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Pi (IE
the golden rule store


(Published in lawton <*ta«tttiitfa* Ai|n#j
nf ilir Inferior. t
.i 1.98
. .:J8c
Iron Tire Velocipede
KuMer Tire Velocipede ...
holi Curt
:i Mouse Trans for
10 liars Laundry Soa| . ..
8 liars While Laundry So«p
3 Tin Cups fur
Jell} Glasses, per dozen
Tin l)t. Cans, per dozen...
Half Cial. Easy j>eal Jars, per dz. 7.">c
Jar Tops, per dozen 20c
Rubber*. I dozen lor 25c
Brats Wash ftoard 2.">c
10 <|t. Milk Buckets 19c
12 qt. Milk Buckets 24c
14 qt. Milk Buckets 33c
si«el Milk Buckets, 10 qt ISc
Steel Milk Buckets, 12 qt ~>8r
SWp Ja^s with lid 48c
Painted Tip Slop Pails .2.* c anil 35c
Earthenware Bow la and ditchers 65c
Bei t Earthenware Bowl & Pitcher 98r
Fruit Saucers, each 3c
Cup and Saucer .8c
Plates 10c
Shaving Soap (Williams) 5c
12 dozen Eue Cases 25c
< aiir
W ork Sccl* • . ...
•s. per yard . ...
Lawns, per >ard ....
No. 2 Lanm ( himiu ys
Lemonade Glasses
Goblets (Hotel)
(.ray Granite Slop Pails
14 qt. Milk Cans
20 qt. Milk Cans
Sec ti tin Dinner Pails
Larire Ones
.'1 Pint Cup
40c Brooms
> inttk
f lawton si n Rot« «>. i
l . .JlMi. Pi 10. uwOe 1,
S for NK 1*4
4. North. H-info 12. wf
FREE DIRT—Come md gt
want. Payne Coal Yards.
all you
• >c (attiH
. 5c tiefor
.88c ;'!
. .2"ic II" I'-I t M«
. 30c ■
We *ave you money on all you buv.',,.,
Brine in your eutalozue and He will!
duplicate any price and give you bet-
ter good—also you can see them be- P".
fore you i ay for them. You would not lo,
think of buying,my goods till you see
them. You take what they send you. (■'••u
Don't send your money away—its j J"
gone—spend it at home—our merch- j i
ants buys your produce. Catalogue ; i
houses do not—they take your money.I
We will give you full value and see | ,,,
the i;oods lief ore* you pay for them. sei
IIhIhmI tn lawton ronstltntloi
r . 12. 11). 20. S«'|il 1"13.
SIIKRIt I *s s\I.K.
ii* MMrt< t t 'lilt for r«iiuiiM
Strtti- of OklHhonirt.
It \Vtitti«m . Plaintiff.
; II.
wfwrri: Itmik
• * I .1 l l^inkf
f Klglll. ii « n
is Hni
the golden rule store
if hii order of
of tli** district ••oil
it}'. Okl:ihomn. in ti
hi. I will on Moiiiluj
pnUit*r. 101.1. jit 0 « *«•!
t i|«Hir of tln < oiirt li«i
j Lawton. I'onnt.v of foimil
• in tlic
Interested in automobiles? < et
a descriptive catalogue on the 1916 ,
Studebaker models from L. A. Trope ;
8-24 rtt
B. N. Bowman anil T. B. Bowman,
both from Savannah. Missouri, were
here attending the funeral of W. A.
Watch the papers for the an-
nouncement for the arrival of the
1916 Studebakers, I which will l>e
real soon. L. A. Trope. 8-26 flt
Mrs! White returned Wednesday
from Michigan, where she has been
visiting relatives for some time. She
(i has charge of the boarding club at
. ntiti.'.i! Cameron College for the coming year.
.Iny of
^1 the I * i
Dr. L. H. Fouts,"Chiropractor. Of-
fice 327^4 Ave. D. Hours 10 to 12 a.
See Boggs
In his new fiome
Pair Palm Beach Trousers with
eachjorder for i.rade-to-order suit
323 0 Avenue Lawton
IKniil ord*
IP Willi.
er of *
of Aiiffiint. 191ff
Tims. ltH'll AlthSON.
of r.imnu'-hr roiintv. Okhi.
It. IIKKLKY. t*nder«li«rlff.
Okliiliniun. thlrt 11h day
i I'ni.Mslir.i in lawton « ouniltntlnn Aujr.
1'.i-j«i. 11 ",
stnt«. of (iklnhoiiiii. i' viitv of roiniiiii'he.
