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Historical SocU^j
HSDAV MAY 28. 1S5)<>
NO 75).
The •: vf't" t;e Democrat gives alii the fov'^ign as well as ail the home news- Only $1*00 per year.
MiLw/\UKee sieeL junior
Sf^PxlO. 10.s%
The entire machine raises and lowers from the seat.
Celebration Celebrated With
Pomp at Moscow.
Tin1 Coronal ion Taken Flare at tin- t'a-
tledral of tli«- Assumption Willi
11 j 14la Dlgnitaro* of tliu Church Of-
ti iting — Tin- March to the < uthcdral
Through a Double Line of Troop*.
Moscow, May 27.—[('opyrighted,1896,
His majesty,
Emperor Nicole.-
of sill the Rus.-
Lightest Draft, Easiest Operated.:
Jf?e /T\ilu/au^ee
is th(; Lightest
construction and most
machine built.
Farmers will do well to call and inspect these ma-
chines before purchasing.
Headc r u a r te rs
for Imp]ements
The Original
" " " * * cultivator
"'tfl e N EW deparju re" i
AN . udrovitch, czar
and her inajosty,
.'mpn - Al; mdra Feodorovna, were
solemn] . • 'i H\ii 1 Tuesday inthoCathe-
dral of tli" A - umptiou with the utmost
ceremony and in accordance with all
the religious forms and ancient ritos.
At 7 o'clock the ceremonies com-
menced with a salute of 21 guns, mark-
ing the opening day, and at the same
hour the b lis in the Cathedral of tho
Assumption began ringing. Half an
hour later tin court dignitaries and
other distinguished persons who wero
to take part in the imperial cortege be-
gan to assemble in tho halls of the pal-
ace and in the cathedral. The ladies
won> court drosses and the dignitaries
wero in full uniform.
Previous to thi an imiiieuso body of
troops gam r i nuiinl the Kremlin, and
from one end to the < thcr of the route
followed ! i lie imp! ri ti party in pass-
• •> V
■ m&g
y s)
i* r-
never overtake
fern ted m
Constantly pursued, but
Anything you want irom a Hoe to a Harvester!
The iargesi stock o Wagons, Buggies, Hard-
ware, Stove . and Tinware n the city.
hen you want anything that is.lcept ia a rirst
clas?. Hardware Store, come to Maguire.
THE CITi-ils 0® OF MffliK,
'ily-hlil'S 0/ thi.:
.ni fil hi non-result
( apital $r,o,o o.
cir«t,.,| in,,I, |j|,v, Oklnll 'IMK .]
: '«uk />rorin' '.i ii/> Stock
ills of Ctcvc!null Coniiti'.
ii n be
Successor to Dunn Bros.,
Dealer in
t! : i to the Cathedral of
'i(ii and from there to tlib
t bedrid* at Kremlin, troops
double lines on both sides.
• : ' stationed in the palace,
a■- started in the cathedral
morning and after prayers
i lull canonicals, assembled
the cathedral to receive her
-Czarina Mori" Feodorovna.
lelusion of the tedeum they
the Cathedral of the As-
' mpanied by members of
the imperial family of the highest rank,
with ti: • \ j>tion of tho;-;- who wero
to t ak«■ part in the emperor's procession
and by <: finguished guests of their
llli.ji sties.
' ft r leaving the throne ball her
majesty proceeded to the Cathedral of
the Assumption and took a seat 011 the
thron<* of Alexis Mikhailovitch. Her
departure for the cathedral having been
announced, the c/ar and czarina and
th«• imp ill con ge moved toward their
•1- • tillation. The grand procession was
1. ;'d> 1 by the eln valier guards of the
• \-Kmpress Marie Feodorovna. Follow-
ing were the imperial pages, represonta-
tiv< of synci(,s, rural communes, may-
or . leading members of the various lo-
cal governments, presidents of commer-
cial and munivipal bodies, artisuuts'
guild f Mo < ow, etc. These were fol<
1' v ed by C< a ks, soldiers and people,
delegation- from tb ■ nobility, senate,
nial olii
borne b\
gnia, borne by high
■a (d by ceremo"
1 ' ending tin- emperor and
alking beneath canopied
d"-camps, and after these
nt ili u ■ < .f hereditary no
Chamber Suits, Book Cases, Safes, Tables,
Chair?, Rockers plain and fancy.
