The Edmond Enterprise (Edmond, Okla.), Vol. 21, No. 45, Ed. 1 Thursday, December 8, 1921 Page: 4 of 10

in the b tslness district of this city.
Of Some Few Cattle In Sequoy-
ah County Lately
Vian, Ok!*.—Because of neglect or
refusal of a few cattle owners In west-
ern Sequoyah county to obey orders
of federal Inspectors to clip cattle the
entire couuly ha* been placed und<r
quarantine lor tick. ThuusandH of
cattle, ready for shipment, are tied up
in the county as a u-Hult of the order,
It is Hatd. Being unable to ship at
a time when the cattle are ready for
market, stockmen are expecting exteu
live loSSt'S.
No report has been made as to how
long the quarantine will be in force
but It is expected to be ot long dur-
ation. MeetingH have been held and
others will be held by large cattle
owners to discuss steps to >•• taken
In relieving the situation. With the
spread of the tick, federal and county
Inspectors are making extra efforts
to have county officers enforce the
cattle dipping law. Inspectors say
that if dippnlg is carried out as they
instruct, the quarantine will be lifted
in the near future.
Sequoyah county has been under
quarantine for tick off ami on lor s«-\
eral yeais. The last quarantine was
lilted a year ago. Failure to observe
the dipping requirements has kept
the county under quarantine longer
than necessary, inspectors say.
Total for Issue Is 5,659 On Final With
But 1,702 Cast Against
Tulsa, Okla.. By a majority of
4,255 votes in a total of 7,659 cast at
the special water bond election in this
city, the proposal to bond the city iu
the sum of $6,800,000 to bring water
from Spavinaw creek, in Mayes coun
ty, to Tulsa was indorsed by citizens
Oflicial tabulation shows
6,957 m favor
1,702 against.
The vote was the heaviest of any
Eleven high school atudents were
killed recently south of Red Bluff,
Csl., at the Proberta crossing when a
Southern Pacific train struck the high
school motor bus In which they weru
riding. Three children and the driver
were injured.
+ + +
An egg pool formed by three men
controls the egg supply of Chicago
Peace Notes.
The Shantung Issue. which threat-1 and make, a profit of about $30,000
ned to disrupt the harmonious pro <l«y. Ru ell J. Poole city food ex-
ceding* Of the committee on Pacific P"". announced, following an Inves-
or and Far Kastern affair., ha, been ligation covering two week..
„r th« nronnaal ami pulled out of the fire Secretar> + + +
of toe pioposai a Hughe# and Arthur Balfour took a| Adaption of the banking machinery
hand when the situation became of the country lo the credit require
threatening and forced China to ments of the farmer and reduction of
polled In the history of the city on UKI tH. to n, gotiate directly with Japan, freight rates on farm products, were
da> + * + J advocnted as the most pressing needs
incl p|le Association of Nations, which of the agricultural Industry In an ad-
has been suggested as a possible out dress at Cincinnati by Representative
spcclal bond election
passed without any untoward
Of the twenty-ill voting precinct*, growth of the present conference will Sidney Anderson, chairman of the
only one No 17 the district west oi not interfere with the League of Nu- Joint co"grea« commission of ag
I he Arkansas river, known as wes; ' th.i.a. In the opinion . .f Senator ricullural inquiry
Tulsa gave a majority opposed to tin tor, delegate from Itlaly The league | +
proposal The vole In this p.ectnrt | covenant specifically permit, coopera
was 69 for and 108 against.
+ +
IHUI Confirmation of the report that
tlon between nations, he said al a con-J Lieut. Col. Charles W. Whittlesey had
heavy vote In favor of the bonds in
other precincts Is attributed to the
interest taken by the women voters
of the city.
Considering the rigid restriction
placed upon all voters, In that they
were compelled by precinct officials
to produce both their registration cer-
tificates and tax receipts for the yeai
of 1920, the vote was exceptionally
ference of newspaper men.
