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CAR. Afcb
W Will f
It psrtttOTiC
Moguls Disband Arkoma League and Return to Western Association
Arkoma League Is Discarded;
. Western Association Again
Moguls Vote to lU'tuni to Old
Name AfttT Arkoma Has
Filled rurpo.se.
fctormy Meeting End In Per-
fect Harmony; Walter Mor-
ns Effects Compror.ii.se.
tlly SI. iff I'liric.HiKiiiili-nt. )
M I SK( ii II-: I-: I Vh.. 10. As iUily
ii 1 1 u:ihK Into I'XlHti'iuo ttt Km" I
smlili I hr MiM'kH uk. Jiixt ua iiilck-I-.
ilu! the Arkmmt IraKUK Hlnk IntJ
i hf (iooI of iil.llviuii lnr ti.duy f"-
iss inirpoNP. Unit of foicliw ii r-orKnl-.
.iWm nf Ilie UVNt'in HSHDi'liitlun hud
l i i ii eff'ftPd. WIUi Oi exrriUlun of
i In- two vli'r-irf'Hlilrntii the iffloe-
1. 1' th Arkoinu k'UKiit tixlav lioram
Inlals of the W extern kiuh'IhIIoii
.mil the way vrm puveit for the estah
I -hiiiuhl M uklahoma City next Run-
il.iv of the ituiiif i-lrrutt thut had been
l iiipiiHed for the Arkonin.
I'hiirle J. Ittlll several years sei re-
t.ny and statlHtirlan of the lenitue
.mi Hpoi'tmK editor of The TuIhh
World tu.liiy uaa unanimously elected
I'li'Mldent to succeed J. V. Hell it
l aila. Curl Held iltv editor Tor the
I ni t Htniti Times-llerord. wns named
. ei retary. J. I'. Letcher of Tulsa unit
J. T. IxniRhney of MnskciKee were
tet4 vto-prUdenla.
I ndiil In llamwinr.'
What for uwhlle was one of the
iMnst stormy of many ; hard fought
m.-cUmc of the leaRiio ended In ap-
in intly perfect hHinniny. When
I'l lihoma "lly and Muskoee rcpre-
i iasfves at inn time left the room to
t .i ise the iiiestlon of no quorum tn
pi event the passane of certain resolu-
lioii. proposed hy those who ileslrJ t
t- the leaKiie liuspend for I he seivson.
end it looked a If the meetlnu had he-
i e hopflciv (leadUa ketl V lter
; t.i ' i. prcsttleiit of the Texas letRiie
M il a memher of the national hoard
i ( arbltr'itlon three- himself in the
hii aih and effected a compromise.
Accui dlim to the terms of the coui-
l iiiinlHe Ih-mim'ii and Hheriuan with-
ilraw from the Western assoelntlun foe
1 1 1 m "euson and ninv. hut prohahly will
i "I. return after the war.
McAlestcr and Aidmoie .vlll he e-
I - led to do lllievi ie. jnahlinn tkh.-
I "in u City and. Ttihui MunrfOKee iind
I'ort Smith to take ( H.niulifee and
I mil Into their ansochitlon to form a
n cluh circuit and leave two othe-
t'wmi mini
When the fire Is all over - what
then? If you are not ltcirc. ; ou
race a dead his prohihly run-
"ln intir thousands of ilollars.
If you are losuirfl you want the
iiiniiey quick so Instpe today
O W with us and K N I) W
i hut If ynu suffer a fl; s fuss you
will obtain a prompt fair sittle-iiii-nt
of iiin- claims.
Brink & Kramer
JIS Kirst Natl. tUnk. Hldg.
Telephone OsaKe flf7
pliiceH vacant should the Western
Vnitm' iIitiiI.- to vacate J 1 1 and
Wichltii. Tin- pliui Is Idenllcul to tint
adopted by the Tex is leaKue last ye
H-tieii It reduced tu a slx-ululi orxunl-
uitloil. I "re wire for I'cnntitil Iiiihc.
Next NiimiIiv. the teams which e-
pei t to form the liew lea:;uo Will mee
In tiklahoma i'ltv and prepaie fur the
chiiinploiililp face At that time the
Milary and player limits wl!l he estab-
lished the pl.uers if the siiMpcuillu;;
i lulis will he taken over hv the axsnn-
latlon and dlstrXniite l am nisi the cluhs
which will furtn the leaKiie.
Walter .t irris d"i lured that while
ths rules of liHaehall will 'n)t permit
a ri-i'lasHiI'lc it ion (f the leiiKue nil the
haslH nf Its present population this
need nut halt tjiie lvalue aiiy In Its ad-
vance as to the ipialltv nf haselsi'!.
