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The State Democrat. (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 7, No. 79, Ed. 1 Thursday, May 28, 1896 Page: 3 of 4

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w. T, Mayfield
MO 'Y I..
"IMS TAtfLf. A. 7.
No, 4«;7
No. 4'i'i
No. J:"! Loral
. t S\ ill!
Ml Carrie* llenn
chair curs urii v
mis l'ity ;-11 | >i
day uaila;
itH with Fri- • i. . ;
♦40b carries (linn-:
gleepeis from Ark. < y. nriivii
ji. in., KiinMii i it\ r.:."u i
connection t Wk'liiiu with r
< oi nt\ t ouki:spom>i:m i:.
Nutiee To Coiroapomlenta.
All communications must reach
this oflice by Wednesday morning
to insure publication in the fol-
! lowing issue.
Now Cnstie Ulta.
The late 1'iiiiiR have done much
good in these parts.
Mr. Arnold and Joe made a trip
to o:.lahoma City Thursday.
T. 1. Oversttvctof Norman passed
ICX 4 «i through this place Friday, on his
"< r *P 10 cents per roll v :i. io K> cioPt«.ir« togctcatue
MI,d np. that parti were driving to the
' 3 cents per roll < .mimy.
and up. Miss Hattie Graham who has
, i . been visitin her sister Mrs. K. B.
ri' the handsomest and , , . .w •
. Johnson fe: the past two weeks re-
11 I . 11 ;. t! i ).IJ .C.TS ill tllC. libit 11n-;;k-d to bar pleasaut home in No-
ket and are better than those | Me, okia. Thm-day.
Wall Paper.
400 Samples to select from
.1 KiU. li •
Conference. Cooked meats at the Norman
The Wynnewood District, Indian ,neut market. Atchison «.* McClin
Mission Conference, M. K. church tock. ,
>f any other maniifact'i.e. 1 k..
. Fatlie; tier was in ( 1.1 ;
and 1J • i > 1 iiin
.. at ii-Sii
' Kri.-i-u U. I
t at. Louis p. m. following day.
lii.i carries through nk-ejers m.-l ma City, las! Friday,
ciiitirmr- inrlvii:;; ; ; l'r VVt.rtli • :i0 a. m. tinl-
Vi'stotl I':-.*' 1>. m. • t.u* any.
11", carries llirotndi *riiair cars- nrrivinif at tiul-
vo-ti ii '• :~.'i a. in. iollowlnt: day.
Tickets sold to nil i-« t • in the I'nitcd
States a ad Im^uiiKe ilireiati to <U .-tsnation.
For iin'oimuiii.n cull <>:i or <uMn •.
it. J. Mokcan, Agt. auntii i o itsac.
' l, is again at Krin
Spimg conducting a few days
' meet in;;, will preaeh in Purcell to
i -lit t.iouday) accompanied by
his c! tighterOctive.
v.A.J.Worley wns l.i the city nt-l i :'1 J°l>n«ou returned home
teudiiiK tbc District Confereuce of | Sun<la> In m the creek uatlon 8un-
, has been water bound
fo; . > . ii'l is very enthuastic
i:il: 1 v I !■ bis little wife is al-
There will be a gamy of base ball
Saturday afternoon in .Norman be-
tween Purcell and Norman.
Frank Gilbert of Noble was in the
city, Saturday.
Mr. F. L. Bowman of Noble, was
in Norman, last Saturday.
Don't forget the closing exercises,
at the University, next week.
Mr. J. F. Boyd of Denver, was in
the city, Saturday and called on the
State Democrat.
Don't forget the closing exercises
at the University, beginning next
Sunday niglit.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Flournoy were
in the cityi Saturday, to attend the
district conference.
An effort will be made to have an
old fashioned fourth of July cele-
bration in Norman this year.
Walter Jacobs, formerly of this
city, but now of Pawnee, was in the
city hist week and made the state
Dk mock at a pleasant call.
Mr. W. II. Hallmark, has had
other favorable decision in his con
It I case and thinks that this deci-
sion of the Comnii -.-inner will set-
tle the contest.
All the churches are invited to be
present at the I'niversity, next Sun-
day night, at eight o'clock to hear
the annual : ermon, by Rev Mc-
Gili vray, of Gutlirie.
