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Officials of Pontotoc County Fail
Notify Governor Haskell—Citi-
zens of Ada are Greatly
Guthrie, Okla.—Governor Haskell
Tuesday night Btated that he had not
been officially notified of the lynching
at Ada, early Monday morning, of
West, Miller, Allen and Buirell, but
that he had issued instructions to the
officials of Pontotoc county to make a
vigorous investigation and that those
who were in any manner implicated
in the unlawful killing must be pros-
ecuted to the full extent of the law.
A special grand jury will be called to
meet at Ada and investigate the
Governor Haskell is not feeling es-
pecially kind toward the officials of
the county in which Ada is located,
and said that "although the guards of
the county jail had been assaulted,
knocked senseless, bound and gagged
and four men taken from them and
lynched'by a mob of from one to two
hundred men," he had received no of-
ficial notice of the crime.
Reward to Be Offered
The governor late Tuesday evening
stated that a reward would be offered
for the conviction of members of the
mob as soon as official notice had
reached his office.
A special agent of the state has re-
ported that the mob, when it went to
the jail, had no intention of hanging
others than "Jim" Miller; that Miller
had been removed from his cell and
taJien out into the presencee of the
mob and examined for over two hours
and that at the conclusion of the
examination the mob returned to tho
jail and took the other three men out
and marched to the barn, where all
four were hanged.
In a dispatch from the sheriff of
Pontotoc county it was contended
that there was not the slightest
clue as to who made up the mob, and
that the leaders questioned the jail of-
ficials where the bound guards could
hear all that Miller said; that Miller
made a complete confession in which
he implicated all of the dead men.
Oklahoma state officers greatly de-
plore the acts of the Ada mob, and a
public sentiment seems to feel that
the hanging of four men will have a
tendency to clear up the atmosphere
in that part of the state and make it
absolutely safe, in the future, for hon-
est people to exist.
Sultan of Turkey Refuses to Leave
Constantinople.—Sultan Abdul Ha-
mid is waiting in his palace for what-
ever may befall. He has not taken
flight, and his grand vizier, Tewfik
Pasha, ha3 announced that, without
fear, the sultan will remain with his
family and accept resignedly the fate
which has been prepared for him and
his family.
Tewfik Pasha and the minister of
war, Edhim Pasha, who sent in their
resignations to the sultan Monday
night, decided to withdraw them
Tuesday, and the grand vizier is
spending most of the time with his
majesty. Nazim Pasha is still in com-
mand of the garrison, but no prepara-
tions have been made to offer any re-
sistance to the advance of the Salon-
ika troops.
At least five thousand persons,
practically all Christians, have lost
their lives in the massacres that have
been going on in the villayet of Ada-
na during the past week as the re-
sult of the outbreak of Moslem fanati-
cism. Two hundred victims were Mos-
Adana at present is quiet, but there
has been renewed attacks on Chris-
tions at Marash in villayet of Alev-
po, about twenty miles northeast of
Alexandretta. Consular advices de-
scribe the situation as extremely pre-
It Cannot Be Done by Using Cheap
Material and Cheap Painters.
In arranging for painting-, a good
many property-owners try to Bave
money by employing the painter who
offers to do the job cheapest—or try
to Bave money by insisting on a low-
priced paint. But no property-owner
would run such risks if he realized
what must be taken into considera-
tion in order to get a job that will
wear and give thorough satisfaction.
No houseowner will go wrong on
the painting question if be writes Na-
tional Lead Company, 1902 Trinity
Building, New York, for their House-
owner's Painting Outfit No. 49, which
Is sent free. It is a complete guid<*
to painting. It includes a book Of Th« readers of this p p<r will be pteMed to ti
color schemes for eilher exterior or j <*N!rTuro''tn "fits and turn is
Interior painting, a book of •pacific* JJJftSw gjj* SSffUSti SSurU
lions, and an instrument for detecting , betaK a constitutional dla«*ase. requires a conatltu-
1 t treatment. Hall'* Catarrh Cure la taken
Uncle—How is it, young man, that
you failed again in your examination?
Nephew—Why, the wretches asked
me the very same question I could not
answer last vear!
$100 Reward, $100.
adulteration in paint materials. j actitiK uirectiy upon tho blood and mucous
Nearly every dealer has National | «urf.i«s ot the system, thon*by
Lead Company's pure white lead.
(Dutch Boy Painter trademark.) If
yours has not notify National Lead
Co., and arrangements will be made
for you to get It.
Tortoise—What, have you started a
motor car?
Snail—Yes, one must move with the
times, you know.
Itched and Scratched Until Blood Ran
—$50 Spent on Useless Treatments
—Disease Seemed Incurable.
Cured by Cuticura for $1.50.
