The Chandler Publicist. (Chandler, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 2, No. 12, Ed. 1 Friday, July 19, 1895 Page: 1 of 4

, 3
'/lew occasions teach new dufos; tine makes ancimt goottf uncouth; He ;>:ust upward still and otmard mho would keep abreast of truth."
••rhi ynili
Knlered at th«! pn«tottic"
Ok'a i imn T-rritory, us sen
1 tine 15. I #1)4.
at Chandler,
i.d class unit
v\ 11. French Editor and Miuno.-e:
V - I' French Associate Editor
•** M-ntta* .«
l'lirt e Months 'II
of the week.
visited Guthrie tjn
on the market
Ripe tomatoes were
Hie lir>t of the week.
I>. R. Owens took a look at the town
of Miawnee this week.
J. W. BroWnlae took a load ofloa to
' 0 \\ t1 Ibttday.
TUe county commissioners adjourned
• ->. Saturday until today. •
Hair cutting 15 cts At Wallace's
north end Manvef avenue.
Miss Blockie Jamison, of Guthrie, if
the .guest of Miss Loa Hoffman.
C L. Lyou, mayor of Cushing, spent
Ih * latter part of last week in the city.
Miss Olive Btobblefield is spending
tIA- week at their home near Partridge
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Tenney came up
from Choctaw City Tuesday for a short
visit, returning Thursday.
• Mr. and Mrs. Tenney took the hack
W< dnesday ou their way to Junction
City. Kansas, for a month's visit.
Miss Mable and Olca Morrison, of 101-
I'osido, Kansas, arrived last Friday*
to visit their aunt Mrs. J.II. Kee.
The sunshine is very welcome after
the continuous rains of last week. Vege-
tation is making a wonderful growth-
A large number of ladies and gentle-
nrn young and old,* are in the Creek
country lishiug and hunting this week.
Pint lumber to trade for a good team,
w.-i^on und harness. •
Enquire al Carton's Furniture store.
Mrs. O. B Kee and daughter Lillie
in nved home Friday from ElDorado,
Kansas, where they have been visiting
for sometime.
Geo. Parsons, of Guthrie, the man
who bought the 21 fiNid of entile stolen
1'. m Payne count)' a short time ago was
•in town Wednesday.
Miss Cora E. and Master Fred O
S. hlegel. who h*ve been visiting their
father for several wcSks, returned to
Kansas City last week.
Notice is given that teachers will be
employed for the schools of I)istrict#No.
1 on July 28 All applications shoffld
be tiled ou or before that date with N.
O. Cciburu, Clerk.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Pow4;r
World's Fair Highest Medal and Diploma.
A lady struck •lier husband the other
day with the following: "George,
Feuquay and Holland always treat their
customers right and it is the nicest place
in town to trade."
Plastering and Kalsomining, (Ms
# toru and Flue building, guaranteed to be
done in good workmanlike manner by
Edgar Ha'steail. Prtstofflqji address
Ciyindler. Residence east ol the Kal-
klosch block.
Miss Suelie Rash, her sister Mrs. J. T.
Cary, au<f brother Sport, drove over
from Oklahoma City last week where
they had been visiting several days.
Mrs. Cary lives at Shawnee, where her
JiuAhand is in business .
Big cora stories come in from all
parts of the county Cal Sherman has
money to bet that lie has ten acres on
the Quapaw bottom that will* shell out
1000 buStiels while yields of 75 bushels to
the u<jrc*.ir<?too comiuou to attract atteu
Ike Poling returned from Shawnee
Monday, lie says that the town is not so
lively us it before the railroad reach
*cd I here, and that the merchants are
hauling their goods from Oklahoma city
1 v team becfiUM of thu high railroad
A. J. Osborne returned Friday from
hi^KlVxas trip lie visited DaJUs, Ft.
#Worth aud Houston.slopping a few days
at each. He leports the cotton cr< p a*
coiiside^thly damaged by excessive rain
The corn crop Is go. >i but will not be as
large as that of Lincoln county.
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
Most Perfect Made.
