The Democrat-Topic. (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 9, No. 15, Ed. 1 Friday, November 12, 1897 Page: 4 of 4

. T. & S. F. TIn * Table No. 4.
Effective Nty 30
North Hound.
No 407
No 323
South Bound.
4:08 a. in
12:04 p. m.
7:37 a. in.
12:52 a. in.
2.04 p. ni.
2:04 p. ni
R. J. Mokuan, Agt.
K1 Reno
Oklahoma City
South McAlester
0:40 am
7:4." am
0:14 am
12:.'*) pm
!t:(X) pm
0(KK !HKK &tt8
Fort Smith Ar 4:35 am
St. Louis Ar 7:25am
St. LouiH Lv 8:20 pm
Fort Smith Lv 11:57 am
Wister Lv 1:30 pm
South McAlester Lv 4:10 pm
Shawnee Lv 7:35 pin
Oklahoma City Lv 0:05 pm
Ki Reno Ar 10:05 pm
3:50 pm: 9:05: Lv Ok la City Ar: 7:40
am: 12:20 pm.
4:52 pin: 10:05 pin Ar Kl Reno Lv:
0:40 am; 12:20 pm.
Trains leaving. and nrriving at
Norman, make eonnectioiiH at Okla-
homa City.
For rates and other information
you ever examined our ;
stock of Drugs, Watches f
., and Jewelry. If not
attention in called to i
' our place on Main street.
We also carry a new \
line of
Jewelry, ifcc.,all up-to-
date. Call and see and i
have your watches,
('locks, Jewelry and
by C. P. Younger who
is a practical workman
of twelve years exneri-
ence. All work guaran-
apply to
J. F. HotDKN, Tr. M^r.
So. McAlester, 1. T.
*[VeS OF ThjE
Wallace's Cash Store wants eggs.
Goto Wallace's Cash Store for
clothing; prices low.
Ladies' Shoes 5()c a foot 100c a
pair.—Grand Leader.
This office for fine job work
All work guaranteed.
A beautiful line of dress goods
at Wallace's Cash Store.
Wallace's Cash Store wants your
trade and will sell goods low.
Wanted A good milch cow for
her feed. Kuquire at this 0IV1
Lost A bunch of keys. Finder
leave at this office and be rewarded
Wallace's Cash Store is the place
to get good boots and shoes cheap
Tennessee Centennial and Inter
national Exposition, Nashville
Tenn., May 1st. to Oct.. 31. 1897.
See our line ot Steel Ranges a
half the price of the Home Com
fort. Brown & Bro
Try a sack of Acme flour. The
very best to be found at.
Kllbdok Bros
Tinware that will please you
our store. Kvery article guaran
teed not to rust. Brown St Bro
Small pill, safe pill, best pill
DeWitt's Little Knrly Risers
bilousness, constipation,
headache. \V T Mayfield.
Quick loai.s, home capital, fair
dealing- If you want to borrow
money call at my office.
c w iirbwkr.
Four hundred bushels of apples
at the Famous Grocery Store for
65 cents a bushel, come at once.
Klledge Bros.
You can save from to $." on a
suit of clothes by patronizing the
Oklahoma Dye works on Kast Main
We are now ready to receive the
new crop of corn for which we will
pay the highest market cash price.
Norman Mill & klevator Co.
Purchasers of real estate either
farm lands or town property will
do well to order abs.racts of Tate
A Kiugkade and then secure good
Call and see those elegant Union
Suits for ladies just received at
Russell* Co. We have all sizes,
and the prices are the lowest evei
You can't cure consumption but
you can avoid it and cure every
other form of throat or lung trou*
ble l y the use of One Minute
Cough Cure. W T Mayfield.
We have everything in the line
of Mens and Ladies Shot's—except
your feet. Let them bring you
right to our store*
ti hand Lkadkh.
W. T. Tate and A. Kingkade have
returned from their trip to New
York City. Mr. Tate reports a de-
lightful trip. His description of
Washington is enough to cause a
person to envy the Oklahoma office
aeekeis now in Washington.
We have on hands Canon City
and McAlester coal. The Mc-
Alester coal is from the Alderson
shaft. Canon City coal is worth
98.00 per ton. McAlcatel *150 de-
livered in city.
Norman Mill * Klevator Co.
Keuuoit Mathews, of Tenu. was
here Tuesday and Wednesday of
this week. He is a nephew of Prof.
Buchanan and an old time friend
of T. K. Smith.
