The Oklahoma State Capital. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 18, No. 269, Ed. 1 Sunday, March 3, 1907 Page: 2 of 8

Great American Baritone.
- •--"r
0«t Kid of Your Pita Eight Now.
Pyramid Pile Core Can Do It
Quickly Mid Painlessly.
Wr— Package 8tnl to Prove It.
Half of the suffering an<J torture of
piles haa never been told. But no
matter. Whether your particular cuse
of piles la almost too excruciating lor
any mortal to bear, or If you are fear-
fully tantalised by unreachable Itch-
ing. or whether you have only a mod-
erate case of piles, there Is positive
relief, and quick too, in Pyramid Pl|i
Cure. j
You need not take for granted all •
we ourselves say about our Pile Rein- j
edy. We want It to speak for Itself, j
We want you to send for a free pack- j
age today, of the marvelous Pyramid j
Pile Curt: We want to prove theso I
statements to you personally, o that j
you will feel the result yourself.
Pyramid Pile Cure has cured the :
worst form of piles known. Wc prove
It. I
Instant relief can be gotten by us-
ing the marvelous Pyramid Pile Cure.
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The moment you start to use It,
your suffering ends and the cure of
your dread disease is In sight. Here
is one of the tnany thousand letters
we get about this great cure:
"I have been a terrible sufferer of
piles for fourteen (14) years and dur-
ing all this time you can have an bam* concert stage wltl
of medicine him golden praises froin her and tV Hughes has .1 > 1
4* it
* "^.r
The New County Map of the State of 'Oklahoma, and the State Constitution, As
Finally Adopted By the Constitutional Convention.
The Map Shows the Boundaries of the 75 New Counties
j tallway pr
'studied for t<"
the bent mast
ident Felix F
idea of how many kinds
1 tried. Hut 1 found no relief what-
Now. after trying) hut one treat-
ment of your 'Pyramid,' 1 am free,
free to tell all sufferers of this dread-
ful dlaease to try this medicine—the
Pyramid Pile Cure. It will cure when
all others fail. Sincerely yours,
Qeorgc Braneight, Schellburg. Pa."
The pyramid Pile Cure is put up In
the form of "easy-to-use," especially
made suppositories. They are sooth-
ing, painless, Instunt and certain.
A trial treatment will be sent you
•t once by mail. In plain, sealed
wrapper, without a cent of expense
to you, If you send your name and ad-
dress to Pyramid Drug Co.. 83 Pyra-
mid Building, Marshall. Mich
After you secelve the sample, you
can get a regular-sise package of
Pyramid Pile Cure at your druggist s
for 60 cents, or if he hasn't it. send
us the money and we will send It to
Felix Hughes is coming with a nu-
tate a front place among American bnri
tones. His recent appearance on t i
Mel ha brought J hud such thorough
him golden pruljes
press. A year ago Mnic. i* huinann-j inent that
Helnk said that she considered him one their usual
baritones. Ills sohoo'- ! different languages. Including Hung
I in. .ind lias an unusually distinguished
of the greatest
ing has been very thorough A Mlssou
elan by birth and son of the former Ktarfe pre*
Hughes, he
ears in Paris under !
few Americans have ;
schooling, an'd Mr. j
muslil tempera-
his audience out Of j I
lie sing* In Ave j|
Federation Begins
Council Has no Authority to
Designate Depository For the
City's Money
Committees Are Taking Active
Interest in the Betterment ol
the City in Every Line of Civic
Improvement- Something oi the
Work Being Done
The treasurer of 11 city who It* elect-
ed by the sufferage of the tax pay-
ers is personally responsible for I lie
funds in his keeping, and thu :ity
council has no authority to designate
In what bank or banks hi shall de-
posit the moneys, according to the
decision of Judge Hurford In the dis-
trict court Friday.
Last spring the city council of
Outhrle passed an ordinance requir-
ing city funds to be deposited in
such banks as the council designated.
Bids were advertised for Interest on
the daily deposits of the city founds
and the Outhrle Savings bank way
selected by the city on an offer of
three per cent. City Treasurer llav-
lughorst refused to carry out the in-
structions of the council, hold ng that
as ha was elected by tho tax payers
and required to give bond for the
founds, the council had no authority
to designate where the money should
be kept, as the treasurer and hi.*
bondsmen were held • by
law. Mandamus pi ><. «tlii\t,^ ware
Instituted by the city to -'impel Mr.
