El Reno Democrat. (El Reno, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 9, No. 11, Ed. 1 Thursday, March 31, 1898 Page: 2 of 8

K. II. Howe, an attorney of Oklahoma
City, has an article iu the March num-
ber of McM«ster's Majaiine over hit
own signature, which contains some
startling observations relative to Okla-
homa railroad laws and railroad de-
cision* during the pa l seven yearn.
Thin history, if true, and there seems
to be no one with temerity enough to
deny it, not even the judges them-
selves, show- a condition that is :>l>-
palling to sa> tho veiy leai-t
Howe ui'iket the stal
its or and6 about it, that there nt*ver
has been a decision rendered by the
supreme court of tbi t«i utory since it
organization that ha* been adverse t*>a
railroad corporation. Mr. Howe in
commenting u|K>n this (a ;t says: ''Some
of these cases appear to an ordinary
law.\er to have merit, hut we are unable
to recall or find one, in which the de-
cision is adverse to the railroad com-
Manv men fool w ilh sickness jr.st
as u bear fools around a trap A it', 'i
dot-sn'l like to own up that he ill.
He says O, it amount* to nothing I sh '.ll
be all right to-morrow 1 But he isn't all
right tomorrow, nor the next day Pretty
soon the trap snaj s to; and he has some
serious disease fastened on him.
The i nly sensible course is to keep away
from th« trap, and not allow sickness to pit
any hold on you It is a frightful mi-take
to trifle with nidit u, n and bilious- troub-
les in the belief that they will cure them-
selves. On the contrary they drag the « hole
Mr. I system down with them.
When the appi tite and digestion are ir-
ut without any i Tt^uiar jt &h «-■ that the machinery of t!ie
body is out of order and not doing its
proper work; the blood circulate i. is poorlv
supplied and is being gradually debased
by bilious poisons
The proper slterativ for thi* condition is
Dr. Pierce's Goldeu Medical Discovery
favorites Immediately upon their elec-
tion to the legislature: that they are i
given passes, and excursions are gotten
up for their pleasure.
The jieople will infer from this that :
many of our legislators have been un- ;
duly influenced, and us a natural con-
sequence the time will come when can-
didates will lie called before conven-
tions to pledge themselves. To refuse
is certain defeat. To make uud violate
the pledge .« treas. : evert rail-
roads understand that favors and
bribes are ultimately wasted, when
open and notorious treason is depended
u[«m for a recompense. Money is
wasted when treason or cowardice re-,
ceip's the bill.
Already litigation. official corruption
acts directly upon the digestive funeti ,r
and the liver; and enables the blood mak-
ing glands to supply an abundance of pure and the potnpus perfidy of those with
blood rich with the nutritious vital tie-
ments which build up healthy flesh and an official pull, haw retarded out pro-
endnring strength. mnp« than mi
In all impoverished and run down condi- luuu loan can
tions the " Discovery'" is far better than [ajj tlll. foundation
malt " extracts" or nauseating " emul-
sions " It creates genuine permanent
strength It does not make flabby fat but
solid muscle. It is a perfect tonic for cor-
, | pulent people.
A full account of iu properties and mar-
"Whcn u farmer sOid it rallr«>:iu com* , vc](mg effects in tnanv so-called "hopeless"
i. ( <h,.nn«t, K.s -.ni1 leases, verified by the patients' own sig-
pany a right-of-way throug . nature*, is given in one chapter of Doctor What a bonanza is the record left be-
iimmi conditions exuresaed in the deed Pierce's thousand page illustrated book
"The People's Common Sense Medical hind by our several legislatures. And
that the company should construct and Advi er " This splendid volume will be '
. .... I sent free on receipt of 21 one-cent stamps what a theme the charges and counltr-
muintain a cro—i"tr, acc« l''e nc : to pav nailing - cost only. Address. Dr. , , ,
D v- \H. (J?, M .n B.tfTalr. V V Charge? of (l8H'l.M lOlTUptlOtl alVH'Ilg
court held that since the deed was not I *•V Pierce. 66,t Main Street. Buffalo. N. Y.
an instrument subscribed by the
company, the condition was not bind-
ing. althoughthedeed and right-of-way
were accepted by the railroad, yet the
farmer's attorney *hen a-ked whether
he would appeal answered, l'h—1, no!
