. Comment < n
the seniors "Would be future"
as revealed by the prophet at
the Junior-Senior banqu t the
night before, was the centra
theme of conversation. Aft it
dainty refreshments were served
all 'lO's bid the prophet g dbyi-
and started out to fulfill his pre-
diction of the future.
The Ladies Aid Society of th<
Baptist church will give their
annual chicken fry on July 4th.
The place will be announced la-
covered with corduroy or tapestry at Ids boat too near the^walla of the for
a s
j piece of furniture that Is really worth
while. If you will construct it in
such a way that the top may bo raised
like a lid it will be doubly convenient.
Feather Mattress.—In these days of
i modern hygienic regime what a soro
trial presents itself to some of the
elderly members of the family who
absolutely refuse to part with the
leather bod. I'ven with a poor mat-
tress—made of strong materials, of
course—the following plan, born of a
wide experience, has worked admir-
ably: Distribute feathers as evenly
as possible nnd, using a sheet not too
largo but of strong material, such
as unbleached muslin, pin with medi-
um sized safety pins closely and firm-
ly to the mattress along one side and
end, then tho other side and end re-
spectively should be tightly drawn and
snugly pinned. Over this tho rubber
sheet may be placed and the new.
tress, say8 McClure's, he is greeted
by tho shout of a sentinel, nimlng his
"Away! Or I shoot!"
Not even the Dead sea in the deserts
of Asia is so utterly isolated and cut
off from the living world as is this
fortress of Schluesselburg. which lies
within 40 miles of St. Petersburg.
They are very ancient, the hig<
wallp of the fortress. In many places
they1 are cracked from old nger and ifc
the cracks little trees have taken
root. They look sullen and ominously
silent, as if they hid dark and grue-
some secrets. And in truth in the
whole world there are no other walls
that have witnessed so many trag-
edies as those of the fortress of
The regime and the aspect of the
prison "W3re carefully thought out and
planne-, being, as the ministers visit-
ing the Schluessburg repeatedly do
firm bed "mado up" with sheets, etc., ; dared to the prisoners, intended to
in the regular way. If properly done
the feathers will not need stirring
for some time. Even the bed of a
"helpless" patient may be treated In
this fashion without removing tho pa-
tient, requiring, of course, some skill
In "knowing how" to make up one
side at a time and in "rolling the pa-
tient over" to complete the work.
Cream Candies.
Beat the whites of four eggs to n
stiff froth, add five tabiespoonfuls of
cold water and flavor to the taste. Stii
a little anul put in confectioners' sugai j prisoners an occasional rest from the
until stiff enough to mix, and work it
demonstrate to then that it was de-
stined to be their grave. The cells
were constructed in such a mannfer a<*
constantly to remind the prisoners of
a tomb. The stone floors were paint-
ed black and the walls dark gray.
The window panes were opaque, so
that no ray of sun ever penetrated
within the cells nnd no trace of color
from without could be caught by the
prisoners. The iron bedstead was
turned up by day and chaincd against
the wall, and only a little stool, also
fastened in its place, allowed
(Pub. June id, 2.'1, .'50.)
Notice of Publication.
In the Justice's court of Oklahoma
City township, Oklahoma Court \
Oklahoma, before Kdw. l)« vves Old-
field, Justice of the IVac.
O. W. Thiessen, liaintitT,
vs. \ Summons
Cliff Brown, Defendant.
To said Defendant, « lilt Brown,
•You are herein- notified that von h >
been sued in the above-entitled court
by O. F. Thiessen, for th- sum ot
$20.95, up„n a cont act or
wares and merchai disi -old l>\ a
plaintiff to you. and that you must
appear bef< re the untlrrsigned u-
of the peace, at his office in < ;la!i<
ma City, Oklahoma, and answ« i tin
bill of particulars filed theiv.n, on « i
before the 12th day of July, i 10, <>i
same will l>e taken as true, and jw
ment rendered against \ou i< th
sum of 920.%. and costs of said ac
tion, and sustaining the atta hm
heretofore had in said eaus« .
Attest. KDW. DEW I s OLDKI KLI),
Justice of the Peace.
Attorney for Plaintin.
Wanted Bid*.
Those desiring to bid on the
candy, cold drinks, pop cornj
peanuts, fruit and ice creau 1
privelege for tht pari. and t
grounds on the 4th of July, pu
in bids by the 20th of June with
L. B. Challen or J. W. Potts.
Into a dough like bread. Th- proportion
of one white of an egg and ono and j
one-half teaspoonfuls cream or wa |
ter and half pound of sugar are about
right. Mold this in any desired form
Ing a little Improve this candy.
