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Entered as second'class matter, to the postoffice at Shawn
Okla., under the act of March 3, 18*79.
Editor and Owner.
Editorial Office Telephone 321. ^
Baslnesw Office Telephone -7s
(From County Capital)
Judge Robt. Wheeler was on Ok-
lahoma City visitor Friday.
Dally Jicws-lleraJd Subscription.
By carrier, per fNk % $0.10
By carrier, one month in advance *0
By mail, one month in advance 40
Three months, paid in advance $1.00
Six months, In advance $^.00
One year, in advance '4 00
Sunday News-Herald, one year, in advance J1-50
Obituaries and resolutions of respect of less than 100 words will be
published free For all matter in excess of 100 words a charge of one
cent a word will be made. Count the words and remit with manuscript.
Any erroneous reflection on the character, standing or reputation
of any person, firm or corporation which may appear in the columns of
the News^Herald will bo gladly corrected upon its being brought to the
attention of the publisher.
iSheldon Livingston lives on a farm near the little hamlet of Por-
cupine, Wis. Thero are reasons why you ought to know him.
Sheldon is 11 years old. The schoolhouse is two miles from the
Uvisfrtdn home. Horning and night, through «now, rain 0r shine,
Sheldon walked this distance, swinging his dinntr pail and his school
In four and a half years he has not missed a day!
Think of this, city children, you who complain when you have to
walk four blocks; who stay home every chance you get, clap your
hands every time there's a holiday and would play liookoy all the time,
if you dared! •
Now we have no idea what kind of a man Sheldon Livingston will
make. He may become president of the United States or only a plain
citizen living on a Wisconsin farm.
But one thing is certain: In whatever niche in life it shall be his
destiny to be placed he will be a steady, punctual, dependable person—
the kind you won't have to watch.
To borrow a phrase from the stable, he'll stand without being
hitched.—-Wichita Beacon.
The Director of the Census has recently an limine fed plans which
promi e an Important extension of our knowledge ot cahcel\ At the
suggestion of the American Society for the Controi ot Cancer he has
ordered {jie publication of the mortality statics of this disease in much
fuller detail than hitherto. As soon as the 1M4 returns are received
from the states and cities which make up the United States Registration
Area, they will be made the subject of a special cancer monograph
When the figures are subsequently published In the annual report of
the Division of Vital Statistics, the deaths from eantfW Will be grouped
under some thirty headings, instead of only seven, as heretofore. This
means that the returns of deaths from malignant disease will be classi-
fied by parts atod organs of the body affected, as in the standard re-
ports of the Registrar General of England and Wales. While this
change may not at first appear to be of consequence to the public, it
has practical bearingB that may prove of considerable importance. This
detailed analysis of cancer mortality in the United States should bring
out new and useful information as to the prevalence of the disease, and
thereby contribute to the better understanding of its controllable fea-
tures. Such a study as the Census Bureau purposes to make should also
throw clearer light on the question of Whether or not cancer is reall>
A new cotton raising plan, known as the "single stalk" plan, is be
ing boosted by the government. The theory is that many single stalks
close together produce more cotton than few well-branched stalks far
apart, and figures are given to show that this is the case.
The pool hall bill as passed by the senate appears to be just about
what the people really want. The people at large hate nothing against
pool halls as such. Their fight is directed against the pool halls that
run not as a legitimate business, but as a blind for law violation.
If the priee of wheat continues to climb, the daily petition for# "our
dally bread" may prove to be not so modest a request after all. as some
of us have been *ln the habit of believing, ■-j. -ially if u. add is tli
little boy did "with plenty of butter (35c per pound.) on It."
♦ MIMs. +
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦
The News-Herald is authorized to
announce the candidacy, of E. F.
Vessell for the Democratic nomina-
tion for councilman from the fouth
ward, subject to the democratic
primary election.