Mr. Mc. Clintock, formerly of the
Mc Clintock ; ■ d Miller, butchers,
has purchase d th Norman Meat
Market, and v .. glad to see all
of his old custom r
Mr. Di>:ler 1 . : m put on the
program of ti e National Indian In-
stitute, which met r. . I 1 reiice
Kansas, on July 13th. to talk about
Industrial Educati n .
Mr. W. W. Wingate of the Mill and
Klevator, return< \ from Te a- I : t
Saturday morning. While there
he visited th< cyclone district, at
Sherman and aw tiiernin effected
by the auful storm.
Mr. McClinloc1: who \
butcher business with
has again gone into bn ii
and Mr. Atclii "ii have p
the Norman meat market
Renner and will eoiitinu
same place.
There will b
mo school hot
ble on the 5th
people of tli1 county are invited.
The oce; iptt is the clo.-ii):: of tile
Alamo school and it wi 111 « an en-
joyable affair.
Mrs. Kimberliii and Mi Hartley
say they can hardly keep hats and
trimmings the;, sell so rapidly,
This speaks voluins for their pricey
and for Miss Burris as a trimmer
Miss Burris is quite an artist in hci
the M. K. church south.
Mrs. K. V. Mangum came up from
Purcell Saturday afternoon to visit
her daughter Mrs. Sol Owens.
Miss King went to Edmond Thurs-
day where she will slug before the
Territorial Teachers Normal.
The visiting ministers attending
the south Methodist district confer-
ence were given a carriage drive
Saturday afternoon.
Kev. Sherwood will preach espec-
ially to the membership ne.\t Sun-
day morning at 11 o'clock and ur-
ges all members to be present.
K. F. West of Ouincy was a call-
er at the Statu Democrat office
Saturday. He says there are just
as many democrats as ever in his
Mrs. Lulu Briggs and her two lit-
tle daughters left last Wednesday
for Dardanelle, Veil count) Arkan-
sas to -pend t'le summer visiting
relatives and friends.
way pie:! - ed at hi: coming.
mgla back again from
Darlington (). T.
Unit" a number of people from
. aw and Minco were hunt-
ing in this neighborhood last week.
John Thompson and lim Hall
mark went to Norman Sunday, we
think they are becoming photogra-
'ii.-s Janie Kelly, called on the
Misses Kelly Friday.
Mr. Liu Love visited his brother
Clate Sunday.
Mb Nellie Martin, rracie Ar
uold and Lena Easier were shop-
I ping in Nor nan Wednesday.
Uncle Tom Kelly lias been in Te-
cumseh the past week buying cat
( i jy F > . and Albert Perry made
a bus inc.- ; trip to Oklahoma City
Mr. and Mrs. C. w. King, Misses
Mlhover John, Burton Mrs. Lil-1 j:uia and I) ra Kelly spent Sunday
lie, Cook Mrs. Priscilla, Deal Miss
susie, Luttrell R. H., - tovall j. W.,
walker Mrs. sal lie, Waggoner T. R.,
Webb Mr.--, lb, wood J,. C.
There will be no preaching at the
g churches \
on account <
at the Unive
M. E. C. S.,
^.t Sunday
[he Annual
• byterian
on Walnut creek, took .heir dinner
and had a picnic in the woods,
they report a huge old time.
C bum got.
Dr. >
week fri
he has 1
Abbot Height.
o:itg< niery returned last
tu C'inciniiatti Ohio, where
et n atteiitliug lectures for
months. We are pleased
him in our midst once
to have
Mr. J. G. Martin and family went
to the Kickapoo county Friday vis-
Mrs D. Brannon of Norman was
the community last
visiting in
as in the
Mr. Miller
iness. He
•t of Louie
a picnic at the Ala-
!, south east of No-
f J nr. to which the
Mr. W.
'.Oh attended district
a '. (•; man last Satlli-
;,, i!t occupied the pulpit
and Sunday night, he
,1 splendid sermons, and
ined to be a good interest
the congregation and each
folio wi;
The Building Committee and
Trustees of the M. K. church South
met Monday morning and voted to
erect their church structure on the
oid site and have gone to w< rk col
lectin# the material.
The union meeting of the voting
j m i i .i " :-<:eieines < •: the dillereiit
churches which was held at the
Christian church last Sunday was
very profitable and well attended.
Mi - . ud DeCou was the leader.
