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Life Insurance Companiss
Ttisy Are C'osely Observing Public
Health Conditions
An examining physician for one of the
prominent Lift Inhurain e ( ompmies, in an
interview on the subject. made the aston-
ishing statement that one reason why so
many applicant* for insurance are rejected
is because kidney trouble j so common
to the American people, and the large
majority of those whone a;>p!teatu.n.s are
declined do not even sublet that they
have the di*ea e.
According to tlii* it would «oorn that a
medicine for the kidney. po*nes.sim< real
healing and curative properties, would be
a blessing to thousands.
Pr Kilmer A Co Hinghamton. X V ,
who prepare Dr Kilmer's Swamp Koot,
the well known kidney, liver ;tnd bladder
remedy. claim that judging from evidence
received from druggists everywhere, who
are constantly in touch with their custo-
mers, and al o indisputable |>i • < f in the
form of grateful testimonial letters fi«>in
thousands of reliable citizens, i!i • prepn
ration is remarkably succeshful in •• '•!.m--s
caused by kidney ami bladder troubles
Kvery interesting statement th«'.v receive
regarding Sw. nip Root is invent nted and
no testimonial is published unle-s the par-
ty who smds it is reported of good
actor. They have on file many sworn
statements of reenvorics in the m•.st dis-
tressing case. They state that Dr. Kil-
mer's Swamp Root is mild and gentle in
its action and its healing influence is soon
noticed jn most cases.
Swamp Root is purely an herbal com-
pound and Dr. Kilmer A Co. advise all
readers who feel in need of such a remedy
to give it a trial. It is on sale at all drug
stores in bottles of two m/,<s 50c and $1.00.
However, if yrm wish first to tost thi*
groat preparatii n send ten cuts to Dr.
Kilmer A Co., Hinghamton, N Y., for a
sample bottle When writing be sure and
mention this paper.—Adv.
Nov. ]S-20—School land salo, El Hino,
J J - u j School lit j til salt), c;handler.
•Nov. ^hruit lH olale t'eruiuoniiU, uk-
ahoma c:ity.
•\o\ j, state KMueailonal Amocls-
lon OU-lnhnms t'liv
Nov 29-Dec. 3 School land sale. Klng-
Nov. :i«v
Nov. .ti
"■ A)'- 11e<I land sale, Wagoner.
l''i A11.>t to«I latin aale, (?oul*aie.
- Allot t i«l laml nale. Claremore.
' --Aloifod lana aalo, TiHhomingo.
•'a--Allotted land sale, Huko
3<>—A Pot ted Innd sale, Stigler
•0— Allotted land sale, Kutaula.
-Allotted land sale, Wewoka.
-Allotted land sale. Sulphur.
" A.iotted land sali', Waurika.
1 Allotted land ;ale, Hartlesvllle.
1 — Allotted land hh Vinita
1—Allotted land sale, Okemah
I—Allotted land sale. Stilwell.
1 -Allotted land sale, Ada.
I Allotted lai d sale, I>un--an.
1—-Allotted laud milo, Anil«-r.s.
2— Allotted land Hale, Durant.
A/lotti-l land sali-, McAlester.
• Allotted land sale, Marietta.
A 11.>11 • i land a:Ue, Tul-a.
'•j A 11« tf ivl land hhIc. ShIUhhw.
Allotted la lid : ale, ChickUHhA.
Allotted land Bale, Iuub I.
u—Allotted land sale, Atoka.
3—Allotted land sale, Pryor.
-Allotted land sale, Poteau.
\ Hotted 1«lid sale (
'! Allotted land sale, Sapulpa,
t \ I lotted land sale, Jay
: Allotted land sale, Nowata,
i x H"i ted land •ale, TahlaQuali.
I -Allotted land h .!••, 1 loldenville.
' Allotted land sate, MunkO(te.
t Allotted lund sale, Ardmore.
I Miotic,| land sal. , I' ■ • 1 - Valley
t Allotted land sa'e. Madill.
Poultry Show, Woo I ward.
Doc. ! -
Dcc. j.']
Civ* hi.
Oklahoma Municipal league,
School land sale. Norman.
