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The State Democrat. (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 7, No. 79, Ed. 1 Thursday, May 28, 1896 Page: 2 of 4

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.CUe gttnte pcmocvat.
M<>ICT I.. lilXI.Kli, . Killtor.
MINNIE M. IIIXI.K.II - lliininra )U'r.
Fur Nhvrlir.
Tn llio rltlxunn or CU-vrluml County .
At tin- ronUmimi* Hulli'ltHtiou ol innny
friend* and rltizt'iixof Clrvrbiml county. i I h v«-
concluded to become a rnnriiilatc for fihcrlll',
subject to the action of the Democratic part),
on.' tr tin* i-holcc of tin' party, will me every
honorable nu-uits in my |io\ver t< l e elected
Vourn, M. C. Hi NY an
I hereby announce i
I hereby announce my cnwddtit-y for the
UomiLnllon of Slit rlIt «' f Cleveland count)
BUoject to tlic decision of the Democratic
primaries. K. D. Jaiino, lexington, 0. T.
To the cltlzcns o| Cleveland County: At
the continuous sn|U-ltiitl<>n of many friends
and elllzi us o| Cltvehnul coiini> I have con
eluded to become a cnmlhlaic lor Sheriff.
Mibject to the action of the Pannciatlc part)
and If (he choice of the purly, will use every
lionorablc iihuiik In my pow i r lo l c eleetcd,
I.xwson DVKIt.
County Clerk.
i hereby announce my candidacy for the
nomination of County Clerk of .'levchind Co .
aubjecl to the ilccinlon ol the Peinocratle pri
unities to be held June 20. (•• M. (loodc.
I hereby announce my candidacy for the
nomination of County elerk of ('loveland en.,
subject to the decision ol the Democratic pri
marles. I) It. Wynnk.
For County Ti
We arc authorl/.ed to announce the name of
.1 II. Trimble iih a candidate lor County
Treasurer, subject to the decision ot 'he
Democratic primaries.
At the request of a lurge number of Demo*
erat- f oil) all ovct Cleveland county I have
decided to become a candidate for the Demo
cratlc nomination forcounly treasurer sulijoet
to the duciaiou of tho primaries on tho 20th <>I
June. I.. II. Im ||i i
For 1'robate .1 mine.
A I ter contiuuoui solicitation I have coiiaen
sonted to bccomc ti candidate for for 1'rohate
Judge subject to the l>t mocratle primaries lo
be hold June30th. II. F. Williams,Sr.
1 hereby announce mycelf us a candidate for
the democratic nomination lor Probate JiuIkc.
subject to the decision (d the democratic pri
mary. J. D. (iKiosiiv.
For Superintendent of Nrliools.
I heieby announce my candidacy for the
nomination of upci intendent of Public Di-
stinction of Cleveland county, subject to the
will of the Democratic primaries ol tlio coon
ty. K. L. era lie.
Wo are authori/.cd to
of A, McDonuld of hexington as a • andidatc
for the Deuiocratlc nominal ion lor Supcrln
tcudenl of I'ublb Instruction of Cleveland
county, subject to the decision of the Demo
cratlc primaries.
ltcKlster of Deeds.
1 lioreby announce myself as a candidate
for the Democratic nominal ion for Itcidstor
of Deeds, subject lo i l.e decision of the Hem
oeratlc prlinarles. it. M. (irahain, Noble, O.T
We are authorized lo announce the name of
K. J. Keller of l.exiiiKlnu. lor Itegislerof Deeds
subject to the decision of t he Democratic pri
nuirlcs June 80th, 1810.
r Co
nty Commissioner.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
oflico of County Commlalsioner from the lirst
district, subject to the decision of the Dem
cratic primaries to In- held June 2oth. 1*%.
Jambs Uoykk.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
coUbty commissioner of the lii t district, sub-
ject to the derision of the democratic prima
ries to be held June:.'oih. J. M. Daniel.
For County Attorney.
The Statk Dkmim hat Is authorized to an-
nounce the name ol Mr « W Itrewer us a
candidate for County Attorney subject to the
decision of the Democratic primaries.
For Township Truster.
|_ 1 hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the Democratic nomination for Trustee ol
the Democratic prltnuric
Thomas Wynnk.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for Tiustco of Norman township, subject to
the decision of the Democratic pi imarics,
II. !•:. Walk Kit
Old People.
Old people who require medicine
to regulate the bowels and kidneys
will find the trite remedy in Klec-
trics Hitters. This medicine does
not stimulate and contains no
whiskey nor other intoxicant, hut
acts as a tonic and alterative. It
acts mildly on the stomach and
bowels, adding strength and giv-
ing tone to the organs, thereby aid-
ing Nature in the performance < f
the functions. Klectric Hitters in
an excellent appetizer and aids di-
gestion. Old people find it just ex-
actly what they need. Price fifty
cents per bottle at Blake & Scott's
drug sto?e.
Pursuant to an order of the Pcuiocratio
Central Committee of Cleveland county, O.