It s planned to opeiate on n class t
hasis and. It -IkM IiiIih are taken into
the circuit to operate on a cIuns II
I si hedule.
$750000 CAMP FUND
Members of Tulsa Congrega
tion Will Be Asked to Give
$24 for War Work.
Kffoit to ial.-e 1750.000 for work
.Huong the l.utheran In the Nutinnal
atiny and In the tralnlnn camps will
be ciin led nut locally bv a campaign
conducted thru tht Iilhemn ronKre-
laton of Tulsa by We Itev. Albert
Massey. A telKram-from the presi-
dent comniendlnu the rampiilan has
hfin sent to national directors t.f the
movement. Mr. Wilson said;
"I learn of the service plutim 1 hy
I lie National Lutheran commission
f. soldiers' rihI ailors' welfare with
a KTeat deal of Interest and need not
Sksiire you that It ha my belt
Tweiitv-rour diilUn will be tho
siiare of the members of Tulsa's
Lutheran church of the f 7 5U.000
which the commission asks. I-uikp
numbers of our men aieawlth the rol-o-s.
Many of tln ni volunteered early.
In (c p.rlnclpal training raini alone
ihcre have .iunt been rountcd ldfi OOO
uieinlieis of the Lutheran churches;
theiefore. rcsisinse to this rail must
.-orne quickly.
"iur couimUiioii has already sent
out twenty-six' neinp pastors. I v I n H
assi'tants to several churches near
cantonments and promised tlilitv-
fr.ur army and nary chaplains their
equipment. I'or the Ititu-r the nov-
erninetit at present provides iiothliiK --
it Is our dutv. Severiil leKular min
ister" have winked themselves III In
nn e ffort to serve the men' In camps j
near their chuihc until rmiURli spe-
intranip pi-tors cutne. .
"These are necessary because there
li; only one army chaplain to every
i.lillO itirn and he tns postmaster's or
various other official duties n eon-
Mime his time Also because home
mcniorles me still fresh. In many
i uses the most delicate and knowing
attention is required; the hearty grip
of the soldier's own pastor tells him
iis (huicli has nt forgotten por will
'line bundled and fifty such work-
ers are wanted at once and the com-mls-iou
is able to select from our
ni' capable and experienced minis-
ters for this service The whole mat-
ter Is in trusted thrifty hands for ad-
ministration Naturally our people In
Tulsa aie po( likely to limit ourselves
to our quota of the gift. Write checks
in Kind Liitheiaii church with the
annotation "war commls-loii." and
e. ml to me at ML. roulli l-.lwooil ase-
line "
Radgcr Comhh Rulen
Flynn Can't Rox Miske
DII'TH. Minn. lib lu..llin
I'lynii who ii to meet hilly Miske
at Superior leliriiary 13. cannot
fight In Wisconsin It Is said the
ruel.ln fireman is in poor phjslcal
cnmlHion. The state boxing com-
mission lodiv ilei-liircil the bout off
as f ii as Klymi Is concerned
Herman-Lynch Rout
May Re Arranged
NI-.U ViiUK.
I . l 10 - Arralige-
a for a match
'it ntalll W -eight l lilllli-
have been wiled to
by I loliiioiel. Tor -
1- n I' II I n i
W: or the Win Id s 1
piolislili. Tel ln
loe Lynch hete
tollcll. the New
Mr leans promoter
for a twentv round bout wini trie
Heruinn baniaiii i hampion LynVh s
ineiinger has .-. epted If Herman
accepts the m.i:e h will be stage- I
i in I ri..n v. - -
J & Ns ' -.- sr" i
V I t r i ' i i i
Mort'Lc er
vjuHf w H t I i-tVi
t wcn'i HA.i t
to t (GMT IM THf
nteJtrvCS. Hf'D uvr.-
1tt rVCN
INTO 114 fvjow-
i nrr mrn tuis iaiim i i i . x i v.. i . -c "
RT7ii : vs - . T . V AoTOMPTJlLt : . tv.
COMftArAM- StfcvjKC
1 'J'
Altho the American league lias sent
twice as many men In the colots as
has Ills National the older leacue
boasts ss man) If not more rek'uhirs
In the servlre than the younger cir
cuit. 1 his will iimloiibledlv prove n
laclor In thn pennant race. Take onej
or mo stars from one cluli jUnl II will
be hopelcsnly WreckeH Whereas the!
loss of a slur or two wouldnt seil-l
onsly damage another.