"In last issue you stated that a
warrant had been Usued for me
charging me with disturbing the
peace*' said Geo. M. Goode lsnt
Thursday. "Pleas* state that I was
Millinery sold for small profits at
Wallace's Cash Store.
New stock of ladies jackets and
apes at Russell A Co.
\ No. 1 Jersey Bull for a good
milch cow. Inquire at this office.
\ new line of wall paper just
received at R. J. Week's the drug
girtt, including ingrains. Prices
xceedingly low.
For the largest stock of hardware
at the lowest prices, come straight
to our store. Brown A Bro.
Have you noticed what excellent
work he is doing? It will pay you
to have Joe Chambers to clean and
lye your clothing.
Wanted: Two girls to work on
vests and pants.
l\ k. c/.arlinsry,
clothier a: Tailor.
The line of Ladies A Children's
Silk and Wool Mittens just received
by Russell A Co., is the finest ever
shown in Norman, The prices are
Don't expose yourself to these
cold, blustry nights when you can
buy all wool blankets of Russell AJ
Co., cheaper than others sell cotton
mixed goods.
We CAN'T make photos at 5() cts.
per dozen unless we make a large
number and do ittjl 1(14.
So come along,
W. E. Brooks
We have the exclusive agency
for Chase and Sanborn's coffees
The best in the world. It was giv-
en tirst premium at the World's
Fair. Try it. Klledgk Bros.
Dr. Simmons' Sarsaparilla invig-
orates the nervous system, tones
and strengthens the digestive or-
gans, and at the same time eradi-
cates disease. 50 cents and 50 dos
es. R.J. Weeks.
Disfigurement for life by burns
or scalds may be avoided by using
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, the
greatest remedy for piles and for
all kinds of sores and skin troubles.
W. T. Mayfield.
There is no need of little child-
ren being tortured by scald head,
eczema and skin eruptions. De-
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve gives in-
stant relief and cure permanently.
W. T. Mayfield.
You can't afford to risk your life
by allowing a cold to develop in-
to pneumonia or consumption.
Instant relief and a certain cure
are afforded by One Minute Cough
Cure. W. T. Mayfield.
3amum once paid $100,000.00 for
the trunk which belonged to the
sacred white elephant, but even
that wouldn't compare with the
new stock of trunks just received
by Russell A Co. Special low
prices on the entire stock.
Wanted A thorough lumber-
man with long experience in both
wholesale and retail departments.
Wants position as manager of re-
tail yard. Address Lumberman,
Care of democrat topic,
Norman. Okla.
Lost his grippe- the man who
took Cheatham's Chill Tonic, but
he ain't kicking, and says it's a Lu-
o i Cheatham's Chill Tonic. Put
up in both
styles. Cure
It. L. liiidnger and Minnie Mor-
ris were married last Sunday at
the home of the bride's parei ts
fourteen mil«s northeast of Norma n.
The high contracting parties are
well and favorably known through-
out Cleveland County. Wo wish
them long years of domestic hap-
Farm lor Sale.
Two miles from Norman: Fair im-
provements, good orchard and
good water. Kuquire at Shafer's
blacksmith shop Kast Main Street.
"Sport,"Charlie Bessent's famo'is
hunting dog, well and favorably
known to all our people has shaken
the Oklahoma dust from his feet
and gone to walk the paved streets
of Kansas City. Sport was an hon-
est and upright dog, and was not
acquainted with tough beefstake
and never had to live on scraps
like some dogs. He was good
perform tricks, and "fetch" things,
and never missed a "point" in the
field. J. M. Curtiss left $100.00 in
gold in exchange for ' Sport."
Norman October 30,1807.
I hereby notify all parties for-
bidding them from buying a pro-
misory note, given by John Miller
to ,|. D. Henderson as. the note has
been paid off. John Miller.
Dr. J. I. Terry, of Trimble, Tetin
in speaking of Chamberlain's Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea Reinedey
says: "It has almost become a ne-
cessity in this vicinity." This is
the best remedy in the world for
colic, cholera morbus, dysentery
and diarrhoea, and is recognized as
a necessity wherever its great worth
and merit become known. No oth-
er remedy is so prompt or effectual,
or so pleasant to take.
If you have ever seen a little child
in a paroxysm of whooping cough1
or if you have been annoyed by a
constant tickling in the throat
you can appreciate the value ot One
Minute Cough Cure, which gives
buick relief. R. J. Weeks.