T.,iind in t i uformlly with a resolution adop-
ted by said committee, at a mcctiiiK held at
Norman, O. T. oil Saturday April 11th, 1WW,
it primary election to nominate candidates
for colint) ill d Iohi shipotTccs Is ordered to
he held on Sati rduy, June :Mth, 1WW,
Suld primaries are to be held at tho usual
voting pliiei s in each voting precinct, and the
polls cIm 11 be open at i* o'clock, a ui, and «lose
at ft o'clock p in.
Tho ballot Ikix and poll bo iksslu.ll bounder
tho supervision of tho township committee-
man, who shall appoint tom,t as Judges with
h line el I two responsible persons, undone or
more suituble persons to act as clerk.
I'poii closing the polls the Judges and clerks
shall count the votes, mako out ami sIkii bul-
imic sheets in ti.c manner required lu regu-
lar uicetloiis, preserve the tlcketi and deliv-
er the balance si.eels u> tho chairman of the
County Central Committee us soon thereafter
as practicable,
All candidates who deslro to be voted for
In tho said primary elect Ion shall tile their
announcement will, the chairman of the
County Ciuiirai Committee at least ten days
prior to iho said primary election. Each uu-
uouiiccnieul shall be uccoinpaulcfl by such
I J as may be assessed by tho llnaueo commit*
tee, to deiray tho nocoessary expenses of
holding the said primary.
All persons who have heretofore a 111 I luted
with the Democratic party ami who are In
sympathy with the prluclules of true Democ-
racy. or who will under all reasonable circum-
stances lend his vote and assistance to elect
the ticket nominated uro entitled to vote In
the pi unwy. '1 hut ut said primary election
the question of "for" or "aguiust" the free
and unlimited coIuukc of silver ut the ratio of
10 lo 1, shall he voted upon.
Attest: M. T. J. On pshaw,
W. J. Hess, Ch'in Co. Coutral com.
Resolved:—Unit wo heartily con-
gratulate the democrats of the state
of Missiouri for their brilliant vic-
tories in hehalf of free silver in the
democratic party of that state and
express our hearty sympathy, with
the democracy of the great south
"Jicl west, on the silver question.
We congratulate the Democracy
of Cleveland County for their re
cord for economy in county affairs,
during their term they decreased
the bonded indebtedness of the
county, several thousand dollars,
while the present administration,
with a large increase in taxable val-
ues and an outrageously high rate
of taxation, have not redeemed
single bond.
Resolved:- that it is the sense of
this committee representing the de-
mocracy of Cleveland County, that
it remains for the democratic party,
to redeem the county, from the
mismanagement of the present pop
adminstration, and to place the bu-
siness of the people in the hands of
men who are honest, trustworthy
and capable of conducting it on bu
siness principles, and who will not
squander tho peoples money for ad-
vancement of partisan political in-
We condem the populist admin-
istration of Cleveland County for
the issuance of bonds the interest
and principle, of which are made
payable in gold coin.
We call attention to ihe extrava-
gant promises of reform made by
the populists of Cleveland Comity
during the last campaign, especial-
ly the promise to reduce taxation,
and also to the fact that nut one of
these promises have been redeemed;
but on the other hand the rate of
taxation has been deliberately and
needlessly raised and the burdens
of the people greatly increased.
of carpenter and other mathemati-l work that will be of benefit to
him in ufter life. Leading educa-
tors everywhere arc indorsing the
idea embodied here and the terri-
torial I loan 1 of education after hav-
ing thoroughly examined and in-
vestigated the subject will adopt
the new work in tho course of
study of the public schools of the
territory. The author even in.
eludes a chapter on borax, which he
solicits from the pen of the editor
of this department, adding that he
knows "something of the economy
of using borax, and believes that
all such things should he taught
in public schools." With this man-
ual, the use of tools is taught by a
model and is so simple that no
previous training is necessary on
the part of tho teacher. It will lie
seen this will be especially helpful
in cities where manual training is
not yet the fine fad it is in Toledo,
and one of the main advantages
which will be quickly recognized,
is the fact that this practical knowl-
edge reaches tho scholar at an early
age many being compelled by eir-
umstauces to leave school and he-
come self-supporting at the age of
Blood means sound health. With pure,
rich, healthy blood, the stomach and di-
gestive organs will be vigorous, and there
will be no dyspepsia. Rheumatism and
Neuralgia will be unknown. Scrofula and
bait Kheum will disappear. With pure
Toledo Ohio, Sim<ln.\
The Candidates.
The Static Dkmockat presents a
good list of candidates for the dem-
ocratic nominations, but has noth-
ing to say toinlluence any voter in
favor of any particular candidate,
and we desire it understnjtl that
any thing that has been said in
these columns, has been in no way
intended to influence any one to
vote in favor of any candidate.
We tlo hope however that the
voters will be careful to choose can-
didates so that each part of the
county may have a representative,
as that will be quite ti factor in
the election this fall. Of course
the competency of the candidates
must be taken into consideration,
but that is not very much in ques-
tion among the candidates who
have announced themselves, in the
Statk Ddmockat, and who aspire
to fill tho offices. We make this
statement so that our readers may
understand that while we may
have personal preferences, we do
not purpose to use the influence of
the State Dkmockat, to help any
Your nerves will bo strong, and your
Bleep sound, sweet and refreshing.
