The Lawton Constitution. (Lawton, Okla.), Vol. 4, No. 35, Ed. 1 Thursday, November 22, 1906 Page: 3 of 8

Ot tile ituuril l i III. li!id Jinn < I«l'd * |
, iiro<-t i-urd to (.be toilowin^'j n>nu k
Of Ladies' Fine $3.00
Shoes loi Only
• >00 ji ti rs o;' I ,:ylics' ti 11>> >'!.0 I SI
different styles of Factorv Sam
tin- latest shapes ^ikI leathers,
Weight soles 1M<I ill] f-i/,1
us consisting
|||' Shoe-;, ill
lieavv anil li
I lie ,n' Is vvi'i*i• lmught li\ us at a lii.u
mil will lit' snl<I ilia- same wAv.
arii ilit
('iti |i
easo (lie imisl fastidious.
>•1.011 sIp - for s'j...o ami si
Buy a pair of
I" llli illt'N .
Successor to M. S. Simpson
COMMISSIONERS' PROCEEDINGS. meet at p :.'t0 . m., of August 21st, I9n i.
R. M. Houston, C .unty ("leik,
August Mh, iy)i W. O. Weaver, Chairman of Board,
I 'Hie Uoanl of County Cowrala- By II. T., Deputy.
! •loners in and for Comanche County, 1
'Oklahoma, uifct at *j a. iu. I hi 4 da> j August 2l*t, IHOH
l pursuant tc adjournment, all members [ The l!o r«l of County < 'omiuiHsioners j
met at 9:30, A. M. tliin day, all mem
in., matter of hoarmu a tw.uln Pr<-*"«. "«• proceeded to the
Koail remum hi Wlcchita town-flip ,°*'"8 0ll,'"e8l:
came on to be h.-ttitl, anil arter urn* 1 In the matter of th' revocation of
consideration ot H<iiti petition in- lol- the liquor licuimw f Virgil Davi*, the
lowing oi-.i.-r was mad*: )tlllC ,.ame on to bf ,lt 8rd lin(Ut ia N|
i iiitt ti.e report <>[ itn* County
ve or on a i-. ria.u . ouueiuind mgn. " ,e Bo,rd Hdjouri.ed to meet at 2 P
Mthis day.
The Roard nit t at 2 o'clock, P. M ,
thi day, all members present. and pro
c eded the fn 1 >Wh g hu-inew-;
On motion the Hunk of Commerce of
Kre«l rick, Oklahoma^ in hen by cfesl-
w« y ibroiigl) sections i\t.
| ^ a II. 14 w . I. -M <is ordered by
I tfte hoard oi L'nunfy < ointtii.^siouorg
ot; and the same is ijereby ivjccuul
and uibiiiioweu, ana trial mey survey
acvdi tiuiKiy n through &e :uuuu
'l'p. I R. i4 VV .i.M. nud fcccboa
«i0 Tp. I N. K. lli I. A I. a« < otdih-;
lu )ouie lUVt'&U^itioil b\ the Llouid of
iv a Com tills
is hereoy ui.
tlid tlivj
o U;n^
a 0<.u«
erf by
d and
mid (\
■ j ] £>£.\
1 of t
The City National Bank
In its building immediately wes! of the Unitt-d
States LrfTitl Ollice respectfully solicits the
patronage ot all bidders tin the PASTURE
LANDS in i mi kill" the required
Certified Chocks
To File With the Bids.
We Arc a
United States Depositary
Designated by the Secretary of Treasury as
first bank organized in
such and were tin
(-onianchei ('mint v.
und Surplus $00,000.00
S. W KINO, Vice I'res.
-J. l
at*on. u«
VV.I Al. O W lit ti t lh
eu .ti ^liu.Uo, on 1. 01 me - ouUii^ut
i'liud wfucu lnice waa a^ieo . vipoa
by 1 ue sum 1.. watson, an 1 the tloard
01 > ouiny Coin 1111st loners.
On monoQ t ae haulages lu^c.-sed
the ilirotiKli set . «>o, owned l>y 4. O.
i^auier ait hereby lixed ul Vi
On mot ion Hie uuma^es aasesst t!
against the s. e. see J.i 1. t K. -4' H
tit liquor license toVirg I I >.\
to 8 II at ' c tail, ill tit. sj if i'ttu atulj
\ inoUh li(|Uor?, in flu- town ot Wavirik ♦,
oklahoma, be and the same is hortby
rovi)ked; to whieh the appli"\nt i x-
cpts ai.d s^rven not ce of appeal on
one of the Hoard of County t omenta->
si inerp.