-School land sale. Oklahoma
You can never be wise unless you
Jove reading. Johnson.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets are best for liver,
bowels and stomach. One little Pellet for
a laxative- three for a cathartic. Adv.
What lias become of the old-fash-
lonod people who used to go to bed
with tlu! chickens?
is her hair If yours is streaked with
ugly, grizzly, gray hairs, use "La Cre-
ole" 1 lair Dressing and change it In
the natural way. Price $l.UU.—Adv.
May Need It.
"My boy writes me that lie's half-
back on the college football team."
"Glad to hear it. By the way, I've
got a brother-in law who is practicing
medicine in that town. Let me give
you his card."
Jan. ^-1<?—Snlo of Indian lands of
i-noctawH and Chickasaw a
^rch Z-H—Livestock Snow, Oklahoma
,4">ej,t. i:::-;;o—State Fair, Oklahoma City.
Football c*i
Nov. 19—state I*, at
t ura I
k.m gs Atff'cul
i- 'tmcn ! h phillip* r.
-Arkansas U. it Kendall.
Nov. Si.tie l: vs. AKgliA. OMuhomA
I£or:<Id says that
i nave been ginned
False Vows.
"He mine, Estelle," lie begged, "and
I swear by yon silvery moon that noth-
ing shall ever come between us."
"I will trust you, Ailelbert." she
whispered, and so they were mar-
Hut. alas, for the vows of man. He-
fore three years had passed something
bad come between them.
Its name was Myrtle, and Rstelle
and Adalbert each hud it by the hand!
IVfariical Examination Day.
"During tuberculosis week, which
will be celebrated throughout the Uni-
ted States from December 6 to Decern
tier 12. a national medical examination
day will be observed on December h
Groups anil Individuals will be urged
to make arrangements for physical ex-
amination 011 that day. A circular ile
scribing in detail how the advantages
of medical examination day may be
obtained and indicating certain physi-
cal impairments which everyone
should look for will be sent on request
from the office of the National Asso
iation for the Study and Preven-
tion of Tuberculosis. 105 Kast Twenty
second street. New York city
Quit Coffee and Got Well.
Mountain I'aik
1.05G bales of cotto
there this season.
AH but $10,000 lies been raised foi
11 packing plant at Enid, starting with
ft capital of $25,000.
Cleve moore, charged with murder
broke from Jail at Enid and si ill Is at
large. This is the third jailbreak there
In the last nine months.
Claude Williamson, 19 years old, fell
from a freight train at Haskell and was
instantly killed when Hie train passed
over his body, severing both legs.
Heavener, i.eFlore Co., voted to is-
sue $20,0011 bonds for the erection of a
municipal electric plant, he vole was
ninety-six for and forty nine against.
Erection of the plant will begin at
While E. V. Lemon was enteitaining
friends at liM home In El Iteno, he
lied from an attack of heart failure
His wife and child were at Calumet
visiting relatives when his death oc
Ralph E Hager, a merchant of
Outhrie, Friday tiled, in the United
States district court at Oklahoma City,
a petition of voluntary bankruptcy
Hager gives his liabilities as 273.87
and Ills assets as $4,627.09.
Investigation by farmers in Woods
county develops that the hessian fly is
busy in the early sawn and volunteer
wheat Some uf the tieIds were found
<o badly infected 11 at there is no prob
ability of their malting a crop.
E. K. Caylord, In a letter to ti e di-
rectors of the Oklahoma city Chamber
of Commerce, tendered his resignation
as president of that organization and
I'M. S. Vaught, an attorney, vice pr. i '
lent of the chamber, was elected
president by a unanimous vote. Mr.
Caylord is removing to Arizona for hia
Lad Casts It Ov r Shoulder, and It
Goes Through Car Window,
Say9 Dispatch.
Little Elmer Cook has good reason
to believe there is nothing to the time-
honored theory among youths that to
throw a horseshoe over one's left
shoulder is good luck, because he
tried it and it brought him a buucb of
Elmer was playing with two of his
companions when It came his turn to
throw the horseshoe the boys had
found at lower Stockton road and Y
street. The lad did not know that the
street car was passing behind him un-
til ho heard the crash of glass ae the
"lucky" shoe Hew through the window
of the oar.