Hood's Sarsaparilla makes pure blood.
Tint is why it cures so many diseases.
That is why so many thousands take it
t > euro disease, retain good health, pre-
vent sickness und suffering. Remember
Is the One True lUood Purifier. $1 per bottle.
■ I |, ivM curo I'lver Ills; easy to
110011 S I IllS take, easy to operate. 25c.
Mrs. K. DeYoung, Middleburg. Ia.,
writes. 1 have used One Minute
Cough Cure for six years, both for
myself and children, and 1 consid-
er it the quickest acting and most
satisfactory Cough Cure I have
ever used. Blake & Scott.
One Minute is the standard time,
and One Minute Cough Cure its the
standard preparation for every
form of cough or cold, it is the
only harmless remedy that pro-
duets immediate results. Blake &
I >cnioci'ut ic
errrtorinl Conven-
The Democratic convention
which met at Oklahoma City, Tues-
day, was the largest over held in
Oklahoma. If any one thought
that there was no interest in the
party, that thought was dispelled
by the large, enthusastic delegations
that caine to boom free silver. All
the old time leaders were there and
the new counties were represented
by able and eloquent gentlemen
It looked good to see such demo-
crats as Henry Haskin, and John
McMahon of Canadian, John Clark
Stillwater and a host of others dis-
playing such interest. John It.
Clark of Stillwater was elected tem-
porary chairman and II. M. Jiic.
kell of Alva was elected permanent
chairman and J. 0 Blakeney of the
Shawnee News, Secretary. There
was a hot time when it came to the
adoption of the report of the com-
mittee on resolutions, especially
when the minority report, endors-
ing the administration, was oflered
as an amendment. The conven-
tion would have nothing to do with
endorsing any part of the adminis-
tration and knocked out the mino-
rity report. Resolutions endorsing
Bland and. free silver at 16 to 1
were adopted and tho following del-
egates were elected. A. j. Beale
Oklahoma City, E. F. Mitchell El
Reno,Temple Houston Woodar, W,
('. Brunt Chandler, W. S. Denton.
Enid, Mort L. Bixlor.Norman.
The following alternates, were
elected, j. 0. Moorehead, Blaine
Co., .i. D. Ballard, Washita. L. U.
Niblack. Logan, j. TNI. llemmington
Pott. j. N. Coulter, Pawnee, G. W.
C rowel I \\ oods.
The convention. was hostile to the
administration and was not back-
ward about expressing itself. Wei
havn't space in this issue to print!
the resolutions but will do so next'
A New School Hook.
A new thing under tin- un i5 nl-
Mr. D, p7T)avis, u prominent live-1 "elcome, Something in an
ry in a ti and mcrchatit of Goshen, educational way is being done, way
Va., has this to say on the subject oat in Oklahoma, in which every-
of rheumatism: "I take pleasure in | body who believes in the best and
reccominendiug Chamberlin's Pain
Balm for rheumatism, as I know
from personal experience that it
chools and edue
will do til I that is cl
year ago this spring
led for It. A
my brother j
i highest f
tional matters, will be interested
This is a book called Bixler's Man-
ual of Industrial Education and
Domestic Economy. .Mort L. Bix-
ler editor of the Norman Dkmockat,
has now ready for press a text book
to he used in the public schools to
ale j assist teachers in giving their pupils
j something practical in the way of
Dr. Simmons' Sarsaparilla has a industrial education. Thinkers
specific action upon the secretions find that a flaw in our present edu-
and excretions and assist nature to | cational system is, that while the
students are acquiring book knowl
was laid up in bed with inflamum-
tory rheumatism and suffered in-
tensely. The first application of
Chamberlain's Palm Halm eased
the pain and the use of one bottle
completely cured him. For
by IJlake & Scott.
expel from the system
impure particles and effete matter i . . , , , ,
through the lungs, the liver, the j ecJge l,ie* l,ave little opportu-
kidneys and the pores of the skin. study the actual affairs of
50cents and 50doses, life and it is frequently the case
that tin
It behooves every citizen in city, j,|,al l"® who has spent but
town and country to keep posted'i little time in school seems to have
en in^^J""" Y°uth who h
. . L,P P<
on the stiriug events that willoc-i.i , .. . . .
cur in this country ami in tlu* Old advantage ol the educated one
World within the next nine months, in the actual strife and controversy
1 he results will effect all, personal- t
ifiin niv ti.;- .... lhat every man must meet and con
ly, directly or indirectly. This i
Irrigation Again.
The recent copious r;iins that
have come in the nick of time need
by no means discourage the stu-
dent of irrigation. Had we been
prepared lo store the surplus water
that came we might enjoy its uso
later in the season.