"When my little boy was two and a
half months old he broke out on both
cheeks with eczema. It was the itchy,
watery kind and we had to keep his
little hands wrapped up all the time,
and if he would happen to get them
uncovered he would claw his face till
the blood streamed down on his cloth-
ing. We called in a physician at once,
but he gave an ointment which was so
severe that my babe would scream
when it was put. on. Wo changed
doctors and medicine until we had
spent fifty dollars or more and baby
was getting worse. I was so worn out
watching and caring for him night and
day that I almost felt sure the disease
was incurable. But finally reading of
the good results of the Cuticura Rem-
edies, I determined to try them. I
can truthfully say I was more than
surprised, for I bought only a dollar
and a halts worth of the Cuticura
Remedies (Cuticura Soap, Ointment
and Pills), and they did more good than
all my doctors' medicines I had tried,
and in fact entirely cured him. His
face is perfectly clear of the least
spot or scar of anything. Mrs. W. M.
spot or scar. Mrs. W. M. Comerer,
Burnt Cabins, Pa., Sept. 15, 1908."
Potter Drug Sl Chetn. Corp., Sole Props., Boston.
foundation of the diseaw. and Riving thn patient
strength by building up the constItutlon and aiwwt-
liiK nature In dolnt; ltw work. The proprietor* have
no much faith 111 It* curative power* that they ner
One Hundred Dollars for any raso that It lalla to
cure. Kend for Mat of testimonials
Address I . J. ClIKNEY A CO.. Toledo, O.
Hold by all DruRirlstB. 7!ic,
Take llalrs 1 aiuily l'llls tor constipation.
Not Our Discovery.
The Greek, Eratosthenes, 250 B. C.,
taught the doctrine of the rotundity
of the earth, and the ideas of the
sphere, its poles, axis, tho equator,
arctic and antarctic circles, equinoc-
tial points andthe solstices were quite
generally entertained by the wise men
of that time. There were plenty of
men in Rome, therefore, who were
prepared to talk about the earth as a
sphere and to make globes illustrating
their ideas.
Won't Turn Loose.
"I insist on saying that Hunt's Light-
ning Oil takes bold quicker and lets go
slower of aches, pains and sore places
than any other liniment 1 ever saw. It
just won't turn loose till you're well."
"I never have a little ache but what 1
slosh it on
And ere 1 get the bottle corked that
little ache is gone."
Marble Hill, Mo.
It Jarred Him.
Howell—How did you coxne to break
your engagement with that girl?
Powell—I had reason to think that
she hadn't enough practical knowledge
to make her a good helpmeet.
Howell—What gave you that idea?
Powell—I told her one day that tho
hens weren't laying, and she said she
supposed that would affect the price
of egg coal.
Offensive Advice.
"Madam," said the medical man,
gravely, "you must practice filling
your lungs with deep breaths of pura
"An' bust the smithereens out of my
new direct'ry gown," sniffed the lady.
"1 think I see myself."
And turning on her high heels she
haughtily left the apartment.—Cleve-
land Plain Dealer.
Don't Lie Down.
Spring is here. Your system needs
toning up to fortify against the long
summer's debilitating influence. Sim-
mon's Sarsaparilla will build you up,
make you strong and carry you through
without that usual "want to lie down"
50c and $1.00 per bottle.
"Why didn't you come around ear-
lier? The snow is all melted away."
"Dat's just my luck, lady. Every
time I feels like workin' de sun comes
out and does me out of a job!"
Senator Visits President
Washington, D. C.—Senator Tillman
of South Carolina paid his first visit
to the white house Tuesday in seven
years and received a cordial greet-
ing from Taft. His appearance Tues-
day in the executive offices created a
sensation. Booker T. Washington
wan waiting to see the president
when Tillman arrived. The South
Carolinian was immediately shown
into Tafi's office.
"I came," said Senator Tillman, "to
see if office seekers had fried any fat
off the president."
Sapulpa Gets Packing Plant
Sapulpa, Okla.—Contracts were
signed Tuesday for a $J00,000 packing
plant for this city, work to begin with-
in thirty days. It will be built by the
We-IIs-Sapulpa Packing company and
will have a capacity of 500 hogs, 200
cattle, and will employ over H00 men,
Keep the Kidneys Well and the Kid-
neys Will Keep You Well.
Sick, suffering, languid women are
learning the true cause of bad backs
and how to cure
them. Mrs. W. O.
Davis, of Groesbeck,
Texas, says: "Back-
aches hurt me so I
could hardly stand.
Spells of dizziness
and sick headaches
were frequent and
the action of the kid-
neys was Irregular.
Soon after I began taking Doan's Kid-
ney Pills I passed several gravel
•tones. I got well and the trouble has
not returned. My back is good and
■trong, and my general health is bet-
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Natural Solicitude.
