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No. 51
tions carefully compounded.
Palace Drug Store
1 a. hm i.i'm i'lfb
k ii 1 hn n i'o-
Capital Stock, $50,000.00
Surplus, - - $30,000.00
A General Banknig
Business. Corres-
pondence Solicited
Before Selling Your
Wheat, oats and corn
See RHi gmii
rt-T TH*E
(ieueral Office
All Summer via the Santa Ft*.
Tourist tickets on sale every day at very low rates.
To gain a pleasant and auspicious inticduction tu Colorado you
should travel Santa Fe. The magnificent inouutain panorama
over one hundred miles long seen en route to Denver and
through Pueblo and Colorado Springs prepares you as nothing
else can for those other attractions offered l>y this great vacation
Pullmans, chair
tiou appealing t<
aif, fast trains and Harvey meals,
discriminating trav elers.
rlptlve literature tree,
i'..i time table toldori* ticket*,
, apply u>
J. J. BAKER,$Agent,
"Leader" and "Repeater"
Carefully inspected shells, the best com-
binations of powder, shot and wadding,
loaded by machines which give invariable
results are responsible for the superiority
of Winchester "Leader" and "Repeater"
Factory Loaded Smokeless Powder Shells.
There is no guesswork in loading them.
Reliability, velocity, pattern and penetra-
tion are determined by scientific apparatus
and practical experiments. Do you shoot
them ? If not, why not ? They are
Oklahoma City Chautauqua.
The following program will l>e c r-
rieil out at the Oklahoma L ity chautau-
qua July -2 to 29:
Sunday Afternoon, Julv At 2:jo
all address will he given by Eugene V
Debs, who has a Sunday address to
labor which is very popular. His sub-
ject will be. "The Toiling Millions
Sunday night, July 22. at «S:3o, the
great Hebrew orator, Kabbi Leon Har-
rison, will deliver bis famous lecture
entitled, ' Jesus the Jew." Rabbi Har
rison is a deep thinker ai d an eloquent
Monday afternoon, July 2j. Senator
J. P. I>- lliver will delivei a patriotic
address. Serator Polliver is a great
01 tor and the crowd that should be
out to hear him should be large.
Monday night Senator Dolliver will
again address the Atsemblyl delivering
one of his popular lectures
Tuesday afternoon, July 24, Presi-
dent Montaville Flowers, the reader
and entertainer, will entertain the peo-
Tuesday night Congressman J. Adam
j litde, the "funny" man in tin house
will deliver a humorous lecture.
Wednesday afternoon, Julv 25, Rev
! Dr. Richard K. Whiting, the gieat
pulpit orator of Tort nto, C n ull, will
I deliver a h dure entitled, ■' 1 lie I. mi < ls
of the Maple. '
Wednesday (light Pud Pattv who
lectin t s on scientiti subjects, 1 I ^i\ e
I demonstrations with radium and wiie-
lebs telegraphy. Prof P.itlywill send
a wireh ss telegi am from the top of ttie
Lee h tel to the plutt 1 in at the park.
His "snow steiin" will be one of the
finest treats of the Chautauqua.
Thursday afternoon, July 2 >. Dr.
\\ luting «ill deliver his se<oi ti lecture,
"The Killing Passion." No one should
miss this lecture as it is one <f the
most interesting and t liter1 ai 11 ing 011
I the p ( grain.
j Thursday night, Rev. Dr. Sam Steel
will deliver his popular lecture, "Home
Life in Dixie Dining the War," a lec
lure which is full of f 1111 and humor in
which the speaker dramatically re
counts many affecting incidents.
Friday afternoon, July 27, is W. C.
1 U. day Dr. Steel will delivei In-
popular lecture, "the Keign of the
Demijohn." 1 his lecture is a great
success, being deeply interesting and
instructive. The ladies of the W I
T. U. will put on special features pre
ceeding tlie lecture.
Friday night, Rev Dr. May will de
liver his lecture,"I p the Matteihorn.
a veiy beautiful dercriptive lecture
Last )ear Dr. May was one •! the
speakers of the chautauc|ua here ami
his lecture, although heaid by only a
small audience, was pronounced one
of the best on the program.
Saturday afternoon, July 2.s will be
children's day. Mr Edwin Brush, the
fainot s magician, master of mirth,
mystery and magic, will delight the
young tolks ami entertain the oldei
people. For the children on this aftci
noon a special low rate of ten cents
will he made.
Saturday night Mr. Brush, the ma-
gician, will again entertain the people
with his wonders in magic, For at
evening's entertainment, forev. ryl ody
a magician is one of the most del ght
ful eiteitamers
Sunday afternoon, Jul) 29, Senator
Chas. A. Towne, the probable demo-
cratic nominee foi vice president in the
next campaign, will deliver an address.