Like the White Mux. Aineilcan
league pennant winners the New
Vi'lk (liailts have suffered lightly thru
loss of men to the aimy and navy
Hut three flenrge Kelly. All Italrd
and John I'aul loues the should be an
admiray I jjre winning the khaki and
they are not regulars. Chicago has
lost only two both of Ihein recruits.
Kill Marriott mil Lincoln I'lilh-v tho
they face the possible loss of Alex-
ander Muslim lost two stars In Hank
'lowdy. first big league player to en-
list and Walter MaranvHIe. also a vol-
unteer. Itice and Hchrlnber have also
Joined the colors. Philadelphia lost
three Kppa Itlxey. now a lieutenant
Hen Tlnciip and Willy lavle. With
Ijivendar's release end the sale of
Alexander Morsn vv II have to build
another hurling corps rittshiirgh lost
three Inflelders. Itay Miller a first
baseman; William Webb a second
sucker and Hool.s Warner a hot coro-
ner guardian. All are recruits.
Cincinnati lost Ijnt one Muurice
Hath now a radio operator. Haiti
played In the I'm iflc I 'oust league last
year but had been up to the big top
before HI. Inils lost two --.luck
Miller second baseman and Marvin
(loodurtw pitcher. The Cardinals will
miss these tin) a.
Crooklvn lost more than any other
National league cluli. there being he
liodueia now wearing the Insignia of
( ho I'nlted Htates. Itchliison lost three
star pitchers. Kil I'feffer Mherrod
Smith anil Leon Cadore. John Kelle-
h. i ti ml l-oiil Malone recruit short-
stop sink second baseman leapecitively.
are other Itoblns now In the service.
Korl Kmlth. like evcry-Arknma (or
Is II still Western association club? I
has lecelved several applications to
managV the Twins. Juck I'lilBond
thltd baseman last year; l.ige Wooley.
who plloteithe I'roducers for wblle;
Tex Merrltt former I'enlson catvlier;
Ted Waring S-l league manager I'an
fi'lary. Central assoelnlloi pilot-
Ceogo Kellv u'Vlrglnla league nian-
agei ; I'rank' Ho5 F'. who has won Cen-
tral association pennants and Inid
Hitter manager of Sherman two years
ago. aie ranili.l.ites for the. Job of
leading the Twins
ague's !
1:111 Hollander one
the le
i.'u.lmir Iio(sIops. miaitf 4in the Ohio!
Cliies basketball live oi hhhu
basketball offlcl.il. will protieiiiv nf""' """."
tendered the Job. HIM I" popular over
the entire circuit and snouiu ne ac-
cept the place it would be a sleje In-
ward the lop for the Twins.
Vinita Rasketcrn Defeat
Afton Cager 20-18
AI'TuN. k In.. Kb. 10 Imta ds-
f. ated Aftnn In the sv niiuisluin of the
. . . A t tfl
init.i high si honl lu-t night 20 to j
The ltnta team as much In avier j im.mi much woie alnci. the re
a ti.ore extierieniM'd thnn the Afion;ent larire capture of Italians The
tram. but. Afion boys put
up a goon I
si rappy game
of the season
This Is the llrst game i
for Afton
Afton will"
play Miami
at Afton next
Camp Grant Roxern Meet
Camp Dodge Star a Feb. 13
HOCKroltli. III.. Keh. lO-Oseupl
Irani boxers will meet (lie fjstlc
stars of Camp Hodge. Des Moines i
IKehruary H. Ill a series or tuniis ac
the lloc-kfurtl canloninent. There
I will be bouts in eight weight c lasses.
If Camp Hodge i'an tiring a negro j
soldier boxer a man from ttie one I
I Hundred and Kighty-l-hlrd brigade
will meet him.
Gun Christie Meets Miske
in Superior Ring Feb. 1$
Hl'il.lTH Minn. i Keh
10 HllS
go on In
'hiile eif MHWuiikee will
.W. of
Snaln I
bout against Hilly Miske
of St. I'aul at Superior1 Wis on
I'-eluuary IS. In Hie seqnl-wlrulup
lill'y Williams. I'lirtland Ore. light-'wi-is'ht.
will meet Jack Whlitsker of
Superior in a ten-round bout anil
Johnny Schauer ol St. I'aul will meet
a ho. vet In he uun-.ee!.