+ + +
Behind the "5-5-3" ratio of naval
strength the American delegates are
mustering increasing pressure, with
every confidence of success despite
the efforts of Japan to secure a modi-
fication iu her favor. Similarly In the
Far Kastern negotiations, the Ameri-
can "four points" a *e becoming more
and more a real charter of rights for
+ + +
The federal reserve board probably
will designate an unofficial adviser to
take part In a conference of allied
Capital and Ozark Highway Marker bankers to discuss means of prevent-
Obtained Through C. of C. ing exchange fluctuations upon pay-
ment of German Indemnity Install-
ments. The conference is expected to
be called In London or l'aris shortly
+ + +
Prance at this Juncture sees no rea-
son for the admitance of Germany
Into un arms conference that might
Chambr of Commerce to Make Movie
Campaign ia Started
Wynnewood. Okla.,—An educational
campaign which Is alined to cause di-
versification of crops and thus save
the cotton farmer In "off" years is be
chamber of commerce and will be
ing undertaken by the Wynnewood
pushed In the twenty Ave scholl dis-
tricts of Wynnewood's tiade area.
At one of the first meeting, held
at Car Flat school in Murray county,
the 300 persons present voted to at
tempt to Induce every farmer In the
district to stock his tarm with at least
two dairy cows, two brood sows, six
turkey hens and 100 hens.
The committee will cooperate with
the Garvin* county agricultural agent,
the county home demonstration agent.
A and M. college and the federal de
part ment of agriculture, as well as
with manufacturers of farm ma-
chinery, In spreading iuforuiation on
Sapulpa, Okla Work on the erec-
tion of a monumental highway mark
er to be built through the efforts of
the chamber of commerce began here
recently. The marker will be erected
at tne fork of the Drumright and Kel reHU|t from this one, it is said by M.
committed suicide on his way to Hav-
ana has been received by the AshocI-
ated Press in a wireless message from
Captain Grant of the steamship Toloa.
Liver or Attack Your
"I've tramped over 12,(XX) miles to
eee If there's one solitary woman left
who doesn't try to do poor, little old
Adam out of his own little job." Such
is the story of Carl C. Countryman
of Chicago, executive secretary of the
League of Young Americans, who was
seen In London recently wearing a
khaki suit and a bright smile.
lyville roads and will serve both the
Ozark and Capitol highways.
The marker will be eighteen feet in
helghth, four feet in diameter at the
base and Is to be constructed of con
crete with steel reinforcement. In
white letters, against a blue back-
ground, Will be painted the names of
and distances to all cities iu this part
of the state.
Wings of Machines Caught Two
Thousand Feet in Air.
Vlvlanl. Intimation, from the White
House were that Oermuny might be
included among nations asked to ap-
prove the result, of the present con-
+ + +
Germany n*pored to guar-
antee. that she has disarmed to allay
fear, of the French, according to a
dispatch to the London Chronicle
from Berlin quoting an "official state-
ment from the German ministry of
+ + +
Emphatic denial was made by M.
Vivian!, head of the French delega-
tion, of report, that Premier iiriand
had spoken In a slighting manner
of Italy or the Italian delegation in a
Reserve Officers Of State Assured private Ineeting of the Washington
In the assignment of officers of conference. Anti-French demonstra-
te reserve corps to unite in the tlons In a number of Italian cities
eighth corps area 95th division, an- have been attributed to publication
nounced from San Antonio head of these reports.
quarters, Capt. Cody Fowle, Capt. V. + + +
E. Mclnni., Lieut. W. H. Uealtie and Premier Driand may present to his
Lieut. Charles II. Chapman of Okla government, soon after his arrival in
Done o o
s noooaa
Warrants have been Issued by a
United States comslssloner at Chica-
go for John P. Tansey, formerly
chairman of the Cook County Demo-
cratic central committee, charging
him with altering whisky removal
permits and defrauding the govern-
+ + +
Fire swept the crowded Rlalto thea-
ter. n motion picture house at New
Haven, Conn., recently, and the po-
lice estimated on the basis of vari-
ous accounts that twenty persons
perished. More than four score were
taken to hospitals for treatment.
+ + +
Four army aviators were killed the
other afternoon when two airplanes,
in which they were practicing com-
bat duty, collided at an altitude of
two thousand feet and crashed to
earth one-half mile east of Post Field,
Fort Sill, Ok.
+ + +
The Spanish chamber of deputies
has passed a bill appropriating 13 mil-
lion pesetas for naval construction.
This will provide for an Increase in meeting, it was declared at Irish
the Spanish navy.
4* + +
Grass on seventy sections of land
ns destroyed and other damage
lawton, Okla—Four army aviators,
two officers and two prlvale., were
killed, when the two plane, in whlci,
tt'ey were doing combat practice work
collided 2.000 feet in the air. and
crashed to earth a half mile east of
Post Field.
