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y A
Wife Cured by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Des Moinps, Iowa.
. ' Four yours apo
I was very sick and my life was nearly
spent. The doctors
stated that 1 would
never get well with-
out n 11 operation
and that without it
I would not live one
year. My husband
objected to any
operation and got
me some of Lydia E.
Bransome had no time to. argument
The whole line followed, with fixed
! bayonets roaring behind him. The
u. bullets churned among the trees and
j£ ! rut splinters from the boughs. Show-
ers of leaves came down.
The yelling, defiant Krus manned
the walls of the breached stockade.
The assaulting party was . ompelled
to form into column to mount the
breach. And now the enemy displayed
its secret resource, nothing lens than
an old brass ship's gun, which might
have done good service in the sixties,
and was none the less effective here.
A roaring detonation, and grape shot
burst among the British troops. They
fell in heapB, cut down by the well-
directed charge.
But the gun was, of course, not a
quick-firer, and had to be reloaded.
Bransome, who
it and
to get better and am now well, am
utout and able to do my own housework.
1 can recommend the Vegetable Com-
pound to any woman who is sick and
run down as a wonderful strength and
health restorer. My husband says I
would have been in my grave ere this
If it had not been for your Vegetable
Compound. "—Mrs. Blanche Jeffer-
son, 703 Lyon St., Des Moines, Iowa.
Before submitting to a surgical opera-
tion it is wise to try to build up the
female system and cure its derange-
ments with Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege-
table Compound; it has Baved many
women from surgical operations.
Write to the Lydia E. Pinkliam
Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass., for
advice—it will be confidential.
(Copyright, 1916, by W. G. Chapman.)
"Anil you start i.or Wes. Africa to-
Hransoms felt that tl;e question was
ilke an unwritten doom. He looked
it Mary Starr in the moonlight as they
itood outaide Colonei Starr s conserv- The troops closed up.
1 had by some miracle escaped un-
llransome had kn.wn Mary tor five si allied, put himself ut their head
months Colonel Starr, In whose regi again. "Advance!" he sbouted.
Vegeta- j ment he was now a captain, had taken 1 And again he was conscious of
ble Compound. I took liking to the young man when they , Travis 'in his white helmet, cool and
commenced j were posted in Malta, and had invited smiling, beside him.
Of Course Not.
"I certaiuly do enjoy reading the
conclusions of scientific gentlemen.'1
"They exasperate me sometimes by
their fatuous assumption of wisdom."
"That's because you don't go about
it right. The sort of conclusions they
reach in the Sunday newspapers
should never be taken seriously."
Now !■ the Time to Get Rid of Then.
Uk'T Spot*.
There's no longer the slightest need of
feeling ashamed of your freckles as the
rresrriptlon othlne—double slrencth - la
guaranteed to remove these homely spots.
Simply get an ounce of othlne—double
strength—from your druggist, and apply a
little of It night and morning and you
•hould soon see that even the worst freckle*
have begun lo disappear, while the lighter
ones have vanished entirely. It is seldom
that more than one ounce Is needed to com-
pletely clear the skin and gain a beautiful
clear complexion.
Be sure to ask for the double strength
othlne, as thiB Is sold under guarantee of
money back if It falls to remove freckles.—
tiim to his home in England. Now
Bransome, with the acting rank of
major, was to leave for West Africa
to put down the rebellion of the Kru
tribe In the recesses of the forests.
And he loved Mary.
But he knew that she was engaged
to Lionel Travis, the political agent
among the Krus, who had made his
escape to the coast after sanguinary
Yet they loved, and love was strong-
er than honor at that moment. They
gravitated toward each other, and
stood looking at each other, not dar-
ing to speak lest they betray them-
"If 1 meet Travis—" began Bran-
some at length.
"Yes?" Her word was like a ca-
"What shall I tell him?"
Mary took the solitaire from her
finger. "Give him this," she said soft-
Bransome, incredulous, clasped her
In his arms and their Hps met. "You
love me, dearest?" he murmured.
"I have loved you sines we met. It
Is wrong, but it is better than a mar-
Cooling It Off.
Bill—I see a pocket-size electric fan
has been invented.
Jill—To keep money from "burning '
ill the pocket, no doubt.
and constant use will burn out the
Bcalp. Cleanse the scalp by shampoo-
ing with "La Creole" Hair Dressing,
and darken, in the natural way, those
ugly, grizzly hairs. Price. $1.00.—Adv.
Something Accomplished.
Bacon—Do you believe he'll ever
learn to write a good hand?