The boy did not run, but stood his
ground and told the street car con-
ductor a straight-out story, explaining
that he hoped the horseshoe would
bring lilra good luck.
The car was well filled with women
and children at the time, but no one
was hurt.—Oak Hark Dispatch, Sacra-
mento (Cal.) Kee.
The Original Capitol Building Commis sion.
With the Impressive ritual of the; city officials and Chamber of Com
grand lodge of Oklahoma Ancient, Free ! merce officers in automobiels.
and Accepted Masons, the cornerstone The India Temple band headed the
of Oklahoma s first and only state lodgement section of the parade and
capitol was laid Tuesday afternoon. | this was followed by India Temple pa-
Preceding the actual cornerstone I'roi in full uniform. Knights Templar
Mr. P. C. Cnse of Welcome I.ake, j ''1V'"K ceremonies Oklahoma City cltl- 'n uniform, Royal Arch Masons,
Pa., writes: "I suffered with Back- zens an(' others had an opportunity of Blue Lodge Masons, grand lodge otli
acho and Kidney Trouble. My head 1 assisting in the demonstration by par- cers and citizens in automobiles,
ached, my sleep was broken and un- ; ticlpating in the parade which left the: Seats to accomodate 5,000 had been
refreshing. I felt Masonic temple at 1:30 o'clock, pro-; provided. There also was plenty of
heavy and sleepy ''ceding through the downtown streets room to the southwest of the building.
Achy Give Warning!
s Story'
A creaky joint
often predicts rain.
!t also foretells in-
ward trouble. It
may mean tha the
kidneys are not fil-
tering the blood
and are allowing
poisonous uricacid
to clog the blood
and cause trouble.
Bad backs.rheu-
matic pains, sore,
aching joints.hcad.
aches, dizziness,
nervous troubles,
heart fluttering#,
and urinary dis-
orders are some of
the effects of weak
kidneys and if nothing is done there's
danger of dropsy, gravel or Bright*
disease. Use Doan's Kidney Pills, the
most widely used, the best recommended
kidney remedy in the world.
50^ at nil Stores
PosJcr-Milhurn Co. Props. Buffalo.N.Y. I
High Score.
"I was out bowling last night. II
a great time."
"What was your score?"
"Fifteen beers and six highballs."
Mr. P. C. Case.
specks before my
eyes, was always
thirsty, had a
diagglng Bensatlon across my loins,
difficulty in collecting my thoughts
and was troubled with short-
ness of breath. Dodds Kidney Pills
have cured me of these complaints.
You are at Hberty to publish this let-
ter for the benefit of any sufferer who
doubts the merit of Dodds Kidney
Dodds Kidney Pills, 50c. per box at
your dealer or Dodds Medicine Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y. Dodds Dyspepsia Tab-
after meals, was ) '° ^le stalehouse site at Lincoln boule-
always nervous | vard and Twenty-third street,
and tired, had a ; The parade was the greatest demon-
bitter taste in my j stration of its kind ever held in the
mouth, was dizzy, j state. Fifteen hundred automobiles
had floating; were in line.
I I he cavalcade was led by a platoon
j of mounted police, followed by the
grand marshal and the band. Cavalry
and infantry of the Oklahoma National
tiuard came next, followed by mem-
bers of the capitol commission in au-
tomobiles, the governor's staff, state
otncials, members of the Apollo club.
the ground having been cleared away
for those who eared to stand.
The Apollo club, which sang sev
eral numbers, was located on a flat
car near the southwest corner. The
program at the capitol included ad-
dresses by tiovernor Williams, Bishop
Brooke and others.
Oklahoma City was decked with
flags and bunting in honor of the occa-
sion. The Chamber of Commerce nail
charge of this part of the program and
endeavored to have every business
house and building decorated.
but possessed by few—a beautiful
head of hair. If yours ia streaked with
j gray, or is harsh and stiff, you can re-
store it to its former beauty and lus-
ter by using "La Creole" Hair Dress-
ing. Price $1.00.—Adv.
"Safety first" is a good motto, but
i too many people wait until it's too
late to be careful.
Dr Pierce's Pl«i«:int Pellets nre the
original little liver pills put up 4U yeari
ago. 1 Ley regulate livnr and bowels.—Adv.
Take Highwav Exams.
