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AH comuaateiUoi for pubihtiion in the fol
lowing IMW « f llila u u l l* « by 1 liur -
dtj utMiu lo iiuMiif publication of lii( aaiitt*.
tlumin bru mil iu <1 around Nor
Ili-i t Uuna lu Lexington the ttr.l
of the Wtrtk.
Fred B. .mi.* of Oklahoma City wa In
town Tuesday.
A tine Itorae belonging lu Mr. Kelley
died tin? week*
Steve Uulctian ul Lexington was
the oily 1 ut Ua).
Wheal I. re pur led a. looking Sue iu
ll pail. ul llic couuly.
The iitiie daughter ul Mr. Fox i.
quite ill Mill) piieuuiuuia.
ill . Bucket', ul the Cllitelia Bank ii
uu I lie tick ilal lino weea.
Lula ul .purt.uaeu were uut aflei
dueKp ami ^eeae linn Week.
The wet-luei' lue pa.1 week ha. been
dutu atbci tiio iruil crop.
Jual roccivcu u cur load o( Moliue
Iiiipit menut. Juiijcd A.leu.
tit v. licaiie loi iiteny ^ut.U>r uf lb
&1. L. Cliuicu is lu llic eli}.
lupu iiuuiuittr ul OMauouia City
VlalLcU IU Nui UlttU 1 ucrllu) .
liu.k UttlUCU ai U Ol ana 3celi (ui* ftUic
bj .Nuiuiuu Mm kV bicttuur V_u.
iiuu. N ii. DeKord ui LluUeu
towu itt t luruaj uii busiucos.
Aluuy oak Ileitis are green anU aoilie
uf kiiti iai Uiuia are panning coru.
li* i ti lu Mr. aud Mr*. Max h label
the Ural ul IIjm weei , a Uaugiiler.
Deci lug l*uiu lo Uidde lur Deering
iilUUci B UliU 11 IB IliO beBl. 30111 bj
Maguliu. Vl.
I). ti. VVjuu wuh initialed lulu lite
Ul} Blei lea oi klie A. U. U. W . laol 1 ueo
tl o UlgUfc.
AlkUiUc) lluictllu ul La.Xllitf LOU, Wtte
In kuia cik> kne lit ak ul lue weih
legai Uualiieaa.
J. ti. Ma uiie has donned ihe farmers
Iftti U anU is raising a large crop lu Hie
CtllCKUeuW iNallUUa
lliebpiing plowing la nearly tiuiali
eli anU lariueiB ate wailing lutpakieul
l> lu Bkuri llic piaulera.
ii. J. V\ teKa, ii. t. W llliauiB and N
N. WiLklii rtiiu in i^cAiugkou uii UUbi*
Hess llic lit ak ul llila Weua.
lUu 1 tii iu>-is are buying lula uf Kim
iug lUipieiuuiiba. iiicy cci iaiaiy
teuU ku i aloe lui go el ope.
Cut. Lowe, Hie uiglii. operator
Oklahoma Ulty inaue a tiy 1 iik Ll lP u'
llliacik} llic lal ul wlie rteciv.
Mi>s Maklin Mcdaker ul KatiHtiH Cil}
waa tne woieotne guet>l luoi week ui
lur ulster Mrs. W. H. 6eawell.
Rici.artl Moore, general uiaiiuger ul
Ihe On Aj ill lioa moved mlo his uew
bouee iii lite iiorlii ui the euy.
To Tiatle Good driving liorae, bug
iy aiiu liai beaa. Cow or town proper-
ly prelerrcd A AUON McUaMKL.
MAKKlhD:—Tjanl VVeOneoduy even
iiig, Judge VV liivlii-. olliclalliig. Mr. a.
U. blai k iu Aire. Margaretl Murrny.
Notice to the Nurniau While caps.
There are ivvu negroca in liolel de Ap
pleby thai ale anxious lu be ruu out ul
Mr-. Kiinberiin and MibB Minnie
Marlicy have opened Up their milliner
MOie jual east of Aiaytield'a Drug
"SiiiUe" Armstrong will leave in a
fe* dayn for Central America where
he will join hia parenls who now re-
Hide there.
Rev. .1. C. Littrell of Warrenaberir,
Mo. has b<*en holding services in the
Cumberland Presbyterian Church the
past week .
Chat*. Kixse of the Oklahoman was
visiting iu this city Sunday. Hti is
-rapidly recovering from the burns he
received I not week.
Elder of Edmond, will lecture
at the Christian Church, 7:30 P. M
Subject: Tbe Saloon, also will preach
at 11 «. m. Everybody invited.
