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i II u !, ^ A ti i RANStRii'i
nrnnmn 11 n J o p |
Mr. Farmer:
T«li at kow sack
, u itoiri m Im(
B«{*r« tom •'<■ UP *nrk®<!y' loaa
kv r*tUa« ail th« Informatics poailble
■7 JH ml and your laa4 iwk«
• 'pi, ud «<> vill |lv« ym Mm* facto ko«t rtlai.
at louu Deal dtraet, wttk r«llabl« p«o l« uU *"
If yoo «ip«et t taka oat a farm lw
fcrtUr la taaak wit* u
1 From Monday's Daily.
—Mrs. L. C. Westervelt is
here from Paoli, Okla., visiting
her mother, Mrs. M. I. We3ter- farmers and business men
velt. who pay the taxes are
—City Carrier and Mrs. Fred for him.
Close and children have return-
ed from'their visit to Melissa,
Texas. SI* candidates are seeking the nom-
—Mrs. Texie Alder continues ma11"0 for Governor at the Demo-
te improve and it is now be-!""1' " b*
lieved her recovery will he BIlrt « thu tlme lt .a ^li that
Oaatlaaca Plaaaa m4 tmformatloa aa a^Tartlaad
fu Narmaa Traaaarlpt- I vast to korrav I
*7 laai la aeraa. legal aamkan
*aarur at Bactim Tw .
—Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Akin
and children have returned to
Tribby, where they will teach
again the coming year.
—Walter Richards, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. Richards, went
to Sulphur Sunday to visit rela-
tives a week.
—A. W. Brown left yesterday
for Fort Worth, where he has a
good position in a big wagon
—All the same, Senator Gore
is going to beat Judge Hayes out
of his boots. The latter won't
know he was in it.
—Judge Bailey was here from
Chickasha yesterday in the in-
terest of his candidacy for mem-
ber of the supreme court.
—Your Subscriptions to the
Ladies Home Journal, Saturday,
i . . . „ Evening Post and Country Gen-
TIIE NORMAN TRANSCRIPT> The citizenship of Norman tleman are earnestly solicited.
i ind Cleveland county are receiv- Nina F Rhoades, Monticella, 111. inefficiency has spread from one de-
J J. Burke, Owner and Editor, j ing some hard knocks these days, * p_'f„ T,]ripV and Barrett an,;ient to another, and conflicting
1 every editor, little and big, tak- , ' p Colorado and the 1 " i! ral asP'ration9 amone °"r State'3
shot at them because of
the voters should seriously con-ider
the character of these candidates and
■*hat they stand for.
F. E. Herring Is a practical and
successful business man and fa-mer,
who is asking the nomination on a
platform: "Apply business methods
>o the conduct of state affairs. Reduc-
tion of taxes will follow as an inevit-
able result. '
Four of his opponents. Jennings,
West. Robertson and Williams are
lawyers who have had no business
>• peri once. West and Williams ha^e
been on the state's payrolls for more
than seven years, Robert son for four
or five years, and Dunlop has been on
the County or State payrolls ever
since statehood.
What has West, Robertson. Wil-
liams or Dunlop ever aceo-' li.-hod
'uring their Incumbency in public of-
ice that entitles them to remain on
■he state's payrolls during the bai-
lee of their natural lives?
Por nearly elrht years the State of
oklahoma hits been controlled by
lawyers and professional politicians
with the result that extravagance and
Norman Boosters
Fourth Count in Piano Con
test Will Be Made
July 29, 1914
Every Dollar Spent With the Fol-
lowing Boosters Entitles You to
100 Votes on the Piano.
It is said the forces
inir a snot at tnem Decause or m 4. omciai lamuy nave resulted in fac
Hhe !U5? of the Lindsay trial ^'ihaifoThl" new «"*"<"• * > - - """""
1914 anmtv'however requiresTo de-1 He wm m(>ve his fa!"i,y C,are" ' <>> • °' '<•' ■«> =•
! feme atX hamKf the Traa-1 more -ometime thi summer ; by ,to r,., o„v. tor
behind ,cript it win v*rv I —Miss Cora Ezell, who has nov,mor ai.-lo.e..
compare very
favorably in-
(1) That Herring is the candidate
Judge Hayes are going to put up favorably, very
a tremendous fight against Sen- deed, with the citizenship o.t UK- ' ""J lis running in the interest of good
«t,.r Pnrp .liirinir thi«* last week lahoma City, Tulsa, Muskogee, home in buipnur. government.
ator (.ore during this la. e Sulphur or any „ther towns —J. F. Jepsen is home from a (2) That Jennings is running to
of trio pnmai v campaign, anc which come the most bitter jtwo months' visit with friends in, .00st and advertise his moving pic-
freely make their boasts thati editorials. Neither does the, eastern Iowa. He says crops are j lure investment.
