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Lawton Constiution
J. Roy Williams. Fr1«t>r
A. W. A a ti «• m, Btiiiies* Mgr.
II. Tiruiuons. Otty Ed.
« t l«'lot Block. Comer ftveaue o Plftk itrc
•' Cwt Nnk. 'cicphnoe Pi. 74
W^w'kly the y«nr .... 91.00
<Ally,th(i WH*«k |(,
telly, the year |4.o.
Dally dellrertxl In city by cnrrlnr every
^enlutf except Miimlny.
The ww Hy will be «ent to rnitpoiiHlhle
Qbtorlberg until ordered discontinued and
*11 arreagoM are paid
fcb. In history.
1712— Louis Jo. >ph. marquis of Montcalm,
born; died of woundH near Quebec.
IKS—William Auffuntlne Washington. the
aohlli r who wounded T&rieton at
Cowpen*. 8. born In Stafford coun-
ty. Va.; died '810.
JWO - Rachel C •Isabeth Rachel eli*),
French actreaa. born at Mumpf, Swit-
zerland; died at Cunnea, France, Jan
3. 1868.
Alphonno de Kamartlnc, French poet,
historian and moderate Liberal statca-
man, died; born 1906.
UW— John Thomas Scharf. historical writ
rr who served In the Confederate
army, died In New York city; bori
1301- William Maxwell Evarts. noted law
yer and statesman, died in Now York
city; born 1S1H.
1*& General William Farrar Smith, noted
Federal commander of the civil war,
died In Philadelphia; born 1839.
H Poem for Coday |
* *
By Thomas Bailey Aldrich J
PHIDIAS (Phlil-l-a*. ac-<>nt on tlv: was a famous Athenian sculp-
tor. Knnlo ymrlno . i.-. nntl wa.i a f:imr.i:s Italian archai-oloijim. who .it
one linn- was of certain am lent art works In the l.otivre He
was also an excavator of ancient ruins and a writer.
For Sun rinlend' i t
% Public Instruction.
***• State Treasurer.
Caddo County.
La wton
Congressman Fifth District
Hot D. S. Smiata,
M. L ruruer,
Oklahoma City.
IK cimuhig hand that curved this face.
A Hill.- hclmeted Minerva —
Tin' hand, I nay, t're I'liidlns wrought.
Had lost Hh subtle skill and fervor.
Who was he? Was he glad or sad
Who knew to carve In such a fashion?
Perchance he shaped this dainty head
For some brawn girl that scorned his passion.
Hut he is dust. We may not know
His happy or unhappy story.
Nameless and dead these thousand years.
Wis work outlives liim Ihere't! his glory!
Both man and Jewel lay In earth
Beneath a lava buried city.
The thousand summers came a"d went
With neither haste nor hate nor pity.
The years wiped out the man. but left *
The jewel, fresh as any blossom.
Till some Vlscontl dug II up
To rise and fall on Mabel's bosom!
O Roman brother, see how time
Your (,'raclous handiwork has guarded,
See how your loving, patient art
Has come at last to he rewarded!
Who would not suffer slights of men
And pangs of hopeless passion also
To have his enrven ag-.iie stone
Ou such a bosom rise and fall so? ^
1\.HT Mftyor.
a few IIIkIiLs in putting up th- delin-
quent tax list, *,,, rthal the product of
the machine, btlh day end night will
ho In the form or reading inattor.
James Timnions who has acted as
our faithful And officii nt city editor,
for so many years has learned to nn-
i ale the linotype, and will devote his
time tin the future to the machine and
to gathering matter for th? large nurn
her of metropolitan dailies he repre-
sents. Mr. Anderson, the business 111 in
agar will take charge <rf the local work
and a bookkeeper will be placed in the
front office to assist him.
failures to steal our public school fun-
II has provided that the states may
engage in business to Mar to chock
encroachment of corporations.
It has put a check upon government
by Injunction and guaranteed to our
citizens ,'iti all matters th> right of
trial by jury.
It has provided for a system of good
It. has placed the cont rol of all cor-
porations in the hands of the people.