In the «*ouiitjr t'onrt
In re tin* extnto of I ik Luta. demised.
All iiersons having • lalnix against mild
Frank Lilts, <le«-onH«'d. are requested t.i ej-
liii.ii tin- siinii' with tin* ni «i.*Hnry vourh-
i*r< to I ti** iimlernlgiied sdinliilntriitor of
•j.iid i*stnt", nl his rosldence at No. 710
Summit Ave.. I'lty of Lawton. In the Coun-
ty >>r <'iiiiiiin.'hi'. State of Oklahoma, or to
\\hulln K Hnrton. City National Punk
r.hic Lawton, tlkla.. ami that four month*
have iieen limited :>« the time for « redltori*
m Iiresent their •■laluiM niriiliiKt said I'stute.
Hated till" r. «ln\ -.f Align*!. li'1-V
iJAY .MILLS. Administrator.
11 v W1IALIN \ nOltTON, Atfys.
Office 360.
Phones, Residence 198
lnlioiiiii. offer at putilh. sale nlid sel ,
liltrhi'Mt and lient lildder for - ash in hand. m o to 5 p. m. Other hours by ap
.ill I lie following de«. rllMHl pro|H rt v. to 1 • r
« it : Lot« minihi*red five l."i>. si\ (01. <ev
en (Ti. •Isrlit i«). nine ( . t«'ii < 10%. elever
(11) and twelve iJJi. In hlock twenty-thre«
i-:n In the town of Klein In I'oiuamln
County, oklahoma.
The ahove desirlhed property '*• takei
iis the property of *alil defendant .lannn 11
'• ' -nil Ik dlreeteil liy **ild order
111 lie aold to satlsfj
Health and Efficiency
Without health, efficiency i impossible. We can
exist without health, but we cannot really live. We
can gain health through correct knowledge. Nature
makes us normal w hen we co-operate with her. It is
simple—nothing mysterious about it.
ADJUSTOLOGY.—The latest, most scientific meth-
od of removing the conditions which induce and per-
petuate functional human ills of every name and na-
ture. It is the most rational, most effectual, certain,
FROM NERVE FILAMENTS and blood vessels that
human ingenuity, long study, comparative and criti-
cal investigation could devise. Every known condi-
tion called disease is amenable to an intelligent ap-
plication of this science.
Give tdjustology a chance to demonstrate to you be-
yond all doubt, that all nature wants is a chance to
restore you back to health.
304 Koehler Building.
Phone 190
•institution Aug ft 10:lh
i -.•t-Jtl- J.-ai--V.. 1!I1S)
\ ft Itl.K ATIOV
ourt of Couuin«'h*j Coun-
(l'nh. in Lawton
U 14 Hi 17 is
In i In* l>i*trii l
. Oklahoma.
Myrtle K. l rury. Plaintiff.
vi . No. 44- 3.
C. r . I rnry. Defendant
Said defenduut, C. I>. Drnry. will take
notice that he has lieeu Kiied in tlie ahove
entlttail aetlon. in the «t>ove styled .-ourt. I
mid that he must appear and d«""or. an- J
i or otherwise plead to the . • .on of
idah-tiff filed therein on or before the
•_v day of Sept.. linn, or said I«*tlti.>n will
Iw taken as true and a JuduuH'iit a.'rord-
liifflv relidenil in favor of ssid plaintiff
and* a gn I nut snlil defendant for t
dlvone on the ground,, (]«^«tiIoii and
abandonment for one year Immediately pre-
ceding the eommeneeaient of said aetlon,
md the further judgment restoring plawi-
iiff to her maiden name. .Myrtle K. Phillips,
u nd re*-over her «-osts.
MYKTLi: K. DRt'RY. IMnlntlff.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Attest: It. B. COMPTON.
(Seali Court Clerk.
By H. J. MURPHY. Deputy
How to Cure a Sprain.
A sprain may be cured In about one-
ttiird the time required by the usual
treatment by applying Chamberlain's
Liniment and observing the directions
with each bottle. For sale by all
Miss Stephens arrived in the city
last night on the ten o'clock Frisco to
visit hor brother, P. M. Clark and
family of the Walker Flour Mills.
Mrs. Cox and daughter, Miss Vera
Cox, returned last night from Sul-
phur, Okla., wherte they have been
visiting relatives and enjoying the
benefits of that health resort.
Prof, and Mrs. A. A. Neisler arrived
yesterday from Duncan and will visit
friends in this city for several days.
