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otr'oku ni*
‘ " “ “/
Meetings Small, But Sen-
timent Is Strong at Kie-
fer anrj Mounds.
Surr^r to Kiefer Chrom. lr. Tri-famntv New*. Creek County Republic.,,
12.00 PER YEAR
* ^ n - - _______f r^n l tJ
telling Creek County to Creek County Is Task ^ssumet/RDAnpiU U/JII
By Progressive Men Advocating $750,000 Road Bond Issue Dl‘™r-1’ "ILL
......... I lAPPEAL CASE
Advocate. Paint (>at Great Hartal,
ta by System mt Hard Her
fa^4 Highway*—Beat Mean. af
Getting Them Nwai la He Mala
laaaa af < ampaiga.
• y. But ,h. interest I. not slw.y, h.a.VX.rr^. U o LT. i , ***** “ 'h* *•""* organ.,*.. «n. „ b*. ked
what promoter, of th. good road pro county to (reek county ’ p i* Th ^ h»" h«o, by tha Lions. the Klwam,. lb. Petr,,.
»r«m desire. But br that a. it may. know th. wealth of th. ,7P " .I't ***1 " *‘1 *“ m,v"m'nL *«»" ■"'» other civ.c club., while th
'h. pcocpl. .r. interested. and if ..nd. ^ tl. rl.ilnU 7Th T w„ at.rted by th. good cad- r.t.,1 merchant, of
road bond advocate, ran accomplish hay. grown rich here; rood rosiwln iLerc. ° * r"w h*rkin* j* ""’m.nt. both a. an
th# on# hi* id#* that mean* pro?r#*» enhance their wealth amt » m ♦ #k tw uil # _ . •Tfanbtatta* and a* individual r»ti
and pmip.rU,. nrlrit ^**1 ^ HUB#M °f fwk •" *•** Brft'tow ». wall orKan„ed for
Hundred, of petition, hay been . " t!?™1";?. u T':""", M "*■*" th' «>-'•».,«f up. n that o.y in
ma.w out Th... petition., which the h.r^.t tMn,, in the wo IdTI ^ ^ ? /" to th' f'*h' Briato. „ .„re to re
r»:r ■•“■T -T--»>i ~ ?*. r^Ss,"tJr....... r,1 rvsr - -
srrr. r —»■ -r jsjts s s rcr:.::- r
PCir... w 11 " h" V""* — “ll ll— U ,h* P-opK whom m'". ,h“ r..»’ P.n.fji t. .11. Th-1 .pint it *a. ...n, thC
t will pa., them around for H will and benefrt j*" »nd doin, much rre..,ye c.t.a.n.h.p of that town
-.mature,, and when the required The promoter, of the rood rnm* ^ ^ J "B,*U h,n'1 nt m'n ~n"°‘ *"ile Mound,, much ntere.-ed in
number of ..mature, have been oty need the »upp„n of every prowraw th* [•'W m It murt be. in order rood, road., i. loath to .upport th.
U,n«i jMt that many men ami worn a*v, cit.xen of the court, hack of the ^
rea.on, that are well
W hile the r»»d road, meetinr* at
Kiefer and Mound. Ia*t week could
not he dearnbed a. -enthu.iaatic,”
even in the imaJie.t .enae of the word,
they were important, in that they de
reloped the fact that the demand for
hard .urfared hirhwaya in Craek ia
county wide.
There ia no divi.ion of .entiment
oa that i]ue*tw>n. The main ia.ue i,
to *e» that the county mt. value re-
ceived. which indicate, that the tarn
petrn ia Ju.t itartinr With thia lat-
ter quc.tton definitely nettled to the
Mt i,fart ion of the Mi payer, there
,eem, little doubt a. to the re.ult of
the ejection. If one i. called.
A local laaue ha. entered into the
flflieves Huiing in Con-
tf--Iff I Klfsrtion Ca->f
V\ iII Be Rfver^fl.
Special ladm Smith Kale, He Waa
Klee led ( oaaty Judrr by Maiartty
of |hd—Vote of Three I'recinet.
