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Daily Only.
Jno. N. Shepler
Fred B. Shepler - .

President and Mgr. •
Office —
Telephone -
,409 C Avenue
Daily, one year, by mail $2.00
Daily, one week, by carrier. 10c
Any erroneous ivflt* lion on I lie rb« rac-
ier. k(incline ■ • I . f iinr
Arm or «-©r|M rnllon artitrh nnir In
ihe < oliiiiiim of the t'ou tltutl«n will *•
gUdly • ..ruvti'.J upun it* Itelng brought to
tbf tile"ll. n of ti'" mi'iifiifiMiieiit.
Tuimil .«* mi-.I
loHtottli «• nt l.a«l
• •' '~
Eveiy day should be a thrift day.
i good
Peace and Prosperity
democratic slogan.
Will In* I • 111 • 11 -1| • ■. | III tilU
• the ti ti I for tn | rl<«* of ten iflOi dol-
• Ihi h. i.i price of (5.00 Ik flxeil for
• i-amlhliiti'x In county Hiih-dlvlRlons)
• pMynble IN ADVANCK.
The CooMtltutlon In authorized to mi
nouu<* Umhh1 men iih < un<1l<1iit<*H for «*ouutjr
office. nuhje«'t to nomlHiitloo in the I huiio J
critic primary In AiigUHt:
For Sheriff—
I'or Court Clerk—
For County Weigher— —
Time works wondn.
yet unearth a candidat*
vice presidency.
i. It may even
or two for the
Mili'-ry preparedness is upper-
most in , - public eye, but the old
eye is doinu a deal of blinking:.
A kid on a corner can see more in
five minutes than an adult can discov-
er in an hour of rubbernecking.
A Washington dispatch says that
every old liar is active now, in dis-
cussing the preparedness program of
the Presidents.
Guess who gets the most money
this time of year, the plumber or the
doctor? Haven't you paid them yet.
In this connection the McAlester
News-Capital remarks that one
doesn't hear of a bankrupt plumber
these days.
Mrs. Wyatt't Doctor 8aid She Could
Not Live, but She "Feeli
Like New."
flELP IS OFFERED, and to .finely given
- to every nervot «,
rate woman, by Dr.
l'lercol Favorite Pre-
scription. Remember
ingredients on label—
In Tablet or Liquid
In every "female
complaint," irregular-
ity, or weakness and
In every exhausted
condition of the fe-
rn a lo system, the " Pro-
M-riptlon" never fails
to benefit or cure. Hearing-down pains,
Internal Inflammation and
weak back, and all kindred ailments
are completely cured by it. It's a mar-
velous remedy tor nervous and
debility, Insomnia, or Inability to Sleep,
Spasms. Convulsions or Fits.
Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser (1000
pages) will be sent free on receipt ot
81 one-cent stamps to pay cost of
wrapping and mailing oruy. Address
Dr. Pierre. Buffalo, N. Y.
Constipation causes many serious dis-
eases. It is thoroughly cured by in*.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. One a laxa-
tive i two or three are cathartic.
