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| Augusta Victoria Dying |
1 How the Irish Fight. |
| Eating Worms.
s Immigrants Welcome. 5
Iminill BT iHTHLK BBI1IA5E (Will*
Women always have "the worat of
it," whether they live like Nancy,
with BUI Sykes, or like Augusta Vic*
toria, former empress of Germany,
with the kalBer In his palace.
Women share equally the misfor-
tunes, and feel the pain more keen-
ly. The glory, when It comes. Is not
fcr them.
Augusta Victoria T>ore the long
llne-of Hoheniollern boys. The em-
peror's part was having himself
photographed with th,em, all In uni-
form, some with spiked helmwts,
some with Bkull and crossbones.
All her sons have been scattered,
one has killed himself. Now she lies
dying, and Bhe must be glad to go.
and finish having "all the worst of
More fighting and killing in Ire-
land. What is the powor that-fceeps
a small Celtic people still fighting
against apparently hopeless odUs.
after seven hundred years of Bghtlns
and famine?
A hundred other peoples havf* t-
tled down "comfortably under the
yoke. The Irish never settled down
—still Insisting "we will be free."
The Irish blood is the blood of the
fair-haired Celts that said to Alex-
ander, who expected a compliment,
"we fear nothing except that the sky
may fall on us." They belong to the
race that once fought all through
the mountains and valleys, from the
Dardanelles to the English Channel.
On the island of Ireland, separated
from invasion and contamination by
the channel, the Celtic race has re-
tained its original fighting quality.
Tf it could not be conquered and
really put down during seven hun-
dred yeafs of ruthless rpurder. fam-
ine and hideous economic xp:oita-
tiun. how will it be put down now.
by a generation more squeamish, if
not more gentle, that must keep up
appearances before the beague of
Nations and before the world?
If you want to be free, lighting
pays. Nothing else will help It.
Professor Shaw. In Colorado, to
prove that angle worms are good to
eat. ate a handful of tbem fried in
butter, much to the edification of
the high school class In biology.
The learned professor probably
told the young ladies atlri gentlemen
that among many peoples, certain of
the American tribes, for Instance,
worms, grasshoppers, mice, snakes,
even clay, formed the principal diet.
But. luckily for those school children
and that professor, their ancestors
were all cannibals. They hunted and
ate the inferior insect-eating tribes,
thus they always had fresh meat in
the house, fed the children well and
developed the strong races that now
rule. We all owe much to ancestral
doings that would shock us now.
The little state of Connecticut has.
within a year, absorbed twenty-five
thousand immigrants, mainly from
southern Europe. This gives you an
idea of the Influx from abroa l that
is to have most important effects on
this country.
Those twenty-five thousand immi-
grants in Connecticut will take all
that they eat and wear and the
houses in which they live, right out
of the stony soil of Connecticut. That
soil the native-born, long ago, pro-
nounced not worth cultivating.
Qlve those twenty-five thousand
men machlnej-y, land and a fair
chance and see what they will do.
They won't take anybody's Job—
many of them will CREATE lobs fO|r
others. \ n
Seein Things
- it. i 20. h\ International
Dickj Attend* L Cm
very quiet
Dicky stood verf quietly, half-hid-
den among the bushes. He could
have shouted, since, with all the
noise about him, his voice could
never have been heard.
Wonder what in the world is go-
inn on!" he mused, as fifty or sixty
black crows circled round and round
a pine tree where another flock of
crows kept up r. great clattering
noise. "I wish—"
But before Dicky could speak his
wish Squeedee, himself, tumbled out
of the bushes.
"Save your breath, Dicky, here I
am." he laughed merrily. "I've been
wondering what the racket was
about, myself. Let's go and see
Before Dicky could answer he was
perched up anrrong the green pine
needles in the midst of the squawk-
ing flock of black crows.
"What In the world Ts going on"*"
naked Squeedee, when he at last
could make himself heard.
"Look. Jook!" screamed an excited
old black crftw. "See that imposter?
