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"" local betefs.
ill coinmunlcatlon for publication In the fol.
towlt>K issue of this paper must be In by Thurs-
day noon to Insure publication of the same.
Telephone 3
We make coupon books.
School report cards sold cheap.
New books at the Public Library.
Maps of the Kiowa and Commanche
country on sale at the Peoples
Voice office.
"Light Bread Patent" made from
hard wheat, is a home flour and the
"best bakers flour on the market.
28 photos for 25 cents four positions
Satisfaction guaranteed. Over E. L.
Kendall's store. i)1"tf
Try a sack of the new brand of
flour "Light Bread Patent" made by
the Norman Milling & Grain Co.
Take your grain to the Farmers
Grain and Implement Company and
receive the highest market price for
The Farmers Grain and Implement
Company wants your grain and will
pay you the highest market price tor
Winne & Winne Farm Loans-
Long time, best terms, lowest rates,
branch office in Cleveland County
National Bank building.
If you want good lipbt bread ask
your grocer for a sack of that new
brand of "L B Patent" flour made by
Norman Milling & Grain Co.
Guy Cox is prepared to furnish you
with ice. Phoi.e him your orders.
Phone No. 89.
The Norman commercial club at
their regular monthly meeting held
last Tuesday evening elected a new
board of directors. The new directors
are W. N. Hayes, W. M. Newell, Dr.
Meriwether, A. D. Acers, Dr. Hamil-
ton, R. J. Morgan, C. H. Bessent, D.
R. Boyd, D. L. Larsh. The new
board will select a president and sec-
Jas. G. Ambertof, Delia, O., writes:
"I had an obstinate sore on my face
which every! hing else failed to heal.
After one application of Banner Salve
it began to heal and after three apuli
cations it was entirely healed leaving
no soar. Barbour & Sons.
We understand that Hess of the
Democratic-Topic, while over in K1
Reno bucked a skin game and came
out loser $10.00 as most fellows do.
He is now trying to get even by
charging the registration and draw-
ing for claims as a big fraud and
humbug for which the republicans
are responsible. Hess when he leaves
home should take some one along to
chaperone him through the cesspools
of wickedness his curiosity tempts
him to investigate.
Thos. W. Carter of Asliboro, N. C ,
bad kidney trouble and one bottle of
Foley's Kidney Cure effected a perfect
cure, and he says there is do remedy
that, will compare with il. Barbour &
The Henryetta Gas and Oil Co., has
an advertisement in this issue of the
paper. If you are interested in gas
or oil stock you should read this ad-
Take the Choctaw Route when trav
eling east, quickest time, best of ser
vice, new equipment, close connec-
tion at Memphis for all points.
The chances of securing a claim in
the new country at this writing looks
like it might be about one out of
12 and when claims to be taken
are subdivided into good and bad the
chances of securing a good claim are
not over one to forty.
The greatest healer of modern times
ia Banner Salve for cuts, wounds, sor«s
piles and all skin diseases. It is guar-
anteed. Use no substitute. Barbour
& Sons.
A number of Norman people are in-
terested in gas and oil and in this
issue of the paper we publish and ad
vertisement of the Henryetta Gas
and Oil Co., informing those interest-
ed how they can secure stock in the
The county seat towns in the new
counties seem to be located in the
heart of Indian allotments and school
lan ds.
Lawton and El Reno have proven
drawing magnets for the past two
weeks and many Normanites have
been attracted and spent several
days lounging around in the dust and
drinking circus lemonade, some in
Lawton and others in El Keno.
City Scavenger, Jno. A. Fox, is
ready to clean up your premises and
out buildings at reasonable prices.
If you want him just call up phone
No. 93.
H. G. Lindsay spent a week brous-
ing around Ft. Sill returning home
last Wednesday night. He register-
ed for a claim in the El Reno district
after viewing portions of the Law-
ton District.
Any advertised dealer is authorized
to guarantee Banner Sa ve for letter,
ecletna, piles, sprains, ,-calds, burns,
ulcers and any open or old sore. Har-
bour & Sons.
Dr. Bobo started for El Reno last
Monday to register for a home in
the new country; but on bis arriva
at Oklahoma City the crowd of peo-
ple trying to board the Choctaw
train for El Reno so dazed the doctor
that he caught a Santa Fe train for
Norman. The push was too great
for him.
