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The West Side Democrat.
Enid, O. T.,Tuesday, Jan. Id. 'if.
Entered at the |Mistofllee at Kind, Oklahoma,
as second-chuM mail matter
Ceo. Theis, jr.
t\ F. Htrhst, H. 1). Sykes,
Vice-Pres. Cashier
One Inch double column, per month, one dol-
lar. Professional eards, one dollar per month.
Uheral discounts on large spaeesatul lonu time.
Local advertising 10cents per line first insertion
(■en. r„Tit'siili'it Fanner's antl stuck
srowi rs linnk, Anlilitnrt, Kan.; j. \v. McNeill,
and ft cent.* i>er line foreochaiUlltloiial assertion ^icslik'iit of the (iutiirle National Hank, dnili
-— in-. 0. T .1 1 lln list, ( ashler First National
k-..,„nc , .... „ n. Bunk.WapakoneU,Ohio,; F.H.Wright,uuli
E/NID U.S>. Land un it k iJiHiirTORY
R. \V. Pattkkkon, Register.
J. J. S. Hassi.kb. Receiver.
I). S. Sanfohh, Register Clerk.
J. E. Johnston, Receiver < '1 *rk.
J. VV. Robinson, Contest Clerk.
Capital Stock $50,000 D*aymen Have 11 Fi ht in which
One is Fatally Injured.--Talmage
ler Canadian county l-ank, lil Reno, i). T.; j. I
Scales, register of deeds: II. I). Sykes, cashier
(Southwest corner square.)
ENID, . . O. T.
Jolin C. Moore Mayor
C. 15. Weeks Treasurer
W. S. Denton Attorney
W. O. Peery Police Judge
L. L. Morrison Assessor
John L. Wiggins Clerk
Clins A. King City Engineer
Clias Ball City Marshal
W N Pnrinort.. Street Cuiiiniissiotier
E. U. Cravens Win. R. Oregg
W. T. Watson
J, K. Little
F. P. Webster
C. S.
For Fire
Go to J. 1-). Minton.
Tlie Democrat wants to lease or
buy a good lot on the square, or on
the street leading to t lie postoffice.
Colonel Ilassler entertained a
large number of Uie members of the
G. A, R. at the hall in the Fuqua
building last night.
The new county jail has eight
inmates at present. It is a neat
little building but we imagine il
has a different look from the inside.
Christian Church: Seivices will
be held every Lord's day at 11 a.m.
in Miss Livingston's school room
three blocks north of the Fuqua buil ■
ding. Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Henry Heigermire, a farmer Irani
Scotland Co., Mo., has pur based a
claim in this county and will move
upon same in the spring. He is a
substantial farmer and a good demo-
J. W. Clevinger and E. M. Coy
have formed a paternership for l lie
practice of law. They are both o'd
practicioners and no doubt wilj
build up a large and lucrative piac-
tire of law.
Services of the M. E. church will
be regularly held in the district
court room each Sabbath at 11 a. in.
and 7:30 p. in., Sabbath school at 10
a. in., until further notice. O. R.
Bryant, Pastor.
Stephen II. Jecko will commence
his observations and recieve reports
of the weather about February 1.
The chief of the Oklahoma weather
service has undertaken to supply
forecasts by telegraph.
J. C. Kelly and Clias. Metier have
purchased the "Colorado" saloon
and hereafter will have charge of
that popular resort, which will he
run up to that high standard for
which Colorado people are noted.
Services of the Baptist Church
w ill be conducted every Sunday by
Eld. T. J. Cook at the Elliott
building on lot 10 block 32, at II
o'clock a. ni. and 7.15 p. m. Sun
day School at 3 o'clock. Prayer
meeting Thursday evening at 7.
ludge I'eery has relumed from a
combined business and pleasure trip
to Texas. While gone he visited
Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth and his
old home at Seymour, and returned
to find one plain drunk awaiting
him. It's hard Judge, but its fair.
J. C. McClelland and Miss Alex
ander of Pond Creek, are in the city
looking after their interests before
the land office. Miss Alexander
has three contestants, but hopes to
win her claim, which is a very valu-
able one, and adjoins the townsile.
The firm of Caldwell & Whitting-
liill are attending to their cases.
We would suggest to all lovers
of clats'cal music that they drop
around to the Cherokee Pharmacy
some evening when our friend
Stephen H. Jecko is giving one of
his impromptu concerts on the fine
Stieff piano on exhibition by E. U.
Beauehamp. His execution is fault-
less and taken together with the
lone and action of that admirable
Subscribe for this paper—$1.25.
