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i Adjourned meeting of the
board of Trustees of the Town
I of Yukon, March 9, 1908.
Officers present: Kroutil,
| Brown, Montfort and Hancock.
Marshall's report read and ac-
| cepted.
Bills were read and allowed as
From November 4, 1907 Up to follows:
the Present Time. Wm. May, labor $ 7.50
— State Scale Inspector 2.00
Regular meeting of the board J Chas. Brown, sand 3.70
of Trustees of the TownofYu-|G. H. Silver, fees 11.15
On motion board adjourned.
J. F. Kroutil, President.
Bruce L. Ott, Clerk.
kon, Monday, Nov. 4, '07.
Officers present, Kroutil, Car-
son, Ott. I
On motion, which carried |
board adjourned. Regular meeting of board of
J. F. Kroutil, President. t Trustees of the Town of Yukon,
Bruce L. Ott, Clerk. April 6, 1908
| Officers present: Kroutil, Car-
Regular meeting of board of' son, May and Hancock.
Trustees of Town of Yukon, De- Minutes of previous meetings
cember 2, 1907. read and approved.
Officers present, Kroutil Car-j On motion board adjourned to
son, Ott.
On motion board adjourned.
J. F. Kroutil, President.
Bruce L. Ott. Clerk.
Regular meeting of board of
Trustees of Town of Yukon De-
cember 6, 1907.
Officers present:
son, Ott.
On motion board adjourned.
J. F. Kroutil, President.
Bruce L. Ott, Clerk.
meet April 13, 1908.
J. F. Kroutil, President.
Bruce L. Ott, Clerk.
Bill of Wm. A. May for ser-
vices as marshall read and al-
lowed in the sum of $5.00,
The board canvassed the re-
turns of the election held in the
Town of Yukon on Monday,
May 4th, 1908, and found that
Cupid Wins.
the following officers had been Hollis be requested
duced by Phillips who moved its
adoption. Motion carried and
ordinance was adopted.
Bill of Harry Tankersley for Mr_ Ross Woodg> a son of a
labor, $1.50, was allowed and we]j £0 ^0 farmer living just
ordered paid. 1 north of town, and Miss Lottie
(loodall moved that W. II. Allison, a charming young lady
Adjourned meeting of the
Board of Trustees of the Town
of Yukon, April 13, 1908.
Officers present: Kroutil, Car-
Kroutil, Car- son and Ott.
Bills were read and allowed as
J. E. Alexander, tiling.. .$110-71
C.M.Snyder, hauling... 5.50
M. B. Montfort, salary... 23.5U
Regular meeting of board of Clerk was instructed to draw
Trustees of Town of Yukon, and post notices for annual town
February 3rd, 1908. election.
Officers present:
W. A. Hancock was appoint-
ed to act as Town Clerk, pro
Motion made and carried that
Jerry Brown be appointed to fill
the unexpired term of Elmer
Pool as Trustee from the First
Petition presented by W. A.
Hancock and others to have the
Town Board revoke the fran-
chise of the Pioneer Telephone
& Telegraph Company in the
Town of Yukon.
On motion consideration of
petition was posponed.
Petition presented by L. M.
Spencer asking for the recon-
sideration and amendment of
the ordinance relating to the li-
cense on opera houses.
Kroutil, Car- On motion Board adjourned to
meet April 20, 1908.
J. F. Kroutil, President.
Bruce L. Ott, Clerk.
elected for the ensuing year:
For Trustee First Ward—
Harry Goodall.
For Trustee Second Ward—D.
B. Phillips.
For Trustee Third Ward—H.
B. Bass.
For Treasurer—0. P. Wells.
For Justice of the Peace—L.
W. Dongres.
For Marshal- Frank McKin-
For Clerk Bruce L. Ott.
On motion the Board ad
journed to meet on Thursday,
May 7, 1908.
J. F. Kroutil, President.
Bruce L. Ott, Clerk.
Adjourned meeting of the
Board of Trustees of the Town
of Yukon, May 7, 1908.
Officers present: Kroutil, Car-
son, Ott, Wells.
Minutes of previous meeting
read and approved.
Report of O. P. Wells, Treas-
urer received and read as
Report of Town Treasurer,
May 7, 1908.