Fat lady—Don't steep too much; ex-
CJ-. and I. q.
Grain and Implement dealers.
A. R. Froman was over in El Reno
last Tuesday and registered for a
farm in the new country arrivin,.
home in Norman Wednesday and at
once began to look around for men
to start to work breaking on his
claim and some fellows also charged
him with looking around for a wife
willing to share with him in the
hardships of pioneer life in the new
Eldorado. At last account he had
not convinced a certain blond lady
this city that it was inevitable
that he should secure a claim in the
Science has found that rheumatism
is caused by uric acid in the blood.
This poison should be excreted by the
kidneys. Foley's Kidney Cure always
makes them well. Barbour & Sons
Prof. N. E. Butcher, principal of
the East Side Public Schools of this
city has been elected to the chair of
history and civics in the Edmond Nor-
mal School. Prof. Butcher's many
friends in this city will be pleased to
learn of his election to so important
a position in one of the higher edu
cational institutions of the territory;
but the East Side Public Schools of
this city will miss him and the
patrons will regret to see him g(
Dr. Geo. Ewing, a practicing physi-
cian of Smith's Grove, Ky , for over
thirty years, writes his personal ex-
perience with Foley's Kidney Cure.
"For years I have been greatly bother-
ed with kidney trouble and enlarged
postrate gland. I used everything
know to the profession without relief
until I was induced to use Foley's Kid
ney Cure. After using three bottles
was entirely relieved and cured. 1
prescribe it now daily in my practice
and heartily recommend its use to all
physicians for such troubles, for I can
honestly state I have prescribed it in
hundreds of cases with perfect
c^ss." Barbour & Sons.
Rock Island,
of Farm
Columbia and
Etc. Etc.
Opposite the
Fire House. . .
Norman, Oklahoma.
- . \7-v . ' i
Tlie Red Elevator.
Paid for Grain and Fat Hogs.
Best Terms and Prices
On best line of Farming Implements sold
anywhere in Oklahoma.
Osborn and
Binder twine.
of all
Farmers Grain &! Implement Co.
Married Last Sunday morning at
11:30 o'clock a quiet wedding was
solemnized at the Catholic Chureh
in this city by Rev. Father Minerod.
The contracting parties were Hon.
Jas. D. Maguire and Mi*s Grace A.
King. Both parties are well and
favorably known in both city and
territory. The groom has been engag-
ed in the hardware and implement
business in this city since 1889 and re-
cently was appointed by President
McKinley as receiver of the Lawton
land oltice, and the bride has held the ^
position of musical director and in-
structor in elocution in the Univer-1
sity since 1894 and her friends and j
well wishers are as numerous as her I
wide circle of acquaintances. The
* „ ®** i Voice ioins with the many friends of 1
rcise: don't eat fats and sweet.*, lo; , ■> , . ..
reduce fleBh rapidly tHke Rocky Moun- * , coul)'e 111 extending congratu-1
tain Tea. Acts directly on the fatty lations.
tissues. ;l5a. Ask your druggist. | Many thousands have been restored
to health and happiness by the use of
1 - edy If af- j
jug trouble ,
the hot weather very well. He finds j give it a trial for It is certain to prove |
the buildings admirable arranged to I beneficial. Coughs that have resisted
* . ! all other treatment for years, nave I
secure good ventilation and the line I vield^d to this remedy and perfect
shade trees on the ground enables j health been restored. Cases that I
him to give the patients a good outing j seemed hopeless, that the climate of j
every day. lie expects his family . h<?alth resorts fail, d to benefit,
cveiy uaj I J ; have been permanently cured by its
here next week, lie finds Ins job a uge> Bear in mind that every bottle
larger one than he anticipated but I warranted and if it does not prove J
proposes to buckle right down to it | beneficial the motiev will be refunded
and give the care of the unfortunates j10 J,(,u< l"01' l' reJ lteeJ-
of the territory the very best possi-j The ranks of the bachelors
ble attention. I this city are becoming sadly
ed. They are all turning Benedict
Arnold's to the organization and Jim
Smith can hardly figure a quorum
left since Maguire's desertion. At
one time it looked as though it might
be necessary for the legislature to
enact|a law specially taxing bachelors,
similar to law on this subject in some
of the eastern states; but such i
would not catch many rich bachelors
in Norman now; and before such a
law can be enacted, Jim Smith him-
self is likely to have placed himself
beyond the reach of its provisions.
