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ANADARKO: A feneral meeting nf
the homesteaders nf Caddo coiinty
wl)| be hsld here October ti, at which
an organliatlon will be formed fr
the purpose of securing free homes
to the settlers of the Kiowa-Comanche
reservation now embraced In the coun-
ties of Caddo, Comanche and Kiowa.
An effort will be made to Ret a bill
of this kind through congress and
Beott Ferris, congressman elect, has
promised his aid.
Little Ono Wanted to Pick the "Uo.
derohlldrenable'' Flowers.
"When the first little granddaughter
Was big enough to want to pick tho
garden flowers, the grandparents tried
avery guileful moans to save their pet
posies from devastation; A truco Was
reached when It was agreed that Har-
riet should let the garden plants alono
and pick only "children's flowers." a
descriptive name bestowed at ijneo
alike oh dandelions. buttercups,
daisies and clovers. After this there
was peace in the family. One day
Katherlne, the newest granddaughter,
was oontentedly pulling grasses wbllo
grandmother snipped off blossoms
present term of court
territories the last
Indian Territory Bar Endeavoring to
Head Off a Congested Docket—•
Effort to Have Present Federal
Judges Remain to Clear Docket.
GUTHRIE: The nearness of state-
hood makes It quite possible that tha
present term of 'court in both Okla-
homa and Indian Territory will be the
last under the territorial government.
All tho cases in tho district courts of
Oklahoma Territory, numbering at the
present time in (he neighborhood of
4,000, will be transferred to the dis-
trict c ourt dockets In each yf. the
counties, and all federal eases frill be
transferred to the one federal 'court,
with headquarters In Guthrie.
There will probably be 700 federal
cases < n the Oklahoma side of the
Irom the forget-me-nots Katherlne state le be transferred The enabling
remembered that fresh flowers had
not been gathered for the dinner ta-
ble. She ran over to grandmother and
promptly coined one of tho longest
words' a four-year-old ever used.
"Grandmother,she begged, "can't I
pick the underchlldreaable flowers
for dinner?"
Knew What She Wanted.
"A foreign looblng woman, rather
well dr^trBed, came In the other day,"
■aid the librarian at one of the East
•ld branches, "and asked for 'Cot-
tage Cheese.' I supposed, of course,
that some one had directed her to a
dairy or pefhaps n grocery, and that
she had got Into the wrong place. Hut
sh« Insisted that she was In tho right
pta6e and that it was 'Cottage
Cheese' that she wanted. 'It's the
name of a hook,' she said. That gave
me the tip that she simply had a title
raited top, and, sure enough, it was
'Scottish Chiefs.'"—Cleveland Plain
Dealer. ,
] Do You Itch?
If so, you know the sensation Is
not an agreeable one, and hard
cure unless the proper remedy
Hunt's Cure Is the King of all Skin
remedies. It cures promptly any Itch-
ing trouble known. No matter the
name or place. One application re-
lieves—one box is absolutely guaran-
teed to Cure.
First Thibet Newspaper.
A report received at Peking from
Chang Ylngtang, the Chinese resident
at Lhassa, tells of the establishment
of a native nowspaper, tho first one
ever printed In the Thibetan lan-
Whether you be men or women, you
wtll never do anything In the world
without courage. It Is the greatest
quality of the mind, next to honor.—
James Allan.
Honest labor, on any matter, de-
serving of toll, Is certain to produce
good fruit.—Carlyle.
.act naiiies four towns In Oklahoma
territory, where terms of federal pourt
will be held. Guthrie, Oklahoma Glty,
"Enid and Lawton Nothing |s s'a[d re-
garding what counties shall be consid-
ered wit(iln tile jurisdiction of the
various court towns, and Jn this re-
gard the federal juilge probably will
make a rule assigning the qourt where
a county shall bring Its suits. Any
case filed In Guthrie may be, heard,
however, at that town where the Jndgo
may think It the most convenient and
In Indian Territory a far different
condition of affairs exists. No district
courts are in existence there now. ev-
erything being tried In the federal
courts, and under the transfer, all will
go to the federal udge after statehood
lie will have at the start, therefore,
something like 8,000 criminal cases
alone on his docket, besides a number
{ equally as great, of oivil eases. Of
j tho criminal probably 30<1 will be oiur-
j der cases.
