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|£ J# it
* - r&smumt&MQi
«"wj *i "mjwni«uitff^rg> <k-^w *«r*9*mmum • w-■ • irmr^y. r **= • r* t
After our inventory we find ourselves considsrabl/ oy:rstoc!cei in ahmst evsry department on articles calculated for winter use.
The Clothing Department j! In the Shoe
We have put a cut-in-two price on every Overcoat in stock. I \ cry suit
for men or hoys that has heen in stock last season will he marked 33
per cent discount,
A portion of our
of Mhii's mid Bins' Suits Ii.ih nrrivo l. Tlio
jmlleriiH aro by fur the iiiiihI nltnrctivo we
Inive ever liee.i 11M0 to obtniii. The tinloriiiir
is up tn the Htniiiluril of our thilmed lines ot
jirevemis seiismis
A 11111 k nt 1 >11 r cliithiii^ windows will ^ive
you 11 I'ovreet iilea of will he worn liy
HiilHl't dressers lor spring of 11M>S.
The price you will note is iilmut
20 IM;R CliNI I.OW liR
< >11 r sloek of the tiner L'railes of suits utul
panlH hits heen ( m itly e>.lendeil luis s,'iisuu.
art men
sncuvty uiiiiiM
We are busy receiving and arranging our SPRING LINl:S of Ladies'
Gents', ,\\i.-ses' and ISoys' OXHORDS and S l()F;S.
Shoes are showing a very noti-
■ 1 k
. „ . „i ^ y.
Xlso Kill: \V.
$2.50 to $5.00.
Especially so in the heavier grade
of goods.
() shoes with a reputation
justly earned for wear, tit and
style will he found in this store.
\\ e are showing a large and
artistic line of Men's Fine Wells
111 Tan and Patent ('.ilt in the
celebrated Puckard lin;il
Suit I".! Skirt Room Dry Goods Section
Is the most complete in the choice
of the selections of spring wear in
Wraps Skirts and Suits.
Artistically fashioned Skirts in
Voiles, Panamas, Cloth and Silk in
the shades that fashion has adopt-
ed lor H)< iS. | he prices always the
We are pleased to announce the
arrival of a great many invoices of
Spring rierchandise.
New White Dress Goods, New
Wash Gooos, SiiUs, Ginghams,
Percales, Taney Tub Voiles and
Novelty Suitings. Dainty YVaists
in Silk, i.inon and Lawns.
S3.00 to $5.00 the pair
DOUGLAS line of Men's Welt Shoes and Oxfords at
Our line of The Queen
will he th e largest and. most
complete of any previous
season. Oxfords for $2 ">().
•?;: 00. 50 and sl.nn
Hoots $::.U0 $o.r>0 and
■*' I 00. The most popular
footwear for women .
The E. !'. Heeci liueul Ladies'boots
and 11 xfords is a close competitor of the
Queen Quality line This line is made
in many lasts and leathers, boots and
oxfords J:2.00, S-.oO. Sli.oi) and 84 0U.
s 25 w cent on
mm —fwn—HWB 1
I'asscu Away
1 ti ^ ransom, ttiy
>o!( ihtm, un.l Hi
Passed Away
On Mondav evening, IVhr uu
o'clock 1 he anjrel of death en:<
Whose (i„-,
guardian ;
• .J W II uuiplire
, Kim. lisher
HTRft 1 • 1' , M
home of Mr. ami Mrs II Maupiu. M
' I let, 1 antuK, and look 10 her eternal re- i
Miss Jessie linulink' Sundaved her*
Have You
any Friends
or Relatives
And .1.