The single profane word embodied a
a sufficient reason.
"No one can meet adversity, defeat
and disaster with better grace than a
trained lawjer. And no one ean more
quickly detect falsehood and fraud.
Satisfied of the rectitute of his adver-
sary and the uprightueas of the court,
and he yields with complacency, but it
is a little difficult to convince him that
a certain class of litigants who are so
often in court, and so often in the
Farmer Hopkins' Evidence.
A Victim of Nervous Prostration and Neuralgia,
Saved Utter Her Physician Abandoned Hope.
/Yam the Republican, Columbus, lnd.
Whils -n the neighborhood of Rugby, | and watery, and ner complexion became sal.
lndrn.. recemlT a reporter was told that low an.t colorless >he had no strength, and
Miss TUrahopkins daughter of Mr. Dennis the least no,se irritated her she was so ner.
Hopkins a prominent fanner of lJartho- vous. Me had another physician, and he
lorotw l ounty! had been the subject ..f a treated her steadily tor a wHho«t_doin?
remarkable transformation. Thr reporter
decided to investigate and learn the par-
He was driven to Mr. Hopkins
estimated, and
r intermidable
wrangles and confusion. And what a
tield for the populist is the unbroken
record of our supreme court. For seven
\ tars : n its decisions i ITecting railroads.
For a cloth-bound copy send 31 stamps. democrats and republicans. And
her any good. In fact, it seemed that she
whs continually lieooining worse. He finally
gave np the ease as hopeless, and advised
us to get Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People for her, as he said that they were the
only thing that wonld benefit her.
' I procured a couple of boxes of the pills,
and found that their use helped her con-
gesti'jn ' writes Samuel Walker Ksa. of Parkes- how delightful the reflection that what
burg. Chester County. Pa. "I concluded to try
your valuable 'Golden Medical Discovery Af- ha- sO often been cal.ed "Fair Oklallo-
ier taking five bottles 1 was entirely cured I
atao suffered from bladder trouble which was j..a will enter the evriejof the Alllcri-
alao cured by the ' Discovery.' I feel like a new
can eagles with a populistic scream."
Yes, and what a mountain of gall
must be possessed by these same Okla-
homa judges, who no sooner than they
tieulars. — -
fplendiii country home, where he nna
interesting conversation with that gentleman
regarding the illness of his only daughter.
■ ■ You have been correctly informed,' said
Mr. Hopkins, " for Clara has indeed had a „ , - ,
s;he tried Dr Williams' Pink siderably. She kept on taking thern till she
used about a do«cn boxes, with the result
that she was entirely well, and since then
there has been no symptoms whatever, of her
old trouble. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are
certainly * wonderful medicine, which did a
wonderful good in Clara's case, doing w hat
several physicians failed to accomplish."
All the elements ne,-canary to give new life
and richness to the blood and restore shatter,
ed nerves are contained, in a condensed
severe siege.
Pills f ir Pnle People and they did her more
good than all other medicines together that she
ever took. A few bores of that medicine
accomplished the cure of a case in a few
months which had baffled physicians for
''About three years ago her health began
to fail. The doctor who attended her said this
was caused by weak digestion. This produced
nervousness,which was accompanied by nen
ralgic troubles which at first was located in form in Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
the nerves about the heart. Of course this People They are also a specific for Iron
was a dangerous location for any such trouhle bles peculiar to females, such as snppres-
snd she rapidly grew worse, notwithstanding sions. irregn'arities and all forms of weaV-
that the physician was treatinc her. This ness In men they effect a radical cure
continued till a year ago last November, at in all cases arising from mental worry,
which tnne she was almost constantly confined overwork or excesses of whatever nature
to her bed Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold in boxes
"The neuralgia became gradually worse, (never in loose bulk) at SO cents a box or six
and finally she was a confirmed victim to it. boxes for $2.50, and may be had of all drug-
"Nervous prostration set in, and she was gists, or direct by mail from_Dr: AVilliams'
How'h This?