And Hujinejj Cards
♦ R. B. GATES, Carpenter ♦
♦ Estimates Given on All Kinds of ♦
♦ Work, also Repair Work ♦
♦ ."il8 B Ave. Lawton, Okla. ♦
♦ Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat ♦
♦ Glasses Fitted, Lenses Ground ♦
♦ and Duplicated ♦
♦ Rooms 202-3-4-19 Koehler Bldg. ♦
♦ Phone 172 Lawton, Okla. ♦
♦ ♦
♦ I)R. H. W. SMITH ♦
♦ Dentist ♦
GEOLOGICAL SURVEY,!* Third Floor in Koehler Building ♦
• Phnn,. !l.r,r. ♦
The Okluhoma Geological Survey,
ituated at Norman, has recently is-
sued five liulletions concerning the
mineral resources of the state, which I
♦ Phone 955
♦ ♦
Mrs. Mary Wyatt of 207 C!nn ave-
i ulsa, Okla . had serious s.omac>
.bio for nenrly six years. For about
" > ears of that time the doctors
I Id t'.iat she was in the gravest dau-
!i!ie took Mavr's Wonderful Rem-
idy uid found relief. She wrote:
"I have taken the full treatment of
wonderful remedy. I have been
sj: rring from stomach trouble for
::< ly six yen re, and after I took '.he the demand for some of the publi
Lr r. dose I felt like a new woman.1.- .,
v c. years ago a doctor told me I j 18 8" Kreat that thl' e<i,tlon ,s
i iid not live a year, but, thanks tO| -;oon exhausted. Arrangements have
ayr's Wonderful Remedy, I do not , been made in a few cases with the
more tr0Uble my stomach any printer so that additional copies may
are now resources of the Rtate, which
bulletins may be obtained from the
Survey by requesting such publica-
tions as are desired, and upon remit-
ting the proper amount of postage or
other charges. A large number of th*j
bulletins published by the Survey are
placed in the school libraries and
er public libraries of the state, . nd
♦ Phone 1070. Residence 1212 Gore ♦
♦ Lawton, Okla. ♦
♦ E. L. BOHAN ♦
♦ Live Stock and Heal Estate ♦
♦ Will Cry Sales at Any Time. ♦
♦ Phone me for date at
♦ my expense.
We Are Not Handing
You Anything
This is Not a
Special Price
We have sold the some
Style 88 Note Player at
$.'575 for the past two
years. Many Readers
will remember seeing
this advertised in our
No Schemes or
Wc guarantee this piano
to he e<|iial in every way
to any Player Piano being advertised in this vicinity at
$408. Call and see for yourself. If you like, call else-
where first—investigate quality and prices, hut do not
close a deal until you have visited our store. '_!4 Pianos
to select from—New Pianos $175 up. Monthly or Fall
payments can he arranged.
$375—With 2 Dozen Rolls of
Music and Bench
♦ ♦
♦ Attorney ♦
♦ Practice in All Courts ♦
Mayr's Wonderful Rew gives per-... , .. 4.
nianent results for stomach, liver and I trans|!0, ta"0n- Thl'se bulletins a™
intestinal ailments. Eat as much and as follows:
whatever you like. No more distress No. 19, Part I, Petroleum and Na-
after eating, pressure of gas in the r_0 • f w
stomach and around the heart. Get one 1 '" " '
Oottle of your druggist now and try it Shannon and L. E. Trout. Fart 1 deals
on an absolute guarantee—if not satis- (with the general phases of the oil and
factory money will be returned.
For Sale by Jones Bros, and all oth-
ei reliable Druggists.
be secured for th cost of printing and ♦ Stevens-Galyon Bldg., Lawton, Ok. ♦
♦ E. B. DUNLAP ♦
♦ Physician and Surgeon ♦
♦ Office Hours 10 a. m. to 12 m. ♦
♦ 2 to 4 p. m. ♦
Income tax statements must be ren-
dered before March 1st or you will be
subject to a heavy fine. We know
whereof we speak as we went up
against it a couple of years ago, when
we went to Washington to the Wil-
Fon inauguration, leaving the report
on the desk unmailed until after
March 1st passed.
When an employee spends his time
outside of working hours knocking on
his employer it is best for him and for
the one who employs him that he look
up a new job. The same thing is true
of the community pessimist. Two
courses are open and one should be
persued—either he should do his part
toward the upbuilding of the town in
which he lives, or leave it and make
his home in some other community
that he can believe in and recommend.
Be a booster!—Advance Deocrat.
arranged for and a charge of 60 cents
from the past record of that body Per cnP>'. including postage, is made
that they will do the work which th-y, ™ver printing and transportation
,, , , , , charges. Part 2 will go to the press in
were called to do, and do it in work- the near future
j No. 20, Granites
gas industry and the discussion of the
geology of the state. A number of A
f ,, . ... , . ♦ First Natl. Bank Bldg., 2nd Floor. ♦
extra copies of this edition have been . tc e' ___ .