Attorney P. \V. Rash who made a
drive into the country north and cast,
of Chandler the tlrst of the week, can
hardly (hid language sufficient to des-
cribe the magnificent corn crops he saw
lie says 0. Coblentz about ti miles north
east of town has t*ie finest field
of corn he ever saw. It standi 12 and#14
feet high all over the field and has on an
RVi ruga of two big ura to tha Mailt,
'die application of the Wellston au-
thorities to enter the land on whic h tin
to vn is situated as a townsile was reject- j
ed In' Uie land office at Guthrie last week
i.n the reason that the land is covered by
n prior entry The town officers wen
advised that they could file a contest
agaiust the homestead entry on the
tract, ou the ground of a prior settle-
ment for townsite purposes, and that
their rights would be Yully protected in
such proceedings
A Household Treasure
l . W Fuller. «U* ("anajohirie, New
York, says that lie always keeps 1>i
kings Ni w Discovery in the house and
his family lots always lound the vcr_\
best results follow its use: that he wouhi
not be without it. if procurable (i A
*l>ykcman, Druggist, Catskill. New York,
•ays that Dr. King s New Discovery is
undoubtodly the best cough remedy
that he has used it in his family for eight
years, and it baa never failed to do all
that is claimed for it. W hy not try a
remedy so long t"ied and tested? Trial
bottle irre at Wright s. Drug Store.
Regular siteiOc. aud # I 00.
Another EodIioo.
Tin- babes In the Kindergarten down
the street after taking two weeks to re
cover from the effects of our last expose
o. their mendacity and ignorance, have
pulled themselves togetjpr long enough
to emit another weak ImoIioo over the
county pi inline, and to make the at-
tempt l< shift the responsibility for tin-
bad spclliug in the paragraph offering us
the use c.f their dictionary onto the t> pe-
sctter. Newspapers tha: puff themselves
so much as lite News. oU&ht to provide
themselves with a | r >of reader who can
at least spell corr. oily such ordinary
words as economy aud pretensions,
and then they woUhi not have to depend
upon the sptyliug ability of their type
We Wonder it' the type setter was like-
wise responsible for the beautiful meta-
phor in which "pessiaui" was made to
cause our "iizure tinted skies." It is
rather risky for people to write about a
subject the name of which they canujl
even, spell correctly. They are liable to
fall into holefc from which even the
most skilful typesetter can hardly ex
tricate them
In their 1a|l jeremiad Instead of un-
dertaking to volute our statements show-
ing them to have been guilty of a silly
falsification « f the recifrds. (hvy attempt
t distract the minds of their readers
from their exposi d falsthoeds bj
the puerile pretense that we are seeking
to distract the attention of the public from
ihc matter iu controversy by auUsu of
the editors of the News. They |.1}\ "It I*
an ancient aud rrwll known practice of
pettifoggers, whose cases are extremely
weak a/id who are unable to fairly meet
and answer the opposition, to try to di-
vert attention firom the Unhappy piigiu
into which they have put themselves by
pouring abase and •vituperation Upon
opno&ing lawyers?''
In this statement they exhibit the same
groaS i^norancu that has characterized
their utterances all through the contro
versy. *
Any ten^'ear o]d boy who eVer attend-
ed court proceedings knows that the
above statement is not only untrue but
that it is extremely silly. Tfle most ig
noraut pettifogger who ever iq peareil
before a justice of the peace, would not
be foolish eaough lo prejudice his case
befort a jury or a court by such a sense-
less course. It is true that a lawyer
who has a weak cjjs. , will eudeator «to
draw the attention of the jury from the
real point in issue to other matters that
are in fact immaterial, but which* are
calculated to prejudice the jury against
the other pft'iy. or they may attempt to
break down the evidence of the opposing
wituesses by ridicule, or sarcasm, but in
no court in this country is a lawyer or a
pettifogger allowed to "pour abuse aud
vituperation upon opposing lawyers,"
aud a lawyer or pettifogger who attempt"
ed it would be promptly lined for con
tempt of court.
