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Without the First You Cannot Have
tho Last.
Hood'a Htraaparillt givw both. It
It^n tly tonea t he stomach mid glvra direc-
tive power, create* an «|>)*<-tit«• and ln\ I#-
orat«a the ayatein. By making the bluud
rich and pure it atrciiKtbona tho iicrvce
and glvca r«*frei« ti I ii|f Bleep.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
la Amerlfla'a (IreMeat Mcilli-itie. *i x fur |A.
Hood'a Pills i
The great e
around tlu> ti
j thu girl whiisi
d trouble
the prospiH-tlv
Hy hegiunln
in the morn I n |
begin « piece o
should be k'l't
< hnislonall \
tho time
Iy for bed at
>le marry, the
Mimu ntirpriae
11.i n in by the
There is a great amount
spent on having a girl grad
turo taken with her Moral
grouped around her feet.
iral Merritt has
nuind ut !
Report* of the
are frequent.
I'ino'n Cure fur ( oiiMinipti
of all cough curt (k-or
Kaliwclicr, La , Annual Iv
More than half of the
in the American navv ar«
est of Spanish spich i
native In
ii tho opin
leer* lit the
the extent
kaile it ef-
When a
The lnrgetd
Storm-clouds move thirty-six miles
an hour.
miles pel
island in the world is
The first musical notes
rat newspaper advertisement
I in 10.13.
rtery in cut compress It above
The first balloon
AuNtraliu yen
l),<H)o,oo() ralibit
rly ships
,300 silk i
of silk.
Itrilil the \ il I I'l l l«r mi'ii I «.
You will enjoy this publication much
better if you will got in the habit of
reading the advertiscmcnts; they will
afford a most interesting study ami
some excellent bargains. Our adver-
tisers arc reliable, ond send what they
The Red Cross Society is rapidly get-
ting its affairs iu condition to do ef-
fective work.
Kriumt* Your Howcla Willi Citv-irnta
Canity Cathartic cure ronat.||mtlon forrvi •
10c. B6c. if i- re fall, dniuKlnts i. finn! iiiun ,
Liquor is among tlm things which
are not allowed to be taken into the
government military camps.
Soothing Svriipn and other like reinf.ii
OUljr lull tO illlh't Mini i'p ' t l>r. !Hi>fT< |
TrktIIIKA (Tretlilli|( i'omiIitmi a .1 . i • ■
ion Iti'tfiilati'N III** llovu I . . iiri i In .
and iniiUrs ii'oihln r«-a-.v and f<
aake Uotflvc tlicm at one
The opal is again talked of. It i
just now a pet gem with Parisians.
Opals and diamonds are set in altorna
National banks w
lint he I ■ nited State
I Photographs
1 land in Ihii;'.
in 1 s Hi.
first tuU«
>1 is manufactured into 32,000
eiit kinds of goods.
I'ould take 27,000 spiders to pro
me pound of a web.
re are times when the almighty
■ will not go as a far as a little
The undoing of the work that Sutiin
finds for Idle hands to do furnishes em-
ployment for ii lot of other people.
the obit nary column and
Listen to any hi
and you will hen
preciativc people.
ti U.I >
Mirth stone
tori to style iu
op IV
i e leasing I y fasluonablu j I
tier way across tin-
it looks dainty,
ml is always think-
nto the kitchen and
i the day he is born.
A lop-eared ho
out a fa- I Ing of breaking
ooks ashamed fro
1 nless a man sits with his feet high
r than his head, he is not obeying his
lostess desire to make himself at
An old bachelor says women love I
three times; the first is a.-cidcutnl. the
second design and the third despair. i
PrnlM' for the Standard.
The Arena (11. () Flower, editor),
Huston: . . it In full and com
prehenslve on the one hand, and yet
bo carefully edited anil arranged as
to eliminate useless or unm < ■ - an ex-
pression*. . The more I have
examined till* work the mote have I
been Impressed with the belief that it
will occupy the first place among dic-
tionaries of the English-speaking
world. . . ."
See display advertisement of how to
obtain the Standard Dictionary l>v
making a small payment down, the re-
mainder In Installments.
A gold serpent in many and intricate
colls studded with diamonds and hav-
ing a ruby iu its head serves as a
d can not sleep, being gently nih-
il all over with a towel wrung out
hot salted water generally has the
llrmily in III.mmI
< 'loan blood means a clean
beauty without it. ('nacnrets,
tluirti. cleans your blood and keeps it
clean, by stirring up the lasy liver and
driving all impurities from ihebody. He-
Kin to-day to haniah pimples, bolls, blotch-
es, black head*, and that sickly bilious
complexion by taking t'ascarets, beauty
for lOe. All druggists, satisfaction guar-
anteed, 10c, 26c. NOo.
s the faculty of
j to do your work
Executive ability
getting some one c
for you.