Last Monday the preliminary trial
of the parties arrested in Oklahoma
City charged with the theft of Miss
Alice Brittain's trunk from depot in
Norman about two weeks ago, was
held before Judge . Overstreet and
they were bound over in the sum of
$800, each in default of which they
were committed to the care and cus-
tody of Jailor Chestnut. The names
given by parties is that of Brownlee
and wife. They stopped for a short
time at Wood Lyttle's hotel and left
town at same time Miss Brittain
started for New York and in some
mysterious manner succeeded in hav-
ing Miss Brittain's trunk checked to
them and an old trunk containing
practically nothing checked to Miss
Brittain. Miss Brittain estimated
value of the contents of her trunk at
something near $1,000. The parties
when arrested were found using Miss
Brittain's clothing.
lor Sale at a Bargain.
A horse power and wood saw nearly
new. For particulars inquire at this
office. 52-55.
® ©®®®®@@® ® ®® ®®® ®® ®@®®®®®®®® ®®® ®
: f
To Meat Market Patrons.
After August 1st nothing will be
charged in our meat markets and all
meats purchased must be paid for in
cash at time of purchase. This ap-
plies to everybody so please don t
ask to have anything charged When
ordering meat by 'phone either have
yourself provided with change or
coupon book to pay for meat when
delivered. L. renner,
W. F. Essex.
Maps, Maps,
You want to secure a MAP of
New Country to open to settle-
ment, The Home Seekers Guide
containing President McKinley's
Proclamation, plan of opening,
Indian treaties, Homestead
Towusite and Mining Laws, des-
cription of land by townships,
list of nnsurveyed lauds and
every bit of information a settler
wants or needs, accompanied by a
correct sectional map showing all
Indian allottmeuts, school, pasture
and government reserves, county
seats etc.
On Sal© .A.t
Piles Ice Ollic
Next week, ^v
No other allottment map will be out before this
will give half the
one and no other book
information this oue does.
Price 50 Cents,

® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® G ® ® O ® ® ® ® ® ® ®
The Model
Grocery —^
All diseases of the rectum treatod on a positive Guarantee, and no money accepted until
pat ient is cured. Send for free 104 page booh; a troatk'S on rectal diseases, and hundreds of
testimonial letters, valuable to anyone affii-'«'d. Aito our 40 page book for women; both went
free. Address, Drs. THORNTON & A\INOR, 10th & Oak Sts., City, Mo.
LlMHUfn. .\piv jt'ui uiuf^iuv. ju hi i \ iiiuuonmi^ u<i*> "t.-nn
. r ... , to health and happiness by t
Dr. Winkler informs us pat-1 c^amberlalna Cnuifii Reraec
ients at the Sanitarium are standing i dieted with any throat or lur
Have you ever given this j
Grocery a trial '?
10 DO 80.
You will find their Gro-
ceries the very best, and
prices the very lowest. . .
Opposite the Renner Meat
club in norman,
deplet-1 okla.
Sewing Machines : OLi^^NKAN'rUM
Do you want to make your wife a
t - 1 Du ri ti \£ I net M i v H n infant child or
present of a line family sewing ma- . * T . fttniti . ,
1 J our neighbor wax HutTerlN£ From enoi-
chineV Call at the Peoples Voice! riliMfHnlum. The doctors hud uiven
ottice and learn what an up-to-date > up nil hopesof recovery. I took a hot-
machine will cost you. tie of Chamberlain s Colic, (cholera
! and Diarrhoea Remedy to the house,
fp, ,, I tellmtr them I felt sure it would do
1 he old j eo(Ki jf used uecording to directions,
reliable "N B" from pure soft wheat 1 jn twndHvs time iht child had fully
and the new "Liirht Bread Patent I recovered. The child is now vigorous
from hard wheat, are guaranteed to I " vfr
be superior to any foreign brands sold knowl) it l(; fail —Mrs. Cvktis IIakEk
in Norman. Insist on your grocer j Hookwalter, Ohio. For sale by Fred
Patronize the home mills
supplying you with the home product j Ueed.

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