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The People's Voice.
ALLAN St RIXSE, Publishers.
subscription sl tw l'kh veah.
Entered in the poitofflee t Norman,
O. T. u second elans mutter for trail*-
minion through all mail*.
Norman. Friday, Mari'h, 1.1.
J- 8- ALLAN, Editor.
north bound.
H0.4M 4:08 A. M.
No. tod ..1:17 T. M-
Ho. itu (l,ncal,)7: a. m.
No. 4117 2:18 p. m.
Mo A. M.
Mo. 4*3 (Local) 6:IH i\ M.
Ko. 406, carrle* through clmlr earn audi
man 8le«p«in arriving >" Wichita 10:45 • in
fcanaaaClty 6:60p. in. Chicago :4I A. M. fol-
lowing lay making .>loae connection* m( win
tleldand W letitia with Frltuo loi point*
Mo. 40* Oftrrlei* through chair earn and Pull-
man atoepeni from Arkansas City arriving hi
Wichita 10:35 p. in.; Kansas «Jity «:fH) a. in.
n aktM clone connections Ht Wichita with
rriwo K. K. arriving at St. Louis at it.30 p. in.,
following day.
No. 400 carries through Pullman 8lwp«r« and
chairoartarriving Kt.Worth H:l0a. in., Halve*,
ton «:30 p. in. name day.
No. 407 carries through ch lr ears arriving
(ialVMton 9:85 a. in. following day.
Tickets sold to nil points In the United State*
and Baggage checked to destination. lor fur-
ther Information call on or addieae
H. J. MOHOAH, Agent. A. T. A S. K.
The simple believeth every word
but the prudent man lookcth well to
his going.
( That's why we furnish Medicines
to "the prudent man.")
Without council purposes are dis
appointed; liut in the multitude of
counsellors they are established.
(Take as a counsellor any of the
hundreds of patrons for whom we
have filled presciptions—or come
to see us yourself.)
Wisdom riseth in the heart of
him who hath understanding.
(And wise is he who understands
the virtue of pure drugs and scien
tific compounding.)
A man hath joy by the answer
of his mouth, and a word sdoken in
due season, how good it is.
(While a great many already
know, there are probably a great
many who do not know that R. J.
WEEKS is one of the best qualified
Pharmacists in Oklahoma and is a
ways ready and willing to give his
customers any information they de-
sire. His medicines are of the very
best aud his treatment always cour-
He who buyetli his medicines of
sensible man.
(If you trade at Week's you're all
To new Subscribers.. , .
" , , . . -n country catch on
We will send the Peo-l , , .
T JT . . . t i veniber and give
pies Voice to the end
of the year for 50 cents
The Peoples Voice
until 1897 The Home,
Field and Forum, one
of the best agricultural
papers published and
an encyclopedia worth
more than the sub-
scription price of both
papers, Only $1.05.
Last Tuesday the United States
attorney dismissed the cases pend-
ing against E. V. Debs. Debs is out
of court now and the men who were
instrumental in having him in court
see what fools they were.
M. I.. Bixler is now editor of local
page of State Democrat (locals
mostly patent medicine) and " Tax-
payer" has monopolized the editor-
ial page (chiefly devoted to further-
ing his county attorney boom).
"Taxpayer" thinke he hears
swarm of bumble bees buzzing
around liis head calling upon him to
arise and shake himself and run for
county attorney on the democratic
ticket. He will discover next fall
that they were only gnats.
Reed's republican congress refus
ed to pass the Senate Cuban Reso-
lution for the reason Reed feared
that it would be bad republican pol-
itics. The republicans feared that
Cleveland would sign the resolution
and reap the credit. Making repub-
lican politics seems to be the chief
avocation of the present republican
congress. Will the people of this
before next No-
give these tin horn pol-
iticians an opportunity to earn a
livelihood as private citizens?