It has provided the best railroad coi
•Vw city marshal
mission law in the world.
With these changes it is hoped to ,, ,, . , ,
* It has given to the people of
materially improve the paper luid in
urease its s*ize. to either six or eJgli
•tor City Attorney,
TPor Police Judge.
Woe City Clerk.
Wor Street Commissioner
Wtw Assessor
l"V>r City Treasurer.
Var Treasurer Snhool Hoard
•V>r Councilman Firs' WM.
L. B. RITl'Ett.
9or Councilman, Third Ward,
sKor Councilman, Fifth Ward,
W. F. KI0RR.
Pattonsburg, Mo., Feb. 19, 1907,.
Editor Constitution:—How aboutth*
drawing of l.i.nd in the big pasture?
Did the i!eui'.ciat8 stand much show ii
Oklahoma? Every man in tilts country
as far as my information goes who got
a claim is a republican.. Not one deni
ocrat. It may have happa. . so, hut
it look- to me as If it was fixed to
put as many republicans in Comanche
county as possible, Don't let my pa-
peir lose out as ( wish to ka?p posted
on affairs in ' (n.anche county.
Y'ours & C.,
ii win itr-yd.
Boyd is in error in presuming
| slate a blanket primary system so all
ifficlals may be chosen by the dir
ect vote of the people.
These are. «une of the great laws
for the benefit of the pcopla of Okla-
homa that h:iv 1 J^ieii passed.
V\' > defy t.he carpet bagger, the fed-
eral officials, the Republican I'r ss Ilu
roan, or any other interests who are
fighting the constitution and state-
hood to point out one provision in the
constitution that is not for the bene
fit of tlvp people of the whole state.-
Democratic Press Bureau.
The Constitution is uot given to
that p< lltios had any thing to do with
making tlvj awards to successful bid-
ders iti the big pasture. The rule that
was adopted in making awards was
ibsolately fair to everyone, and demo-
rats fared as well as reublpioans. Of
;'ie names of successful bidders that I
ran recall, the majority are democrats
Judge Wittem, who prepared this ru
lee for the sale and who had charge of
making tlve awards, is a prlnc of d m
oorats, h's democracy is of that char-
acter thi! underlies the fundamental
principles of the party and not that
sort would do anything wrong to
gain a partisan advantage.
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It has adopted the best bill of rights
"Wladjamming, it has decided on some, ever written In any state constitution.
i*provem nis in the service which will it. has made tlve initiative and refer -
be quite noticeable by iU readers. Whi j endum modeled after the Oregon law
le one of Its contemporaries has been an imtregal i>art of our constitution,
pomping hot air, the Constitution hasj it has provided for two cent rati-
on keeping its plans to Itself and ad- road fares in the state of Oklahoma
«*£ to its subscription list, until the U has prevented the importation of
number of subscribers to the Weekly armed forces by corporations to corn-
•dition is non almost equal to the mlt d-pradatlons and terrorize ourcl
Mimber on the lists of both its morniii | itens.
«d evening contemporaries. It keeps' it has provide! for a fellow servant
* man oonsUuiliy In the field adding law that meets the approval of f*l rat
to the w«*|y |:St, ,uld lt haajod labor and that ui fair and just to
•nreued muh a pw slMUuit campaign
"•1th those who ItM upoa the pasture
tend that wlv n this isiductlve eo«n-
try k aottled up Ms will scari -
tf know ar f o4tar i>mntjr pa|« r than
In the future tfv, llnoiyfte In this
It |iiovi(l« d for an adequate «ys-
tem of mine taspsotion and will abol-
ish ofelJd labor.
It has forbidden the iaternarrUtos
rtf whites Mid Wftfk*
It has jwovided a good system offcr-
■Olce will bo r.n hro slii/ts I«. toad of eniptio.1 Uvre.
The nlgitf shift wlil b^ engaged n hu mad It Impossible for bank
Channel I, Benjamin F, Lawton, Okla
be 31 3s 15, $1201.
Dunk'm, Felix P, Temple Okla, se
35 3s 16. $1900.