There is no reason why our peo-
ple should at times feel compelled
to leave their farms to hunt work
to support their families, when by
taking the means so near at hand
a remedy can be provided against
drouth. A very comfortable living
for the average farmer's family and
for tee average amount of stock
kept on the ordinary farm, could
be made on sixteen acres of irriga-
ted soi) in Oklahoma. This would
mean :i population many times lar-
ger, wealthier, wiser and better peo-
ple, and lower taxes, this i* 16
to 1 for you! What would KJO
acres be worth supplied every ten
days with an inch of water on
every acre! The reservoir I pro-
posed recently, at an estimated cost I county from winniti
of 1300,000, would furnish thirty I tjon did ail tlmt ain one emild ask
itn lies of water on every acre with- ;U,d weiv hom-t and manly all the
in five miles of the reservoir, allow-1 way through.
5,000 lbs. Turkeys.
10,000 lbs. Chickens.
Which we will pay
cash for at
Mills Bro's Com. House,
two doors east of Ark.
Ross & Williams,
Seal Estate and Insurance Agents.
NoKOtlutc Loans, exutnltio and abstract
titles, collect rent und puj taxes for non
residents, aud do notarial business.
Office In Citizen's Bank Bld'jr.,
Territory of Oklahoma, County of Cleveland
In Probate Court.
In tin-nutter <>f th' i Notice of time up
I'stiiio of > pointed for proTiiiK
l: Burton deceas'd) will.
Notice is hereby given that Saturdny, the l.ltli
dnv of June, A. I>. Itfiifl, at 10 o'clock a. in. of
said dny, ut the court room of aald court, at
Norman in the County of Cleveland, has been
appointed is the time and place for proving the
will (if said Hose Borton deceased, and for
hearing the application of A Hawkins the
issuance to him of letters testamentary, when
and where any person interested may appear
and contcst the mine.
Dated May 27, ls-jtl. s. J. Wii.kins,
■{ seal } Judge of the I'rob itc Court.
Notice For Publication.
In the District Court, Cleveland Co nty, Ok-
lahoma Territory.
Kllcn Cars well. Plaintiff,)
J A. Carswell, Defendant. $
To J. A. Cars well, above named defendant.
You are hereby notified that you have b*en
sued by abovo named plaintiff i it the district
court of ' 'levoland county, oklahoma Terri
t. try. and that you must answer the petition of
plaint ill', tiled in said court on the 20th dav of
.Mav, IWN'i. on or bsfore the Mb day of July,
1 Mm",, or said petition will betaken as true
judgment rendered against you granting plain
till'an absolute divorce from you.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my
hand and atlixed the seal of said court this 27,
day of May, Is'.irt. First published May as, is;Ml.
•' seal ^ w. ii. Khby, clerk.
By J. II. Scott, Deputy.
Notice for I'liblicntion.
Laud Olllce at Oklahoma OT.,May. '27 lH'.lrt.
Notice is hereby given that the following
nanied settler bus Hied notice of his intention
to make tlnnl proof in support of his claim
and thftt said proof will ! • made before 8. J.
Wilklns Probate Jud re at Norman O T on
July in 1896. viz;
Jacob Nell',
for the lots 1, ~ and > 1 n c1 ,* sec :i, tp 9n r lw
lie names the fol owing witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva-
tion of sni'l laud, viz:
Amos (iribblr. Folix Wells, (Icortrc C. Coles ar
Anell Bruiinan, all of lllco, oklahoma
11. M. Oil lev Iteglste
Notice for Publication.
I.and Office at Oaluhomn. O.T. May 1*90.
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named set tier has tiled notice of his intention
to make ti in I proof in support of his claim,
and t hat sild proof will be in ado before S J
Wlikins, Probate Judge at Norman. i>. T.. on
June 2:i, lSJiii, viz:
l.l DWKi Kit APT,
for the so J1 sec. 3, tp 7 n, r I w.
lie names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous rostdenco upon aud cultiva-
tion of said It.nd, viz:
John D, Bradley, Kills C. ('line, Jacob Mot
senboeker, J. P. Nichols, all of Lexington,O.T.
77 B. M. Dillby, ItPffister.
Notice of Publication.
U. 8. Land
Oklahoma, O. T., Mnr .il IBM \
t int the follow ing
probate judge, at Norman, O. T. on June. 1 18flfl
The editor of tile Statu DkmO- . N;.luewidow und heir of John
| li. ( ast lemuu. deceased.
. bat, takes this manner of thank-L for^tbjint.t.nds.'H tp
ing th- member* ot the Cleveland |
■ mint;.- delegation, to the Territori-1 joh di"ndMotseni«>ckor. oha . m. it,
til convention, for their unwavering
support, of his candidacy for dele-
gate t' the National convention.
While it was reported that it was I^nd omceat Oklahoma, O.T. May , PHj
1 Notice is hereby givwn that the lohowiiiR
illiieult to hold the delegation for ; «iti« ■>• * nu-i i.i« t.. m k..
• proof in support of bin t latin, and that
him, the statement Wits a falsehood, 1 M,l,\ 1n,of. ,r' In::t'1"' hl'forc ^. i-wilklns.
Probate Judge, at Norman. .Oklahoma. 011
as there was never any doubt, at Juno 28, iWki,yfc. vgox M,HFS
any time as to the attitude of the ! fofthe m>1,. mv..u twpm„, r 1 w.