v lor
• at li i)< 1
ti iod
tig, for 1 lie
r t
I ward Lucy Wlanche, the vomip
daughter. ai the a^e of fifteen ye*
eight months and t went v-eitrht dms,
] Only a lew days airo Lucy was able t<>
J bo up and about and overv hojre wa-; ' ' ^ ' 1 'v 'h'alt Stallion
j entertained tha* her illness was all over. ' "• "l^ ll11' Wl - taml m da>
i when she was taken snddenlv sick with ' 'ro,u how on at ih i'tsii s barn If yoi
rhumatism of the heart that proved;
J I a i a I She was sick three mouths u:i.i
\CK KAST whom you might thro.' du\s Ihirm^ the last w.-.-Usr:
Mr. DaVa
* men is.
influence to come out into the
44 Sunny Outdoor fount rv"
she was pat ient and i
where you are and be md< and when the cu came she p;tssfi
pendent, (quitting the mad Heranible peacefully uwav imo liie presence o
of the city for a glorious, happy Mt'E, |,,.r
instead of ruere existence ? j ,,,
! 1 he ruuei a services were held Sun
|0rUTI.! SS you have, and they l';l v "i i n;n_r. i «• I>i ti: r\
need but a little urging to odist church at M ot, when llov \\
make them s.v Ihr iiilsHnt^rs T Vliuni. k|10|,p fr,,ro ,,,
and attractions ot yitr hh ii
ity. We can (rive them abundant 1"'' 'r,e,,ds of tho tieci ised 1
reasons for making the change. Will .111-1, which a louu pii
you let us help you ? | fr'ends ft>iiowed I he rein.t ;i > i
tm\ ST write them a letter and sa place in Millet cemeter
K that you have asked tin 11« • j ' 11 • vv he :i>;ii v irt:ss«
M Island to send them a b, ok ti r i ".«\ her ' •••«• ,U ,m>l
about your state containing hard io uudersi Mini
pieturei and information that tin \
! Ought to ve and read. Then uritt "! "'^'"U.' be ca etl awa\
■ me a postal and give me their name :: 1 hapj'ier e. i inc han i r
names and addresses and I will **do the ;,.|i beh'utl t mourn laouul
rest." Isn't this suggest ion worth , ., , ,
. . .in , j .. _ mee ner 11 .• ureal beyii>
R- m upon why not do it now/
Ti ere is no Tost but the postage. j ' 'unl ttrl
PtUMenger Traffie Manager,
Rock Island Lines,
Straw berry Plants
l> !«• r $1 t)0. Other plants equally
eap. < ill on
r ii Mi-dkhmod,
Hennessey, ()klahotna.
7 Tnwnv 2J <5flf
Mrs. A W Persinger, who was sa ed
Jtere aboiit twt; veeks auo to attend the
funeial of her niolher, Mrs I | \V
Uumpli.eys, ie t last Vaiurdav m rning
i r : . isn i >. a h e time,
alter which she (imparled : >r her home
li Colorado Hprings, C olorado. Next
31 by she sails kgaiu fur l .urope ami ex
JK jtj> lobe ab road ihe "reaur wirt I a
j «*r
1 • ank
v « CO V EARS'
1< EXPtRIENv^E lrien ls hei
* ^ r i k B
l iv l.l M ti. i
I 11\ savior natii |
jH>rta!s before tin
And ' he lamp ol li
t h ron
2 ''A
* rf*-' j>r-^ Desicms
nfi COP * , S:C
H in
ul t ti
. >' 'TJBOOK - 11
r- r ne
. .mm
XiwtiJic Htticncan
anndfon • ■ • ? •• t • • •
i 1 liyiUI noir ..