Iron and Wood Bedsteads.
Children's Carna e., 'n many styles.
Sewing Machines and Supplies.
Carpeting from best Wiiton Velvet down to
Straw Matting,
Undertaking in all its phases.
w. . Morref?
mil '
and holy door, and the choirs eh a 1 I
their psalm, "missericordiani et j ; ,
urn cantabo tibi. domilt." Tli . \il
aries to the pageant were 1 aped about
in suitable order
The ceremony of the coronation and
anointment was accotuplished as fol-
lows: The metropolitan of SI. Peters-
burg moanted the steps of the throne,
placed himself in front of the emperor
and invited his majesty to make, before
his faithful subjects, his profession, or-
thodox and faith and |.p'sented him
with an open book from which the em-
peror recited the symbol of faith. After
this the metropolitan of St. Petersburg
pronounced the ritual: "Gratia spirit us
sancti sic sompcr tecum. Amen." After
the reading of the holy gospels the em-
peror arose, and, taking off the col-
lar of the order of St. Andrew, ordered
tho imperial mantle with collar, in dia-
monds of that order, be presented him.
They were presented and his majesty
put oil the mantle. The metropolitan
of St. Petersburg then pronounced the
words: "In nomine Patris et Filii et
Spiritus Sancti. Amen."
His majesty received the pontilicial
benediction from the metropolitan of
St. Petersburg.
After the prayers terminated the em-
peror ordered the imperial crown to be
presented him, which was done and he
placed it upon his head. The metropol-
itan then in a loud voitto pronounced
the prescribed allocution. In a similar
manner his majesty caused to be pre-
sented to him the scepter in his right
hand and the globe in his left hand and
seated himself upon the throne for a
few moments. Then his majesty arose
and placed tho scepter and globe upon
the cushions.
The monarch then culled upon her ma-
jesty, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna,
to approach, and she knelt before him
on a velvet cushion richly embroidered
with gold. His majesty, thereupon,
solemnly lifted the crown from his own
head and touched with it the forehead
of the empress. He then replaced the
crown upon bis own head. His majesty
then took up tho crown of theempress
and pi act d it on the head of her uinj< --
ty. This done her majesty took her
seat 011 the throne.
The archdeacon next proclaimed the
imperial title in cxten. ■■ and intoned
voices rendered "Domi: • snlvum fac
impcratorem" and "Doniine sal' .11 fac
imporatriceni," followed iy "Ad multoM
runos," which the choir repeated three
After the chanting the bells of the
cathedral and of all other sacred edi-
fices throughout the city wero rung and
a salute of 101 cannon shots fired.
The emperor then arose and knelt
down immediately to recite from the
book presented to him by the metropoli-
tan of St. Petersburg the prayer 1 re-
scribed for the occasion. The mi troj •>!-
itan and those present then knelt and
in the name of tho nation oiV red up
prayers to the Almighty. After the
prayers tho metropolitan of St. Peters-
burg read a short allocution to the em-
peror and the choir intoned theTel). iun
to the sound of bells in all the churches
and the Kremlin. During this cere-
mony the czar stand with bared head.
Reading the holy gospel then followed,
and two archbishops presented tho holy
book to their majesties to ki>-. Tho holy
ceremony of aunoiutment was then
gone through with.
The metropolitan bearing the precious
amphora with holy chrism, dipped in
the golden bowl prepared for the pur-
pose, and annointed the forehead, eye-
lids, nostrils, lips, cars, chest and hands
of the emperor. Tho empress was an-
nointed in a like manner and both then
received holy conimuni< n.
Only Twenty-Two Prrsn Ticket*.
London, May 27.—A dispatch to Tho
Standard from Moscow says that only
22 tickets were issued for press repre-
sentatives to enter the Cathedral of the
Assumption yesterday to witiic ss the cor-
onation of tho czar of which nine were
allotted to American and British corres-
Candy Factory of William* A llower
and a Jewelry Ilounu Burn.