Do. UfJClt SrV-A
pimc io 6er tv
COME CrJl'l--
ir Tt ITS
Systematic Cruel ties Are I!o-
ing l'niciiced Agains' Ital-
ian Prisoners
Dying at East Rat From
Starvi!ion or Dysentery in
(lerinan Campi.
l.".ilN l-'eb 111 lieuu-r's 1.1m-
ite'd has re. iird copies of sworn
siatemi'iits froiii Itiltlsli soldleis who
have returned fr"in Herman prison
camps and hospitals H'cardlng sste-
niatlc brii In I It v pracllced by the ijcr-
maiis ii lion Italian prisoners. TIuhp
Repents emanate not from -one partic
ular center tail roin'ttficnu more than
a dozen different pints of (luinniny.
They have been confirmed by nd-
pendent testimony. The reporls are
of recent orlitin as the soldiers who
gave the testimony left tlermnny only
recently a majority of them having
been teleased .fiAmi prison camps
a oout a month aRo.
Itegardlng the camp at tngensa-
Iza Haxony testlinony has linen re-
ceived from nioie than a dozen Inde-
pendent souri'ea. In November about
2000 Italian prisoners were brought
In and placed in a separate part of the
ramp behind barbed wires. Accord
lug to tha reports they were qnnecca-
arlly knocked about by under offi-
cers and guards with rffl butts and
scabbards. The Italians appeared
famished and used to rush for thnir
soup. The Hermans bowever stabbed
them with swords and bayonets (fill-
ing or wounding many of them.
Heven or eight Italians died from
starvation In the camp every day. 'One
Italian testified that he had been fif-
teen days on the Journey In the camp
and hnd had only three meals during
all that time.
Many IHe Dally.
There la a strong feeling ainoiu; the
Kngllsh prisoners thut something
should he done for I hi. Italians who
are dying at the rate of six or seven
a day thru sta'YUtlon or dyentr.
I'ron. the I lulni' n. Westphalia
jianip there are reports from many
j Independent witnesses concerning the
way the Italian prisoners are mis-
treated. It is stated that the prison-
ers weie nuisched nil tint way from
Italy with npod but bread Th'-v
also were knoi kei. al out and other-
wise treated with Inhumanity. Kng-
I.Mi prisoners gave thi'in their Her-
man rations.
One witness sab! that three or four
weeks before he left Imlin'-n two or
three hundred Italian prisoners nr.
'tved there. All of them were virtu
ally Marveti. I saw a iierinail seuiiy
i . .. i.
In I 'asset. It Is lejiorted
that the
Italians are treated worn
than the
flrltlsh. being pushed about or struck
b Herman corporals At Mannheim
the same brutality is regularly prac-
ticed one witness said the Italians
tushed madly for food and some of
them were havnnelted. The (Jornians
tills report sjild were giving the-iii
only half rations.
suffering from Colli.
"I .viinifii'i ii i.-i.iiiirii inr lit-
.r of the i manH to the Haluus
iirisnuees sitiieii'ii very iiiucn irom
mid and were wrapptiiv themselves in
blankets whenever tney roulo Tti"
1 tlltal conduct and bullying of Her-
mans set In only recently. One wit-
ness said he saw the Italians knocked
down frequently and hit with the hull
end of rifles. This In itioeiit was not
due particulaily to the had e-ond i q
of the prisoners but simply because
they were Italians These men have
one ration of soup emd hre-ad dally.
Himllur eylilcne e conies fiom Zerhst
Anhielt wliere Italian prlsoni'is. after
five davs' J'lurnev without food were
tillven bni'k with drawn swords a
tliey were going to get their Mip al-
lowance. Another witness titsttfil
(hat (it Hemeln camp the fmllans
were neaHy starved and fought among
I ImrlieelvPH for a plei e of bread
thrown lo them bv Lrlllsli prisoners.
At Kreidrichsfelile provlni'e of
Iti andenbiiiir. the treatment of the
Kalians was equally barbarous Here
sentries shot Italians for trying to get
loejd ' from the llritlsli . prlsoueis
Kquallv revolting stories come from
Hamnielhm gh fitedal Median L'ni-
burg and Hamburg.
Will sis-nee on T in in
VV. I" Still I and Itl't Albert Miissr'
have Iteen appi'-ited liv tte. War Suv-
lima f-'lam'i off: e to -invass all i f the
fraternal oit- of Tul-i in Hie Intel
eet Of the Thrift i-innn-n-'i.
IConjilght 1 9 1 7. by 11 C. Flatter Tiede
; d :
t'Alf MUTlfcl
More- Than R.IWMI Tiilsi'ins l ipci lcil to
March III I'all liillc
The cniiimlltee of the American Al-
iliaui-e for Jjilinr and I leniocracy
i which Is In charm- of arraiiKements
for the deiiionslriilton on Tuesday ex-
j peels to have more than 'i.ilib) In III"
I parade The line of march hue been
: decorated with Amerlinu I In km. Con-
vi-ntloii hall will he dei t.iulei also.