One note to Farmers &
Merchants Bank $208.42
Interest due on same
to date 76
of our berg were married at
written report with the board of Tecumseh yesterday.
trustees. Report to cover cases They in company with several
during the ^eir intimate friends, board-
! ed the 12:40 east bound train
heard in town court
past year.
Motion carried.
On motion board adjourned to
meet May 25, 1908.
H. B. Bass, President.
Bruce L. Ott, Clerk.
A.djourned meeting of the
Board of Trustees of the Town
of Yukon, April 20, 1908.
Officers present: Kroutil, Car-
son and Ott.
Petitions from property own-
ers read by clerk praying for the
construction of cement sidewalks
on west side of Fifth street from
Spencer Avenue south to "J'<
Petition from property owners
on "J" Avenue praying for the
construction of a cement side-
walk on the south side of "J"
Avenue from the northwest
corner of D. B. Phillips property
to a point north of D. L. Love's
for Oklahoma City where he
made application for license.
When questioned by the clerk
j he stated that he was only 19.
! They told him he would have to
wait awhile. They were not to
be baffled in this way, so they
An ordinance amending Sec- i,oar(je(j a train for Shawnee
ti°n 21 of Ordinance No. 5 of, where they securetl iicense.
the town of \ ukon, Oklahoma. They then went to Tecumseh
Section 1. That Section 21 .md were married.
of Ordinance No. 5 be amended They returned to Yukon last
to read as follows: ^ night where they -will make
Any person who shall be drunk t heir home. Their friends wish,
j or intoxicated upon the street1"' them much happiness.
of the town of Yukon, or in any
park or place of public resort, or p>oyd-ruscei
any public building, or any busi- t
ness house, or in a private )v.-.i-| 'ong locked lor weeding
dence, and shall disturb the, t l>'ace 1 hursday, May 1 1th
peace of any person, he shall be lne r<ome tbe s
punished by a fine of not less ''u :l'K' ^rs'
than ten dollars nor more than r**?8®® ' ^e0, '>vd JUnd
one hundred dollars or by im-! Mlss Lcl;i Kussel v, ere Ullited in
prisohment for not less than.five man age by lne bride's unci?,
davs nor more than thirty days-:. '"-n• °'
such fine and im- lhe houfe wf decorated in
roses and trailing vines, lhe
... ceremony was performed under
'gencv • , r
canopy of honeysuckles
Total Indebtedness $223.05
Moved by Carson that report
be approved. Motion carried.
Bill presented by C. E. Gilbert
for $3.00 for laying cement was
allowed and ordered paid.
Moved by Carson that Board
adjourn sine die. Motion
J. F. Kroutil, President.
Buuce L. Ott, Clerk.
or by both
Section 2. A n erner
for the preservation of the pub-
lic peace is hereby declared to
exist, whereby this ordinance
shall take effect from and after
its passage and approval.
Passed and approved May 1!,
H. B. Bass, President.
Bruce L. Ott, Clerk.
Motion made and carried that i property.
license on opera houses be placed | Clerk was instructed to notify
at $25 per year, payable quarter-1 property owners owning proper-
ly; commencing on June 1, 1908.
Moved that board adjourn to
meet February 10, 1908. Carried.
J. F. Kroutil, President.
Bruce L. Orr, Clerk.
ty abutting on proposed walk to
construct walks as asked for in
said petitions.
Clerk was instructed to notify
county surveyor to establish the
! grades for said„walks.
Adjourned meeting of the j Clerk was authorized to give
board of Trustees of the Town public notice to dog owners to
of Yukon, February 10, 1908.
Officers present: Kroutil, Car-
son, Brown and Hancock.
Minutes of previous meeting
read and approved.
On motion board adjourned to
meet February 17, 1908.
J. F. Kroutil, President.
Bruce L. Ott, Clerk.
tie up all dogs in the Town of
Yukon for a period of sixty days
and that all dogs found running
at large would be shot-
The following were appointed
by the Board to act as judges
I and clerks of election to be held
| Monday, May 4, 1908:
First Ward — R. M. Fariss,
judge; Frank Boyd and Macey
Adjourned meeting of the Addington, clerks.
board of Trustees of the Town Second Ward Chas Snider,
of Yukon, February 17, 1908. | judge; M. R. Belisle and T. L.