Senator Towne has the reputaMou of
being the most brilliant speaker in
congress. There is no doubt that a
great throng will hear him.
Sunday night wi;l clo-e the program
An address wiil ho delivered by Rev
Dr. Albert Bushnell of Kansas City
The subject of his address will be,
"Chariots of Fire,' a most beautiful
and eloquent sermon,
A rate of one ami one-thud will be
given 011 all railroads.
At the Churches.
The followii g is the order of service
for Sunday July 15th at M. F. Church
South: 10 a. in Sunday School,
1 Tom B Mathews, Superintendent.
I 11 a. 111. Sermon by pastor, "The
I Glory of the Church." Communion to lo low 3 p. in, Jui iot
' League, Miss Bowling, Superintriuh nt.
7:15, Senior League, Roy C. Smith,
, Pfebidi lit
up a lite.'
Two Hays Picnic.
1 he old settlers of Cleveland county
will lit 'd a two days picnic at the City
Pai k m Norman August jrd and 4th.
The attractions will he tar superior to
anything ever held. Amusements of
, all kinds ate b ing provided and sever*
al prominent spea'-eis will he secured.
This picnic 1 not of a !o. al nature but
is for the entire county and an invita-
tion is 1 xteiid ti to tin- people of the
Chickasaw and mi* sounding counties.
committee has been fol a lllol tel
several month", ami
the business men ot
s no reason why the
ti S. PEEBLES & GO.5
Mill. ti.
f4"M ++«M~M*+++4 ♦++++++•*•+*+++++++++!•++*+++
Why is It that
when baking pow-
der is mentioned
ttip names of on® or two brands
at once eosne to my mtnd? Why
when soap Is spoken of do peo-
ple think of n certain few kinds?
Or when uttmnpnrilla or root
boor Is bring dlscusfled why Is
It that nine out of ten people
will name the sains makers?
Because all have been so ad
vertlsed that their names have
become household words. And
the same can he said of scores
of other articles of every d«
script 1011 They have been ad-
vertised day after day aud year
after year tu the newspapers
uutl the magazines aud by other
In every city tiieie are several
concerns which are the largest
iu their respective lines They
are know n by everybody in towu
1 and iu the surrounding territory
It will be observed that these
1 concerns are liberal users of
I newspaper advertising and that
' their advertisements appear
I practically every day.
It I* b) lueaiiN of llielr n«l
TerllaliiK llial liny l «v«
Klliicil their widespread
rr|Hitiit Inn, iinil they con-
tinue to advertise because
they And It profitable tu du
> it Is possible for any merchant
> to cause his name to become so
> associated with that of his city
> that to mention one is to sug
> gest ttie other There Is no way
? by which tliis can be done uiore
I easily aud cheaply than by using
^ the uevvspapers The* enable a
merchant to keep before the
P public, day iu and day out, so
£ constantly and persistently ttiat
k his name aud busluess become
p household words. — Portland
r (Me.) Express
( • •••■•! 1 ' • • •
? The way to make your nam#
f a household word In this
k town Is to keep your adver-
l> tiaement In this p.-iper It
p goes regularly Into the home®
and is read by th« people.
two day s pit uic will not be a g aud
♦ .success. lie following committees
were selected Tuesday night to carry
the plans through:
£ I.. L. Cralle and Capt Collin M«
x j Kinney, masteis of ceremonies.
J 1 xt utive con mittee H. W. Stub
bemaii, J. II Mosier, 1> L Larsh, P.
C. Lessly. J. \V. (irott^, J J Burke.
Program committee K. t'. Heriv,
W M. Meyer, J. II. Mosi r, I'd Yah .
L. J. 1 dwards, J. J. Burkr.
Ainusf incuts and music couiiiiittec
Ld B. Johnson, Harry Lindsay, Mis
Tyler Blake, Mis. J lui Mosiet, Pi. '
Van Vleot, John 1 ox. Miss Junu I \
Paul Lesslv
akei •
W. M
( I .
J. D. Ma
1 W P. iiboni
* lib
lit ;• I taut- .
ouiuntiee >11
Stul-heiiiaii, 1)
well, I. K. II
Committee 01;
auk Mood, W. C.
Moitei. H. C. Barker
Committee 111 print
W M. Carr, J. S
Judges— YV. I.. M
,an, John S111 tli, I
•on l.verett
Ld Vates,
II. W.
I .at sli,
P. I Le' sly
Ullds Ltl Vates,
Siu,iTi. W. B.
nting J J. Burke,
aswell, M, C. K1111
' C. Lessly, Harri*
Dr. Hoshall.