Thn cominltlen will lueid Monday
ev ening tu complete an aiiKeineuls
'for the i-elebriilioii. A 'sei.ssloil was
; hehl last night at which the geneual
plans -were discussed.
I The commltiee expreni. the hope
that every oi gsulr.allon in the illy
jwlll be i epresi pteil in the parade
I which wlLI form at the com (house st
iS - S l and proceed direct to Convention
Ih'all. The n I fTf-mioii pto.'iifm will he-
'gln Immediately after the parade.
I The afternoon pt-ngeaui follows:
1'rayer "lilxln' by I lie band "Amer-
Icn" .to be sung' by the audience ai'-
companled hv the hand; address of
welcome by Mayor J. II Simmons;
address by Judiin Lee Ihinlel; sell c-
tloif by the hand; iiddiess by Judge
Kd Warren: address by c '. It Allies of
Oklahoma City; "Htiir Spangled llari-
tier" by the hand.
The evening program Is: 1'rayer;
music hy the band short talks;
'showing of safety films; patriotic
! songs.
The committee extend an Invi'a-
Itlem lo every one to Join In the
parade and to attend both programs.
.Mai-tVui-cn ami Kills i-re-lixl Jim
Kllllii'l TOril cslridiiv at '
Jim liiilherford wanti'd by federal
authorities on a e-harge nf counter-
feiting was a rresled v estei duv. after a
search of several months. He was
taken in custody at tl)e home of his
father at Hperry alsml o'clock yes-
terday morning hy v S Mai-cjiieen
and deputy Marshal W. N Kills lie
was asleep in the house when awak-
em d and told he was under arrest.
Itiitherford la clnlmeil to hav been
iiinueited aliout a year axo wHh a
counte feltuiK plant at Hand Bpl Inns
wliere silver dollars were lilt tied mil.
Ilile-k" lingers was Miristed at the
time the mollis were seized but tluth-
ertord escnped. He was later arrested
at Hominy bill was i leased on mini'
misundi rstamllng by the city mar-
shal of that place ove r the orders of
the l ulled States marshal lingers Is
out on bond.
The office-en re-reiving infoi mallon
that Hut hei tin I was buck at Hperry
laid their plans to get him. and they
we re t an led out Huiiilav . Hutherford
was broiiuht To the city Jail.
Ncgreri's rrcslcel on t hnrii-s nf Sell-J
lug W lilsgy hy Invcll-
gntnr. . I
Tliri'e ni'groea weie in rested by i
( U. H. s.l!ii qiieen on Hqfteer charges!
jvestcrday Johns a testaurant!
'keeper was arrested nl his place of
.business on North Klioo and Will face
;the charge of maintaining a place!
I where- liquor Is sold Mucqoecn says
he has evidence of se veral sales be ing
j iniule.. .lohtts. he Maid hroke and.
!sillled four quarts of liquor wheqt lie:
1 saw the ofl'tcer coming befere he
ii-iiuld be put under an est While
taking hteutijn llie stalioii Maeqiic'ii
says lie discovered two other
-negroes. Lark Miller and Arthur
'lllnes peddling whisky In an unto at.
Frankfort and Kriston Six half pints
j were found In the a'llo Macque-i-n
Manugiirj I ellteer l:esluiis.
ST. Mills. l-'rl! I n A 11 neiilliei-.
ineni.ia made toti.iv of the i osii:nat Imi
of t'liatles I't. Heberhait as m a mi y.l n -.'
'editor of Hie St I.oiiim He public el
Irertlve linmi'tllati Iv Williaio M. I.eil-
heller chief eiiltoltal Hi ll- I. will act
im miiMiiilnir .'I'itoe- foi t tv . weeks
' v. lien Sam V . Ilellmaii now a ment-
ber OI Hie HI. I. mils I'oMt luspiilih e h
torllil force will take thv pi.ihoe
I leli.'l h.-ll 4 his been Wi'll Hi - I i e-pillill '
fo- five tear.
. . ..... v
Ileal Cruv Issues Xppeal.
1 1 T't I N 1 1 Swltefl.n.il. Jeh.