Dexter, Fried, Oak Valley, Kan, Its
1 2 s 1-2 nw 3 3s 15, $2305.40.
Davenport Robert G, Trenton, Mo, lt
I 2 s 1-2 lie 1 5s IT,. $1650.
DeShaao, Angiei L hw 36 4s 15, Tren-
ton Mo, $2000.
Drwsnn, Bertha, I>etit:a, Okla, nw
12 2s 12 $1600.
Dodson, Aaren, Wichita Falls, Tex
nw 26 4s 14, $2500.
Btfer H B Hydro, Okla, Its 3 4, e 1-2
sw 30 4s 11, $2250.
Evmis, Evan, N New Cambria, Mo,
9 4s 12, $1855.
Franklin, James A, Sivifls, llond,
Texas, sw 1ft 4s 13, $2210.
Ford, Thomas H., Birmingham, Ala
Nt 2331, Third Ave, se 16 5s 12, $1600,
Fry, Alvin A, Ryan, I T s 1-2 sw
27 4s 14, $';uu.
Fuller. Ma the w, Ft Cobb Ok no 12
2s 12, $1500.
Fisher, Hairy E, C halm us, Ind nw
34 2s 16 $1S00.
Fancher, Stephen L, Thomas, Okla
31 2s 13. $2000.
Garvin, John W, Liaidaey I T nw 11
2K 14. $1360.
Green. Thom;u> J, M n-rsl w Hi
Tex, Its 3 4 i> 1-2 sw 18 3s 13, $2020.
Gallant, F N, Charlie, Texas, Its 3
4s 1-2 11W 3 4s 12 $2425.
Horsman, Jessie O, Frederick Okl
s.- 30 2s 16. $1600.
Harris, George C, Lawton, Okla se
11 4s 14, $2300.
Hathaway, Frank, New Murdock, Kji
se 30 2s 12, $"*">00.50.
HoweJl, Samurl D, Hobart Okla, nw
iS fill 19, $1040.
Hoekins, Charles W, Tonkawa, Okla
s.> 17 2n 8, $2030
Huffman, Elam S, Waurika, Okla
o 3 5s 13, $1291.20.
Hill, Clearfield, A, Lawton, Okla
■r 16 Is 12, $1500
11 iris, Ulesses, S, Frederick,
its 1 2 s 1-2 ne 4 3s 16, $132S.
Iiolbtadt, Chiimles A, Frederick
lift 22 3s 15, $1150.
H<ideon, Josiah W, Stroud, Ok nw 2
5n 19 R F D No 3 $966 40.
Johnson, Joseph A Lawton Okla no
32 5« 12, $878.
Jutson, Hilary E, Manitou, Ok, nw
32 2s 15, $1605.
Jotiiis, Claud M, Wichita Falls, Tex
sw 25 4s 14 $2408.
Johnson, Georg.i F, Hnton, Okla,
se 1 4s 13, $1792.
Kimbrell, William A, Chattanooga,
Ok nw 15 2s 14, $1600.
Llnskey, Will, Charlie, Tex, sw 16 5s
12 $1395.
Ixie Nat, Gardner, Kan, sw 30 ,'ls 15
l<a Count, Fr?d M, Nobl?, Okla, nw
9 2s 15. $1100.
Livingston, Lou R, Frederick, Okla,
ne 14 3s 16, $962.
Link, Jaiil s F Billing-, Ok!1 sw
5s 1,2, $2475.
M ,!bourne, O' , Waller, Okla
se 10 3.< 12 $1659.2b.
Mhnnell, Hurrel J, Hobar', Okli', n<
15 &n 19, $1601.35.
Miller, E T Liwton, Okla, No 812 N
Boundary, se 5 Is 12, $1578.
M.'haffciy, Jo.-iiph R Weatherford, O
R R 3 sw 13 3s 14, ,$1565.
Mixire, John B, Walter, Okla, sw
33 Is 12, $1505.
Millor, Jake, (Minco, I T sw 33 4s 13,
Mounts, Providence. Quitman, Te
nw 17 2s 16, $2025.