, , , , - ..n , ♦ Office Phone 15—Hes. Phone 735 ♦
ilike manner within a period
thirty ys or thereabouts. The ma-
tf Oklahoma, by
H. Taylor, gives a detailed dis-
♦ J. A. Fain / John M. Young ♦
♦ ♦
♦ Lawyers ♦
jority .a both houses is strong for do- Hussion of the granite areas of the + Wolverton Bldg. Cor. 5th and D ♦
ing the things that ought to be done,
and the things that the governor and
the people of this state
should be done when
state, pnd shows their value for build-
ing purposes. May be had for the
postage which is 5 cents.
have asked, jyj0 23, The Geology and Economic
extraordinary Value of the Wapanucka limestone of
We knocked off '.'rinding out copy
for the printers the other day and
.took a stroll around town just for ex-
ercise. E.trywhere we went we found
some one who had a good word to say,
an expression of good will to offer,
session was called, and the wise ma i
will not attempt to judge in advance
nor will he believe that men who have
heretofore deserved the credit and
confidence of the people of this stp.'
are going to throw away their own
reputations by quarreling amor",
themselves and fail to do the duly
they were called upon to perfor .
'Ah a matter of fact, then
Oklahoma, by B. F. Wallis. This bulle-
tin discusses the building stone of the
region about Wapanucka and Bro-
mide, and also the stone of economic
value for other purposes. Postage 5
No. 24, Geology of a portion of
northeastern Oklahoma, by L. C. Sni-
(i r. This bulletin gives a detailed dis-
cussion of the Mississippi rocks of
northeatern Oklahoma. They are dis-
no cussed both from a geological and an
t i economic standpoint. Postage 5 cents.
X 330 D AVENUE '
conflict between the governor
either house of the legislature and No- 25- Bibliography of Oklahoma
there is no conflict between the two Keol°Ky> by L' E' Trout and Ge0' H'
houses. There are ditferences of opin-
ion, honest and sincere, but these dif- publications concerning Oklahoma
ferences will be threshed out as they eeography. Postage 5 cents.
usually are in legislative bodies, sub- addition to the above, other pub-
jecte will he earnestly debated rid !ications •vhich arc sti!1 of much valuc
, , ,, , from the oil and gas standpoint, are
the final vote will show well digested , ,, ,u , „„ . ,. . ,
R bulletins IS and 22. A limited number
and satisfactory legislation. ,,f copies of these are still available.
"It is only necessary to point out These are a special edition for which
♦ Lawton, Okla. ♦
♦ ♦
♦ Attorney and Counselor at Law ♦
♦ Phone 373 ♦
♦ Stevens-Galyon Building ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<>♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ ♦
♦ \Vm. I). McBee ♦
♦ Lawyer ♦
♦ Will Practice in All Courts. ♦
♦ Koehler Bldg. Phone 305 ♦
■5 Lawton, Oklahoma. ♦
: Service of the Better Class
We do our best—with years of
experience and splendid equip-
ment. It's all at your service at
a reasonable cost.
Mr. Farmer—
J Before you buy your Harness, Collars and Plow Harness come
in and see the largest nd most complete stock in the Southwest. By
buying early and for i h I was able to get some good bargains for
you. Come in and get my prices before you buy. For out-of-town
customers we pay the freight.
F. Schwarte, Jr.
and not once did we hear a knock
against the town, the people, ourself lthat thus far ev"r>' «ct P"*^ :1 ct;arRe of fi0 cents Per C0">' mu9t "e
nan.. it I. „nmi fnr am 'esislature in the regular session has
or the paper. Irul>, it is good for an> . I A revised list of publications of the
man to live among such a wfcolv ' v 11 " 10 1 "ins ' i survey nlay obtained by writing
hearted and clean people. We hop, we tut'on*'' al"' ^"°'l 'aw. anil with all jc 0(flce Norman.
live to be a hundred. due respi'ct t0 the correspondence of,
0 have
GOVERNOR AND SOLONS. "ews even if the yhave to makt" it,the
Senator Chas. F. Barrett of Shaw chancos are a11 in favor of a short
ne advises the public to mix a feu hut most successful session of the
grains of salt with the sensational -ci?isl«ture.