Thrown dot by Klee lion Board Al-
lowed by I're.idinr Jadfe.
Denver Spry wa» »een in Sapulpa
Tue,day mominr
Several peraona talked to him.
He had no bar*
It waa aa.umed he would return
to Kiefer in a abort time and no
riue.tion, were aaked.
The American Legion ha, taken
up the hunt for him It i, believed
he i. either in Oklahoma fity or
Okmulgee, probably the former.
Myatery envelope, the dlaappear-
One feature of the campaign for an election. When the election ia
good road, ia the large number of held, to make the bond, valid. «0 per
Sapulpa women who are signing the
petition to the county conn mi winner, •
to rail the election.
jeent of that vote moat
7»vor of the bond,.
Present indication.
Rural action 1 teacher, in Creek
county, acting on in.trurtir.n from
Mr,. Hallie Peter,, county .uperin-
are. advocate, t‘,n'h,nt> *rr preparing to open mnon-
h,i( — l. _____..
be caat tn
light school.,
from .everal
M ra. Peter,
according to report,
districts, recently re-
sent out full in,truc-
that the bond, will carry by a
The petition, .tarted out .everal rood margin. Good report, are he
day, ago now ha. clo,e to 1.000 *ing receded from all part, „f the
name, to tt Thi, i, the petition In county and active work I, being con- ’,r'- r,”rr'‘ *"r't out rul! inatruc-
. alone while many other* are ducted to get the required signature, tlon* * ,hort tlm* *K° relative, to the
aiming up a. fast aa it ia presented and eiplain the proposal to the *“ —------
----------- ■—#---■/ »i.,iiii|jT. me ui,appear- 1 rrT1 !voter,
campaign at Kiefer. Thi. can be dia a nee of Denver 8pry. well known Kie- ^h#r »r- being circulated Them L, HIM opposition in every
pawed of U, the ..ti.faetion of those fer cit.ien, who left hi. home early *' Drumnght. Oilton. Mans r. mmun.ty Here in Sapulpa there - - - .......
people. When according to report, that Monday without leaving any trace of f'>rd’ k"f*r »"<* Mound,. These pe- i, an undercurrent of opposition tha' rounty .uperintenden* are
entire section would support the hi. whereabout, tition, all cm, ---------1— -• - • . . ——— —
movement to establish a moonlight
school in every rural district where a
c!a»» can he organiied The teacher*,
in replying to thi, letter from the
bonds. Kiefer wants a road to Glen
pool, a distance of three mile*. Thi,
do 'net is thickly settled, and a good
road would wan much trade for both
Kiefer and Sapulpa that now, to
other places.
At M.umda the question la tolely
, , I, .. «.■>«■ ... o|>|eii>icion mat ' ............ making a
----------- lit loti, all carry alarge number of murt be reckoned with. r'P°rt on «he number of person, who
Spry, until recently, wa, postmaster H i, eipected to get the Mr,. Hallie Peter*, county soperin- rnnrot r*»d ar.d write
"* " * "* "* “* " ** elec- tendent. say, practically every rural k'v,> an',*t»rs advii
- teacher i* advocating good roads The *''' "o illiterate, in those die-
The vote for governor Ust year ia teacher, say good rrmd, will do more “i'*‘ "
^ —• 'tw**sv'i rm KiMCI)
on# of whether the tai payers will get »hef! shock
value received for their money. They
do not doubt the honesty of any one
who may have the handling Of these
fund*, but they desire that every pos-
sible aafeguai* be thrown around the
fund,. If these people are appeased
on that score the vote will be heavily
in favor of the bonds, according to
lea.) ng citi.ens of the town. M -unda,
like Kiefer, appreciates the value of
at Kirfar. He had served two year* signature, to call the elec- tendent. say* practically every rural k lw answer* advise Mr*, retar,
in that capacity when he. amldenly t,"n with«»t »u<h difficulty,
and without known rau»e, re,igned.