Make the cream as above and roll
out in a sheet one-half inch thick ami
placo nuts—almonds, English walnuts,
or halves of hickory nuts—In rows,
one-half inch apart each way, unci
press down; cut in squares, with a nut
in each square. Any kind of fruit,
dates, figs, cherries, or raisins may
be prepared in the same manner.
Delicious Snow-Cake.
One pound of arrowroot, ono fourth
pound of powdered white sugar, half a
pound of butter, thd whites of six
eggs, and flavoring to taste: almond,
vanilla or lemon. Beat the butler to
a cream; stir the sugar and arrow
root gradually, at the same time beat-
ing the mixture; whisk the whites of
the eggs to a stiff froth; add them to
the other ingredients and beat well
for 20 minutes. Flavor, pour the cake
into a buttered mold of tin, and bake
in a moderate oven from one to ono
and one-half hours. This is a genu-
ine Scotch recipe.—Delineator.
Steadied Brown Bread.
One and a half cupfuls of corn meal,
one and a half cupfuls graham flour,
one and a half cupfuls of milk, three-
fourths of a cup of molasses, one tea-
spoon ful Bait, one teaspoonful of soda.
Mix the corn meal and graham flour,
add milk to molasses, and di olva

tea; dry off the top. If
• pound baking powder
Master of Flock Found Church Well
Filled With Devout Worshipers,
But the Future Has Also
to Be Looked to.
T. P. O'Connor, during his recent dr
visit to thi. • untry, was talking of1
the improved r- : tions between the
English and the Irish and was point-
ing out that after all the recent man!
testations of bittcrncs between the ,
two races does not date back much
he great famine years
trouble," he said, "the |
t and tho protestant j
ie often very • ood
i haps the priest was a
at the slight responsi
ed un the shoulders of
his colleague in the midst of an en
ttrely Catholic people.
| Dr. h. r. watkins
rp-te-datio methods at
prices. Rooms & 4
cens Bank.
over Citi-
Summer Hats at
Collin's Millinery
Up-to-date and numerous designs. Every thing
that is popular
further than
Catholic prii
clergyman \
friends, and
little envious
billties that re
DENTIST Phone 159
Modern methods, reliable work.
Front Rooms over post the ofllee
r. H. f-LESMKR, M. D.
Phones: R« sider.cfe, 71; Office 28.
liooms 1 v 2 Citizens Bunk Build-
314 N. Broadway
Oklahoma City
as: saxsaBBaF-mmaammaB
ti.t y tell of an Rng
> had only the squire ,
ts to look after and
in the time be could ;
spiritual duties very
e hunting field. One J
priest, however, saw ;
on his friend, and
incessant stride backward and for-
ward across the floor of the cell.
This pacing back and forth was in
fact the only diversion permitted to
the prisoners. No books were given to
them except the Bible, which th. y
had already learned from cover to
cover in the fortress of Saints Peter
and Paul, no work for their hands, no
color for their eyes, no sound for their
Cut off from the living world, buried
In tho black stonex cells, clothed in
the dingy prison garb, with one sleeve
black, the other yellow, they strode
to and fro from corner to corner ot
their cages. Their food was abomin-
able; bread, half raw, made of rotten
flour, and a plate of hot water In
which floated a few shreds of mea* or
the traces of an onion.
Many Uses for the Wistaria.
The tender leaves of the wistaria
are good to eat. They are also used
in place of tea, and the flowers then:,
8elve8 are used for food in China. If
the seed of the wistaria is baket' Its
tasi ? Is likened to that of a ehesteut.
The bark is used In Nippon for mik-
ing clothes, ropes and sandals. Its
branches are used as cable, and are
also fit for bridge making. It is said
there is nothing more durable than a
wistaria bridge. Nipponese antiquar-
ians toll bow in early times, before
carpenter tools had*been invented, the
dwellings of tho people in Nippon
were constructed of young trees with
bark on. fastened together with ropes
made of rush suge, or perhaps with
the tough shoots of wistaria, and
thatched with the grass called kaya.
"In Tipperai
lish parson v.!
and his serv.
managed to pu
spare from hi
pleasantly In i
day the vltlagJ
asked the reason.
" 'Why, the bishop is coming next
Sunday; isn't that enough to worry a
man? I'll have 15 people in church
to meet him, if 1 can get Donald Mc-
Tavi&h, the squire's ; ardenor from tho
Black North, to oblige me for once,
and won't his lordship be raising a
" 'Is that all?' replied tne priest.
'Bhure, if that's all your trouble I'll
soon set your mind aisy.'