Sherman, Tex., May 87.—Fire was
discovered in the second story of the res-
taurant and candy factory of Williams
& Bower, 011 tho east side of court!
square just after midnight hist night. !
Almost the entire floor was in flames in .
less than five minutes.
The fire eat through the rear end of,
the building and into the jewelry < s- I
tablishment of Ely & Cook.
The loss 011 property is at least $50,000,
while tho loss on stock will reach that
much again if not mor There was 110
insurance 011 the stock of Williams &
Tarlton ltlo<-k Hurii*.
Hiu>hoko, Tex., May 'J.-The Tarl-
ton block here was destroyed by lire
yesterday. Loss, about #12,000; insur-
ance, JKIHOO.
A Crowded Streetcar Plunges Stronger ilvidcnce A ainst the
Into the Water. Rev- Hermann.
I to
I'M! mated
.Ivch Only
I lav..
lVrMOUN Lost Tln-lr
enlceii I Iodic* So Far lluve lleen Un-
covered I'cw Staiiilliii; on the Flat-
form Kscapcd.
Victohia, 13. C., May 27.—A terrible
accident occurred here yesterday by u
bridge giving way, carrying with it a
crowded streetcar. A sham battle and
review was to take place at Maeanley's
Point, near Esquiqiault, in tin* after-
noon and crowds were making tliepr
way there. All the way the tram cars
were packed. Two cars left Govern-
ment street with upwards of 100 people.
The first got over Point Elliee bridge,
which crosses at Victoria, safely, but
when the other was about half way over
the middle span of the bridge, about 150
feet in length, gavo way and the car
plunged into the water UK) feet below.
The car was completely submerged and
all 011 board were drowned with the ex-
ception of some of those 011 the plat-
forms who managed to save themselves
by swiining ashore.
Seventeen of the bodies have been
found and the work of identification is
proceeding, but it is a difficult matter as
a great man y bodies are those of visit-
Win 11 the bridge broke there were
several carriages 011 the bridge and these
also w re precipitated into the water.
Superintendent Wilson was driving one I
of these and had Ins five children with j
him. He succeeded in saving himself N
and four of the children, the fifth, a lit-
tle boy. was wedged between the iron
bars and drowned. Tho sad affair has
cast a deep gloom over the city. As
. 011 as the 11 w-s of the accident reached
M :euule\ Po it the review was brought
to a sp< rv termination, as, under the
circumst .u , ii was impossible and the
sham li^ht was abandoned.
i.Ht« L'.l
ml si IVI
Divide <
I Fviilcueo Which
I'uIh Ii> Itcst tlii' DI*i>ii itioii .Made of
.Minn Clausen'* llml) Ilcr Trunk Willi
< lotliliiK round at a <-<>iMlhand Deal-
er'*, Where Hold by Hermann.
Salt Lakh City, May 27.—Monday
was an eventful day in the attempted
solution of the Scandinavian Methodist
church mystery and one that has fur-
nished a wry strong clew with refer-
ence to tlii suspected fate of Miss Hen-
rietta Clausen. When tho charred re-
mains of a human skeleton were taken
from the furnace in tho basement at
midnight on Wednesday last tho search-
ers were baffled at not finding some ar-
ticle of absolute identification. They
were informed by the doctors that it
was strange that not one of the woman's
teeth were among the relics of the cre-
mation. It was known that Miss Clau-
sen wore false teeth and the doctors say
they would be the last to yield to the
terrific heat. In order to ascertain, if
poss&lo, if the missing teeth could not
be brought to light, a m< -t thorough ox
animation of the furnace was made.
Police officii's carefully se; relied tin*
furnace and found two t eth containing
metallic rivets. This is re aided by tho
police as being tho most positive evi-
dence of murder that has vet been
brought to light.
A vast amount of earth was also re-
moved in tho b.e e men t of the church,
revealing a number of bones. A certain
spot of apparently "made" earth that
vidonce of havim I «-n disturbed
at a recent daf«
coalchuto ben "at
to this tho part;.
