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bo !
50 Cents a Year.
50 Cents a Year.
The Only Simon-Pun* TemocreLlic Paper in OWahn <
GUTHRIE, oklahoma, thuksday, march 19 1!" 0
number 50
Conference Committee Naturally Drifting to Acceptance
cf Foraker Amendment-Poll of Conferee*
Shows Gratifying Results.
Tin: curtis bill givi:s
city councils
O o
O Under the new <b>ctlon law, O
O where a person <!• rei lo vote O
O Hie straight ticket he must either O
O stump all the names or stamp In O
O the circle at the head of hte O
O ticket. Formerly a stamp on the O
O rooster voted the . ntire Demo O
O eratlc ticket, and a -lamp on the O
O 'agio v'cted the entire Republi- O
O can ticket, but under the new O
O law the stamp must be made ill O
O the circle at the hrid of the O
O ticket. Remember tills. O
O - °
j church, located at Capitol Hilt, Okla.
The trustees are: Hsmon 1) Alex-
lander, J. A. Saddler, Mrs. Lucy Snod*
iiss, of Capitol Hill, ami Joel Miller
ml David S Woodson, of South Park,
)klal.onul City.
ixcjting in 11'-
l'l-.r 1iois1. of ohio
i. mo is la i crm
Notary Applications.
Applications f r notary commissions
reooivod this morning Rt the office of
the territorial secretary follow:
\j. It. Kraus, of Blackwell, for Kay
(joortfo A. Wilson, of Hooker, for
H 'iivor county.
W. Lk Hurt, of Tryon, for Lincoln
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, D. C., March 28.—That
the Senate and House will reach a
•compromise agreement on the state-
"hood bill which will permit Arizona
and New Mex'.co each to decldo for
themselves the question of admission
as the state seems the correct conclu-
sion from present Indications. The
conferees met today and while In ses-
sion devoted the time to what are
termed minor amendments. There
are indications fhat the basis of agree-
ment on the chief question is suggest-
ing itself naturally and will result in
the restoration of Arizona and New
Mexico to the bill with the Foraker
Inquiry among senators who oppos-
ed the original House bill indicates
that they will accept this committee
The Senate amendments defining
the limits of prohibition in Oklahoma
is regarded as the result of a general
agreement among all the parties inter-
ested and \i accepted. Likewise there
seems to be little objection to the
Serate provision among li u school
lan Is to be selected in place of school
lan \s found to be minerrl lands. Other
Senate amendments will be c nsidered
Frisco, Where Assessed,
Has Paid Its Fee
Former New York Life Of-
ficial is Charged With
Grand Larceny.
Special to Dally Leader.
Muskogee, 1. T„ March 28.—With
the passage of the Curtis bill comes a
struggle between the towns ot Indian
Territory 2nd tne railroads over the
matter of taxation. Under present
laws there is no way to assess and
collect taxes from railroads. There
are twelve roads operating In the ter-
ritory and out of that number there is
just one that is paying taxes and that
one is the Frisco. This is a voluntary
payment and is made by the road as a
matter cf policy.
The Curtis bill provides that the
city council of a town may levy and
collect taxes from railroads within its
cl i -lative asseinuuus caihuuo «.«« ,
■Moroformed theories of Dr. Osier and incorporated limits in the same man-
come Lark to life-after SO years. er that other property Is assessed
held for trial on a charge of immoral
conduct and violation of the age of
consent law was safely loilg: d in jail
here today after having been hastily
removed from Lamar in order to pre-
vent a lynching. Connell left Lamar
hnrrieclly two weeks ag>. He was ar-
rested at Waxahachle, Texas, and was
brought back to Lamar yesterday.
Several hundred people thronged the
streets there threatening to hang the
minister. On being arraigned in court
Connell waived examination acknowl
B ewers Claim Bill Will Drive
Half Saloons From State
oil case in new york
ms drawing to
a cmose
Appointment of Agent.
pany, of Ch rr>
! onial Oil r.i 1 t
!Undo Sam
•h Oil and Gas com-
:h\ Kansas; the Col-
company, and the
impany, principal busi-
ness offices located at Phoenix, Ari-
zona, notified Secretary Filson this
morning of the appolntmen tof A. J.
Hiddlson, of Pawnee, to bo their ter-
ritorial agent.
(By Associated Press.) i " • —
Columbus, Ohio, March 28.—Amid Governor Will Toast Oklahoma,
scenes of excitement almost unprece- Governor Frank Frantz announced
dented in Ohio legislative procedure, this morning that he had accepted the
of the Business Mens
St. Louis, to nttend the con
Connell waived examination acknowl-1 |h(j sena(e thu afternoon paBSOll th(. invitation
edging his guilt. Under heavy guard J Aikon ll()US„ bill, Increasing the saloon league of S
he was removed in a wagon to Las *1.1100 and scaled Its vention to
Rockefeller Refused to Take
the Stand.