The News-Herald is authorized to
announce that D. P. "Dad" Sparks
will be a candidate for the demo-
cratic nomination for mayor.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned, on Feb. 12, 1915, will
sell, at the American Rooming
House, Shawnee, Okla., two tele-
phone boxes of the Chicago Tele-
phone and Supply Co. to satisfy
storage charges amounting to twe
dollars, together with all expenses
of sale.
Dated this February 2, 1915.
TNG HOUSE, Shawnee, Okla.
Sheriff Romberg took N. E. John- Clyde Pitman was in Maud on
son to the asylum at Norman Wed-! business Saturday
H. 8. Beach was an Oklahoma
City visitor Saturday.
Johnson lived northeast of Shaw
Miss Bonnie Alston of near New-
Hope was a visitor here Wednesday.
Jim Green of Maud was the guest
of his brother, Bob Tuesday.
Mrs. J. D. Braly is reported quite
B. C. Gilstrap was in Asher on
business Wednesday.
Mrs. Weddle of Shawnee was over
Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. Ruby Cagle of Romulus was
here shopping Wednesday.
Clyde Pitman was in Oklahoma
City Wednesday.
Col Hardy Dial was in the Cap-
ital city Thursday.
W. F. Druham was a visitor at
the State Capital Thursray.
The State pure food inspcetor
called at the Sanitary Cach Grocery
a few days ago "inspected" the stock
but left no "order to clean up" nor
made any suggestions toward im-
C. W. Bull spent the
with his family here.
Louis Cohen and wife of Shawnee
were here on business Tuesday.
Sal lie Hen don
here Sunday.
of Earlsboro were
(3. (7, Vanhorn of HI Reno arrived
Wednesday for a visit with his uncle
Hev. T. J. Davis.
Miss Nola Johnston will leave
Thursday for a visit with friends
at Oklahoma City.

L. V. Simon of Pink was here on
business Wednesday.
!R. E. Haynes of Ada, arrived Sun-
day evening for a visit with his
daughter. Mrs. Carlton Weaver and
to attend a stock holders meeting
at Shawnee on Monday.
Mrs. Katherlne Burnett of Romulus
was here Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Brewer of Pauls Val-
ley, were Tecumseh visitors Tues-
* *.
Chas. VilHanes of McComb was
here on business Wednesday.
Ira Sims of Dale, Was here Tues-
WTheeler Hendon and sister, Miss
G. E. Cook has moved hia family
from Tecumseh to Shawnee. Rural
route No. 4.
W. S. McCaskill is reported quite
Clifford Boyd left Saturday foi
his home at JoneB, Okla.
"I Don't Feel Good"
That is what a lot of people tell us.
Usually their bowels only need cleansing.
IfoxaftC. fftdeilie/
will do the trick and make you feel tine.
We know this#positively. Take one
tonight. Sold only by us, 10 cents.
The Owl Drug Store.
Tom Baxter and family have mov-
ed in the house with J. J. Johns In
the east part of town.
Mrs. M. J. Disch returned Friday
after a two week's visit with her
daughter, Mrs. Likowski at Wal
The Bureau of the Census re-
ports that there were 41,169 bales of
cotton, counting round as half baleg
ginned in Pottawatomie county prior
to Jan. 16, 1915 as compared with
30,404 bales ginned to the same date
last year. •
The Ladles' Aid of the Baptist
Church will serve pie and coffee at
the church on Friday night. Come
out and help the ladies and have a
social titft'e. j
The south end of the Tecumseh
Oil and Cotton Co.'s seed house
"busted" Saturday afternoon and a
large quanlty of cotton seed rolled
out of shelter. This is a pretty good
indication Jhat the oil mill has
enough raw material on hand to
keep them going for some time te
When the bowels become
clogged with a mass eff poison-
ous stomach waste, sick head-
ache with all its attendant
misery, belching of sour stomach
gases, bloat and general discom-
fort are sure to follow.