We offer $100 reward for any case of
catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh cure. F. .f. CHKNEY Sc Co.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Wo, the undersigned, have known P.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be-
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by their firm. WES* & TRUAX,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Waldinu, Kinnaw & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh cure is taken inter-
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75c per
bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Hall's Family pills are the best.
of judicial and legislative conduct.
They must take the naked facts made
public and from them infer. This they
do, and then act according to the infer-
ence. They have been taught that
railroads in a sense, are public institu-
tions, and they have somehow gotten
tho impression that the legislature has
the right to prescribe just regulation
for their conduct, but for some years
they have seen tl^e railroads regulate
the legislature. They have been in-
formed that the same authority that
loon all run down. Her blood was impure
EdueatoYour Dowels With C'ii*c:ire*«.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
10c, 15c. If C. C. C fall, druggists refund money.
To Curt. Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25c.
If C. C. C. fall to cure, druggists refund money.
names the conductors has suggested
the names of the judges, and that the
authority that manages railroad busi-
ness and railroad litigation speaks
without contradiction in partisan coun-
cils and conventions. Relying upon
these things the people are beginning
to say that the public authorities are
not regulating the railroads, hut that
the railroads are regulating our author-
When it is remembered that for more
than seven years not one case has been
lost by u railroad company in the court
of last resort for want of reasons, if any
The best salve in the world for crts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, -alt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilbains
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi-
tively cures piles, or no pay. It is guar-
anteed to give perfect satisfaction or
money refunded, l't ice 'S> cents per box.
For sale by C. II. Miller, the druggist.
I desire to attest to the merits of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as one of
the most valuable and efficient prepara-
tions on the market. 11 broke an exceed-
ing y dangerous cough for me in 24
hours, and in gratitude therefor, I de-
sire to inform you that I will never be
without it and you should feel proud of
the high esteem in which your remedies
are held by the people in general. It
is the only remedy among ten thousand.
Success to it.—O. R. Downey, Editor
Democrat, Albion, lnd. For sale by all
wrong in other com muni ties, never lay
themselves liable in Oklahoma. It is
hatd for hin-. to understand why, dur-
ing more than seven years in this ter-
ritory where conditions and inclina-
tions have been so prolific of litigation
that ti railroad company has not boon
held liable in a single case.
"This is as difficult of comprehension
as why a general act of congress, sup-
posed to apply to all parts of every ter- '
ritory and repeatedly held to apply to
other parts of Oklahoma is inapplicable
to Pawnee county where officialism has will insist upon changing the court,
fingered in furnishing tho county sup- and it is not to bo overlooked that the
plies in excess of-I per centum of the time is coming in this territory when
a man with a grievance against the
j railroad will have as much to say in
' the election of our judges as tho rail-
exist, the people will infer that the
court has been unduly influenced and
assessed valuation.
And it is a little unusual that four
legislative assemblies have met aud
adjourned and none but tho first has
enacted any law for tho regulation of
railroads, when the railroad statutes
passed by the first assembly are incom-
plete, uncertain, and for practical pur-
poses a mere nullity.
While the present policy of absolute
control, of absolute defiance, of absolute
prevention, may redound to the imme- tures have convened v. i angled, and atl-
diato advantage of existing companies, jixirned without railroad legislation,
it is as a natural consequence damaging although it is admitted on every hand
to all interests. It moans eventually that such legislation is first in irnport-
a conflict, a fight to the finish, a de- ance. It will also be discovered that
plorable repetition of what has often the members have been very kindly
road owner or official.
There is grave danger that pop-
ular clamor may arise and say, "the
corporations have had their courts for
a number of years, now let us select
ours." This is but the natural outcome
of such a conflict.
It will he asserted that our legisla-
are stripped of their official ermine
launch themselves out upon the politi-
cal sea, some with vaulting ambitions
to further serve corporations in con-
gress, others satisfied with any old
place at the pie counters. But if the
democratic party have become so lost
to decency and patriotism as not to
promptly shelve everything connected
with the past officialism of tho terri-
tory, then we sincerely hope that a
"populistic scream will not only enter
the eyrie of tho American eagles," but
that it may also enter the lowest cav
erns of hell aud stir up tho natives
The Okeene I'lagle says: ".Judges
Burford aud Koaton have each oiven
their grand jurors to understand that
the habit of licensing houses of prosti-
tution by the monthly fine system is il
leual and the perpetrators of such line
should go to the penitentiary. Will
the jurors do tbeir duty?"