12 or 14 indie, !
man's slio :
another si: . t
very danui:.'ing
a pair of overall'
by the t taut
by the le-
la bra ton and ti
were bloodstain
Tho young man win- room
tO SUCh ail":!' if t M ) | >e ,• t,
the minister built the l.i- lire
, which, it
the church.
Tariff and Flnanee Occupy the Atten-
tion of the Senate.
Wasiiinoton, May 27.—Tariff and fi-
nance each came in for a share of con-
sideration in the senate yesterday.
Early in the day Mr. Sherman sue-
corded in having the filled cheese bill
taken up, win reupon Mr. Dubois (Rep.,
Ida.) offered an amendment adding 75
cents per barrel to tho tax on beer.
Mr. Sherman opposed the amendment
as a skillful means to defeat the cheese
bill. His motion to table the Dubois
amendment was defeated; yeas, 25 5
nays, 80,
On the question of adopting tho
amendment the debate became general,
Senators Mills and Gray supporting and
Nelson, Aldrich and Vilas opposing it.
The bill and ponding boor amendment
were displaced at 2 o'clock by the bond
bill which was advocated by Mr. Pricli-
ard (Hep., N. C.) and opposed by Mr
Lindsay (Di m , Ky.).
A bill was passed to pension nt $75 a
month the widow of General Georgo
Spencer, at one time United States sen-
ator from Alabama.
The house, by a vote of 1(15 to 00,
passed the bill for the repeal of section
01 of the tariff law, providing for a re-
bate 011 alcohol used ill the arts and med-
icine compounds. A11 amendment was
attached to the bill providing for a joint
commission, to consist of three mem-
bers from each house, to examine and re-
port 011 all questions relating to free al-
cohol at the next session.
The oppt s lion to the measure canio
almost entirely from the eastern and
New England states. All analysis shows
05 Democrats, 11 Republicans and 5
Populists voted for the bill, while00 Re-
publicans and 0 Democrats voted against
The senate amendments to the gen-
eral deficiency hill, excepting the French
(I in tho j spoliation claims and under the Bow-
way. In- man act, wero disagreed to and tho bill
was sent to conference.
.oval of
iglit forth
v oralis
y part,
in the fur-
had tin 'in
1 y him at
May 27.—There is every
rei.son to believe that the national Pro-
hibition party will split today on the
money question. If a gold standard I mice d-' lares thin
plank should be adopted ill the party 1 on when the | n
platform by the delegates from the east, the basement v th a ptnnv-
tlieu those favoring the coinage of silver ' sack under hi. nn
at a ratio of 10 to 1 will secede. If, 011 Ho al ow i a i nn • li! ma l i-
the other hand, the Bocallcd free silver al. The fun 1 • -1ms < 1 In inn 1 ed
delegates adopt a free coinage plank I wero found to contain th requisite
then the gold standard crowd will leave, number of M -el button for such an art-
and should the convention fail to do- ielo of apparel, and tie 'rang point is
clan for woman suffrage the feminine that they correspond « .t!. with those
portion of the convention will sever its | on thebloodsaturated « . tali-.
In the afternoon i ie'd> ' niveH found
May lie a Veto.
Wasiiivuton. M iy —There is good
reason to believe that tho river and bar-
t or hill will be vetoed by the president.
The president regards the nn asure as
carrying to the extreme the plan of
; coinni tting tli" government to large ox-
1 pcuditnres through the contract sys-
j tom.
The (told HcHcrve.
Wasiiinoton, May 27.—The true
amount of gold in the treasury is |IO0,-
connect ion with the party. It promises
to be a memorable convention for tho
Prohibitionists and bids fair to wreck
the party.
Itfpuhlleant* Who Are Contenting For
l'iace* In the National <'onv«nition.
Ai - t -i a, Me., May 27. -Hon. J. H.
Ma 11 ley, secretary of the national Re-
publican executive committee, has sent
to ('hairnian Carter a letter saying that
cont -as have boon filed with him to tho
number of 07, involving the rights of
150 delegates, among them the follow-
ing :
Alabama—Delegatos-at-large, First,
Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth
and Ninth districts, making 20 dele-
gates in all.