Animas where'he was placed on board
a iiHrln which brought him
legislative assemblies cxplodo tho
(By Associated Press.)
New York, March 28.—Geo.
Perkins, formerly vice president of
the New York Life Insurance com-
pany, was today arrested on a warrant
charging grand larceny in the first de-
gree. The warrant was issued by
Magistrate Joseph Moss. Beforo he
was arraigned, his counsel applied to
Justice Greenbaum in the supreme
court for writ of habeas corpus direct-
ing production of Perkins before
Greenbaum. The writ was granted.
In his petition, Perkins declared that
his imprisonment and restraint are il-
legal, that the warrant is void in that
no evidence of any crime or act justi-
fying Irre t had been submitted to
Moss, and that the magistrate was
without jurisdiction.
Perking was formerly lc-ated at
Wichita, Kas.
Rev. Cheeseborough has been hiber-
nating between the Charobydis of "old
Cloe" and Scylla of "yellow legs" for
n'g'h on to six months. He, liko state-
hood, is now up and coming.
The happy ho3rts knit by Rev.
Cheeseborough were Miss Jamie
Butcher and Sweet Perry. The
father of the bride gave his daughter
away at his residence.
The bride, who was attired in
and taxed, it gives city councils the
power to ra;;s ordinances and levy
taxes on railroad property immediate-
ly, and as soon as it becomes a law
the town councils aro likely to get
mighty busy collecting taxes from cor-
porations that have heretofore defied
them. The law provides that the rail-
roads may take the matter of assess-
ment into the district court for ad-
justment in case they think they are
tax from $: 50 to $1,000 and sealed its
''"I'.'1 i action by voting down a motion to re-
this1 *
The victory of the advocates of tho
Aiken bill was won by superior gener
(By Associated Press.)
New York, March 28.—The taking
of testimony in this city in tho pro-
ceedings brought by the state of Mis-
souri to oust from tho commonwealth
t... the Standard OH company of Indiaha,
mtion to be held there on April lfi ;the Waters-Pierce Oil company and the
and 17. at which all of the southwest- Itepubltc Oil company on the ground
em states and territories are to be that they constitute a combination in
represented by tlutr governors and restraint of trade was ended yesterday
leading newspaper men. On the even- evening. Attorney General Hadley of
lAUVCTftlVN met CTE al " Mp ln'parHamentaVy p'r'ocedure, aid- j ln« of the 17th a bam.".- will be Missouri, who ha. been pretent durlB*
Fire Which Threatened Bus-
iness Section l'laced
Under Control.
(By Associated Press.)
Johnstown, Pa., March 28.—Fire
that threatened the business section
tne Drioe, wno - "« " , t hlgh ,)Ut ,hey must do
foullard gown, walked in on the arm "■ . I
of her father. Miss Fannie Butcher! - Immediately afUr notice „f asses*-
and Miss Mamie Crow were the brides- mcnt 18 Kh'!n' aml 1K" "M '
oa •• incins of delaying pay mtnt oi
maids. The ceremony was impres- a means * *
give and was couched as only the soft, 'axes.
undulating voice of the Rev. Cheese-
borough can couch. About 50
people witnessed the ceremony and
all unite in praises of the event. After
the Rev. Cheeseborough had pronounc-1
Many towns in Indian Territory
have seen railroads come in and build
valuable property within the city lim-
its, and create an enormously profit-
ble business, but never pay a cent
tne itev. uneeseuuivusu uau pnnic>uu%. .
, . lit taxes while they received tne uene
ed the joyful wbrds, the entire party • •
. i _ fit of the city government in every
repaired to the drawing room where nt j h
repaircu iu me t, . J Wav Attempt was made by several
all kinds of refreshments were seived., • • 1
, , i nj.„in„' t' the larger towns to foice the rau-
Rev. Cheeseborough is enjoying
frinndlv sunnort of Lieut, i spread and Governor Frantz will of the time since the local In-
li,,,, iTipi.i- hi respond t0 the toast "Oklahoma." Next 'I began said the N w York pro-
Gov. Harri,, e pres. < Monday the governor will also deliver e • llu . wro ended. He instructed
the senate. Tho ad\ . ■ (h(. ad(lre9B ot weioomo at the South-' renin.: loner Sanborn, before whom
Jl,000 tax went Into the s . s Cattlemens' association conven- t lie wltne -es testified, to send a certl-
; " -Z Z: i.'", TZHhO Sri Z mvJ ..f ti,.. ,es, to the t*
constitutional majority. 1 • Territorial G. A. R. or-1pr-me court of Missouri where It will
r;—1 r?: or:::r * -
- r ° n'h -r: - —t
'he roll was called. The vote stoo.l in May at Newkirk^ ^ un„Pr whlch m08t ot th9 wlt.
