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■ .t.-.r'jr*— • ■
The Red Rock Opinion
1 ..
mony in his behalf. I have been the i the people of Oklahoma to make a ! Mrs. J. F. Selby and children went j
recipient of so many favors and of ! (lecisive strike for freedom against ; overland to Nelegony Slud Ochelata
so much unselfish devotion from the j economjc COnditions that have be- to visit with her children that live
No. 6
party, and I have been able to repay
so few. of those who helped me, that
it gives«ie great delight that circum-
stances enable me to discharge the
debt of gratitude that 1 owe to
Charlie Haskell in his support of
Mr. Bryan related that Mr. Hask
ells efforts in his dehalf were so
fruitfuil that there were 2,500 demo-
crats cast in that county in the elec-
tion of 1896 and only 11 votes were
cast for the gold democrat candidate.
It must also be patent to every
democrat in the new state, and every
other voter, that the election of the
lion. V. J. Brpc indorses Eon. 0. N.
Haskell,The D^mocrati® Candidate for
Governor of Oklahoma
T;ie stamp of genuine democracy
which Hon W. j Bryan bestowed
upon Hon. C'N. Haskell, democrat-
ic candidate for governor of Oklaho-
m , should dt sufficient certificate
tu satisfy the most exacting partisan.
The great democratic leader inform
ins hearers, ill his speeches through-
out the nc late, that Mr. Haskell
was a consistent demccatin 1896, j democratic candidate for governor
when the party needed staunch is essential to the proper adirinistra-
'ri -nds n,d aided by his means and j "on of the constitution of the new
pers inal ei' rt lo secure the triumph j state and the enactment of laws in
< : ih< party in the Ohio county h rmony with that instrument,
where he re.-'ded at the time. i ^as been shown, and incontro-
Such an lorsement, coming j verfibly so, that throughout his ca-
froni such a di stinguished source, , reer Mr. Haskell has ever advocated
;:houl(i r,.;tisfy any democrat that Mr. policies and principles that are in
ihi kLits p-'. ty taith is genuine and line with the provisions with the or-
id 'i./t his party fealty is unim- ganic law that has been framed for
h - -'
\y , j h ^
" r\
th<5 imo
aa understand how a man
v -ite i against the democrat-
i iS.5 and faught us on
1. q e lion might, out of
.e r e ux ■ c;e against Haskell. But
f cannot u iderstand how any of the
six ami nne half Million of democrats
who supported 'hat ticket can do
anything eke but loyally support
1 im. I am glad, I say, to bear testi-
the new state.
The adoption of the constitution
is essential to secure statehood and
statehood is essential to make oper-
ative the constitution that is declar-
ed to be the best organic act ever
written. To perfect the operation
and effectiveness of that constitution
it is essential to elect a gavernor and
state legislature who are in absolute
sympathy wilh its every provision.
The opportunity is presented for
come intolerable through legislation I there, Monday.
—state and national—giving special anl| Faucett, who have
I :
interests the power to exact enor-1 i)een spending the last week on their Hon. T. H. Doyle, of Perry, Speaks to
mous and illegitimate tribute from ' farm sont|i of Billings,returnedSun- * Large Orowd of Citizens of Red
the common people. iday. Bock and Community,
Let the new state of Oklahoma j • •
Mrs. A L. Selby, who has been j Hon. Thos. H. Doyle of Perry,
lead the van by the enactment of a 1
returned to her home at Nelegony, I crowd of the citizens of Red Rock
Monday. and community,Thursday night Sept
It 1.
[-•-iSSU'.- ' • ..v ' I n L
- SC.
use part of the Money to open a
Bank Account.
How muchmonev have you earned
in your life?
How mnch money have you to
show for it now?