Havlnghorst to comply with the or-
Judge llurford sustains 1 the con-
tention of" the city treasurer, d<
Ing that the city hid .io powt
designate the depository for
; Denver Man Sayi He Confessed
Murder Under Duress
Denver. Colo,, March 2-Benjamin
C. Wright pleaded not guilty In the
criminal court today to the charge of
having murdered his wife and daugh-
ter who died of poisoning last Sun-
day night. Wright has repudiated
the confession -which he made to
Chief of police Michael A Delaney
and says It was given under duress
The City Federation of Woinens clubs
of Guthrie has begun it- annual cam-
paign for civic Impruv. ien;. There is
great activity among . ie club worn* ,
of the city to advance every department
and line of their work.
The civic and flower committees are
jointly working for the civic :• >-
lion and beartifying ot tlie ca;>lt.i! :tv.
Already several oilier package* <>!' n-.w-
or seeds have been distributed m 1 r >
hool ehlidren. such distribution to bo
governed by forme-- rules and i ^ i..
tlong with prise offerings for the m > -1
sucessful growing of Mowers. pim..-.,
ines et> , The civic committee is ft i
ing the laudable efforts of tin <-it #
tials In inunciynl hous1 keeping
our duiy to creata a llvlRst Interest
a better sentiment among the people i->.
well-kept lawns, planting more slut le
tree# the demolition, removal or conceal-
ment of old shacks (relics of strenom
past) unsightly outbuilding*, ik-^i ted
fence# fallen into disuse or decay, the
cleaning up of streeis, alley, and \ac.ini
lots ugly depression, excavations tlia' are
an eye-soro to the community, and re-
pulsive to the stranger, t« l.e leveled tip
The organisation of a lioy.s Brand*.-
will be made to look after tin an
while we will keep an eye ,.:i i>ur own
back yard for aches. cinders and oto i-
rubbish with an order for prompt "clem-
ing up"
We like io believe that nature >et ..,uirt
the hill-crowned city of Guthrie, and en-
dowed it with scenic splendor and
to I tiirestjue charm for her high dcslinv nf
the 'being the capital of the great tate of Ok-
lahoma. Let, nature und art and man
Join their efforts to make hpr worthy
of that destiny
The committee on education will do it«
utmost to secure the heartiest co-opera-
tion among teachers, pupils parents - n
school board to maintain their high i ■
ard of efficiency of which every one I;
Justly proud
The Library board and libra r> commit
j te«' are vigilant and are using fine dls
crimination in the .selection of books of
the reading public The library has be:
i frequently commended for having th
best selected library In the west
| The charitable andphllanthople worl
I will occupy a prominent place an mi
| club activities. The Benovelent soclet:
j hospital and other charitable association
'and committee* have been tireless
the comtnuntly life with more regard to 1
out-door urt.'with reassuring prospect of
industrial and commercial conditions to
repeat If all these forces he Joined we
will build a capital worthy of the new
clean commonwealth, tin* Greater Okla-
homa! Here's to her health,
WEAK STOMACH in strengtli-
cnetl aiul toiietl l > Hood's
saparilla,— the medicine tluil niles
dyspepsia am! POOR APPETITE.
This Sunday Night at Broks Theatre
IVmarkable deiuoiistrutlni • •
unlisni are promised when Dr. Chaa M.
Sawyer appears t the BriniUs .-inn-<.t> •
I S. w>er Is known fir and wide as an e>
ponent of splrituall m and It is said ti'.*
| he has been recognized ' V the R< > al
ietv of London as a result of a tar
| fid Investigation of Ills demonstrate
• scientists.
lW aar.rr's demonstrations will
a.le ln an open well lighted bub--
••ad ot taking plat e in a dark r-
•vuto ones frequently «'
anlfestations that Dr. flaw-
natural visions of the spirit
d n table suspended in the air v*
.f irimith neeiicy. A tes
Wright was examined today by three i""'1' timely devotion .
alienists, two for the prosecution and 'a,,d d,stre**011 Wo fllil
one for the defense
$100 REWARD $100
the poor ne
find the name ,
of any lady of prominence or Influence
j who Is not Interested or aotlvely engag-
ed in soeifll service.
j the club women of Guthrie have
i pardonable ambition, It Is. and has
lever been to make the capital city the
11 be .enter of the literary cultuie of Okl«
least! lioma whether their well directed mental ,
n 'ia> energy ha.9 given them tiie coveted place
is not thoirs t< decide, that it lias given '
intellectual vigor and literary tone to
society ncne will deny.