Officers present: Kroutil, Car- Hall, clerks.
son, Hancock and Montfort. Third Ward E. B. Ellison,
On motion board adjourned to judge; C. E. Myers and H. T.
meet at next regular meeting. Burson, clerks.
J. F. Kroutil, President, i On motion Board adjourned
Bruce L. Ott, Clerk. to meet May 4, 1908.
J. F. Kroutil, President.
Regular meeting of the board Bruce L. Ott, Clerk,
of iTrustedB of the Town of Yu I ~
kon March 2, 1908. , Regular meeting of the Board
Officers present: Kroutil, Car-1 of Trustees of the town of Yu-
son, Montfort and Hancock. | kon, May 4, 1908.
On motion board adjourned to1 Officers present: Kroutil, Car-
meet March 9, ll.' S. 1 *on and Ott. i
J. F. Kroutil, President. Minutes of previous moating
Bruce L. Ott, Clerk. read and approved.
Regular meeting of the Board
of Trustees of the Town of Yu-
kon, May 7, 1908.
Meeting called to order by
Ballots having been prepared
for the members of the Board,
they voted and elected H. B.
Bass as President of the Board
of Trustees of the town of Yu-
kon for the ensuing year.
The Board entered into regu-
lar session with President Bass
in the chair.
Officers present: Bass,
Phillips, Goodall, Wells, Dongres,
An ordinance regulating the
conduct of bill posting and dis-
tributing of advertising matter
was indefinitely postponed.
Bond of L. W. Dongres was
read and approved.
Bill of R. N. Whittlesey for
surveying was laid over.
Bill of S. E. Graham for three
loads of sand was laid over.
On motion Board adjourned to
meet Monday, May 11, 1908.
II. B. Bass, President.
Bruce L. Ott, Clerk.
ro. c's in the midst of which was
suspended a bell covered with
; white roses. As Miss Emma
Ellison played Lohengrin's Bri-
j dal Chorus, the bride and groom
were proceeded to their places
by the preacher and the flower
girls. Little Anita Howard and
Maurine Russel dressed in white
j dresses with blue ribbons were
the flower girls. They carried
pink roses. The bride was at-
tired in white French lawn
trimmed with baby Irish lace
and carried a boquet of bride
roses. The groom was dressed
in conventional black. The cere-
mony was short and impressive.
"The Library Club" is having a new After the^ ceremony the guests
were served with punch by
Misses UAudrey Roberts and Ad-
die Russel, who presided at the
Local and Personal.
Subscribe for The Sun.
Mrs. C. A. Snider and little daughter
Ruth, are visiting at Tuttle this week.
Miss Octavia Gilbert of Appleton,
Mo. is here visiting Mrs. 0. V. Mulvey
and othen friends.
booklet printed containing their con-
stitution and by-laws.
Frank Nutter and wife, who have
been visiting with Mr. C. A. Snider,
returned to Forrest, Ind.
J. A. Hannum will supply your wants
in coal and feed as cheap as any one,
quality cousidered. Phone No. 72.
Rev. Griffith from near Dallas, Tex.
is spending several days with his
sisters, Mrs. V. Russel and Mrs. Dr.
Mrs. Wm. Clem from Monroeville,
Ind. is here visiting with her sister,
Mrs. Green, and her nephew, Sam
Prof. T. L. Mall had charge of the
county superintendent's office several
days last week during the absence of
Miss Meade.
punch table. Afterwards they
passed to the dining room, and
were seated at the tables where
: they were served with ice cream,
i cake and strawberries. There
were about thirty-five guests
The guests departed about
10:30, and the bride and groom
went to their home, which they
had all furnished ready for
housekeeping. A few intimate
friends accompanied them home.
If one is to judge the enter-
The VV. O. W. boys contemplate
having a good time at Richland next
Monday night a.s they have been in-1 tainment tonight by
vited to attend a special there.
Rock Island Depot Burglarized
Last Monday Night.
Two men, Elenan and W. D.