Public speaking.
f\t a recent meeting of the Popu-
list County Central Committee it
was decided that the Populist would
open their campaign in this county
in Norman and if you will come to
the Opera House, Saturday after-
noon, March, 21st at 2:30 o'clock
you will hear the first speech of the
campaign. We have written to
Texas for a speaker; but find them
all so busily engaged in that state
that we have no positive assurance
of securing one for the above date;
but we have made arrangements with
of Oklahoma City, and he will be
here without fail and perhaps, a
Speaker from Texas also. Dr. Wal-
ker is one of the public speakers of
Oklahoma and we assure you that
you will be well pleased with his
speech. We want to see the Opera
House full so don't fail to turn out
The populists party is the only
party which shouts for free silver,
ft is the only party which would
tiring free-coinage if it had the pow-
The above is respectfully dedicat-
ed to republicans who think the re-
publican party would give us free
coinage if entrusted with power.
In last week's issue of the State-
Democrat "Taxpayer" attempts, in
a two column article, to inflate his
county attorney boom, by endeavor-
ing to force some foul gas into it,
and as the article is to be continued
we would infer the attempt will be a
continuous one until after the elec-
tion. He reminds us of the boy who
attempted to inflate a bladder by
blowing through a goose quill when
there was a two inch rent in the
other end of the bladder. The only
difference was the boy soon discov-
erend the rent and threw away the
bladder; but "Taxpayer" is so busy
"Taxpayer" has at last discovered i blowing through the quill that he
that Peterson and Allan are good ! can't discover the rent. His persis-
for something. How thankful we tency might be commendable was it
are, for the Good Lord has made a not so foolishly directed. His as-
lot of individuals that are good for sertion that neither of the men eni-
nothing. We would not have you ployed by the commissioners to in
infer that "Taxpayer,, belonged to vestigate the county records were se-
ttle latter class. When it comes to lected as expert accountants was
slaying democrats he is unconscious j gratitutous as most yf his other as
of his strength. i sertions. As a matter of fact Mr.
t - r j Stevens is an expert accountant and
The democratic county central1 has checked up the accounts of sev-
committee. of Oklahoma county,got | ural counties in Kansas and was em-
together last Monday and did not j ployed by the A. I. & S. Te Rail
do a thing but roast the National i road Company as an expert ac-
Democratic Administration and re- ' countant in checking up the ac-
solve that they favored nearly every counts of offices on that system of
plank in the Omaha platform,includ- railroads and holds a recommenda-
tn" the government issue of legal tion of competency from that com-
tender treasury notes. Like the j pany, and in politics republican.
Irishman's pup their eyes have flew ! The idea of' Taxpayer" expounding
open; but after their brains were law, we verily believe, would make a
knocked out against a slump. Popu- j horse laugh, was the animal only
hsts heresies are only visible to the conversant with the legal ability of
blind. ! "Taxpayer."
The farmer who wants 25 cent
wheat can get it by voting either old
party ticket.— Headlight, El Reno.
A great many stories are afloat rel-
ative to the queer doings of absent-
minded men,but the man who wanted
free silver and voted the old parly
ticket ought to be installed chief in
the camp of the absent minded brig
ade.— Tecumseh Leader.
There can be no real lasting re
form until co-operation, and not com-
petition, becomes the basis of our
social and political economics. All
other remedies are mere palliatives
that soothe for a time, but do not
strike at the root of the evil.—Okla-
homa Representative.
The Reform Press Association
that met at Dallas looted very fav-
orably on the Coxey good road and
bond bills and recommend their dis-
cussion by the reform press. In the
near future we will republish these
measurers of Mr. Coxey and in the
meantime we are looking for the ar-
rival of several of his pamphlets en-
titled "Cause and Cure" or Mr. Cox-
ey's discussion 011 his measures be-
fore the senate finance committee.
Parlies desiring to secure copies of
"Cause and Cure" can do so by cal-
ling at this office two weeks from
this time.