Louisiana — Delegatos-at-large, First,
Second, Third and Fourth districts; 12
Mississippi—Delegates-at-liirge, First,
Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth
and Seventh districts ; 18 delegates.
Texas -Delogatcs-at-largo and every
one of the 1.'I districts; 80 delegates.
Virginia—Second and Third districts;
4 delegates.
There may be other contests filed.
Itland ami Free Silver.
Oklahoma City, O. T., May 27.—Tho'
Democratic territorial convention met
here yesterday, and after the stormiest
time ever -ei 1 in Oklahoma indorsed
Bland for pi evident and instructed the
delegates of < iklahoina to vote for him
and to favor the free and unlimited
coinage of silver and gold at tho ratio
of 10 to 1, and to support no candidate
for president or vice president who was
not pronouncedly iu favor of such free
Indiana Silver Democrat*.
Indianapolis, May 27.-—More than
100 free silver Democrats, representing
very district in the state, met here
in a secondhand ton Mi-> Clau- n's
trunk, which the pa tor claimed to J avo
shipped to her by an unknown express-
man some vei ks after her disappear-
ance. The trunk contain 1 the wear-
ing apparel of flu mi 11. / girl. Among
the articles of clothing was the dross in
which Miss Clan «; had the. photograph
taken now ill the j ion of the jk -
lieo. In addition to this, it now trans-
pires that H- i inann sold th« trunk and
clothing himself and that I10 disposed
of the girl's j«--
The date of thi
11 last.
One by 0110 t
at ti
> points of cvide
and De-
tective Janii' V inierviewd th*• second-
hand dealer who bought Mis- Clausen's
clothes from the preach!
was Mrs L. Englemau.
she went to the pa-! r
three time- • > 1 **' : t t!i
comprises four or live
wear and nightrobes.
completely <1i-pro\ es Hi
having sent tho trunk t
where request d.
Miss Alllle-
Jan. 28or 20last. It «
IYii-vImciI ( up*Ixcd ami Thirteen Per-
son* on Hoard <io Down.
Cairo, 111- . May 27.—A terrific wind
and rainstorm struck here yesterday
morning. The Opera House and union
j depot were unroofed, but no houses
I wen' destroyed or lives lost in the city.
Ferrylioat Katharine capsized at tho
mouth of the Ohio river, drowning all
on board but the captain, engineer and
eh rk. Near as could be learned, tho
dead number 18. Only three bodies wero
recovered. Business in the city is prac-
tically at a standstill. Five miles of
telegraph poles were blown down 011 the
Mobile and Ohio railway and it is im-
possible to tell tho extent of the damago
done south of here, but it is believed to
have boon groat.
Twenty Uellevcd Dead.
North McGreoor, la., May 27.—1The
loss of human life as the result of Sun-
day night's storm and flood is about 20,
()f the 18 persous known to lie missing
only six have been recovered. Tho to-
tal damage is heavy, the loss to tho Chi-
; cago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad
is the heaviest and is estimated at |125,-
! 000.
| 11. person I.leven Injured at Mount < leinens.
She nays that Mot nt Ci.kmk.ns, Mich., May 27.—
iud\ two or Sunday night's cyclone left a track of
fniM] t:i(, if destruction 550 yards wide through the
eastern part of town. Fortunately 110
1 ' one was killed outright and none of tho
IN 11 injured have died, though several
iiniiot survive.
1 Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
1 have hi
demonstrated beyond any
doubt that Hermann had hi
Alost Perfect Made.
qui • m
committed an abor
tho month stat< d.
Jan. 20 John Han <
minister. de<lares ]
the church at a v ;
pastor seemed nn n
perspired freely,
strange that lie sh
and questioned him
said that h< had 1
Miss Samuel n. >
(iiivernor Well
id that
on her 1
11 of
inal- I
had !
he met Hermann in
ry early hour. The :
ut ally disturbed and
Hansen thought it 1
loulil bo so troubled j
11 concerning it. He |
■en to a depot with j
ho left for Ogdon.