The purchasing a^nnt of the Boston
Store, Wichita Store and Grand
Leader are iu eastern mnrkets pur
chasing their spring stock of gooda.
Superintendent Peterson has been
very busy this week playing with his
chin whiskers' Me is as proud of them
as a little boy with his first pair of
Highest Honors—World's Fair
Apure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
tort Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
Two Iteatlm.
Mr. and Mr*. Juhn Cook, li«in|(
ahoul a mile aouth of Noble mourn the
loaa uf their two little £iria, aged S and
5 jrata. One dying on laal Tburaday
and the other uo tbe Friday folluwing
Tbe little uuea were tbe Vic'llmo of the
dread Diphtheria ooutagiun, and aur
vived only a few daya under ita fatal
influence. The VoiCK join* with
friends in aincere condulenee to the
iwreaved parent*.
A. B. Williama of Ihe New Yurk
Uacket made an aaaiirniuent laat Sal
urdny One by one the mercbanll are
colliding with the sharp edge of the
gold atandard.
The Junior L"ague of the M. K'_
Church will give an entertainment ai
tiie home of Mra. Blake, Saturday,
March. Hth. A program will be ren
tiered ami refreahuienta terved. Ad
mission 10 cents.
The Democratic County Central
Committee held a close communion
service in this city last Saturday. Tne
attendance was very poor only pros<
pective candidates seemed to take any
intereii in the communion services.
MakriICD:—Last Wednesday evening
llev. Wells officiating, Mr. Fred Ken
ner to Miss Maggie Hill. The groom
is the eldest ton of Mr. and .Mrs L
Rentier and tbe bride the second eld-
est daughter of Mr. Kichard Hill
prosperous farmer living t o miles
north af Norman.
Old man Christian father of the des-
perate outlawf., the Christian brothers
whs arrested and put in jail at Okla
homa City charged with aiding the
hoys to escape from the jail at that
place. It will be remembered that the
brothers killed Chief of Police Jones
of that city while making their escape
Miss Sendelhach, of the Globe Dry
Goods Co., will have her millinery
opening on Saturday, March, 21st, and
every lady visitor will be presented
with a handsome bouquet of natural
flowers. Location four doors west of
Citizen's Hank, room formerly oc-
upied by Mills Bro's.
Last Saturday the band boys went
lut and plaved a few selections from
he Hebrew Operas lo the inmates of
th.> Sanitarium and when they finished
one of the Inmates shouled Hurrah for
Hen Harrison, another gave a yell for
John Carlisle. The abscence of i'opu-
llst Inmates was conspicuous aud struck
the band boys quite forcibly.
Mr. S. D. Murphree has undertaken
the organization of the county into
singing classes preparatory to holding
a singing convention next August. He
has several classes oaganized and par
ties desiring the organization of a class
in tlieir community can have hi
•ome and organize the same by drop-
ping him a postal card to Norman. H
s well fixed with charts, etc., to teach
Qulncy Quills,
Farmers were never so well up with
their work, oats nearly all in the
round; wheal looking fine; and hun
red* of acres already plowed, waiting
for the corn planting time. If nature
lontinues to do her part well for the
next ninety days, a most abundant har-
vest will be assured.
The "social hop"' at John Troy's last
Friday night came very near being a
success,—only the M. D. from Moore
lacking—too bad. "But you cant
lose me honey."
V. E. Breese was in Kansas City the
first of the week, with two carloads of
Kev. Hughes preached another one
of his excellent discourses at our
school house last Sunday.
Mr. Oliver moved to Moore last week
having sold his place to Mr. Sweezey
some time ago.
Mr. Walker who owns a fine farm
ear Union City, has rented the Fow-
ler place and moved in last Saturday.
He has his home place sowed in oats
and comes down here to raise corn.
W. R. Jordan and family moved to
Texas this week. We regret the loss
of Mr. and Mrs. Jordan in this com-
munity. XXX
From Allnio
&rhool ha* for awhile on account of
mntitlM aih! iliplithrrt*.
!N uie hit tank tig g«r<l«4i. brljr blr<U arw
th« HUM that (niciiAi Ih *• torni.
The infant cfeiht of Mr. mikI Mr*. Rimr <lie«t
.Smutty night. The parent* have the >yiu|mtli>
uf th« entire cootinunity.