1 Be names the lollowing witnesses to prove
I delegation, and this report was cir-1 hiN •• ''deuce upon and cultivation
I ciliated in order to keep Cleveland
The dele^a-
•r an.l Alexander i«", Morri-
ll M IHLI.RT, Itegister
or Publication.
of «ahl land, vi/
ncll ti. Hrani
S. 'flhbot, Willi;
H M. 1)11.1.4Y, Itegistei
Notice for Publication. Notice f. r I n' .
!j" : " Jt oklahoma < . T . Mart h 24 im. . th I)i„triGt ('ourt.
miotic l« hereto jrlvcu that the tullowluir , 1 v
named settler has tll- d notice o? Ills lulciillon IMbtllct, In and lor Lle\
to rnuke tlnnl ptoof iu support ol hi claim, Oklahoma Territory-
and that suld poof will be bot;n«- H J . , .
Wilklns I'rolnito Judte, at. Norman T. oi, 1-'.M.C nrtico I Ini: ..
May 27 I8U8. viz:
Anton Llnii' inann,
for the n <• U. * ;<■ 10, twp S, 11 r 1 w.
lie names the follow Ing wlttu ssc.i to prove
Ids continuous residence upon unc cultiva-
tion of said land, vl/.:
J. II. Itoune. >r.. J II. Koai.i. Jr., John I'iebtn
and August lloll'uian, all of Norman, < . 1.
Ii. M. Dll.t.KV.
ing 2,700 gallons to the inch perl
acre. Could not the well earned
increment on the laud he soar-
ranged that it would pay . large!
share of the cost of construction of |
the plant. J. l<\ l avlor. I
Washington dispatch :iys. The
president has been told that not
only will the sound money dement
loh its Iil; 111 in Chicago, hut that a be©
triumphant and merciless
In tho I )istrict Court of Cleveland coun-
ty. Third Judicial District, Territory of
N.J, 1 lainilton, I'laintilF.
Notice of Publication.
ti. s. LAni> Office, at(
oklahoma City o. T., May. 1, isvti. i
Notice Im hereby gl\cn that the following
named settler has lllou notice of hi* intention
to make ti It'll proof iu support of liln claim, and
Uie vaid prool will he mane before 8 J Wlikins
udge at ^orman, O T, ou Juneir>
, viz:
John T. Wulkcr.
for the lots a, 4, and e'.siv^ sec 7 tp « r 1 \v,
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous resilience upon and cultivation of
tiaid laud, vis:
W. ■«. Phillips W !•'. Mill, J. W. Starnc and
Geo. Alexander all of Norman, O T.
It. M., KtRister
Notice for Publication.
1-4-Ufi Land Office At i
Oklahoma O,r. Mnrch 17 iwm.1
Notice In hereby given that the following
named settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make tlnnl proof in support of his claim, and
th-ttsuid proof will be made before S. J; Wil-
klns, probate judge at Norman, Okla, on
May ~r> 18UH vi/.:
Kngene P. Howiuan.
for the 11 c f4' sec twp s n range 2 west.
lie names the following witnesses t > prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, Kiiid land, viz.
J T Moore. .1 N Appleby, I. F HowmttU, of Noble
O T, .1 11 Appleby of Norman O.T
b. m. dili.ry.
Notice for 1'ubllcatloii.
1*1845 0.8. Land Office, at /
OKLAHOM O. T., Mnr .'I. IK'.lfl. *
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim,and
that said proof will be made before S J. W'il-
kius. Probate Judge at Norman, O. T., on May.
871896, viz:
William M. (iribble,
for the a. e. 1, Sec : t t. 10 it r I w.
He names tho following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva-
tion of said laud, vi/.:
I.. W. Silver, .1. K. Oilkcy, James II. Adams
and Amos L. "iribble. all of Hico, O.T.
It. M. l)tt.ley, Reglstc r.
Notice For l'uniteatlon.
Land Office at Oklahoma, Okla Mar. ^ I WW
Notice is hereby given that tho following
named settler has tiled notice of his inten-
tion to make ti ti a I proof in support of his
claim, aud thai said proof will be made be-
fore S. J. Wlikins, 1'robate Judge, at
Norman OT, on May 1«1H>, viz:
Jason P. Llndulf,
for the lots 3, t aud s1-.. n w 1-1 sec 'I, tp 8, n r
lie names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva-
tion of said land, viz:
Malcolm M. iienry, James (i. Kvans, Andrew
J. l'otts, and I vernon M. Little, all of Norman,
O, T.
li. M, Dillby,
Notice for I'uhllcntKiu.
Land Ofllce at Oklahoma, o. T.J
May 7th. 1800. J
Notice Is hereby given that the following-
named settler has Illed notice of his intention
to make tinul proof in support of his claim, ami
that said proof will be madfo before8, J, Wilklns
Probate Judge at Norman, O, T., 011 July I .,
lH'.'li, viz:
Carrie Hall, widow and heirof Oervase 11*11,
deceased, for tho nw '.t sec. UH, twp h n. r 1 w.