"So the Sunday following, at early
r s, the good man announced from
the pulpit:
" 'Now, ray children, I give you all
a dispensation for one week. You
h: II go this morning to the Prot-
estant chapel and hear what the her-
etical bishop's got to say. You'll keep
your eyes fixed on the Montgomerys'
pew and when they gets up you gets
up, and when they tits down you sits
devn, and if the last one of you don't
go to help my friend in his distress
It's me you'll lime to deal with."
"At VI o'clock the parson led his
lord ip to the church. They found
it packed to the doors and the only
trouble was v hen old Mrs. Montgom-
ery kept her seat through tho psalms
and the poor Catholics didn't know
v.hetlu i to sit with lier or stand with
her husband.
"The Li-hop went on his way and
the parson liurried to the priest.
" it was fine,' he said, 'fine. His
lordship declared that he had never
seen so large and well-behaved a con-
;• relation in all his diocese, but what
will he be saying if he ever comos
this way again?"
A. M. RUHL, At. D.
Office over the post office. Phone:
Residence (>7
Office over First National Bankj|
Office hours !) to 12, and 2 to
Phones: Office 2; Residence 15.
.Office at Residence on Second St.
Fresh and Salt Meats and Fish
and game in season
Phone 96
City meat market
Win. A. Schirck, Prop.
All kinds of
Fresh and Salt Meats
_Fresh Fish, Fite.
Phone 100
'?*; ~! •
^yrlfht Haft Schaffner 8e Mar*
Inability to see by day is matched
Office with
Col. O. F. Hurt,
Edmond ...
'hone No
Steam Laundry
Under New Management. tSat-
by the commoner night-blindness, I ^a(5^°"n ^ ■ u,,Jinteed. 1 ackagef*
which most dT us have known in ; '-ailed for and delivered.
friend or relative. This defect, whicli Qillett & Soil, Proprietors
includes an inability to see even by |
artificial light, is congenital with i
some people and never overcome. Il PllOttC No. 1^5
is often hereditary. It may also be
caused, however, by long exposure to j
over-bright light, coupled with fa-
tigue. A strange story is told con-
cerning a ship's crew two centuries
ago, which was overcome by night-
blindness so extreme that their cap-
tain was obliged to force a fight with a
Spanish privateer* during the day.
knowing that by night his men would
be helpless. In order to obviate this
difficulty for future occasions he or-
dered each sailor to keep one eye ! -r (lr-w . -
bound duri: the <:. ti:: . dh over- ' f H •
ing, to his gratification, that this eye.
having rested, was then free of the de- r*U«'0 Jersey IV ilk. Two
feet. The sailors were very amusing
in their efforts to retain the bandage
well over the eye that must be ready
for night duty, m l so a method of
modifying this trouble was discovered
If you like style in clothes, and 'ike
to have it last; shape"keeping, service, f-it,
you'd better buy our HART, SCHAFFNER
& MARX new model in suits. All-wool
stands the wear; cotton mixed doesn't
We'll fit you any day. Suil $20 to $40
S&U Knight,. Beck & Co. v
:no. (> s
Contracting Plasterer
Satisfaction Guaranteed
I >\V AT
, oat1-', alfalfa, mil-
We are headquarters for fue<i:—Hay,
let, etc, all of the best.
Eaglf Mills flour, chop, bran iirl shorts. Produce always
wanted. Highest prices. Hides and furs a specialty.
nth Broad'
; per month,
steamed In
Carbonade of Halibut.
Take the skin from a large slice of
halibut and cut iuto pieces three
Inches nqnare Melt on- third cup of
butter, add a level teaspoon of halt,
Thoroughbred lUcei
A program of unusual interos
has been prepared for the Second
Annual Summer Meeting of tin 8
Oklahoma City Jockey Club, t of onh n Ju t
be held at Oklahoma City ,lun ;
15th to July 1th, 1010. Six i 1
will be run eaoh afternoon r\
oept Sunday, commencing at
o'clock. No purse for 'e than
$200 will be offered.
On June 15th the $1,000 Derb\ „ Colc: 1 < 'a'rb ^d.
... , \ ' One nip molaiset, hulf cup butter,
will be raced, 1 1-16 miles, furd- ' alf ci:i>
year-olds and up. The inde- 11 ! • i
pendence Handicap, to be r cr
1 1 in 1 , '"M 1
July 4th, will be a feature of 111. up r
meeting. This race will be for «" t n
pieces of flf.h Into the
Into the op:?:, and roll
Place In the baking pa
remainder of the f<
round the flsh. Set in a quick oveo
1 for 10 minutes; ? t rve with a sauce.
utter, then
nd pour the
tned buttef
•1.000, about C 1-2 furloncH and an<1 * ,ul1' C«P Hoar, two «(gii UmtM proMston II ms4« for Ipiproved
... , " ln I" !
and for horses of all ages. Ovei
360 horses are assured for th
Record In Tenant Farming.