In their rage and chtgrin at being de-
prived of the soft snap they had been en
joying for over three years, the editors
of the News made a false and malicious
attack on the populist county commis
sioners. We exposed ^lieir hypocrisy
and the falsity of their statements uy
j facts and figures which they have not
even attempted to disprove, and a' last as
a mere cover to their cowardly retreat
from the controversy,they keep up their
whine about their 40 cent rat bid. Why
didn't the hypocrites howl economy
and favoritism, when the county con*
uiissioners were puyinif.theni 75 cents a
'si pi are for county printing which the
Democrat offered to do for 25 cents
square. The commissioners could have
then saved 30 cents a square by giving
the printing to the Democrat, but the
hypocritical Nevsoutfit instead of ad
vising the commissioners to give the
work to the lowest bidder, howled long
and loud because the Democrat kicked
at the rejection of their lower bid after
the commissioners had called for bids,
and even attempted to get a resolution
through the Press Association deuounc
ing the Democrat for bidding at less than
legal rates.
Ignorance. Oouceit, and hypoorisy
make a combination that generally re
ceives the contempt it deserves, and this
fact accounts for the contemptuous opin
ion of the News entertained by so many
promineut republicans of the county.
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Pleasant Hill Notes.
fiunday School every Sunday at Pleas-
ant Hill. #
J I. Stuart and family talk of starting
to Arkansas on a vibit soon-
John Day. of Deep Fork, l« «t a vidua
ble marc. He was just l\ome from Guth
ric and she'died nevt morning altho she
seemwd well when he arrived home
The Rev Pinion and family, who went
to^Arkansas a few weeks a<r<#have returu
ed IN- says he tiiiiilia home is the best
place yet,and that Lincoln county's crops
will compete with any he saw while
1 i is son and claughter-iu-law
ame back wilh him.
Birthday Celebration the ISthofjuly.
at Ilia r^sMeuce of A. J. Bullock. The
relatives, uclghbarsand friends all met
to celebrate thi* OHih anniversary of Mr J Approved. Frank Anuerson
Bullocks wife. Mrs Harnh Bullock
The good people In two or three neigh-j
borhoods tnited in glviug Grandma Bui-
lock a complete surprise, as the first she
knew of 1 when she saw the wauons
Iriving into their yard. Grandpa Bul-
lock had prepared a surprise both for
his wife and their ifii#sis in the shape
of a nicely cooked beef. The ladies had
all well filled baaketfl with them
and wjien the table was Spread it must
have been an epicure indeed who would
not have been well pleased with Ihe
repast to which they were invited. The
table was spread iu tbe yard and the
guests all invited to it at once. All
seemed to enjoy themselves to the ut-
most After dinner all repaired to the
house, where singing and prayer was In
dulled in. Brother Day then made a
few well chosen remarks. Brother Pin-
ion led Iu prayer and Service# then
closed, after which several more sougs
were stjng. * The friends then dispersed
for their several homes, wishing grandma
veral more as happy birthdays and also
wishing to meet again soon on
some other as enjoyable occasion. Theie
were one lAindred aud eight present,
July ^8. A. E. II.
services as commissioner
and overseer of the poor.
" 8J \ J P. Trvon II
goods for destitute.
"801 Feuquay & Holland
, goods for poor.
• 264 Feuquay & Holland i
goodh for poor. ,
" 800 I) W Ulani t
balance on stamp account.
" 20S M C Oberlander 1
witness district court.
" 81§ Feutpmy & Holland 41
supplies for poor.
'• 255 Feuquay & Holland E
goods for poor.
" 18? C A Filtseh refumling of
jury fees, form r actiou
sust allied-
" 808 A B and Frank Thomsou
wit fee 7 00 disallowed
The board then look a recess ui
10 oclock a 111.. Friday July 5th. 1805
A Good Shoe THE A NQ. 1 STORE
J. 11. Clary,'
County Clerk.
Friday. July 5th. 1895,
10 it. m.
1-10 •
3 '
8 *
Ingram Items.
Uncle Hendersou and grandpa Herkos-
ki, two octogenaiian hermits, are stick-
ing to their small fraction on Deep Fork
like baruaclcs to the keel of u Vessel.
Au itiueraut Methodist preacher
fcored aud scourged very energetically
those lukewarm church members who
recently forgot theit; religious professions
when signing a petition for dram shop
in the adjaesBt brush.
The pfclice trustees of the town of In-
gram have given'Matt Uiihr
to hold court in their spacious and hand
some schoolhouse.
None of Ingram's buildings have so far
been removed to New Jericho across the
muddy chasm of Deep Fork.
