The Prague Record (Prague, Okla.), Vol. 12, No. 35, Ed. 1 Thursday, March 11, 1915 Page: 1 of 8

The Prague Record
Nf 770
NO. 35.
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it ♦ ¥♦ it♦
T . , , ii ▼ , vantage of our big 50c offer
2 Nothing can speak as loudly * \-t Saturd wc announce
▼ Nothing can be heard as quickly. ♦1
iH ■
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■' who were unable to take ad-
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Field Bound To
Be Developed
From information we have
at hand, and from a reliable
party living in Tulsa, a man
who is actively abreast of the
oil matters of this state and
known throughout the coun-
try, the Prague-Paden oil field
is bound to be developed, and
that the work will start before
many expect it, is practically
assured. The test northeast
of Prague bears all the ear
marks, according to men who
have made a study .of oil
fields, of being in a very rich
pool, but how large or small
it may be is merly at present
share of oil prosperity at no
very late date, is assured. The
prosperity that will come with
its opening up will depend to
a large extent upon the size
of the pool. Some claim it is
only a narrow strip, extending
for a few miles each way,
while others claim that it will
prove to be one of the largest
in the mid-continent field, and
cite for their reason that the
remarkable depth to which
the drillers must go before
striking the Bartlesville sand,
and that it is the deep wells
that are found in the big
fields. However, be that as
it may, the size of the field
is not known, nor will it be
for some time, even after de-
velopment starts, but that this
work will start and at a time
most unexpected, we have ev-
ery reason to believe.
Our readers may not be JUMPS FROM CAR WINDOW
i the same for this Saturday.
March 13th. The Record to
any address in Lincoln, Sem-
inole, Okfuskee or Pott coun-
ties from now until January
1, 1916, for 50c. Call at the
office or give your subscrip-
tion to our solicitor, P. J.
The partnership which has
existed between W. D. Bass
and Henry Cheek in the res-
taurant business, has been dis-
solved, Mr. Cheek retiring and
Mr. Bass continuing the busi-
of American warships have
been ordered, the effect of
which will be a naval demon-
i stration that is hoped by some
officials will convince Carran-
za of the determination of the
American government to ob-
tain a change in conditions in
Mexico City.
Secretary Daniels conferred
with President Wilson tonight
over the prospect of sending
additional warships to Vera-
Cruz. Only one vessel, the
battleship Deleware, has been
at Vera Cruz for several weeks
but five warships will be in
that vicinity in a few days. It
had been planned to send the
Deleware to Guantanamo soon
to join the Atlantic fleet in its
spring maneuvers.
As a result of the latest
developement, the Deleware
will remain at Vera Cruz in-
definitely; the cruiser Taco-
Miss Eva Shumate visited j ma left Port Au Prince Haiti,
her sister, Mrs. Rannev, of i today, under orders to pro-
Perry, since our issue of last ceed at once to Vera Cruz;
week. ' the gunboat Petrel already is
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iMrs. M. J. Thompson, of
Meeker, who was being taken
(to a sanitarium at'Wichita,
•) Kans., for treatment, jumped
from a window while the train
was. in. motion, last Saturday,
and received injuries from
which she died shortly after-
Mrs. Thompson had been in
poor health for some time
past, and only a few days
past, her son, Herschel, died,
and this together with her own
sickness, unbalanced her com-
pletely, and in hopes of bene-
fitting her health, it was I
agreed that she should be j
placed in a sanitarium, and it'
was while enrou :e to that placo
that she committed the act
that cost'her life. Mrs. Thomp-
I son was a sister-in-law of Jas,
Thompson, of this city.
Notice to Farmers.
"Old Reliable"
We are always ready to
take care of our custom-
mers' interests. Your ac-
count whether large or
small is always welcome.
Geo. R. Sutton
J. O. Meyer
¥ ♦ it ♦ ¥ ♦
^ The Bohemian Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. 4.
^ of Prague, Okla., (Incorporatetd)
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^ Rates made known upon application to the Secretary £-
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^ Lincoln, Okfuskee and Pottawattomie counties
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♦ stitution. T
T C. V. SOIKA, Gen'l Agent, Prague, Okla.
Attacks by State Authorities
and Wild Charges as to
Financial Methods Rapped
by St. Louis Banker.
They Consume About Half of
Basic Industrial Factors,
Mo. Pacific Head Tells I. C.
C. Commissioner.
aware of the fact, but about,
three-fourths of the great
"Cushing field" has been di
veloped, and the way work
has been and is being pushed,
it will only take a few more
months to have it fully develo-
ped, and then, the drop. Over
three thousand teams are now
employed in hauling: in the
Cushing field, to say nothing
of the thousands of laborers,
and with the development of
the field, these men and teams
will be forced to go elsewhere
to find work, and operators
and producers will turn their
eyes to other fields.
One of the "wildcat" fields
now attracting attention is
the Prague-Paden field, and
that it will come in for its
We expect to close down
the oil mill within a few days
and if yiu have any cotton
seed . on hand to sell, better
bring them in to us tliis week.
Prague, Okla.
Earl Stewart, a progressive
farmer who gets his mail on
route out of Sparks, was
trading in Prague, Monday,
and wihle in town handed our
solicitor, P. J. Mertes the
price of subscription to the
Record to January 1, 1916.