County School Notes.
L. I< Kamst v is teachii v «
Miss Cora J « obs is tea. hit
J. I cairie, w.. in N. i;
Curtis t lai k w ill t. .. h in
10 next w Intel
Nh 1 me \\ t b-ti 1 n. .
at Rocky Point
lieorge Stow is !«• n lung a
school at Stella.
N. L Kepi' gle is te idling ;
school at Linden.
Clarence Iugold has been 1
to teach at Highland.
I). V. Pool began a siimim
at Sunshine last Monday.
Kobt Myeis has bt
teach next winttr 111 distiict No tj
ud |
Public Sale.
I will offer at public auction at my
place three miles west and four miles
north of Norman, and three miles
south of Moore, on Tuesday, July 24.
190b. the following described property,
1 bay horse. 10 years old, weight
1300 lbs; 1 roan horse, 6 years old,
weight 1350 lbs; 1 black horse, 4 years
old, weight 1250 lbs; 1 black horse, 5
years old, weight 1250 lbs; 1 bay mare
.N years old, ib bands high weight 1250
1 saddle pony, 14 bands high; 3 extra
good milch cows; 1 nearly new Peter
Sch 11 ttler wagon; 1 good surrey; i top
buggy: 1 Milwaukee binder; 1 Hoosiei
press drill; 1 Capt. Kidd disc cultiva-
tor with shovel attachments; t set ol
blacksmith's tools: 1 f-ugueless cult'
vator; 1 3 section harrow; 2 sets of
Stndmts Pay 1 heir Way.
One of the not interesting lists
which has been o mpiled In the oHice
I.ace at the I'nivei iiy of Oklahoma is
the one just finished which shows the
nuinbei ol students who are entirely or
partly working then way thioiigh the
univeis ty Of the students who wen
iu attendance last yeai about ten per
cent were entirely and over twenty-five
percent partly self-supporting. The
greater part of the work which was
done by the boys was d< ne down in
the town, where odd jol s of all kinds
were picked up. At the univeisity
several of tin boys acted as janitors,
and four of the students were employ
ed as stenographers.
Several of the boys acted as mana-
gers of the boarding clubs and in this
way paid for their board and room.
The list only shows that the student
who conies with a determination to
work his way through is generally able
to find some kind of employment by
which he can in his spare time make
the greater part t t his expenses at the
Tlity Stole a Pony.
Skyhuck. an Indian, and Dick Har-
rison, a negro, are now hoarding with
Jailor Pledger. They are charged with
appropriating a pony from Polecat's
herd near Big Jim's crossing on Little
river and selling it to Chas. Rorelius at
Etowah. They were arraigned before
Justice Grigsby Saturday and their
preliminary hearing set for the 17th
(Thin I'irhirr <>„ I f ry Itultlr)
Cures ChillH. PoverH, Malaria, BilioiiHiioHH.
mplov el t>' Take it a« a General Tonic and at all times
in place of Quinine. Breaks up Cough*,
Colduand LaOrippo. NO CURE, NOl'AY
K. L. I.wing will I•• 11 < 1111' 111 e 1 j. c. MKNDENHALL.
term at Little l\ i\ei I m \! M Sole Owner Evninville. Indiana.
Miss Beiilah Long wi I begin a mi
iner school in distiid No. 3 next
Monday morning.
The following applicants weie u j
cessfill in the teachers examination mi 1
June 2.^-29, 190(1: I-irst grade B K
McDonald, Kate Penu, S K, Jont"-.
A. K. Kwing. Second grade Lin la
Fehrle, Atla Blake, Kllen Downing.
Nona Dawson, Hattie Willcox. Qakie
(irahain Claiente In- Id, J 1 Pre
kitt, Millie McDonald, I L Ogl-.
Kobt. Myers, Cm lis C ark, Lula < 11 a\,
... . ,, . No. 406. Chicago, K. L 1.05 a. ill,
B. T. Lawson, Lm Webster, Myrtle]
Cranmer, Anna Collins, I 1 a Lead
Mary Childress, Margaret Van/ milt, !
Era tiandy, Margaret Applewhite, Koy |
Kthrid^e, Llva (icoding, Minnie Ltl-|
ants Third grad.- Jeannetle He.l Nu- 4°5. ^alveBtun 1.05 a.m.
I V.. I - . I. • in 1.03 p. 111.
4- I 5 P- •
ft of si
several dozen chickem
hay; many other thin:
to mention. Sale e<
o'clock a. 111.