Twelve applicants for the position
of county highway engineer were ex-1 was $38,270.45 less than for the pre-
, amined last week. Foity-seven were | ceding month, according to the month- I
examined September 17 and 18. These k- return of .. r.
lets for Indigestion have been proved, examinations are prescribed under the nammon(ls Th . . 1 .
law requiring that each county must!,, , , s' ie,,
have Its road, bridge and culvert work er *ere unufiua y large on
50c. per box.—Adv.
Fire Bugs Blamed In Marshal's Report
Fire toss in Oklahoma In October
figures for Septem
ccouiu I
If you want to make a lazy man
tired, offer him a job.
How to Heal
Skin Diseases j
A Baltimore doctor suggests this
Husband's Sacrifice.
Eliliu Hoot wbb diseussing in New
York the recent constitutional conven-
Hut there was one group," he said
—"happily it saw reason later on but
| done under the specifications of
j competent county engineer. Theso
engineers may be employed whether
a resident of the county or elsewhere.
I About 50 per cent of those who ap-
plied to be registered as county
of the great loss resulting from the s^mP^e hut reliable and inexpensive,
one group there was which had about j Rineers failed in the first examination
as true an idea of self-sacrifice as
"Smith's wife said to him one eve-i
ning, anxiously:
" 1 know, John, dear, this high cost
of living is terrible, but do you really
think we can got along without a ser- j ijrpnt
" 'We'll have to,' Smith answered,
firmly, 'unless 1 get a raise. Why,
hang it, if the worst comes to the
worst you can do the cooking for your-
self and 1 can get my meals at a res-
taurant.' "
gasoline tr.nk explosion at Ardmore.
The total for October was $191,0!0.8ii,
of which $74,77o.uU was on buildings
and $116.26u.;it) on contents.
One hundred and thirty-five fires
were reported during the month, the
causes being shown as follows: Un-
Those who secured a credit of 70 or | known, forty-two; supposed incendar-
above are: T P. Clonte, Muskogee; |ism, five, adjoining tires, twenty- oil
M. M. Hinckley, Sapulpa; John W. gas and gasoline explosions, sixteen'
| Curry, Wagoner; It. E. Brownell, Ok- defective flues, twenty-seven- defect-
I lahoma City; J. H Lary, Watonga; ive stoves, three; lightning four
Clark. McAlester; J. H. matches in children's hand's five'
in September.
chandler. Bartlesville; Milton Leon, careless burning of trash, two,
Muskogee; C, J. Stein, Miami; T. Infective wiring, six; spontaneous 'com i Unclothing
Paxton, Okmulgee; H. C. Adams, Ok-lbustion, five,
lahoma City; R. K. Hughes. Tulsa; ;
Irvin II. Kamseier, Fairview; C. H.
Lawrence, Holdenville; Homer J.
Follows Use of Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. Trial Free.
Tt.y bathing and anointing these fra-
grant supercreamy emollients impart
to tender, sensitive or irritated, itch- J
t Ing skins a feeling of intense skin
comfort difficult for one to realize who j
; has never used them for like purposes.
Cultivate an acquaintance with them,
j Sample each free by mail wkh Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. XY,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
With the approach of the winter
j season, Mr. Hammonds calls atten-
...... . „. lion to the dangers of the ooen ,ni«
Wilkins, Oklahoma City; B. F. Lewis, ■ ,, ,, . „
Enid; E. E. Gravelle, Coalgate; H. 1^ ^ hT " P ^, ,A'1 "P™ fir*-
H. Witt, Okmulgee; P. A. Little. Fred-1 L ' f
• i **r I* r, ** i piotection of women and chil-
erick, \ H. Patterson, Okemah; S. ,iren whose clothing is easily ignited
i A. Hott, Medford; L. V. Stinson, Du- q ,, , i * ignited.
rant; C. Wheeler. Sallisaw; C. A. ifhe ii '.p burning occur in
i *ne state every he bavr n« n
Wood, Perry; T. P. Alferd. Newkirk: reiiU„ of careleanesse '
II. A. Hatcher, Tishomingo; J. B. lien-1
nett. Norman; C. G. fleiger, Hobart
home treatment for people suffering
with eczema, ring-
worm, rashes and
similar itching, burn-
ing akin troubles.
