The Yukon Sun. (Yukon, Okla.), Vol. 16, No. 29, Ed. 1 Friday, July 17, 1908 Page: 4 of 8

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'everybody, drowns worry in a ing fields of grain, the hunt of V^.
sea of pleasantry, (lings care to industry, the clang and roar of >
-~T , the winds and makes his pres- manufacture arid the rumble of
Published on Friday of every week at CM.
fukon, Canadian County, Oklahoma. ence a constant reminder to the commerce live 1 n its written
BR l Ch L. Oil. 1 ' 10.1 '-'i1- Ainamil iwapoccIimi Tin licrlitpnc R i crV t f 111 lv and ncrlitpnuslv it
Entered at the i>ostoffiee
as second class mail matter.
(Political Advertisement)
The Sun is authorized to an-
nounce the name of T. F. Hen-
§ >y as a candidate for the office
ence a constant reminder to the commerce live i n its written
grouchy man that life is not a words.
" funeral procession. He lighters Rightfully and righteously it
Yukon the burdens of those not so for- condemns the unparalleled extra-
tunate as himself, and is alto- vagence of Republican adminis-
gether lovely and one among tration, the increasing and dan-
ten thousand. gerous encroachments of the ex-
ecutive, the stifling of the voice
Judge Robertson, of t hai dler, Qur iaw_making bodies, the in-
stopped a little ne\vsbo\ at the iqUjtjes 0f the protective tariff
, r i- Brown-Palace during the Denver and the misuse of federal patron-
of representative Irom l anaaian for an Ok-
. ,, convention anu dSKeu m an form a line of succession
county, subject to the action o lahoma paper. "Where is Okla- for the American pre,idency.
the democratic voters at le p homa?„ aske(J another newsboy R.ghUy and righteously it de.
mary election, August 4. who stood bv "I don't know t f i
«nostoou "*■ 1 uu" 1 clares for economy in national
where in h it is, but it s afYa;rSi the reduction of the un-
where all this convention came just and oppressive tariff sched-
from" answered the first kid.
(Political Advertisement.)
I take life method o( announc-j l™1 . ""TV" .T 7'- ule5' pUbliC,ty " • t0 campai8n -
andidacy for the office ' J ge ^ . l T S funds, the protection of all rights ^
reserved to the states, stronger
govermental control of interstate
a sensible and effect-
incr my cahuiuulj « .
of state senator for the 14th and enj0y'"K ll hugely- reserved to the states, stronger £
senatorial district.
This is the first time I have
offered myself as a candidate
The people of Oklahoma will:comrnerce- _
ive remedy for trusts and illegal
for a local or state office, though this fall to decide the fate of the combinations, the safeguarding ggt
for a period of 15 years I have school lands. 0n the banot will of the interests of labor, the tax-
labored in the interest of and be F0R THE gALE OF THE ation of incomes, the election of
supported the democrocy of SCHOOL LANDS and AGAINST United States senators by a di-
Canadian county. THE SALE OF THE SCHOOL rect vote of the Pe°Ple and the W
R. B. Forrest. lands. i£ you vote for the immediate improvement of our
No More Sore Necks
or Shoulders
If you work your horses and mules in the
Whipple "Humane''
Horse Collar
the collar that is rapidly displacing the old
style collar and hames. The draft is by
means of a wide, strong leather that draws
out over the shoulder, applying the breast
collar principle to the shoulder. It is impossible to "sweeny" your animals or make them sore and
when made sore by working in the old style collar they can be worked in the Humane collar and get
well as quickly as if they were idle. This is proven by giving 15 days trial when used on sore horses
or when purchased with new harness. The above cut will make it clear why the old collar makes tin
shoulders sore and why they get well when the Humane collar is used. As shown in the cut, the
shoulder blade of the horse comes close to the surface at the points marked "trouble." The old style
collar necessarily must carry the load on these points and sores are the result. With the Humane
collar the draft is between these points. Over five thousand farmers bought Humane Collars after 15
days trial on sore horses. Each collar fits all your horses, regardless of size or shape of neck. The
cost is not more than for first class collars, hames and short tugs. With Humane collars you will
never have use for sweat pads or gall cures. In buying new harness be sure and have them fitted
with Humane Collars. They can be had on trial. If not found as represented, return them. You
can buy no other collar with this privilege. Itecomended by all Veterinary Surgeons and State bx-
perimental Farms, and used by the Government. Call and see them before you purchase another
We have the agency for the Humane Collar at
Making Good Harness is My Specialty.
I Handle the Best Line of Shoes Made
the Endicott-Johnson all-leather Shoe.
old s^yle collar.
sale of the school lands, and it
carries, every acre of school
land will pass out of the hands
(Political Advertisement.)
The name of B. \\. Riley is
presented the Democratic voters peop)e There wU1 ^ no timet!,
of C anadian and Oklahoma ]ands reserved. All will be sold
and the money placed in a fund
that will serve as a permanent
temptation to every succeeding
state administration.
