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He:uls of DepiirtmentH Will Be
More Than Mer
OKLAHOM A cm . Nov J TIih
policy nf "oruel" economy advocated
by Qovernor-eleci Will lama baton
m primal) will tx the keynote of
ins ri rut message which is now being
prepared foi presentation tu the Ih
1 I ;i 1 lilt' ThO I e'olll Illlllll.it loll
lie made on the I h. 01 y thai t wy
mm.- official should i- required i" Hit
nt hli dealt from n o'olooh In the
moraine mini E in the evi nlng and
attend ai lively to the duties of hi of
floe Instead of turning t he 'i' part
merit over to chief deputy or hh-
elatanl and spi ndinn much of
time i pureuli Df peraonal pleaeurs
or bia nun business affaire.
Oovernor-fleot Williams nopaa ti
accomplish tiii. it in underatoodi by
limiting t tf amount of help each
state di partmenl will be allowed by
the legislature to tin' olarloal force
absolutely neoeaaary in handle the
bualnoM with the eervioea of the elec-
tive in ml counted I" The governor-
eloot also proposes to require all le-
gal work for the mute to done by
the attorney general and but aaaiet-
inns iii the paat hundreda of thou
sands uf dollars imve been eapended
for eervioea of apodal attorneye and
ii number of departments have pri-
vate attorneye regularly employed.
Tin si are not uaoally designated at-
torneye nn the pay roll bul their
chief dullea are to t u after legal
aside from the reduction In the
number of appointive poaltloni and
board us previously outlined in theaa
columns it le imported tltut the gov
ernor-eleci win recommend ibat a
number of the expensive branche of
the stiii- government for example
the corporation commleeton simii
charge fcoe ror certain aervlcei now
performed for the public free "f
charge. A number of the state de-
partments .in constantly bolng callod
upon to furnleh certified uopiea of
record! and perform other apeclal
services for the accommodation of a
limited olaaa of citlaena Judge wu-
Itami la said to entertain the view
tlmt theaa services ahould nol be
given free but thai the state ihould
derive a revenue from them to assist
in maintaining the departments
The governor-elecl also belli vea thai
muoh retrenchment can be accom-
plished in the expenses of count) and
city government and that laws ran
ba pass nd by the leglalature ivhlcb
will tint onl) aiil in hrltiKi'iK about
this result bul which will acootn-
i I loii a great saving in local t a ices.
Bome recommendations the exact na-
ture nf which has not bean learned
will he made in his mcHsaKe along
this line. The examination of heads
ami clerks In state departments is
still being quietly conducted by the
governor-elect ami a large amount
nf valuable Information for his mes-
sage is being secured.
Contrary to the policy adopted by
the newly elected gOVemora Of Kan-
sas ami Texas. Qovemor-elect Wil-
liams is nut announcing any of his
apolntmenta He has probably de-
cided upon some of his appointees
in fnr some reason is not making
his selections public it was learned
today that Charles McCafferty for-
mer county treasurer of Oklahoma
No Report Yet an to WjOthtf
Villa Hiw Eniered
the City
I ami financial
mine morgi r fl
Yolk tn Altai!
NKW rORK Nov 211 I'. dm
stirred b) the stors thai a M000 0
granted in ox-Oovernor I'U of New
lawyer accused and convicted of the murder
i William Marsh Rice The pardon was granted
! 1811!. In an affadavlt Ueorge ' Goodrich a
Mlllllten brother-in-law of Patrick alleges thai
consolidation of his Qoldon Cycle Mining com
j i 'reek concerns following the pardon.
county will he the assistant secre
tar) of state under .1 L Lyon and
it is said he has already arranged fur
hi bond.
circles have be
urcd In the pardi
T I'nirleK. the
nf ih. aged millionaire
mi Thanksgiving day of
cloae friend to John 13.
