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■ina Cavalieri and Husband Bob. Chanler COWS NOT MERE MILKING MACHINES
Lina Cavalieri, the celebrated beauty and grand opera prima donna, and her husband, Robert W. Chanler,
le artist, whose family is reported to have settled $50,000 on her in return for her promise to renounce the
•e-nuptial contract and to sue for divorce. The reason given for the diva's acceptance of so small a settle-
ent is her desire to escape from a position that has become intolerable to both herself and Chanler and a
ish to avoid the notoriety that would inevitably attend an attempted enforcement of the amazing anti-nup-
al agreement.
(whole nation will be involved in the I
controversy Should Mr. Dixon have
1 selected such a theme for dramatic
'treatment? is the question first fur-;
iously discussed, and next, Has the!
'author presented a true picture?
j Hundreds of thousands of Mr. Dixon's
'supporters answer an emphatic
I "Yes!" to both questions. They ad-
Hb SINS 01 THE FATHER" TO mjt "The Sins of the Father" is even
BE PRESENTED WITH ITS FA- more sensational than "The Clans-
HOUS AUTHOR IN THE TITLE man," but the facts had to be told
KQU5. and the results will be beneflcient.
(Whatever the issue of the contro-
Among my acquaintance* there Is I And as for my friend, their present
numbered a man who recently de- owner, he says that he Is going out
:5-!ed to make a trial of furnishing i o e milk business, for good and all.
milk for the local market Having t and try his hand at something else
ventured into several other branches j because there Is no money In this, t f
of agriculture without having achieved t that he Is sure.
any great success at any one of them. ! And certain it Is at he is right
lie determined to attempt this; make j There Hs no money to be made at It
i e more plfcy for favor nt the hands In the fashion In which he went about
a? Dame Fortune. It. And there never was
For a start, he purchased half a But for the enterprising farmer who
d. zen cows of nondescript extraction nets about it in the right way rhoos
and set himself up In the business of Ing the best stock and employing the
a milk farmer. His Idea seemed to be best methods of feeding, there 1*
that all he had In do vas to feed a plenty of profit In milk, as Is \ « ins
little grain and hav to the* . animals, successfully proven, the country over
night and morning, and In return re- dally.
elve an ajmndant supply of milk, the Dairying has man>
Ivalenf^of ten times, and more. In
Kut before he had been at It long
he found that he had made a mistake
In his calculations. some\\4ier«v The
occount was running against him. In-
at^ad of in his favor. He w. play-
ing a losing jrame. once more!
What wax the trouble
this, that he had misjudged
excellent ad vat.
t; ges In Its favor. It brings quick
returns, with no long waits until the
rloae of the season, as Is the rase with
tho growing and marketing of crops
Then, too. there are no such haaari! =
to be encountered Let the season he
fickle or late, let frosts come and 1
| structlve storms rage, let Insects d«
Pimply stroy and crops fall to mature as they
animal should yet the milk farmer Is not he
nature, in one respect at least. TIitp piously affected, his dally return com j
la no such thing as n milk machlnr |ng In aa usual.
y.atented or unpatented. Into which AH winter long, he h: emplov'men• |
you can pass hay or grain at one end for his time, and the seasons s the\
r.t your pleasure, and pull a valye rome lind RO do not Interfere wit! j
end draw off njllk from another to his source of Income. He Is more
your fancy. At any rate, a cheap, cure than many fo his brethren and
acrub cow Is not such a machine, and i la usually found to display all the
cannot be made over into one. Thes* signs of material prosperity.
*tx cows turned out to be Just ord! Yes, there Is money to be made In
nary, barren quantity milkers, a bur- dairy farming, but success at It re
den and expense upon any man who i quires knowledge and skill It Is no
assumed their care and keep. And mere machine work which anyone can
r.iw they are for sale, away below superintend One must know how ti
• hat was paid for them, but are a go about it. And when he does, it Is
bargain at that. «nr« o oav
"WORLD BEATER" Strain Dark Cornish.
Forest City-Cornish Yards 1008 E. Main St.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages,
and that is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now.
known to the medical fraternity. Ca-1
tarrh, being a constitutional disease, Oklahoma
requires a constitutional treatment, school land
|versy, Mr. Dixon's new work has
The whole country is talking about ^ wrought a tremendous impression.
5 new Thomas Dixon play, "The Praise it or criticize it as you will,
jis of the Father," which will be the play is full, of life, vigor, rol-
esented with Mr. Dixon himself as licking omedy, tear-compelling pa-
9 star, at the Becker Theater, thos, swift action and exciting cli-
nch 4. max. To miss it is to ignore one of
The discussion spreads in ever- the biggest things on the stage to-
dening circles, and presently the day.
Real E-state, Loans
And Insurance
Farm Loans a Specialty,
Lowest Rates. Op-
tional payments
Come to. our office and let us show
You our listing Residence ousiness
and some Special Bargains in Va- '
Lots and Farms.
Ill North
Union St.
City, March 3.—The
sale bill was passed
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter- Thursday by the senate just in the
nally. acting direcUy upon the blood fornl ln whIch lt wa9 reported from
and mucous surfaces of the system, 1 ... ....