One of the best evidences that
Aver's Hair Vigor is an article of
exceptional merit is the fact that
the demand for it is constantly in-
creasing. No one who use this in-
c inn . .bl dressing thinks of try-
in:;- any other preparation for the
Annual meeting National Educa-
tion a iation Buffalo N. V. July
7th I; llili 18U>. One fare for the
round trip plus $2.t"). Sell July 4th.
and 5. l\eturn limit July 13th. An
extension of return limit may be
obtained by depositing tickets on
or bt fore July 10th with joint Agent' ;>0jnt neighborhood some time
I. fterminal lines at Buffalo N ■Y- sine, wo had the pleasure of attend-
R. j. Morgan, A^ t | their Sunday school, they have
i it is a fortunate day for a man I an excellent school. Mr. Oscar Dye
| when he first discovers the value of tlici, superintendent is an earnest
Sai pa ilia as a blood pu- WOrker, and nil efficient leader in
rifie: . With this medicine, he | the Sunday school.
knows he has found a remedy upoi
which he may r« Iy, and that hi
Mrs.John Paxt
now conval
<,aie La. iter and wife
guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Doak last Sunday.
Abbot Hei Sunday school
lend the union picnic at Mt.
int the second Saturday in
>th ' hoola will be present,
ph asant time is expected.
While visiting
south, held her sixth annual session
at Norman from May the20th. io the
□ The Conference was called to or-
der at 9 o,clock May the 21st, by
Rev. C. F. Roberts. P. K. in the
Z. B. Whitehurst being elected
temporary Secretary, the roll was
called and the following members
were present Viz: -C. F. Roberts, A.
M. Belcher, J. H. Bass.J. K. Florence,
W. 1). Sauls, W. A. Huston, \\
A very t, Z. B. Whitehurst, J. F. Slier
wood, H. A. Story, Clerical Mem-
bers; C.J. Hall, T. A. C. Dun. I II
Miller; local elders and deacons. \\
Lawrance, J. A. Thomas, 1\ 1).
Webb, J. W. Gardner, J. M. Wade, B.
F. williams, J.J. McLeod, B. m. King.
J. G. Thompson, Lay Delegates.
Z. B. Whitehurst was elected Pt i-
anient Secretary, and W. H. A ver\ t,
Then the Conference went into a
permanent organization, fixing the
bar, setting the bourn for meeting
and adjournment, electing to do
the business through committees,
and electing that the President ap-
point the committees.
Committees were appointed on.
the spiritual state of the church,
missions, davine service, Sunday
schools. Kpwortll leagues, and edu-
cation, bible cause, financial sys-
tem. quarterly conference records,
books and periodicals, examination
for license to preach, examination
for deacon's orders, examination
for elder's orders, examination for
admission on trial into the travel-
ing connection.
Among the prominent visitors
were Rev. J. M. Gross, P. K. of Okla-
homa dist., Revs. Ferguson, Wells.
Russel, and Henry of this city*, and
Rev. W. K. Spencer of Little Rock
The following members of the
conference arrived and took their
places later, viz.: A. J. Worley, B. I .
Clark, C. M. McLean, M. L.Butler
W. N. Kllege, Perry Freeman. G. W.
Kimberliii, J. W. Cherry holmes, J.
P. Jackson, M. M. Henry, R. lackson,
S. P. Vickars, VY. A. Coles. A. M.
The reports of the preachers and
committees all indicated much im-
provement over last year this time.
The P. K. presided with bis usual
dignity and parliincntary skill.
The order of the business sessions
was good throughout, the reports
were received with but few alterna-
tions and amendments,- the
speeches were short and to the
As there was but little wrang-
ling over any point, much val
ble time was applied to encourage
speeches and experiences.
Unusual prominence was j;i\
to divine service, the preaching was
plain, practical and full of the Holy
Ghost, the praying and singing
were with power and much demon-
stration of the spirit.
The preachers and people rejoiced
We all will go back to our \ ari <ua
fields with renewed zeal, earnest
ncss courage and fidelity for the
Lord's great cause.
Z. B. WniTlvllt KST,
Memorial services were heldtnt
the M. K. church Sunday, Rev. Fer-
guson preaching the Memorial ser-
mon. The G. A. R. and Ladies of
the Relief Corps attended in a body.
The church was decorated with
flowers and the stars and stripes
Across the front of the
church just back of the pulpit was
draped a large Hag. Rev. Fergu-
son preached an excellent sermon^
full of eloquence and pathos, and
paid a loving tribute to the memo-
ry of departed soldiers who wore
the gray as well as those who wore
the blue.