Milliken consented to a
i.inv with other Cripple
sl'l I till M il I!imi CLAM'
M ss III M i l s
U l l.l.I A.MST' V.. Mass.. N..V It.
- President Wilson qualified aa i
mountain climber here this after
nun With Prancls Bay re his son-in-law
and I'mf Stockton Axson his
brother-in-law he went up Peters-
burg mountain from the summit of
which he could look intn New i ork
ami Vermont
The first part of the trli was made
in a carriage and the remainder m
foot Hu:h up on the Journey the
president passed John Donoghua a
mountain farmer who gaaed at him
curloualy and remarked "You oer
talnly iln look like he president "
tin Ills return Mr Wilson much
refreshed by his climb sai in front
of an open fire and read poetr) to his
relatives until the famil) dinner
At the services In St. John's Epis-
copal church thla morning he Hs-
lened to prayers for peace in Eu-
rope ami oontlnuod proaperlty in the
United states in his sermon the
rector. Rev .1 F. Carter referred to
Mrs Wilson's death The president's
Thanksgiving proclamation was read
by President Harry Garfield of Wil-
liams' college
Mr Wilson walked to chureh ae-
oompanlad by Mr. and Mrs. Bayre
und Dr. Grayson Afterwards the
congregation stood while the presi-
dent walked nut.
An automobile trip Is planned for
tomorow morning. At 4 o'clock in
the afternoon the president will leave
for Washington During his short
stay here he has disposed of a lai ftp
amount of oorreapondenoe hut ha
not completed his meaaage to con-grass
KU A i 111 .. No .'i
V'enustlano Carranse n
late today from Cordoba
In ought tliniiBunds .f
oltlaena Into the stn . .
spoke from the balcony
II. Ipal I'llai e lie u
i loneral
i. died i i
I lis ai i iv al
ud when he
of the ii i n -
greeted With
Better Uite Than Never.
Maid iknockiiiK In the morning)
Madame. I've forgotten whether you
wanted to be waked nt 7 or I.
"WhHt time Is it now'"'
Martin & Levine
who occupied So. 13 K;ist First street in the building now occupied by the
Golden Rule before they failed ordered goods made for them from tlm
Sweet-Orr factory. We bought the goods from the factory at
Substantial Reduction
This coincidence makes it possible to put n sale the celebrated
Union Made Sweet Orr Pants Suits
and Coats at a Great Reduction
Friday and Saturday Only
lluli ( lntliinix & Shoe Co. of Collins-
villt consist iii": of Strauss 15ms. '
Clothing at half price. jiQ QQ
2500 Suits of $20 suits ;t0
All wool Dr. aTager Dr. Cooper
ami other wool Underwear values
Up tu $5.00 a suit.
-ii at WV
400 odd C"ats and Pants; QQ-
and $5 values go at 70L
$5.00 Rain Coats from Big Pout
Clothing Co. at jusl 0J1 QU
half price JJl.JO
Hons' Suits and Overcoats; all wool.
$1.50 AND up
l.oid cheers. Totnoii. w the general
will tuke up Ills official dil es a id
from this city as ii ic temporari any
tiay will direet the campaign agalnsl
(lanerala vnia ami Kapata
Qenoral Carranaa made the trip to
Vera Crus in the presidential train
the gaily painted equlpmoni of which
was made famous hj formei President
I'orflrto I'Uiz lie aas mpanled
by Qoneral Obregon and Alvarada
and I. ins Cahrera Jsus Urueta and
other otvlllans who attatnod national
distinction during tin Madoro regime
Hi hind Ueneral Cajranza's train theru
i .mie troop train s. Mosl of these
new soldiers are of a tjpi superior lo
i hose previous!) seen here and are
reasonably well equipped and disci-
plined. To make sure that there Mlioiild be
i.o unpleasant Incident upon I'ar-
ranan'e arrlvul the saloons and man)
commercial houses were closed lie
calling the general's preference of
horseback riding the local officials
provided a magntflclenl mount foi
iilm at Loa Cocoa a suburb where th
train hulled. He waved the horse
away however say ink; that Im pre-
ferred to walk as did the common
And so from l.os I be trudged
in the midst of a Hle 'itlna crowd and
under a shower of confetti over the
mile of highway leading under the
triumphant arches to ihe oenter of
the Cltjr Later he was the KUest of
local officials at a dinner.