It is well to remember that if your
friends think you are a charming con-
versationalist, your enemies regard
i'ou as a great gossip nnd that they
may be right.
The struggle with Heredity.
The Right Side of the Color Line.
Tr> heredity, to the transmission of may he some aadneaa, bemuse It Is tin.
trails from site to son vrr owe most of the timelv, anil out of neasou. tlray hail s are
wlh and development, a crown of honor to the aged, hut to the
n in., sini led out anew, young they aie a stigma. There is no need
i hrirdity ihe lrvel to he gray In youth C.raynett cornea from
v. ti-.I to hr that of the a deficiency of the coloring matter which
• hin.m. Nutui .illy had : gives the hair its natural Hut This color-
In kood Peculiarities tug matter can he supplied artificially
implied by Dr. J. C. Aycr'a Hair
If each newly born 1
without the force <
o( lite might be r*p
The better tho nui
flee the greater amount
will have to be done to el
i by supplying the lacking
icent of fatnitv traits
tfaifii i k . 11. i. si
amily gray hair w
Lazy Liver
v hair is heiedita
"I lmvo been (routiled h ;;rrnl deal
Willi h torpid liter. \\: ch , i ■ , u
* * ,TS t, he all you claim
li relief the tlrst trial,
I found t ...
for them and secured s
that I purchased imo!her !i|il v :
pin lei v cured I shall onlv tie too glad to lee-
ommend <'use a rets whenever the opiwtunity
after using it >
was restored t.
use this di ess
lasting me ouit.
youthful colot
ly u few times my hair
its natural color. 1 still
g oci Asiouallv, a bottle
i while; and though over
ig'-, my hair retains its .
ml fullness. To all who \
my hair, I would heartily
ie handed ..
dexterity, pigment that iSr.AVcr'* (lair Viu
I st'.rea gray or faded hair«lo its original
i olor. Ileyond this, it 'iiaLrs the hnir
s oe j grow, given it gloss and softness, stops
Mis. in from fulling, removes dandruff, and
'hose demise* Ihe scalp. Mis. C. M. Ayres,
She Mount Airy, Ga . writea:
"About three j
full of dandruff, *
noyance; alter a time the hair began
falling out. The use o( Dr. J t\ Aver's
stopped the hair from falling
nde tii
There is no ahume iu gray hair, but there I I.owell. Ma:
ltalr Vigor is noted n« a
i« used even day by thon-
chief claim to beauty rests
Address the J. c. Ayer t
"- rnn.liial Esamlssr U B. r*nnon r
raaoi mash aaoisTTftto
a | d iv
The si
a niillio
corn beef is more substantial
ed autumn leaves.
[•cess of the man who fnils fo
Is something phenomena 1.
.-some men are or no more cons
qucnee than a thermometer on a plea
ant day.
HO-TO-bac : . ..,,
j Bi«el Gear
Columbia . A,n.
Chiln Wheels, $75 -jA N! 9Fi
Hartlords, . . 50
Vadattn. 140 & 35
P#p Mfg, Co.
Pleasant. I'alstaMe ,
•ood. Naver Sicken, Weaken xrGi 'i e l(v .'jr Slta
... CURE CONSTIPATION. ... ™T, rT . Vou perhaps know that II great man V
*"***■€ Biiaiy ftsiui.iMii^ " aiir> i. T rt r.t) TH E FREIGHT RE9TSCALES, LEAST , |,i„,rs ^ i ,,.;, t i, . ,
money. JONmnrniiur.UAMTnM m v ""'k« 111111 snouiu m .mie are not
J done, therefore quit worrying.
Kssays in colored glass window
tin new and original lines wei
tempted in the 1'nited States in 1870.
re not afraid to die and they
do not care much about it, but they
dread the suffering that emit iii
A novel and simple cure for the head-
ache is announced. It is for the suf-
ferer to walk buckward for about ten
I The second summer is as hard on a
widower as it is on a baby. A widow -
er who escapes his second summer, is
likely toesi' |N> for good.
Khode Island people have started a
ut to build a ti rat-class torpedo
boat destroyer by popular subscription
and present it to the government.
Ottawa Chautauqua Assembly.
The 30th annual session of this ns
tembly will be held at beautiful Fo.-
est Park, Ottawa, Kans.,
JUNE 13-24, 1898.
The Santa Fe will aell round
.rip tickets from following points ou
its lines at
One Fare
For The
Round Trip.