Mr*. Max***) la on the Mirk laat. ,
Mr. Joel Miuwey la dow convalescent an<1 he T me U«m
withe* to thank the kin«i;fnen«la .for many fa* ' pemantt l.oann .
eon and aht tluruijc hi irkne 4 ami iua> |i<>n<in au<l Wariantn.
heaven re ar«t all and may none of them ever overdraft*
4 condition < r the
JANUARY, i6th 1896.
♦ •—■—•
want for frlenda in Unie of need.
Mra. Stripling visited relative- in thU vicin-
ity laat Sunday. She naya ita ail a mwtake
about Mr. Stripling he nig turned to a Democrat,
he la a "l*ypM warp ami filling.
Mlaa H ard of the Ku-knooo country, visited
her mother, Mra. Keigau, Sunday last.
W. K. Da via is still In the organ bualneaa.
Rev. Sickles is cultivating the Stocton farm
this year.
Mia. Motvenlatrger's youngest child la very
low with inftisiu*.
Dr. I>ean wan seen tn thia vicinity, Monday.
Mr. Jim Jarriaon frotu Little Klver Falls was
ill ttie neighborhood last tuuday.
Will New block, of Norman was the guesl of
Miss Koau Massey, Sunday. W 111 says the *we«t-
e*t of all flowers 1 rdaea.
Mia K M. Davis Is visiting relatives in Not-
man this week.
Mra. K«iae Kendrick find little sou and
■laughter, of Norman, were over visiting reia
lives, Sunday.
Mr. John lloydaton, who has Uttn quite sick,
Is recovering. a 1'kimkomc.
lU-al Rat ate
Furniture ami Fixtures
Fx|>eitaeand taxen
caali and sight Fxchange
• .l(i>«
B.0« 00
9,110 30
*,777 75
a 16.4411 oe
9 133.0W0 Ml
Capital Stock paid In.
Cndi\lde<l Profits
Imllvldual Iie|M* ita
iii other Hanks
• 40,000 00
M.176 H4
AM 80
• I33.0M) Ml
I, J. W. Hocker, i'ashier of the above llank
i drc a tlemnly swear that flie above statement Is
tme to the l>e> t of my know ledge.
Correct Attest:
tiuhncilbed uml sworn to before tne this
tCnd day of January, isyik
b. f. Williams,
Notary Public.
My commission expires Nov., ini>;
Music* Lcnstnis.
To a limited number of pupils I vili
Ifive lessons in music at the following
terms! Piano, 2() lessons, $12.00.
Voice, 20 lwssotih, #15.00. I will be
found in the University at from 3 to
5 o'clock in the afternoonfl.
Miss Grace a. King.
Garden seed and Gruas seed in bulk
for sale at Norman Mill & Elevator Co.
Well tubing at James Allen's Hard-
ware and Implement Store at the very
lowest prices.
New twine from new mills is Deering
twine and is made at. their new twine
mills. Maguire sells it. ti
Farmers hereafter will not be sub-
ject to trust prices. Wm. Deering
Harvester (Jo., have now the largest
twine plant in the world. Their name
is a guarantee for fair prices and good
goods. Sold by Maguire. tf.
Buy Deering twine at Maguire* it is
the best. tf.
One car-load of John Deere imple-
ments unloaded January, 2Sth and an-
ther car on track February 28th with
$400.00 worth of implements received
by local freight. This is the record
made by tht Norman Lumber Co. dur-
ing the past month and it reveals the
fact of the kind of implements the far-
mers of this county Hie using.
Norman Lumber Co.
(Flr t Published in Pboflb's Voice, Feb. 28th
Te riiory "f Oklahoma,)
C eveland County, £
lu the District Court « t si id territory, within
uml for said county, in the Third Judicial Dis-
T. II. Herring, plalntitT, )
vs. \
Bertie Herring, defendant)
To the defendant, Bertie Herring: You are
hereby notified that you have been siieil in the
ahove named court ami that you must nn w-er
the petition filed by the pliiiu'titt, l'. H Herring
on or l e ore the 14th of April, or said pe-
ii will be taken as true and Judgment for a
rue will be rendered accordingly. Wit
the hand of the clerk and the seu'l of said
court this the 27th day of February, 1896.
W. II. Khky, clerk
:il —it. By I'kessa Meek scott, Deputy.
[First Publidieil In PEoi't.i M Voice, February,
14th, a. I). 1896.]
Notice to Creditors.