Open an acount with us today ana
in a year from n^nv you will have
something to show for your years
I spending the last 4 weeks wilh Mr. one of the most intlueatial men of
a constitution tiiat will mean in deed Selby's parents just north of town, I Noble county, spoke to
and in trutli a government of, for ami
by the people; a government that
will enable the people to coniroll
Hie privclegts which it grants ami
curb such corporations as may be-
come so powerlul as to control Hie
cost ot living ami otter the poor man
no hope save tliat ot a miserable ex-
Tnis can be accomplished thiougti
securing suiehuou anil adoption ot
a constitution iliai ha* been pro-
nouuceO a uioUel uy all persons hav-
uig the wcllaie ot Wie common peo-
ple at heari; that nas been denounc-
cu oni) oy representatives ot preda-
tory corporations and selt serving
politicians anU carpetbag^eis.
ii can L>e accomplished Liy electing
a governor, legislature and stale 01-
licials who ai$ in sympathy with the
provisions ot that constitution aiul
will caieluliy ami juuicially execute
its provisions.
Let the people be not deceived by
political sophistries and pleas lor
postponiuent. Secuie statehood now
vvherr it is offered. Self government
is so imperatively needed and so
great a boon that delay is little short
of a crime.
"Ttfi first years of a man
tail.:! make provision for the
lasi. Samuel Johnson.
You can make provision j
for .our declining years by
1 egul- y savitig part of your
Bc^in Now=
V *•
To-uay—At Once
If v 011 wantsomethingthat j
will make you save, call at1
ot • 1 ink and we will loan]
. Ml cl
feau'iliii Pocket
SivinS Bank.
Carr; «>ne a month and |
convince yourself.
Farmers Exchange
Hank of
We sell what is asked for, and
it is always the genuine article'
too. Eve y incredient prescribed
by physicians whose prescriptions
are brought here, is put into the
medicine—the genuine ingredi'
ent of finest quali'y. No'hing
' jus'as good" or "in place of is
sold hero as the thing avked for.
We sell the genuine only.
C. 'A, FVasei*
P rescript ion Druggist.
I Ltocal ]N[e\vs
Glen Duncan of Otoe left for
Stillwater, Monday mom, where he
will attend the A & M College.
Miss Minnie Boright was up the
latter part of last week from Perry.
Claud Bankston of Ford passed
through the city, Monday, 011 his
way 10 Norman where he will attend
the State University this winter.
Ralph Duncan returned the first
of this week from St. Joe, where he
went with a car load of cattle.
Jay Estus left Red Rock last week
for a few days stay at his home in
Mulhall from where he left Monday
for Norman where he will attend the
University the coming term.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bryan report
the birth of an eight pound boy at
their home in Wichita,Kans.
Mr Ernest Crow and his sister,
Miss Bertha, arrived overland from
Red Rock, Okla., Wednesday, a dis-
tance of 400 miles. They drove it
in six days. They will spend the
winter here.—Hume (Mo.) Tele-
Eli Cox and little daughter, Ferril
were down from Newkirk,Thursday.
Miss Hannah Boright went to her
home in Perry,Monday, where she
expects to visit for a few weeks be-
] fore leaving for Deering, Kans.
where she will clerk in B. F. Swarts'
Mrs Geo Crow was in town from
near Ceres, Monday.
It will be hard to find a better
ter man for township trustee than
Rev. Dawson will preach his fare- J. F. Selby. Mr. Selby is well known
well sernion to the people of Red | and well liked in Carson township.
Rock, Sunday. All are cordially in
f«m Loan:
The Farmers Buchan^p
Bank, of lied Roc It'
OUla., have a good proposition to olfer to
Uiose in m-od of money on farm property
Read The
J, J. Estus of Mulhall was in town
Wednesday, visiting his daughter,
Mrs. Chas Fraser.
Clint Atherton was down from
Wichita Sunday, visiting his father
H. L. Atherton, in this city.
Charles McElhinney left for Guth-
rie the latter part of last week, where
he will work for his brother, Allie
Mctflhini.ey, this winter.
C. L. Woolverton and Carl Gar-
dener torfk advantage of the excur-
sion to Oklahoma city, Sunday.