At any reliable
druggist's get a jar
of resinol ointment
and a cake of resi-
nol soap. These are not at all expen-
sive. With the resinol soap and warm
water bathe the affected parts thor-
oughly, until they are free from crusts
and the skin is softened. Dry very
gently, spread on a thin layer of the
resinol ointment, and cover with a
light bandage—if necessary to protect
This should be done
twice a day. Usually the distressing
itching and burning stop with the first
treatment, and the skin soon becomes
clear and healthy again.
D. W. Patton, Poteau;
Moore, Oklahoma City.
Ask $150,000 For Rate Case Trial.
An additional appropriation of at •
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in ten when the liver ia
right the stomach and bowels arc rik'ht.
A woman's coffee experier.i
foresting For two weeks at
1 have taken no food but skim milk,
lor solid food would ferment and cause
such distress that 1 could hardly
breathe at times, also excruciating
pain and heart palpitation and all the
time I was su nervous and restless,
"From childhood up 1 had been a
coffee and t. a drinker and for the past
20 years 1 had been trying different
physicians but could gei only tem
porary relief. Tlieu I r. ad an article
tolling how some one ha 1 been lieiped
by leaving off coffee and drinking
Postuui and it seemed so pleasant Just
to read about good h aith 1 decided to
try Poslum
"1 made the change from coffee to
I'ostum and there is such a diiVei etice
in me that i don t feel like the same
person. We all found Postuin deli
cious and like it better than coffee. My
health now ia wonderfully good
"As soon as I made the shift to
Postuui 1 got better and l.ow my trou-
bles are gone 1 am 1
Blmilates. the pressur
palpitation are ail g :
regular, have no nior
and my heodaeiies ai
ber I did not use n
just left off coffc i
steadily." Name t*
Battle Creel, Mich
I'ostum comes in two form-
Postum Cereal the original form-
must be well boiled. 1c and -jc pack-
Instant Postum—-a soluble powder-
dissolves quickly in a cup of hot water,
end with cream an I su:;ar, makes a
delicious beverage instantly. Hoc and
50c tins.
Both kinds are equally delicious and
cost about the same per cup
'"1 here a a Ueason for i'ostura.
—sold by Grocers.
During the past few weeks more Dooms Widow to One Room.
than MM) head of cattle have been! The will of Solomon Blcks, Bled for
shipped til Elk City and distributed ! Probat0. disposing of an estato In ex-
among the farmers of that section I ce,t of *8'000- contains the unusual
is in- There ii an Immense I crop and Provlalon hla widow, Mrs. Chana
time j few cattle in the county. Bankers are I)oni of 173 stan,on 8tre<-t- is
ieiulli, money to farmers to btlv cat- : to rece've an income of $10 a week
tie, and several hundred additional I tcT "f0 "l,rovi(ied "be lives in a room
ad will be hipped in daring the
next few da vs.
•shy, my food as
in the i h< f i and
my bowels are
stomach trouble
re gone. Kcmem-
ledicines at all--
and used Postum
L'u by Postum Co.,
James and Hood Haiti win, residing
near Broken Bow, who were convicted
several months ago iu Severie county,
Ark , on a ' ige of bank robbery
were pardoned by Governor Hays last
week. The brothers are among the
leading re-ident> in the Broken How
vicinity. They were serving six years
each. The Baldwins were accused of
being the masked bandPs
the bank of (lilham of $1
light last April.
Kdw: rd Hembree w. s co
for life
alone." Further on there is a modi-
fication which permits the widow to
have a daughter live with her.
The rest of the property is directed
to be divided equally among the chil-
dren, Max, Millie, Lena and Sala.—
New York Times.
Those who have failed will be per- least $150,000 for use in defense of
mitted to take the examination again! the pending 2-cent railroad passenger
early next year.
Fair Mr.kes a Little Money.
Five thousand eight hundred fifteen
no Question but that the session will
dollars andTlx'ty cents prodi was'real- j be he"?' «"«> «!">«<* '* commission is
ized by the Oklahoma Slate Fair asso '"'T ,B n °|-matlo° ,0.b(> Presented
ciation on the 1915 fair, according toj " e^..-a ure, showing the need
figures submitted at the ninth annual " llll,ne>.
meeting of the stockholders. j ^ '10 'ast legislature made an appro-
ia- , , priatio nof $75,000 to be snent hv ihr
Directors for the ensuing year were ^ r,ptHl v" ine
gently but firmly cctr
pel a lazy liver to^
do its duty.