\ little child of J. R. Hays, living
near Colquitt, Ga., overturned a pot
of boiling water, scalding itself so
severely that the skin came off its
i re.'ist and limbs. The distressed
parents sent to Mr. Bush, a mer-
chant of Colquitt, for a remedy,
and he promptly forwarded Cham-
berlain's Pain Balm. The child
was suffering intensely, but was re-
lieved by a single application of
the Pain Balm. Another applica-
tion or two made it sound and well
poifjys ABOJT pEOpLE
Dr. Ryan, of Oklahoma City was
here Sunday.
W. R. Nason, the jeweler, has
gone to Kansas.
Fritz Hess, of Shawnee was in
Norman Monday.
W. K. Hooker, of Lexington was
in town Monday.
Joe Chambers drove down from
Shawnee Saturday.
Nathan Sellifit is in Oklahoma
City buying cotton.
Depot Agent Tusan, of Noble was
in Norman Monday.
W. M. Russell is recovering from
his recent sickness.
Mrs. J. M. Hardesty has returned
from a visit to Texas.
Justice Studholm of near Denver
was in town Saturday.
Will Crews left Tuesday for Indi-
ana to make his home.
I). A. Minor has accepted a posi-
tion with the Grand Leader.
There was a social dance at the
Opera house last Friday night.
J Lynn, of Purcell was one of the
many Norman visitors Monday.
J. W. Klinglesmith of Noble was
in Norman a short time Monday.
James Denison and A. K. Loom is
went to Oklahoma City Monday.
A. K. Loom is will make a delivery
of fruit trees at Norman nexf week.
The Christian Kndeavor is re-
ported in a nourishing condition.
Mrs. W. T. Mayfield has returned
from a pleasant visit to Fort Worth.
J. M. Smith is expected to return
from New York about the fifteenth.
J. P. Jackson was visiting his
brother, Jailor Jackson last Satur-
Mrs. W. B. Alexander of Alex, I.
T. visited Dr. Burks family this
Legal Notice.
Notice is hereby given that I
have funds on hand to pay the fol-
lowing warrants drawn against the
various funds of Cleveland county.
If not presented for payment they
will cea«e to bear interest alter
thirty days from date of this
Dated this 12th day of Novem-
ber 1807.
Name Reg. No
School Diet No. 5
J. A. Vandeford 5 I
District No. 18
Jason Carrier 1
District No. 40
Jasper Sipes 15
E. D. McCready 16
L. Diefenbaugh 22
E. D. McCready 32
Nellie Flitner 3H
E. D. McCready 34
District No. 59
B. M.Withrow 45
District No. 64.
\V. N. Rice
Calla Graham
State Capitol
W. N. Rice
Canadian Twp.
J. A. Menus Co. 84
J. W. Inman 90
Lexington Twp.
Ed. Stevens S33
H. M. Hardwick 535
Keller & James 536
H. M. Hardwick 537
.i .< 540
Milo Curtis 542
P. M. Whettington 543
School Kntcrtaimuciit.
A school entertainment and bas
ket Pocial will be given in the new
school house at Noble on the night
of the 20th of this month.
The program will begin prompt
lv at seven o'clock.
we have just received an assort
incut of Gent's tTnderwear. If you
need any, don't overlook this stock,
for we can please all both in price
and quality of goods.
Russell & Co.
The Rev. F. K. Brooke, Bishop
of Oklahoma, will preach at St.
John's Episcopal church on Mon-1 teresting
day evening at 7:'H) o'clock.
Everyone is cordially invited to
The finest assortment of New
Novelty Outings ever shown in the
territory has just been put on tlis.
play at Russell & Co's. They com-
prise all the latest Paris and New
York colorings nothing passe
about these and at the low prices
asked for them they wont last long.
The Liver Keeps People Well.
when the Liver is sluggish all
other organs are involved. You (
suffer from constipation, bilious- .
ness, jaundice, headache, indiges- !
tion.pain in bin k. chills and loss
of energy. You will never know
how promptly these troubles can
be cured until you use Ilerbine.
It curesf|uickly when other retne-
Several Canadian township citi-
zens were here Tuesday attending
J. W. McDaniel, of the Etowah
neighborhood was in Norman Sat-
J. W. Klinglesmith took the train
Wednesday evening for his home
at Noble.
Neal Smith a prominent Lexing-
ton real estate man was in Norman
J. R. Gardner, of Noble was look-
ing after business matters in Nor-
man Monday.
Misses Jennie Barnes and Julia
Williams visited Oklahoma City
last Monday.
Rev. J. S. Sherwood left Tuesday
morning for Muskogee I. T. to at-
tend conference.
J. A. Cox has moved to Oklahoma
City where lie will engage in tne in-
surance busiuesss.