A. O. U. W. Social.
Alva Lodge, No, A. O. U. W gave a lunch in
Mead's hull on la*t Monday evening. The ob-
ject of It wa* to bring together the full mem-
bership residing in this part of the territory,
ulso tUone who contemplate Joining some Ira-
iernal insurance order. The night was gloomy
and cold and a drizzling rain and sleet was tail-
ing, consequent ly the attemlance was not hall
what was promised or expected. However,
there were about 40 present, and onr fellow
isuian, S. L. Johnson, tirand Recorder for
the older in Oklahoma, auk several others gave
fhort talks on the history and essential benevo-
lent and fraternal features of the A. <J. I. W .•
and all pre en had a very enjoyablo time and
e believe a profitable one to a great degree.
In this connection we will slate that Alva
lodge So. 16, A. O. I . W., was the first lo«l««- of
any kind oiganlKed in the strip and still re-
laiiislhe largest membership of any A. O. I. W.
Ige hi the Ktrip, and we w 111 also state that it
hasalaiger membership than any A. O. U. W
lodge in Oklahoma, considering the population
t Alva a* compared to other tow ns.
It is useless in tins article tor us to repeal
what Is already generally known of the age ami
bstantial features of this noble order, hut the
man looking joi cheap and absolutely side bi-
anco always investigates the workmen, and
thli consequence Is the membership is increas-
ing taster than that of any other.
The strength of the A. O. U. W. lies in the
fact that it is the only fraternal lusuiance order
in this territory whose Urand Lodge officers re-
side and whose grand linlge meets in this tern-
;ory; all oilier insurance orders are from the
jutside and controlled by people who are
at rangers to us. 1 he a. O. u. w. hold* a char-
ier from the Secretary of the Territory to do
busluess la this territory and Is the only insur-
ance order that Is so authorised. These quali-
ties make It the prime favorite in Oklahoma
Mild It counts among its members some of the
ery best people in the territory,— such men as
sudge Lowe, sec'y of the Territory; Hon. Joe j
Wisby, Hon. A. C. Scott; Capt. itlchardsou;
lion. Dennis flynn ami in its bulges in every
town in the territory is found the very best
material for membership. Oklalioino people
arc very zealous f< r "home rule ' in all matters,
and the Masons, Oihl Fellows and Knights of
Pythias ail recognized this when they estab-
lished their graud lodge* here so tnal Oklaho-
ma people might control Oklahoma lodges.
1 he experience of old Oklahoma has not been a
happy one in the matter os outside liinlltulloii.*
organizing brooches there. Every winter or-
ganizers travel up and eown to the different
towns organizing some "Urand order of the
Uolden Fleece," with head quart* rs in some
other state, and alter the organizers have
••fleeced" the unwary out of ahudredortwo
hundren dollars, the 1<k-h1 lodge is left to drag
out a miserable existence; ami without a word
iro n the management at headquarters gener-
ally dies. The next winter another ' organizer"
changes the name and comes along with a
brand new and attractive scheme loattract
dollars from the pockets <>f the people and the
shorn lambs of last w inter get it again. This
lias been done in this territory time and time
again until it is safe to say that lliepespleof
this territory lutxe paid out more for "organiz
log lodges" wtth foreign connections than the
so called "Societies" ever paid out tor death
losses here; and the one always benefited has
been the "organizer;" he gets his money di-
rectly from the members he "takes in," and
then goes his way. Bui with the A. o. u. W.
the record of the past shows what it hasdone
in this territory and every eent that Is Invested
in it is paid out in Oklahoma, ami every lodge
in the territory sends a delegate to its Urand
Lodge. It Is co oper dive insurance and Its re
cord is something to be proud of. Asa fruter-
na society it ranks up w ith the four great fra-
ternal lodges that compose the real fraternities
of this country .—Alva Pioneer.
Over The Country.
and we join with a hoot of othern in
i wUbin^ tliem a Ion* anil proaperoua
Mis* Moliie Adams ha# been sutler-
iritf confti.luriibly with her throat of
late, hut ia some belter.
The cold north wind atruek here last
week mixed with Que ram will aet the
Gold at th« La.siter Headquarters
.till offer* new advantage* to the aeek
or the latest b« in,' free tfold washed
from ordinary Oklahoma red clay.