,. , , . ,, , j . committee of the whole on Wednee-
thereby destroying the foundation of
the disease by building up the con- (^il'V "teht. All amendments offered
stltution and assisting nature in do- on third reading were voted dowi>,
ing its work. The proprietors have including the proposition of submlt-
'so much faith in its curative powers'tlug tho bll, t0 a vote of the peop]e
W. D. Bentley of Yukon, state that they offer one hundred dollars ^ flnm, ^ q|) (he MH ^ 2g
agent of the United States Depart- f°r any case that it fails to cure. to ^
ment of Agriculture, is sending, out Send for list of testimonials. Ad-
the following notices to county dress P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo,
agents, announcing a boys' cotton- Ohio- Sold by druggists, 76c. *
growing ontest for Oklahoma:
Yukon, Okla., Feb. 16, 1911.
Dear Sir: .There is to be a boys'
Agricultural Clubs are eligible to
compete. Any boy or girl between
cotton-growing contest in Oklahoma.
All members of the Boys and Girls'
the ages of 9 and 18 years, inclu-
sive, may become a member of the
Boys and Girls' Agricultural Club
and compete for the prizes.
The Oklahoma Cotton Feed Crush-
ers' Association offer four prizes, as
First prize—A free trip to
ngtOH, D. C.
Second prize—A cash prize of $75.
Third prize—A cash prize of $50.
Fourth prize—A cash prize of $25.
Rules and regulations governing
the contest will be sent out later.
Other prizes will be ofTered. Here
is another chance for the boys and
girls of Oklahoma to win cash and
glory. Take it up with the teachers,
county superintendent of schools,
demonstration agents, and your coun-
ty institute officer, and get into the
game. Very truly yours,
Yukon, Okla. State Agent.
The question of submitting the bill
to a popular vote came up ln a new
form Thursday, when a joint resolu-
tion was introduced by Senators Red
wine, Franklin and Roddle, providing
! for the submission of the bill as
Beginning Wednesday next, nearly passed by the senate to a popular
our-flfths of the Christian world will vote at the general election to be
bserve the Lenten season. The ques- held in November, 1912.
tion of whether or not Lent shall be Other bills passed finally included
kept does not enter Into the mind of those by Echols, increasing the sal-
any true child of the Church. I ary of court reporters; by Crawford
therefore ask from those who do not of the house, creating the office of
as yet observe this holy season, the Are marshal, at $2,500 per year, and
same consideration which is shown imposing a tax of one-fourth of 1 per
the Church in other places where cent on gross premium receipts; by
good manners are practiced, namely: Jones, appropriating $2,500 per year
Wash- ^at carci parties, dances and other for the Orphans' Home at Cornish;
so-called social functions, be discon- by Echols, Coffey and Denton, appro-
tinued during these 40 days. If your priating $325,000 for buildings at the
Absolutely the quickest maturing bird-—from
" Egg to Fries"—on earth. Write for Mating
List. IT'S FREE!
Oeo. ti. McKinnis Co
F,r* ln«nranre
Innuraurr x
'•«« Oil.. In„lr.nceX Farm 3nd City
rn.nraaw \ Loans
*«omobU. In,aruarf
"""ItJ lo«aranee
Real Estate V'SS- ■
B0Ught & Sold \ '"•ur.'nr,
lOJ Morth Broudwuy Telephone, IIOO
neighbor or friend were in sorrow, reformatory at Granite.
you would extend this consideration, j
How much more, then, should you A Wood Position
do this when so many of your neigh- Can be had by ambitious young men
bors and friends are ln sorrow be- and ladies in the field of "wireless"
cause of the Passion and Death of or railway telegarphy.
our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus1 Since the eight-hour law became
Christ. Roy Winchell Magoun,
Minister Emmanuel Church.
| effective and since the wireless com-l
panies are establishing stations all
throughout the country, there is ai
No Need to Stop Work. !great shortage of telegraphers. Po-|
When your doctor orders you to sitions pay beginners from $70 to $90 i
stop work, it staggers you. "I can't," a month, with good chances of ad-!
you say. You know you are weak, vancement. The National Telegraph!
run-down and falling in health, day Institute operates sly official instl-J
by day, but you must work as long tutea in America, under supervision
as you can stand. What you need is of railroad and wireless officials and
Klectric Bitters to give tone, places all graduates Into positions, j
strength, and vigor to your system, It will pay you to write them for
Net u Word of Scandal
j marred the call of a neighbor on
* ; Mrs. W. P. Spangh, of Manvllle,
T | Wyo., who said: '"She told me Dr.
® . King's New Life Pills had cured her j to prevent breakdown and build you full details, at Cincinnati, Ohio, Phil-
|> l of obstinate kidney trouble, and made: up. Don't be weak, sickly or ailing adelphia, Pa„ Memphis, Tenn., Daven-
® | her feel like a new woman." Easy, when Electric Bitters will benefit port, Iowa, Columbia, S. C., or Port-
® | but sure remedy for stomach, liver (you from the first dose. Thousands land, Ore., according to where you
$ and kidney troubles. Only 25c at all, bless them for their glorious health wish to enter. •
$4* «*$$$$ «$&««$
ai^ strength. Try them. Every bot-;
tie is guaranteed to satisfy. Only 60c The Weekly Edition o( THE NEWS
at all druggists. • reaches the people who live on the
j rural routes. Try an advertisement
Subscribe for the Shawnee New« in THE WEEKLY NEWS.
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