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The Peoples Voice (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 9, No. 52, Ed. 1 Friday, July 19, 1901 Page: 4 of 8

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The People's Voice.
KT.R.iP. A.
ALLAN & KIXSE, Publishers.
Treasurer T. E. CLKMEn t
Engineer ANDY 1J1BLE
It is reported that the Bryan
Democrats in Ohio, who were run
over and scarcely noticed in the
late Democratic state convention
by the Hill crowd, are contemplat-
ing putting another Democratic
ticket in the field.
People sweltering in the heat can
take some comfort out of the
thought that they are not over
eleven miles from where 88 degrees
below zero weather reigns according
to scientists. The way to this atmos-
phere is straight up and difficult to
travel unless you are provided with
a balloon.
Sometime ago we heard several
Republicans stating that the favor-
able season enjoyed by Oklaho-
mans should be credited up to the
McKinley prosperity administra-
tion. We move that this present
dry and hot spell be also credited
to the same administration. Re-
publican seem to hesitate or have
in their haste to get up to pie coun-
ter, overlooked the necessity for
such a motion.
The Democratic politicians in
this territory would take comfort
out of the setting up of the new
country, if they only could. They
feel quite certain the politics of a
majority of the settlers will be anti-
Republican; but then that free
home question is to be met again
in the next campaign. They charge
even now that the Republican dele-
gate is responsible for the #1.25 per
acre provision in the bill opening
the country to settlement and possi-
ble the charge is well founded, but
it is there and a Democrat can of-
fer no assurance to settlers that the
Democratic party will ever be able
to secure its repeal. The Demo-
cratic party in this territory is in
the political bone yard and the
Jefferson Democrat club under-
stands it; hence the formation of
an office trust so as to be in shape
to ask for the Federal appointments
in case of National Democrat suc-
in territorial campaigns and in case
of National Democratic success, to
step forward and ask for all of the
federal appointive officers in the
Kr.tered at the postoftlce, Norman, Oklaho-
ma Territory, for transmission through the
mails as second-class matter.
The Editor of the State Capital
is becoming frenzied over the pro-
tracted dry weather and he im-
agines he sees the ghost of Populism
arising and he has commenced to
fight it with vigor by talking about
full granaries, when as a matter of
fact three fourths of all the present
wheat crop raised in the territory is
now in the hands of the speculators
and the money farmers realized
from it nearly all spent to pay ex-
penses and balance in bank which
they will be forced to check out in
a very short time to defray living ex
penses and buy corn to feed their
stock should dry weather continue
much longer, provided bank still
continues in shape to pay its de-
positors. You may depend on the
dry weather not only catching the
corn but it will probably reach out
and shrivel up some banks that
have been speculating on depositors
The Editor of the Shawnee Her-
ald seems to have been designated
as wet nurse for the infant recently
born at Oklahoma City and named
the "Jefferson Democrat club"
Charley has been walking the floor
with the brat ever since it was
placed in his arms and he has well
nigh exhausted the list of patent
medicines warranted to cure colic
in trying to get the youngster quiet
long enough fur him to write an
editoral for the Herald stating how
it was growing and crowing for its
papa. All last week as Charley
marched to and fro passed the
window with his burden he could
see the vegetation burning up under
the rays of a scorching sun, with
not the sign of a cloud the size of a
man's hand in sight and it reminded
him of his editorial obituary he
had penned on the Pop party which
he was quite confident would never
rise again unless another crop
failure yisited this counrty. As he
saw the corn drooping and the
cotton doing poorly, with the brat
in his arms trying to squall itself
to death he was tempted while water
still ran in the North Canadian to
go out and drownd his charge and
report to its god fathers that there
was no use to try to raise a Demo-
cratic Moses in this territory for
there was going to be no Democrats
for him to lead out of this Populist
The Editor of the Shawnee Her-
ald knows better, but he works hard
to create an impression that middle-
of-the-road Popultsts are Republi- j
can assistants and draw sustenance
from the Republican organization, j
How about middle-of-the-road >
Democrats? Was the Palmer and
Buckner ticket in 1896 supplied
with funds from Hanna's barrel?
Is it because of the fact that the
Bryan stripe of Democracy cannot
connect with the campaign shekels,
and in the hope that the Hill, Cleve-
land and Gorman stripe of Demo-
cracy can, that the Democrat Jeffer-
son club in this territory wants Hill
and not Bryan for a leader in 1904.
Jt is a safe rule to follow in nine
cases out of ten to put down the
fellow, who is always accusing some
one else of receiving boodle, as
doing so in an attempt to cover up
his own slimy tracks. Is it not j
possible that the Democrat Jeffer-
son club was organized in this ter-
ritory for the purpose of having
something to sell to the Republicans
In this issue of the paper we pub-
lish an article from the Dalton Her-
ald, the leading Populist paper of
Georgia and also one from the
Southern Mercury on the future
political outlook as reviewed by
editors of the two papers. The
action of the reformers in Missouri
in steps taken at Kansas City re-
cently to form and allied third
party in our opinion tends to blaze
a way out of the political wilderness
the reform forces in the country
have been thrown into by reason of
fusion. The principles advocated
by reformers can only triumph
through a new party. Neither of
the old parties can take up and
carry them to victory. The union
of the reform forces can be effected
in a new organization; but it is
time wasted to attempt to unite
them in either of the old political
organization, s Some people say,
"there is nothing in a name," but
such is not true when it comes to
the old political parties. In regard
to these old political organizations
it would be nearer the truth to say,
"there is nothing in the platform."
Men have voted for one or the
other of the old political parties for
so long a time that the platform
has very little, if anything, to do in
determing how their ballot will be
cast. They have become partizans
and meet at the polls the Republi-
cans to beat the Democrats and the
Democrats to beat the Republicans
and while the voters in this country
can be held divided in this manner
they are easy prey for the vultures
who hold the reins on both of the
old political teams. A third party
provides a common meeting ground
for the reformers in both of the
old political organizations and here
they can meet on equal terms.
The two old political parties are
dominated and controlled by same
influences and to escape from these
influences the people must leave the
old organizations. When the moths
get too numerous in the bee gum
the bees leave the gum to the moths
and seek a new gum. The moths
are complete masters of the situa-
tion in the two old political bee
gums. This fact is apparent to
every reading, thinking and observ-
ing man. Under like circumstances
the instinct of the bee prompts it
to leave the gum. What should
the intelligence of man suggest to
him? Seek a new gum or remain
with the moths and growl because
they consume all of the fruits of his
Last week the Democratic State
Convention was held in Ohio and a
state ticket nominated headed by
Col. Jas. Kilborne, a plutocratic
manufacturer, banker and railroad
magnate. The name of Bryan or
the Kansas City Democratic Na-
tional platform was not permitted
to be mentioned on the floor of
the convention and an attempt to
get a picture of Bryan upon the
platform almost caused a stampede
and the poor fellow was glad enough
before they were through with him
to be let live while the crowd took
turns in stamping the poor picture
into the dust on the floor. The
fellow who thinks the Democratic
party is made of the kind of stuff
that will stand defeat after defeat,
for principle is very much mistaken
in the material the party is compos-
ed of now-a-days. It might have
been so at one time; but not now—,
that the Democratic party could go
down smiling even in defeat. It
goes down in lamentations now and
be laboring the Democratic leader
who would commit the party to a
policy of, "rather be right than
president." With the Democratic
party now it is Jay Gould's motto
"success—the question of principle
not to be considered." The Demo-
cratic party wants the offices and
it is ready to sacrifice any principle
if it will but secure them.
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