As the planes slurck the earth the
gasoline tanks of the machines ex
ploded. enveloping *.ie wreckage in
flames. Trucks and ambulances
rushed to the scene, but were unable
to reach the bodies of the men which
were charred beyond recognition.
According to reports, the two plar J
had been in the air some time doing
practice work when they attempted to
execute a difficult combat maneuver.
As they swooped at each other, the
wings collided, sending both planes
down together in a helpless tangle.
Women's Club Plans Elaborate Pro-
gram For Farm Organization
Chickasha, Okla. The state Orange
meeting is to be held here December
3314 15 and the business women or
Chickasha have selected the afternoon
of the first day ou which to entertain
the visitors. Business meetings of th^
Orange will be held In the Elks club
rooms here, while the auditorium or
the Oklahoma Clllege for women will
eb at the Grange's disposal for initia-
tory work. It was stated. It is ex
pee ted that 500 Grangers will be here
tor ihe state meeting.
In addition .0 the reception by the
Chickasha business women, the vis-
tors will be entertained one evening
dvring the convention by the Okla
homa Coliege for women faculty and
North Oklahoma Needs Pied Piper
Ponca City, Okla.,—A pied piper
with the strongest drawing powers is
needed In northern Oklahoma, at the
present time, because of a horde of
Tats that is sweeping over the entire
community. At times the rats seem
to be traveling overland in numbers,
particularly at night time, as nearly
*11 autoists on the country roads in
this community report seeing many
along the roadside. Authorities are
planning an anti-rat campaign In the
pear future.
homa City, were assigned to head
quarters of the 170th artillery bri-
Capt. C. H. McNeese of Oklahoma
City was assigned to headquarters of ,
the 190th Infantry brigade.
Capt. Fred E. Ilalleln, Lieut. J. I'. '
Carey, Lieut. C. E. McKlnney and
Lieut. C. B. Whitehead of Oklahoma
City were all given assignments to
special troops of the 95th division
headquarters in Oklahoma.
Other assignments to division head-
quarters In Oklahoma were: Capt. A.
A. Odell of west Tulsa, adjutant gen-
eral's section; MaJ. I). E. Denneen ot
West Enid; Major H. L. Fist of Tulsa;
Capt. J. C. Jackson of Muskogee;
Capt. R. E. Jackson of Okmulgee;
and Capt It. E. Lalng of Wirt, all to
the headquarters corps; Capt. N. F.
Kirkpatrick of Antlers, to theordance
department; Maj. L. Crlttendon of
Tulsa, to the Judge-advocate general's
Capt. E. W. Peterson or Chickasha,
Assignments to tht 380th infantrv
were Maj. II. L. Finlay of Hobart.
Maj. Murray F. Gibbons of Purcell.
Capt. H. O. Keiss of Ardmore and
Lieuts. F. H. Freeman of Sentinel, \\
W. McCollem of Sentinel. Roy Glas
gow oi Purcell. J. N. Ford of Norman.
1. W. Cunningham of Mangum. H. B.
Mc Far land of Chickasha, C W. Shaw
of Chickasha. W. S. Marsh of Pauls
Valley, F. P. Rose of Thackerville. J
Paris, a proposition of withdrawing
French troops from the German
cities of Dusseldorf. Dulsberg and
Ruhrort, In the Ruhr, according to a
report in conference circles.
+ + +
Progress toward normal conditions
throughout the country has been con-
tinuous during November, despite .1
relative "slowing down," as compared
with the previous two months, the
federal reserve board said In its
monthly business and financial review
+ 4* +
George E. Tucker of Eureka. Kas
will be named field representative of
the department of labor In charge of
the farm labor situation. He will
have his headquarters In Kansas City.
+ + +
Approval of seventy-one advances
for agricultural and livestock purposes
aggregating $2,272,000 was announced
recently by the war finance corporis
tlon. including Illinois, $60,000; Kan-
sas. $61,000. and Texas. $347,000.
+ + +
Agreement among the powers to

Train Is Waiting For Delegates
Which Hurries Them to Ire-
land With Message.
London.—Lloyd George and the
Sinn Fein reached an agreement upon
the basic terms for a settlement of
(he Irish question.
I Lloyd George accepted practically
all of the amendments suggested by
the Dail cabinet and rushed to Lon
don by Arthur Griffith.