I uUerHlty « f Oklahoma.
Annual Sermon Sunday. May -Ust.
IS1.Mi. 8.1)0 P. M.
Invocation. Rev. Sherwood.
\utheui Lord «>i Israel, Rossini:
University Chorus.
[{ending Scriptures,
Rev. Russel D. W Marquart > h
K. F. Taylor \
statum i:nt.
Of the condition of the Citizens
Bank of Norman at close of busi-
ness, May 4th, lS'.K'r
Time Loans, $58,343.83
Demand " «>,;
Bonds and Warrants. 14,147.28
Overdrafts, 1 ,f>2a.aS
Real Estate,
Furniture and Fixtures, 1,702.72
Kxpeuse and Taxi s,
Cash and Sight Lxchange. ^..22
Total. lrl2S,l\)3.13
Capital Stock Paid in, 10,om
Undivided Profits, 2.HM
Individual Deposits, 85,GW
Total, $128,103.13
I, A. C. Main r. Cashier t f the
above bank, do soIcuuiIn swear that
the above statement is true to the
best of my knowledge,
Correct Atteu: A. C Maiikr,
Iloiun the adventures of
Solo The Star of Bethlehem, Ste-
phen Adams;
Mrs. Mort L. Bixler.
Hymn: "Nearer My C.od to Thee.
Praver with Chant. (Gloria Patri.)
Rev. Ferguson.
Solo The Holy city Stephen Ad-
Miss Grace King.
By inn Core
Rev. A. J. McGillivray
ice and Love Ibarnby,
t niversity Glee Club,
Rev. S. !•:. Henery.
Subscribed an
me this 7th day
•{ seal [-
I sworn to befo
>f May. 18 Hi.
Probate J tidj;
i liter
life Ion
Has cu
a lib-
U thilt!
ale on
The Globe announce v
eral aniount of printers
they will open a niie- t «■
Monday morning June
people of Norn an and viein y are
always glad to have an opportuni-
ty to attend one of the (dobe sabs
for they know they are getting bar-
gains. '
The Commercial ( lab tendered
the members of the Mcthudi-t
< hurcb, South, District C< a ler,
a carriage drive over the city which
was very much aj-pret -.atetl b;.
v i- itoi s. I la \ ' ere t a!u n ty t!'
I !iiv i .-itx , eanitai iuui a . 1 V- at.-r
works, and they were much ph-a- d
witil all they saw.
lady is at lastconqered.
d others, will cure you.
(ienrge Bellamy today received
from Haskell Institute in Kansas,
an order for one of Bixler's Manual
of Industrial Education. The firm . but littl
which publishes the work is com- ; the country;
. d of Mort L. Bixler, of Normal* dan. !>y the I
and George Bellamy. The book | nesday night
Mr. Da\ Simp oil's baby was tak
en very ill while at church Sunday,
Dr. Montgomery was sent for at
out e but the child is still in a very
critical condition.
■ m hail torm which vis-
ited a portion of Cleveland Co. did
tiiildreiiK liny.
The following is the program
that was carried out at the Presby-
terian church last Sunday.
The church was beautifully deco-
rated with tlowers arranged in
most artistic style. Mufcli credit is
due Miss Corrette lor her untiring
efforts as it was she who took
charge of the decorating and ac-
complished such pleasing results,
and with very limited material.
The recent hail storm destroyed all
the tlowers in town but wild flowers
were used to a good advantage.
1 Voluntary
2 Singing "Before Jehova's awful
3 Responsive service.
Excumlon ItatcH.
Nation-il Convention Y. P. S. of C.
K. Washington D. C. July 7 lit.
One fare for the round trip, date of
sale July'.! :i ' and 8 good to re-
turn July nth.
An extension of return limit until
July :ilst will he granted by deposit-
ing tickets with Joint Agent at
Washington on or before II 1*. M.
July Hill.
Republican Convention St. Louis
june 10th lHWi. One fare round trip,
June 13 11 la. Return limit
June 21st.
Democratic Convention Chicago
July Itli iith and lith. Good to re-
turn until July '.Ust.
Annual meeting Baptist "S oung
Peoples rnion of America Milwau-
kee Wis. July 10 19 1 St Hi. One fare
round trip sell July 14th. 15th. and
10th. Good to return leaving Mil-
waukee July 22nd.