|0 ; The Indian Territory bar has been
la trying to solve the matter, believing
| that the one federal Judge will start
with such ti handicap that be will
never get his decket clear. It has
been suggested to congress that the
present -federal rtdges in Indian Terri-
tory be continued in office until th«;lr
dockets are cleared, the oue federal
Judge under statehood to take up the
now work that ComeS 111 It has also
been suggested that a division of the
cases be made, those going to the dis-
trict courts that are strictly within
their Jurisdiction, thus relieving the
federal docket of much of its conges-
N«w nd I*lh«rnl IToinf.ilf.nd
K«(>ulaiton« in
New Districts Now Opened lor Settlement
Some of the choicest
lands in the irrain gi ow-
ing belts of .Saskatche-
wan • nit Alberta have
recently been opened
for lettlement under
the Revised Homestead
Regulations of I anaila.
T ii o u s a n d of home-
steads of 160 acres each
are now available. The new regulations make it
possible for entiy to be mtdl by piuxy, the oppor-
tunity thst many in the I nited States have been
waiting for. Any member ot .1 family ma.v make
«oti y for any other laembei of tin faintly, who may
b«'entitled to make entry for himself or heisi If.
Kntty may now be made before the Agent or Sub-
Agent ot the District by proiy, Ion cei tain oondi-
tlous * by the fsthei. mothei • n I tughier, brother
•r sister of intending homesteader
"Any e««n numbered section of Dominion
Uii'li in liaictot * ..r the North l'mvlnren,
«ic«t>t'.nriS * d t«, not reeer n1. may l>e home-
• lij an? i>«r nn ti e sole head ->f a family,
or >nal« o r II yvsm < f age, f> ti " eitent '>f oue
■quarter ••otlon, of ISO a. roe, tuoro or leaa."
The tee In each esse will be $10 on Churches,
achodtarid markets convenient Healthy climate,
splendid crops and good Lmi ti tain growing and
cattle raising principal industtirt
For furthe psiticuls ss to 1 tea, routes, best
(tens '0 go sad wbere to locste. spply to
Us. 129 W. Nlnlh Strsel, Ksuiss City, Missouri
Has Been
Taken In
With Our
• also manufacture Rattle iMitlea. Strikers, etc.
JtKHriiM! I Hl'lLLMA N CO.,(ieneral AiuummihmiI
outers ]>ept. Wj NoliTII TuKOWiNUi, N. Y.
Hoofc of testimonials ami III day s' l real mum ITU KM.
OAS. H. ll.ULth.KN a JUNS lk>i It. ArU.NTA.US.
homesteaders want time
Those of Big Pasture to Petition Land
LAWTON": The settlers of the Big
Pasture held a two days' picnic on
Deep lied creek, three miles north
of Esehlte, to organize an association
of the homesteaders to better look
after their interests and to take steps
to Ret needed legislation in congress.
Many spent their eiuiro capital in
making the first payment and Im-
proving the lands and will perhaps not
be able to make tho next payment
when It falls due, because of the fact
that tile first year's crop will be very
email. They will ask (lie department
to extend (lie time on the deferred
payments cr give them the same
rights of relinquishment as other
homesteaders have had so that they
will not he compelled to lose oil they
have put into the places
ARDMORE: At a meeting of the
board of trustees of Hargrove college,
which was destro.wd by fire VV dues-
day li'.nrnlng, October 2, it was deci !
rd to rebuild on the present site. I'he
plans and spot Iflcatlons of the new
build ng have not been agreed upon,
but It Is expected that the plan of
the old structure will bo closely fol-
I wed. The cost Is estimated at $i0,-
School will reopen with the same
faculty In the Crescent hotel build
The fire of the second totally de-
stroyed the college building, entailing
loss of $40,000 Tho Insurance was
$8,000. The partially rebuilt bovs'
dormitory was also destroyed. The
dormitory was burned one year ago,
and the work of reconstruction had
Just begun
National AntiHorsethief Assoolatior.