Ueneral Cairanaa's headquarters
will be In the lighthouse building
.lust In front of Hum structure Is
mo red the training ship Karagoai of
the Mexican navy. The Zaragoaa ar
rived today. Near the lighthouse
building are parked cars containing
four aeroplanes which arc in charge
of .loe Dean an Englishman Troops
are ruinped all ghoul the luildt!K
y.upiiia IVeai'rvcja Order.
foroea of Ueneral Zapata arc preserv-
ing order in Meglcn City according
to advleea reaching the state depart
mant today through various ohan-
nels and the uKenl- of Ueneral Villa
in the capital uru co-operating 111
thesi? efforts.
it was not known tonight win i her
any of villas troops hud entered the
city. An official report from Ameri-
can Consul 'a i rot hers who Is ac
companylng Ueneral villa was ra
oetved tonight however which said
ilia hud renewed his promise that
theru would he no looting or disorder
after he entered the capital und that
the rights of all i si li nts native and
foreign would ho respected.
The message whs annt from the vl
eitiity of MokTco Cttar Baoretary Bryan
said and while n did not slaie when
the northern chieftain expected to en-
ter the capital n was taken to Indi-
cate that he Was fully advised as to
oondiUons there and acting in com-
plete harmony with Zapata.
Officials In hi ved the entrance of
the northern army into Mexico city
was to be expected at any time and
that ESulalio Outlerraa named by the
Annas Callentea convention as presi-
dent ad Interim would Immediately
proceed to the capital and he for-
mally Installed In office then- with the
reassembling of the convention
United States offtelaln Mill were In I
douhi tonight as to the whereabouts
of Ueneral Zapata himself
It was believed hs would join Oen-
eral Villa In Mexico City on the lut- I
ter's arrlvul there.
Villa Moving Carefully.
Bt. PABO Nov. 28. -llenorts re-
coiled ' 'day in Juargg said thut th"
Villa force were lu ting with oaution
before entering Mexico City It was'
dei lured thai the northern rhlefttiln i
had sent a inmmlsslon to confer with 1
Ueneral Eapata before the troops of '
the division of thu north entered the
Villa himself supposedly remained
tn Tula Willi the vanguard uf his j
army He waa accompanied hy
Ueorge C Carothera the American
state department agent.
The members of the permanent
committee a
1 'resident Ql
Luis l'otosl i
ut (gueretaro
lite Agues Cslientee
aded hy Provisional
orrea have left Han
I were expected today
n their way to Mexico
city with them was i.eon canova
American siat. department represen-
tative. The . m ention official! have
been appointing local government of-'
flelals on thin trip and Completing
the Gutierrez portfolio. Fernando
iglealas Calderon has been Installed
as seeretnry .f foreign relations
All has been 'ulet in the interior
so far as is known here
Just Grew Dp.
"N'lee children you have. Which Is !
"The seventh"
"Ho seems the healthiest looking
one of the lot."
"Yes by lh lime he came along
his mother had run out of theorhs.
1 rmII) Hatiaftod
An Irish girl dismissed her sweet-
heart with a promise to marry him
when he had S&VOd (1040 About '
three months later she met him and
! asked him how much he had. "About I
two pounds tan" he replied "Well"
sho suld blushing "I reckon that's
near enough."
No Intervention.
"Ham. dear' asked Mrs. Proutv
who had I I away from home the !
greater part of July und August i
"what is tin- matter with the garden '.'"
"I don't know" answered Sam
humbly. "1 haven't done anything
to itM Wellaprtnf.