He has come to steal!" He pointed
with the tip of one of his black
wings at a funny, wild-eyed owl
leaning Hgainst the trunk of the pine
tree^ blinking his great, big eyes
Let me at him, let me at him!
screamed one crow, and the din wuh
started again. Every crow in that
flock tried to see who could scream
the loudest at the frightened owl.
"But what has he done that you
should yell at him so?" asked Squee-
dee of the leader of the group.
"Has he committeed some crime?
"Indeed I have not," snapped
Funny Faced Owl, "unless falling to
sleep in this tree is a misde-
"Don't believe him!" screamed an
old crow. "He's a thief, he's a
"If I am, so are you!" snapped
Funny Faced Owl. blinking his big
eyes. "So are you. The only dif-
ference is. you fellows work during
the daytime, v.hile I work at night."
Of Interest
To Women
Rio de Janeiro has 25,000 business ,
The new republic of Cxetho-Slo-
vakia has more women voters than
The next New Jersey legislature
will have two women members, both
Miss I^aura Lee Wchner has the
distinction of being the only woman
practicing law In Louisville.
In proportion to population. Wash-
ington, I>. 0.. has more women law-
yers than any other city of the
United States.
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What You Can
Do For Some Stomachaches
Commissioner of Health, New York City.
"What have 1 I mothers, are feurful that the child
eaten?" ; will starve to death, uad to such this
This probably advice seems cruel. It is far better.
Is the tlrst ques-1 however, to give the child nothing
tlon you ask your- ( but water for a day or two. So long
self when you find as the temperature continues your
"atom < hache" 1 doctor will probably advise against
coming on. If
your mental re-
view of your diet
does not recall
any Irregularity
o r indiscretion,
you may well ask
yourself another
Two young matrons while crossing j question, which is:
field near Berwick. Pa., outdls- ( -what have
tanced a mad bull in a 100-yard ^out?"
sprint and climbed a tree to safety. | For lt is u fuct though not gen-
erally recognlxed. that your mental
When a young woman applled-4o a j condition has its effect upon your
Detroit housewife for a position as a
domestic she specified that she must
have garage room fpr her automo-
been thinking
When the membran« which lines
your Intestines become inflamed you
"That's Just it," cried a big crow.
"Why don't you work in the day
time"? Hey? Tell us that? Because
you want to steal us while we're
"Here, here, friends." laughed
Squeedee. ".My goodness! We can't
have all this discord. Don't be tdo
quick to misjudge. I^et Funny Face
Owl- speak for himself."
"Indeed. I'll be glad to speak if
you can keep them quiet," replied
Funny Faced Owl. "One great, big
reason that I choose to hupt at
night is because my eyes, though
larger than those of almost any
other bird in the foreBt, are very
very weak. They can't stand the
light, and I'm sure if you'd just look
at the thing from ray angle, you'd
It doesn't have to be any partlcu- | ror. Any old tin... she can lean her j picture looking back at her from the
lar time for the bachelor girl to see fa<e close when there's nobody lock deep pool of
things over her shoulder In the mlr- In1 and see a certain heart-stlrrtli- m.i.i. tmmivi.i.■._ _
glllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll1llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHllllllllllllllllll!llilll1HIHII!llllllllllllllllll1llllllllllllltUII|; hvId1J,n^',i^0")lB™(|'pS.1gr„ means'of
Adele Garrison's New Phase of
Revelations of a Wife
S by
=2 guarding against bigamy.
j§ i It is estimated that 25.000,0< 0
5 copies of Charles Dickens' works
H have been published since they first
= 'appeared seventy years ago.
mighty soon see that it't
The .Surprise Madge Sprung on Margaret got to do with selling the
Dicky. house?"
For a tense minute after Dicky an- j IMcky Is Determined,
nounced his tremendous news there , "Better ask hef," his mother sug-
was absolute silence. I think Mother ! pp8ted slyly.