No, they will not. In fact in Okla
hotna City they have not, as the jury
thus instructed has already adjourned
without accomplishing anything.
There is another feature anent the
instructions of Ilurford and Kenton
which the Kagle seoius to have over
looked, viz: Judge Uurford took snuff
the first week after bis appointment to
the bench, and Kenton simply sneezed
the last week of his official career.
It is. or should be, the highest aim of
every mcrchitnt to please his customers;
and that the wide-nwake drug firm of
Meyers & Kshleman, Sterling, III., is
doing so, is proven by the following,
from Mr. Kshleman: "In my sixteen
years' experience in the drug business
I've never seen, sold or tried a medicine
that gave as good satisfaction asCba.n-
herlaln'R Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy." Sold by all druggists.
McMaster's Magazine for March is
better than ever. There Is not only a
marked improvement in the mechnn-
! ical execution of the publication, but
The infinitesimal possibilities of dec
imal fractions are even too largo-to ex-
press the number of people in Oklaho-
ma who are not glad that the I loveland
gold-bug administration is dead, de-
ed and damned. Only 'he fag end
of it remain and they are fagged to a
(raved frazzle of indistinctness. Blight,
frost, cyclones and the day of judgment
may all hit Oklahoma the same year
ind leave it more vigorous and less
harmed than did the follies, factions
and deliverties of Clevelandism. Inall
the aggregation of imbecility, dishon-
esty and deviltry there was ti ver
enough of manliness to it at any time
to stand decisively (or territorial rights
and human good. True tho dying days
of their reign saw an occassional good
an thrown into the whirlpool of po-
litical destruction, but like all good of
{Company, Schenectady, V Y.
Notice to Dealers.
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handle school books, tablets, slates and
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ail Insurance!
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() f (irowing drops
tin the morning of Feb. 'JO, I>t .>. 1 was
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Chamberlain's I'ain Balm. Iho first
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si M
ahsolut i-'. sr.i rum
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holders * 10.
rates reasonable.
I 'lease call sit our of-
fieo at, once and ob-
tain full particulars.
A. Van Ness & Son,
First National Eank Building
El Reno, oklahoma.
been seen in other communities. The treated by the railroads: that men who in the composition and make-up.
people are too remote from the sceneof cannot command the slightest favor or article on territorial courts is startling
action, too busy with thoirown affair*, smallest attention at the hands of the In its character, and it should be read
to inquire into every motive and detail railroad companies bccomen epiv'.al by every citizen in the territory.
morality he died vining. Died for want
of sympathy, fraternity or recognition
from Clevelandism. So soon as an elec-
tion day comes these fossilized festers
of political disease will strive to be at
the front us party lenders. If they suc-
ceed in securing the slightest recogni-
tion democracy becomes a pari of their
bone yard. This territory lias become
a cemetery for democratic principles
and the Cleveland parasites are its
ghouls. Their continuance in power
will welcome the parly to yawning and
hospitable graves. II the next demo-
cratic convention does not reject these
men and all the imps of their father-
hood or fashioning democracy will have
no further place in the politics of the
territory. The rank and file will cease
to follow the ravenous appetites of
blind leaders and take to the broad
woods where political piracy cannot
control manly opinions and the freedom
of citizenship. McMaster's Globe.
A man stands no chance of being
elected to the mayorship of a city un-
less he enjoys the confidence anil esteem
of his neighbors. Geo. W. Humphrey
is the popular mayor of Swunton, <)hio,
and under date of Jan. 1,, IMMi, lie
writes as follows: "1 his is to certify
to our appreciation of Chamberlains
Cough Remedy. My family and neigh-
bors have tested it, and we know it is
an excellent remedy for coughs and
colds,—George W. Humphrey." Sold
by all druggists.
The be ft
ae<*<lN Kr<>v% n nm
IgwvKcrry'n. The bent.
sown are Ferry'*.
the l e«t.
Detroit, Mich.
Nursey Stock St Wholesale!
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