Gillette, who are strangers but
had been at work for a day or
two in the town were at the
depot last Monday night. A
man approached, flashed a dark
lantern on them, ordered them
to leave, stating that they were
Rock Island detectives and no
one was allowed to lounge
around the depot. Elenan and
Gillette left but were suspicious.
They went to the Yukon Mill
and 'asked if there was a night
watchman in town. On being
told that there was no watch-
man, they started back to the
depot. They met Harry Wil-
liams at the crossing and while
miking with him the robbers
lied toward Oklahoma City.
The depot agent was notified
and he at once wired Superin-
tendent Beardon. A special
agent was sent down from Ef
leno. Al'ter taking in the sit-
uation at the depot, he went to
Oklahoma City, secured a switch
engine and started back toward
Yukon. About three miles from
the City they met three men
whom they suspected. These
nen after being hailed admitted
that they were in Yukon about
the time of the robbery. A
package containing some under-
wear had been torn into at the
depot. One of these men had
on some new underwear which
he claims to have found between
Yukon and Council Grove. They
were brought back to Yukon
where they wer identified by
Gillette. Elenan and W. D.
Gillette, Harry Williams and J.
H. Byrum have been subpoenied
to go to El Reno where they are
being tried today.
They drilled a hole in the safe
but for some reason or other
failed to blow it open. Among
other things missing is Mr.
Byrums' overcoat and six quarts
of whiskey.
Dick Newby Dead.
Mrs. Newby received a tele-
gram Wednesday to come to
Farmington, New JMexico, that
her husband was low. On Mon-
day night while looking with
the depot agent trying to decide
the most direct route, she re-
ceived another message that he
was dead. She wired them to
bury him there.
"Dick" has been a very fam-
iliar figure on the streets of Yu-
kon for years, and his friends
will be grieved to hear of his
Adjourned meeting of the
Board of Trustees of the Town
of Yukon, May 11, 1908.
Officers present: Bass, Phillips,
Goodall and Ott.
Minutes of previous meeting
raad and approve 1.
A report from L W. Dongres,
the re-
hearsal Wednesday night, it will
The members of Yukon's Home be a decided SUCCCSS. It shows
Talent Developement Club have been that there has been excellent
busy this week rehearing for thuir en- judgement shown ill assigning
tertainment to be given tonight. the different parts. Everyone
Misses Inez and Montie Kilgore of seems to be fitted for his Jpart in
Union City were visiting in Yukon the entertainment.
luesday. Miss Inez left her applica rnl , « , , , ,
tion for position in the school another! fhe P^P10 of Yukon should
year. feel proud of such an organiza-
tion, and show their appreciation
by giving them a full house. of 80 *reat ability* He has been
You will regret it if you don't |on the sta*e smce 9«andissaid
Roy Brown spent several days last
week with parents and friends in Yu-
kon. Itoy is opening up a confection-
ary and cold drinks stand at Verden.
Mis friends think that there is no
duubt but what he will make good.
Mulvey Hardware Co. are exhibiting
a new invention in the form of a riding
cultivator which the HHH
Justice ofjthe Peace, relative to piow works are about to place on th.- U'lts for sale now ready to
the condition of the docket of market and one which is of particular! wean. If you are looking for
town cases was received and | interest to farmers who are [always something good, come and tee
filed for further consideration. looking for labor saving tools. W. il. them. Prices are right, so are
"The Ssgn of the Cross"
Will be given by James Fran-
cis O'Donnell at the Spencet
Opera House Sunday evening.
Judging from what the press
generally has to say of him,
is a rare treat for a town of
this size to be visited by a man
Good Poland China*.
I have a few choice boars and
i'aul, the inventor and designer of
An ordinance amending Sec-
tion 21 of Ordinance No. 5 01 Inj. factory called to demonstrate
the town of \'ukon was intro-j new cultivator.
the |
the pigs.
Call on or write
Geo. Cox,
Piedmont, Okla.
to be one of the greatest imper-
sonators in the country. He
3eems to win the admiration of
his audience where ever he ap-
pears and is completely at home
in the numerous characters he
Admission 50 cents. Tickets
on sale at the Model Drug Store.
—- ♦ —
Have your kaffir corn ground
at Bawden's elevator.

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