Terms: All sums i
#10 and over,
taken at foui
cent interest.
igle harness;
bales millet
jo numerous
* lunch at noon.
J C. (i
I. II Bi rroN.
Santa l'« 'I'iiiio Tnble.
table effective June 17, 1 y
No. 116, K.C. and St. Louis 7.00 a. 111.
No. iH, Chicago, K. C. 3.07 p. 111.
Local Freight 1.5S p. 111,
S Nu. 405, l.alvestu.
i No. 17, Galveston
is, Pure
dens, Kiiplia Hardin, Mattie Wi
Ida tiiant, W. II. Sullivant, Delpha I 423< Local Freight 10,00 a. m.
Summers, E.lyllu- Ki.epW, (In. H..I | We se!l tickets uu.l check l.aBBaKe
land, Nannie McKittrick, Inez Alkm
through to all parts of the United
ud Canada, steamship
tickets to all part' of Kurope.
J.J. Baki-.k, Agent.
Anna Jackson, Fit I Stow, Nell ..m, 1 ..
J"l.n Lultretl, 0„ra Stutlleh.W ! ' '
1.. Keplog'e, < iiavt e Austin, May M<
Kitttick, Mabh In eland, Doiiua Kict
Beulah Long, C> ra Jacobs, Pearl Ibn
ris, Juli 1 Jones, Katy Lawson, Dixi
Lindsay, I -yd VVeatervelt, Cit..i>
Insurance Agency
The J. F. Norman
lit le
I \ ei yboth invited.
Clara Stufflebeau was the
Nellie Burkett Sunday.
Card uf I hanks.
We, the wife and children of Prof.
1). C < albot, our dear departed one,
take this method of thanking the kind
friends who st tenderly cared ami
helped us dining his last illness. May
many blessings be theirs.
wt I repn seiited Sunday.
W. L. Kiggs and family •.. .ited 1
tives in Norman one dav last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Watkins n..
to their home 111 Beavei uuty 11
T. J. Stufflebeau and laiillL t
dinner with S II Ketnei and fai
Lorcnz Wins Sail.
1 L 111011
W.J. Mot
Farmers Union Meeting.
A convention of I lie I armor?
of Clevelai d county met 111 convention
at the Banner school house last l*ii
day. A large crowd was present and
business of vast importance was trans
acted. 1 he following otticei s for the
ensuii g year were elected:
B. C Be t President.
M. B. Fulkersoti Vice-President.
J. II. Stuhl Secretary and Tieas-
Ci > stal Spring Di
ti let! by
I probate judjj
he -mt
1 them f
It-1 end
1 Woll
hied noti
1 AND Ciiii.1
M (Mai
in tin
Wheat -II.d oat an thn
ful ti
Will Be Sold Mimday.
The slan l privileges lur tile Old Set-
tlers Kemiiun will be suld nent Munday
at i o'clock, p. 111., to the highest bid-
der, at L. K I limes' office on the sec
oud floor of the building formerly oc-
cupied by the 11 lines grocery store.
Thus cried the hair. And *
kind neighbor came to ihe res-
cue with a bottle of Ayer s
Hair Vigor. Tht hair was
saved! This was because
Aycr's Hair Vigor is a regular
hair medicine. Falling hair is
caused by a germ, and this
medicine completely destroys
these germs. Then the healthy
scalp gives rich, healthy hair.
Tht. bo.t kind ol a t6.timoal l -
"Sold lor over Bixty
Alio su*nufaotur«r« or
/ s
lyw/ Jt
Council Meeting.
The city • 011 lit"i! met 111 legulai • j
sioii Tm day night with Mayoi Lu d
say and all members present ex. pt
Bible and (iittiuger. Claims to tin 1
claim of Mrs. Mattie Southern fc>i
$j,.i.'.. • 1 injuries sustuiiied from .1
defective ulewalk was di allowed. A
sidewalk ou the eu*t side of the honb
tune was taken up in the discm-iiou t
ti sewerage system.
Si e Oklahoma b arm M i If. •' 1
The. Pi<ir)e«i Mui).
Ki a. r.iuN! Ofi-k'k t'K.iHK ^4.
I II ITS I > 1.1 ■ ION.
l)K. Ol l>l N I M. SUKGEKV
< >
Wants to write your Pit# and
Tornado Insurance.
1 Convcijancinu and Nowru Work
(Jfl'pv I)vt r l'irst Bank.
Norman, Okla.
Buuou Harness
I have just 111;.-le up several
ever sold in Nornian. The
leather in them is the best that
1 an be bought. Prices tight.
If you are in the market lor a
set of buggy luirite^ you can

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