Egbert—No; 1 guess he'll be able to
make his mark.
it was a mad rush toward the walls.
Just as the foremost man set foot in
the breach the cannon roared again.
The files were swept away. And
again Bransome found himself unin-
"Now. boys!" he shouted, amazed to
find that he was still alive.
The attacking party, which had re-
coiled, heaped one man against his
neighbor, and, the dead all about,
rushed forward, cheering. Like a cata-
ract the khaki-clad column swept over
the breach, driving the dogged negroes
before them, pinioning them with the
bayonet, in a moment the fort was
From hut to hut the flying Krus
were pursued. They fell in writhing
heaps, their own gun turned against
them. For perhaps half an hour the
bioody struggle lasted. Then the Brit-
ish were ;n possession of the village.
Brar.some stopped; he had forgot-
ten everything in the excitement of
the battle. His sword was bloody, and
yet he could not remember having
struck down a man. A trickle of blood
was running down his face. He limped
from a siug in his leg that he had
never felt.
"Where's Travis?" he demanded of
his surviving captain.
The agent could not be found. Yet
it was Travis who represented the i erg
majesty of the British raj. and it was i anj
Travis who must interview the trem- |
I fciing old king, now a prisoner in his
own mud hut, guarded by a sullen, de-
fiant chief wife, and a younger one, j
who held the royal red parasol over !
Bransome went back, searching !
among the fallen. Travis was not in |
the town; he was net anywhere within j
the fort. Branscme came upon him j
at last just outside the breach. He
had been struck down by a dozen
slugs from the brass cannon the sec- j
ond time the weapon was discharged.
I Travis lay under a pile of dead Krus,
Not Only Saves a Great Many Steps,
but the Work Can Be Done With
Much More Ease and Comfort
—How to Make It.
(Prepared bv the t'nlted States Depart-
ment of Agriculture.)
One of the many labor-saving de-
vices made and demonstrated by the
farm women under the direction of the
woman agents of the department of
agriculture in the South, with the co-
operation of the state agricultural col-
leges. is the "scrubbing chariot." This
consists of a comfortable padded
frame on rollers which enables the
housewife, in wiping the floor, to do the
scruhbing with more ease and com-
fort and save a groat many steps. It
may be built at a very small cost, the
material needed consisting of a % -inch
plank, 20 by 10 inches, 2-Inch strips
for the sides, which should be 8Vi
inches long by 4 inches wide, and a
front piece of the same material 20
A New Remedy for
Kidney, Bladder and
all Uric Acid Troubles
Dear Readers:
I appeal to those of you who aro
| bothered with kidney and bladder
I trouble, that you give up the use of
harsh salts or alcoholic medicines and
in their place take a short treatment
of "Anuric." I have taken many of
Dr. Pierces medicines for the past
twenty-live years with good results. 1
suffered with kidney trouble for some
years. I recently heard of the newest
discovery of Dr. Pierce, namely, his
"Anuric" Tablets. After using same
1 am -lompletely cured of my kidney
trouble. K doctor pronounced me a
well preserved woman for my age, all
] uue. 1 believe, to Dr. Pierce's aid.
If you suffer from backache, lum-
( hugo, rheumatism, get "Anuric" now.
A fter Grip—
Winter Colds—
Bad Blood
You are pale, thin, weak—with llttl.
vitality. Your liver is sluggish and
the bad blood causes your stomach
muscles to lose their elasticity and be-
come flabby—then indigestion.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discos
try, purely vegetable and free from
alcohol or narcotics, is the great and
powerful blood purifier of today, Ex-
tracted from American forest herbs
and roots Contulns no alcohol. In-
gredients printed on wrapper.
Taken as directed it will search
out Impure and poisonous matter
throughout the system and eliminate
Catarrhal Fovor,
Pink Eyo, Shipping
Fever, Eplzootio
and all dieeaaea of the horae affecting Ills throat speedily cored;
volts and liorxea in fame atable kept from having them iir using
•SPOHNS DISTEMPER COMPOUND,:! to 8 doae* often cure; oni
bottle guaranteed to cure oue ca-o Bale for blood marea, baby
colta, amnion*, ail agen and conditions. Moat alililful aclentlflo
compound, t onanmer* mav order direct from the manufacturera.
Send remittance with your order, 50 cent a and $1 .<*> a bottle; B.OO and
tlO.UO the doleu, delivered. Spoltn Medical Co., Mir. , Goshen, lad., li. S. a.
Longing to Escape.
"While Miss Rounder wus playing 1
noticed you had a far-uway look In
your eyes."