She names the following witnesses to prove
her continuous residence upon and cultiva-
tlon of. said land, vi/.:
Frank Moris, John T. (iraham, Kendal <iud-
dlf. Kdna C. Clltrord, all of Hall, Oklahoma
',7 B. M. Dillbt Register,
Notice For Publication,
Land Office at Oklahoma" O. T, (
April :.'l. i vjrt.i
Notice is hereby given that the 'ollowing
named settler has ti led notice of intention
to make final proof in support of her claim and
that said proof will be made before S. J. Wli-
kins Probate Judge, at Norman O 0*1
JuiH*. 10 viz:
Viola A. brewer, widow and heir of Andrew
W. Appleby,deceased,
for the w 1 • I sec -M tp M ni l w.
She names the following witnesses to prove
her continuous residence upon and cultiva-
tion of said land, viz:
Otto Amrleii a id Karl Auiricu oi N.>I lo
Oklahoma, Herman F. Newblock and V Ili im
K. Outhouse, of Norman O. T.
n M. Dili by. Register.
Notice for I'ublication.
Land Office At/
Oklahoma O. T. April, ls'.Hi. (
Notice is hereby given that the I'ollowinw-
natned settler bus filed notice of her inten-
tion to make final proof in 11 j:;. : t of her
claim, and that said proof will be made be-
fore S.I Wilklns Probate Judge at Norman ()
Ton June 10 1896 viz:
Elizabeth S. Tarpley, widow and heir of John
Tarpley, deccused,
for the s e 1-4 see !• I p 7 n r 1 w.
She niuuos tho following witnesses to prove
her eon( init ios resldonee upon and cultiva-
tion of, Saul land viz:
Johnw. Wlikins, John T. Graham. William
C. Morgan mid Thomas .1., all ol
Noble, 0. T.
n. M. Dillby,
Lund Office at Oklahoma, O. T.. May I'. I 0.
Notice is hereby iriveil that the followin|r
named s. tlbo- litis Illed notice',f |,i- into illoti
to make final proof In support of Ills claim,
and Ilia! ^ai I proof will bv- made ludore S. J.
Wlikins Probate .Judire at Norman it. T , on
June « . I860, vist
Itichard j. brock, for lots and 4 and s1., nw
'1 section I. township 8 north, ran ,c west.
.lie names the following witnesses to prove
Ins continuous residente upon and cultiva-
tion of said laud, vi/
UillilNI II., II-!.:-. - I- :: : .ti, William
m.'Ku.h: and \\ i cy r, w a 110 >, all of Ncrman,
J. T. Ml
n. m. Dti.t.Kv, it.).
I'ltbllcatl 01 Notice.
Lrict Court, Third Judicial
r Cleveland County, Okl.iho:
rciiEi.L, Plalntlir, 1
HKLii, Defendant. ^
You are h
led by th.'
I adoptions [
>f ciiition of lii
Ci-css Assoctlllion Iti'sotiiiiou-
Ukboi.vkd,—Tlmt the thank#
the Oklahoma Press Association |ue>ti >11.
are hereby tendereu l>y the liberal Senator 1!
and enterprising citizens of Enid .-ilver majority 111 tho
for the hospitable manner in which of not less than'-'lo.
tiiey have entertained the ussocia- dent McBride, wl,
tioil during the present session and sources of informal,ioi:
we especially desire to express and in John 1!. .Mel.. an of
put on record our appreciation of nati En«iniror,
Mary M. Hamilton, Defendant)
To said tlefeudaut, Mary M, Hamilton
u are hereby notified that you havo | t„.'fo
sued by the above-named plaintiff, | take
N. J. 11 ami I ton, who filed his petition in
. the above entitled cause, in the office of
Sliver majority will insist upon he j the Clerl: of Buid Court, on tho L'lhnl diiy
of April, A. D IS'.K), in which be prays
for a decree of ditorce against you
"l! 1 ic money ! Now, unless yon answer said pet tiou
1 on or before the Itb tiay of June, A. I),
j lSll'l, said petition will be taken as true
stim.i'r ti free and judgment and decree reuderod as
I.Hi ■ • >) t\eiitioil I Witness my hand and sea' of said court
v 'orreepon- at office in Norman, in said county and
I . 1 territory, this 23d day of April, A, I).
11 Mho tile
trlet ('•
Mil.l plaint if links f.
iKiiiiist you the said d.
• 1 defeudiint, P.cll Mitel.eli:
intilie I that \ ou h ive b< en
named phdut If, J. T Mitcli-
tltlon In the above entitled
ay of May, lstnt. in t|„. | is
nl county, In whloh pi 11 lion
of divo
id petition nil
t rendered iiKaiust I
I plaintiirdnly Illed in
Witness ui\ hiiud and the seal i f paid cinrt
on this lot 11 (In \ -if M i . IS'.ti, ,t mv o:h-e ai
Norman, O.T ii. Kkk v'. ( le. .
(si: vi.. i<> Tre- i Meek Scott. He utv.
. brewer. Attome/ for P ain ti ti'. :s
>otlco for I'ublication.