The. lnli rii.illon.il i-oinmlitee of i be
; lied t'ri.sa lias. joined an apiie.it to all
belligerent hi ttl.es lo il Imr In- u -e
of asplivxiVliig gas
Mlclllloil! SmiiiI-Ii VVuf' Vclcrans
'Will me-t at i "in I tu m -.- T tliv
jl'fbruary I:' at '.' p m to lake put
III the loyalty p.iiade l 'o in iintt-s -want
t'i be well i -pi e i -tl in the
'pararte. Vii.lt 1 1 1 ii IT v III IS'tS is vvtl!
known. Let the peopl- know ytiu are
loval now Turn out Tue-Hdav H
order H Miracle Coin J I'.
rT al
ftlaik Ilrg U. B I'at. Off)
i ft
CmNTINI l.'H KliOM I ' A f i K ONK.
l ags. Kanitoga Tex ; James II I'otll-
lo Huiitlligton Atk ; Sain II. I'llite-
e list HOilgetle Vex ; LllHier VV. Ox-
inent llroken (hiw okhl ; lieorge A
itilnhardt Jefferson Wis.; Mwls
Hoberls Nacogdocliea Tex i John
llldge I'leasatii till nkla; Irvln
hlniH Alio Tex ; Thomas I) St. I lair.
Junction Tex.; Wtlhiini VV. VVilalit.
Iilsmai-ck I ikla ; cletq-e V Zimmer-
man New itoc-helle N. Y.; Luther II.
Keeeler.' Hruudus Tex : Clavton II.
West Hill lei Sprint's. Knn . Slephell
I'. Me-iid Heed. I ire. ; Charles K. Swan-
son IHylhi lillils. Wis; Channel')' J.
I'avldsoii Aiuiionds Mont
Iteplue enient del.ich.ueiit Ciniiti
'Ilium I'llvalcs: Liiaiols II. Ariulgo
Iti I'asei iTl'MIs; (leuiuo 't. Laker
i inter Valley Texas- Hen I'arke -
Koulshiirg Texas; Kdgar C Haines
Itangor I'exai; Iteiii.'aiuln lllrmliig-
liiini orpus e'lulstl Texas; Mlllou
Mrown I'llot I'eilut Texas; SterliriK
Collonn Hi. James. Ark; V llliani I.
Cook Aqiiilln Texas; Huperl HavU
l-'rlsi-o Tex as; Albert j ilug. Mission
Texas; Hlxtoii Klorc-s Atbe Texas
i'alvvar.l C. Kev.-er Weln.' Texas;
Henjauiln H l Ke Table quiill. OklU.;
Mai tin C. Hill VVImbiirley. Texas
I -mils T. Johnston l'arls. Texas; John
Kempnr hiilrfnx. okla ; William
kenwn Sand ttprlng. Texas; Merle
H. Klnghaiu Ho isitvell Texas; Fiank
ICosaeath Han Antonio Texas; Marlon
I-'. 1 jimbei t Hotan Texns; Krtienl
Lliithlciiin tiklahoma f.'lty. okla.;
Joseph Marlln Chei'tiiah Olvlie; Jaeo'l
W. Martin Kort Wflrth Texas; .Miguel
Martlnes. Han IMego Texas; John K.
McDonmU llliiton okla.; William K.
Mc.Vlurry Itoyse City. Texas; Crtixe
Mnrtinex Merln I. Arlx.
Camp Travis cletai-hment No. t
overseas casuals. I'rlvstis (leorge A.
Allwlen Temple Texas; Oustave
lie yeir. I'll. a. Minn.; John II. Illstiop
luster. okla.; Inivld Ctsneroe
I. iownsvllle Texas; Joe Cuchrane
I awlon. okla.; Klorenelo Krras Alice
Texas; Kllon K Kdmniidson Hlrawn.
lexas; lli'iiiy K Korshee flayward
i ikls ; iliiiiilnlupe tlarxa lllo Hrande
Toils: Thomas M. Iludgeona. Ilsltetts.
iite Texas; Hubert K. Ie lllckey
lietiton. Texas; lloy W. May I.lndale
Te xas: VVillliuu Moreaii Ieon
Hillngs Texas; (leorge M"reno. J'ear.
sail Texa; Howard W. Menely Ha-
s.ekwa. Okla.; Hurley (' Null t'arllng-
ton Okla.; Hblney II Nail. Halnes-
vllle. Texas lien V. iiwens Crtnadlan
Texas; Hem y Oxford Tiirnsvllle
Texas; Anged I'erreg Ran Antonto
lexas; (mills I'owell Husikwa I k In ;
ilomer Piilllii :teneh camp Miss.;
Clarence I'aul Alexandria ljt"; Juan
A I'eren. Hoerne Texas; cleorgei C.
I erry one Wulf. ok In.: Itie-hardson
I'etei' linvlii.' Okla ; l-'leti her i.