Hi* hook* and accounts with the gov- — — — ——■ psuHwm. > in mil_________ __ wn( _______ __ t ih _wr..
are correct, ami it i. believes! M",ut M-so° vo**‘ WPrr c»*t in Creek get the youth in the rural diatri-ti lh'-,r vi' ini«y <le*ire to attemi school e|c t
“—*" *•“* ----- - * c,,"n‘> # tS“' rlw't,«"- •* will than any akovtnMttt ever projected la *--------- ’
require 25 per cart of this vote to call th« county
by ku friend* that he i* a victim of
taken as the basis for the petitions, to make the school.
reach out and
tricts, but the teacher,
class in some of them.
sill form
if people in
lodge T. C Smith, eho handed
down a raHag Tuesday, easting Bra
I’.raden as roanty |sdge. in which
he declared II 8. Williams elected
to that office last November, re-
fo«ed a motion for a new trial
Wednesday, and notice waa given
of an appeal to the sooreme ronrt
Jodie Smith also refused so an-
perredea* bond, sh.rh aould allow
Itradea tn continue to nerve as man-
ly jodie until the rase is riaally
disposed of hy the supreme court.
But he did give llraden IK days
in which to make application to the
supreme ronrt for a suprrrvdeaa.
and he will rontinne to writ as
rounty judge until this application
ia refo«ed. if the mart denies the
H. 8. William, wa* elected county
judge of Greek county by 1*0 major
ity in November. ItrJS, according to
a ml ng handed down hy Jodgs C. C
Smith of Guthrie. de«ignated by the
upremr court to hear the contested
.Spry*, on retiring Sunday night, di-
rected a servant t« call him at five
Monday morning He left hi* home
at that time and nothing ha* been
heart! of him since | The Sapulpa Refinery, on
M- H. Jones, recently appointed °t the receiver, was
postmaster, waa to take over the of
fice Monday.
•spvy served over-sea, two years,
and had not entirely overcome his
------- case On the face of the sw-
ard he’trr their education. At La- tarn,., as made by the county rlsr
goon school, whi-h is tn District T*. t on board, Braden wa, alerted by a
a vhool will be opened at an early majority of SI
do' ■ Thi* school will be in charge of The change in the count was made
Mr. and Mr,. R. M. Georgia. An- when Judge Smith allowed the vote
other in to be opened in District TO, of Sunny,l»pe. prerjnet 2; Mounds,
*ry, on an order Responding to a call from the peo- *• Pickntt Prairie, at an early precinct 2. and Shannon township,
ehmed Tuesday, pie |n the vicinity of Pickett Prairie. „ Thl* *°bool wd| be in charge of precinct 2; to he counted for William*
according to announcement, but it is several Sapulpans attended a meeting t *nrf Mr W A Blmrrn' »nd Miss Th# court refused Braden < plea f ,r a
understood plan, for the ornanisation at the ,ehn..l h,.u... !..» __Thula Scott, who are teaching
a trunk line highway running through nervousness, though it was believed
what they bedted fully recovered from the shell
shock. He is marri*'d and ha* one
W hen he left his home he wore a
rain coat and a sweater, but carried
no other clothing. Searching parties
have failed to find any clue to the
mi»»ing man, though' several lead,
have been followed.
the town, but they want
pay for, they say. ---- ... „
The letting of the contract and the cl,iW •bout • T‘“*r ol<1-
haruiling of the nu ney is a matter the U k’ *
road advwates must educate the peo-
ple on. The method of handling fed-
eral aid projorU is simple. The con-
tract is let by the state highway com-
mission. Before federal aid is avail-
able plans must be approved by the
federal highway commissioner. The
federal road bureau will have a repre-
sentative on the ground all the time.