ENID: With the election of officers
and the selection of Columbus, O , as
the next meeting place, the National
Anti-IIorsethlef association closed its
annual convention here Friday Fifty-
two delegates representing eighteen
states were present. I'lans for fur-
thering organizations and methods of
dealing with horse thieves comprised
the subjects of the day's discussion,
i The convention wan addressed by
! Former President Atkinson of Atch-
ison, Kan.
Thu little daughter of James Glf-
hart, who resides near Fletcher, was
attacked and bitten by a cat that ap-
peared to have hydrophobia. Shortly
after the bite had been Inflicted, the
arm began to swell and the child ex-
perienced awful pain. She was taken
to a physician and arrived In time for
tho administration of relief. She may
not recover.
The Rogers County Fair assoeia
tlon Is holding its first fair at Clare-
mora this week.
CreeV Nation Wins Over Company
TULSA: A 2nal decree has been
signed in federal court by Judge Lau
rence of the western district In the
case against the Frisco Olt and Gas
.compauy of this city. The suit was
brough by the Creek nation alleging
fraudulent possession of a tract In this
city valued at $75,000. Judgment was
rendered by default in favor cf tho
plaintiffs on September IS Tills was
the first case brought by the Creek
nation since the appointment ot Spec
ial Attorney Mott
Last Meeting of Creek Council
MUSKOGEE: For the purpose of
making appropriations to pay the ex-
penses ot a committee to represent
tile Creek Indians to Washington this
winter and <. ther purposes, Principal
Chief Moty Tiger called a special
meeting of the Creek National council
to meet at Okmulgee, which will be
the last meeting held by that body,
and will be the first ever presided ov> r
by Chief Tiger, who succeeded Chief
r Porter, deceased. In his message
Tiger paid a high tribute to Porter.
Chickasha Chief to Get $300
CHICKASHA: Police Chief Miliar
was In luck when he arrested Ander
son Rust for the killing of C. J. Wll3on
of Ironton, Mo. lhree hundred dol-
lars rewards is tha amount that had
been offered by the Missouri county
for the arrest and conviction of the
supposed murderer.
Chief Miller received a dispatch
from John Marshall, sheriff at Iron-
ton, that He was starting to this city
and asking that Rust be held until
his arrival.
How a Veteran Was Saved the Ampu-
tation of a Limb.
B. Frank Dorenius, veteran, of
Roosevelt avenue. Indianapolis, Ind.,
says: "I had been
showing symptoms of
kidney trouble from
the time I was mus-
tered out of the army,
but In all my life I
never suffered as in
1897. Headaches, diz-
ziness and sleepless
ness, first, and then
dropsy. 1 was weak
and helpless, having
run down from ISO to 125 pounds. I
waB having terrible pain In the kid
ueys, and the secretions passed almost
involuntarily. My left lej; swelled un
til It was 34 inches around, and the
doctor tapped tt night and morning
thntil I could no longer stand It, and
then he advised amputation, I re-
fused, and began using Doan's Kidney
Pills. TJie swelling subsided gradu-
ally, the urine became natural, and all
my pains and aelieB disappeared. I
have been Well now for nine years
since using Doan's Kidney Pills."
For sale by all dealers. 50 cents a
box. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Money Invested in Incubator Wa Not
All Lost.
Poultney Blgelow, the brilliant au-
thor and journalist, said the other
day of the chicken farm that he Is
about to set up at Mulden:
"I hope to succeed with this farm. I
hope our experiences won't too closely
resemble that of my old friend Hora-
tio Rogers. Rash Rogers lived in the
suburbs. On the suburban train one
morning he said to ma with a sour
"I've got something nobody else has
got, Mr. Blgelow.'
"'Have you, llasb?' said I. 'What
Is It?'
" 'Well,' said Rogers, 'I bought a
$50 incubator last month, put $15
worth of eggs In It, and hatched out
a blubottle fly.'
"He frowned, then sighed.
"'Yes,' he said, 'I've got the only
$65 bluebottle fly in tho world.'"
sleep broken by itching.
Eczema Covered Whole Body for a
Year—No Relief Until Cuticura
Remedies Prove a Success.