Graham was too stunned to speak.
and while the announcement only i 1 W1IL
confirmed to me the vagurf fears I venemenT'>'-
had experienced since Dicky told me
Though Colorado went republican
by a sweeping majority, Miss Inez
Lewis Johnson, a democrat, was
elected county superintendent of El
Paso county.
In Slam many women are em-
ployed In army workshops, in fac-
tories and on the railways and roads,
where they are paid the same rates
as men for equal work.
Connecticut leads the New England
states In the matter of women law-
makers. The membership of the
lower hous«< of the next legislature
In the Nutmeg state will Include five
women, of whom four are republi-
cans and one a democrat.
All women employes of the Detroit
postoffice and its sub-stations are re-
quired to wear uniform aprons by
order of the postmaster, ■•'ho savs
the standard garment in economical
and also tends to eliminate rivalry
In dress.
Since the right of women to quail
fy as preachers was granted by the
general conference of the M. E.
church last May fifteen women have
been licensed as preachers. At the
next general conference an effort
will be made to secure for them the
full right of ordination.
The names of star baseball play-
ers have been bestowed upon every-
thing from cigars to railroad sta-
tions, but Mme. Lufsa Tetra/.zlnl, the
famous prima donna, has th% distinc-
tion of being the only celebrity to
have, a brand of spaghetti named
after her.
The Queen Mother Olga. who has
been made regent of Greece, enjoys
the distinction of being the only
woman upon whom has been be-
stowed the rank of admiral. This
distinction was given her many yc*rB
ago by the late Czar Alexander III.
of Russia, partly in recognition of
her skill as a sailor, and also as a
reward for her kindness to Russ an
sailors in the great hospital which
she had founded in Athens.
suffer from diarrhoea. This condi
tlon is called "enteritis.
tarrhal /nteritis." Any part, or all,
of the intestinal tract may be in-
volved in the disturbance.
The muscular contractions of the
walls of the Intestines are given the
name "peristalsis." Both the intes-
tinal secretion and peristalsis may
b Increased by fright or worry. The
result Is "nervous diarrhoea
Of course, the most common cause
for enteritis is-some indiscretion in
diet or a change in drinking water.
Consider the Vood.
The first indication of trouble Is
stomachache." or pain in the bow-
els This may bo colicky In
acter—coming and going or It may
he cutting, knlfe-llke. Indeed.
In acute cascB there may 1,0 '
loss of appetite and Intense thirst
If long continued, there is great
nrostratlon and real Illness.
In chronic diarrhoea there may be
loss of flesh and Interference with
thIn''nfant 'and'young children the
cause is found usually In the quality
of the milk they are given.
In older children. Ice c«am; r^
lemonade or ' soda-pop °ver-lndul_
gence in candy or pastry mW M "
sponsible. For all persons, had meat
or unclean food may he responsible
for the attack.
If the disease does not yield In a
dav vou should call your family doc-
It Is so easy to overlook typhoid
food, and It is good advice.
font Jiggle the baby to death!
Jumping It up and down patting it
and fondling It—all these things are
bad for the youngster. Leave it
alone to rest In quiet.
I anned food should be Inspected
always to make sure lt la sweet and
pure. During the past year there
have been many deaths from poison
found In ripe olives. Inspect the
can. If the label Is stained by the
escape of liquid through the rubber
under the cap or If the fluid is tur-
bid Instead of bright, sparkling and
clear, you must be suspicious. Then
on opening the can. If It Is really
bail, you will observe the peculiar,
disagreeable, buttery odor. Tin cans!
so much used In modem times, give
immediate evidence If spoiled. Tho
"swelling" and bulging of the equa-
tor of the can will tell the story at
Tho colic may be relieved by hot,
moist compresses on the abdomen
by a hot water bottle or by a tub
hot hath. Frequent enemas will
Answers to Health Questions
1). I). Q—I have dull pains In my
abdomen every once In a while. I
seem to be all right In other ways
What do you think the trouble cari
—It is possible that the trouble
is due to constipation. Try a table-
spoonful of petroleum oil each night
before retiring.