Do Not Despair because you
have tried many medicines and
huv, failed to reeieve benefit. Re-
member that Hood's Sursapri/la
cures when all others fail to do
any good whatever.
Hood's Pills are the best family
cathartic and liver medecine.
iiarmeless, reliable, sure.
Tender steaks and fine roasts at
the Norman meat market Atchin-
aon A: Mcclintock.
The latest in calling cards at the
Stati: Democrat ollice. You can't
buy them at any other printing
establishment in Oklahoma.
Atchinson ct Mcclintock have
purchased the Norman meat mar-
ket and are prepared to furnish all
kinds of meats. Fresh cured and
cooked meats Atchinson A: Mcc lin-
Don't miss the nine cent sale at
the Globe commencing Monday
morning June 1st. if you want to
know what they have for sale see
their big ad in this paper.
Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of Junction
City. Ill, was told by her doctors
pile had Consumption and that
there was no hope for her, but two
bottles Dr. King's New Discovery
completely cured bet and she says
it saved her life. Mr. Tlios. Kggers,
13'.) Florida St. San Francisco, suf-
fered freni a dreadful cold, ap-
proaching Consumption, tried with
out result everything else then
bought one bottle oi Dr. Kings
New Discovery and in two weeks
was cured. He is naturall) thank-
ful, It is such results, of which
these are samples, that prove the
wonderful efficacy of this medicine
in Coughs and Colds. Free trial
bottles at Blake & Scott's drug store
Decoration I ny >1 >y
The G. A. R. ladies, Sons of Veter-
ans and friends will meet at \\ il-
1 ia ins hall at 0 a. in. and form in
line in the followin • order.
Norman Band.
Comrads of the G. \. R.
Ladies of the (1. A. R.
Sons of Vetera in-.
They will inarch east to Porters
Avenue then north to tie > < an t.'.ry,
after the service- of decoration they
will disperse unliI2p. in. whi n ; !1
will proceed to the C)|
where the following pr<
be rendered.
Music, Norman Hand.
Prayer, by the Chaplain
j Memorial service liv Post
j Music, Ladies Chorus.
rating monument
Singing by children, ••America'
Music, Male ouarlette,
Address Hon. A. C. Scott Oklali
Solo, Miss Grace King.
Music Ladies Chorus
In unraveling a Murder Mys-
K k nan Doyle's
And will be
i: u will
looo People Imported 14111 •*«),
Wichita May 2H special; It is re-
ported that a cyclone struck St.
Louis, at a p. in. yesterday and that
move than one thousand people
were killed. A span of the big
bridge was blown down and many
boats sunk. Lightning struck the
big oil tank at the oil yards and
w is still burning at 1 p. in.
Here we Vre Again.
And ready to attend to the wants
of those who need
we are better prepared to turnout
a finer quality of >
rk than <
\V. K. Brooks
iair.age in this section of, 4 Singing, Children's Day.
to loan on im
some damage was
■aw rain of last Wed-
the rain came down
has been endorsed by the Territo
rial Board of Kducation, and will
he in use iu every school in Oklalio-
i ma, and, from present indications.
' la many of the states. The head-
quarters of the company is at
t< rrcnts that some of the
pr •
lil Reno. Hi Rei
5 Prayer.
0 Anthem, by choir.
7 Rec. Jcane Ambrister and Karl
\ 111 tTops were washed up in Rec. Ava uerry and Grace McCoy,
ph:et iiid f line replanting is go- s Singing, "Bring the children bo
ing 011 this wt k. ! Jesus"
Mr. ii. I i akerton and family were i tj tfec. Willie Mayfield and Clarence
vi-itinff on Klin Sunday. ' Morgan.
B li Brannon and Mr. W. to Song. ,4Tis Jesus loves the little
hi). Mage
y" ret 'arue; 1 b;
.mi licit Spri
r. l
,)f his heal
much b-.u
Hire has been thei
trip and to Keep
Oklahoma; Length'y specials to
the Kansas City, Journal have sta-
ted that Hon. Henry \V. Scott had
forw ar ' ! his resignation to the at
• ... . !" i. I h '•
vication pure and si
lv untrue. AnOkla
iative in '« Ml'. K1
court, and was bj
that fudge :
Silvi nad a flying trip to Okla-
homa City Friday.
Wonder what has become of the
man that aid it couldn't rain in
()klahonia. a. i).
r i in*
"Waiting to grow."