Joe Younger was in Billings last
Monday for the second time since he
moved away almost two years ago
Billings News.
A story is told onone of our school
girls who was a radical politician,
as school girls often are. This girl
is a Republican and has been iri-
amphantly wearing a picture button
of Robert L Owen, for the last week
supposing him to be a Republican
candidate until informed rightly.
Those who wish to know the name of
this voting ladv, apply at the Opin-
ion office,
Will Balduff proved himself to lie
a hero Tuesday r.ight by killing an
animal of the "skunk" specie,which
was almost as larg1! as a good si/ed
bear. It only took shots to com
init the murder. Bliss Bre?ie.
Dr. Fred C. Scids of Perry
has returned from his outing
in Yellowstone Park and
wishes to announce that he
will be in his office constantly
after this date. Write or
phone for appointment.
Card of Thanks
Words cannot express our appre-
preciation of the help and sympathy
given us in the death and burial of! \ q Tolle
our wife and mother No sweeter'^- L St.hlehuhei
■ 1) () Woodsidr
memory can live in any heart thanjyy jj |jav
the memory of thrir untiring devo-jV L Wilson.
. ■ CI. Wilson
lion to one who has just left us. j ^ ^ |)ale
The waves of sorrow break upon ev- j | A Calvin
ery shore, and we can but hope that: ^ Shubert
! Guy I, Hoover
friends as true may gather around
12 . He took up the parts of the con-
stitution that the Hon. Bird McGuire
had taken and explained them as
they realy were.
Mr. Doyle urged the people to
vote for the constitution, to accept
the only chance we have ever had to
• :cure self government. He said:
'The proposed constitution for
Oklahoma is the best constitution ev-
er written for a common people, hut
if it was the worst constitution ever
written, if it had been written by ne-
groes, I would vote for it in order to
gain statehood and self government
and then amend it afterwords as is
our right."
He spoke words of praise of our
fellow citizen, Arthur Sullins, who
is democratic candidate for Register
of Deeds. He also praised T. XI.
Bildeiback, for what he did when
he was county Commissioner. Mr.
McGuire said the tax rate was now
just double what it was when Tom
Bilderbeck held the reins.
Morrison,Okla.,Sept 101I1,1997
We, the citizens of Morrison, Au-
trey township, irrespective of politi-
cal aftiliatxn, have seen a scurrilous
statement reflecting upon the char-
acter of our fellow citizen, R. E.
Bagby. Believing such methods in~
defensible and a reflection upon the
citizenship of our people, we wish to
express our emphatic disapproval
thereof. We wish to state that we
wish to bear testimony to the high
character,business and social stand-
ing of our friend and neighbor. Mr.
R. E. Bagby has been a resident of
this community for the past six years
and it is our pleasure to state that
his charactehas been above reproach. #
He and his family are among our
most estimable citizens. And such
tactics as the above named scurrilous
statement is despicable in the ex-
treme ami should be condemned by
all respectable people.
Rev E H Creasy.
J T Hull
J T Perry man
I) B Edwards
Rev. Allen Eininenon
S W Colvin
D 1' Bobbins
Geo Thompson
Harvey Hull
each one them should sorrow invade
their homes,
Gfjo. Goff and children.
After reading this issue, send it
lo your friend tu the distance; or bet-
W !• Hastings
M 1. Abbott
Frank Jones
C I. Kent
A C Newell
1) I Linden
Dug Conley
N II Roades
Jessy James
ter still, call at the office and have it j ^ £ ^jorris
sent to your friend or relative for | J K Johnston
, ! G U Goiens
six months or a year,for you can ex
JG I-, Medsger
pect just such a paper as this for (if- c R Thomplo||
ty two weeks during the next year. J, \\' Wright
l'hrow in votir mite towards placing | ^ >att
. . R Wilson
our city and county where thev be-
'I. B Hold
long on the map. This paper j Deve<
i•'s part, vou do \ ours

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