John Sprows a Lexington mer-
chant was attending court here
the first of the week.
Attorney Newell and wife enter-
tained Judge Kcatou and staff last
Wednesday evening.
W. F. Bennett an appreciated
friend of this paper was in from
Etowah last Saturday.
Representative Allen, of Noble,
spent several hours in a good town
(Norman) last Monday.
Prof. J F. Paxton made a very in-
talk at the Christian
hurch Sunday morning.
Kd Kxelton, of Lexington was
looking after business matters in
Norman the first of the week.
C. K. Coursey, of Franklin was in
town Saturday. He says some
wheat is sown in his locality.
Bishop Weldon will dedicate the
M. K. church south, the third Sun-
day in November. All are invited.
S. H. (irigg of Excelsior Springs.
Missouri was stopping with Mr.
Loom is a few days the tirst of the
Vrof. F. O. Miller, who is teaching
the Adair school four miles from
town was a caller at this office Sat-
J. M. Curtis of Kansas City was
! here Saturday. Mr. Curtis is a
heavy stockholder in the Norman
State Hank.
Milo Curtis
H. M. Hardwick
Keller & James
K. 15. Stevens
Keller & James
1). It. Jackson
1). L. Powell
Milo Curtis
J. \\\ Boyle
J. W. Marcum
Mrs. J. Butler
Keller & James
B. Weitzenhoffer
H. M. Hardwick
J. \j. Gum
It. M. Davis
I). K. Jackson
15. Weitzenhotter
Ed Stevens
H. L. Bayard
J. E. Alexander
B. Weitzehoffer
Joe Phillips
B. Weitzenhoffer
H. Friend
jno. Hives
E. A. Denison
Sidney William*
j no. Wyatt
Case Township.
M. L. Canada
G. 0. Foster
ti it
\V. R. Lassiter
E. B. Hnngerford
...STOVES... J
We have just received a carload 8
of Cook and Heating Stoves and
Wrought Iron Ranges. Have the 6
.argent and Best line of these goods
at Greatly Reduced Prices. Don t fail
to see us for we can please you both
in (lualitv and 1 'rice.
oooeosggg (300®asr<;.osx3xx;)cxd(-^co(ocd
3jJ® /7|,X
•jtffcjSitfc yl/JNI/.|N)i< Sllfc XIZ.XJ-/- *}£>!!£ !■:£>;!£ i'i'i 11 -
y'i* /In y'ts s\s v,ix x.v xi • xin
dies utterly fail. Regulate the liv
purify tlii' blood. Herbine is >■ j W. J. Hess passed through Nor-
harmless vegetable remedy that man Saturday on his way to dist-
gives new life ami energy almost rlct forty three where he will teach
from the tirst dose. Price T."> cts. this winter
Free trial bottle Blake & Reed. CiitT Huff, of Garnett Kansas, has
The woman's C hristian I'nion ; taken C. T. Younger's place in the
of Norman, will hold re fular meet jewelry department at R. J. Week's
Tasteless and bitter I ing at the Cumberland Presbyter place of business.
Guaranteed. Taste-1 terian church, on Monday Novein Karnest Iirookshire and Miss
ber 15 at 3 p. ni. at which time it is May Hall, both of Cleveland conn
less iu "H)c size.
"A party living one hundred and
fifty miles west of here brought
cotton to our yard last Tuesday,"
said Hugh Jones. "He said he
would market all his cotton here
and induce his neighbors to do
we take pleasure in announcing At the M. K. church oil last Sal-
a public ricital to be given in the i>ath morning Mrs. Ferguson ad-
purpt se I to merge the organiza-
tion into a woman's Christian Tem-
perance Union if possible. All In
dies intcres ed in the best welfare
of our town and territory are urged
to give their presence. By order
of President.
University chapel Monday evening
November l.Y Exercises rendered
by the class iu Oratory under the
direction of Miss Grace A. King.
All are invited. Admission free.
Kdgar, the infant son o f County
Recorder IS. J. Keller was the cause
of an e*citeing time last Wednes-
day afternoon. The little fellow
fell about eight feet from the stair-
way. when he was pick hI up, Ije
seemed lifeless, word was sent to
the court house that he was killed
and to use Mr. Keller's words, "I
ust touched the high places going
ty were united iu marriage by
Judge Williams List week.
(1. w. Campbell has taken charge
of the Jackson livery barn which
he recently purchased. He will
move here from Shawnee in about
a month.