they will "get him." Maybe so. Lindsay jury require any de- fine in most parts of Iowa. (3) That Dunlop is running in the
Tlirv certainlv have the money fense. It was made up of ear-! —A letter from H. S. Winans j interest of National Committeeman
ZhTLZLrV 'nest, honest, conscientious men, tells us they are prosperous and Oalbraltha machine the^stone
and the influence. 1 , ... „ . A mi rn„„ imarry at Bromide, owned by Oal-
oOo representative cit...ens, a r - happy at Greenville, Tex., and ] ,,ralth wll0 wnnts seli to the state
Colonel Roosevelt has more ber them reckoned among the sure do welcome the Transcnpt lhe stone USRd ln lhe construction of
political influence than any oth- ^est men in the county, and every week. the state Capitol.
~ fhn TinifoH stntp« not when they brought in the unam- —was stated in the Globe «) That West is running in the
SOUl l Interest of the Hasltell-Standard Oil
of an ! machine, and claiming credit for re-
women suits in railroad litigation when It Is
ar.,1 Vio trnoth • mmp and hp was aon# n was lilt; lauii ui u,c , pnllpd'to sav that the item was ^neraHy known that attorneys from
'LX* z: thdeM8eyS'n5? earth ESZ&XSZ
thousands of devoted followers, j ent veiaict witn tne law as 11 is ineeting at purcell on Saturday, I Rhine and the state printing machine,
thp right thing to do or say. ir they consicierea at an tne mass ^ Republicans down both of which means loss to the tax-
Once in a great while some of ?f evidence brought out concern- ^pre ^ a HveP bunch Not.
his more independent followers Mr- ^jinc'say s menta' con(^ " iwithstanding many other things
try to have a mind of their own; tl0n> j ^-oing on there was an attend-
fcr instance, when Amos Pinchot, oOo —— ance 0f some 250 at the speak-
er man i
R. L. Moffett.
A. C. Smythe
Benke'sCigar Store.
Broken Dollar Store.
English Kitchen
West Side Bakery
Mrs. Anderson, Milliner
Norman Marbie & Granite
Uni Confectionery
Smith's Book Store
Jack Bowers
East Side Hotel
F. J. McGinley
R. C. Berry
Rucker's Cash Store
Jas. D. Maguire
Nolan & Martin
Norman Milling & Grain
Ephraim Clothing Co.
Ed Martin
J. W. Cook
Clement Bros.
U. S. Tubbs
Carey, Lombard Young &
Co. Lumber Yard
Barbour & Sons
Moomau & Kimberlin
Fred Reed —
McKinney Bros.
Pioneer Drug Store
I. M. Jackson
McCall & Sons
Punyan & Son
The Red Elevator
New York Tailoring Co.
Norman Oil Mill Co.
Peerless Bakery
H. W. Stubbeman
W. H. Crittenden
Massey Feed & Coal Co.
Brown's Confectionery
Barker Lumber Co.
Mystic Theatre
Minnetonka Lumber Co.
Four Pianos Free
Ask for Yuar District, and Call
for Your Voting Tickets.
Norman Boosters
L. Patterson conducted the lawn
union services at night, to a
lat'ge congregation.
—The real estate and loan of-1
triecf to have Geo. Perkins read The candidacy of Hon. J. M. j ing
out of the Progressive party, but Gresham for the Republican jn absence of Rev.
Mr. Roosevelt promptly sits nomination for Congress from, j-, A \iyickizer of the Christian
down on them with the result this (the 5th) is meeting with j cburch( Rev. L. T. Monnett
that their ideas are never heard the approval of every member of | preached a very able and inter-
of again. the party in Cleveland county, iestj'ng sermon on Sunday morn-
oOo for they all regard him as wor- • at that edifice, and Rev. J.
Numerous letters have gone thy in every respect. It is also
from Oklahoma to Colonel Roose- being well received in the other
vrlt during the last few days counties, for it is thoroughly
asking his advice as to what to recognized that the candidate
do in this state as between the | should come from one of the
Republicans and Progressives. ' southern counties. Should he
He sized the matter up in New , receive the nomination he will
York and made up his mind
nothing could be done there as |ty in the state and make an
ag;;i' -•! the boss, s of both par- c'a;n,. t campaign along progres-
ses if the Republicans anl Pro- sive Republican lines. The peo-
gressives ran separate tickets; ple are ready for such a cam-
and promptly gave his support, paign, made by a man in whom
they have confidence—and such
a man is J. M. Gresham.
payers and a corresponding increase
in state and county taxes.
f6) That Robertson is running ln
the interest of a machine constructed
out of the appointive office-holders of
the Cruce administration, who expect
to retain their present positions ln
the event of Robertson's election.