Prof. Neisler, who was formerly sci-
ence teacher in the local hish school,
is now principal of the Duncan high
♦ ALL ♦
♦ $3.50 ANII $4.00 ♦
♦ $2.45 ♦
♦ IN ♦
But for the four Billies—Hohun-
lollern, Bryan, Sunday and Burke—
lots of American parugraphers would
miss the delights of target practice.
Age is Not the Cause
of your hair falling out. It ia the con-
dition of your scalp.
Hair Tonic
will destroy the germ which is the cause
of this trouble. 50 cents a bottle.
jonss Bros.
fite Quinine That Dots hoi Atftc! The Hotfl
Hccausf ot its tonic and lSZttWe etfect. LAX A
TIVH RROMO QUININE is b«tt*r thsn ordinnr\
Quinine and dots not ciuif nervousness ni t
rineiug in head Rememl>er the full name ami
iuok lor the bisnature H. W. GHOVH. 25c
Lawton Marble Works
JNO. A. GUTHRIE, Proprietor.
Oklahoma College
In every walk of life
you'll find good old ''Bull" Durham
Men of action, men with red blood in their veins, who do the
world's work, and do it well, learn to appreciate things at their real
Worth. They are not fooled by frills— they demand honest value.
These are the millions of men all over the earthy who^ find com-
plete, healthful enjoyment and lasting satisfaction in "Bull" Durham
nand-made cigarettes!
Bull Durham
smoking tobacco
These fresh, fragrant cigarettes they roll for themselves^ with their
own hands, to their own liking, from ripe, mellow "Bull Durham
foKarrn cuif tKpir hettef than anv ci(?a- . -
VTTI1 11UIIV40| v " •• ""'"Bl - - "•" - -j j
tobacco, suit their taste better than any ciga-
rette they can buy ready-made.
"Bull" Durham hand-made cigarettes are
a distinctive form of tobacco enjoyment--
wonderfully comforting and satisfying. Their
freshness and flavor are a revelation. Roll a
cigarette from "Bull" Durham today.
An Illustrated Booklet, show-
ing correct way to "Roll Your
Own" Cigarettes, and a Pack-
age of cigarette pa piers, will both be mailed,
free, to any address in United States on postal
request. Address "Bull durham, Durham, N. C.
A . k for FREE
pathmgm mf' 'jNipara*"
vitA mmeh it iMfe
.\iiks Kathorine Pierce, secretary to A COUGH REMEDY 'I HAT RE-| Turkish bathh .
the ■, c i:;c- i <•: t;.c Tonkawa rre- L1EVES. |«wth arrniiiafeMM
rutory school, Glynn Glover,, was in It's prepared from the healing Pine i and proper *>veuli
tne city yesterduy visitinn friend Balaam, Tar and Honey all mixed In ii/re^intt tllccts.
She is spending a week at Medicine a pleasant, so"thinir Cough Sv rup
Park, called Dr. BeTs Pine-Tar-Honey f The
.... ,,, Khecp's trail doc n't
Thousands have l^nefited by it- um' -'ways lead to the fatted calf.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<ol ^,UI e':diu,l"K -'h,u an'|
i* .* iAinoving Couph or risking a dangerous
! " ' I:'-old. Go to you, d, . ask for a J >c
♦ SI RAH HA IS ♦ , n! U«!e Dr. Hell's Pine-Ta,
♦ • 9
♦ IN ♦
] Honey, start u«ing; at once and jrt t i itl
f your Couph and Colt!. K
Every Parent and Every Daughter in the State Owes
This School Serious Consideration
Rverv parent irnei hi* daughter the adv>mtnr<'« nf n rcod. practical,
reflnlnc edumtlon. Bv.ry dau«hter In return tor thaae advantacea OWM
li.-t narenta the duty of maklnK the moat of her opp<irtuniUew The atat«
of (ikLhoma haa provided a «< h"ol devoted exclusively to«young women.
A school which offers the for both parent and daughter. In that it !>
efficient, thorough, practical and economical.
Arts, Science and iMusic Economic and
Technical Courses
All the leading subjects offered in any ot the expensive, private fiat-
em «< hnols are offered here with special sir™ on Houiehold Ar.i and
-n hni.i RovltwMu TrtilnioK I'eifectly equipped, modern buildings: pro-
,-:;;n, ?ic,my ^tdn^-two teachara; clea^wholeaoma influent and
* nvlronra**nt.