MLiNM&Co.3G,B'oadmv New York
U'l" ! '
\ tent
h fi*,. W I l'!tH I
poMmistress, was in t.cwr Saturday
Ilenr.\ Schmidt is on the sick list ; j ^ KnrHnbaiv!
this week. Ames to spend Sun
Otto Hash was an Kind visitor Mon- fri« tuls
i':iv evening, \ Miss Veva I nrr«•'
l-'red !• :t herfoial. of laiid, spent Sun- n"is, is a guest a'
I day in IIenii"sse on the Snook farm,
Pole Dunlap is spending a few duvs ' Miss Agnes Iter
i at home this week, j Sabo coffee detnoi
( I) Hart attended the stock show Store las' Saturday.
at hind Wednesday Miss Marx lee Johns entertained a few
\Y. L Moore xvas a business visitor of friends verx pleasant 1_\ at her
ihe countv capital Monday. | home one evening last xveek
Mrs. Charley Rail was visiting Mrs ' WW Harney, former manager < r thel—3— _■
Henry Hleislein in K lleno j Press-Den rat, was over feom Yeager, ' Laai Saturday night t he New Horn©
I John A Ritlitf shipped a oar load of °kl*homa, last Smurday on buiineis. hotel atratn ohanied hands. .take
! hogs to Fi Worth Tues I . ! Mil'er Hros . of 101 ranch will re pro Vlongo'd, living eighteen miles north-
h ' rible leaih o| Pa:, ct st of Henne^sex is how i he o vner
x is Ho i .ioi< p sses -:on OP Wednesday.
ver fr
Oxvaneco, 1111- j
Hart home out!
assisted th
at The Hi
- Li n nrifc
•; -> i <•* •.■'S*
Jf. ta bultd Ffe r Bnalncas. AtrialWtSl
¥ :•...!•:*• 'ott out i T:aani.'Dtcu3tomcr.
' : • • ' : ; 1 '
II 1 • nip, i i On! >a, 8 best i ..
lea; o ••• • «' •• s a all.
Q( 1RANT1 l> TO PLK \.-r.
Write to-Jay; Mention this I'uper.
it ' • • Oils viitunblo ,
• ... • -f • - i nil.-, toi'''*hiT tvi'1; rv big
i i„. I■T-iii,.! ....■Iiii.i i-io,!! .'look, '
?. i • ; .1 tin- lii-ht • 0«l '.•.C*#. et<
Tv, ... v^. DUCKDCB H00KF0KU, ILL.
Ilennessev, from xviinm our •
i named, in their xvild xvest sh i
to Pod ! I coming season.
'ii-'s Waiton xvill temporarily have
n M i ' ES" /f*k
^ k-.l --km t. ■,<% feR*3
KrlfaMe U
i tho
yf.v ... ' . ^ i • 111
> ,"t« . 0::iiii*io, f.'srvous Ssssiai Oissasiis-
-t in • lr 41 located a
Off \ ears ; i piaotice- [
Ity c6t a B L t S h t O 1337.
Currs ptiarn teed or money r< t
?rei.ry or injurio s modloiues u-fd.
i i d t>x ii.;i.; auvl « x pr. • -ti.
■r 6''...'i
'< ri.; shod ready for u*e — tie
• — PatientsaiadUta: e
tr • from «a.'.o or tueaki^.-
• importaut. ^ iaie your
and send f^r ti-rms Consul...t. it lr . and • inii.n-utiul, pi.rsonally or by lot
, Si minal V7eakness H Urocele and ^flreI3anieantIj
y Sexual I ... • l Phimosis , Book'f?^'
1 ' • . v i ■ -i f \ I • * t'l'.'d X"' i liH 1 It I
o^nv. . /ne ., eau> iI.f; n< ■
•< ti«>l>. y iUn-->s t-f i • « x , tkl .-v -
Tt a. e • . t .'-Ujai.ently t .red w ihout pain.
Th it trrrlble diM ase. in
■' all r. rms 'ltd -tiiRC1
i l; ■ ' : .-ning i.nd all
private i as'a permanently cured.
•v 111 a BOOK f"r l,OUl s' :T W - 57
i • r rd'Miir. s.' 'u 11 ■ ,ption
ffht the people ol r-for free book and list
'ho neat- || S4j ?CTlil'0 !,'.
that, j a an(| • —•
«l Book iud list ef i] •
-j.*. ^as^jacsiss*
cc It

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