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rnE leader.
(EitibiliheC l M
NWitb.o L«nb)!• lk«
'? nn«H« *AT*T>)
«. h. t. (twin, n. . putt.
Pr il<t«l *I -Pr tt Sttrr t r,.
m TMI eunmm B.O. *9 hw <*>— —A m*rm.
lUBSCuirrioi Hath
H Hrrth. tiilnra* M *)
Mi ■•«>. . bi
k wi>t
1 -M
- •
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' "
■ lath.
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18 .
'15 16 17
.11 13 24
,20 30 .'.I
ti 12 I J 14,
18 IV 20 2 II
25 26 27 2H
ed him to go, he being too old to be of LUCKY THIRTEEN.
service ou the veldt. (Blackwell Sun.)
'•Kltchoaer's proclamations began William Jenkins evidently believes
by condemning all l)oer farms lying by this time that thirteen U an un-1
on the railroad ways; they now in- lucky number. He was inaugurated y?
elude the total devastation of the two governor on the 13th of the month. Q
republics. The Boers' women and was in office just thirteen weeks when • j
children are gathered In reconcentra- he entered into the sanitarium deal, j ^
Hon camps, where they are dying otf there were thirteen men in the deal. ] /v
at the rate of 1,000 per month. How started to Washington on the 13th day j *
uncalled-for is this mortality can be of November, and made thirteen trips _
appreciated by him who has lived in to Hie White house to see President
the Transvaal and enjoyed its deltci- Roosevelt, and was fired on the thlr-
ous climate. In no spot does the tcenth trip, besides there were just
stranger mark so many persons of thirteen applicants for his position as
«reat age. Death in the Transvaal governor.
was once an infrequent thing. The
present policy of the British to ex-1
terminate the Boers has thus far been !
1 suffered with extreme forbearance. '
The Scotsman says that Kitchen
' er's dispatches from the end of May
I to the beginning of December lndicat-]
1 <?d Boer losses of 1,008 kliledt, 6,i5 i
wounded prisoners and 8,G?3 prisoners
' r.ot wounded, and 1,991 voluntary
[By Associated Pres3.]
The nicest and best line ever shown in the city,
at very low prices. We are not out for a big profit
but want your trade and will have it if prices will
get it, so come and let us show yov what we have
and compare them with
Kansas City—Live Stock.
Cattle, 8,000; easy to shade lower;
native beef steers, 4.75@6.50; cows
and heifers, 2.75® 5.25; stockers and
„„„ — ^ feeders. 3.00@4.25; bulls, 2.25@4.25;
prisoners, making a total of 10,307 put ca]veg 3,25@5.50.
..a ..0 I nn In olv mrtnthfi Till' _ . ,
and get our
Hogs, 17,000; steady to 10c lower;
heavy, 6.65®6.75;packers, 6.35@6.65;
light, 5.40@6.45; yorkers, 5.25@6.25;
pigs, 4.25@5.15.
Sheep, 2,500; 5c higher; muttons,
3.00@4.25; lambs, 4.50@5.30; western
wethers, 3.2f>@4.10; ewes, 3.00@3.86.
out of action in six months. The
forces of DeWet are put at 2,000 me.i.
\ while large forces are led by Botha.;
Delarey and others.
Judge Merrick has not occurred for Another writer on the war put.-
several days. England's expenses to date at only
- $400,000,000, but the London Bankers'
Stand up for Guthrie and pull for Magazine adds another item to the j
the Choctaw. cost of the war-the depreciation in K,ng35 ctty_Graln.
the value of securities. Three hun _
Schley is now no coward but Samp- dred and twenty-live selected securi Wheat. Dec. '73%;_ May, 77/t; cm
son has got the prize money. ties show a loss of j720.000.000 since No. 2 art ,, t Ms® ... . ° „
- the wnr begun, while the decrease in No. 2 red, 86@S0^. No. o, 84%@8^,
Will the territorial militia binder the values of British and Indian fund s No. 2 spring, 73®74; No. 3, 72® i2%.
Governor Ferguson sidestep or stack has been $382,000,000. Other securi-1 Corn, Dec., 68%@68%; Jan/'':
arm,? Sties have probably lost $200,000,000. May. 68%; cash No 2 mixed «*©
so that the price England has paid to j 68%; No. 2 white, 68%; No. 3, 67®
Judge Havens says he does not date is over a billion and a half of 67%.
want the territorial auditorsbip. It the dollars, and the war still goes on. °a,s. No.^2 white, 47®47%.
old man four flushing? Eight transports are at New Orleans j Ryp- No. 12, 65@66.
| —- 't0 carry 0ver cargoes of horses for Hay, choice timothy, 13.50; choice
Supposing Harry Houston, John ugc jn gollth Africa and there is no prairie, 13.75@14.00.
8cothorn and Jake Roberts don't want indication that England intends to Butter, creamery
the attorney generalship? Make 'em rcase her bloody work until the Boers
take it. are exterminated.