Cures Cot
stipation, In-
fare cases will be asked by the corpo- j digestion,
ration commission if the legislature is ' Sick
held in January. There seems to be ! Headache,1
and Di&treis After Eating.
Genuine must bear Signature
Jury ir
as one
bent u
uf ti
e baud ts >
i rne, Frisc
1". for tin
Uon. Pi
His Vulnerable Point.
"A war expert says Achilles would
cut a sorry figure in the present con
robb'-il Maybe so. I fear Uo wouldn't last
in day j long with the Russians."
j "No?"
' He'd be sure to get shot in the heel
while making a 'strategic move' to the
chosen as follows: J. F. Warren, J. M.
Owen. O. B. Stone, John M. Noble, J.
L. Wilkin, C. F. Colcord. S. L. Brock,
Joseph Huckins, Jr., Orin Ashton, J.
H. Everest and I. S. Malian.
The directors organized with the fol-
lowing officers: J. F. Warren, presi-
dent; ti B. Stone, vice president; J.
M. Owen, treasurer; I. S. Mahan, sec-
retary and general manager; J. U
Wilkin. J. M. Owen, John M. Noble,
corporation commission and the at-
torney general in defending the con
stitutional 2-cent rate. This fund has
almost been exhausted, and the trial
of the case, it is said by members of
the commission, it is not half finished.
It is absolutely necessary for the com
mission to have more money to con-
tinue the work it has already started.
Chairman Jack Love says.
It is estimated by Chairman Love
n r> cr. . i i o . .i 'hat the railroads are spending more
O. B. Stone and I. S. Mahan, executive i , . ,. . ' , h "IOT i
t'inii Jl,000,000 in their fight to rein-
state the 3-cent rate, while the state
so far has appropriated only $75,001). I
l'v. Culler'i Blackleg pill,. Low.
priced, freah. rflialile. preferred l>y
«ast«rn stockmen, because they
protect whore other v.iocinti fall.
.1 f." f<" l,ookJet *nd toHtlraenUU.
pk«u. Blaoki"! Pills $1.00
5 i-doss pkgs. Blank!** "Mis 4 00
Th« a"y k Je<*tor. but CYtter*s hent.
Th« superiority of Cutter products 1, due to over 15
and serums enly.
Sit r ul, 'V' W unol taliuhle, ord.r direct,
lie Cutter Lub.iraterv, Berkeley, Cal., or ChlsM«, |||.
SJTrr . ^
The date of the 1916 fair was set
for September
hair balsatn
A toilet preparation of m« rit.
H lpH to orndirute tlandrulT.
Fur Restoring Color nnd
Beauty toGray or Faded Hair.
id $1 00 at I 'ru^trKtB.
convlet •! by a ,
irt at Antlers I
flxt ti :it l'fe
an'I a half
Ploy i Mk<
connect inn
placed him
ditor K. B.
M. C; nit of
ture voted
K \V. Marl,
' stat ion j
pnrpo. e |
>i^h n ent I
he p< Mi !
nl three I
idi.-'- -hi • :
trie 1 iv
"•e. Til '
I'sotl Whenever Quinine is Needed
Does Not Affect the Head
of I
1 lnxntive effect LAX-
AT IVI BltO HO i IN1N1 w ill be found f-.-ti.-r
lli ui • 'i ' i iiiii ■ i.f«>r any purpose fn/
which Quinine use<l. 1 >«i> uoi otnae nepi
vt'u- ■ i t rin^iu^ in 1. l{etnem> er them
1 • "Hmnjo Qtnuino." Tlmt is Laxa-
for Hi^uatuie oi
E \V.