"For a year I have had what they
call eczema. I had an itching all over
my body, and when I would retire for
the night it would keep me awake half
the night, and the more I would scratch,
the more It would itch. 1 tried all
kinds of remedies, but could get no re-
"I used one cake of Cuticura Soap,
one box of Cuticura, nnd two vials of
Cuticura Resolvent Pills, which cost
mo a dollar and twenty live cents In
all, and am very glail 1 tried them, for
I was completely cured. Walter W.
Paglusch, 207 N. Rohey St., Chicago,
111., Oct. 8 and 1C, 190G."
Chiropodist's Prescription.
A lotion and powder for tender and
swollen feet: One teaspoonful of bo-
raclc acid to one pint of grain alcohol.
After bathing the feet in lulcewarm
water, spray them with the lotion
used In an atomizer, and fan until dry.
The effect is delightful. Then rub
over the foot this powder, or put It In
the stocking:
Powdered starch, 35 grains, oil of
berganiot, ten drops: oil of lavender,
6 drops: oil of wintergreen, 16 drops.
Mix well, and pass through a sieve.
ExcelleuL—National Magazine.
Monument to Buchanan.
Work has been started on the foun-
dation for a monument to James Bu-
chanan at Stony Batter, Franklin
county, Pennsylvania, his birthplace.
Tho road to tho old house in which
James Buchanan was born, a distance
of half a mile, had to be macadamized
In order to fit it for the heavy haul-
ing that will have • to be done. A
stone crusher is on the ground in or
der to crush 135 perches of stone for
the foundation. In the work of exca-
vation several curiosities have already
been discovered, among them two
pieces of pig iron fastened together
on tha spot where once tho old fire-
place was situated.
The Plain Plueker.
If a burn or a bruise afflicts you, rub
It on, rub it on,
: hen before you scarcely know it all
the trouble will bo gone.
For an aching joint or muscle do the
It extracts all pains and poisons,
plucks the stings and heals'the
Hunt's Lightning Oil does It.
Marrying for Love.
Happy marriages are surely possible
even in these unpoetic, hard-hearted
times. They are, if the people will
only follow the instinct of.their better
natures and marry for love—the rever-
ent, Impasslonate love of the man for
the maiden, the pure, unsophisticated
affectlr« of the muidKn for the man—
instead of bartering happiness for
rank or uioney.—Thome.
How's This?
Wo offer One Hundred Dollars Howard for any
casn of ( atarril liiai cannot bo cured by lia.l s
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CIIRNEY A CO.^ Toledo. O.
We. the undernlflijed, havn known K. J. Cheney
for : tie las' h"> yeiirs, and believe Mm perfectly non- I
orable ,n all buulnBHS truurftwittoiifl and flnau. !ally !
able to carry out any obllgatl-ma made by l«!t firm. I
WaLiMNU, KIN WAN & M akmn.
Wholesale Uruygiv1 .edo O.
Hairs Catarrh Cure I* takeu Internally, acting |
directly upon the blood and mucous nurfacea or Hie i
*ys!«#ii.. le-tlinonluie sent fret;, l'rlce 75 ceuu per !
All Explained.
There is a little story going round
Uie house of commons about a certain
member who abstained from voting
on th£ deceased wife's sister bill.
Questioned by one of his friends as to
tbQ reaspn for his abstention, he re-
plied: "YVell,, my dear fellow, it's just
like this—my wife "ha3 a aister."—
John Dull.
Insight Not Appreciated.
It's so strange that a man never ap-
preciates the wonderful insight of a
woman's mind when she refuses to
believe that tho street cars were
They rejjulute the ilo
Positively cured by
these Little Fills. |
Tbejr a!ao reller« Dl -
tresH from Dyspepsta, In*
dijewtlon and Too Hearty
Eating A perfect rem-
edy for I>izzlfte B, Nuu-
«ea, Drowhlneaa, B«4
Taste in the. Mouth, Coat>
mI Tongue, Patn in th«
Side, TQltyiD LIVER,
welii. rarely Vegetable.
Thje whole duty ot man Is embraced
In the *two principles of abstinence
and patience.—Seneca.