Intiia Probate Court of Cleveland County,
)klahoma Territory, estate ol John Vieux, de-
Notice is hereby ^glven by the underalgnefl,
W. Iliitchln, admlnistrtttor of the estate oi
John Vieux, deceased, to the creditors of and
all persons having claims against said de-
'eased, to exhibit them, with the necessary
nicheis within four months'alter the ti rat
publication of this notice, to said administrator
at ins residence on the S. K. '4 of Sec. :io, town-
hip 7, north of range I west, 1. m., in Cleve-
land County, Oklahoma Territory, the ounc
'a*lng Hie place for Hie IransMclion of the busi-
ness of said estate.
s. W. Ill ix ii in, Administrator.
Wolf A lltrrciiiN, and T. K. bekkv,
U9—41. Attorneys.
Notice our advertisements.
Come see our Job Printing samples
Seed oh!s for sale at the Norman Mill
& Elevator G>.
Agttin we ask you to note changes in
For tirst-clHss work on jewelry or
watches, go to W. A. Kutledge.
B. J. Weeks always has pure drugs
and sells cheaper than any one else.
W anted n subscription several
loads of heater wood, cord wood or any
kind of wook,
If your watch needs repairing take
it to Uutledge, who guarantees his
work to give satisfaction in every par-
Go to the Ronton Restaurant for a
square toeal or a lunch. Open day and
night. North side Main Street next
door to fire house 15-tf.
If you have jewelry or watches that
needs cleaning or repairing take them
to W, A. Uutledge, he is now prepared
to do your work in a short time.
No matter whose blank the doctor
writes your prescription on, take it to
Weeks' drug store if you want it tilled
correctU' and at lowest prices.
I. K. Miller is in possession of the
Hoston KesiHurant and invites every-
body to come and see him. North side
East Main Street, 15-tf.
"Dad." Gray is receiving new spring
goods in Hoots and Shoes every week.
He has now one of the best stocks in
the city to seiect from. Give him a
call 1st door west of Voice office.—27tf.
Mrs. Ii. K. Kimberlin and Miss Min-
nie Hartley will open up a Millenery
Store in the store room just East of
Maytield's Drug Store, about March,
1st. Their trimmer will be Miss Eva
Burrus, who is now in St Louis taking
Facts are Stubborn Things!!!
• ——♦
r ±
And one of the most Stubborn
Facts is that John Deere's Im-
plements distance all Com-
petitors in the race for Pop-
ular Favor.
On January, 28th, we un-
loaded a car of John Deere Im-
plements, containing a btock
of Plows, estimated to be
large enough for an entire
Spring's Trade, and by Eeb.,
5th, we had been compelled
to order 22 more Plows by
local freight. Comments are
Successors to tlie
SAY ? Did You Know that
Are running one of the best
To be convinced of this fact, you have; but
to step into their market and purchase some of
meats. You will find their place of business just
East of the old Post Office Building.
S. B. Ow*Nb,
J. W. Hocker,
Citizens Bank of Norman,
J. T. Phelps, D. L.
Larsh, S. B. Owens, , B. F. Hughes,
and D. W. Marquart.
A. Kingkade
By-Laws of this Bank provide that no stock can be issued to non-resident#
of this countv.
Look Here.
I have ordered a complete stock of
new furniture of latest designs and the
same will be here in a few days. Be
sure to call and examine my new stock
and learn my prices before making
your purchases. J no. F. lilCE,
West Side Furniture Dealer.
(First Published February, 14tti 18WJ.)
Territory of oklahoma, (
Cleveland C<
Uecoimucnd The Coxey Hills.
The reform editors at their recent
meeting in Dallas, Tex., passed the fol-
lowing resolution:
We iigi<e*t tile disc union of the Coxey good
roads aud uondnterest bond propoMltion* as an
object lesson to the people in getting money
into circulation by employing the unemployed
In making public improvements and al>oilah-
lug usury or legal interest.
This is purely a suggestion for edu-
cational work, and in line with this
commendable move every Populist
should be a regular reader of Mr. Cox
eys twice a week paper, Sound Money
Massillion. Ohio, which makes a spec
ialty of the Non-Interest Bond and
Wood I toads agitation along with a
most admirable news service, especial-
ly its Washington letter. issues
only 26 cents, or with the Peoples
Voice to the end of year. 7o cents.
At S1iiI>I>*m Harness Shop.
Owing to hard times you can got
Saddles, Harness, Bridles, Hames,
Chains and everything in first class
harness line. I sell good goo is for
leas money than any one in Oklahoma.
My stock is complete. Call and get
ray prices before you buy. No one can
undersell me.
unity, s
Int h«- District Court in and forstild countv, in
- Third Judicial District.