Tickets to be limited to .tune 27, IMS
From all points in Kausas. Oklahoma,
and from st .loseph snd Kansas City
Tickets will be sold dune 11, 12 and
13; from points In Kauaas from which
one way rateia $ or leas June 11
Inclusive. The Santa Fe is the best
road to the park For particulars ad-
drea* nearest Santa Fe ag -ut or
W. J. Black, Ueu i I'ass. Afft.
Topeka. Kara
ea * ha in) (iir Uuuk «.f te.uiuaala • lo ilnu
IrMtlUOUl t'rvv. Il( I.U.UU)>>IUi!i.ti am>bk
—' - r-
Grove's Tasteless
CHill Tonic- —
will cur* c hilli. Ke er .
If tt fallayoii «et y..ur .w
li to ti. I."i. of imliatio
Will «ono b. hfrp
plessanteat and they
when the avstem era
s time
in manner of living, A pleasant place
for a few days outing ia Island Park,
Wintteld, Kan*.
The Winfield Chautauqua Assembly
meets there June
and the Santa Fe sells
Round-Trip Tickets at
One I?nre!
Dntoa of .air .re: Juno (rom
paint. In Kansas and Oklahoma from
Four Americans Killed and the Loss
of tho Enemy Not Known,
Batatemant Occurred ut Uuantansino
ll«'t m «.i'ii a mcrli'itii Mnrlnn Mini Npuii-
lali Qurrtllaa —The Marlilnhead
Klnully I .i« ii «l •«« I U«liifor<n-
nifiila and 1'til tlm Ku-
rtaiy to flight.
Molk 8t. Nicholas, Ilaytl, June 13.
-Llvutenant Colonel K. W. Hunting-
Ion's battalion of marines, which
landed from the trans|M>rt Panther on
Friday and encamped on the hill guard-
ing the abandoned itable station at the
entrance to the out< r harbor of (Suan-
taiiaino, has been en^-aged in heading
(dT a rtiNh attach by Spanish guerrillas
timl regulars. The fighting was almost
continuous for thirteen hours, until 0
o'clock Sunday morning, when rein-
forcements were landed from the Mar-
blehead. Four of our men were killed
snd one wounded. The advance pick-
ets under Lieutenants Neville ami
Shaw are unaccounted for.
Among the killed is Assistant Sur-
geon .loim I'.lair Olbbs, son of Major
(Hbbs of tho regular army, who fell in
tho Custer massacre. Ills home was at
Richmond, Va., but he has been prac-
ticing in New York and he entered the
service since the war began, lie was
a very popular officer.
The others killed are Sergeant ('has.
II. Smith of Small wood, Private Will-
iam Dunphy of Gloucester, Mass., and
Private James Mcfolgan of Stoncham,
Mass. t'orporifl (Haas was accidentally
wounded in the head.
The Spanish loss Is unknown, but it
was probably considerable. The
splashes of blood found at daylight
at the positions the Spaniards oc-
cupied indicate fatalities, but their
comrades carried off the killed and
The engagement l egnn with desul-
tory firing at the pickets, a thousand
yards inland from the camp. Captain
Spicer's company was doing guard
duty, and was driven in, tinally rally-
ing on the camp and repulsing the en-
emy at 5 o'clock. Tho bodies of pri-
vates McColgan and Dunphy were
found, both shot in the head. The
large cavities made by tlie bullets,
which, inside a range of 500 yards,
have a rotary motion, indicate that the
victims were killed at close range.
The bodies were stripped of shoes,
hats and cartridge belts and horribly
mutilated with machetes. When they
were brought in. the whole battalion
formed three sides of a hollow square
about the camp on the hilltop.
Below, in the bay,were the warships
at anchor. Inland from the hill camp
is a deep ravine and beyond this arc
high hills. The adjacent country is
heavy with a thicket growth. The sky
was blanketed with clouds, and when
the sun set a gale was blowing sea-
ward. Night fell, thick ami impen
ctrable. The Spanish squads concealed
in the chapparel cover, had the advan-
tage. the men furnishing a fine target
against the sky. The Spaniards fought
from cover till midnight, discoverable
only by Hashes at which the marines
tired volleys. The repeaters sounded
like firecrackers in a barrel.
The Marblehcad launch, with a colt
machine gun in her bow, pushed up
the bay, enfilading the Spaniards, and
it is thought some were killed. The
marines trailed much blood to the
water's edge and there lost it. Sharks
are numerous in the vicinity.
The ships threw their searchlights
ashore, the powerful eyes sweeping
the deep tropic foliage and disclosing
occasionally skulking parties of Span-
iards. It all represented a transfc
at ion scene at the harbor.
Kach discovery of the enemy was
greeted by the cracks of carbine fire
along the edge of the camp ridge or by
the long roll of the launch's machine
gun, starching the thickets with a
leaden stream.