No question was raised at the
caused by a fire originating from a
campers' fire on the Ozark Trail, be-
tween Hereford and Clovis, Tex. Hun-
dreds of men were called out to ex-
tinguish the flames.
4. +
Wheat farmers In Oklahoma report
headquarters about "allegiance to the
It is officially announced that the_
government officials and the repre-
sentatives of the Dail Eireann have
reached an agreement, the terms of
which will be submitted for the ac-
ceptance of parliament and the Dail
A copy of the agreement has been
sent to Sir James Craig, the Ulster
The wlieut market i.uvl a firm undertone
duilng ti..- MtM'k and averaged slightly
1 Next Dose May Salivate. Shock
iimhungeu at 54',v L>om«**tic una fotelgl
drouth condition* were the market fe*-
tuie. It lb ivpuiteil that of the 17 500,000
acreti in Kan hub, Oklahoma .nd Te*aa
about 50 per cent hua not germinated. For-
eign demand ut seaboard good at close;
milling iiemuiKl i^low. Dotm-atlc and ea-
boaiu deinund tor tom continues good.
C.oalng price* in i'M< ago < i .hIi market:
Nu. 2 red winter wheat, 1 25; No. 2 hard
winter v\heat. 1.15; No. mixed corn. 51c;
No. 2 yellow com. 51c. No. 3 wlieut oats.
•>4Vgc.. A\eiage price t-- raiment in Cen-
| trul Iowa foi .No. 2 mixed corn about
34«*i . t. fa 1111.1* in Central North Da-ko-
la for No. 1 dark northern wheat 1.084 J
1 to luuneis in central Kanaus lor No. 2
! tiaru winter wheat 07c. t lowing future
prices fractional higher for the w.«k;
Minneapolis May wheat closed at 1.22% :
Kaiisus City Jaay wli.Ht fLubfe; Winni-
peg Muy wheat. $L12Vfc.
I n<rj Product*.
| All butter inurkets except Chlcag«
I steady to him. c idea go uecdned aharpls
ioUa> under iiuavy supplies of practically
ail grade*. This fo lowed consistent gam.-
ior more- than a week uunng winch 1 hi
prices were higher than at New
lork. Storage butler moving better in al
markets. '1 he weeks imports include*
' around 116,000 lbs. from Denmark, clos
ing prices, lc score: New York, 4ttV c.
Chicago, 45c; 1'hiiadelphiu. 47c.; Boston
, < ti. cheese markets quiet, pi Ices but'el)
•teuUy. Interest in held cheese increau
ing. Low quality fresh with seasons
I delects hard to move, l'rlces at Wise oil
sin pi Iniu'i y markets L>ec« mber 2nd
Twins lUc; daisies 10 V, double duisicf
j IIh . Young Amei icus i!0c; Lonuhoriis,
I ll «4c.
Fruits and Vrgetable*
I Potato markets alow. New York round
whites up :>c FoiS shipping points at
*1.(15 to $1.70. Wlseonsin points weakei
ai j-1 per iuu pouiiii* warehouse cash to
gioweis. Most eastern markets steady.
j New York sacked stock lost 15c In Pitts
burgh at $1.W>; week 111 lialtunoie at
j Maine Green Mountains ti-jwu 5c in lios
ton at $I.NVjsi.Dft. Sack -d northern rouno
whites, car.ot sales. ChlcriiKo t 10c al
, fl.tfo-tl.8U; bulk stock fl.7u-tl.l . Parrel
apple mu. kets neanj steady; boxed ap-
ph-s hlgliei Maine No. 1 Paid wins In
New Yoik City ftl-$(i.5o; up ">0c In Pin-
ion a*t t5.50-fU.<>0. Aew York A ii1* Pald-
| w ins weak in Pittsburgh, closing $i> $0..Vi
I Extra fancy Jonathans up 50-75c In Chi j
I cago at per box. Cabbage strong )
In eastern city marke ts. New York Dan-
ish closed stronger at $48-f5U in New York
and Paltimore; up $<s in Philadelphia $45-
$4N; up f5 In Cincinnati at f50-tf>5. Nor-
j thern and New York stock with supply
heavy lost ti 8 In Chicago at $42-$44; up
$2 FOB western New York shipping
points at $40 bulk per ton. Massachus-
etts yellow onions weaker FOll shipping
l-olnts t5.15-t5.50 it* 100 pounds moke i.