of this City was placed miller control, is to IS. Senator Beatty Immediately . n,„llliriirn Inesiet who are In any my conneOtsA
this morning. The total Ion will Ichanged from no to yet, and e l0na uar ' n i ' with the Standard OU company were
reach eight hundred thousand dollars, excitement of the temperance people Adjutant General Ml" ,ervell. ,,, record the fact
The principal losers are Swank Hard- in the galleries Senators Berry and ing issued orions'™ ,hat 0vpry bePn nia(le to
wan- Co., Quarter of a million dollars; Boehmcr, Denman and I^uman also „i cbauge ,,r n-t, *.. If I, n. n , slimony of John D.
Fisher & Co., wholosalo liquors, one ■ changed from no to yes. Seigean Majo Rockefeller, but none had succeeded.
and fifty thousand dollars; | After a few minut, s lull ;lti.Tng Battalion Sergeant ^ He introduced copies of letters writ-
, omoe building, one hundred and which the crowd began to ' . " ' *; '* attorneyi of tho stan,iard Oil
..IV thousand dollars; Henderson Senator Perry moved reconsideration Honed at Oklahoma Cltgr tho following company
Fur Co., ninety-five yiousand doli:,rs; of the vote and the iieutenant gove, „r v t,s were dis^arged upor, appl Jl * The ^ appUed
Win. Campbell, a fiieman, was killed nor, no. hearing demands cation, approved by thel | . ,lockefeller along with sev-
bv failing walls. ! for the yeas and nays, promptly called commander: Bert E. Baylor, Charles
lor a viva voce vote and the motion E. Collars and Harry Cahlll. • in# ,ho ,
— ,or a Nlwl vu | , During the examination of the sub-
IS MADSEN S SUCCESSOR. I was declared lost. | noefia server counsel for the defend-
I Most intense excitement followed OKLAHOMA PYTHtANS I ant con]pan|es brought out that the
F.Scoffern Takes Place Now Held this action, several of the senators de- AT SHAWNEE. ^ recejve(1 n)oney from new8.
by Abemathy's Chief Clerk. nouncing the lieutenant goM'in i n m , papers for stories of his experience in
the floor of the senate. Senator Ward, special to Daily Leader. 1 - -
good health.
(By Associated Press.)
Casper, Wyo., March 28.—North
Platte river is rising rapidly and do-
ing wide spread damage.
(By Associated Press.)
Ashfork, Aria., March 28.—The Cali-
fornia Limited No. a. westbound, and
Atlantic Express No. J. castbound Pla-
ta Fo trains collided lead 1111 ai Cosin.s
last night. No one was killed. Several
1 passenger-* were slightly bruised and
cut. The trains came together with
great force. Both engines and .he buf-
fet and smoking ear on the limited were
badly damaged. The limited, which liail
the right of way, was standing at the
station when the express came into
Cosines at nearly full speed. Engineer
Williams, of this express, says the ec-
centric failed to work.
(By Associated Press.)
Minneapolis, Minn., March 2S.—Six
Italian or Greek laborers were slashed
to death In a light with six of their
countrymen early today in a shanty on
South Tenth avenue. Tin bodies w. 10
found today, mutilated with systematic
thoroughness which, together with tlie
fact that there was no robbery, points
to revenge as the motive. The shanty
was rented recently to nine Italians or
Greeks. It is believed that they consti-
tuted a black hand organization and
rented the Plaee for the purpose of kill-
ing their fellow men, who evidently had
been marked. The murderers disappear-
ed b.-fore daylight. The murderers evi-
dently, after attacking their victims,
let them bleed to death, for the wounds
were not deep but rather In long ^s-
tuntitle slashes running lengthwise along
the body. The bodies were found In
pools of blood. Several hundred dollars
wore found In the room.
roads to pay taxes, notably Muskogee
and the M., K. & T. railroad, but in
every case the railroad won out, the
city not having the requisite power to
enforce ihe collection of the tax.
The Frisco railroad commenced pay-
ing taxes at Vinita a-s soon as that
town was incorporated. It has been
paying ever since. It has also paid
taxes in every other town, in the terri-
tory where an assessment ha-s beon
made against it and the tax duplicate
presented. In Muskogee the Frisco
pays no tax because an attempt has
been made to force the other roads to
pay it and it has failed. The tax col-
lector has not the nerve to ask the
Frisco to pay under such circum
stances. The fact that the railroad:
have refused to pay taxes is not likely j
to make for a light assessment when
the tax assessor does get at them.