Mttlby, Mo I lie, Jersevville, 111 1 s
3 4 e 1-2 sw 30 2s 13 $1500.
Morris, Charles B, Talala, I T, s
34 2s 16, {2000.
McCarty, Robert L, Davidson, Okla
se 30 4s 15, $2128.
McCall, Edwin 0, Walter, Okla s-
21 3s 14, $1830.
Overstrott, Cornelius L, Chickasha
1 T Its 1 2 e 1-2 nw 30 3s 13, $1298.
Park ir, James W, Coyle, Okla, R R
1 ne 24 4s 13, $2000.
Pra*'-r, VVi.Uiam A, Henriett'i, T x,
R R 1 ne 30 3s 15, $1608.
Pennell, CJar^nce E Davidson, Ok
lie 28 4s 14, $2600.
Price, Llewellyn, F, Walter, Okla ne
24 3s 13. $1628.80.
1 ••■endorvllle, Richard, Ma Hand M>
sw 21 3s 14, $2408.
Robison, Georgo J, Cluicago, 111, 1556
W Huron, nn 7 2s 16, $1120.
Rouch, Jerome, Iowa Park Tex, ej
I". is 14, $1798.40.
Robenscm, Phillip L, Walter, Okla,
se 12 2s 12 $1290.
Rhodes, William N Sedflia, Mo, Its
1 2 s 1-2 lie 1 4s 13, $2025.
Stewart, Charles (!, independence, M
R R 7 se 7 3s 13, $1600.
Si|)es, Willi m, Ml. Park, Okla, nw
SU 2s 15, $1525
Sims, Tom L, Luirenoeiburg, Tenn
sw 24 3s 14, $1,575.
Shepherd, Roland E, Hinton, Okla
ne 11 4s 13, $1671.
Steward, Richard L, Marlow Okla s
w 26 2n 8, $1330.
St. Clair, Prince L, Lawton, Okla, ne
23 4s 13, $1501.
Thompson, George, Hastings, Okla
It R 1 se 17 4s 13, $1650.
Terry, aJmes A, Cleburne., Tex, no
16 2s 16, $1350.
Thorp, George E Cement, Okla se 14
5n 10, $1860.
Thompson, John W, Ijawton, Okla
Its 1 2 s 1-2 ne 2 Is 12, $1758.
Utterback Nollle E, Independi;nce,Ka
nw 10 4s 14 $2500.
Van Alle.n, John P, Caindem, Mo
ne 31 2f 16, $1600.
Walker, Ei'.ial R Geronimo, Okla
ne 17 Is 12, $1600.
Weathers, William E, Frederick, Ok,
se 19 2s 16, $1605.
Wisdom, Ambrose J, Busch Okla, n
e 3 En 19, $1650.
Walker, George, W, Romulus, Okl.
se 36 5n 19, $1920.
Warhurst, Jas A, Jr,Fail-mount, Ok
R R 2 sw 33 3s 15, $900.30.
Webb, Robert H, Cache, Okla so 33
3s 15, $S5S.
9 3s
Neil sw 29
221 Bond S! nw 36 4s 15, $2650.03.
Dodson, Giorge R. Shawnee, Okla
se 1 3s 14. $1515.
Davis, Charles E. Law.on, Okla :io
14 3s 13. $1626.
D ekii, Lon, Granite, Okla
1 19, $1500.
Dkh, Paul, Fairview Kan, s 3 Is 13
Douglass William I,, Frederick Okla
sw 15 2s 16, $1665
Kviuu, Sam II, Enid Oklo. sw
12 S1921.
I-ivans, Aiexand Tonkawa
Its 3 4 5 se 1-4 nw 1-4 6 2s 13, $9K)
Emery,Arthur J. Br; kenridge,
nw 26 4s 13, $2005.
Funk, David M, Duncan. I T. i
In 8. $1845.
Goetzol, Mary El n, Okla, n 37
2s 13. $1220.
Guest, James II H. 11 v II •. Ok in"
9 In 8. $3500.
Green, Jo ph S, Roby Trx ti' 8 4s
16, $2000.