1-ledntji- Nnrniiin eikla ; Theodore
lollak Adkliis Texa; James A.
I'l-lce. Itolse Cty nkla.; Hobble (
Hay Heyinoiir Texas; lta)in.ni
lloesslet Meillelne Lalife Kan.;
I.uilii Itanion Han Antonnv Teiaa;
H.irney II l!av. Temple Te xas; icsse
M. Itboades Halheri. okla.; V'lrsll J.
Icolerts l-;i Heno nkla ; Cinlo I toil -tlsuex.
Ilergsmlll Texas iisnir Hoe-
luck Roper okla.; Kdward L. Hmil'
I'erun (lap Texas; Je.sle p Sml'li.
Coleman eikla ; Arthur Stiaaeh.
Miles. Texas; Hie-hard Hclnilz. Hoirn''
Texas; Osiar I. Hinllh. WiiiI'-ik. Tex
as; William '! Smith l-istiis. Mo :
Jaiiien 1'. Hpaikmaii. l-'r -a; " Texas;
lle'Dunn Sinss. Hennessey. eikla ;
Ininii-I V Trobrltlge Htinwn. Texa.-;
Itiifns V. Taff. Ha'i Kabii. Texas. Joe
I. Taylor. Han Antonio Texas; John.
C. Terr). AqulUa Texan. Tiillu I!
Thonipsim Maif'ill ok 1.1 ; f leorge W.
T'unllnso lil Heno. Okla ; I'iuKi'ne
T iiinlinwiii. liishop. .Texas. ..William It.
VlikeiH. Hnnthwem 1'itv .Mo; .nlill
eatheiail. Inillas. Trv.ts; Hugo
Welrli h. I i.dt iK ks. Texas: f-:ihin
VNhite Arni'tt. okla.; Walter I. VNhit-
tiiigton Sh'-rniao Texas i : 1 1 M Wil-
liams Olcnw'inel Ark ; I'aul A Wil-
liams. I'lichlo. I'oln William It. Wil-
son Cant'in. Texas Jame-i (' Wood
Vaults. TcT.it. Jose )li"ila l.arii!".
Texas. I'.iivt-ii'l I-' V'liur- e.Umei.
'lixas I'nlrlek H Wl Ia!l:is 't.
us I'.osentln Inaz ajaina. To.rs
I list rtnlr.-tl Squad. I.tlnl illtlsion.
V.itmnal c'lard Seine anl Janus I'.
Havvley Ntt-n.ih Wis . I it' at.-s I'rt-d
Hndelf. Mllwaukex'.
.yi r. Lewis'. tw u I'a
Wis Alb-it V.
S.elilliM si i-d No ? .TL'ud ilnlsloll
I tlv.ifcs etivnl -isfi Mllwau-
l.i e HI' ; Tlnodi.ie A not glmer v.
.M-inlstlqiie. Ma Ii . l-'rie.b I v ill.cnliitf
t lllieeilille Mich.
one ir.ii.lii-d an. I s.-vin th e ncineer
le l
rs.wlw7Hi Ir.iins iiUd in ijt a r - I'll-
h i'H H f;t lw ti I ' I i'i N-M M . i f 1 1 1 1 1 1
Uw. U:n'M K i Mitv.iili.'r
4 1 t"H ili i i.'i i ( i ii t'7th f;'if trim
'..tinn.tl iiM'tl.
(juiirit'riii i"t'r
I ItllflltfH. vVll N
i 'oiii ut ii j! 1
Si'l X'l-
i ti i
all. Wi-
nh suiqi! I r I ill
M . I M id M VV an
linn. Wis: I liailts -mil!lt Mel leu
Waukesha. Wis . CLilre M et.e li I .a inc.
I hippe-vva l-'.illw Wis; I'lb.-'t-. Arthur
'.'i-.wm Mm n t I. an I Mm. re. VV is : I'd
llilllnl I'rtli'- .I'dliisi'll. I ll VV is t
1 V h1
Ry Bud Fisher
i:ar Odearl Welxeuiherger. Jim Kails
V Is.
Truck company II.' 107th supply
tialn Corporals Arthur Christian
Junker Ki noshii Wis.; Kri-sl Albeit
liriihnw. Milwaukee Wis.; Albert
Italia lirai'ii. Kenosha W is ; Otto
Muwroy kunnsha. Wis.; l'llvutc Karl
HJelmer I liiltnnliia. Kenosha Wis.;
Joseph Jake Maraolek I nelepundence.
Wis; John Kred MeCulclieoti Wiish-
burn Wis.
Coinpany C. 107tli supply train
( eirrals John McAidle Neshkoro.