A prominent official of the Frisco
was asked today if his road consider-
ed that tho voluntary payment of taxes
had been profitable. "Well, I should
, | -ay so. It has been the best tiling
Wl! I Ain Tlih Afll ^rS he road could have done in this new
VY ILL All; 1 .IL ,*-'lc ,untrj. wheru every per8on is exPecl
ed to bear his part of the burden. It
ills helped every town on the Frisco
just that much and every town that
lias prospered has made the railroad
prosper. Why shouldn't a railroad
' pay its taxes just the same as an in-
I dividual?"
The question of taxation and valu-
ation is one that is of great interest
in Indian Territory just now, and one
f the big items, of course, is the tax-
ation of railroads. Under tho Curtis
aet the towns will endeavor to levy
and collect taxes immediately. If state-
will be in conference with Indian j hoo(1
Chickasha, I. T . March 28.—R. F. of CI- veland, declared it was one of
Scoffern rec ivetl a message from the most disgraceful proceedings over
Marshal Porter this morning inform- witnessed in a legislative body. 1 ho
ing him of his appointment as deputy lieutenant governor, replying to the
marshal at Chickasha to succeed Chris ; senators who had assailed him, de-
Madsen whose resignation takes effect jclared that he was acting within tho
April 1. Mr. Madsen was also notified. ] rules of parliamentary procedure, and j
It is understood I hat a large number j assumed tho full responsibility for all
of applications for the position were ' his rulings.
Jr. Scoffern got busy and se- j The Aiken bill will go into effect im-
■d endorsements from nearly all mediately upon being signed by Hi"
leading citizens of Chickasha an.! governor, or within ten .lays should it
trying to serve some of tho Standard
Shawnee, Okla., March 28.—The Ok- Q(1 men Counsei declared these facta
lahoma district Knights of Pythias w(,r0 i)rought out "to show there has
ntion began here this afternoon , 1|een a ]ot of Bnin(]s(andlng and adver-
not be signed ur vetoed. The brewers
claim the bill will drive half the
saloons of Ohio, or about 11,000, out of
with ( .10 hundred delegates present.
Afiit tile business session a banquet
will bo given.
Using about this, and a lot of sensa-
; tionalism."
"Tho only sensationalism there has
! been in this case has been the sensa-
tional attempts of these witnesses to
I evade service of subpoenas," replied
I Attorney General Hadley.
he also had a strong endorsement from
the leaders in his party. His appoint-
ment was therefore generally expected.
The appointment is very popular
with the people of Chickasha and the
action of Marshal Porter will be
warmly approved. Mr. ScofiVrn is at ,
present assistant deputy in the dis-1
t rict clerk's office and he ha
tilled the office of mayor of Chickasha ,
■w men have more personal friends j Another Board Appointment
than he. He is prominently connected l)r. Fred C. Selds, of Perry, was i s
with the various Masonic bodies and morning appointed by Governor I- rantz , ,,(,(]ar PaIla rcp0rts a similar dis-
is also a member of several other se- a member of tho territorial board of Lgt0r> Two hundred families there
cret orders in all of which he Is an dental examiners, to succeed Ur. Fred j are homeless. Bridges and dams were
' ori(e,. | S. Sparks, of Ponca City, resigned, j also wipt,,i „ut near Cedar Falls. The
the .lis-!i DEPARTMENTS
as twice V
And Give Information for
Washington's Benefit
Special to Daily Leader.
Lawton, Okla., March 28.—Chief
Quanah Parker of the Comanclies de-
parted today for Anadarko, where he
I New York, March 28.—Brodle L.
i I^uke, a relative of the president of the
, , „ water American Tobacco Co., was today
Waterloo, Iowa, March 28.—Water wohh
. . cranted a divorce from Alice wcdd
in ,he Cedar river ™9e °^r e c^n fe^ |)uk„ whom he married last December,
las, night and early today broke the st,nsational
west levee flooding business d strict of ™ ^ m ^ ma(le by
Waterloo. Hundreds of families are ^ nf Duko ,o have hlm placed
rendered homeless. Tracks were
washed out and all railroads are tied in au asylum'
Mr. Madsen will assume his office
as chief deputy to Marshal Abernathy
of Oklahoma, April 1.
is. Sparks, of Ponca City, resigned.