newspaper repot ts regarding the rela-
tion- batimm <; IV. Williams and theIHOLT IS STATE MANAGER OK '♦ riPe for SUfh an affair- an<1 the ♦
lawmakers. H« telll ui that in the VACl'l'M KL'RNACE COMPANY * younK who enlertalns ♦
Myers. The purpose o this bulletin is
ti give a complete reference to all
♦ In basement of First National ♦ |
♦ with special treatment for colds, ♦ j
♦ rheumatism, poor circulation. ♦ i
♦ nervousness, constipation and all ♦ j
♦ poisons in the system. Attend- ♦
♦ ants for ladies and gentlemen. ♦
♦ Open all night. Phone 151 ♦ j
♦ DR. C. W. BAIRD ♦
♦ Chronic Diseases a Specialty. ♦
Phone 900
The reason some henpecked men
may count themselves lucky is be-!
cause they ought to be hit with a

♦ Only once in four years
♦ the opportuntiy come to give a ♦ .r'nat you arc not as young as you were
♦ leap year narty. The time is now ♦ . when you were lesf, literary.
♦ i If you would rather sit by the fire
* ind read a tiook than go skating with
does ♦ ,i Kirl an(i hold her hand, it is a sign
main the chief executive and the
solons are getting along harmonious-
ly and that the prospects are that the
special session will turn out some
good work, without undue prolonga-
tion, Senator Barrett writes as fol-
"All kinds of reports are being sent
out by correspondents of daily news-
papers at the state capital to the ef-
fect that first this house of the legis-
lature and then that, are seething
with revolt against the administra-
tion; ready to leave the reservation;
opposing Governor Williams, etc,
etc., hut it will be just as well for the
average voter to take these readable,
but alarming stories with the rj-
verbial grain of salt. No one can say
just what will be accomplished in the
present special session of the legis.
♦ her guests leap year fashion will ♦
C. M. Holt, state manager for the'* be 8UIV to find her PartV a *reat *1
Vacuum Furnace company, with head-j* success- Tht> originality of the Jj
quarters in Oklahoma City, who has |* affa,r afford sufficient nov- ♦.
been here for the past week installing * elty in ''se'f to keeP the guests ♦
furnaces, left this morning over the<♦ «> used, particularly if there is a ♦ |
Frisco for his home at Oklahoma * w'* or ,w0 among the invited ♦ j
City. ,♦ number. ♦
Mr. Holt is a former Lawton insur * Girls, if you are intending to ♦
ance man, going to Oklahoma City ♦ siv'' a Part>' soon' do have '< an ♦
about two years ago. He has decided * informal leap year dance. Don t ♦
that he must "put out" hot air in one ♦ be "'"med at the word "dance," ♦
form or another, so finds that the fur- * '^ause if you have two fairly ♦
ace business is the one. However, Mr. * good-sized connecting rooms, ♦
Holt has a good furnace proposition * and can borrow or steal a ♦
and will viait Lawton from time to * phonograph or a pianola for the ♦
tjme ,♦ occasion, yon are fully equip- ♦
♦ ped for the "dance." Five couples ♦
are enough if your rooms are ♦
smaJ| If you th.nk the floor wni ^
♦ hold more—why, the more the ♦
♦ merrier: but five couples can ♦
♦ have just as much fun as ten. ♦
♦ Violineste ♦
♦ I wish to announce thai my mid- ♦
♦ winter term is still open. ♦
♦ Reasonable terms. «
;♦ Phone 722. 708 Gore. ♦ Another thing—why call jabber a
lature, but it is a fair presumption language?
Brighten op yoor homes with
Enamlac, Enamels, Floor
Paints and Varnishes. Sold by
Wall Paper, Paint and Glass
3d St. 1st Nat. Bank
St. First Nat. Bank Bldg.
is the best form of advertising
Let Us sell
you a
Comanche Light & Power Co.
Telephones P B X 273 and 274
New Stock of Victrolas and
Cotne In and Hear Your
Favorite Selection.
328 C Avenue
Another reason why we think an
actor is funny when he is playing
drunk is because Martha Washington
&s@SHl&s)&S@d drove a Ford up Bunker Hill.
French Minister of War is said to
have abolished all red tape, but what
puzzles some of us is where he found
room to dump it in.

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