Hr will inspect the mixture and the
completed work. No
------------- - -’"<1 surnani a meeting ,
understood plan, for the organization at the school house last Sunday after- Thu * Srott
Of a new company to take it over are noon. Thi, meeting w.a in the inter- Pl<'kct, Pr*'rir *rho01'
progressing satisfactorily, and it i, eats of . church in that com 'n *' ,l whifh
probable the plant will reopen in munity. Huber Hughe*. D. C. Lee,
about 90 days American Legian commander, Rich-
The new organization, if ronaum srd Barton and 8. W Moore made
mated, wdl take ovar the property of brief talk,. Singing by a Sapulpa *n , w- *'h*rr *he school j,
the Sapulpa Refining company. Plan, quartet followed. D. E. Hillen, Claude un<*'r thr #re<'ti'1" of Mr and Mr*
for financing the new company are Harmony and W K Cantrell also at- Spur*Mn thfr* illiterate,
now well under way, according to tended the meeting
nhat teems reliable informaton. ________
-™—— — A foil line of Christmas cards at
Smoking increase, efficiency. Quality Print Shop. Order now
vote in 10 other pre-
Jesse Bur-
ges, and M:s* Paul ne Wisdom are
teachers, there are no illiterate*, ac-
cording to the report.
In District 36. where the school is
be made to the contractor until___
work is approved.
The Creek county commissioners
will have nothing to do with the of the contract. The board ia
van rely relieved of that work Each
member has sufficient work in his
________The contractor Is making good prog |
payments will I he paving in the eastern part
of the city. Paving has been com
pleted on Watchorn and on McKinley
from Adam* to Watchorn, but the
curbing ha, not been put in on the
latter street.
A full line of Christmas cards at
Quality Print Shop. Order now.
A. D. M< Dougal. well kn -wo Sapul to |19h.0U0 a year, and he believes the
pa attorney. who has been prominent county commissioners should use this
in civic affair* for many year*, in a money for permanent improvement*
talk to the Rotary club Tuesday instead of spending it on dirt road*,
made the statement that Creek coun If bond* were necessary and could
ty could not issue $750,000 of road be issued in a sum sufficient to give
bonds without exceeding the legal Creek county a system of hard iur-
N**'1- freed roads. Mr. Me Doug* I says he
Mr. Mr Dougal further stated, and would favor the bonds. A large sum
quoted figures in support of hi* de- of money is being spent each year in
claration, that the county need not an attempt to maintain dirt roads
Issue bond* In any amount to carry that people consider thrown away. j
ant the hard surfaced road program Tha figures used by T. A. Wilson
adopted at tha Bristow meeting Tue* and other advocates of good rands
dny night of last wank. Ha also read were furnished hy the rounty clerk
• telegram ha had receiv'd from Paul and the county treasurer. This date
Neabit, State highway commiaaioner. chow* the county could issue $810,000
in which Neabit laid Crank eanaty of bonds before reaching the M«nl
eeeld not gat aver $$00,000 federal limit This date was up to June SO,
aid nest year. mad does not include several
Mr. McDougal i* o good rood ad- atenta against tha roanty since that
weenie, ^o onid, but ha haMavaa H dufe, TTm statement as ta tte amount
rrin,^irr.‘>,^l‘ *«c»* —* .** *
ant adding to the L--J J feht of tha ***** **• knead aa information eh-
-- ~---‘-‘-'TTtfcs feel that *e*»ed Item C K. Howard,-----
The Quality Print Shop will suspend basins., Thursday, Friday and
■ alur<1ay in order to move into more commodious quarter, at 2J South
Park, the building formerly occupied by the Oklahoma Ga, A Electric
"I*v" Ike Quality Print Shop get* into its new quarters it will be
**tt** “h1' ,0 ir,v* fret service which has been its custom since it wa,
established several year* ago.
The Democrat-News, too. expect* to spread out a bit and become
more or an asset to the merchant, and business men of Sapulpa than it
has been in the past.
If a man will come to me with a mail oriLcr catalog I
will ,liow him when- 1 save him niottev on anv article we
have in our house.”
This statement wa- ina.Le |,v D. E. Hille* of the Hillea-Finnev
llarilw ire company. It illustrate* how patron* of mail order
hoiw. are, "bunked" when they think thev are getting some-
thing cheap.
Some people buy from a mail order house lierause they
think they are saving money; other* Liecause it sound, “lug”
to say they purchased this or that in Ran,*, City or Chicago.