On Thotion the KemonRtranet
the application and petition lor 1 |iior!
ot Haiti Vii^il ha vis, by O, !• .
Copy of Rulesand Regulations Governing" the
Opening of Ihe Big Pasture FREE
v>. i.Al. owned by Mrs. huubry, Ik Trayer et all, w^tn.continued until sueh
lixtfU i" niu.uu. itinn-asth appeul shall have beeu do-l
on motion the oftitial bond of Har- . . , , .
ry iluuiioa, couBtaoie iu aud for Ma- , U" 1 ,l^'"«et Ceurf.
Buire lownsmp is hereoy papro\ca. After considering veral hrid^
on motion the official i>onu oi i. T. jpe'itioiifl, the Hoard adjourned to meet
tiouannoii, Ciei k iu and lor Hazel j a.i 2 o^clock, P. M . August 1*9 h 1!KM>.
li. M. lloiHton, County Clerk,
W. O Weaver, Chairman of Hoard,
By II. T. Wilson, Deputy.
GaiJ and Ce£ a Copy at
Lawton, Okla.
United States Depository
. O \ PITA ti H i'( M 'K, |.Tti,i<)0.00
' Hi' ft Ptit'S AND PltOKITH, |2ff,(W).00
We ft \ ii« you 11 cull. We especially Invite corri-^iKeidenot* frotn pn"f l^itl§strln([
to hl<] on t/hlM lantl who cannot conioto Lawton to make their hfdn. We are pr«-
paretl to hirr lslj liiftjniutt 1- n con urnln*. the HiiIoh and Itegulatlons Kovernln^ the
opening of this lantl1
A ivrMrt-.; tile-'i on some National Hank must u vompany each hid. Let ui
furnish your certified cheek. liiiiik Is the r\ll'l.:i) HTATKH DKPOHITOUY in which the MONKY
from the > tl- of this hind will lh* deposited by the Lawton Land Office.
All (ioveruiu 'i t Officers here handling government funds deposit in this Hank
a«deslgnate«l by the United states Treasury Department.
This is the largest and strongest Hank la Southern Oklahoma. Our
stockholders have Individual wen 1th aggregating over ILWl.nnn.MU.
We want your business, re?;srdl« ss of tin- size of your iiccouut or the volume of
your business, aiid will extend 'very courtesy and accomodation consistent with
good banking.
First National Bank, Lawton, Okla.
■ United States Depository
Vice Pres.
Your Sleep Will be Sweet
If Ycu Sleep in
/v. *'' ■ ' ■
r At"-: ■■ 1 *.
..IS >
are so nice
Agen cy Caniel 1 •
Felt Slippers
and warm
And Only Cost 25c per pair
For Men and Women
Opposite City Hall
New lino of Ladies, Misses andCliildrens Coats,
atest in cut and fabric.
township ia lie rub j' approved.
un motion tne iieiuiou reqiieBtiiiK |
the aiipoiiumeiit oi l iiouiaN oKinuur, ,
juatiro oi iin; fence in an<i lor u. « '
Uivcr iow..oi.i,> t6 ucix-uy upproveu. j
un nioiiuii tlio in iLi .ii H'-jui'siin,;
tho ujiiiOiuiuieut oi i . u. H.iycr.) (i n-
staou in luiu tor lia^i lowu.shlii u<
lit;ioo> approved.
un inutiun Lne official bond of V. K.
Ko^uiii Luii.iLahio .ii aiiil lor ii.u*
•OW.lhllip l ill'. Ij> il|l,..1 V(!d
Ine Luuiij oin vcyor ih Uuruby
oi'iit'itu i.o piepaie |'lata, field util<
uiiU il*i ..11 Ul Liu: iliulitrr ot a pl'o-
pObcU coiiileuiiied Inynway Llirou^u
&eu. -2, 1. I X. II, and HVuiioil uU,
i . 4 .:J VV. 1. Al. and a. o u
paiu a ieiter lo the U. b. liiiiian A^eiU
i>i-iUIiB loriii Llie lieit'SSUi ot' 1111! jtro-
l usctl uighwaj.
ui Uiu niuiier of au error In the
sale oi lot 4 tiik 01, Lawton Cily lor
is u4 taxea, at ft th<' same livainn
been previously paid, it iu In'reUy
I oruered that said bale he i-an. elea,
1 >.na that a warrant lor $l/.5u wnU le-
;. al rate dl' liueri ii. I tiiereon Horn
. uate ol sale b« Urwau on lue t>iutviViK
j lunil in lavot' of .-\. li. Hammonds,
imrthaser saiu lot.