Will Lei lane, special agent lor
the Singer Sewing Machine Co., is
Under Arrest.
\ esterday Iw > draymen, Tulmage
and Cavanaugh had a slight diffi- '
cully at tlie tank town in which
Cuvanaugh was struck on the head
with a dray stai third in the hands
of Talmage and it is feared he is
seriously injured.
Lateii.—Mr. Cavanaugh who
was struck by Talmage yesterda\
Hay, Grain, Wood and Coal.
Your Patronage Solicited.
Fnid, Pond Creek and Enid S:.i in
I)U lahoma
at the Hotel Montezuma I his is belter this morningand will prob.
company want a manager for the ably get well, although his skull is
Enid territory. No money to inves
the furnish wagon and consign inn
chine. Address the Singer Mfg. Co
Oklahoma Citv.
See E. L. Beauehamp and
his watch club.
1 rof. Harden left for his old home
in Texas Saturday evenin
Mrs. M. Roach lias returned from
a visit to friends and relatives in
K ansas.
Go to the Enid Social Club's
dance to-night and if you are not a
member now is the time to join.
A fine team of horses sold on our
streets yesterday for $(30, Alderman
Stanton being the purchaser.
Bro. Bra\ and "Coming Events"
are now living in Enid and first
paper published at home is very
The members of t he Masonic
Lodge held a busine
Board of Trade.
Meeting was called to order al
7:30 by President Spaulding and
after the reading and adoption of
the minutes of the last nieeiing the
following reports of committees was
The committee appointed to con-
fer with Mr. Swart/, in regard to an
ice plant, reported favorable and
the report was received and com-
mittee discharged. The manufactur-
ing committee was instructed to
make inquiries as to what such a
plant could be put i lor before ac-
cepting the offer ol Mr. Swarlz. A
proposition was submitted for a
flouring mill of a capacity of '25 or
150 ban Is per day, to cost *18,000
<t $20,000 and a bonus of J5,000
asked for. Several gentlemen made
speeches against the scheme, and on
being put to a vote, it failed to
i.r. eting in carry A proposition of Mr. Pappe
the Probate Court room last night | of the tank ward lo move his cigar
which was well attended. factory here and asking for $500 for
Street Commissioner Pnrinort is expenses was not favorably received
building two bridges over the raire- bul the manufacturing committee
ing Boggy, one on west li street I was instructed to see what the house
and llie other on tlie east side. and other things could be moved for
A part ..f the tools ordered for the aml "ffer to !'"•>' I,a" ll'0 expense
use ol the street commissioner luiv<
arrived and as some of them are not
what was ordered they w ill be re-
A minstrel troupe is billed to ap-
pear in 'this town soc.n. It is the
fiistone lo stop in our town mid the
'hi'atr- g' ing people will no doubt
turn out iu large numbers
and also to give the gentlemen
I he encouragement possible in the
' sale of his cigars.
Mr. Spencer then made a short
speech on home induslrv and the
necessity of piitrouizing the same
i which was well received. The let-
ters of encouragement written bv
Mr, Spencer to Messrs. Moore and
; Gregg were read, received and
Enid Social Club.
The club held a business meeting
Thursday night and elected officers
as follows: .1. \\ . Robinson, presi-
dent; A. I.. Snyder, secretarv; Clias.
A. King, treasurer; and P. F. Chat
ard, manager. It was deeidetl to
give a grand masquerade ball on
January 25, and a committee com-
posed ol II. M. Ratuer, II. I.. Ed-
wards, C. A. Bright, I). I,. Kemp
and Shirley Chapman were appoint-
ed to make arrangements for the
ball. These gentlemen met Friday West Side Square
evening at "The Fair" and appoint-
ed the following committees:
General arrangements— C. A.
King, C. E. Hunter, P. I . Chatard.
II. M. Ratner, Shirley Chapman.
Moor J, W. Robinson, II. I
Edwards, ll. F. Kemp, ,1. 11. Fcrgu QO TO
son and Prof. Mattingley.
Reception—Mr. and Mrs. W. S.
Denton, Mr. and Mrs J. \V. Tomp-
son, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wood, Miss
Annie Robinson and C. A. Bright.
Invitation—I. G. (.'onkling, II. P
Hester, \\, O. Peery, LL. Isenberg,
Mr. Elliott, J. S. Sanford, V. M.
Whiting and C. A. Bright. — —
I1 inance R. I Jones. R, L Geo. W. R'i.nkui it, Pres, E. II I5i:aucii.vmi', V P. II. L. Eiiwakiis, Sec.