"Were you so much affected?"
Modern Methods.
"Well, well. 1 see where another
member of the so-called upper class Is
charged with murder."
"Does he accuse a mysterious little
man' from Afghanistan of inciting him
"Oh, no. l was merely thinking of ! to commit the crime, or is he going
certain far-away places where 1 wished to enier the old-fashioned plea of In-
I could be." sanity?"
Public Officials' Bonds.
We bond more people than any
other company in the world. Maintain
a special department for bonding pub-
lic officials. Agents everywhere. Write j °' *'ie little box. It was a cruel mis-
for rates to Official Bond Depart- j slon' but there wa8 no way of getting
ment, National Surety Company, 90 a 'e^er to Travis, who might be in
Held Up the Diamond Ring.
riage that shall wrong Lionel and my-
self, too."
Before Bransome departed it was
understood that they were engaged.
And Lionel Travis' ring reposed m
Bransome's pocket to be handed to
the agent If they met Bransome
would affect ignorance of the contents
inches long ind 4 Inches wide. An
ordinary soap box can be used for this
i by cutting down the size to about 5
j Inches high and knocking out one side.
The padding for the bottom of the
chariot may be made of burlap. Tack
this around the inside of the chariot
| and place the whole tiling on four roll-
Place a soap dish on one side
i little rack for the scrubbing
brush on the opposite side. This con-
| trivance, it is estimated, costs about
47 cents.
Linoleum Out of Carpet.
Clean the carpet thoroughly, then
turn it worn side down and tack. It
will be better to tack it right on the
kitchen floor if you could get along
without the kitchen for a few days.
Otherwise, tack on some floor that
will not have to be used every day.
Then put on a coat of any good floor
paint, let dry thoroughly, finish with
but he was alive. He recognized Bran- I a coat of B00d ""olellm varnish. This
some. ' w"' g,ve 30,1 a floor covering that will
Bransome hailed the stretcher- ' be very eaB>' on >°^r feet. aIld 'ni-
bearers and had two men place him
upon a stretcher and carry him into
the town. They brought him to the
king's hut, and Travis pronounced
sentence. The king was to go in exile
To Drive Out Malaria
And Build lip The System
Take the Old Standard GKOVE'S
TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
what you are taking, as the formula is
printed on every label, showing is
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form. The
Quinine drives out malaria, the Iron
builds up the system. 50 cents.
When some men start out to look
for the deserving poor their first stop
is before a mirror.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that It
Bears the
Signature <
In Use for Over 10 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
In the neighborhood of Reading,
England, there aro three array horn«
depots staffed entirely by women.
orSi.te'liv^TiK rvelT, ; " you.r8.,B -e.ked with
——o They regulate liver and bowela.-Adv. I u?ly- r*rlzzly- K'ay hairB- us® La Cre-
ole Hair Dressing and change it In
the natural way. Price $1.00.—Adv.
Somehow the average boy lacks a
mania for acquiring good-conduct
marks at school.
A man who thinks the world is
growing worse imagines he is growing
belter. I
Among the "things to worry about"
Luke McLuke has discovered that you
Penny postage began in England in
pervious to water so long as the paint
lasts. And the worn spots can be re-
painted as needed. This will, of
course, give a paint color. After the
paint and varnish have thoroughly
to the coast, to spend the fast of his drled the '"arpet can be rolled very
West St., New York City. "America's
Leading Surety Co." Adv.
Hard to Understand.
Patience—It is said that a noted
British entomologist recently paid
days there.
The surgeon came up, looked at the
agent and shook his head. "There may
be a chance for him," he said. "Get
him out of here. Put him in a hut that,
hasn't been used. There's smallpox
everywhere among the Krus.
Travis did not catch smallpox, but
it became clear, after a week of de-
lirium, that he was dying. His mind
grew clear toward the end. He mo-
tioned to Bransome to open the little
satchel he carried with the govern-
carefully and loosely to move It to the
kitchen, but the best way is to paint
It right in the kitchen so that It will
not have to be moved, for the rolling
Is liable to crack the paint and so
make it less impervious to water.—
Ohio Farmer.
| any part of the coast
Bransome sailed the following day,
I and, fifteen days later, arrived with I men' papers
J his regiment at the coast town. All ! Bransome did so and found in it the
the interior was in a ferment. The ! 1!,t,e hox containing Mary's ring. He
j regiment was sent up hastily to the 'ooked at Travis and saw that the
J1.000 for a rare specimen of flea j base, where it halted while the pio- { "gent's eyes were fixed upon it He
which is occasionally found in the fur j neers cut roads through the forest, j Put 't 'n Travis' hand.
of the sea otter. j And it was there that Bransome met I fingers that almost failed him
Patience—But 1 don't understand I Travis.
what the mail would do with the flea, He was to accompany the column
or what the sea otter would do w ith | 83 political delegate to the loyal tribes.