It is hereby oidered that the' lol-
I iuwiiig boundary linen be and lii<
j same designated lis voting precincts
1 in aud for KichunU township; be^in-
j iiing at the s. e. cor. sec. 1, T. ;i .S.
ii. IU, tnence we.-t ^ niiks,
Hence north t nnies, 'h nc>
"j west 1-2 mile, thence north 1 mile
through section thence west 1 i-2
| miles them e north 1-^ mile thence
west 1 mile through center of section
' ia T. 4 is'. JOW . 1. Al. iill north of lint
| line shall vote at Fletcher,unci all
south of this line to the soulIi lines
| of seetftrtis Ui-33-34-i.o-B6, in s;iid town
ship shall vote ar. JJlRio, Of ia,
In the matter of the liquor 'license
issued to Virgil Davis to 8 .1 at retail,
malt, splri'.oua ami vinoiin liquors in
the to a u Waurika, VS. O. K. Trayer
eta', Rcmouii ants, is bereby continu d
to August 2i)ih 19iiO, at 2o'clOcft, I' .
The motion of Virgil Davis in ibe
above case was over-ruled by the
Boa ul.
On motion a warrant f ir twenty-five
dollars, (-S25.), is hereby ordered drawtw
on the county Road and Bridgo Fund,
in fnvor of G, H. I'.rown, Tru.^tne, the
s4me in payment of a Distance iu
bnildinf; at township bridge.
On motion (he Board adjourned to
j meat on August 2oth, 1908, at 2 M.
K. M. Houston County Clerk,
W. t>. W• aver, Chairman of It .ard
By H. T. Wilson, Deputy.
Tbo Board of County Comrmseicnem
tnst at 2 o'clock, P. M. thisdey, Messrs.
Weaver and Hall, prct-ent, and pro-
ceeded to the following bucinose.
At thio time the matter of revocation
of liqucr lioease of Virgi; Davis came
on to be heard find the applicants
requiring a full Board present for said
hearing, on motion the ceus- was
ooatlnuad til! Acgurt 2let, 1806, tt the
hour of 2 o'clock, P. M.
On motion the Trustee of Apaslie
Town-bip was donated the sum of
twenty-five dollars, (?25.), to rapair
a bridge south of Waurika, across Big
Beaver Cr;ek, to be paid when said
Truitee makes hie report of the com-
pletion nf said same.
On motion the sum of twenty five
dollsrs, (|25 j, was donated out of the
Ask to see those new jilaid silk ."girdles and belts, all colors.
They are beauties.
S. E. Yaakel Merc. Co.
Pnone 100. Mlttenthal's Old Stand. Avenue O
John Thon «nd C mcert cornpany, I
s cond numb . of the Lawton Lyc-um
ourst", will Hppear at ibe opera houpe
Thursday evening in the follow!' g at-
tractive program combining mirth and
melody: j-
Piano March Militair. - - - Schubert''
Claie 8'one 11
Peculiar People Inthe Kauiily - - - - j
John Thomas
Violin Fanta*tiu,"LIndadi'Jhaniou- I'
nix" - A lard
Anni Webster Thomas
Peculiar People In Music ------
,1'Miu Thomas
I iAiio I'asquinadu - - - - Cottscbalk
(Mare Stone
Peculiar People In :itics - - - - -
Join Thomas
Violin tic *ic de Brilliants - De Beriot
Annie Webster Thomas
Peculiar People Ad libitum -----
John Thomas
If some one wi re to make you a present of two
tons of ^ood coal, you would tliank liiin, would
you not?
And if some one were to tell yon how to save
two Ions from your winter's supply, would he
not lie equally entitled to your gratitude?
If you willt'Oine to our store any day, we will
show vuu how you can save :tt least one-third of
vi.ur v\inter's coal bill.
Benbow-Horton Hardware Co.
Onier :th A. (' - Ijawton, Okla.
The Lawton
Marble Works
John A. Guthrie, Prop.
est of Court House Squure.
Lawton, Oklahoma.
Monumental work of all kinde.
Cut stone, Iron fencing, Estimate
'■li' Pi'f'.illy furnished. Correspondent
AN' ?800. FH'vG.
Ca us
(1 Thi". Miiraing
Slov -.
I ?
by Gasoline | j
Prom Thur 4*y Daily Oonailtiitlon.
^ From an i xolo'.oM of a gasiline
s'.ov.' oil t '• > : cud floor of til's build
Ing ti 421 Tlilrd s *' f!r was st
lined, .ft ;i "l't Jiis iirning this
fire was oba rv d ' i which nearly $$00
worth of prop vfy was dos r jyed. Mrs.