Jeff Jent and a Guthrie man will
have the tight all to thelnselvcs over the
notorious Dewees fraction, as they have
tirst and second filings on the land widen
a squad of ambitious gentlemen tried to
enter as a townsite in the Kickapoo coun-
try, the interior department having
ruled that Wellston had a
Board met pursuant to rec ess,
out the same as on Wednesday.
The board then proceeded to make the
estimate of the necessary expenses of
the county for the ensuing year, and the
amount of tax necessary to he levied to
meet the same as proscribed by law.
to wit;
For salary fund $18,011 Hi tax l'vy 12 m.
."court ' 3,252 US " 8
" pgor and ins'e 2.108 (15
M road and bridge 108 48
" eupply fund 2. UIH 05
"contingent B.152 98
County school 1,084 82
sup' te ichooli 1,084 83 " I
" sinking fund 5,421 (14 " 0
"judgments 1,084 82 " 1
The board further finds that the total
amount of revenue neceswtry to be raised
as provided by the above estimate is
$82,088 28, and that the rate of tax nec-
essary to be levied to raise such revenue
is 80 aud 1-10 mills.
And now on this dth day of July, 1805.
it beinfc one of the regular days of tbe
.July, 1895, session of ihe board of eyun
ty commissioners, of Liucoln county.
Oklahoma territory, and said board be-
ing in regular session, the matter of re-
funding the outstanding warrant In
debtediicsB of said county accruing from
the date of the m-jrauization of said
county to the 80th (fay of June 1895,
came on for. consideration, aud it ap-
pearing to the board that the best in
terests of Lincolu county demand that
the present outstanding indebtedness
be refunded in accordance with the pro-
visions of article I oJ chapter ?ovpnf ses
Dion laws of Oklahoma, 1805; and it fur
ther appearing that the bonds of said
county issued September 4th. 1894, in
the sum of $25,000.00 and numbers from
1 to 10, inclusive, have not been sold,
it ifc therefore, by the board of county
commissioners oi Lincoln county, Okla-
homa territory, ordered that on the 22nd
day of July A. 1). 1895, this board of
county commissioners, together with tbe
county clerk of said county, will appear
-- before the district court of Lincoln
vere legal CoUnty, Oklahoma territory, and there
ahd at that time make a showing to the
The much Vaunted, greatly advertised j said court, first, that the bonds hereto-
'uew town" in Ingram's backyard has,
as predicted by the writer of these notes,
gone up into it$ predominant ingredient,
wind, and the colored lot holders, who
expected to coin lots of money Without
investing a ccnt, feel terribly sore over
the white man's proverbial knavery and
humbuggcr/. # •
A pair of bellicose female warriois
from the adjoining brush achieved con
siderable deserved notoriety by clialleng
ing to light the accomplishedwife of our
postmaster and by ordering our valiant
town marshal to dismount and
'scratch." The peace .disturbers have
licit been fined
Considering the large and ever increas-
ing school population of this vicinity, it
would be advisable to erect one or two
school houses within a few miles of this
town, as the Ingram school building
Which in reality is the town hall, can't
accomodate all the youngsters next
the bursting of the Wellston
bubble, the busy town builders should
now survey, locate and start \\*ebbCity.
on the meandering Bear
J M. LaWs must be a Very important
personam .the alpha and oim ua of Intrain
town, ff the" great divider" told the trfftfc
in the brush on the Fourth •
Prove up Your Claim .
Before W. L. Harvey, probate judge
and save the time and expense of taking
your wituesses to the land office. When
you come bring your tiliug papers ami
the full Mines of four wituesses.
Buoklen s Arnica Salvo
Tup. Bi>i Sam i in the world for Cut.%
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt ltheum, IV
vcr Sores, Tetter, ("napped Hands, Chill
blains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions
and positively cures Piles or no pay ret
quired It is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction or money refunded. Price
25 cents per box. *
POU SALE BY A D. Wright.
Highest Honors—World'* Pair.
A ^ure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia Alum or any other adulterant
t*r. Price's Cream Baking Powder
}Yorld's Pair highest Award.
• Commissioners' Praceedings.
• Tuesday, July 2nd. 1895.
Board met pursuant to recess, pres-
ent the same as on yesterday. The jour
nal of tbe previous day's session was
read ami approved.