Cornmeal Mush.
Pour cupfuls of cornmeal, one table- j
Bpoonful salt, four quarts water. Put j
the top of double boiler 011 with the j
four quarts of boiling water; add corn- j
meal, slowly stirring all the time. Add j
salt, and when thick boil two hours j
in double boiler (this is prepared
while getting dinner the night be- 1
fore). Use what you need for break- !
the easy way to
heal sick skins
Resinol Ointment, with Resinol
Soap,usually stops itching ins/an/fy.
Unless the trouble is due to some
•erious internal disorder, it quickly
and easily heals most cases of ec-
iema, rash, or similar tormenting
skin or scalp eruption, even when
other treatments have given little
relief. Physicians have prescribed
Resinol lor over twenty years.
Replnol Olntirent In «ti excellent
heuUiitf ointment for bn rim,
aldM, wound*, etc., and with the
l| of ItCHinn] Son p. clear* HWUf
tnples nud dandruff, hold by U
Thousands Tell If
Why dally along with backache and
kidney or bladder troubles? Thousands
tell you how to find relief. Here's a
case to guide you. And it's only one
of thousands. Forty thousand Ameri-
can people are publicly praising Doan's
Kidney Pills. Surely it is worth the
while of any one who has a bad back,
who feels tired, nervous and run-down,
who endures distressing urinary disor-
der*, to give Doan's Kidney Pills a trial.
A Kansas Case
K a" 11 Villi ^
lOting pains J.O M
.. V... - .1. A .1 4 /—' I AH.' /.
Mrs, Jennie Jack-
son, Avenue K, W . Twv Plctift Tflli iStiry"
says: "Shooting
small of my buck and
my limbs swelled
badly, in fact, I was
in a terrible shape
with kidney trouble.
Last summer 1 had
the worst attack of (
all and was nothlr.g ^
but a skeleton of mv
former self. 1 tried I
different m e d lcln s.
but nothing helped
me until 1 took
Doan's Kidney Pills. They cured
and from that day to this, I have been
In good shape.
Gat Doan's at Any Store, BOc a Bos
The two cen, who knew each oth
1 greeted each other warmly, though
j llraneome naturally showed something
j of constraint. Travis lunched in the
mess, and they smoked their cigars
I together afterward. When 1'iavis rose
j lo depart to his quarters Hranscma
j spoke of Mary Starr for the first time.
"She asked me to give you this," he
said, handing him the little box con-
taining the ring.
"Thanks."' caid Travis indifferently,
and slipped it into his pocket
set aside for luncheon. Then cut in
half inch
slices and brown on hot
fast. Then add one cupful of grated
strong American cheese; beat until
| Travis slowly pull?d off the cover and j we" mixed, pour into greased pan and
held up the diamond ring. It was in-
congruous to see the gem sparkling
in the dying mans wasted hand.
Travis motioned to Bransome to bend
"The engagement ring l gave her."
he whispered. She is as true as
gold, old man."
"Yea,' agree Kransome.
"We were' to have been married
when this cursed business was over.
Now we shall never marry. 1 want
you to marry her, Hransome. You're
about ths only man that s tit for her'
Bransome winced ar.d tried not to
Sorry He Did It.
It was with considerable trepida-
tion that we approached the shade of
Sir Francis Bacon, whom we had
crossed the Styx to interview.
"Is it true,'' we asked, "that you
wrote the plays usually attributed tc
"Yes," he replied, sadly. "It's true i
enough, hut since I've seen some of
the Broadway productions of my stuff
I'm not bragging about it."
Sweet Potato Plants
$1.15 per 1000; and all other kinds, Cab-
bage, Tomato, Etc. Send for our list.
Hnj es Seed House, fopeka, Kan.
DAT£MTC WataoD K. Col«man.
| § Eb||| I y| j'at<>nt Lawyer,Wafthhigion,
The column started a day or twe shew the emotion on his features. But
later, Travis accompanying it. Often Travis wes too tar gene to see any
til1 men exchanged words. Bransome
would look curiously at Travis, but he
could gather nothing from the agent s
inscrutable countenance.