A record ln tenant farming that
must bo exceedingly rare in the land
nowadays nas closed by tho
death of Mr. Archibald Mathleson,
farmer, (ilenehanty KintjTe, says an
English exchange. Mr. Mathleson,
who was In his ninety-flrst year, saw
tho finish of a tenancy which ho and
his forebears possessed in the same
holding for no less a period than 500
years! Mr. Mathieson's forebear*
rlung to the old home when practic-
ally every neighbor within a very
wide radius x>ok track across the sea.
I>eceat d paid rent to three genera-
tions of Macneals.
To Aid Disease Investigation.
Mrs. Francis Speyer, who died n
ihort time ngo In C.ermany, left
! large fortdne to institutions for the
corn of disease. She left two and a
half million* to the institute bearing
her husband's name to be used in In-
vestigating and curing diseases. She
also left largo sums for the curing of
tuberculosis, cancer and lupus, and
cheaper dental work for the poor.
An Artist's Criticism.
Falguiere, (he sculptor, tells a cap-
tal story of Henner, the great artist,
who, although he lived in Paris all
his life, never lost his Alsatian peas-
ant accent or his country manners.
Hut Henner was a very keen critic
and had a clever way of showing his
dislike of wordy enthusiasm. Fal-
guiere, whose talent as a sculptor is
known all tho world over, was very
fond of painting, but he did not paint
particularly well. One day Henner
was In his studio and Falguiere '
showed him some of his pictures.
"What do you think of this one?"
asked Falguiere.
Cow pasture. SI.00
P'iONE IX 5315.
Peas For Sale
Henner. with
"Suberp!" said
Alsatian nccent.
"And this one?"
"And this one?"
Then (lie old man picked up a little
bust which his friend had just finished.
"Ah!" he said. "Now dat's good!"
"I never painted after that," Fal-
guiere used to say. _
NEW Spring and S um-
mer styles on sale-J^Iow!
If anything a little bit smart
cr and more exclusive than
usual. The hind you see
on Paris boulevards - Fifth
Avenue too. Every last and
leather that a woman could
possibly want at any time.
Shoe Polish of all Kinds
Fish Toatt.
i -ti .. ,, One cup flo d < Id h, fro«' fron
meeting, and, with the excelk ni sk1n „r , ; ,, ,
accommodations provided at tin to moi;Un I. , r, ::<r nai
State Fair Grounds, a -ucce ■ r'"' When I n kII < of but
tered toast. Garnish with eggi
,poached in mufBa rings
ful meeting is assured.
Out of Hearing.
Rodrlck—In the stock market news
I see there Is money on call,
Van Albert (sadly)—On call, eh? '
Well, if I should call with a mega j
phone none of It would reach me.
The Public Pulse.
The me. t popular part of the pub-
lic is its pulse. The populace may
peregrinate wheresoever it will bo
long as its pulse may be properly
placed. Preachers pray for it Poli-
ticians plug for It. Publishers probe
for it. And promoters pry after it.
Solons si l\ to seise the public
puis Flelionista are frantic to
linger It. 1 (liters are eager to exam-
ine it. Harpies hurry to harmonise
with it L< delators like to locate It.
Actors actually adore it.
Supreme success surrounds and sup-
ports the souls who solve the public
The Fainoi - .Missouri .Tack, nnd
Klinboleer, tlv tine styled tinvrUng j
llors . wi J,- the season of 1!)}0 at
my li m H 1*2 miles w st and 1 mile!
north <>f i mondi and 4 miles south \
,\ ik: opf mile east of Lockridge on I
rho ft>llowing terms.
To insure colt to teat, Swego $12.00
Klmboleer $15.00. y
See this stock before breedinjf else-
J. W. KING, Manager
Address, Kdmond, okla.
Phone No. .5151, M.
«top« the cow^H tnd !>•■>!> lunei
Marlow, Hayes & Flesher
- i'r-s :::i VTK 74XXvmem^ri&^xxm<zm*?fTMmmr.ixnMntn
Telephone Your Orders to No. I For
Special attention given to parties and social events. We deliver
rrvam nnd call for empty free/. •>•*, l rie ore i u any design. Ices or
l'unch any lltiv.>r iurni>hed on short notiea. Up-to-date cream par-
lor open until 12 o'clock every night.
XEbc Drug Store

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