Maud Hoover, 1'lalntitl, >
vs. \
O. I-. M. Hoover, defendant,)
I'o the defendant, O. L. M. II >over, you are
hereby noli lied that yon have been sued in flu
above named court and that you must an>wei
the petition tiled by the I'luilittft. Maud llo >v
er, on or before the" 27th day of March, lsytf, <>i
siihl petition will be taken as true uudjudK
nicut for a divorce w ill be rendered, aceonI
Witness the IihihI of the clerk and the s,.lt|
said court, this 10th day «>r February, lHy-;.
N . H. Khby, C lerk.
By Tkksma Mkkk, Deputy.
Wolf A Hi ren in.
Attorneys for Plaintiffs. 3 -4t
Take Notice.
The office of the Home Laundry will
be found at luce's Restaurant. All
goods left there will be carefully at-
tended to; also orders for house clean-
ing and putting down carpets. 29-^tf.
Publication Notice*
(First Published February, 14, 1XW.)
Teriitory of Oklahoma, l Mt.
County of Cleveland, j
In tlie District Court within and for said
County and Territory.
Clara >1. Carr, Plaintiff, j
vs. f
D. A. Carr, Defendant.)
The Defendant, D. A Carr, will take notice
that he In • itven Mied by the above named
pi iiutifl, Clara j. Carr, in the above named
( onrt, that the PI ilntlt! has filed her petition iu
the oflice of the < !«rk of said Court at Norman,
oklahoma Ttrritorv, praying for a divorce
Iioiii you the said Defendant, on the grounds
of abandonment, ami outlier p^-nying tor ade
oree of said Couii, granting liei "the caieand
custody of her two minor children, Jes.-ie fc.
and El/.a A.
That said Defendant i* required to answer
•aid petition on or before Kuday, March, ^Ttli
ikvt), or the same w ill be heard ami determined
ipon petition of 1'ialntitl.
vv. h. Ebkt,
Clerk, District Court.
By Tkessa Mkkk, Deputy.
T. t. llKKUY,
vttornev for Plaintiff. 28—it.
Go to the
Gil! II Sllfi
For Your
School b oolcs
Everything in Jewelrg
Repairing a Specially
See Ub.
W, A, Rutledge & Co,
Only First-las. Jeweler, in Nrman
When you are about to buy a Sewing Machine
do not be deceived by alluring advertisement*
and be led to think you can get the best made
finest finished and
Most Popular
for a mere song. Sec to it that
you buy from reliable manu-
facturers that have gained a
reputation by honest and square
dealing, you will then get a
Sewing Machine that is noted
the world over for its dura-
bility. You want the one that
is easiest to manage and is
Light Running
There is none in the world that
can equal in mechanical con-
When you see a ' good-looking"
proprietor of
ill M Oil Hi
struct inn, d u rabThty of 'work in(f That hi* " now open and ready
ffMSEt'<"• the accommodation of the public,
improvement, a. the | Courteous treatment to all Guaranteed
New Home
woman, you nearly always see a way
healthy woman. Beauty is really V
health. It is the attractiveness of
face aud form that comes naturally
id paiu drive attractive-
ness away.
when weakness aud pain are absent,
Sickness aud paiu drive attractive-
~"*ss away.
It is difficult to make women be-
lieve tlieir tortures can be cured at
home. The popular belief is that k*i
^ v/7 they must suffer on and on—or go fr
to a physician, and reveal secrets that lie ought not to know.
VV Kiue-tcutlis of women's troubles can be cured without physician's aid.
nomi rv ai.i. i>i:ai.ern ix mi:niciNF..
Rates: | JJ'®® J.'er ''".v,
/ W.00 Per Week.
It has Automatic Tension, Double Peed, alike
on both sides of needle {patented*, no other has (!ninTYlorniQl riiMn/]A
it; New Stand {patented), driving wheel hinged 1 rEQe
on adjustable centers, thus reducing friction to
the minimum.
the hew home sevimg machine co.
obajtor, Mam. Borrow, Mam. 88 Union Hot are, N. T
Chjca<h>, III. 8t. Locm, Mo. Dallas, Texas.
Ban Prancuko, Cal. Ati-antA, Oa.
Oklahoma City.
On subscription at this office wood in
heater lengths, cord wood or tree with
tbe brush trimmed off. Now that the
roads are good we would like for some
ot our subscribers to bring us on some
of the kind of wood above mentioned.
The house is centrally located, newly
furnished, and everything first-class.
Corner of F'eters' Ave. and Gray St.
Norman, . . 0lcla
i a trial, they do their work in
Norman and spend their money
in Norman. Good work is
guaranteed and best of refer-
i ence is given.

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