According to Mr. (lilies, if every merehant would keep a
catalog of every mail order house in the country in Liis store
he urould find it a good asset. People don’t know fabrics, hard-
ware or other goods like th*1 man who ha* made thehi his life
They frequently imagine they are buying something cheap
when it really ia more expenxive, quality considered ami price
paid, than a better quality article or piece of goods would cost,
bought from a Sapulpa merchant.
The mail order house*, which are doing a large business in
Sapulpa, are like the leach or die cootie—living off the body
without contributing anything to it except dissatisfaction.
The next time you contemplate purchasing anything from a
mail order house, mark the article, go to a Sapulpa merchant
who handles it, and let him tell you the difference.
recount of the
Snnnyslope No. 2 wa* thrown oat
hy the election board for alleged riot-
ing and interference with the elec-
tion bard. The vote, which was a!
lowed by the court was 11* for Wll-
1 am, and 46 for Braden. Precinct
---------- No. 2. Mound*, wa, Braden 219; W.H-
In Diitnct 35. which ia the Bowden ham, 159. The former count at thia
«chool, where Frank Peters and Miss precinct gave Braden 2*9 and Wil-
Mattie Burkljr are teaching, there are liam, 109. Shannon precinct, which
none, but they will open a school if was thrown out. showed Braden 75;
they can form a claaa. Williams 117.
In District 12, where th# Victor The caw wa* terminated shortly
rhapel school is located, there are no after noon Tuesday. It was started
illiterate*, according to Mi», Anna Monday The county court room w*a
Gadenhead the tether P»<ked both day,, while many per-
At Newby uchool. District 14. there „)IU stood at the door, looking on
•re no illiterate*, according to Burt No raw. in tenant year,, ha, attract-
ed «o much attention a, thia.
Charge, were made that the bal-
lots had been tampered with after
they were locked in the room of the
rounty election board in the rourt
house. One witne,,. Bill Goatee, who
was employed by Williams to guard
th gua-d the ballot hole, after they
were locked Up, testified that he had
been held up one morning about 3
o'clock, while his as-niUant, who was
unknown to him. entered the room and
county, remained for some time,
case in John Hill, negro jan tor at the
Mars, teacher in charge.
Mr,. Hallie Peter*, rounty auperin-
,-tedcnt of schools, in her investiga-
I tion* before opening a system of
moonlight school* in Creek
ha* run across an unusual
11 That w the Newby swart houss. testified that ha aaloekad
school, and while there are no illiter- the door of the room where the bal-
at«* in that district, according to Burt lot* were stored for George H. Jen-
Mars, ’he, teacher, the m it her of chil r ng- of ih, countv election
dren attending the school, is to enter board Hill saP! several officer* in
* * pup:'- the rourt house had keys that would
This woman , name was not given unlock the door
the superintendent by Mr Mara, who Witnesses testified there wa* no
mentioned it in a general report on disturbance at Sunnysiope 2.
the .ituation there. This woman ran T L. Blakcmore and R B Keenan
read and write, but with her children represented William,, and R. K Rob-
attending school. It seem, she i. an- srt.on. L. O. Lytle and Streeter
enng as a pupil merely to tmprova Spe%kman conducted Braden's de-
1 B*r**'f frnse.
pooh who! yon mvc in a Sapulpa
Rev P. J. Conkright accompanied BEE GUTHREY TALKS TO
Lny«n,Lrup!*J7>maTu,“ rounty kiwanis club on roads
AcroHt th# III*# l*4t Sunday niffht after ____
rorv^e* and united them in marriage E B. Guthrey of Tulsa waa tha
fern ^“‘iicoi^TTJ*0' tb"" KMdliw “* ^ —kl>' taortroa «T
— - z •gi‘JStgJSz
K .ml m_ a i. xr v of Rood road. moromaaL
and Mr*. Hugh McKay, who aad make a talk to th. wi. , *
•prot tha summer in Nor. Scotia, that rohteat. *■
bar. returned to their home. They ____
■ado the trip to the far north la their frialitv Priat _______ __
-•bile, arriving in Snpnlpa rov- with ram ~

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