Shortly after midnight came the
main attack. The Spaniards made a
gallant charge up the southwest slope,
nut were met by repeated volleys from
the main IkkIv, and broke before they
were one-third of the way up the hill;
but they came so close that, at points,
there was almost a hand to hand strug-
gle. The officers used their revolvers.
Three Spaniards got through the open
formatiou to the edge of the camp.
Colonel Jose Campina. the Cuban guide,
discharged his revolver, and they, t tim-
ing and finding themselves without
support, ran helter-skelter down the
reverse side of the hill.
It was during this assault that As-
sistant Surgeon (libbs was killed. He
was shot in the head in front of his
own tent, the farthest point of attack.
He fell into the arms of Private Sulli-
van, and both dropped. A second bul-
let threw dust iu their faces. Surgeon
Uihbs lived ten minutes, but did not
regain consciousness.
Toward morning the fire slackened.
Three new two-pound field guns
which could not be used during the
night for fear of hitting our own men,
shelled several squads of Spaniards
after daylight. They dove into the
bushes like prairie dogs into burrows
as the shells broke over them in the
gray dawn.
Kstimates vary as to the attacking
force; souie say ~<>0, ami the figures
run ns high as 1,(XX>.
imhiiIIi* ki|M>dltl«iii.
Saw Fhawcisco, June 13.—Major
General Merritt has not yet issued reg-
ular orders directing the embarkation
of troops for Manila, but has sent
verbal instructions, through Major
General (Mis to the officers command
ing regiments and battalions desig-
nated to sail, to have finished by Tues-
day the placingalntardship of all camp
equipage and to l e ready to embark
their troops by noon on Wednesday.
Captain Clark of th« Oregon flace*aa.
full}' tnvadea ciiImi.
Orr Oi'AWTAWAMO, Cuba, June 13.—
Ihe invasion of • uba by the American
forces began Friday. Six hundred ma-
rines have pitched their tents about
the smoking ruins of the outer fortifi-
cations of (•iiantanamo ami the Stars
and Stripes for the first time float over
a Spanish flagstaff in Cuba.
To Captain Clark and the battleship
Oregon belong the honor of accomplish-
ing the first successful landing of the
war. Forty marii
ship went aahor
cupied the left entrance of the I
bay until the troopship Panther ar- !
rived with 600 marines. These, under
the command of Lieutenant Colonel K. |
W. Huntington, arrived at .'I o'clock |
and within half an hour they hail
burned the building
camp and had set fire to the miserable
(From the Free Press. Detroit. Mlrh.)
A prominent btiriness ni* n wpntly «*•
June If. The Hawallsfl debate In the llohao I f>r«M«d the opinion that there is one thing
to-day six sp .tcin s were madn, cover- j that Will prevent women rom completely
in" I-, rurally the contention* of the support 1 filling ninn'a pla<e in the business world--
and opposition to the resolutions providing for i they can't be depended upon becauae they
;M,' ""l • «■ ! M, Dta, ar/,ick too Thl i. refutod by Mr..
„n foreign affairs, opened debate for ' Farrar St, Detroit, Mich., who *ay«:
iti'l inralnst annexation Mr. Clark, Democrat ! "A complication of female ailments kept
' Missouri spoke in opposition, and Messrs | me awake nights and wore me out. 1 could
"'i""" of Massachusetts; Alex- J get no relief from medicine and bop
| Instead of leaching
I playing, how
ing. etc., to
wife she shofi
veloping her
little, piano
paint:-, dane-
• ■ a pirl fitted for a
jriven a drill in de-
ence. Any married
it that she has more
than she lias of the
Walker, Ki-pulillc
•nder. Republican, of New Vork. and Gillette,
I'tts, In advocacy of
i-ri.i vt"«udaUit I MADRID HEARS FR0M MANILA,
Situation Very 4irave for Spanish, Who
Entertain Fear of Annihilation*
M.uuuii, June 10. The
sommunieation from Captain General
i„,-v ram i A,1KUatl' Manila, June 3, has
f the Spanish I ■
j 1 he Situation is very grave. Agui-
illuge which crouched on thu "u?™l;lle<l in atirrlnff up the
under the hilltop of Onan*
"lipping away from me. A young lady in
my employ gave me n ho* of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People. I took them
and was able to rest at night for tho first
time in months. 1 bought more and took
them and they cared me as they also cured
several other people to my knowledge. I
think that if you should ask any of the
druggists of Detroit who are tho best buyers
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills thev would say
the young women. These pills certainly
buila up the nervous system nnd many a
young woman owes her life to them.
"As a business woman 1 um pleased to
The whole operation of silencing the
guns and landing the forces was as
easy as choosing grounds for a Sunday I
school picnic. The Marblehead, backed
by the Vixen and Dolphin, opened fire
country and the telegraph lines and
railways are l>eing cut. I am without
communication with the provinces.