11 be made to have
o. a Ian • reward for
The Dal Ian I ire.
Dallas, May 27.—TI e hiss by Mon-
day night's fire foots up $c>s,000. With an
insurance of $41,780.
DiiIhiickm Fort ion Dcstrov ed.
Bkii.I.on. W is.. Ma\ 27. I'ire de
stroyeil the busine-s jxu iionof this town
last night entailing a lo-s of .^150,000
with small insurance.
day to per feet r.u organization. This;11";11 •maim back
\\iis done by appointing an executive 'j;i' '' (
committee of 14. This action almost Dr. Hector Gri o.d, a dent is
amounts to an open revolt against the
state central committee, the majority of
whose m nibeis ar gold standard men.
3. M
c( ll\ i j li, H S
Does a General
Transfer Business^
Your I'atronni'c Solicited.
t he church -
j troops pit
I military I101
| On euteril
j ties took e
! Mitchaol l'<
Archbisla 1
offlcialing «•
two ranks
- ed thron hout woro
and soldiei*s, whoso
is m;e! tin' cathedral
At the moment tho impo-
rt the piilaee bells in all
! Mo- ow were rung and
d arms and rendered all
* to the imperial party.
• the cathedral theirmajes-
1 011 the throne of Czars
doravitoh and John III.
and the 1 ...
Alonzo Walling tor tie- . ierot pearl
1 BmabafMiboreTnrnlnji befor. Jodgo
1 tw-ii ( trade of throne Helm
Minister MeKenr.h- IIiih N mail pox
Lima, May 27.—.lane \. McKenzie,
the United States minister here, is s it .
fori 11 g from smallpox. The ca.-e 1-. a
mild one and the patient is progressing
Wulliui; 011 Trial.
Newport, Ky., May : The trial of
Drowned ller-. ir aud ( liild.
Bki.'I'on, Mo., May 27.—Mrs. Mark
Fn -t, wife i 1 a farmer, who resides at
Cleveland., drowned two of her chil-
dren and herself Monday evening, Mr.
Fr< t vasab- lit ut Kansas City when
the tragedy occurred. The couple had
been married only six years and wero
iu good circumstances. No
the act is known.
iucd the teeth found in the furnac
thinks he fill I them together.
Clausen wa- form rly in his einpl
a domestic and lie thinks that the
are those of the mi -ing girl.
Juror In llolln'* Fir 1 Trial Now
I mle. Arrest.
OMAHA, May , M.
arrested charged wit li
nise for " juror to <■ |'iit ll
1 ha's ex-city treasurer w
of stealing $111,00o fro
first jury of which Gn; 1
disagreed. Jam Fit
liting bid
Ilollu, (>111
llll (
A Sufferer Cured
"Every season, from the time I
was two years old, I suffered dread-
fully li .111 erysipelas, which kept
growing worse until my hands wero
almost, useless. The bom s softened
:- tlia{ they would bend, and several
of my fingers are now crooked from
this cause. On my
hand 1 carry largo
scars, which, but for
Sarsaparilla, wouhl
lie sores, provided I
P was alive and able
to carry any thing.
Eight botties of
^■r'.s Sarsaparilla cured mo, so
at I have had no return of tho
a o for more than twenty years,
.e lir I bottle seemed to reach tho
>t atal a persistent use of it has
ie. ted the euro,"- O. C. Davis,
I411-H011 Acquitted.
galy1 ston. May 27.—A. F. Larson,
aged 10, wa- acquitted of the charge of
killing James Collins in 1808, when Lar- ' l"'v v ' " ' arrc-ted, charged
son was but 10 years old. In 18514 Ear- brilnng an I "H.-riim bribes anil at-
son was convicted and the penalty fixed f ,,"l,,"'K to corrupt tli- first Holln jury,
at Ave years' imprisonment, but tho lhc atTair luis
judgment was reversed oil ap|tcal.
•ated an imineuse
\'\ autoin
AYER S TILLS Froiuoto Good DigRatioo-

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