Gasper, Mae F
4s 15 $1163 20.
Go ii "t. Chivies O, Norma'i
s 17 3s 13, $20811.
H'.xon, John L Man ton, Okl i R R
2 Its il 4 8 1-2 nw 5 2s 15, $1620.
Hudson, L&Mott, C Winfleld, Kan-|
se 29 4s 13, $2000.
Hi rman, Brico M, Cunihy Tex sw 36
4s 13, $2008.
Marling, Mrs. Elizal> th P Manhat-
tan, K.un, se 24 2s 12, $1600.
Huff, Clinton D, Frederick Okla ne
33 3s 16, $1601.
Hodgson, Cyrus C Wichita Knu, sw
13 3s 13, 1337 Vassar, $1365.
Harris James E nw 15 4s 15, $2000.
Hudson, George, Winfleld, Kan, nw
13 4s 12, $5007.
Hyeir William iD Wicli ta Fails, T x
ne 9 3s 15 $1600.
Ki 'liyon, M<ir ce C, Ponca City, Okla,
nw 25 3s 15, $!000.
King, Georgei W, Mount Park Okla
ne 9 2s 16, $1280.
Kinder, Luthrar L Bryson, Tex lis 1
2 e 1-2 nw 7 2s 15, $1460.
Kuney, Mabel A I>• M;rs la, Its 3
4 s 1-2 tiw 5 l i 8, $2510.
K J [.Is, Julius B, G?i"jninio, Okla, R
R 1 sw 2 4s 12. $2335.
Leonard, Nancy B, Davidson Okla
nw 1 4s 16, $2500.
1-aws Thomas J Granite Okla, sw It
2s 14, $1280.
Lindblad, Walter E Chicago III No
37 Dearbonn, sw 10 4s 14, $2310.
Massey .losaphene, A Frederick Ok
rw 13 4s 13. $1550
Tanner, William M, Lawton, Oku
nt 7 2s 15. $1755.
W'liars, John, Gentry Tonn ne i\
4s 13, $2510.
Whiielock, Efflo L, LaB i'.I-, Mo, sw
4 4s 13, $1505.
Wright, Andrew J, Kansas City m«
1701 Gemu ssce St. no 12 4s 15, $2116.
WlnkleniJ'n, Samuel W Liwrinc.
Kan, R R 10 II 45, no 9 2s 15, $1120.
Whitehiead, Wm .11, Frederick Okl i
Hs 1 i e 1-2 nw 7 4s 14. $2125.
Wliaiin, Oscar E Morgaaif^wn Ky pr
12 2s 14, $1200.
Whltt, Henry 8, Binger, Okla, sw 24
2s 13. $1615.75.
Wilson, Andrew E C-lltui, Tex nw
8 4.s 12. $1510.
Young, James K 0, Lawton, Okla,
sw 8 2s 13, $927.
Young, William H, Hinton, Okla *
1-2 nw 34 4s IS, 1800.
First published in Lawton Constitution
Feb 1 last Feb 28 1907.
Territory of Oklahoma, Comanche
Notice is hereby given that I, Bie
Cuddeb:ick Bros.
did on Ih" 1st day of Feb, A. D, 1907.
file ill the office of the County Clerk
'if said Comanche County, and
Territory of Oklahoma, my applica-
tion by petition of the required num-
ber of resident
taximyers of the town of Chattanooga.
County and
Territory aforesaid, setting forth that
the undersigned applicant is a person
of respectable character and standing
and a resident of the Territory of
Oklahoma, praying that a license may
be issuer to him by the county clerk
ind Comity Commissioners of said
Comanche Co. for the sale at retail of
Malt, Spirituous and Vinous Liquors,
on lot N'o. 15 and block No. 29 in tlv
town of Chattanooga
oaid petition and
ipplicatlon will be heard onthe
23rd day of February A. D., 1907,
„, , and license
will be issued unless tnere be objec-
tion and remonstrance filed In the of
'ice of the aforesaid County Clerk
before the aforesaid date.