The province of Cavite has completely
rebelled, and the towns and Villages
are occupied by numerous bands. A
Spanish column defends the Xapotn
line to prevent the
arthworks Thursday. The I .""W '««n invad-
shores to of ll„. entrance !>rovl„„,. of Mnniln, hut the foe
has entered through llulacan, Lagina
is due not only to the originality nnd
simplicity of the combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the Camfohnu Fig Syrit
(only, and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by the CALiroKiru Fig Syrup Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
| imitations manufactured by other par-
| ties. The high atauding of the Cau>
j roRNiA Fig Syhi p, Co. with the medi-
cal profession, snd the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, tuskes
the name of the Compauv a guaranty
I of the excellence of ita remedy. It is
far lo advance of all other laxatives,
as it acta on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weakeu-
KIIUmI by an in known Man.
Kansas City, mo . June I t,—James
MeConvill, one . f the oldest boardlng-
housekecpcrs in Armourdale and a
well known joint 1st, was shot and si
most instantly killed aUmt '.i r o'clock
last night by an unknown
r hit
to 1h> in ill I the\
Onren Regent In |*ihii
I .on don, June in. The
espondent of the Daily
The queen regent is aaitl
ica 1th. She hardly ever
mi Idle, though she drives
vilderness behind the pal
Huelng a King's Daughter.
London, June 13. A dispatch from
^ lenna says the creditors of Princess
I., uise of Saxe-t'oburg. wife of Prince
PhUlp, who i accused of forging the
are bring
were lined with guns and ri lie pits, but
the Spaniards stampeded after tiring a
few allots.
The city of Guantanamo lies a few
miles off the bay and a little Spanish
gunboat came down to the shore bat-
teries. Hut she stayed just long
enough to turn around. Numerous
shots were fired by the Spaniards, but
not otic landed and no Americans were
The main fort lies within the city
limits and is still to be reduced, but it
is not in a difficult position, and the
American officers say it can be taken
in fifteen minutes when desired.
Those on Forly-l lv« of ller fillips Are
of lht< .Mii/Kle-I.oiidliii; Typ«.
London, June 1.1. Hear Admiral
Lord Charles Heresford has issued an
appeal to the press for an increase of
the navy. He says: "The war between
tho t'nited States and Spain has taught
us useful lessons. It has taught us the
absolute necessity of complete and
thorough organization previous to
war, instead of trusting to chance. It
has taught us the value of a proper
supply of cruisers and the ineffective*
i of obsolete guns against the range
and accuracy of modern weapons. No
other nation has a ship on theeffective
list armed with muzzle-loading guns,
whereas Kngland has forty-five."
Decision by .IiiiIrp Philips <'ontraillc-ted
hy flip KmiHits Supreme Court.
Topf.ka, Kan., June 13,—Lissa Mar-
tin and H. F. Post on sued the Chicago,
Hock Island A Pacific railroad for
damages on account of the railroad
wreck three years ago in which a Rock
Island train rnn into a Union Pacific
stock train and killed several passeng-
ers. Jude Philips has decided in the
United States court at Kansas City
that the Union Pacific alone was liable.
These cases were tried in Clay and
Cloud counties and in both counties
the district courts held both roads lia-
ble. The supreme court to-day af-
firmed the decision of the lower courts.
MitsN!ier«> of Hlerrn Leone K.ven Worse
Than at First Reported.
Liverpool,June 13.—Steamers which
have arrived here from Sierra Leone
report that 1,000 persons were killed in
the recent uprising in that district.
One hundred and twenty inhabitants
of Freetown, most of them traders, are
known to have been massacred, and
other colonists were carried into the
bush by the "war boys'" and undoubt-
edly met a worse fate. Three hundred
friendly natives were killed, and be-
sides the white missionaries, six col-
ored missionaries of the C nited Breth- .
ren of Christ were murdered at Manoh- '
bargru. The English missionaries are
at the mercy of the war boys, but have
not been molested.
and Moron, so that Manila will thus be
attacked by land and sea.
"I am striving to raise the courage
of the inhabitants and will exhaust
every means of resistance, but I dis-
them as they
methun any
IveDr. Wil-
1'eonle cred-
good health
No discov-
ery of mod
need of path
When the story of a girl's marrtnf*
gets out, she says: "i just knew pa
would go and blab it."
Every man believes he pays his bills
more promptly thnn other people pay
Wo I'ay Expenses
ar.vl libera! commissions, refund the rash for
nil (roods not n< vine the consumer satisfaction.