I'hilade phia maiket closed ftf.2.ri-5itl..">0
compared with $5.50 a week ago. Middle-
western yellows weaker in Cincinnati i.t
ffi.28-9ft.Au. Keel vail ties bteaoy hi Chi-
cago at f5-f.'i.50. California browns up
2c in Chicago at 9"' $5.' U.
Livestock and Mrats.
Chicago hog pi lees declined 5-2V dur-
| ing the week. Lignt hogs declining I
■ peef steers an.I l vt < ws and hem i
mostly 25-50c higher, those s.t'lir.g In ti
lower registers of th • \a loua gri
Ton know what calomel l<*. It's iner*
cury; quicksilver. Calomel is danger-
ous. It crashes Into Hour bile like
dynamite, cramping and sickening you.
Calomel attacks the bones and should
never be put Into your system.
If you feel bilious, headachy, consti-
pated and all knocked out, Just go to
your druggist and get a bottle of Hod-
son's Liver Tone for a few cents which
Is a harmless vegetable substitute for
dangerous calomel. Take a spoonful
and If It doesn't start your liver and
straighten you up better and quicker
than nasty calomel and without making
you sick, you just go back and get your
Don't take calomel! It makes you
sick the next day; It loses you a day'*
work. Dodson's Liver Tone straightens
von rluht up and you feel great. No
salts necessary. Give It to the children
because It Is perfectly harmless and
can uot salivate.—Advertisement.
Japan Has Widow's Headdress.
Japanese widows designate them-
selves by the arrangement of their
hair, and also signify whether they
desire to marry again.
Stops Hair Coming Out;
Thickens, Beautifies.
cllig :
jst. Stock-;
id fe
z if : i
The conference between the govern-
ment ministers and Sinn Fein dele-
many fields dead and others badly premjer by special me
damaged from lack of moisture, no
rain having fallen In nine weeks.
Ponds and creeks are drying up and
livestock Is suffering for water.
+ +
Enrique Razo. the young Chilean
convict, who played ou his violin be-
fore Governor N-jff of Texas and his
party while they were inspecting the
prisons, will receive his pardon 111
time to be at his home in El Paso
higher. Fat lumbt- \nd sheep i; n-
orally fMic hlghei ; feecilng lambs up 50-05.
December a Chicago prices: Hogs,
$7.25: bulk of sales $0,tl0-f0.9U; n
and good beef steers $0.15-$!'
cows and heifers $:t.00-$fc.7r>; teener
steers $4.tt0-t«.ti0; light and medium
weight veal cime* $0.fiO-.<l .
fO.28-$ 10.75; feeding lambs $*-$W.
lings 0-f0.18; fat e\ves $3-$5.25. .w«i-i
and feeder shipments from 12 Important
markets (luring the week ending Novem-
ber 2.r« were: Cattle and calves 08,265;
hogs 5.00S: sheep .10.825.
, The general trend of eastern wholesale
gates reached an agreement on tne fr,.„h meat prices was upward. Lamb
new proposals which uuderwent
tain modifications, for an Irish settle-
The delegates looked very tired and
grave as they left the premier's resl
dence to enter waiting cars. Asked
whether he had anything to say.
on Christmas day, Governor Neff an- Michael Collins, the Sinn Fein finance
nounced recently. ministered answered sharply, "not a
+ + + word."
For the purpose of preserving the Answering the question "are you
history and traditions of the state con,jng back" Mr. Collins answered
of Oklahoma and cementing the ..j ^on-t know; I don't know," and
strong ties that already exist between ^^jug the door of his automobile he
Gotham and "the land of the mistle-
toe," the Oklahoma Society of New
York has been organized.
+ + +
drove ofT with Mr. Griffith and Mr.
A few minutes later Ix>rd Birken-
head and Mr. Churchill left. Their
appearance suggested that the strain
withdraw from China detachments of Is giving way to the gravity of the
troops stationed there since the Boxer Irish situation. Both government and
uprisings, more than twenty years | Irish circles express the feeling that
ago. Is expected to result from dis-
cussions now beginning in the com
Henri Landru, the "Bluebeard" of 0f jjie conference had been a severe
Franco, must die by the guillotine. one
Landru was found guilty of murder
in the first degree. He had been on
trial for more than three weeks in the
assizes court at Versailles, charged
with the murder of ten women and
a boy. It was the most sensational
criminal trial ever held In France.
+ + +
All government business in England Gas Tanks Explode As Trains Col-
lide Causing Disaster.