Mutter of Ago.
"Tell me old man' said the peren-
nial soek' i aftl i knowledge "why la
your ha t g' ay and your bear d
brown V
"Easily" answered the facetious old
man. "My hair Is 20 years older than
my beard " London Opinion.
- 'V u m.... :
BRANCFS. If possible Mr. Rice wants to dispose
of his entire stork by January 1st and if low prices
coupled with best quality means anything to Christ
mas shoppers then Mr Rice's desire will be attained.
D I A M 0 N D S
lO Day Special Diamond Sale
BeQiooincj Saturday Nov. 28
lri tins Christmas I nr of Diamond giving- tuey we greatest oi all jritt.- -
and why not t WThen y an bm the be1 grade of imported dianionda at a
priee n uunallj puy for Oifi Bemeinhraues without any future iutrinsie
worth! Ilead! Head! and discover the lowest rjiamond Prices ever quoted
in this iit or an other
$50000 Diamond
nirrbloi7 Saturday Novcm-
Ul9JlClfy ber 28th Only
Anyone who is thinking of buying a Diamond should see this display for
it gives them advantage they may never have again.
The Display will be for one day only Saturday because the risk is too
dangerous for a longer time.
ro Diamond Rings mounted in readies1 und Oan
tli'llien'M InoillltlllUN. blue tthllo. wi'iallS one illllllli
carat Regular price $:'u.o
suie price
SO Diamond Mlna". mounted In l.ndnV and (loll
tlamen'a mountings binn white weighs tin
eights carai liegular price B0 00
sale prtoe
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tlemen's mountings blue white weighs five -eights
earat Regular price $m
sain price
50 Diamond Rlnga mounted In Ladlee' and Gen-
tlemen's mountings blue white weigha three-quart
ers curat Regular price 1160.00
sale price
IT) Diamond kihk mounted In Ladles and Qen
tlemen's mountings blue white weigha one oarat
Regular price 1200 00
Main price
88 Diamond iiiukh. mounted iii Ladlee' ami Gen-
tlemen's mountings blue white weigha one and
one-half carat Regular price
$400.00 sale price
and Oen
(ha three-
and ' J.-Il-flve
' and Oen
i Mid Qen
imm' oi p i
II pair Diamond Rarrlngs weighs one auarter car-
Bt b white Regulai price ISO $15 00
in iir Diamond Rarringa weiKh.n one
blue white
ale Price
Regular prli
S0 on
12 utir Diamond ISarrlngs weighs three-quartora
i irat blue white K-f ir prli o dOC ft
t Bali Price Od.UU
12 pair Diamond tSarrings weighs one carat blue
white. Regular prlee $1 1
Hale Prtoe
12 pair Diamond Barrlnga weighs one mid ona-
quarti i i 0
00 Hals P J'UU
J pair Diamond Barrings WelgtU one and otn
half carat blue fhite. Regular
lulus $200 00 Hale l'rbe ....
12 pair Diamond Barring weighs two carats
blue white Regulai price $4 $200 00
25 Diamond Lavalllers mounted in n estat w
intoHt designs lteKular price $15 00
sale prlee
2." Diamond Lavallb rs Kegular prlee 110.00
Hale prlee
16 Diamond Lavalllera Regular price im
Halo prh'a
SB Diamond Lavalllers. Regular prli'H 1100.00
Hal. price
Diamond Lavalllera Regular prlee 1110.00
sale prlee
The indications ;u'' for ;i large Christmas business. 'p urge early shop-
ping and wc "'.'in guarantee you two dollars i'r every one dollar you spend
at this Btore. It' you do not have the ready money to paj for the articles a
small deposit will secure the purchase of any article and we will be glad to
hold siiine for you until Christmas Eve.
Out Glass Silverware Watches Rings
Fobs Broaches Lavalliers Manicure
Sets Mesh Bags and thousands of
other articles too numerous for mention.
World und Sun Want Ads

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