There was, however, little time fcr
thinking. On tne sixth day the ene-
my's stronghold was sighted. The
messenger who went forward with a
summons to suner.der was met with except the face of Mary Starr
that floated before him
"I wrote to her telling her how i
lor.g>-i for her in the silence of the
brue'.i, Travis whispered. "1 said I
hed looked at her photograph and her
mementos again and again, i wanted
something else to bring her vividly
before my eyes. And she—she sent
Dainty Eggs and Bacon.
Butter a baking dish or platter, or |
individual ramekin dishes. Break each
egg into a cup and drop into baking
dish, sprinkle with salt and pepper,
bake in a moderate oven for five min-
utes for soft-cooked, and ten minutes !
for hard cooked.
Lay thin slices of bacon on a hiss- j
lug hot frying pan. When trauspar- I
ent, turn. When dry and crisp, drain |
and dry on brown paper. If you have j
the time place thin slices on broiler I
and cook over dripping pan in hot
oven.—Dallas News.
A score of women are now employed
to take the place of policemen by Scot- !
land Yard.
If a girl in love becomes thinner it
is a case of "loved and lost."
I.ight moves HC',000 miles per sec- '
ll 8 Agents
•ive territory. I'i
guaranteed extract*, perfnmoa,
* >ll«t artlrios. Hlu profits. Kxdu-
wjry. I't«arvall Mfg. Co.. )J *s MoiiiM, luwa
Wichita Directory
('oHlutmn M.ul« to Order. I r<>ss 8uIts for
Kent. AH continues disinfected after tine.
IUUKKI.KO.N ( OMTI MK<0 . IS? Hutu SMf., ffleklt*,
ma, «J o Uftliu, okUho « Utj, kuui Ut#.
W. N. U„ WICHITA, NO. 18--1916.
no appetite Induction, l lHtulmcf, Sick
headache, "all run down" or luting lleah, you
will llnd
M s Pills
|ad what you need. They tone up the weak
•taaacb and build up tb* nagging cutrglca.
•iadant shouts from the negroes. Half | me this. Nothing could have been a
an hour later the scver.-poun.leis i truer pledge of her love A girl doesn't
opened fire 011 the rebel stockade.
A fusillade from elephant guns fol-
lowed, but few of the attacking party
were hit. Presently the guns ceased,
a breach had been made in the strong
walio, built of hurdwoon logs and al-
most as resistant as cement and mor-
The regiment spread out in line.
Bransome ran before them, waving bis
awcrd. "Advance!' he shouted.
Then he saw Travis beside him in
his civilian clothes. The agent's
white solar helmet made a splendid
like to part with her engagement ring.
"No," Bransome agreed.
And the irony of the situation struck
into his soul, Travis had lived in the
belle! that his sw 'etheart was true
to him, and he would die not knowing
what the return of the ring meant.
They hurled him the following dawn
under a cairn of stones, And Brtin-
some, having done Ills duty to the dead,
allowed his thoughts to turn toward
the living The past seemed obliter
ated—at least It seemed to he sym-
mirk for an enemy. "Go back, you bollzed In the gem thai Bparkied In
foci!" Bransome shouted. the dead hand under the dump soil
Hut Travis ran boslde him, and of Africa.
Chocolate Cake.
One cupful sugar, one-half cupful
butter creamed, add one egg unbeat-
en, one cupful milk with teaspoonful
soda dissolved in It, one teaspoonful
vanilla. Put one-half cake chocolate,
one-half cupful milk, one half cup-
ful of sugar on fire to melt. When
cool add to rest and two cupfuls
bread flour. Beat well and bake in
sheet tin. Frost with frosting made
with confectioner's sugar and hot wa-
ter thick enough to spread.
Southern Sugar Sweets.
Peel sweet potatoes and slice in
three-quarter inch slices enough to fill
a medium-sized baking dish. Just cov-
er with cold water. Pepper and salt
the top and sprinkle about one-quarter
cupful of Bugar over the whole and
JuBt a dash of nutmeg. Melt a good
teaspoonful of bacon fat, or two tea-
spoonfuls of butter, und pour over the
whole. Bake till soft and browced on
'he top.
Wanted 50,000
Farm Hands
of experience at once on the farms of
Western Canada
To replace the young farmers who
have enlisted for the war. Good wages
and full season's work assured.
ere is no danger or
possibility of Con-
scription in Canada.
Reference* required from all applicant* For ip >
railway iatea and other intormation apply
O. A. COOK, 2012 Main Street, Kaoiai City, Ma.
AttthummJ C*B«di«a Oovrritncal A««al

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