; T TI ;
Genuine Must Beaf
Fac-Simile Signature
:5c.-ALL DRUGGISTS--60e.
Billions in New Securities.
Close to a billion dollars of new
bonds and shares were Issued in Wall
street from January to last July. The
railroads, which have Tjeen the great-
est borrowers, lssuad the great bulk
of these securities. In taking its lines
from Jersey City to Long Island the
Pennsylvania company has befn
spending $100,000,000.—-Iloston Globe.
If It Fails, the Money's Yours.
Thousands of boxes of Hunt's Cure
are being sold by the Southern drug-
gists daily, for the simple reason that
people are rapidly finding out that it
Is the best euro for any Itching dis-
ease ever discovered. The first ap-
plication relieves, and one box posi-
tively guaranteed to cure any one
Drink More Water.
There are so many soothing and
hygienic elements in water, just clear
water, either hot or cold, that, gen-
erally speaking, the whole human
race would be better for more varied.
If not necessarily copious, use of it.
Few persons drink enough water be-
tween meals.
Important to Mothers.
Emmtn« currfully every bottle of CASTOTIIA,
n Raft; and fturo remedy for Infants and children,
aud see that it
la UtfO For Over 30 Years.
Tho Kuid You liuvo Always* Bougut.
Gathering Ostrich Feathers.
Ostrich feathers can be taken overy j
eight months. The plumes are not, j
as some suppose, pulled, but are cut I
with a sharp knit'e. The stumps with- i
er and fall out
W. N. U., Oklahoma City, No. 41, 1907.
Cartel Spot el tha World
This Fitiy Describes That Portion of Texas Lying
Between San Antonio and tho Gulf.
You Can Buy a Truck and Fruit Farm of from 10 Acres to 640 Acres and
Two Choice Town Lots for $210. Terms $10 a Month
Without Interest. Read the Following:
Hutchinson, Kansas, March 11, 1907.
Or. C. F. Simmons, San Antonio. Tox.
Dear Sir:—I arn in receipt of your favor of the 7th inst., and in answer
will say that I vibited the Dr. C. F. Simmons ranch in Atascosa County,
Texas, on February 9th, 1907. I spent all day the 9th. and stayed all night
at the Brown ranch, then rode all day the Kith over the ranch, making two
full days cf hard riding in horseback owr this ranch.
I met Mr. Franks at Pleasanton. He has been foreman on this ranch
for 18 years, and knows every loot of the land. I told him 1 wanted to see
the poorest land on the ranch, and he directed me how to go, and after
two days' hard riding I was fully satisfied with the proposition.
1 saw three arte nn wells, and was within three-quarters of a mile of
the fourth one. 1 tasted the water at one of the.-e wells and found it to he
nil right. It was very warm, as 1 understand all artesian water is when it
first comes from the well. I am satisfied this well is furnishing enough water
to irrigate 3,000 acr**s of land. It is m Headqu iiters nisture.
1 found the soil to be from a heavy black to a dark red, and all the
shades between black and red. In fact, the soil looked good to me, and I
believe I know pood land when I see j«.
I have read carefully the printed folders and examined the little book,
"New Home Sweet Home" with repard to th«* pictures printed in it, and
will va> they are .nil there jnst natural as life
\\ hi!c 1 did not tret t<> see all < . r the imch. I saw enough to ^ati^fy
mr that it is all richt. 1 saw the country from San Antonio via Corpus
Christi- to Brownsville, but like the Simmons ranch better than anything
1 saw in Texas.
1 have invested in ti. ~ Simmons proposition and am now making prep-
arations to move there this fall, and 1 wish to say to my friends and all of
their friends, take out at lea^t one application. You can't go wrong. It is
the garden spot of the United States.
Wishing you uuccess, I remain.
Yours truly,
This is the famous Simmons Ranch of 95,000 acres 36 milea south of San
Antonio. For literature and full particulars write for name of nearest agent.
215 Alamo Plaza. SAN ANTONIO, TFXA^,
| Perfect
The proaU-st menace to woman's
permanent happiness in life is the
suffering that comes from some do*
ranpeincEt of the feminine organs.