The following claims were recousld
ered and action taken a* foil >ws. *
Claim UL B. K. llarrlmau treatment of
paupers. Ordered that un ad
ditioual warrant of $D 00 be
'• 77 W L. Harvey . $ 8 95
ter vs Wm Barksdnle, re-
ferred to county attorney
for written opinion.
- T8J. M Ueagin 0 10
ler va Kediuan aud Fair-
bauks, referred to county
attorney for opinion.
" 79 J. M. KMdn II 40
ter vs J. Watts, .referred
to county attorney.
The board theu look a recess until
cuK-k a. m, Wfcdnesii u. .Iul> •hi, 1 •
Frank Anderson.
Approved, County Clerk
J H. Clary.
Wednesday .ml) ;
Board met pursuan' to ret < ss
enthrone as on yesti-i l < > •<
of the previous day's stsaiuu \
and approved.
The.consivi, . f n .iini
sumed and allowed as L
oiherwin hiatc.
Claim " UN B L •
for coun.y
" W N B K-ch it on
ireightiiig for > ounty.
'' 890 lienoui Kea
sci vices as conimi - n
aud overset i d the
•' 297 J. H Clary
services as commiaaio
and overseer of the ; o
i "/K? N. B. Eggleston
. 1895,
a. in.
J4 oO
fore issued to create a fund for the
demption of the outstanding indebted-
ness existing on the tlrst day of July,
1894, have not been sold and to ask the
court to cancel and destroy said bonds;
Iieond,to make a showing to the court
as to the financial condition of the said
Lincoln county, and to ask the court to
hear aud determine the amount of legal
.warrant Indebtedness of said county due
and unpaid on the first day of July, 1895,
lawfully and necessarily Incurred in the
transaction of the business of. s;ii<l Lin
coin county, from the date of tbe organ!'
Zation of said county to tbe 510th day of
June, l8tl.' . aud to sign the bonds issued
in the payment of game It is further
ordered that the county clerk be and lit-
is hereby directed to prepare a statement
shoWlng a list of all the watfants issued
by said county from its organization to
June HOth. 1895, together with a list of
all warrants cancelled by said board of
county commissioners, which statement
shall be completed on or before July
iiOth, 1895. It is further 'ordered thai
the county treasurer be< and he is hereby
directed to prepare and submit to this
board on or before July 20th, 1895, a
statement showing a list of warrants
presc ntsd to him for payment and regia*
tered in his office, in the ortler In which
said registration vu thade, together
with a list of all warrants paid and can
celled by him, giving the dates of said
registration and cancellation. It is fur
ther ordered, that the county clerk lie.
ami be is hereby directed to prepare ami
cause t,o be published in the official paper
of Lincoln county, Oklahoma territory,
a notice setting forth that on July 2* d,
1895, the hoard of county commissioners
and the county clerk of said Lincoln
county will proceed before the district
court of said county knd make a show
ing and ask the court to hear and de-
termine the ahlount of the outstanding
legal warrant indebtedness and to sign
the bonds issued in the payment of saint;,
and that said notiee shall be published
at least ten da>s prior to July .2nd,
1895. it is further ordered that the re-
funding bonds to he issued shall be is
sued in scries "milling from 1 to 10, in
elusive, and to become due in from 10
lo 20 years, that the saitl issue shall be
divided into 10 equal payments, the tirsl
payment, k.iowu : s "series 1, to be
coine due the 11th year after the date
of issue and so on annually until the
i ..n«i> are fully i d, and that ail of tald
boo la ih dl dri • interest at the rati of
six per ccnt | ei annum, payable semi
annually, ami shall be made payable al
the fiscal agency of the territory of Ok
lahoma iu *Vw York City, N
V , or in the veiii of its discontinuance
or uon-exislencc then said bonds and
coupons shall b payable at the Chemical
Nat it nal bank, V w York City. N. Y..
saitl bonds to b< issued in denominations
ms follows, to wit: Forty bonds *t the j
value of $l."u0 each ami ten bonds of the '
value of each, said bonds
to be issued in ten series as aforesaid- ;
Four bonds of oat h series to he of the
denomination ol $1,000 each ami one
bond of each series of the denomination
of *■!<><), each bond having coupons ut i
tached properly ' numbered representing
said |
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Saturday, July 0th. 189$.
8 a. m.
The board met pursuant to recess.
Present the same as on yesterday. The
journal of the previous day's session wys
read and approved.