Jenkins, C. A. Kingaiid.I O. Fuqua. .________———
Banquet Mr. and Mrs. II. I..
I.dwards, Mr. and Mrs. I). O. Udls MlC; C ill ©L'0 K 0 0 I ll&PIlUlCT (fjO
Misses L. C. Brennan and Blanche ^ J ~ J^
Lay, Messrs. A. E. Snyder and W. DIRECTORS;
R.Gregg. George \V. Rennker, E. I Beauehamp, II.
Dior—C. II. Codding and F. L. Charles Ball.
Noble. ; . iii /
By looking over these committees Dealers (1,1(1 . Utnillf U-CtOTS <>f
you can see that eaeh one lias been HIGH ® ( i K'AI ) HC ® 1)1^U(
put in the hands of competent men 1
and nothing will be overlooked to
make this ball the success of the
season. The club has already es- :
tablished a good reputation which !
.vi 11 be inaintainel in every parlicu-!
lar. Don't fail to attend as you arc
assured a irood time.
IV < 11 i < )iin i I—I < > t cj- 1.
Enid, Oklahoma.
I >f i i~c 1 I >y t Itiy or Wee 1« .
Every thing First-Class.
Mrs. Lizzie E. Mudgett, Proprietress.
I I ,\\V & CC ).
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Class Club Rooms.
i i i< 1, Oklahoma.
East E Street.
'.dwards, C. F. Champion
Mrs. Jas. W. Steen of Kinginan, , , , , , , , 1
, placed on hie and h vote of llianks
kansas, is on a visit to her husband , , ,,
.. . iii extended to Mr. Spencer.
this week and is lookinir for a place mm ,
.... .. 71 1 1 he special committee appointed
to build a residence in the near , ,, ,
to raise the $<)0 yet due on Mr.
' ■ regg s expenses, reported that they
Join the E I.\ Beauehamp watch 1 were unable to raise the same and'
club. Sixty members and each one were discharged. The meetii.g then
gels a line watch warranted for adjourned to meet next Mondav
twenty years. See him at the evenin".
Cherokee Pharmacy.
mm i i it Board of Education.
I he large bell ol the Enid !• iri
Department was put in place last Tl,e boar<1 "f educati"n '««
Saturday and now will lake th* lhe F"1"a buill,i%' Fridll> '""1 the
Business Locals.
Subscribe for the Dkmookat.
The best liquors and cigars at the
Shelly & Son are headquarters for1
all varieties ot canned goods.
.1. ll. Miutou for Fire, Tornado,
Life and Accident insurance. lOtf
Armour Brothers meats and lard
always on hand at Shelly Sons.
.1. D. Minton represents the North
western Mutual Life ol Milwaukee.
You can buy the Stieff piano on
urn11h 1 y or quarter!) installments.
1 lO I )o 1 1 1 < >01'c
Wants to Lease or buy a
a lot on the Square or on
E street at once. Enquire
at this office on C street.
place of sixshooters as a (ire alarm.
We sincerely hope that we never
shall hear its sound for a fire in our
city, Put it is hoped that eyervone
will respond promptly in caso it
Mr. W. S. Ilounnn of Lamont,
county L, was in our city yesterdav.
Lamont is a small inland at
the mouth of Pond Creek and all
branches of trade are well represent-
ed. Mr. Heumin is a member of
the town board and al thong h .he
lives iu a different town and county,
joins with us in saying that Enid is
the foremost city in the strip.
Sunday afternoon in company
with II. L. Edwards, the secretary
and treasurer of the Cherokee
Pharmacy Co., we went to the tank
suburb for a drive. It wild our
third visit since the opening and
although they have made some im-
provements it is readilly seen that
they are not nearly so stout hearted
as they seem. They realize that
they are fighting against fate ai d
clinging to false hopes. Sooner or
later they will give up and acknowl-
edge the error of their ways.
John Phelps, the "lour for you"
and "four lo you" dealer at Shaw &
Co's club rooms has concluded that
marriage is not a failure and has
taken unto himself a wife. We
extend congratulations.
Strayed or Stolen.
One black horse colt, 1 year old,
white right hind fool, scar oil ham
string. Suitable reward by return.
iiibtrumet from a combination that is ing same in Charles Williams, south- lier > laim.
simply elegant. west 85, range 8, 22.
following officers were elected: A.
L. Sharrock, president; .1. O. Fuqua,
vice president; R. A. Fields, secre-
tary; .1. 11. Neville, clerk.
The place of Westfall of the
third ward was declared vacant and
Mr. Chism was selected lo fill it.