One of the severest "culture test" that
has been applied was on the occasion
I he Med
trace of impo t- f*|
I! •> n'B*. I I >IO ">.%
.axative bromo q
il fur full
l no ge
iv 111 I
f $1,000,0<)0 fully paid
mblne has Just purcha
I Lincoln f
the Ooldfleld mining dls-
pi !■ in
lion of the Mohawk, Red 'I
Lag una and Comb
Uoldfleld Consolidated M
panv. and will result
I that
lv list...
aan r i
and the county seats, as adopted by the Constitutional Con-
vention. The Si ale Capital is tlie first on deck with
The First County Map of the State
of Oklahoma. We have it in both pocket and wall
form. Each is in EIGHT COLORS and on the best of map
linen. The boundaries, as adopted by the Constitutional Cou
ventinn, show plainly in colors and the county seats are *11
designated bv conspicuous stars.
We have inaugurated a Bargain Period on the Daily and
Weekly State Capital, so ;ou can get this BEAuTIfUL NbW
You can also get FREE the Constitution of the State-to-be, as
finally pas-ed by the Constitutional Convention, to be submitted
to the people. 'I his will be a book of several hundred pages, on
good paper and in durable pamphlet binding. _
Tie maps are now ready for delivery by mail
postpaid,and the Constitution will be sent to you postpaid within
fen Days after the Constitutional Convention has finished the
document and "adjourns.
You Will Want Both of These. Why Pay for Them When
Vou Can Get Them FREE?
We have also had prepared a book "Statistical Oklahoma,
which ha> in it every fact you can thing of about Oklahoma and
Ind,; si Territory—area and population; amount of every cereal
prolm - d; live siock and mineral; dates of settlement; education,
al facilities; just the tiling you want for reference; and this
book also contains the enabling act. This is durably bound m
pamphlet 1 nrm.
How to get this new county map. the Constitution of
Oklahoma and Statistical Oklahoma ERKE OF CHARGE
If all old subscriber, pay all back dues .n the Daily Stat;
Capital al the regular lateof $4 per pear- 33'i cents a month
—Ml 1 the amount opposite the bargain you select
Ii a iv.'-.v Mibscr b.-r, send just the amount given opposite the
1' ir^r.n you seleui. (Order hv Bargain Number.)
EARCAIN No, 1. Hie Daily Stat; Capital THRU?
MONTHS and the new county map of the state of
Oklahoma III POCKET FORM, and "Statistical
Okkhcma," a book giving every fact you could
think of about Oklnhoma and Indian Te-ritory taken
fiim tho latent official sources, and including the CM Jin
Enabling Act, for I lU J
BARGAIN No. 2. The Daily Stito Cipital SIX
MONTHS and ti e beautiful now county Wall Ma;)
of the Etate of Oklahoma with the book—-"Statisti- S2.00
BARGAIN No. 3. The Daily State Capital THREE
STATE OF OKLAHOMA, IN FULL, in durable ft 1 A A
Pamphlet form, for WllUU
BARGAIN No. 4. The Daily State Capital BIX
THE POCKET MAP of the state of Oklahoma
BARGAIN No. 5. The Daily State Capital for
ONE YEAR and the beautiful new county Wall Map
of the itate of Oklahoma with THE C0N8TITU- ♦ n Cft
TION IN FULL in durable pamphlet binding, for 0 VIJ U
Those subscribers who are PAID AHEAD, by paing a year
can get any of the above bargains.
It an old subscriber, send all back dues at the regular rate of
soc a vear for each paper-8 ' .i a month for the two papers-and
then add the amount set opposite the bargain you select and you
will get what the bargain calls for and be credited one year
ahead 011 both papers. (Order by Bargain Nuinbei.)
If a new subscriber, send only the amount set opposite the
bargain you select. (Order by Bargain Number.)