I,onir terms of credit Kir t-cla scheme
.'alcssien w inte-l. .Vo bond required Sales
made f rot:, p'.ot■ :-r -1 hs We Kuuraiitee MUOO
Last week there we
teers at Chiekarnuuga.
Mrs. Wlnslow
F'.r ohtl'lrrn teething.wil
Mouthing Nfrup
rten- the vain • redu<-#- InfUnfc
wind colic. ct'iila botUe.
Ripe peaches are easily digested and
are also fattening. Strawberries, con-
taining a larger percentage of iron
than ally other fruit, enrich the blood.
Suildenlu Pmatrat'il.
ern times has done so much to enable
women to take their proper place* in life hv
safe guarding their health as I >r. Williams'
I ink Pills for Pale Pen) le. Acting directly
on the blood snd nerves, invigorating the
body, regulating the functions, t hey restore
trust the natives and the volunteers : tho strength and health to the exhausted
because there have already been many when every offert of the physician
IJuccoor and Imu, have I P™!«
llarlMir of (•iiaiititiianio Captured llj
Ainerlean Sailors.
Kingston, Jamaica, Jue 13.—lu con-
trol ing the outer harbor of (Suantaua-
mo, where Lieutenant Colonel Hun-
tington's battalion of marines lauded
on Friday, Hear Admiral Sampson se-
cures possession of the Cuban terminus
of the French cable to Hay ti. The ap-
paratus in the office at the harbor
mouth was wrecked by a shell, but tho
cable steamer Adria has instruments
and operators on board, ami direct
.shington will
Pope's Alleged offer.
London, June 13. The Home corre-
spondent of the Standard says:
"Owing to the serious news from tho
Philippines, the pope wired the queen
regent of Spain, placing his services at
her disposal if she considered that the
time had arrived for the intervention
of the powers in favor of Spain. The
queen regent, in replying, telegraphed
her thanks, saving that at an oppor-
tune moment she would feel the pope'i
offer to lie very precious."
already been seized by the
"The insurrection has reached great
proportions, and if I cannot count
upon the support of the country, the
forces at my disposal will not suffice to
hold the ground against the enemies."
It is reported that the Spaniards at
Manila have already been compelled to
take refuge iu the fortified part of the
Three Men Killed While Putting In Mines
Near Jacksonville, Fla.
Jacksonville, Fla.. June 11.—A tor-
pedo in the St. Johns river, at St.
Johns bluff, eighteen miles below Jack-
sonville. exploded to-day, killing three
men and badly wounding Lieutenant
Hart of the United States engineer
corps in charge of the work of fortify-
ing the river at that point. One of the
killed was John O'Rourkc, an electric-
ian. who was at work with a force of
men wiring the torpedoes placed in the
river. How the accidcnt occurrcd is
not known.
Madrid Admits the Relna Mercedes Was
Sunk at Santiago.
Madrid, Juno 9. It is officially
stated that the Spanish cruiser Rcina
Mercedes was sunk by the fire of the
American fleet at Santiago de Cuba on
Monday. Five sailors and twenty-nine
marines on board of her were killed.
Bandits Hold t'p a Santa Fe
and Get Considerable Hooty.
Austin, Texas, June 11.- The through
mail and express*train of the Santa
Fe railroad was held up by four ban-
dits last night near Coleman Junction,
on the Lampasas division, and it is be-
lieved that considerable booty was se-
cured. The fireman offered resistance
and was seriously, if not fatally, shot
by the highwaymen.
I"he Dolphin Does Nome Kitraonlinary
Itoiiihardnient at Santiago.
Kingston, Jamaica. June 11.—It has
been learned that during the bombard-
ment Monday the Dolphin wrecked a
railroad train with a shell from one of
her guns. The train was filled with
Spanish troops and it is known that
many of them were killed.
'Ilg l.nnyon Smelter at loin, liait., It urns
Iola, Kan., June 10.—The Robert
Lanyon's Sons' great zinc smelter was
almost wholly destroyed by Are here
to-day. The fire started by spontane-
ous combustion. Two hundred men
are temporarily out of employment.
The loss is ntiout 800,000. The works
will be rebuilt.
Kreah Meat for Sampson.
Nkw York. June 11. The big steam-
er Celtic, formerly the Celtic King,
will sail to-morrow. The vessel has
been refitted with a refrigerating
plant and huge ice boxes for the stor-
age of meat and other provisions have
also been erected on board of her.
News Causes I eep Impression.
Madrid. June 10. -News received
here from the Philippine islands has
caused a deep impression. The coun-
try is calm, but there is a latent inten-
sity of dissatisfaction, which is only re-
pressed on patriotic grounds.
.Must Serve Twenty Years.
Lincoln. Neb.. June 10.—The twen-
ty-year penitentiary sentence of ex-
State Treasurer Joseph S. Hartley was
to-day affirmed by the supreme court.