Witness my hand this the 4th day
Witnrss my hand this the first day
Cuddobaek Bios.
of February, 1907.
4 eSw .. Applicant
K. M. Houston, County Clerk.
First published in Weekly Feb 2S<h,
Last March 28th.
Mather, J L, .Hastings, Okla sw 2a . , . nrnn™_,„ f „ „
«'>9nn I proposals for the construct
4s 13, t-2i ion o; a steel bridge will be received
Mixa, Frank, Center Minn, lhe ()fflce <)f ^
R ,t 3 Box 20 raw 33 Is 12 $1280. Comanche conn, , Oklahoma on or l"
Mason Lottie I, Oklahoma City Ok fore , 90 wU1 ^
Anderson, Thomas S Davidson, Okla'
sw 34 Js 16, $1250.
Anderson, Willam J, Wichita, Kan,
No 506 N Wiu'o, St n w 29 2s 12, $1896.
Abernathy, James S, Lathrop, Mo,s
w 14, 4s 15. $2120.
Bedford, Elijah K, Lath rop Mo, nw
12 4s 15. $2416.
Bascue. Natl' I,. Olatli". Kan, R R
S ne 26 3s 16, $1600.
Burton, William, H, Frederick, Ok,
se 7 2s 16, $1523,,
Barnes, Charles E, Perry, Okla R
R 2 m 33 1s 12. $1450,
Bonner, George W Jr. Rocky, Oixla
R R 2 nw 29 3s 15, $1100.
Clwmte Cecil S. Magazine, Ark nw
21 4s 11, $1595.
C<ildron, Abram J, Ochelata, I T nw
10 Is 1.1. $1500..
Calloway, Woodon„ K, salton Ga no®
17 In S, $|S50,
Cofer Surilla, J, Hastings, Okla, if
R I I! 102 Its 6 7 n 1-2 se 31 4sl3,$U24
Dickey, Mary 15, Frederick Okla ne
7 4s 15. $2200.
Downey, H^lward L Westslde Iowa
ne. 20 3s 12, $1400.
Buschke, Henry A Fletcher Oltls sw
In 8, $3007.50.
1339 W 16 St, ne 6 4s 16, $1016 30.
Moyer, Bert H, Alva Okla, se 22 4s
Moyer, Grace C, Alva, Okla, se 26 4s
13. $2300.
Moser, Robert L Cement, Okla. R R
se 34 "ii 9. $1550.
McGraw Michael J, Waurika Okla n
w 1 as 15. $1540.
McMillan, Charles G, Ben Franklin,
Texas, nw 2 Is 13. $2000.
McQuinn Irwin, Mondamiin, R R 1
se 15 2s 14, $2000.
.VloGuire, Henry P. Manitou, Okla,
sw 8 3s 15, $1350.
Nearv, Gtorge W, Okeene, Okla sw
31 3s 15, $920.
Nicholson, John M, Fredej ick, Okla
se 5 4s 16, $1175.
Pine, W'ifliam B, Gotabo, Okla, ne 11
2s 15, $1245.
Pool, Ernest M, Indiahoma, Okla,Its
1 2 e 1-2 nw 7 2s 16, $1320.
Patterson, Millard F Vinita, Tex
n w 15 4s 14, $2180
Potts, Albert L Frederick Okla, nw
20 2s 16, $1683.20.
Phares, Roy G, Benton, Kan, R 11 1
Its 3 4 s 1-2 nw 3 5s 15, $1628.
Patterson, Albert W, Piano, Tex, se
3 3s 14, $1250.
Rogeis, Eliza W, Froderick, Okla, R
R 1 me 23 2s 15 $1360.
Rouch, Jennie B, Cofieyvillc, Kan.
610 Central Ave, nw 14 In 8 $3521.25.
Rutherford, Rufus, Walter Okla R
R 2 se 24 Is 12, $1683.20.
Rogers, Josephine, Marlow I T, ne
34 Ln 8 $2720.
Rauch, Jacob, Klldarta Okla, Box 101
se 24 4s 11, $2845.