In the l'robate Court of Cleveland
County, Oklahoma Territory
It. A. Ratidot I'laintilF,
Publication notice.
Fannie K. Millei •:
urahanr. it. '1
ler, W. A. Watts i id
the Chickasaw >'u
tional Bank defend-
To lite defendant, The Chickasaw Na-
tional Hunk:
You are hereby notified that yen have
aeon sued by the above-named plaintiff,
J. M. Curtice, in tho above-named court,
who filed his petition in said court on the
13th day of April, JsilO, to foreclose u
certain mortgage inado and executed to
plaintiff by Fannie li. Miller and H. T.
Miller, delenduutu, on the 24th day of
March, 1801, on the following real estate,
to-wit: The Northwest quarter (f.4,1 of
Section Fifteen (15,) in Township Eight
(X.) North of Range Two (2,) west, in
Cleveland County, Oklahoma Territory,
to secure the payment of a promissory
note executed by said defendants Fannie
F. Miller and li. T. Miller, in the sum of
81000.00, with 1*2 per cent, interest per
auuuiii from maturity, due £ept. -Nth,
1*94; nn I that the relief demanded ugainst
you iu said suit consists in excluding you
from any lien or interest in said real es-
tate claimed.
Now, unless you answer the said petit*
iou 011 or before tho 1st day of July, 1800.
the said potitiou will be taken as true and
judgment rendered therein as prayed for,
for tho foreclosure of tho said mortgage
and forever barring you from any r.nd uii
lien or interest held or claimed against
the said real estate. This May lOth, lsilt).
\V, H. Ehgy, Clerk.
By Tressa Meek Scott, Deputy,
•{ seal C. \V. Brewer, Atty for I'ltf.
Notice f. r
band tat oi.iahoma O T. Apr. 11, lK'.'tl
Notice is hereby Riven thut the folio wing
mimed settler lias tiled uoilco of Ills Inten-
tion to make tin ! proof ii: support, ol Ids
claim, ami that tuid proof will be nuide be-
fore S J vVilkins Probate Judge at Norman
OT on June. 1 •'."i, vi/.:
John CM a 111,
for the 11 c 11 see lu twp 5111 r J w.
ho following witnesses to prove
jpon and cultlva-
liis conl iuttous residence
Joint P.
lain a
• N. Herrln. u I
l.e: slv, I rot
Annual Meeting.
Norman. 1). T., May 7th, 1SD6.
The annual meeting < f the Okla-
homa Historical society is hereby
called to lie held in the chapel of
of the University of Oklahoma at
1:30 p, in. W ednesday, June .'Id.
Nkttie Walkkh, Hec'y.
\\ !io cannot recall lo li in mind
some instance able transformation
where the work of the barber or
liair dresser so completely im-
prove;! the looks of some one, that
the work yave evidence of a skill
that only an artist can have: And
one of the elegant artu i« surely
cultivated by the barber whose
mission is beautify and refine
humanily. Go to Davis Bros, for
barber work. (All work iriturnn-
llucldlii's Arnica Salve.
The Hi;st Sai.vb in the world ior
Cuts, lirtiis;'. , Sure.., I.'lcers, S.itt-
Rheum, F< \ • Si ire . tter Ch ip-
ped Hands, C'liilblain, Corn*, and
all .suin Kiuptions, an 1 positi\
cures Piles, or no pay required, ft
is guaranti ed to gi. e p rf< ci it-
is faction, or mon . rt funded.
Price 2." cents per box. For sale at
Blake & Scotl, dru^i i : .
Chew the original Green-
ville Fobacco, manufactured by
H. W. Martini Co, Green-
ville, Ky. They are the origi-
nators of the
all other Gr.cnvills are counter-
feit. So call I r i 1. \Y. Mar-
tin's with a bird on each plug
and t ike
If you want neat
Job PaiQtir^
Call on Ck'M'I'i
side Main St.
Opp. op
a.n. Suulli
T;l Hon e.
The I the untiring ftTorti* of tin; lm-u] com- will I
tiou IB Oil tlie eve of the inoul ,m it- tend ivitli in order lo BUieeed
i"u pre id e'1 tin I campaign in its i 1 ,, .
history, Kuropean politics are In a | book 1,1 qnestion is entitled" Uix-1 cominittee to render our r t ty in tlio mail I .ii
;,U O.a I Ts,,,;
.1 joritu
very complicaled slate, and scien l^r's Manual of Industrial Kdli-1 pleasant and ajri
tists are applying their discoveries ,• ■ .. ,, 1 m 1. l int
to many lint s that will produce taU<)! :l1"1 domestic lU'onoiny, .Ul" n 11V
Blnrtlintf new ihinK8. \ of works Imve been put.- "
lo keep abreast with the work! .- . . of the aHKOciatmn lor their
one should read, in addition to tin 011 these ^nbjects, but thev .Vork and able inana^em
local 01 comity piiper.n live im.tro nr<j not practical as u text book in the past vear. ivbieli'lu
nobtan newspaper, such as The , , ,
Twice-a-Week Republic of St. Lou in. schools as they nt|Uire a
It iH till-.noel proKr,.. ive j(.nrn.,i knowledge of higher inallieiniitief in
111 the I uited States, and in each 1
issue it ^ives ihe latc .-i political i°, r ^eacli or understand the
Hewn of all parties in llie field. 111, Biiliie,'t. 'I lie work of Mr Ili* li-r 1 <"• -e v news c.f ilie world ■ . . , , (,eo. I.N" l",l-on 1 the A
and many valnaMe special fen-!1:*|,"npk' Unit every intelligent K., John SeleKti,, n nl tin
tnri-M besides. This model news pupil over ten y«am ot aeu can com- it J'. and J. K. IIohlen,nf t
paper Is delivered twlcc-a-iveekl,, . . , ' taw railroads lor ( n : , .