Hartley was convicted of stealing
&I00.(hm) state funds.
LosutoN, June
Daily Mail froi
islands, under
iry Fleet.
us Palmas,1
of June 4
three Spanish torpedo W>ats,
which returned here from Cape Verde
island, are still undergoing repairs.
I am informed that these repairs are
being made by Knglish engineers.
1 hey found the boilers and the engines
in frightful condition, due to sheer
Entire Lomii Snhsrrlhed.
Nkw \o ;k. June lThe National
Hy bank and the Central Trust Com-
pany of New York and Vermily
have informed the secretary
treasury that, in order to in'si
A Southern College (ill
Dcriiam. N. c.. June
Kllgoof Trinity college
nounced the gift of flOO.OOO to the
dowment fund of the college by Walk
ington Duke. Mr. Duke lias given in
nil ?
• Trinity collet
. immediate
f the I tion Hl (
e the '
vill :
-'as of the war loan,
ibe for the entire loan
>r Mich part thereof as
bserib -ti for by the
which out way rate is n.50 or low; i ing thorn, ami it .loea not gripe nor
nature of Crown P
to the extent of I3.0C
iug action against her
kan«a« Joint 1st Killed.
Lawrkno:. Kan.. June 13.—W. S.
fames, a horse trainer, shot and in-
j stantly killed Tom Breeae. a saloon-
J keeper, at six Corners, In the edge of
Leavenworth county, at 4:30 yesterday
afternoou. Three shota were fired.
to recover the j Both ineu were drunk.
Juue 13-10 from points in Kausas and
Oklahoma from which one way rate is
•7.50 or lesa. Address uearcst Sant*
Fe agent or
W. J. BLACK, O. P. A..
Tapcka, Kans
nauseate. In order to get iu beueflcial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company-
Mratdet |D Citnip
Trannvaal May
London. June 13.—The war between
Fiuncisco. Jun, 13 -M. asl,, h^a/om 1 renerifle.'Canary 'lalanda.
ir, nt riw ... i.„ , VreaR out at any moment rhsSwazi tKn, „„ , , .
hor the growing girl thev
?;reatost benefit for the
>le. for e
.... jf the
reatost benefit for tho mother iiidis|iensa-
•y woman invaluable.
For paralysis, locomotor ataxia, and
ether diseasca long rai posed inenrablti
these pills have proved their efficacy ia
thousand of «'
It is very rare that a doctor is seen
at u funeral. We wonder why? Doctors
must occasionally have friends who
die and very often have paticuts who
pass over fairly.
People getting up picnics this season
are reminded that the sardine comes
from France. It will not bankrupt
that country if we refuse to wear
French millinery and continue to eat
French sardines at picnics.
A woman's idea of getting real reck-
less is to cut loose and tell all she
k no ws.
Twenty-five pension
growing out of the Mai
been filed.
c wreck have
SOAP, exquisitely scented, is soothing and
beneticinl. Sold everywhere.
Lieutenant Colonel MeCrutn's horse
died shortly after reaching Chicka-
No-To-Rnc for Fifty Cents.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
men strong, blood pure. 60c. 91. All druggists.
Among the many expenses borne by
railroad companies the Ice bill figures
quite prominently. For instance, on
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad it Ui
expected it will take over 50,000 tons
of Ice this year to meet the require-
ments of the service. The greater
portion is used In connection with
shipment of perishable goods; the bal-
ance in the passenger train service. A
great deal of this ice is put Hp by the
company in its own Ice houses, but as
the past winter has been so warm a
very large proportion will have to be
Do.Vt Tobacco Spit a
rong. All 11 ugid-i-
r Life Awa*.
V, r, be mag-
lake No-To-
i weak men
An enemy knocks a man down then
a friend proceeds to kick him.
For a perfect complexion and a clear,
healthy skin, use COSMO buttermilk
SOAP. Bold everywhere.
Hop pillows
nervous people
soothed thereb
great comfort to
i headache is often
Slinlft Into Your hiiocr.
Allen's Foot-Kase. a powder for the
feet. It cures painful, swollen, smart-
ing feet and instantly takes the sting
out of corns and bunions. It's tho
greatest comfort discovery of the age.
Allen's Foot-Kase makes tight-fitting
or new shoes feel easy. It is a certain
cure for sweating, callous and hot,
tired, nervous, aching feet. Try It to-
day. Sold by all druggists and shoe
stores. By mall for 25c in stamps.
Trial package FREE. Address, Allen
S. Olmsted, I^e Roy. N. Y.
After a woman knows a man thor-
oughly, she is content with the com-
pliment if he asks for a second piece
of pic, and doesn't praise her cook-
Among the dainty veil pins are en-
ameled birds, butterflies and bees witb
outspread wings.