The quarterly reports of the county
clerk, probate judge, and register of
deeds Were approved.
The consideration of claims was te
sumed ami allowed as follows, unless
otherwise stated*.
441 Mary H. Green keeping Mrs.
Hall a pauper $
20 LA Kelsey care . of Hunt a
connty charge allowed at
424 W 11 Hicks assesninir Iowa
township 73 00 allowed at...
*2H;i Squire Hunger assessing N
Choctaw township 58 00
allowed at
K E Buck assessing Cimar
ron township OH IK) allowed
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You want Good Goods
hard lime
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First block north of Public Square,
*■ . BANKERS. .
South. Manrrel St. . . . Chandler Okla
Attorneys-lit I>aw,
OJrofflce east side Manvcl Arenuc T#c-
tween Ninth and Tenth Wts.
Attorney at-Law,
tW'Office east side Mnnvel Are.,
tween Ninth and Tenth Hts.
40 :>0
no (>o
00 00
C G Nlcewarner nHsessin^ S
Choctaw township ho (hi al-
lowed at
F B Gebke hoarding prison-
ers '* '
I C Pierce assessing Osage
township 101 00 allowed at
It II Htrlckler aMcssin^
Seminole township 149 40
allowed at
N C Vanhorn assessintf To
Lee township b4 00 alldwad
\\ H Davis aasesniiiK ('hand
ler township Ml 00 allowed
and that saitl towiiMhip 14, riui^e i
known as Wellston township, anil that
the boundaries of said township l>e as
Bwlnftof in tha K K corner a'. tow - „ _
ship I I. ran^c- 'J. ami rimniim i.lnnR .<- T„„
south line of township !• , ranue to the
N \Y corner of township 14, rHflge '-1.
running thence south along th« west i
line of township IV range - (<> the s \\
etirner of township 11, range 'J. runiiinp
hence ea^t along the south line t f
township 14 nmve '2 tlit* si.iith eiisi
corner - f township i L range 2, and run*,
ning thence north along the east lind «<f
township 14, range f, to ihe place of
' It is further ordered that the clerk
prtfpare a plat of *iid Wtdlston town-
ship. and furnish the clerk of saitl town
sliip with the same.
li is further ordered by the board that
th - following named persons be and r
hereby appointed as officers in and fwr
said township: H Hay lea to be
trustee and rssesnor. J H liosn to .be
ttiwnsh p t lerV. M L Martin tt b« town
ship treasurer: S E Deweej and
First ptililioliutl Juri« "l, /S«.lft.)
V. 8. Land (>Wce at Oklahoma City i . T.
June 17lh IM)6>
ttnplaint h vt. g entered Ht IIiIn ofBce
by Walter B. I jench afalu t .Fatneit T. Mower/
who made lltmientead enlry No. WW4#kd June 1.1
IKRiupon I he N ' j S W 14 Section S inTownnbip
11 M "I Baaglf WSl 'if tks ti 'linn Ml ri.I,.III ||
LIdssIb oottaty. Oklshsmi Vmnttorj* wltk a TtiV
lo the cant ellallon ol said entry, w ld contestant al-
That the *ai l «utrymai> Jamea T. Mowery
bun wholly abandoned said tract awd chani(f>«l hit
r—Msnos llawfrnm i WRitlu rts aoithi■!■«§
inakinK aaid entry and next priorto\hedate herein
that «aM tract In not settled upon and cultivHtcd by
said parly, M reqaired by law , and that all altl
defaults ex Ut al Ihe present time.
Therefore llie said parties are hereby siiiiimorH-t]
uppvar at the U. Land ^Ufice at Oklahoma t'ily
f.h .lay of July IflHB
lock a. ffl„ to res|n)iitl aud furiiisli tChtiinouy
terniiiK said allegation*.
K M. Oi:ley, Receiver.
r oo
75 00
U0 00
7 he
only First Class Hotel
in Chandler.
Z'jft"A Inrue sntl eommtxlious brit k butt 1
elegantly turnished. tiood accommoda-
tions. Henstinable rates, (iootl samp>e
J'F.AYA'RS, Proprietor.