.. . advances of f2-f4; mutton fl-
eal np f l-f2. Light pork loins firm
to $2 higher, but heavy loins declined
f 1.80-92 per 100 lbs. December 2nd prices
good grade meats: Peef $13-$15; veal
flOflS; lamb $21-f24; mutton flO-fll;
light pork loins $14-$ 18; heavy loins $12-
Light receipts cause some Improvement
in hay market. Prices firm. Demand
good but limited to immediate needs of
buyers. Quoted December 2. No. 1 tim-
othy Nf«-w York $:t;>, Cincinnati $22. «'hi-
cav.o $^:i. Minneapolis $10. Kansas City
f 14. Atlanta $27.50. No. I alfalfa Kan-
sas City $21. Memphis $24.50. Atlanta
$,'{(). No. 1 prairie Kansas City $11, Min-
neapolis $15.50.
Offerings of all feed stuffs plentiful. De-
mand generally light due to open weather.
Most markets indicate increased offerings
of wheat feeds for December shipment.
Stocks of cottonseed and linseed meal and
other hb h protein feeds about normal for
this season of the year. Corn feeds in
good supply. Alfalfa meal and beet
pulp quiet. Prices most feeds fail ly
firm. Quoted December 2nd, bran $In.
middlings $1N.50, Minneapolis ;{tl per cent
ottonseed meal $:<4 Memphis; white li
35 cents buys a bottle of "Dander-
Ine" at any drug store. After one ap-
plication you can not find a particle
|f?5 '""ar- or a falling hair. Besides,
'* *'' N 11 every hair shows new life, vigor, bright-
ness. more color and abundance.—Ad-
The optimist Is a man who believes
that a thing Is for the best until
something better happens.
YOU can't do vour best when
your back and every muscle
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Apply Sloan's Liniment freely, with*
out rubbing, and enjoy a penetrative
glow of warmth and comfort.
Good for rheumatism, neuralgia*
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sciatica, sore muscles, stiff joints and
the after effects of weather exposure.
For forty years pain's enemy. Aslc
your neighbor. Keep Sloan's handy.
At all druggists—35c, 70c, $1.40.
The conference was in session for iny t...,i $21.50 st. Louis: 'gluten feed
two hours, when the announcement
was suddenly made that an agreement
had been arrived at.
of Lawton.
mlttee on Pacific and Far Kastern
affairs of the Washington conference.
+ + +
The national conference on unem-
ployment hao been instrumental in
Meeker of Temple and J K. Peter putting between m and 2 million idle
men and women back to work, Secre-
tary Hoover believes. Based on the
last labor department estimate of
million unemployed, this would be a
reduction of nearly one-third In the
nation's Idle In the last two months.
+ + +
Tax receipts of the government dur-
ing the fiscal year 1921, decreased
To Observe Live At Home Week
"Live at Home" week probably will
be observed In Oklahoma within the
near future, it was announced by J A.
Whitehurst, president of the state
board of agriculture. The movement
originated last year by Whitehurst has
spread to many southern states and
is being observed this fall. It is prob-
able that Governor Robertson soon
will Issue a proclamation urging the
observance. The purpose of the move
ment Is to encourage the growing of
table esseutlals at home and the pa-
tronizing of home products.
ly a miracle can avert the collapse
of the conference and a renewal of
+ +
Philadelphia.- One of the greatest
wreck disasters in the history of the
Philadelphia & Reading railroad oc
curred when two passenger trains
trashed head-on at a curve near Byrn
Orders have been Issued to Japan- Athyn. Reports from , the scene of
ese government shipyards to cease all
worship repal-s and to slow down new
work, It was announced recently ay
the vice-minister of the navy.
+ + +
the wreck placed the dead as high as
twenty five. Railway terminal ofTi
cers here had not compiled any state-
ment on the number of dead.
An official statement issued by the
Sj ot cotton prices declined aDout 2"
points during the week, closing around
17.10c per pound. New York December
futures declined 13 points c osing at 17.25.
Most Quail In History
Oklahoma City, Okla.—Oklahoma
has more qt:ail this season than for
fourteen years, according to Brn Watt
state game warden. "There is no dan-
ger of quail hunting becoming a wan-
ing sport in Oklahoma," said Watt.
•'There are more quail this season
than I have seen or heard of in the
state for the fourteen years I have
lived here. "Reports from all sections
of the state are to the effect that
there are more than have been notic-
ed for years.