A mud, pleasant laxative-tonic
that will carry off the congested
mass without upsetting the
stomach or griping the bowels,
is the combination of simple
laxative herbs with pepsin sold
in drug stores under the name
of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin.
A dose taken Just before retir-
ing will afford grateful relief
next morning, without unpleas-
antness or discomfort.
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin (
is the ideal family remedy, es- (
peclally for the women and s
children and old folks. A free j
trial bottle can be obtained byj
writing Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 452 (
Washington St.. Monticello. Ills \
"The Ladles' Aid met at our house
Tuesday afternoon. They talked a
right smart, ate up everything In
the house. There t ere thirteen of
them besides the young'uns.
Arthur W. Xicklas 23, Sacred Heart
Ida May Richards 20, Sacred Heart.
Herbert M. Harrell 29, Earlsboro
Florence E. Wilson 18, Earlsboro.
Jack F. Manney 21, Shawnee
Ethel Graves 20,Shawnee.
E. A. Boettler 22. Shawnee
Florence Tootle 19. Shawnee.
C. L. Hinds 27, McComb
Audrey Bizzle 27, McComb.
W. B. Allen 20, McComb
Eva Black 18, Maud.
Ross OnTord 27. Sparks
Dovie Rikard 23, Sparks.
G. W. Hays 48, Shawnee (col.)
Anna Cole 28, Shawnee, (col.)
This Kind of Economy Will Help
How many really good cast-off dresses, cloaks, suits and waists
are there about the house that with a little care—cleaning
pressing and repairing—could be made to look as good as new?
For this week only, we are going to clean and press any ladles
suit or cloak for $1.00. Skirts 60c.
National CLEANING Works
The World's 3 Greatest Serials
"Runaway June" at Crystal Every Monday
Zudora, in "Twenty Million Dollar Mystery" at The
Odeon Every Tuesday.
Undertaken and Embalmers
ParUrt: IMO North BSt.
mwht W. E CmmhitL <*•
ftiiVwa M. N. Mtnai«c*r, Sll!
Dmy IF1
Pk—tm III
"The Master Key," at The Odeon Every Thursday
And when you consider that these great serials are always ac-
oompanled by the choicest pictures of the world's foremost film
makers it is easy to understand why they draw the crowds—and
Seed Potatoes
Genuine first quality Minnesota
—* I —
One carload only to offer. Put up in 2 1-2 bu. sacks.
95c Per Bushel
Those intending to plant potatoes will save money
by buying from this car—BUY NOW—
Pantier Grocery Co.
On« Five Minutes In the Life of Her
Dead Soldier Son.
A mother lost her soldier son Tin-
news came to her In dispatches from
the war. lie had fallen fighting nobly
at the bend of his regiment
She was Inconsolable. "Oh. that 1
Wight see him again!" she prayed. "If
only for Ave minutes-but to see him!"
An angel answered her prayer. "For
five minutes," the angel said.
"Quick, quick!" said the mother, her
tears turned to momentary Joy.
"Yes." said the angel, "but think a
little. He was a grown man There
are thirty years to choose from. EIow
would you see him 7"
The mother paused and wondered.
"Would you see him." said the angel,
"as a soldier dying heroically at his
post? Would you see him as he left
you to Join the transport? Would you
see him as you first saw him in his uni
form? Would you see him again as on
that day at school when he stepped to
the platform to receive the highest
honoTs a boy could have?"
"How did you If dow?" the mother
■asked, ber eyes lighting
The ansel smiled "Would you see
him as a baby at your breast? Would
"No." said the mother. "1 would have
him for five minutes ;is he was one day
when he ran In from the garden to ask
my forgiveness for being naughty He
was so small and so unhappy, and he
was very hot. and the tears were mak
Ing streaks down his face through the
garden dirt And hrtflew Into my arms
with such force that he hurt me."—C
V. Lucas In "Lucas' Annual."
Cavalry Mounts Revel In the Dash and
Fury of the Charge.