mail for only $1 a year, or le than I 11 ■•" 1 hunjeet ana with the
one cent a copy. ti>e of the iiiHtruinents and tools " II,PTn ' i'
The price of the daily and Sun n . . ... . . . . , .
day Kepublic has recently been ie lll lt w, ,H' furnishrd him, he will
duced to only |0a year by mail. 1. nble to get a practical knowledge
tik in , the past yeai
the efficiency und us
1 association.
1 % d, I'liat
thanks to Genera I'a
nr lha
fulness of lli!> Iff
C. U. I.
0 CIlOL-
•er 250, and Congress-
w'ho is runnuiK for sen,
n ti I roe silver plat.'onn, will
>.itislied w ith a ma; n ity un
• The uhl .t-eolii t'f vatlves 111 till
aisetl theirnunimiiti cstiina-
■ .; rity from . u • .. The
• : ni !:t n t? ng the
Bain • (round
oil t. ii i. a: tho iM«d<inley
i • lit ha.i aiming tho xepubli-
} 'V \ Clerk cf District Court
Uy Tressa Meek Scott,
J. F. Bbnrp and ( L. Jlotsford, Attor-
ney a for I'lnintiir.
"'he efl'i
from now
adoption of
lions by the
If thai can I
tie president feel that the\
have I'uuse for congratu lation.
Territory of ( klaboma.
hi rmliatu
fun ty of Clevolatitl. ) Court.
natter of tho Kstatu of Willi iiu b.
( >q retuliug ami 111itlio petition of
Addio l.i wis of Cle' eldinl t ounty, nutting
forth tlint William I. hewitt dit .l intestntf
on or about the 'JlJth day of .April, 180tl<
mi l praying that letters of administration
of tho estate of said deceased be issued to
J. II t'uiumiugs of Norman, ("ounty of
It is ordered, that said application aud JU"8lJ|eiit rendered you
i nistl a tioil ! petition be heurd liy tho Judgo of 1'robate therein as prayed for ami tho -
ncvont the ' 'n a,,d f' r Cleveland eouuty, Oklahoma, t®L,hed^proporty sjld for the satisf
j(1_ lit a special term to be held at, his olllce ' ""
iu tho town of Norman, in Raid county of
t'levt land ou the 10th day of May, A. 1>
h'lje, fc]ie trie-uU of, lh96. at 10 o'clock a. in, of that day.
• T the ailn
will be to j
coii'leinnai ion
national convention
Dottlb asicy and Ada Dalton Defendants
To said defendants, Fott Beasley and
A<1 a Dalton.
You and each of you aro hereby uotl-
liod that you love been sued t y the above
named plaintifT, K\ A. Haudo!, who filed
her bill of particulars in the said cause on
the 20th day of April, lS'.ld. iu tho l'ro-
bute Court of said county, in which bill
of particulars said plainl ilT asks for judg-
ment against > ou ft r tho stiin of in,
and costt of suit; that said plaintitF duly
Illed an aSlidavit for attachment there n,
and that an ord, r of attachment was duly
issued and levied upon your goods uml
chattels, and the plaiutitF seeks to havo
tho said attached properly sola and tho
proceeds lie reof applied to tho payment
of the said claim.
Now unless you answer >ai I t.iil of par-
ticulars on or boforo the .*{l day of July,
I suit, the same will be taken ns true ami
of y
I a:
Witness my band and tho
said court at my oMiue in N
May 18th, 1
Cou^h-cure, the n
elTective remedy I.
throat ami
Pectoral. As an .
prompt and
senses of tlio
i\ < r's ( herry
K< ney medi-
r the cure of
Sore Throat,
Fever a n d
Whooping Cough,
Cherry Pectoral
cannot bo equaled.
K. M. li IIA AVI. IV,
J). D. Dis, See. of
the American J' ap-
tist Publishing Soeiely, Petersburg,
Va,, endorses it* a • a cure for violent
colds, bronchitis, etc. l)r. Hrawley
also adds: To all ministers suffering
from throat troubles, 1 recommend
S J Wl
1 luted April -Nth 1S0O
, I'robale Judgo
Judge of the 1'robate Court of si id (
•( eal C \\. Ur. wer ami C.
Ibitst >r I. Attorneys for plulutilt,
Awarded Medal at World's Fair.
AVtll S PILLS Cure Liner anil Stomach Tiouiilos.

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