W, II, give ua enough water properly
applied and thousands ol acres of our
ileversitied soil will produce gold or
silver in due season. We noticed the
!>ast week in a drive of only a few
miles Uve large breaking teams in op
eration, the Orsl move necessary to
convert the virgin soil into profitable
and productive farma. We merely
speak ol this to show the confidence ol
the Oklahoma fanner in the (ulure 01
our own beaulifu land. Only give us
not free gold alone hut silver or prom-
ises to pav backed as o( yore by Uncle
Sam and hard times will vanish like
frost uuder the influence of old Sol,
We understand Supt. Peterson vis-
ited some ol the schools iu the eastern
part ol the county the past week and
reports some f them as very meagerly
attended owing to the prevalence of
mumps, measles and kindred diseases 0|, Sunday
but we trust the timely arrival ol
spring weather will soon obviate this
Uev. Snyder preached an able and
interesting discourse Sunday at Har-
mon School House on tna line of mis-
sionary work aud it was listened to at-
tentively and promptly responded lo
by a very generous collection.
Harry Heardsley attended literary
at Abbott Heights recently, what can
be the attraction, do you suppose.
Miss Sal lie Daniel is visiting her
sister in Pott Couuiy at present, she
will reiurn soon.
We venture the prediction that the
farmers are preparing for the largest
acreage ol cotton that Oklahoma has
ever had and as an argument in this
direction, will say we were informed
today of one cotton planter that is al-
ready engaged for over loll acres.
Mr. McGahan is breaking for S, P.
Heardsley and, by the way, Is doing
one of the neatest jobs we have seen in
that line, and right here let us remark
that the only hope of the the taxpayers
of this county is to make their acres
produce something more than wild
grass and brush.
Humors ol an insane man in the east-
ern part of the county have been rife
the past week and we hope if such is
llie case he may be secured ere he can
injure himself or others.
Mrs. Beardsley accompanied by Miss
Grace Kile, was shopping in Norman
the first of the week.
When young young ladies go horse-
back riding they should not attempt
lo make one pony carry but mm side.
saddle, cause why? Ask the victims, j
OUSKKVKlt. ' gardens.
The assessor was around in this lo-
Abbot Height Item*.
| cality this week.
March came in like a lion, we hope ii Thw League was well attended Wed-
will go out like a lamb. I need ay night and led by Miss Mary
Mumps are still raging out here and Wintin. Among the visitors we no-
are going very hard with some. \ tieed Beryl Sehaffeand Albert Dunham
Wheat is looking very fini and those | from Norman. X. X.
who have wheat are anticipating a As advertised the ist of the week,
good crop. i Rmledge, the enterprising Jew-
Some are talking of planting corn j eler, had an auction sale. Mr. Ma-
fruit crop b&cU and we trust there will
be a good fruit crop this year.
L. VV. Silver, James Allen aud O. A.
J. Ball met at the residence of Mr. Al-
len this morning and played checkers
for the championship of our neighbor-
hood and Mr. Ball won the couiest and
is looking for binger game.
Good luck to the VoicK.
White Mouud.
Mrs. T. VV. Jackson is iu poor health.
Mrs. A. Mitchell wus the guest ol
Mi s. James JacU&on last week.
L. W. Cole and B 8. Hull, of Ne-
man were visitors at our Sunday school
Mr, Carpenter has just fiuished
threshing his large crop of cane seed.
T. W. Jackson lost a valuable horse
last week; he died while hitched to the
Miss Cora Hayos was the guest of I
Miss Mamie Bryan, Sunday.
Will McCall, of Norman was seen iu
our neighborhood, Sunday.
j Mrs.Joe Wintiu was ahletobeout
> to preaching, Sunday, for tht tiroltiuie
since last fall.
The subject of the prayer meeting,
Sunday night, March, 8th was
"Prayer." The meeting was ably con-
ducted by Bro. Wagner.