W. A. Rutledge and family left
Thursday for St. Mr. Rut
ledge enters the markets while Mrs
Rutledge will visit relative for
some time.
dressed the audience on the subject
of Home Mission® and at tin* close
of the services organized a wo-
man's Home Mission society with
some seventeen members. Their
first meeting will be held at the
home of Mrs. James Allen on next
Thursday, Nov. II, at 4 p. in. All
ladies interested in this work ar
cordially invited to be present. Locliie Kduionson and Mrs.
Bv order of President J W Sherwood left Tuesdiy uiorn-
Moniant* are useless if trilled >ng fOr their homes in Texas after
away; and they .J.,..uer„,w|y ^ yt*H <*«'' Sherwood
wasted if consumed by delay in '•nuily.
where Une Minute Cough Cohls .flickly caught are
33 00
1. 50
2 50
7 30
3 00
4 50
Blithest Styles.
Lowest Prices.
These are the two discriptive features of
our nobby, new line of
Here is a hintas to the prices:
Kersey ca^es, hancl-(tH Better (TH rA
somely trimmed,JK . grades worth.n I IT)! ji
worth $2,00, for $2.50 for
All wool Capes trimmed in braid and fur,
worth $3.50for 2,50. We carry them as high
as $10.00. Ladies Jackets from $3 to $12.5.Z
(LOftKS y^ND
to the
Alex Smither*
Norman Lb. C'o.
COLORED se liool.
J. \V. Hocker 58
j. S. Foster 59
.tames Bros. 60
Co. General
W. H. Ebey 2353
j. A. Lusk 2415
B Airhart 2418
B. A Williams 2419
Sidney Williams 2420
F. \j. Mac key 2434
F 1). Stevens 2440
C. S. Shinier 2485
B. F. Hughes 2488
A. T. Hunter 24*9
j. H. Hudson 2199
Twp. Sell. 0-1 w
Win Partridge Son 699
3 20
100 00
City Hook and |r*w<*lry Store tor Clocks.
" " " " " " Watches.
" " " Wedding Rings.
" " " 1 )i mvmds.
,, ,, ,, „ Kverything in the
Jewelry Line.
" " " " " " School Supplies.
" " " " " " School Hooks.
„ , , ... Holiday Presents of
All Kind- .
W. Rutledge, the only 1 Expert Jeweler and En-
graver in Norman, manager for I. 11. Williams. I!
you have had your watch repaired and it fails to keep
time, take it to Rutledge, the expert on watches.
Charges a; cheap as work can he done.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or money refunded.
i i
' I.iiil\ ««'1mo1 '1
Has lately bought the J. A. Jackson Livery
Stock. When you want a team that will
take you at a ''Nancy Hanks gait,'' see
j. r. McClure
Twp Sell. 9 1 W
M. McGinley
Twp. Seh. 10-3 W
G. C. Whitson
H. Aniol,
809 21.20
Co. Treas.
Parties from Hico railed on uu
(lortnker Morter Sum'av for a collin
j for Dr. I. K. Gilk«*y vv'i had died
,1 Sa111rcl;i> 11iu'• * Vi failed to learn
: his ' rn||I>U'
J. M. Thirat wood, ot" Grosbeck,
Tex , Maya that when lie haa a spell
of indijfeation, and feels bad and
slu^tfiah, he takes two of DeWitt's
Little Karly Risers at night, and he
is all right the next morning.
Many thousands of others do the
same thing. Do you? W. T. May.
§/U£ Of
lo be sol/J lit Mason it Chenanlta stile stable,
square, Nevada, N n-26, l.s;i7. I'onitistiiip
gilts and in brood sowt. Sir.-.I by the cetebraU
1-2 block fr,
nl' 1H cpriofr
il boars Ch
Black, U. S. llu.ll.y ,|r., Wlmi's Wunted .1 r
noted sires, ami out of brood sows of the mo
known to the breed.
Sale will be held under cover wher. nil will 1
Sale will commence at 1 p. in. Terms very liber il
and bavu a good time and in h business wav inv
the offerings and it will return you a bands, me
For Catalogue address.
Young, Smock & White,
Look .Me Over
t sensational ;
st a little
i public
mrs. .17
f I Am,
nd other
o I lines
the sale,
sotne "f
liluek .lack llerd of Berkxliiri'
and I'olaod China Suine.
Call and Inspect my stock. Yonujj
pijfs of both breeds for sale at reas-
onable rates at my fat-; eig;bt miles
east and one and one Half miles
THE - - -
Democrat-'! Oj
Does Up-to-Date Job

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