• • *
W. H. Q. Q—What is a good exer-
cise for a man 47 years old? Is ten-
nis beneficial?
A Lnless you have been accus-
tomed to tennis or some similar vig-
orous exercise It in a little too vio-
lent to be Indulged In by a man of
your age. I assume that you are
just now giving thought to the ques-
tlon of exercise so 1 suggest golf,
brisk walking, bowling or houeback
BU • ,
some other serious dlttl-
chances should be
General Nicolajeff. who command- |
ed the Russian troops in France dur-
ing the War, now drives a motor
truck for a wholesale firm'in Paris.
good thing we can divide up. Why, J
if all the birds would hunt in day-
light, or all the birds would hunt at
night, we'd soon get in each others'
This sounded so true, the crows
all laughed merrily.
•Now, if the fracas is ovfer,"
laughed Funny Faced Owl, "I'd like
to get in a few winks before time
for me to get to work," and without
a word and hardly a flutter. Funny
Faced Owl sailed out of the tree to
a quieter place, where he could sleep
in peace.
The crows felt rather ashamytf of
themselves, so they soon went about
their business, while Dicky and
Squeedee wandered on through the
woods in search of new adventure.
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Service, Inc.
pretty of the "surprise" he w as going to
give me, yet the realization that my
home was gone crashed against ray
aplrlts as a physical blow might j
have done against my body.
Mother Graham was the first to
speak. Indeed, 1 was in the mental
state where I could not speak if I
would, and certainly would not if I j Vnt Ind'lfferenti'y over'my'lcv--
could. Fierce primitive rage against , jnR ag , finjsl„.(1 but not ,)s,fore ,
my husband was having its way with
me. That he should dare to sell our
home without consulting me!
Coming over in the steerage from
Poland at this Tnoment are poverty- _
stricken hunted Jews, that inside of |§
ten } ears will be prov'ding good pay, |[ * T T iurMl r\ru 2
steady employment and prosperity ; li^HALi^HhMLUU\ |
There is no limit to ths wealth of
this continent. We need industry.
courage and intelligence to dig it out
and distribute it. v
Remember, that the state of Texas,
intensively cultivated, would feed the
entire population of the earth. That
will save you from-worry about im-
A contrivance to deaden the noise
of their airplanes has been adopted
by the Frenctt army. The device is
Ho turned to me attached to tho exhaust pipe, and it
What is all this tom-J not only muffles the roar, but it also
foolery, anyway?" ' stifles the flames should any petrol
"Simply that you cannot sell the yplode through the pipe becoming'
house—no one will buy it—unless my j overheated
signature is attached to the deed
and that I do not intend to give. At j
' least, I shall consider the matter
very carefully before consenting."
' I made my voice ns matter-of-fact
i as if I were declining a proffered
i piece of bread at the dinner .table.
Home Economics Expert
and Lecturer
•—Nov. 30
■8p(d the Marin house!" Motbei||0U|pQPMHNMM^|
Graham ejaculated. "Sold my home! ! almost overturned his
" Have you gone
Today is St. Andrew's day.
Three years ago today the famous
"Rainbow Division" of the United
States arhiy landed In France.
Rl. Rev. Peter Trimble Rowe,
Episcopal missionary bishop of Al-
aska, celebrates the twenty-fifth an-
niversary of his consecration today.
Ilishop Herman J. Alerding today
completes twenty years of service as
head of the Catholic diocese of Fort
Wayne. Indiana.
lit. Rev. George Allen Beecbcr to-
day celebates the tenth anniversary
I of his consecration as Episcopal
! bishop of western Nebraska.