Schehrer, Fred, Faxon, Okla se 36
2s 13, $2125. "
Swing, Lewis, Lawton, Okla, ne 32
2s 15. $1625.
Stoddard, Roy, Chattanooga, Okla
sw 11 2s 14. $1201.6 .
SmHhson, George I), Lancaster, Kan,
Its 1 2 e 1-2 nw 19 3s 12, $1100.
Stover, Warren W, Norman, Okla
sw 16 In 8, $3650.
Swagerty, James A, Muskogee, I T
No 313, Fredonia, its 1 2 s 1-2 ne 4
5s 13 $1525.
Stumbo, Wiiibiar A, Perkins, Okla ne
18 4s 14, $1720.
Smith, Irby T, Lawton Okla, Its 3
4 e 1-2 sw 19 2s 12, $1803.
Sudlk, Minis lay C Moore Okla, R II
1 se 33 Is 12. $1380.
Swan, Thomas H, Plattsburg, Mo, ne
28 2s 13, $1550.
sidered the following day.
All bids to bo acoompanl d by a cer-
tified check to the amount of ten per
cent of bid submitted, drawn on some
wi ill known or reliable bank, and mad
payable to Comanche County, Oklaho-
This bridge will be construettid in
( omanchie County, Oklahoma, at a
point shown on plat on file in the of-
fice of the aforesaid county clerk, and
county surveyor o' said county, more
particularly described as follows; he
tween section 36 tp 2 n, and section 1
Tp 1 n, ir 11 w, I M, and as designat-
ed by th.3 following description.
Bridge No 152.
1-32 ft Span.
4-16 ft, tubes.
2-10 ft pannels of approach,
Bidders must furnish iheir own
plans and specifications, said bridg
must he 14 feet in clean*, bulk head-
ed and winged r.iady for dirt fill, th i
entire structure to receive a heavy
coat of first class bridge pavnt, after
bridge de completed. Satisfactory bon
must be made by successful bidder.
The right Is reserved to reject any-m-
ail bids.
Ross M. Houston, County Clerk,
By H. T. Wilson, Deputy,
Marriage Licenses
M, Cheney Kan, ne
DeGroff, Samuel, Buffalo, N Y, N"0 10 5s 13, $1620.
Shank, Harold
30 2s 12. $2495.
Tinker, Dodd, Fredonia, Kan, Us
4 6 sec 2 5s 11, $800.
Towns nd, James D, Coyle, Okla n
22 4s 15 $2020.
Truclove, Kirby S, Owary, Okla, nw
Wm. T. Posten, 25, Cornish, 1 Tand
Lottie Harris, 18, of Lawton.
iHf nry L. All son, 48, of Walter, and
Mary E Barnard, 36 of Walter.
vViJter Young, 27 of Lawton, and
Wll'.e Wilks, 19, of Frederick.
('has E. Ogllbee, 28, of Temple and
Fr . ces M. Jon s, 22, of Temple.
Pave Cole, 24 and Jennie Pitas, 25,
hot h t olorod, of Frederick.
Howard Tlnsley, 26, of Nellie., and
Jols Looney, 19, of Marlo<v.
Andrew J. Fally, 31, and Leona D
Crain, 33 both of Davidson.
James Layman, 50, and Blanche
King, 35 both of Faxon.
George M. William, 27, or Guthrie,
and Viola Barnhdll, 25 or Walter.
Robt Croft, 31, and Salle, Combs,
35 hotl colored, of Lawton.
Lewi.j Moore, 42, and Caroline Allem,
45 11 th colored, of Comanche.
Lli «h .Mitch.nl1, 27 and Maud Wilson
22 both colored, of Anadarko.
James Davis, 45, and Alice TYdford,
35. both colored, of Lawton.
J< hn W. Sorrels, 38, and Katie Rog-
ers, 31, both of Chattanooga.
Sam D. Reaves, 25, and Matti® Hwr-
1 Is, 24 both colored, of Oklahoma City.
••obi A. Thompson, 24 and Allle O.
Palmer 22, both or Walter.

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