—~~~~~~~~™ It is one of the most remarkable
The "Rev." Swann is still in charge spectacles of modern times—a little
12@22; dairy,
of the Anti Saloon league. If the
league is anxious to do any real good
It will dump Swann. He's not fit.
The Guthrie Daily Leader is by far
the brightest paper that comes to the
Inland desk from the territory. It has
republic literally murdered by a great
and enlightened nation—a Christian
nation—while other enlightened Chris-
tian nations look on without a protest.
ancy 18.
Eggs, fresh. 24.
Receipts of wheat, 72 cars.
Renfro Drug Co.
- Prescriptions compounded with W OklallOlTia. AVG. w
v fresh drugs a specialty Opposite P. 0. ^V/U W« VTlVla-llUlllCl V
Oklahoma City, Okla., Dec. 18.—
Jack Kelly has been sentenced to
mm uBuuno .««« sixty-one days at hard labor on the
If England could have incorporated j rock pi,e He terrorjzed the denizens
*« nwn na- of thp Bowery with a large gun and
The IiOgan County Bar is invited to
convene on Saturday, December 21,
1901, 7:30 o'clock p. m., at the district
court room, for appropriate ceremon-
ies in memory of the late M. C. Hart.
The programme which has been ar-
ranged for the occasion is as follows:
1. Organization of meeting.
2. Report of committee on resolu-
3. Reading of the tribute of the
chief justice recorded in the district
i court.
4. Brief addresses by members of
the bar.
Horace Speed,
A. H. Huston,
Jno. H. Cotteral,
RaLtes. 5 Cents Per Line.
i LOST—One note bearing date Oct. 26,
1901, given by Lacy Alters n favor
of Scott Hays for the sum of seven
hundred and fifty dollars, due 60 days
after date.
WE PAY $20 a week and expenses to
men with rigs to introducs Poultry
Compound. International Mfg. Co.,
Parsons Kas.
WANTED—Side line men wanted to
call on harness and hardware trade
with line of choice brushes and cur-
ry combs; inclose stamp for particu-
lars. Hawkeye Brush Works, Iowa
City, Iowa.
these sturdy Boers into her own na
tionality, what a strength she would
an up-to-date look and is breezy and have gained. Rough and uncouth
spicy—the kind of paper the people1 they may be, but they are men th?y
Jikt—Inland Printer. *re Alters. It is folly, of course, foi
the Boers to hope to win, but they
shot Ave bullets into the ceiling of a
house presided over by Effie Fisher.
A woman who will ask another
woman to show her how to do tatting
almost thinks enough of her to be her
FOR SALE—A second hand number-
ing machine. Price $30. Address
Leader office.
Blazier, the Wichita man who rep
resents the American book octopus in
Oklahoma, is now waging war on Ok
lahonin. saloon Interests.
legislature will clip this
•wings forevermore.
have set the world an example of
bravery and stubborn resistance thp*
will not be soon forgotten. For Eng-
Anotlv'r ilanJ t0 e've lip Ule fight would make
Blazler'a I,hat country the laughing stock of the
I world and British pride would never
consent. Bourke Coekran's eloquent
1 plea for the Boers will do them no
It is Stated that Governor Ferguson ^ ^ or annihllat)on
Will order an investigation of the af ^ ^ ^ so fa). w,n
tair* of the Alva Normal school and ^ be aban(Joned unti| thp p!UV
ttat any member of the faculty whose ^ ^ of the Trang
conduct is such as to be a hindrance ; ^
to the progress of the Bcbool will be
removed. As to some of them this
uav be necessary; but the public : They Have Q"lt'
records show things which might be The Globe dcsires to Publlcly com
utilized in advance of an investiga- «" « «> the I.eavenworth Times and
Mon -Enid Eagle. Chronicle-Tribune. These papers
■ have quit quarreling, and Leaven-
, , „, worth people are again pointing to
It never seems to have occurred to
, , ,. their papers with pride. Newspaper
Mr. Carnegie that the best way to re .. . ...
, . . .. ,, quarreling injures newspapers; It in
dace his surplus and to relieve tlv 1 • ' ,, ,
, , , ... . .. jures towns; it injures the people,
Snancial plethora which seems to dl3
, . . , 4. and s against morality and decency.
t*rb him would be to lessen tne co« s
, —Atchison Globe.
of his products, says the Kansas City _ .
Star. It Is self-evident thct profits —————————
wrhirh create such a colossal fortune
at the United States Steel corpora-
tion represents are too great. If Mr. Is akin to insanity. Many a woman re-
Oarncfrie is a man of conscience it is ah/es this as she lies awake hour by
hour, peopling the darkness with phan-
easy enough to understand his anxiety jQnlSi starting at the creaking of the bed
-* * * 1# nf hia or the rustle of
t« rid himself of a portion of his
©■ormous riches, though nothing that
lie has given away has involved the
slightest sacrifice to himself. He has
so much that he can feel nothing
•which he has bestowed, and if he were
to die today he would leave behind
hltn a fabulous estate.
When Oom Paul said England might
oru£h the Boers, but the price would
stagger humanity, the world little
dreamed what the prophecy meant.