It will probably surprise you. said a
retired colonel of hussars, to learn that
a eavalrv horse usually enjoys a battle
at least as much as his rider and dis
plays as much courage In It lie will
chafe and stamp with impatience while
waiting for the order to charge and at
the signal will dash forward like a
greyhound released from the leash, full
of fire and fury and often neighing
wildly At the moment of contact with
the enemy he will rear, striking and
biting savagely at the opposing horse?
and trampling down the Infantry.
When his rider falls he will dash
along with his fellows and crash as
gallantly Into the foe. In the famous
charge of the I.lght brigade scores of
riderless horses swept down the "val
ley of death." thundering through the
smoke on to the Uusslau guns, and gal
loped back In safety with the shat
tered remnant of the brigade. Five
horses raced neck and neck with Lord
Alfred Paget, who rode In advance of
the line, so eager were they to get at
the enemy
And not only Is the well trained
charger as brave as his rider Ue is
often as Intelligent He knows the
bugle calls |ii«<t as well and answers
them as promptly In fact. I have
known mam a case in which s horse
has put his rider right w hen he has
mistaken an order and has gone fault
lessly through n maneuver n spite of
the efforts of his mistaken master to
make him do rhe wrong thing.—I>ondon
TK Bits.
How to Become Rich.
"My early (ti fticu I ties taught me some
thrift," said Mark Twain once, "but 1
never knew whether it was wiser to
spend my last cenfcfor a cigar to smoke
or for an apple to devour."
"I am astounded." observed a friend,
"that a person with so little decision
^should have met wifh so much worldly
Mark Twain bent his head gravely.
"Indecision about spending money,"
he said. Mls worthy of cultivation.
When I couldn't decide what to buy
with my last cent I kept It snd so be
came rich ■
Chas. E. Wells
Practice in all courts.
Elka. Bldg. Phone 554
♦ BRS. ti ALL A HER A ♦
♦ 8T00KSBURY *
♦ Specialists 4
Bye, Bar, Nose and Threat 4
Glasses Fitted i
♦" Rooms 104, lOi and 10# 4
♦" Third Floor Mammoth Bldg. 4
Shawnee, Oklahoma. *
utes when he shooting occurred.
Miss Black ran from the room cry-
ing that her father was killed and
Hall was seen to leave the room.
Dr. Knott, a guest in the hotel,
was the first to enter. Black was
lying on the floor, shot through
the heart, and across his body (Rog-
ers was lying, shot through the
head. Copeland was lying near the
door, shot in the breast near the
left shoulder, and through the ab-
Rogers and Copeland were given
"medical attention and later re-
moved. Rogers expired at his
Copeland Shot Three Times.
Copeland was shot three times.
Only the two dead men, Hall, Cope-
land and Ryan were in the room |
at the time, according to the cor-
oner's information.
■Miss Sadie Black, 18 who is said J
to be an adopted daughter of Black
and who also is from Bellaire, said
she left the room when the men
Red Ball Transfer
Our service is com-
plete crating, storing
and carting.
W B Rorschach
Have you tried
the Shower
Baths at the—
Foraker and Baker
>1 el IR ri III I PI l> III ILD
When the telephone officials
talked to each other between San
Francisco and New York the other
day it was one of the events of
the world's history. John J. Mc-
Carty, chief engineer of the Amer-
ican Telephone and Telegraph Co.
saw one of, his cherished notions
G. C ALernathy
Edward Howell
Abernathy and, Howell
Elki Build ins
Phone 120
come to fruition. H has been in-
terested in telephones all his life
and has risen to one ot the high-
est positions in the country.
Lanning Furnitureand Undertaking Co.
Successors to
For Ambulance, John H, Bossier, 314 & 316
Call 75, Mrs. J. M. Remington, 125
" ""r* "1 W. C. Page, 244.
French Dry Cleaning and Dyeing
127 I29-I31 N. Beard Si. PA„„, jjy

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