The Marland school land leases is
another machine being operated in
th> interest of Robertson.
With these facts before you, Mr.
Honest Voter, can you conscientiously
cast your vote for either of Mr Her-
(First published in the Norman
Transcript July 9, 1914.)
Notice of Sheriff's Sale.
No. 4,069.
State of Oklahoma, County of
Cleveland, ss.
In the District Court Within
fices of the Pickard company ! ministration, if you want taxes re-
and W. W. McCullough are now duced, vote for Herring
,, t. , . . . „„„„ ; in the rear room of the Farmers
carry the J National bank, where they will Whitwell's Strength Growing.
be pleased to see their custo-i From Monday's Daily.
mers. Rev. E. O. Whitwell and Judge
Miss E. Marie Anderson Eagleton are home from their
writes that Martha Vineyard campaigning trip to Logan and
(First published in the Norman
Transcript July 9, 1914.) |
Notice of Sheriff's Sale of Land:
No. 4370.
Notice is hereby given that in
e t „„i„ J ii tut; Lxstiict V/Uut l nvtmij
pursuance of an order of sale is- ,md fm gajd County an J Stute.
I sued out of the District Court of Frank Banash piaintiff,
Cleveland county, Oklahoma, on
the 8th day of July, 1914 in an A H yan SickIe et &\ de-
action wherein A. E. McLlendon f , ,
,, P^l^'^' anc| CJarIehSrpZ- Notice is hereby given that I,
ring's opponents? Herring is op; osed Threlkeld, and Li lie A. Threlk- h undersi ned Sheriff pur.
to the spoils system. He stands for , eld, his wife, John A. Treuthait , . "j, pvppiitinn and
economy,, efficien,, and an hone, ad-1ancUlarriet Treuthart his wife, ^ J a special ex^cutio^and
• Kf'iW. A. Mafnny)WJa: ,<%>?
v - - cause, will on the 15th day of
J. T.
the undersigned
to I! i man, a Progressive Re
publican. Certainly he could do
no less in Oklahoma. He and all
other Progressives KNOW there
is not lhe slightest show for the
electi m of the Progressive can-
didates. There is a good show , , , ,, . , ,,
for the election of John Fields 'aaoma. having sold the eighty,
for Governor if the combined op- at Blanchard, last week. J. . ..
position to the Democratic ring Love & Son were the purchaser--.
«nrl machine can be united. "J'm Ij°ve went to Blanchaid
° a Progressive Republi- from Norman some years ago
Island, off the coast of Massa- Payne counties, much pleased j c1evela.ncl county, Oklahoma,
W. N. Rucker Sells at Blanchard.
W. N. Rucker has only seven _ -
p ,r,wt bv„w 1 stores at different points in Ok- was here from Noble today. * He , very warm support from those
■ ■ i _.u ii— —is still houlding down the post- counties. Coming home they j
master's chair, and the Powers' stopped at Oklahoma City, where
at Washington do not seem to be Mr. Whitwell's friends have
in a hurry to appoint his succes- opened headquarters, and were
sor. They evidently appreciate told that many had already vis-
rir. —iust such a Renuhliean in with a little "jag" of goods he a good man when they have him. ited the headquarters enthusias-
Hinman is in New h:i<1 secured from Mr. Rucker for It is said some of the applicants tic for Cleveland county s candi-
Ckirinoma as
York; an honf:n+ man,
man,; foe to bosses and boss-
ism. No word from Colonel
Roo-c It has yet been received,
as far as we can learn, as to
whal he thinks of the situation
in this state, but we feel certain
' on wor
• t in b;
t the
'v betw
'•nes Si
dots come it will
hind John Fields,
Democratic Beast
n the eyes."
c.n Roosevelt.
r ng
Co1. Rc
taking a
It's own
mple ti
! a Mich
r callir
with his Blanchard store, but if
felt he would do better to con- rt
centrate on his other establish-
chusetts, where she is attending with prospects in that part
place and
it and the
—Postmaster — ,^LaLC. iu-wi.. 'of Oklahoma, to-wit: Lots
and 7 in Banash's Subdivision of
Government lots 3 and 4, of the
Northwest Fractional Quarter
of Section 2, Township 10
North, Range 3 West, I. M., with
all the improvements thereon
and appurtenances thereunto
. „ .. „ Said real estate will be sold to
cree of foreclosure in favor of j satisfy a certain judgment ren-
said plaintiff and against said dered on March 26, 1913, in
defendants obtained and made in favor of the plaintiff, Frank
said court on the 6th day of j Banash, awarding a vendor's
iranit aic. July> 1914, for the sum of $537.- (lien upon the same, in the Dis-
ick, delivered to his command ?oing to be a source of strength ,80, with interest thereon at; 8. trict Court of Cleveland County,
'm n thev were mustered out __and of weakness, from a poli-i Per cent, from that datei and , Oklahoma, on which judgment
way back on June 15, 1865. Mr. tical standpoint. He is recogniz-1 costs of suit taxed at S76.UB, in-1 there remains due and unpaid
iliams remembers as well BSed as the inveterate foe of liquor I eluding an attorneys fee of j $1333,98 and costs accrued; with
efficient a small equity in a farm north- for his job are getting peeved date. Everything looks
now until
with the
1 east of town. By close applica- over the delay. ! they say, and from
tion to business he built up an —Mr. J. B. Williams ran across primary day Mr.