,'i e( iillivrav.
led f
at \\
A. M.
1 at II
Da; luii'.t
"The gain of living"
Annie Colliut
12 song, "We have heard Thy
13 Dr. Worleus letter read by niss
14 Anthein by choir.
la Words bj' the Pastor and taking! at Dav is Sou
the offering. j _ «—
10 song, "Was there ever kinder
17 Benediction.
Plenty of money
proved farms.
See Tate and Kiugkade.
If you want a nice place to board
call 011 M. B. Price at the Oklahoma
We keep marriage certificates for
sale at the statb democrat offic
Fresh garden seeds at the mill
and Klevator.
IIow to Treat a Wife.
(From Pacific Health Journal.)
First, get a wife; second be pa
tient. You may have great trials
and perplexities in your business
but do not therefore, carry to your
home a cloudy, or contracted brow
Your wife may nave trials, which
though of less magnitude, may be
hard for her to bear. A kind word
a tender look, will do wonder
chasing from her brow all clouds
of gloom. To this we would add
always keep a bottle of Chamber
| Iain's Cough Remedy in the house
It is the best and is sure to be need
ed sooner or later. Your wife will
| then know that you really car
is- j for her and wish to protect he
ntle ;l health. For sale by Blake & Scott
Try the Sight Draft Cigar at, May
Smoke the • Sandwich Set. Cigar
In the Sprin : a youiie. man
ancy liglitlj turns to thoughts oi
DeWitt's Little Early Risers, for
they always clean-e the liver, pin i-
fv the blood and invigorate the
system1 Blake & Scott.
The Norman Ri -taurant is a nici
homelike place and will suit you it
you are looking for a place to bo aril
Call on Mrs. Turner the landlady,
ind get rates.
Subscribe for the State Demo
CRAT and ask your friends to do so,
This is a campaign y ar and you
want to keep posted.
Now is a good time to buy sonu
nice house plants and tie place is
at Burke's, fit i do< r east of central
If you want nice house plants, go
to Burke's, the lirst door east of the
Central block.
IIoik'y Monej Money.
If you want to boi 1
Norman baildm. I 1
For Sale.
\ l.r- iking team, of four yoke of
. en Inquire of George Wheeler,
m ar the blackburn school house,
.ortheast of Norman.
Gkorge Wheeler.
National Republican Convention
bonis Jan. 10 One fare the
uiid trip Via. the Santa Ke Route,
ekets will be sold June 13 14
15. good to return June 2'st.
R. J. Morgan Act.
I)i. Simmons' Sarsaparilla effect-
;i illy aids weak, impaired, and de-
bated organs of both sexes. Its
•lion is quick and lasting. 50
, eu 1 and 50 doses.
Weak, pale and sickly women
•ud children made licalthly and
, >sy cheeked by using Dr. Sinnnous,
: ai vaparilbi. 50 cents and SOdosrs.
If ou are a candidate you will
\ ml some cards printed and you
eaa gi t them at the State Dj;mo-
t wat office on short nolice.
Ninety Per Cent.of all the people
need to take a course of Hood's
,1. iparilla at this season to pre-
. nt that run-down condition of
i the sy -teai which invites disease.
! Hood's Pills are purely veget :ble
aid do not purge, pain or gripe.
• of a c
id the
ie rush .lbout noon at
Restaurant reminds
clone. Come early and
r or lei
111 At
A. Ki
dbee the |
. k iation. 1 1
(ia -den *eeds in
and '£le\"aiar.
If you want a
hous go to the
Goto Mill 1
your garden
id Klevator b
:eds as they
the best.
On ' swallow dues llOt
Sprin.g, but one swallow <■
Minute Cough ( ur. brings
Bl ike A Scott.
Rich, Red and Pure Blood
had by using Dr. Si mum
parLlla. Only ."(> cents |
I'or every quarter 111 a man s
ncket there are a do/en uses; and
0 use each one in such a way as to
le rive the greatest benefit is a ques-
tion every one must solve for him-
| self. We believe, however, that no
it th Mill 1 letter us" could b.e made of one of
I these (pun ters than to exchange it
1 >r a bottle of C hamberlain's Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, a
medicine that every family should
be provided with. For sale by
Blake & Scott.
d I
cecp 1
f One
r I
tt le I
A. b. Wooster, a prominent citizen
f Oaseo Mich., after suffering ex-
ruciatingly from piles for twenty
was cured in 11 short time Uy
I)t Witts Witch Hazel Salve,
solute cure for all skin dis-
More of this preparation is
hail all other cures combined.