Comfortable Rooms and Board Cost
Will Not Exceed $175 Per Year
The Dormitory ■ ck . Rlry.n*?dH
• II nifimn steAin heated, hvjtenlwilly ventilated and elactrte
hit,ted Modern hathroomn an.i attrartl a .nrroundlnra
C. 11'rally make them moat Attractive.
beard frymnaalum, library ar.d all privtlefea lnrlud*d for |1«
monthly. No tuition In any department.
Good Christian Influences and Desirable
Congenial Associations.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ FOR SALE (icnuinc Navajo ♦
♦ Ruj-'s from Navajo Reaerva ♦
♦ tion at Ft. Defiance, Aril. These ♦
)♦ rujfs are selected and beautiful. ♦
!♦ Will last a life time. ♦
♦ 8-24 lm(( !>14 AHinirton. ♦
People Ask Us
What is the beat laxative? Yean of
exj>erience in sdliof all kinds leads us
to always recommend
as the safest, snrejt nntl most satisfac-
tory. SolJ only by us, 10 cents.
JW..V At
An Ar z u * M.<n
writta that his tiauuiiirf " 1
>.o* Kv zema on two rtr
tHf nail- cnnie and -y
feared the loss of her
All remedies and all doctors
failed, but part of a jar of
.\ioi?t Zensal healed the fingers
perfectly, and there has been
no return of the trouble. All
Cures Old Soru*, Oil; .i (ei^ Ci"
The wor tcii «.iiotti ti«ro? h.>wU>nirM• *«*'
. • cured by the *otifirrful, cla rcl.r' «
•• r's Anliaepii- Mog Oil. It rel
(I(V|>t thoae of unqoatfcooned chara.ter. Any rirl
who I* enrolletl hen In a dealrahle .-ompanlon for
TOUR daughter.
Write for CaUlogue Today.
A handnome llluatrated folder with all
details and the regular achool eatalofue
with courwea of atady mailed upon re-
G. w. AUSTIN, Pre*.
151 College **<•
Chiokaeha. Ok>>-
Dealers in high
grade Shelf & heavy
Hardware. A complete
stock always on hand.
Also the best of every-
thing in
Phone 696 319 D Ave.
! \VantsS
* 4
FOR SALE—Girl's bycycle. Mrs. C.
W. Whittip^ton, 801 B. Phone 293
• 8-26 3tp
10c Watch Selling Plan
12 size Ham| den movement,
20 year case
W ANTE I*—School trirl to work * for
room ard board. .r 10 A. No children.
FOR SALE—8 horse power portable
gas or kerotine International en-
gine. tlso feed mill, both nearly new.
Will sell reasonable. Martin Ille,
Sterling Okla. 8-24 12tp
WANTED—Roomers and boarders at
706 Dearborn. A. J. Harris. 8-20 Ht
12 si*t* Hampden. 17 jeweled
Hampden or Rockforil, 20 year
i down and 10 cents add*
The Payment Plan in Detail
^old tilled ease. 1(1 cents d iwn
ami Id cents aild"il eiich *«k

Third week
Fourth week
Fifth week

Sixth week

Seven!A week
Eighth week
Ninth week

Eleventh week
Twelfth week
. . . .*1.20
Thirteenth week . . .
SI ..50
Fourteenth week . .
Fifteenth week ....
FOR RENT—Seven room, modern |j
house. Apply 401 A avenue. 7-31-tf.
IXIST—A hlack Ktripcd coat between
court house and Gore Boulevard,
leave at Briuham's Fruit Store.
8-25 3tp
(nvifrorating to the Pale and Sickly
The OM Stnn«'*fd fene al Mretiftbenlnf Ionic,
t'.koVK'S TA8TKLESS chill T<J.\1C,drive* out
MaUrit.mrlelrt the blood, build* up tbr y«lrm.
A iruc Ionic. For kdultt und children. 60c,
(^oods delivered on first pay
ment. The offer is open to every
honest person in Lawton.
Second w eek
Third week
Fourth week
Fifth week
Sixth week
Seventh week ...
Eighth week
Ninth week
Tenth week ......
Eleventh week ....
Twelfth week
Thirteenth week .
Fourteenth week .
Fifteenth week
Sixteenth week
Seventeenth week
Eighteenth week
Nineteenth week ..
Twentieth week ..
Twenty-first week
.. .30c
. . Ii0c
. . 7 0c
.. . soe
.. 90c
... .$1.10
. . .$1,20
. $1.40
. . $1.50
. 5JIJ0
... M.80
. $l.8«
... frlJiO
... .*1.80
JOHN. B. EVANS, Jeweler
402 C Avenue Lawton, Oklahoma

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