Invalid Husband—Did the doctor
say I was to take all that medicine?
Wife—Yes, dear.
Invalid Husband—Why, there's
enough there to kill a donkey.
Wife (anxiously)—Then you'd bet-
ter not take all of it, John!—Tit Bits.
Ask Your Druggist for Allen's Foot-Ease.
"I tried ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE recent-
ly, and have just bought anotlier supply.
It has cured my corns, and the hot, burn-
ing and itching sensation in my feet which
was almost unbearable, and I would not
Ik* without it now.—Mrs. W. J. Walker,
Canulcn, N, J." Sold by all Druggists, 2uc.
The Easiest Way.
I wonder if there isn't some way
we can get our assemblyman to advo-
cate good roads?"
Give him an auto."—Brooklyn Life.
nr«, Wenk. Wrnry, Waltry Eyes
Relieved by Murine Eye Remedy. Com-
pounded by Experienced Physicians. Con-
forms to Pure Food and Drug Laws. Mu-
rine Doesn't Smart; Soothes Eye Pain.
Try Murine in Your Byes. At Druggists.
Skill to do comes of doing, know
ledge comes by eyes always open and
working hands, and there is no know-
ledge that is not power.—Emerson.
Time is the best test. For over fifty
years llamlins Wizard Oil has been the
most popular remedy in the United States
for the cure of Rheumatism, Neuralgia
and all pain and inflammation.
The habit of viewing things cheer-
fully, and ot thinking about life hope-
fully, may be made to grow up in ua
like any other habit.—Smiles.
Bryan at Kansas City
Kansas City.—William J. Bryan
was the guest of honor at the first an-
nual dinner of the Young Men's demo-
cratic club at the Coutes house here
Tuesday night.
Usually They Are.
"Professor, what is the meaning ol
the word 'monologue?'"
"My dear sir, consider the derlva
tlon of It. 'Mono' is slang for 'money,'
and 'logos' means 'a word.' Monologue,
words for money."
• =7— ^
What Joyjhey B ing
To Every Home
as with joyous hearts and smiling faces they romp and play—when in health—and
how conducive to health the games in which they indulge, the outdoor li e they
enioy the cleanly, regular habits they should be taught to form and the wholesome
diet of which they should partake. How tenderly their health should be preserved,
not by constant medication, but by careful avoidance of every medicine of an injuri-
ous or objectionable nature, and if at any time a remedial agent Is required, to assist
nature only those of known excellence should be used; remedies which are pure
and wholesome and truly beneficial in effect, like the pleasant laxative remedy,
Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co
Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna has come into general favor in many millions of
well informed families, whose estimate of its quality and excellence is based upon
personal knowledge and use.
Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna has also met with the approval of physicians gen-
erally because they know it is wholesome, simple and gentle in its action. We Inform
all reputable physicians as to the medicinal principles of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna obtained by an original method, from certain plants known to them to act
most beneficially, and presented in an agreeable syrup in which the wholesome Cal-
ifornian blue figs are used to promote the pleasant taste; therefore it is not a secret
remedy, and hence we are free to refer to all well informed physicians, who do
not approve of patent medicines and never favor indiscriminate self-medicaUon.
Please to remember and teach your children also that the genuine Syrup of Figs
and Elixir of Senna always has the full name of the Company California Fig
Svrup Co —plainly printed on the front of every package and that it is for sale in
bottles of one size only. If any dealer offers any other than the regular Fifty cent
size or having printed thereon the name of any other company, do not accept it.
If you fail to get the genuine you will not get its beneficial effects. Every family
should always have a bottle on hand, as it is equally beneficial for the parents and
the children, whenever a laxative remedy is required.
jer lets us chew „
snesays the more we
chew ihe,less we talk,
and besides* it's dood
for us"
jfc PEPSIN ouSTis-"
As further inducement
to settle menl ol tho
wheat-raising lands of
Western Canada, tho
Canadian Government
has increased tho area
that may be taken hy a
homesteader to 320 acres —160 free and 160 to
be purchased at $3.00 per acre. These land#
are in the grain-raising area, where mixed (arming
is also carried on with unqualified success. A
railway will shortly lie built to Hudson Bay, bring-
ing the world's markets a thousand miles nearer
these wheat-fields, where schools and churches
are convenient, climate excellent, railways close to
all settlements, and local markets good.
**It would tnke time to assimilate the revela-
tions that u visit to the grent empirelying to
the North of ua unfolded at every turn."—
Correspondence of a National Editor, ivlu> "butted
Western CdtiAdd In August, 190S,
Lands may also be purchased from railway and
land companies at low prices and on easy terms.