. „ Questions. The rase of Charles Ponzl of Se-
had caught grim but mirthful ap- j How Ul) you mafc,. a good cup curities Exchange company fame is
proval in my mother-in-law's eyes. | ()f coffee? 'to be called for trial today In the
Dicky sat silent for a minute, then j ._ it necessary to leave a little United States court in Boston,
sprang to his feet so vehemently that foo,j on tjie piat0 to attest to one's | A conferenc
' ' | ' ' hair. ; good table manners?
fever or
culty that no
18Fortunately, municipal control of
milk and water supplies has so Im-
proved sanitary condjtlona tlm«
dtarrhocal diseases are almost on
llterated. The highest form of civili-
sation is "Pressed in the m^ho ^s
of nubile health control. When New
York Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago
and other laws. American cities are
contrasted with l^ondon Parts
Brussels, the superiority of our
methods is seen at once. The, lower
death ra# from diarrhoea! dlMn.es,
the low mortality from typhoid fever,
and tho more rugged ch l'lre°
America—all demonstrate the vital
and economic value of our govern-
mental procedure.
If diarrhoea appears in a child tne
milk should be stopped at once, but
an adult should change from solid
food.to a milk diet.
1m Hater Pnrel
Many adults suffer from chronic
diarrhoea or from frequent attacks
of enteritis. There ia some underly-
ing cause which must be found by
your doctor.
The baby must be given particular
care, especially in the summer sea-
son. Fresh air. all the tlmo through
open windows and every day by out-
of-door life, is most important. Sun-
light at all seasons is vital.
A\ the water your child drinks
should be boiled unless it comes
from a source of known purity.
If your baby Is bottle fed it must
be from a steri1la#<l bottlo, equipped
with a sterilized nipple.
I have said tho milk should be
stopped nt once If diarrhoea occurs
In a child. Many, especially new
MIRIAM. Q—How* can I keep my
neck and face from becoming lined?
A—Add to general exercise, which
is necessary to the maintenance of
good looks a gentle massage of the
face and neck, every night before re-
tiring. with a good cold cream. After
clcansing face and neck with warm
water add cold cloths to promote
circulation and give firmness to the
D. F. G. Q—Is thero any prepara-
tion which I can put in new shoes to
prevent the blistering of my feet?
A—After you have worn your
shoes for a few hours and have
found out just where the feet nre
irritated, cover % the affected parts
with adhesive tape. Replace the
tape with fresh strips every day
after scrubbing the feet well. Con-
tinue the use of the tape until the
Bhoes ore "broken in."
• * *
Dr. Copeland will answer for read-
ers of this paper questions on medi-
cal, hygienic and sanitation subjects
that are of general interest. Where
the subject of a letter Is such that it
cannot be published in this column.
Dr. Copeland will, when the question
is a proper one. write you person-
ally. If a self-addressed, stamped en-
velope is enclosed. Address ALL
INQUIRIES to Dr. R. S. Copeland,
in care of this office.
Darning stockings for their class-
mates at ten cents a pair is the way
some of the girl students In tho Uni-
versity of Wisconsin are earning the
money for their expenses while In
rv WUU.V.V- — to meet at St.
V.W- Paui today to discuss the betterment i
What do you mean? Have you gone ! "Richard, I beg you to remember j" 'jv-vviif you please explain the of community and welfare work in
insane?" : that I am still an invalid." his serving of the buffet luncheon sup-I the northwest.
"Never was more clear-headed in mother remarked frigidly, and I saw ■; A national conference of health ot-
my life," Dicky said defiantly, but I j with a sav.T«e fflee that only a worn- i - In broiling with gns how far fleers opens at Detroit today to C0TJ"
saw that he ^as looking furtively an can understand, tl^nt she had in- from the flame should the meat be aider the relation of housing condl-
from His mother to me, and that he tfpod joined forces with me to make placed" tlons to health problems,
was palpably disturbed by our recep- the reereint Dicky as uncomfortable 5.^ Should fresh green vegetables _
tlon of his news. "You don't sewn ag possible. he covered with not or cold water Conventions Opening loday.