Mar.* Caldwell was occupyi'lg tht; plac
as a i 'iid -ii :1 and also hud her mil-
linery' stock si tvd j that plac.'. The
dam. ue to her goods* including a
piano w.'ll am-jutil. ,io more than $G()0
The grocery .ore siui .i, b.iow owned
hy H. S. ilradr. • ! wai gj-jatly dam-
aged by |,he w.i; u.->d ! i xtinguish-
ing the flra in the y.vim above. The
building was als^ damaged to the a-
mount of nearly $100. No insurance
wa3 carried by any of (he property own
em ,who mistained loss by fire.
LL, The Haberdasher
Sec him for everything in
the mens furnishing line.
Suits, Odd Pants, Overcoats.
I Viet s light Mud satisiiietion Guaranteed.
Representing /
ED V. PRICE CO , Custom Tailors.
Fourth Street, Ojiposite City Hall liiwton, Okla,
(Snmbllns waa being c«rrled on c,t
u rr.iHd rat. In r. frame buildlr^ at
Manitou Saturdt.y ctr.nlug when I h'
authorities« notified. Ijt-i- Carter,
deputy sheriff at Frederick, went .o
Manitou, where he found 'h (ambling
in progress and arrested tevcu of the
men engaged. They plead guilty and
paid their fine.- The furniture In the
building, wiili lite cards aud chip ,
were des royedv by the officers.
Seventeen net;ro colton pickers wi"
nrrested about the same fiin- two i:l-
Contimrent Fund, to the Trustee of les south f Manitou for gam ii;
! Iolton Township to RssiRt in building j T'uy had congr galrd a? ti small '. ; tt .
a township bridge across Jack Creek'net' the place v hi r- th-y w
botween sees. 11 & 14 in T 1 S, K 15 j wer destroyed by ti." off!' r.
W. I. M., the eitno to be paid when •
bridge is completed. i ' ,
.. , , > | Ai ( annon r. Produ e House—Car
Oo motion the sum of tw nty-fh-e . , ,
. ,, ... . . , load of apples, ,5 cents per busnel.
dollar#, (625.), Is hereby donaWd to t ie . ,
... . , 0 . , ,,, ,. , Car Had of po does, onions aud cab
Iriutoeotf Rock Cree* Townshiii to , .
... ^ .... 1 base to sell cheap. • S^4t
asi-ist in building a certain township l
biidge between sees. 2 & 11, iu T 1 S, j "
R 9 W. I. M., when the esih; shall have I Ov r 50 new styles of ladles coats
been completed. received this week at Miller Bros. 4
On motion t'm Board adjourned to Co.—tee their special pric .
P. T. BEN UW, Pres. W. F. MOFPAT, V. I'rcs, T. If. DUNN, Cash. A. E. LONG, Asst C.
Kcport of the Condition of the
Lav ut, Oklahoma, at tlx* close of business, Nov. 12. 1 !)!)!>
I> ,s and Discounts $7J,5U.o«
al Estate, Fur.and Fixtures 2i,:wi.:if)
. ntted Htntes Bonds 1:1,171 Hs
cash and P.!glit Ki.chan.'e K4.01I 'ii*
Total S101 .neti r,s
Capital Stock ${50,000.00
tHtrjdi'.sand I'ndivlded Profits. :.*.'lfl,r l
t lrcutatlou 12,{WO.OO
ItepoaltH 127.! 15.07
Total fll)l,un.5"i
We haveo|-pp.t ; u< 'i-poMt accounts since . •• .t - offi$7 97;i 7S «n
' 41) lilt./*, nrnlchls , y uiatifyMig to un. A KTlt()N(i I'Ui NT.
; C4Sh 0-. Hifd rf.-i C t i *. Dcbosits I27.SI& 07 T. H. DUNN, Caehltr
Lawton Wholesale and Retail
Comer of E and 5th Sreet- - Lawton, Okla.
Oklahoma ji-rown trees'of any.kind, or quanity of trees vou may
want at prices that will surprise you. Let" no agent gull you
butjeome and see our ■ tock. All trees true to name. We have
boen in the business all our !:ves and know how to handle trees,
and know what is best for i.iis country. Come aud inspect our
trees and be convinced of the facts, and oblige.
! Wanted=10oQ Children's Accounts!
$1.00 o^.^is b. 11 account ifn<l cv* <>n"
of the b st srhoiol satohcls . lij found
Jn Lawton.
Start 'jiic account wl'.h ft r,0; w ad 1
FO conts. makilr^g to.00 that draws 4 por
emt. ^compoun-d lat"! st.
On^ dollar avcd e«oh means
1C In 10 verars.
& Planters

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