It was generally supposed that a few
mo'iths would end the war and wipe
out the South African republic. If
It were all to be gone over again, it is
likel; England would be glad enough
to let the Bo J alone Allen Sangrec.
writing ia the Cosmopolitan, says:
"We know that the English have
thus ' r spent $800,000,000 on the war,
aad have, according to their own ac i
•ount, lost in killed 548 officers and
5,82'; men; ill wounded 1,529 officers
Mid 2 men; in missing 11 officers ^
aad 1,000 men. The deaths from dis
ease an 1 • ident number 10,738. No!
fcurph'-r crrdita these figures. The'
Bo s s'ill have 15,000 men In the
feld. There is a government with
gcbalk Burger as acting president
Kruger still holding the real title
fci Holland, where his people request-
the bedclothes.
Such symp-
toms in general
]>oint to disease
of the delicate
womanly or-
gans, and a con-
stant drain of
the vital and
nervous forces.
This condition
cannot be over-
come bv sleep-
ing powders.
The diseased
condition must
be cured before
the conse-
quences of dis-
ease are re-
Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Pre-
scription cures
the womanly
diseases which
cause nervous-
ness and sleep-
lessness. It is the best of tonics and in-
vigorants, nourishing the nerves, eu-
couragiug the appetite and inducing
refreshing sleep. Irregularity, weaken-
ing drains, inflammation, ulceration and
female weakr^ss are perfectly cured by
"Favorite Prescription."
My wife was ick lor over eight years," writes
Albert H. Fulte, Esq.. of Altamont. Grundy Co..
1> u. '' She had uterine disease and was treated
by two physicans and Rot no relief. At last I
read about Dr Pierce's medicines and we de-
cided to try his Favorite Prescription ' I sent
to th'? drug store and got one bottle and the first
dose gave ease and sleep. She had not slept any
fur thr *c nights Being wire that it would cure
h-r I sent tor five more bottles and when she
hid tiikeu the sixth bottle she was sound and
well "
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets should be
used with " Favorite Prescription " when-
ever a laxative is required.
to all and
that the
high grade staple line to dry goo Is
and general trade. Must be a hust-
ler and come well recommended.
| American Standard Jewelry Co., De-
| troit, Mich.
ROOMS to rent. Call on A. G. Jones,
119 West Harrison avenue.
YOUNG MEN—Our illustrated cata-
logue explains how we teach barber
trade in eight weeks, mailed free.
Moler Barber College, St. Louis, Mo.
LOST—A purse containing 150 in
currency, a two karat diamond
ring and a box of Vance's cigars. Re-
turn the cigars an dreceive reward.
Special Holiday Prices
FOR RENT—Furnished rooms, 423
North Division street.
Attention Ladles.
As a beautifier, facial massage has
no equal for immediate and lasting
results. Mr. Jester makes a spcialty
of his work, his equipment including
the latest improved Electrical Roller,
which has brought such wonderful re-
sults in New York.
Remember that more harm than
good is done by incompetent (socall-
ed) masseurs who may permanently
injure the muscular tissues of the
face. Therefore be careful whom you
Treatments at residence or office.
Louis Jester,
408 North First street. Tel. No. 458.
Guthrie, Oklahoma.
Good housekeepers specify Calumet
Baking Powder In ordering. It Is sold
ac fair price and is absolutely pure.
The New York Racket
ii5 West Harrison Avenue
We are closing
and Glassware at
for other <>oods.
make room
33 1-3
out our
cost, to
Yov wi
per cent on all purchases of Oueensware
made of us during this sale. I his is no
humbug, the price we make will convince
you. During this sale we offer a num-
ber of bargains; we quote a few.
38 Hundred Pounds of
Fancy Xmas Candy===3 lbs. 25c
Best A. B. C Soda Crackers per pound
" " Ginger Snaps " " -
" •• Oyster Crackers " "
Fresh Baked Bread two Loaves for
Fancy Colorado Potatoes per peck
Fancy Packed Sugar Corn thteecans
" ' " Tomatoes, per can -
Cuban Cup Coffee 15 Value 2 pound for
Seeded Raisins and Currents, per pkg
No. 1 Soft Shell English Walnuts, per pound
One Case U0 lankets, regular 75c value, per pair...
" " 48 doz. Shirt> end Drawers, Fleece-lined.Under-
wear, regular value $1.00 per suit
5 Bolts only—7ic Outing—at only 5c a yard
Dear Big and Little Folks: Once again I have my
HEADQUARTERS at The New York Racket. Why?
Bee use 1 tint! that through my agent, Mr. King, wiih the as-
s stance of his able and cou teous clerks, I can do the greatest
good to t e largest number ot my good t eople.
Others advertise low prices on my wares, but at the
Racket Rock Bottom is always struck.
I alow Mr King to take a small payment down on my
wares and lie saves them for you. Yours sincerely,
Jenk'ns Mercantile Go. i n w York Racket
n—miwlf GEO. H. KIP* G, Proprietor
• .:>-v „>:m

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