Ail v
ami i i'i" i '
e b t-d of ;i!
the $>13 000
oil tnd \
nl land in I.
t f}
Hi". : r
and Kay conn'ie^
week. Stjite Smi
Wilson and s'ecre
Lyon voted to ae
commission ainenr
to grant the eonce
land, it is sri '. but ann )unccd thai It
wnnld be necessary to foi
ncoln |
; la«t
' *int indent 11. l;
l'rv , f State J. L.
port the bid. The
cd the n-' «*o as
i( n a{■• k< d by Mar-
V anted His Right
The Sergeant Look here, before
ou're si'rvtvl out with >our uniform
oud better hip down to the wash
ouses and pet a bath.
The hvcruit—Wot? I come 'ere to
• a soldier not a bloomin' mermaid!
London Opinion.
Slayer Must Serve 20-Y*?ar Sentence. Murderer Freed for Family's Sake. j
Conviction of Crocks ' Hasps in the Because his wife and two small chit- I
district coin i of P«<ntotoc county on a (lren need his support, and protection, I
charge of killing Mrs. Mry Harrison J \V. M. Briscoe. Indian, of Bryan county] i
and his sentence of twenty years in has been paroled by Governor Williams'
the penitentiary were affirmed bv the from a ten-year sentence in the pent-
criminal court of appeals. The killing i tentiary for manslaughter.
of .Mr-. Harp-on tools place during ai Itriseoe wno ronvlcted in the nr.van 1
free for :ill fliclit at a ilanee near Ada I county district court in .Tune. 1912. lit. .
on the night of Feb. IS, 1013. She was victim al: o nil Indian, both b' ins drunk
j hot tlin.•:•-;!! the hciul, dying Instantly, j at the time. The parole was recom-
| Her I'M band and two small children I mended by the judge before w hom
I were with her ; t the time. Two others j Hri ooe was tried find the county at- '
were accused with Daggs. | forney who prosecuted him,
Brotlrggor Escapes Requisition.
I Governor M: i.>r of Mi .ouri has de
I l'nl the requisition of Governor Wil-
inms for M. F. Witte, sougiit as a co-i
•i f:' 1 nit in tin William J. Cre- k
Ton and BtyS— ftttenfian:
I Ihfr; is i lemlic dfmand ' L't ti,is siasan and
■ are sky Kigli. Tou can,et a siiarcl Ihc millions .1 dollarsl
I tf tl «';,h|l«l!iil,ll)e lia,Kis a' Jmcnci lllii Winl'r J
|pl)) WE WILL HELPf>Cu (
lH Vm sid mean lus-itfs we"w!Tf"tprni yacP
9t((( "The Story'-of the Trap" r-inlirirsj^
|c eryk,',t4j tapper shotrt# knorf (o k( mc;t mc:sis1j1.
| 0<ir Trajipers Supply Departcr'nl will fguip you
I once for.fufl inls'inittM
\ m will look tfii years younger if you
latkeu your u^ly, grizzly, gray 'airs by
using a Creole" Hair Dieting—Adv.
fear to tread
nble to crawl out.
To Test Compensation L?w.
A suit to test the validity of the
workmen's compensation net, was in
stituted in the district court of Okia
ire I i-.'ior conspiracy cases. The: homa county. L. C.
' *4 v " I ^ Ul Si
Coyne Brothers
18 *4. SOU I M W A ( fcrt CHICAGO
r, a carpen-
• ■lllii was made upon a showing by :(r seeks $3,000 damages from the
Vitte that he had not been in Okla- .lames Stewart Construction Company
cma fi'r a year, the governor hold-[for injuries sustained in an accident
,p he was not a f lgitive from jurtice. I at the state capitol. It will be con-
"he governor'; ru!i:-r was the first re- tended that the law denies an injured
erse met I y the Oklahoma author!-[man the right of trial by Jury and al- - >uraj„
.... , , . , , , 1 ies ,hBlr wholCB'i!e arrests of (lows for no compensation for phvsical ' 1"hctl 112 J,ear*- Wr'«' 'ur «i
Hie fools that rush In w.iere ang..l ; -e bo..tlegging syndicate, headed by I pain and mental anguish resulting 1 «•«•. '"•-i"'* * sa E. D«,u .Wkkiu. K...u
lucky If they are William J. Creekiuoro. ifroui a hurt. I -
I W. N. U., WICHITA, NO. 47-1915,
We treat plloa by .1 mlltl snfe
metliuU without Uuife or lig-
ature. Institution estaN

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