•dingly handsome bracelet
ind of gold, the elasp form-
co framed in pearls.
cd of a t
The i
whose hair has come out
himself very interesting to
any woman by announcing that it
ame out through n fever.
Mrt\ Roaa Gaum Writes to Ms I
Pinkham About it. Sho Says:
Wo arc nsscrtlng In the courts our right to th*
exclusive use of the word "CASTOK1A. and
"PITCHER'S CASTORIA," as our Trade Mark.
I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyannls, Massa-
chusetts. was the originator of "PITCHER S
CASTORIA." the snme that has borne and does
now bear the fac-slmilo signature of CHAS. II.
FLETCHER on every wrapper This is tho
original "PITCHER s CASTORIA" which has
been used In tho homes of the mothers of
America for over thirty years. Look carefully
at the wrapper and see that it Is "the kind you
have always bought," and has the signature of
C HAS. H. FLETCHER on tho Wrapper. No
one has authority from mo to use my name ex-
cept Tho Centaur Company, of which Chas H.
Fletcher is President. •
There seems to be no place like home
for the charity that begins there, as
it seldom gets any farther.
The largest block of marble ever
sent out of East Tennessee was shipped
by way of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail-
road lo New England during the first
week In March. It was consigned to
Norcross Bros., at East Cambridge,
Mass.. and It weighed 45.000 pounds.
It was quarried near Knoxvllle.
Most men tell a woman she is the
only one he ever loved merely from
force of habit.
Oranges, lemons and limes affect
most directly the complexion and are
especially good if taken before break-
Dear Mn
*. Pinkham
- I take pleas-
ure in writing you a
few lines to in-
form you of
the good
,'our Vegetable
has done
me. I cannot
thank you
nough for
vhut your mcdi-
cine has dc
ne for me;
it has. indeed,
helped me \
For years 1 was trou
bled with nn
ovarian tumor,
each year grow
ing worse, un-
til at last I b kv
was compelled /
to consult with X
a physician. \
lie said
be done for
me but to go under an operation
In speaking with a friend of mine
about it, she recommended Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, say-
ing she knew it would cure me. I then
sent for your medicine, nnd after tak-
ing three bottles of it, the tumor dis-
appeared. Oh! you do not know how
much good your medicine has done
me. 1 shall recommend it to ail suffer-
ing women.—Mrs. Rosa Gaum, 720
Wall St., Los Angeles, Cal.
The great and unvarying succcss of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
pound in relieving every derangement
of the female organs, demonstrates
it to be the modern safeguard of wo-
man's happiness and bodily strength.
More than a million women have been
benefited by it.
• Every woman who needs advice
about her health is invited to write to
Mrs. Pinkham. at Lynn, Mass.
W. N.U.-WICHITA.-NO. 25.-1898
ttlieo Ansivcrioq Advertisements Kindly
Mention This Taper.
"IRONING made easv.
just an j
Farmer Killed by Lightning.
Nkvada, Mo., dune 10.—Morton E. i
Edminston, a prominent farmer resid I
'ng ten miles north of this city, wa; '
Killed by lightning yesterday after-
noon while driving his team in from
Chicago (ielllnK to IK* a Hlg Town.
Chicago, .lune 11.—Compilers and
publishers of the Chicago directory for |
the year i*0S are nearing the end of
their work. They place the popula- i
Oregon Republican Plurality (irotrn.
1 Porilanp, Ore., June 11.—Addi-
tional returns received from Monday's
j election swell tieer's plurality for gov-
. ernor to 15,371.
Torrey'n Rider* May Uo to Manila.
Dkxvkr. Col., June 13.—Orders have
I been received at army headquarters
for the dispatch of the Nevada troop of
'olonel Torrey's rough riders, now at
( Cheyenne, to San Francisco. This or-
I tier is taken as indicating that the en-
tire regiment is to be sent to the Phil-
, ippiuev
They Expect Aouerlcan Ships to Come.
Madrid, June 13.—A dispatch from
epidemic ooTw'SK ' « fngli.1, r^l has arrived
tm" 1 '•* I ",a ,h"v u ; whT.«
m mo ItMWVVM of in Americla
^ ^ requires no cooking *
^Keokuk,Iowa. New Haven,Conn.
Tht« itin ti ti pt*p r«>d i n -.icntttlc principle!
I uniler:nif. It re tirc old Utica and lutnmer
U*tlng fluuh. It It th<> • nly March romnuf ctui*d that It perfectly barm lew. containing neither •
alum or any other tubitai.. <• lojutiout to linen and can be uted even f r a baby p. « der.
For Sale by All Wholesale and Retail Grocers.

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