Wis.; Clarence tl. Iirson Hnxevllle
Wis.; lalanti Ii. Media l'oy ilppe.
Is. ; Krank Hharpe. Milwaukee Wis.
I'rlvates Itussell K. Ileliuett I'laln-
field Wis.; Alclds Carolto Uihrvlll.
V Is
Cnmpanv I 107th supply train
Corporal Clifford Norrls. New IOll-
ilon. Wis.; William II. Hpeucer New
1. on dun Wis.
Company V.. 107th Supply train
Corporals Henry John Cook Cam-
eron Wis ; Herbert Clarence .lenSon.
I llarron Wis ; Harry M Mcs'arty.
Shell Uke. VVI ; Krlvale Hans Christ
Uirsuii Itlce Lake Wis.
Company F 107th Supply Iraln-
! Corporals Henry A. tlksnee Kttrlck.
jWls ; I'rlvates l-'rancls K. r'ci nsislil. .
I Colby. Wis ; Jacob eVV. Kran er Ab-
boitsforvT. Jils; William 1 Law-
rence. Webster Clly Iowa.
KlOtH Aero epiadron'-Herjeant
Itert f). Weeks Modesto Cat.; I'rlvates
Joe CUrtRnd Lvsnsvllle Md ; Htan-
ley L. Collins Knights Kerry Cal ;
Krank I. Ilellly Cleveland Ohio;
Leigh A. Wright. Hillsdale Mieh.J
Alexander H. (lillespin Los Angeles
ital.; Carl C. Kader Johnstown. I'a ;'
Wilbur W. Chirk Lnng Mich ;
Connor A. Colling Haltls Crvek
Mich.; WHHani A Moore Han Fran-
cisco. Cal.; Harry H. Smith llaltlmore
Mil ; John M. Crowley Han Fran
rlsco Cal.; Hugh Alexander ('umber-
land (lap Tenn ; Walter Aloxandei.
Marshall Mo.; Harry Carpenter To-
tomac III.; Kranklln A. Church
I'rovlelrner H. I.j Itlchard V. Hreyer
Hea Cllffe N. Y ; Clifford I). Hpang.
lasbannn I'a.; William (). lieyer
lllackstone V a ; Vincent A Herman
K.asl Weymouth Mass.
(hie Hiinetred and Klfty-lCUhth aero
squad; Sergeant Major Henry A
Hklnner Itockrord. HI.; Hergeant tier-
nard L. Tulllngtoei. 1'hoebus Va.; Hor-
poriila I'hlllp lllchtir Han Kraiu lseo;
William Kvana New York City; l'rl-
vateg Krederlck J. Thu.tmi rttlilgs.
poll. Conn ; Samuel I' Itigga Han
Krnnclsen; Herman ittipp. New Tork
e'lty; Head C. Havla. Coluaa. Cal.;
lUldc'VH. Marsh I'eir'luut Conn.:
I'l'lnntttl U U'hllt vX'auu..LOll. I..m
I .mils Todor New York City; K.derar
II Tabor l'r.)vlil-.ny- l(. I.; Julius
Nolkowltz New York C'ltv ; l.awren"e
t i;. Wise Jr. Woodslile N. Y.; Itlchned
'A. Nlenhart. Ciluenbu Ohio; Jacob
; Zallilnd. ' Kail Klver. Mass;. Carroll
j Hi ully Toledo. Ohio; Delhert K. Ingle-
i liarl Santa Mmilco Cl.; James L.
iKIiwIn New York Clly; Ota ! Mc-
Coy. LI Moiile. Cal; Clarence W
Short. Willsboro. I'a.; William T
'leeirge Waverly renn.; Charles I'. It.
iMtvey Hall Krini'ls"o; liihn I'. Helsel
' liiiiaia Kails. N. V.; Joseph A. Allan.
H1 ukopee Minn.; Kdwuttl '. Hra-
liniitei H mill hi. I'a ; Cook Clauilii C.
'Spellev. Cedar Itapld'i lo'ra.
i I'nr sal - In Tulsa .y
20c Each 2 for 35c
UNiTtDiHiier a coll.au co 'tsoy.n y.
iMen Wanted
Tulsa Fire
Voung men of good char-
acter and health wanted
for this department.
Must be ov er 21 and under
3T) years of age 5 ft. 'J in.
in height and weigh not
less than 170 His. c
For further information
inquire at Station No. 4.
Head th KMPItKSS Adv.
'I'onKtrrow for date of
"Sl'KMAUlNK F-7"
re uAY. HR6 1
v COMCA A ( j

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