BARGAIN No. 6. The Weekly State Capital and
Weekly Oklahoma Fanner, the two papers for one
year, The New County Pocket Map of the state of
Oklahoma and the book, "Statistical Oklahoma" in-
eluding the Enabling Act in durable pamphlet form, .50c
BARGAIN No. 7. The Weekly State Capital and
the Weekly Oklahoma Farmer, these two papers for
year, and the new county Pocket Map of the
state of Oklahoma with the CONSTITUTION IN 7Ep
FULL, in durable pamphlet binding, for . ,A 11 U U
BARGAIN No. 8. The Weekly State Capital and
the Weekly Oklahoma Fanner, the two papers for
one Year, and the beautiful new county Wall Map of
the state of Oklahoma, with THE CONSTITUTION®i ftft
IN FULL in durable pamphlet binding, for U I lUU
cai Oklahoma," for
I he vellow address tag en your piper sliow* the date you are paid to
and from this you can figure your tack subscription, any.
Rc; i lar Reta 1 Price of Books and Map
It >011 are already | hid ahead and want the map or books
-c|aiel- . rtm-it us ill*.- ; mount opposite each below, and
vt.u Will KCI ll'.e one orfcVed, postpaid— he map and "Statis-
tical Oklai oma" AT ONCKai.d i! e Constitution within TEN
BAYS after the Constitutional Co: vMiiiou adjourns.
The pocket map ami "Statist cal Oklahoma," in durable
pamphlet lorni . .... ........ 30 cents
The Constitution in durable pamphlet form, as finally com-
pleted by the Contention 30 cents
The New County Pocket Map and Constitution 73 cents
The Wall Map hanger tins n; top and bottom and the 75
new counties--all in 8-eolors $1.00
The Wall Map and Constitution $1.33
., , , 1 .. .1. ci t,.rrintion are r v«blf at the regular noil
POKTAM *OTf :■'' Jt n inomli. All back subscription on the Weekly
n. U; "«uUr I"'" ot «nt.. e.r forest
and Ok lali
j>ai e
1 cuts it month for Doth p?.pcrs.
his Out Fill In ti— Blanks and Enclose To Us With the
Ills UUI, Right Amount.
Order bv Bargain
Number Only.
R. F.
THE Guthrie. Okla.
Sirs; Enclosed find
please tend ve your Bargain No..
„hich I Clipped thl* ion
on. I al«o enclose..
1 eo7
Dollars, for which
your advertisement from
Dollars for
Mck subscription. regular ratt Sy tn ll
My P. O. address U
,«««crib rV
Tl,c tack, "S ati.t tal Oktahcm.,
will b« l )«« ' "
ir the new county roup ol the Slate of Ok-
pnstpsid. The Constitut ion of the State,
,rom.. . . (|f y0U selrct u bargtln Including this) will f mailed to
'0'UI wl^id withlo TISIAtS aflet the convention compleles the .locul.cut and
ndjourn". t>0)|. Bnd nCTtoflice vetv plainly o
The readors of this paper \
ploa^ed to learn that there in «
ono dreaded disease tliat s>ie:.
hoen alJe to cure .1 all Its atuffM.
that is C.itarrii. Hall's Catarrh Cure is
the only positive cure now known io the
medical fraternity. Catarrh beln* a < on-
atltutlonal disease rtqures a conatltu- He\. Itwlfclit N IIIIIIh Kreut U'.-tur.' Oil
tional treatment. Hall s Catarrh Cure l \ er Cromwell. It Is quite i le tliat
taken Internally acting directly upon the this siuceimlon of Remy Wanl B«n
development <
Involved. It Is ui
stock will b« ln tn
Nevudu Kxi'liunxcx
co and New York
Meeting to be Held in Oklahoma
IS follow Ktit'lsiey of
blood ind muiou* s.irfa < < >; the
tern, thereby destroying the foundation
of the disease, and giving the pal cnt
• trength by building up the constitution
and assisting In doing Its work. The
proprietors have so much faith in its
curative powers that they offer One Hun-
dred I Millars for any ease that II falls
to < ure Send for llat of testimonials.
Addre« V. j. CHENEY A CO. To-
ledo. O
Sold by alt Druggists, 73c.
Take Hall s Family Fills for cuoaUpa-
Kitvi' that lw lure west <-f N'-v
r'lty to u more highly appreclatlvi
r ponst-Axed of line
that audU'uce whlel
of the Flower o
York f'lty to a ni
acutely crltlcul
illf" i niltiHtioii t,\
was representatl
•Guthrie culture.