For pamphlets, maps and Information as to
low railway rates, apply to Superintendent
of Immigration, Ottawa, Canada, or the
authorized Canadian Government Agent:
Bo. 125 W. Ninth Street. Kansas City. Missouri.
t of the two, ni
arrowing whe:
Make one job out of the two, and pet your ground in finest condition by
harrowing when the Boil 1b tlr«t turned up.
*> uniurnio Rotary Harrow
Plow Attachment
enabled you to do this. Regular rotary harrow which
attaches to any gang or sulky plow. It levels, pulver-
ised and makea a mulch of the "inolst soil" that is uot
possible after the ground dries and "seta." Draft only
allfrhtJy heavier—youTl be surprised to we how little. Hverjr-
bodv ncedstlilsgreutiimo and labor saver. Write forclrculur
No.32 w Q KENNEY, Oklahoma City,Okla.
Best Ginning—Most Cotton
Greatest Profits
The perfect principle of the MUNGER System Gins gives the
grower more profit to the acre; the ginner more bales to the day. Close
ginning, steady running and greatest profits are certain characteristics ol the
The Perfect System
The famous MUNGER System is a saving of time and power, and
will handle cotton too wet for any other gin. The MUNGER Separator,
Lint Flue System and Battery Condenser decidedly improve the sample of
the cotton, as compared with any other gin.
The MUNGER Sritem choice of Monger, Pratt, Smltb, Winihip and Rati*
Gint. No"lreak features." One oi two tiury installation. Single machine* or
complete equipment. Engines, boilers, Linters ami full line of cottoa machinery.
P/aos sod Estimates Free. Catalogue oo application.
Atlanta, Gs. Birmingham, Ala. Charlotte, N. C.
Dallas, Texas Memphis, Tenn. Bndgewater, Mass.
(Address sales office nearest yon.)
For export)
This Trade-mark
Eliminates All
In the purchase of
paint materials.
It is an absolute
guarantee of pur-
ity and quality.
For your own
protection, see
that it is on the side of
every keg of white lead
you buy.
1102 Trinity Building. Nsw York
"I tried all kinds of blood remedies
nliich failed to do me any good, but I
have found the right thing at last. My
face was full of pimples and black-heads.
After taking Cascarets they all left. I am
continuing the use of them and recom-
mending them to my friends. I feel fino
when I rise in the morning. Hope to
have a chance to recommend Cascarets."
Fred C. Witten, 76 Elm St., Newark, N.J.
Pleasant. Palatable, Potent. Taste Good.
Do Good. Never Sicken,Weaken or Gripe.
10c, 25c, 50c. Never sold In bulk. The genu-
Ine tablet stamped C C C, Guaranteed to
cura or yuur uiuoey back.
starches clothes nlcsek
W. N. U., Oklahoma City, No. 17-1909.
Color more goods brioMer and faster colors than an other dje. One 10c oackaoe colors all " i n MMmtorMljf than tn other il e. Von can tia
aai carmen! without rippina apart* Write lor iroe booklet—How to Ore, Bleach and Mix Colors. MONROE DRUQ CO , Qulncyf Illinois*
Woman is considered the weaker
vessel—and there is an old maxim to
the effect that the weaker the vessel
the thicker the paint.
Lewis' Single Binder straight 5e. Many
smokers prefer them to 10c cigars. Your
dealer or l*ewia* Factory, Peoria, III.
It doesn't take much to satisfy most
people who are self satisfied.
Nature h 11cii, lautKc, ,* v............... - --
btipation, puriiies the blood, brings Health.
The sugar production of the United
States does not grow with the con-
t'w Bed Croas Halt Hluc and make thorn
white again. Large 2 oz. package, 5 cents
In point of geographical elevation
Madrid is the highest city of Europe.
BUI oarment without ripping apart Write lor I
The total number of sailing vessels
In the world is double that of steam-
Mrs. Wtnalow'a Soothing Hyrop.
For ehtlilren tefithlnit, sortens the irumi, rotlucra In-
(Uinumtlou, allays pain,cures wind colic. IttcabolUa
He who Is hurled in thought dodges
the undertaker.
Pink Eye. Eplioollo
Shipping Fever
& Catarrhal Fever
and poaltlre prerantlra. no matter bow boras at anr ave are lnfert««i
Liquid. fl<eu on the tongue; an-ts on the Blood i u Olandej espele \
- ..... •- —- -•••« s >fep and i.bolero
lonir human l>
"ex|K>M«) " Liquid «ermu 1r
and'iVl"flJftdneTr<!nianiw'iTbottie. Mand tio a doien. Outthis ouI. I*p
It. Hhow toyourdruictfiHt. who will gal it for jrou. tree Booklet, ** Lnsiewyer, Cause*
and Cures." Hpe< lal agviiu wanted.
Because of thoso ugly, grizzly, gray hairs. Uaa " LA CREOLE" HAIR RESTORER.° PRICE, $I.OO, retail

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