Many thousands of women have
realized this too late to save their
health, barely in time to save their
To be a successful wife to retain
the love and admiration of her hus-
band, should be a woman's constant
If a woman finds that her ener*
piesare flagging, that she pets easily
tired, dark shadows appear under
her eves, she has backache, head-
ache, bearing-down sensations, ner-
vousness, irregularities or the
"blues." she should start at once to
build up her system by a tonic with
specific powers, such as
Catarrh is not merely an inflammation of tlie tissues of the head nnd
throat, as the symptoms of ringing noises i:i theeair., mucous dropping back
into the throat, continual hawking and spitting, ctc., would seem to indi-
cate ; it is a blood disease in which the entire circulation and the greater
part of the system are involved. Catarrh i > due to the presence of nn excess
cf uric acid in the blood. The Liver, Kidneys and Dowels frequently be-
come torpid and dull in their action and instead of carrying off the refnso
nnd ■waste of the body, leave it to sour and form uric acid i:i the system.
This is taken up by the Mood and through it3 circulation distributed to all
parts of the system. These impurities i:i the blood irritate and inflame
the different membranes and tissues of the bod;-, and the contracting
of a cold will start the secretions and other disgusting and disagTeabla
symptoms of Catarrh. As the blood goes to all parts of the body the ea-
| tarrhal poison affects all parts of the system. The head has a tipfht, full
feeling, nose continually stopped up, pains above the eyes, slight fever
couies and goes, the stomach is upset and the entire system disordered and
Taffected by this disease. It is a waste of
I had Catarrh for abor.t llftenn .. . , J t , . .,,
yoara, aud uo man c.jui.1 have time to try to cure Catarrh wit.x sprays,
boon vorso. I trind everything washes, inhalations, ctc. Such treatment
1 could hoar of, but no frood ro- , ' , ,
Baited. I then bptrans. 9. s., «.nti does not reach t i- -: ->1, and can, therefore,
could «ea little improyoment Jo nothing more than temporarily relievo
irom tho £rit bottle, nnd altor t, ,. r , r ,, ,
t ukmsr it n nhoirt whiio v.-ai cured, the discomfort cf trou.-le. ro euro
This Vr-asKix yoara aso, ajrllam Catarrh permanently the blood must be
i «is well today as any man. lthlnk ,, , , - ... . . ,
Catarrh is a blood dlueafo, and thoroughly purified and the system cleansed
ami at the same timo
Lupeor, Hfflch.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
the (Trent woman's remedy for woman's ills, made only of roots aud herbs.
It cures Female Complaints, such ns Dragging Sensations, Weak
Rock, Fulling and Displacements, lnllammntion aud Ulceration, and nil
Organic Diseases, and is invaluable In tho Change of Life. It dissolves
nnd Kxpels Tumors ut an early stage. Subdues Falntness. Nervous
Prostration, Exhaustion, nnd strengthens nnd tones the Stomach. Cures
Headache, C.eneral Debility, Indigestion, aud invigorates the whole
female sysem. It is an excellent remedy for derangements of the
Kidnevs ln either sex.
know there is nothing on enrth t)f noimn0
1 It r ioi- the blood than P. 8. 3. . j i
Mobody tuiukd i.ioro of S. 5. s. strengthened ami built up. Nothing equals
i than I ilo. H, KAT30i(. <3. t;. f f '^ purpose. It attacks tho
disease at i' head, goes down to the very
bottom of the trouble and makes a complete
and lasting curc. S. S. S. removes every
particle of the catarrhal poison from tho
blood, making this vital stream pure, freah
aud healthy. Then the inflamed mem-
branes begin to heal, the head is loosened
and cleared, tliel'.awking and spitting cease,
every symptom disappears, the constitution is built up and vigorous health
restored. S. S. S. also tones up the stomach nnd digestion and acts as a
fine tonic to the entire system. If you are suffering with Catarrh begin tha
use of S. S. S. and write us a statement of your case and our physicians will
send you literature about Catarrh, and Rive you special medical advico
Williuut citdigc, S. S. S. is for sale at all first drug stores.
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