MrttaMfliiM-Wlaconiln So-
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Ireland, supposed to be the great j
country for pigs, has in fact only on -
pig for every three people, while
Denmark has one pig to each two ,
human beings.
The telescope, like many other
great/inventions, was discovered by
accident. A spectacle-maker's chil-
dren were playing wl^fcome glasses,
and after arranging them in a cer-
tain way, saw a distant spire appar-
ently brought before their eyes. They
told their father who forthwith made
a crude telescope.
ailllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHlllinSI to Sra8P wllat 1 S°t 'or it. Didn't
=j 5 you hear? Twenty thousand bucks,
= THE OBSKUYATIONS OF = ; iron men. slmoleons- "
"Quit that foolery!" his mother
said sharply. "It doesn't matter if
you got a million dollars for it. you
had not right to sell it without con-
sulting me — or — Margaret." she
added, lamely, as an after thought.
"Don't Weaken, Margaret."
Dicky threw up his head arrogant-
"I bought it, didn't I. with my own
hard-earned money? I guess I hjfve
a rtght to sell It if I get a chance
like this without running home to
ask any woman's consent."
Across the fog of my wrath struck
the gleam of an Illuminating,
whimsical thought, one which I
caught, imprisoned, turned into a
"The bargain is all completed, I
suppose?" I asked meekly,.
"All but the signing (if the pa-
One of the most famous examples
of official oversight occurred in con-
nection with Drury Lane theater.
where for nearly two centuries sol-1 make any
diers stood on guard outside during r'Precious.'
each performance. Many thought the
'I bee: your pardon, mother." he when put on to boil, and should the j Milwaukee, Wis.
'aid perfunctorily, then hurried into receptacle be covered while cooking? ciety of Equity.
merited speech. 6.—What is a spatula? Milwaukee, Wis. "Wisconsin Fo-
"Of all 'he.bunk I ever heard in 1 7 -How does home-made bread > tato Growers' Association. ,
my life that's the limit!" he snld compare In prici^^with bakers'j Stauntort, Va. -Virginia State Hor-
scornfully. "I suppose you think , bread? ticultural Society.
you're the origlnnl little Cutle, Answers to Yesterday's Questions.
springing a bluff like that Well. 1-Jhe lettering from Hour sacks | 11|||||||n||||1||||||||||||1|nimu^
rieht here s where you fall nownl may be removed by wotting them ^".minimi
You don't get away with anything with a solution of cold water and p TUT\rQ YOI I'l I =
like that where I'm concerned, and washing soda and rubbing the let- ^ 1 nLiln' x V ^
don't you forget It. I'm going r'eht terlng well with soap. Rolling up e T-QVP] TO MAKE S
ahead and «*el1 the honse and get the light, and lay in <i little water over ^
money wifhout your ladvship having night. In the morning wash in warm ^||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||llllllllllllllllllllllli
to put a pen to paper." soap suds. Soap and i>oll and the
"T w'sh you joy of your job," his lettering will be removed.
mother said dryly. ! 2.—Woolen blankets may be
"Have you got th*s bee in your gashed very safely at home by mak-
bonnet. too?" Dickv demanded, too I ing a suds of the best white soap
excited to be resnectful. I flakes. Wash quickly and rinse in
"T have nothing to renlv to any water of the same temperature.
disrespectful remark like that/' his 3. Baking powder bread may
mother declared. In her most Imnres- stand in th«- pan for twenty minutes
sive manner, "except to call to your | as more carbon dioxide gases; arc
attention the class of people who will ; formed by standing, and when these
. are liberal
ifln unusually light bread
• I 1 —If there is no meter on the
oven It is impossible to know the
| temperature accurately.