Messrs. Walker, McCoy Neville,
Dangerfield, Goodwin and Gutliic
were appointed to take school census
and are to lie paid $2.50 a day in
script. Messrs. Steam, McMillan
and Fuqua were appointed as a
committee on stationery and Stearns,
Fields and Fuqua on by-laws and
constitution. The board then ad-
journed to meet January 15, at 3
p. 111.
The Enid Laundry Club.
We now have one hundred mem-
bers. We ship our starched work
anil fine flannels lo tlie Peerless
Steam Laundry, of Wichita Kansas.
We pay no express either way.
Goods out 111 two days. We get
perfect satisfaction. For further
information see S. II. King,
Our Secretary.
The members of the Coil, rega-
lional church will give 1111 entertain-
ment in the Fuqua building Thurs-
day night tor the benefit of their
church. Everyone should attend as
it is to be a first-class entertainment
and is intended for a good purpose.
E. W. Bishop, deputy U. S. Mar-
shal, arrested a man named Britton
last Friday on a warrant sworn out
by a colored woman iu this city,
charging him w ith cutting timber on
The Stieff is one ol the few pianos
that are graded first-class first grade.
J. 1) Min'on 111 tiie (I county
Bank building for insurance of all
kinds. lOtf
Tom and Jerry, Beef Tea and all
hot drinks at the Colorado Ave. E
J. 1). Minion can write your fire
insurance and deliver volt the pol-
icy, in 15 minutes. lOtf
Join the E. 1 . lieuchnnip watch
club. Call and see liiui at the
Cherokee Pharinacv.
R A Harris will furnish you
anything you want in watches,
diamonds and jewelry at the very
lowest prices; next to postofllce. tf
J. H. Minton. the Insurance man,
is a hustler in the insurance business
having written a policy for nearly
every business man in the city.
Mr. E. U- Beauehamp, manufac-
turing jeweler can be found at the
Cherokee Pharmacy. He manufac-
tures everything the people want in
the jewelry line. His stock will
soon lie enlarged lmd will bo the
most complete in the territory.
C. J. Cedarburg, the fashionable
tailor ol Enid is very busy filling a
large number of orders for suits.
Ilis experience extends through
many years in our principal cities
of Ibis country. See him when you
want work done in his line. if
Jno. A1 < >c^i~cj.
Practice in all Courts.
Co D & 2r.a *is Enid 0. T.
Subscribe for the UliMocilAT.
c Kenzie & Raizo
Enid, O. T.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Cherokee Pharmacy.
Job Printing
est Side
. I TTOllNE Y-A T-L. I W
Opposite Post Office.
Practice in all the courts and lie
fore the United States Lands Office.
Enid, : : Okla.
Fashionable Dress Maker,
and Expert Draper.
Has Worked undot N#<v Y< rk, Memphis antl Hot Sptmgi
North Boundary bet. 2nd & !ird Sts.
Enid, Oklahoma.
Law and Land Attorney. Will
practice in all the court and
before the U. S. land office
and the department at
Washingloi .
Enid, : : Oklahoma.
Attorney - at - Law.
Late of U. S land oflice Rapid
City, S. I). All business before Hie
I . S. land office and department of
the interior promptly anil carefully
attended to. Office opposite U, S,
land o!'ice, Enid, Oklahoma.
Enid - Bakery,
Kast Side Main Street.
J-Y;"S°i'th of Land Office.
F. SI'knc I«:K
Opposite Land Office, Enid, O. T.
Paid In CAI'ITAI. - • * 10,000.
Assets 01 Individual Pkoprik-
tohs OK tub BANK, - - 5100,000.
I-. M. CONK 1.1 N'i,
J. W.
Conklingy Steen & Conklinp,
Practice in all Eederal and Ter-
ritorial Courts. Land Office busi-
ness a specialty.
Enid, - Ok.
VKIiV'N W. WllITIXll, Uiwyer, anil '\-rltvk
Unltl'lt l.nixl Oflier
(1KOWIE 11. I.AINU, deputy clerk of tlie ills
trlet court.
Law, Loans, Insurance :
: : and Real Estate.
I.AND on II I; lil'Sl.NKSS A Sl'ia iAl.TY.
Attorney at Law.
Office in Pobt Office Building, Enid.
I). I). TEMPLE & CO.,
I..A.\V Y KNS.
North of Laud Office.
Will practice before the Interior
Department and Territorial Courts.
Enid - - Tv.
All kinds of acknowledgments
taken. Papers quickly and accur-
ately drawn. Office with Kirkpat-
riuk, lent just north of land office.

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