The school lands should not be
El Reno can't get her paving sold #t ^ tjme They shol<ld
on straight. be retained until their maximum
value is reached, which will not
be until twenty years or more
have passed. The lands are safe
Yukon will have a good band now and a good investment.
when the young ideas learn how Let them remain so. The peo-
Canadian and Oklahoma
counties at the primary election
to be held August 4, for the
office of senator Jfrom the 14th
Yes, it's hot enough for us. so
shut up.
to toot.
You should attend the school
meeting and bond election Mon-
dav, July 28.
pie should vote against the sale
of the school lands.
inland waterways.
Its declaration as to injunc-
tions is most sensible and well1
This plank alone will
gain thousands of votes to the1
party. It is in clear contrast to
the evasive, meaning-everything
and-nothing statement o f the
Republicans on the same subject.
It seeks to protect the rights of
labor as they have never been
protected since 1874, and takes
from no one any just and fair
remedy to which he may be en-
titled at law.
The issue is made, and dem-
ocracy is ready for the fray.
The battle is on and there will
be no rest till the last intrench-
ment of Rooseveltism is taken
and the gonfalon of democracy,
unterrified and undefiled, is
No, Reginald. Yukon has no
park, nor signs of ever having
August 1 is
both political
For the third time in history
the Democratic party has named planted on the ramparts at the
William J. Bryan as its candidate nation's capital. Kansas City
for the presidency. Twelve years Post.
ago the country saw a national
convention swept off its feet by
The curse of a future gener-
ation will rest on the present
one if they allow the school lands
to be sold.
Yukon has more than a mile
of cement walks constructed
and in course of construction.
,N'o other town in the state of
.equal size can say
is much.
primary day for
in Okla- the burning eloquence of an earn-
est, sincere man, who previous
to that time had not been regard-
ed as a leader in national affairs.
Today that same man is the
studied, deliberate and almost
unanimous choice of the greatest
party the world has ever known.
Bryan may or may not have
nominated himself in 1S%. Cer-
tain it is, however, that today
t h e people nominated Bryan.
During the long preliminaries
that led to the Denver conven-
tion, state after state instructed
its delegates for the great Ne
braskan, until those gathered
under his standard numbered al-
most 90 per cent of the great
gathering of democrats.
The platform which was adopt-
Canadian county's board of ed is the strongest appeal ever
commissioners is composed of made to the people by any politi-
three practical farmers. They cal party. No man dictated it.
are giving the county a busi- no bare majority of men adopted
nesslike administration. As a it. It represented the sum of
whole, it is the best board of the combined wisdom of 1,006
commissioners the county has sincere and patriotic men, gath-
ever had. And incidentally they ered from every state and terri-
iire all three democrats. tory in this broad Union. Those
who expected or hoped for a rad-
' The man who laughs is a God- ical harangue are sadly disap-
eend in any community. Ilis pointed. True in its statements,
cheerfulness is contagious. He keen in its analysis, just in its
looks upon wealth as mere dross, criticisms and breathing a broad
an adjunct to happiness, but by and liberal wisdom in its every
no means the creator thereof, suggested policy, the declaration
He shares what he hath with his is characteristic of the men who
friends and neighbors, with gave it utterance, of the mighty
never a thought of the cost to nation to which it appeals. The
him. He has a kindly word for scent of the wet earth and grow-
David Bawden fi
• wSon<M
(iltAIN ])I']AL1;RS
WHEAT. :: :: :: :: ::
Yukon, Oklahoma.
Hot Weather Items at " Hotter Prices.
Oklahoma won honors at the
• Denver convention. Governor
Haskell was elected chairman of
the platform committee and Sen-
ator Gore stampeded the con-
tention by a speech in which he
ireferred to Bryan.
- i
Summer Excursions
Colorado! 1
40 pieces of Dress Gin-
ghams on sale from
Friday to Friday.
Ginghams, finest quality.
Worth 12ie, will go this
sale at 9c.
Ginghams, finest quality.
Worth llic, will go this
sale at 8;e.
Ginghams, very service-
able quality. Worth 10c,
this sale go at 7Ac.
Ginghams, very service-
able quality. Worth (iic.
this sale will go at Gc.
Remember this is nice,
N E W stock. No old
at 5c.
good quality.
10c, this sale go
Great Lakes and Cana-
dian Resorts.
New England and South-
eastern Summer Resorts.
California and the Ncrth
Pacific Coast.
a s
V ery Low Rates f
v m -
worth 15c.
at 9c.
ood quality. Are
This sale go
i A
40 pieces best percale.
Worth 10c, this sale will
go at 9c.
While we are giving you good prices on Dry
Goods don't forget that we sell the Henney
Buggy and Mandt Farm Wagon—Two vehicles
in a class by themselves. We have "yet" to hear
one word spoken against the superiority of these
Handsomely illustrated booklets*
descriptive of Colorado, California
and Northern and Eastern Summer
Resorts free on request.
J. S. McNALLY. Div. Pas. Agt.
Oklahoma City. Oklahoma.
GEO. H. LEL., Gen. Pas. Agl,
Little Rock. Arkansas.
I 1

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