excellent trade, until he had one an interesting relic a day or two strength will grow
of the best stores in Blanchard, go in the National Tribune. It thinking people.
besides some good property in was the last order of his com- Mr. Whitwell's well known
the town. This "buy" of the mander, Gen. J. .Tudson Killpat- views on the liquor traffic are)
Rucker stock gives him the very
best, and her promises to become
Blanchnrd's merchant prince,
Mr. Rucker had done very well
Lots Three (3) and Four
(4) and the East half of
the Southwest Quarter of
Section Nineteen (19) Town-
ship Ten (10) North of
Range One (1) East of the
Indian Meridian, contain-
ing 152.19 acres,
to satisfy a judgment and de-
it was yesterday hearing
ad fortv-nine years ago.
J Oklahoma'
if National Prohibiti
- Mrs
Russell, sot
B. Bi n ford,
of Mr.
is on
:<w Yo
illv c
id he
ames c
's charg
it '! VJJ f
that (
t man 1
ntirr ly
them. Mr. ' nt M"
/elt says he can and will. Capitol Hill.
m'e Goodrich, wh
0! ding two niont'
s in Tennessee, i
mie tomorrow.
Mrs. Chns. Downing
>Tile Flat, spent Sun-
llrs. Downing's par-
;nd Mrs. Spencer of
President Brooks to He
From Tuesday's Daily,
and President Stratton D.
the left last evening for He
and other towns in
' Okla.. on Y. M. C. A.
•''> ving when he ret
ill be prepared to comi
ve work on the consti
• etta.
Bi ooks to move heaven and €
ryetta, feat him. He charg1
speeches that those
'1] be found almost
rns he
ence ac-
ction of
th to d
? in h
?olicllv f<
it ti
(ho new Y. M. C. A. building on
the lots on Boulevard and Boj d
rects. A great deal of en-
ira(*emcnt has recently been
:eived concerning the prrtjecl
rhe fight has
■.! e" bet wot n Pro!
Liquor, and asks:
Are You On?"
Mrs. Mick Haines ai
of the Ton Mile Flat,
it is certain a fine building week with relatives in Hominy,
grace thai' corner. Okla.
r for cash the said property
ibove described, or so much
'hereof as will satisfy said
judgment, with interest and
"What Fide costs.
i Witness my hand this the 8th
'day of July, 1914.
Sheriff Cleveland Co. I
Attorney for Plaintiff
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
T) ...Inn D TJ PahaiVi D D LilUhc. Will UIl LlltJ lOUi UclV vJl
son Broyles, R. II. Gough, R. B. . ' ' f
Morrison. Elmo II. Justiss, Jesse Auffu^: V14' at tne. no.ur ,,01
« T) T? IJImoam Q \\7 LWO U v. LULA. J). 111., dllU eli/ tile
G Beavers, R. E. Hmson, S. W. E t f t d f the Court
Edwards, and W. B^ Shirley, House . th dt of Norman
were defendants, directed to me withjn ^ County of Clev0land
s ( and State of Oklahoma, offer for
,. „ . . sale to the highest and best bid-
commanding me to levy upon, fe
chief exnonent ^r>2.11, and costs accruing, Ijaccruing interest and costs.
C'1Kr ' ™s -wiH on Wednesday, the 12th' Dated at Norman, Oklahoma,
oil the trims of the big!day of August, 1914, at the hour j this 8th day of July, 1914.
.uoV intereffs are ".-ai'cA[ of 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, at i (Seal) CLAUD PICKARD,
against him and they are rroing
the big: rl^y of August, 1914, at the hour j this 8th dav of J
trained'of 10 o'clock a. m„ of said day, at! (Seal) CLAUI)
he East front door of the court j Sheriff,
muse in the city of Norman, in By L. P. BARKER, Under Sher-
aid county and Stale, offer fori iff.
tie and sell to the highest bid- Everest, Smith & Campbell,
1 ch.ldn n
spent last,
* «««* **«*
C. F. TEEL ♦
Registered Optomt iri«t •
The Man That Fits Your ♦
Glasses ♦
Jeweler ♦
Barbour & Sons •
-t *♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦

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