Ed. Bailey and wife of Ok-
lahoma City, were the guests
of friends and -.relatives in
Prague, the latter part of
last week.
Prague's Oldest Dry Goods Establishment.
Founded 1903.
Battleships To
Vera Cruz
Washington, March 8.—
General Carranza has been in-
formed in a note from the Uni-
ted States government that un-
less there is an improvement
in conditions with respect t )
foreigners and their interests
in Mexican territory under his
control, such steps as may be
necessary will be taken by the
American government to ob-
tain the desired protection.
j en route from Mobile, Ala.,
and the cruiser Des Moines is
I bound from Progreso to Vera
Cruz, while the gunboat Sac-
ramento is at Tampico.
Other available light draft
more valuable than battle-
ships in tropical waters—are
the gunboats Wheeling and
Nashville being held in read-
iness with the armored cruis-
er Washington in Haiten and
Dominican waters, while the
entire Atlantic fleet of 21 first-
class battleships is at Guanta-
namo, within two and a half
days' sail of Vera Cruz. Mr.
Daniels gave this summary of
The note is the strongest I the position of the warships,
but declined to discuss future
and most emphatic document
that has been sent by the
Washington government to
Mexico since the correspon- The school play, "The Soph-
dence with Huerta a year ago. omore," at the Folly, last Frr-
Carranza is warned that the day night, was nicely patron
United States has viewed withjfzed, and from general expres-
deep concern the growing I sions heard, was greatly en-
complaints made by foreigners | joyed.
generally against his adminis-l j:
tration of affairs and now in j The Paden Herald reports
effect demands an earlj that a number of people in
change. 'that community are planning
The contents oi the com- •„ g-0 to Canada, in the near
munication were revealed to future to buy land.
several of the ambassadors and j ,
ministers here who expressed
satisfaction at its urgent lang-
uage. Some regarded it as an ...
— *- City, sometime
Chicago, March 5.—The
credit of railroads, as reflect-
ed in their ability to obtain
new capital, was discussed be-
fore Interstate Commerce
Commissioner W. M. Daniels
today in the petition of forty-
one Western railroads for per-
mission to increase freight
Festus J. Wade, a banker of
St. Louis, testified that, owing
[to thair poor earnings, Wes
tern railroads are unable to
obtain money except at high
lates of interest out of pro-
j portion to that asked from in-
[ dustrial corporations.
"To what do you attribute
I the financial depression from
j which the railroads are suffer-
ing?" asked Luther Walker,
council for the packing int"r-
ests, who are opposing the in-
"I attribute it," said 7vTr.
Wade, "largely to the attacks
of state railway commissions
in reducing the railroads' re-
venue, to onerous acts by sl.ttc
legislatures and to wild arid
extravagant charges agairsl
the railroads."
"If business conditions
j throughout the country are
| poor now, do you think it
would hasten prosperity to tax
the shippers?"
"It would help hasten pros-
perity to restore the credit of
railroads. Many shippers who
are now suffering from busi-
ness depression would be glad
to pay higher rates to improve
Too Many Regulators.
The witness said he consid-
ered the influence of the in-
terstate commerce commission
over railroads good, but that
many stale commissions and
legislatures handicapped the
"Don't you think it is mis-
management and the selling of
blue sky and water that has
hurt the roads rather than
state commissions," asked
Everett Jennings, counsel for
the Illinois public utilities
"It's just such wild state-
ments as you have made that
hurt their credit," replied Mr.
Willis E. Reed of Nebraska
wanted to know if Mr. Wade
ever read a book published
twenty-five years ago in which
various financial depressions
had been predicted and whteh-
er it is not well known in fin-
ancial circles that periods of
business depression and pros-
perity come "with startling re-
gularity" and are known in
"I never heard of such a
thing," said Mr. Wade.
Asserting that he had had
much experience with the cre-
dits of Southwest roads, Mr..
■1 nsite
Eastman Films, the best
for the money:
^Non-Halo, Non-curling.
Prague Drug Co.
Ben F. Lewin, Prop.
Prague - Okla.
Phone 19.
Wade said that the roads abil-
ities to obtain money on bonds
in recent years is steadily de-
creasing, that "while the coun-
try is flooded with money" the
public has grown reluctant to
ouy securities and that only
roads in exceptionally good
standing can obtain funds at
normal rates.
No Progress Without Money.
Renjamin F. Rush, president
of the Missouri Pacific road,
said his lines will be unable
(Continued 011 back page.)
("has. Lanik and wife and
\dolph"Bartosh will likely re-
... e t , | turn to Kansa;
entire change of policv toward , . ,
,, T- next week, so we are inform
Mexico on the part of the uni-
ted States. t
American Consul Sillmanl Mrs- Geo- Pangburne held
should have presented the not
to Carranza today. A copy of
it \\-as sent to the Brazilian
minister at Mexico City to b\ f
shown to General Obregon. Ed. Thomas, the progressive
the Carranza commander. In 1 merchant of Payson, was a
the meantime some movements J Prague visitor, Monday.
♦ 1 ♦ -) ♦ t ♦ i ♦ f ♦ f ♦ + ♦ i ♦ i ♦ 1 ♦ 1 ♦
^ Roadster "FOUR" THE GRANT Touring "SIX" ^
| ▼ Agent
, | the lucky card that drew the
silver set at J. 1). Grimes &
! Co's., Monday afternoon.
♦ i ♦ 1 ♦ 1 ♦ i ♦ > ♦ i" ♦ j ♦ j- ♦ i" ♦ i ♦ ! ♦ t ♦ i ♦ | ; 4-

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