01 ti Nf\vK|in| «
lil. 1
H9W .1
a pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fiee
>Vom Ammonia, Alum «r any other adulterant,
In Indi ia que
:ises and bis pa
gut to i e in th
en of this ten i
sooner of bit
1 the affairs OI.
Ml on in eds t! 1
hy :• •' . - • tinly of
111 iu all of its pi
j, . :• one that *>
'• ' -if every citi 'e
I . • they must
. ; tb • (;m stion ii
1 hoina Capt Wo.:
nee al - • ipi>« rt of the people u, « •
lahoiti ; in the work that Iy i
; . t<. iiceonii'jlish. for he funl •
n\ ol • Uai les hi his way, esp ■ n ■
when trying to break up tb tril«al
1 i his. and in his efforts to inal.
the Indians self supporting.
I )epnrt 111
ury I.. \sp,Guthrie.
1 oi Diplomas to
luate iu Pharmacy
:;:30 P. M.
b> Musical
Miss Grace
r,8;(K) P. M.
>11 of tin ()klullo-
ty.'':3l) A. M
ten in Pharmacy.
1 i-uia-:, LEMI'AL
Dokram i:.
1 the Mtoelt IIolder* of tin- >or
man Mill X: Klovat >r Co.
The annual nieeting « 1 the stoc'.
holders of the Norinan Mill A Kb* ,
vator Co. will be held at their «>flic<
on Tuesday evening al eight o'clock
June 2nd. W. \\ . WiXGATK.
EraptloiiM on llie Skin,
Yukon, Okls. Ter., May. f. IHtu
We have been taking Hood's Sarsa
parilla for eruptions on tlr • skin
and are well satisfied with the re
suits. Mrs. Klizabeth Fischer.
1 lood's Pills cure all live' ills.
Very l.
The St an-Weekly News (Galves-
ton or Dallas) is published Tues-
days and Fridays. Kach issue con-
sist* of eight pages. There are
special departn eiits for the farmer,
the ladies, and the boys and girls,
besides a world of general news
matter, illustrated articles, etc.
We offer you the Semi-Weekly
News and tin STATE DEMOCRAT for
twelve months for the low clubbing
price of $1.75 cash.
Band ii
and 50 fu.' 1 doses for an adult
Kcac 111 a is a frightful all
but 1 ik.- nil Otlur slii.1 <li
on 11 In' |)( r:3iiUii "tly
cations of De Witt
Salve. It never fail
Bin! «• Scott.
,V Scott.
redby appb
Witch 11 a !
o cure Piles
I>1 . Simmon- ■ arsap n il
Htor -s and invigorates the
system, renos ale - and eni e h
bloc id, gives a ppe' i t e and l
the stomach. Only 30 cents
dow -s.
yxmr subscription
Oil I
Notice To i t
I):. Price's Cream Bokuij ' owdet
A I'ure (Irapr Crmni l aMe* I'owdcr
As our dinning room has been
somewhat crowded of late and
many have had to wail; we will
hereafter begin dinner at half p:
, |e\ eu Moston bet taurant.
< mug niothei
met months on ac
mortality among
|,y 1 m ) w < ■ 1 tnmblr-. I '•• f«'< 1 .ifi-ty
Hl;|. bl* llrtMlll '-'l tbil v.'lll. krrp nil
Imt-il IVWiu' folic and C'lmlera
CUM. <1 mluiiiiifUM- il imiinptly.
For cramps, bilious
| and diarrhne
It lief. Blake &
er, the proprietress of
Restaurant is prepared
, .1 i innodate a large number of
.aiders Call at the restaurant
i ' : I <
Impure blood is responsible di-
rectly and indirectly for many other
dl-eases. Purify the blood at once
ith Dr. Sininioiis Sarsaparilla.
i cents and 50 doses.
M. B Price, the liveryman, will
furnish you a nice rig. Call on
him at his stable on east Main St.
v e r think how redily
unt ( i the great , |u. blood is poisoned by constipa-
hildren caused '
for .A
1(1 the Sum- Did you
ilic,dysentery j
It affords install
tion inia blood means bad health
and periiiaturc old age. De\\itt«
Little I irly Risers, the famous
little pill, overcome obstinate con-
. , , Cream Baking Poi iw
Wi i I r« Pali Mighcit Medal and Diploma

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