M L Mcl'hersoii niilg
Otee township 101 00 allow
t*d at
C-l J Habethier assessing
Pawnee 'township 73 95
allowed at
The following duplicate claims were
disallowed. 4, s. K KBuik. 11H4. .1 K
Laws, 11HH. Nt' Vanhorn. :{<H. .N (
Vanhorn; 1100, M L \lt Pherson; I1H7
K 11 Sh it kh r.
The following resolution was ordeict
entered.of re< onl:
Whereas. It appears to the board
that an error was made in raising the
value of improvements upon unentered
land in Fox township at the meeting • of
the equalization board, be it
Resolved. That said error be correct
ed Ht> us to raise the value of improve
Blent.- a unentered land in -"lid town-
ship per <« nt above the value as re
turned by the ass. hsor t.f said township
The boartl then took a recess until 10
a.m. Montlay. July Mth
Mel) to
justices of the pent
and L \V Todd to
t Hi as.
• con*
.1 11 Clan
Frank Anderson,
County Clerk,
Hh, 1805,
10.a. Ill
s Pre*
Saturday. The
g (X) j semi annual interest accruing ou
: bonds, the last coupon of each bond bs
15 y(, cttmlug din; ami payable at the mutur
I itv of aid bonds.
The board thm took a recess until >■
1ft a. m Saturday July 6th, lbW.
the same being
hip for the ti
18 0U
J 11 Clary
Frank Anderson,
County Clerk.
Hoard met |i
ent the >ttin
Wat rem! and
(Ui petition
ship 11. range
ofTohee tow
of said Tohee t« wnship. uial it appeal
log to the board that both township 1
range '4 and township lo. range 'J, hav
a population ol more than 1100 « arh, and
also have an an a equal to W hm' is ordered by tin board.
That township 14 range be m-i t.lT and"
apart from towaBhip 1 , range
Arlington Abstracts
Mare rain this week than necessary
Trade has greatly Increased since the
improvement in the oondltlon of the
crops , ,
Mr Niirlst. one of Robinson Creek s
substantial farmers, has new corn ripe
enotigh it grind.
Mr. Walkci t n- of our enterprising
merchants, is In Oklahoma City laying
in a new stock of gootls
.1 K «• ravitt me f Creek township s
rustling farmers. i« t JT to Oklahoma t i'y
with a «ar loud of f.t cattle this week.
Several wagon loads of goods and li\
tures arrived for the new saloon thi
week Mr. Beat} tin proprietor, will
move t town nev \v< ^k.
John Gravi t olTered to exhibit a stalk
of t om with tyn ears on It on a wager
last week, but knowing Jdlin to he n
vary reliable nso nobody felt disposed
to take the bet
A very pleasant
Saturday evening
John Trev\ l it. It bt
of Miss Minnie
young people gath
I'ncle Jerry 1>i
seriously sick for
be np and artiuntl again.
sevent) live yc rs of
sprightly and bitlsfalr to enjoy tbe pleas
ures of this world for several years jet. j
The Arlington Sunday >ehool cleetetl j
th- following oI!leers lust Stmdav !
Snpcrintendent, Mi Hinch assistant
supsrinteiidcnt Mrs Wilson treasurer )
Mi>s Bltltlle Trewhltt secretary. Miss,
Lena Wit 1 taker Number of t holar
uurolled, sixty two.
July 10 O w-
Notice is hereby given that llarvey
Heckm ll lius this day lib ti a petition for
a license for the sale of malt, spiritpus
alitl vinous liquors, on lot No. II ite
Itlot k No. 71 in the town of Chandler,
n/itieoln county. Oklahoma, and that un
i less a remonstrance against the issuance
of the an ni e as required by law he filed
in the otlice of the county clerk of said
county within two (x?> weeks from tbe
tirst publication of this notice, said li-
cense will l e grauled as petitioned for.
Dated July 10, isiij.
Frank \ndersen.
County Clerk
en last
eial wn
A large crowd
*ed in and passed
etune. ih
i A It hoi)
ago he
and Nows
Wall Papor.
School Supplies.
Funcy an i Toil* t A ■•ticlc.s Kto
PrOHcriptioiis nnd Hccoip-s
Cm i d ully Compound'
P. 0 Building, Ciund!9f. 3 T. _
Attorney at-Law,
* ip*0lllcc west ' of Manvel Avenue
two doors north of Lincoln Co Bank.

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