This appointment to become effective
April 1.
waters came to a standstill early to-
Department of Justice Man
Looking to Official
Or, Wedded by Clieesebor-
oush—A Ilappy Colored
"Stitn' up."
"Jlno hands."
"I no wexculpatei? myself and here
by on,l hereon doclarc you man and
wife. And may God bless you!"
And thus did Henry W. Cheesbor-
ouglj, D.D. L. D„ chaplain of the Third
House of the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8th
..... — comes at this session of congress
Agent Blackmon and Chief Lone Wolf It will be impossible to collect taxes
of the Kiowas for the purpose of male- Hinder state law less than twenty
ing an inventory of the Indian child-' months from now. This is going to
ren of the Kiowa, Comanche and Cad-1 bring the question of a system of valu-
do tribes born since 1900, to be for- ] ation to the fore. In Oklahoma it is
warded to the secretary of the interior
to be used in the allotting to the babies
th-ir lands.
Five thousand cattle, tho property
of the Comanche*, are grazing on the
township land in the Kiowa-Comanche
Indian reserve.
If there are as many as 150 babies,
not oven six years old, Quanah Parker
will suggest that their allottraents,
which equal a township, be given them
together that they may keep their cat-
tlo Intact.
Quanah stated today that he may
leav e tomorrow for Washington to see
the president regarding the allotment
of these lands.
now the custom to have a low valua-
tion, about one-third of the real value,
and a high rate of taxation. In Indian
Territory it is the custom to make a
higher valuation anil lower rate of
taxation. Different towns have a dif-
ferent rate, and when they come to
tax railroads running through the dif-
ferent towns, it will have a tendency
to equalize the rate In the towns.
(By Associated Press >
La Junta, Colo., March 28— Rev.
Gourley Connell, former pastor of the
Presbyterian church at Lamar who is
V. 11. Ramsey, of Washington, an
inspector 0f the department of justice,
j in the city today. He has been at
Lawton the past week Investigating
charges 'against Justice Gillette.
While lio was there fifty-three lawyers
called on him at his hotel and bore
testimonial to the worth of Gillette.
Mr. Ramsey has made up his report
and forwarded the same to Washing-
ton. He is now working on other busi-
ness. Mr. Ramsey said today that he
would be in the territory for several
(By Associated Press.)
Junction City, Kas., March 28.—W.
A. Calderhead, of Marysville, was re-
nominated by acclamation by the Re-
publicans of the Fifth congressional
district today.
Cnarler8 Issued.
Charters issued this morning fiom
the office of Territorial Secretary
Filson follow:
Publishers Oil and Gas company, of
Cherry vale, Kansas. Proncipal busl-
I ness office located at Phoenix, Arizona.
| capital stock $1,250,000. The direc-
tors are: J. H. Ritche, A. S. Koonce
and H. II. Tucker, Jr., all of Phoenix,
Colon'al Oil and Gas company.
Principal business office located at
Plnenlx, Arizona Capital stock $1.-
000,000. The directors are: A. M.
Clark and John J. Jones.
Custer City Oil and Development
company. Capital stock $200,000. The
directors sre: L. D. Hasket, J. D.
Storm, Alexander McKenney, Edward
Evans and C. M Collins, all of Custer
The Uncle Sam Oil company Prin- j
I cipal business office located at!
Phoenix, Arizona, with a branch ot- j
flee at Cherryvale, Kansas. Capital |
stock $75,000,000. The directors are: j
James Ingersoll, J. H. Ritchie and H. |
II. Tucker, Jr.
The Fall River Oil and Gas com-
pany. Principal btifiness filice lo-
cated at Pl a-vnee. Capita! ste-A |&0,-
000. The directors are: W. M. Kel-
ler, A. B. De Frees, J. T. Douglas, S.
M. Riddell and W. L. Chapman, all of
Union United Brethren In Christ
Organizer of Farmers' Union to Be
Here April 21.
Green B. Patterson, stat
and organizer for the Farmer
j cational and Co-operative Lnion
Pawhuska, Okla., March 28.—Ac-
cording to information just received
here from Washington, the sale of lots
at Foraker will begin on May 1, and at
Bigheart on May 15. They are the
new towns on either side of Pawhuska
on the Midland Valley railroad, which
were authorized by the townsita bill.
Bigheart Is south of here, in the oil
1 field, while Foraker is northwest, in
lecturer'the wheat and corn belt.
Edu i ~ , _ T
}ji Walter Battlso, the Sac and Fox In-
, dian politician, will be a republican
America will lecture in Guthrie April for register of deeds in Lia-
11. Everybody invited.
coin county.
Baking Powder
Saves Health
Saves Money*
ROYAL baking powoeh co.. NEW Y0IW

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