LUNGARDIA is "without a
rival" in ordinary or deep-seated
Coughs and Colds, difficult breathing,
and for the relief of Whooping Cough.
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nearly a billion dollars as compared situation which has not yet been de
with the previous year while the cost i cided is whether armed hostility would
The entire town of Ibajay in the Reajing places the dead reported at
province of Capiz, Philippine islands,
was lnundate(J by a tidal wave Sun-
day and many houseo with their occu
pants swept out to sea. according to
dispatches from the postmaster of
+ + +
An Immediate problem In the Irish
twelve, with thirteen injured in the
Abington hospital.
Eleven bodies have been recovered
and more are believed to be In the
The Impact caused one en cine al-
most to loop the loop. The explosion
of the boilers was heard for miles
while the blaze of the burning coaches
Mexico Will Guard Election Fighting
Mexico City.—The government took
all precautions to prevent untoward
demonstrations incidental to the mu-
nicipal elections held in the capital
and the suburbs. All the soldiers of ;
the garrison were prepared for in-
stant duty. Pqlice reserves also were
available in case of need.
No Soap Better
For Your Skin
Than Cuticura
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Willi me pi ie uo j «_-« • n""v ..... i mru ia nuciiici m mvu ........ . , .
of collection Increased 32 cents for follow a complete disagreement or if 1,1 "P 'Je coun • c
each $100, according to the annual j it shall prove possible to arrange an
report of the bureau of internal rev- adjournment of the negotiations tern
enue, made public by Commissioner porarlly and meanwhile maintain the
Blair. truce.
+ + + + + +
Confident that the major agree- Revolutionary conditions reported others were burned to death while
ments will be concluded before Christ- recently in Lower California are con- many stood by powerless to help.
Notice was sent to all county com mas many of the delegates to the sidered of small Importance by Presl- Five dead have been removed from with October the November cost of
issioners of the state by the state grmament conference are booking dent Obregon. who received the news- tjie wreck of the first car of the other food to the individual German rose
Exploding gas tanks under the cars
added to the horror.
Of twentv-flve passengers trapped
by the flames in the forward car of
one train, only five escaped. The
Warned On Hospital Bill
Living Costs Jump In November
Berlin. The Index figures for the
cost of living in November show an
increase of 22 percent as compared
with October. The cost of food, rents, I
heating and lighting was 58.4 percent
higher than a year ago. Compared
Weatherproof Paint Stands the Ttst
Made from the finest ingredients money can
buy. Pure Oil—Pure Lead and the proper
amount of Pure Zinc—thoroughly mixed. If
paint can be made better w- will be glad
to make It. All colors and white, $3 00 per
gallon, and every gallon fully guaranteed.
Wall Pap^r 8 cents per roll up.
IB 8. Rubicon - Okluhoina City
health department that they will be passage homo for the holiday season, paper correspondents In his office
required to pay the $10 a week fee for m. Vlvlanl of the French delegation and dismissed questions relative to
tuberculosis patients admitted to the will sail December 14, leading thy these reported disturbances with a
Talihina hospital regardless of wheth I homeward bound procession. laugh.
er the excise board Included the statu + + + + + +
torv levy for that purpose in their an Lieut. Col. Charles W. Whittlesey, Forest Hayes was killed near Nuy-
nual budget. The charge must b« ; hero of the famous "Lost Battalion," ; aka. Ok., and Deputy Sheriff Wheeler
made against the fund for the poor has disappeared from the steampUlp of Nuyaka Is searching for a negro
and Insane, according to an opinion Toloa, on which he sailed for Havana,, In connection with the^death^ accord-
nuoted 'ram the attorney general's of " wa9 Baid ,n a wlrelo3a r«ce,veci lr- reports received at Muskogee
quoted from the attorney gene.als of ^ York recemly jfrom the sheriff, office at Okmulgee
Texan Leaves Thirteen Children
Denison, Tex.,—David L. Lindsey,
93 years old, Is dead at the home of
his daughter. Mrs. L. V. LaPorte.
Surviving him are thirteen children,
forty two grand children and foui
graat grand children.
25 percent on account of the prices of
foreign products.
One Man Is Burned In Blaze
Yuma. Ariz.,—One man was killed
and several others injured, none of
them seriously, and property was
damaged to the extent of a quarter
million dollars as a result of a fire
in the business district of this city
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