A small boy in a family usin
Wax Container
Candy Bo* —
who bought it has left It in the hands
of an attorney down here, as he had | "That's right, call me a fool." h
to ap back north today, and he will fl0n mi,t Prod pettishly, as he swung
send Ihe money right back, so as nut nf (hp ro0m.
soon as I sign the papers I'll get th^ Bnt j Kaw that h^s eyes were
My mother-in-law's
I tronMed. and I knew
eye caught | mother's unexpected hacking of mv
thit hii oleomargarine on th'o table would
not receive the proper nourishment
mine, wUh grim comprehension.^ She j potion had made him secretly un- "ig^ste" and suppb'' "ght color
Just a little remembrance to send
friend on Christmas morning! A
ax container is painted a pretty.
such as pale pink, blue
, . , or vellow. The flowers or other dec-
which^are orations are ,ione in black and dark-
er shades of the color of the back-
When I played hookey when a kid it nearly always seemed.
No matter what It was I did, it wasn't what I dreamed—
I didn't hjive a time as good
As I ctfected that I would.
'Way dow n inside of me somewhere I felt a little eick.
I used to say, "Oh. I don't care," and beat it for the crick
But all the while, 'way down inside
I sort of felt unsatisfied.
And that was conscience, I suppose, that made that little pain.
Yet conscience everybody knows is up here in your brain
At least we always have been taught
That conscience is a guilty thought.
But this here pain was lower down, right-underneath^tta«i belt;
When I played hookey from the town that was the place I fell
A sickllsh feeling all day long
That told me I was doing wrong.
Perhaps the conscience of a man ia underneath his hat
are built a different plan. I'm quite convinced of that.
The conscience of a boy resides
Down there somewhere In his insldes.
But boys :
cover. These loops are
knew as well as I did. Dicky'a
solute ignorance of ordinary buei- jthe impo^" ,_v irnwth of chil-
ness matters, a fault common to the 1<ePR t^aT1 a rentury and a quarter s.° necessary K R
Is enough to i artistic temperament, and she, also, LRn tho WOrkers In the eoal mines ar®_„ , . me« flat when Kroun'J- Ix5°P8 of <lainty r.'bbon or"
her baby I realized what a pit he was uncon- saU mineS of S^tland were le-1 . ,* «„ nament th«
i sciously digging for himself. gaily bound to the nlaces in, which
Lemmie Boosetrife told his mother j "Don't weaken. Margaret," she j thf,y wf,re employed, were boueht
guard was there in recognition of I the singing teacher said little chil- cautioned. 'fJo matter how much ne I an(j ao1c! with them and when they |. . . ."r 0ii in making a salad dress- • a !no th
Drury Lane as a theater royal, but I dren were "the Lord's screechers." ! pleads. He's brought it on himself, attemnted to escape were pursued. which means It is cooked but not and kno,,in« 11 un } ' , linpd
as sent | It seems but a short time since Dicky looked from one to the other |Brrested and returned Their chil- ' . . .- . wax container candy
Slxteen-cent milk
mother call
the real fact was that it
there originally by George II to pre-J silk etockings were not seen and j of us, his face the picture of puzzled ,dren. if once employed, became
vent threatened riot. The order, j even then not much. | amazement. i jeet to the same servltud
not being countermanded, the guard CHARLES ARMOR LEEDY. i "What the devil!" he exploded.
was continued until 1894. * Copyright, 1920, by Public I#*!*** Co. "What's all Uiis toramyrot? What's J LEADER WANT ADS—RESULTS.
placed in the oven because it is too , alflo ftg the handle by passing
, light with too slow an oven. Qne en(J (jf the ribbon through a
Butter may always be substI-|hn|o made jn the renter of the cover.
If this
i the
and oil ^nd is un-
it will
licious home-made sweets,
Feature surely be welcomed. FLORA.
Copyright. 1920, bf Pul
Public Ledger Co.

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Newdick, Edwin. Oklahoma Leader (Oklahoma City, Okla.), Vol. 1, No. 92, Ed. 1 Tuesday, November 30, 1920, newspaper, November 30, 1920; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. (gateway.okhistory.org/ark:/67531/metadc149246/m1/3/ocr/: accessed November 12, 2018), The Gateway to Oklahoma History, gateway.okhistory.org; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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