The "Psychological moment" has ar-
rived f r .in advanoed position. The nu-
pltial da\ Is i.i-t iii/roat hlng when '
la limn.i hit l'i.| In I.I.- "fOf bel
ter or worne1 and from this union will
spring a cimmopolltan state with even
greater poaHtlillltles of Kmndeur und this
supreme moment our people must rise o
meet the oocatlon and hy the united ef-
forts of every Individual, with attention
| given to Improve ull th conditions ln the
tin- i kin Ik
Wilson, of
va. Howies of C'i
mond. Campbell o
mal nt Weutherf
Un of the A til
of the Terrltorii
letic association.
em Normal
il Normal at
■ Southwestern N
Hancock and <
'ollege at Bttttwa
iiter-colleglate A
,0 ,70.00 per I in Alaska. .^lUOO.OO ^rannurn^
I and similar vHcancK
| cur in Alaska.
Id the
|-<I da ti
I more time In
motion to hold
City carried TI
IT. 1907.
| This would hu
I * i mil te l'ad wc
coming ti. |,i
elvtd from Knld Ok-
Huthlie. hut Oklahoma
acting for on* k
1-h to consider Still-
oted to allow u> more
I'M un the proposition
' iu(M-tlrg at (Jklahomu
date WiU set far Mi>
e been a great ever
i>een able to secure
Several Positions Open in Govern
ment Work
The civil service commirsion an-
nouiu es the follow ing examinations to
he held In this «ity on dates named:
March 13:
Topographic and cartographic
draftsman, to till ut least three vacan-
cies at $ looo.oo per annum each, in
the office of the chief of staff, war de-
partment, and vaeanclus us they may
occur in any branch of the aorvlce re -
quiring similar qualifications. Competi-
tors who attain a rating of less than
70 on the aubpects of drawing and let-
tering will not be eligible for appoint-
Junior clerk, reclamation aorvlco. to
' secure eligible* from which to fill va-
cancies us they may occur at sularles
which to
ed the
ranging from
Architectural draftsman, to nil at j 01
least seven vacancies in the super- March -M: -
vising archltocls "ffli-c. at naliirlon: ClM-k-t-urilet
runsinff from 1840.00 to $1000.00 p^r cure ollgtDies
annum* and noveral vacnclo. In th. j t-,ncl.. « th.y may occur In ti.,
positions mentioned as they nmy oc-jCal P"st omce.
cur during the period o fellfiblllty. at Congress has Just pa>
salaries Indicated.
Architectural draftsman (male),
$1400.00 to 1800.00 per annum.
Jnior architectural draftsman (male)
$840.00 to $1200.00 per annum.
I Engineer architectural draftsman |
I (male). $1600.00 to $1800.00 per annum.
; llcatlng "n'1 ventilating draftsman
i (male) $120o.00 to $1600.00 per annum.
The duties of these positions are
confined to the engineering problems
i Involved ln first-class building con-
March 20: —
Deputy forest Inspector (Alaska),
to till two vacancies In this position
under tho department of agriculture
raising the salaries of nil
carriers In the postal service from
$200.00 to $400.00 per annum. As tho
i receipts of this ptflco are increasing ;
I dally, new clerks and carriers ure he- I
I ing added rapidly lntorder t" meet the
Increasd needs of th s r\ic. After tho!
tlrst of July this ntfice will be made j
' u first cluss office owing to the In- |
J creased receipts and as a consequence |
many additional clerks and carriers j
will be required. As the eligible list
Is about exhausted, qualified persons
are urged lo enter this examination.
April 3: —
Civil engineer student, department
of agriculture, to fill ut least eight va-
ach f.ancles In this position nt $600.00 per
oc_ annum each, and similar vacancies as
' tin y may occur In any branch of tho
service requiring similar qualifications.*
Subsistence expenses, and all travel-
will be paid by tho tid-
ing expenses
purtment when on duty
The object of this examination Is to
qualify young engineer students for a
one year graduate course In highway
These eamlnatlon art open to nil
citizens of the United States who
comply with the requirements.
For blanks and further InfirmnC n
relating to these examinations In. uire
of O. A. Harbor", at the 0" t office.
Special to the Hlstc Capital.
Lawton, Ok., Mar. -Albert Sue! ig,
charged with murder, and John Ryan,
charged with highway robbery, were to-
day released from jail, the grand Jury
having returned ' no true ' bill againtt
them ^

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