The most enterprising and industri-
ous farmer we have in ojr community
is Mr. J ames Wintin, who commenced
planting corn, Tuesday, March, lOlli.
A protracted meetiug will commence
at ludpendence school house in the
near future; conducted by He#. Evans.
Miss Mnggie Endicott was the guest
of the Misses Wintiu, Sunday.
Four new members were received
it)to the league at the regular business
meeting on last Friday uight, March, j
Gill. Tliey are as follows: Mr. and
Mrs. Warren, Jutnes Baker and Mrs.
Mary Craig. We now have 32 mem-
Uev. Henry will preach at this place
next Sunday, March, 15th, at 3 o'clock.
Uev. Sherwood accompanied by Uev.
Miller, tilled his regular appointment
here last Sunday. Tue sermon was in-
teresting as Well as instructive. The
text w is Acts: 3:0.
Most 1 i are ousily engaed iti making
irimx p.ibltratlon In rn FUC VoiCB, March,
the nih, 1W6 )
territory of oklahoma, i
Cleveland (>Mitit%, \
In l>i n id court, linn! Judicial District, in
mi.i for wild county and territory.
>arali L. bindery, plaintiff, j
Robert la. Kli>K«*ry, defendant, S
To the defendant, Robert L. kintfery: 1 oil
are hereby notified that you have l een -tied in
lit. mIj.iv. n.'ti**l court, lor * tlivoiw, ihI III.
cm HI I ciultHiy "f llielr tin™ cliiMifii, .ml
Uihi you miul a'n.wer the petition mm in sunt
court I,v llie iilHllltlir, Knr.ll I.. hliiKfly (in
in« the Slut ot April, isim, m Ntlit petl-
I ti 'ii will Ik* Inken lru« .1*1 for. ami His o r. Hinl ou-toily f lliei-lill.
ilrei) will Ik- hksIii'.I
witness 111.' lutliil nf llu- cltilk iiuii til. .Mil of
siu.l court tills n - 41 Ii 'lay ol March, IHWS.
VV. I! I- Ml.v. Clerk.
l:y I IIKSS* MM sorrr, Deputy.
U. K. wiiik. Att'y. for 1-lHlntttr. IK—41.
Atoka, I. T., Ft. Smith, Ark., Parsons,
Kans., Denver, Col.
Look out for C on Left Jaw.
Have your horses branded and thus
secure their safety.
Responsible agents wanted In every section
of the Indian Territory. Apply to Protective
ami Detective Association, Atoka, I. T., for
for—:, Harness, Hames,Chains,
Collars, Bridles, Lines,
And Lap Robes.
The bent Line in the Territory
: of the—:
Prices Lowest and Quality of -1
uoods the 'Best.
this week hut we haven't heard of any
being planted yet.
Mrs. Kosa Donald of the Kicldipoo
Country is visiting her parents Mr.
and Mrs. Jim Martin. Mrs. Donald
seems to like her new home very well.
Mr. It i) Henderson lost h tine mule
Saturday. He has decided lo move his
stable as he thinks the place is diseas-
ed for he has lost eight head of horses
and mules since he caine here.
Miss Mary Henderson and Fannie
nor from Kansas City, is doing the
selling anil Mr. Rutleilge reports
very good sales.
Mrs. A. A. Berry, Mrs. Prank Mc-
Ginley and Mrs. Doug. Minor visited
Oklahoma City, yesterday.
Your Faco
G. W. Burke will open up a flower
depot next Tuesday in the room for-
merly occupied by the Fenolon & liel- j
la toy Drug Store. Will have in stock
all kinks of roses, all kinds of green
Brannen, two of our popular young la- j1()USe plants, and all kinds of flower
dies thought they would give the boys j |)UH3S> Parties desiring to secure
Will be wreathed with a moat engaging
smile, after you Inveat In a
the slip last Sunday and go riding by
themselves. But owing to a naughty
pony they had very bad luck in the
way of getting a saddle torn to pieces
and letting one of their ponies get
away. They had to call on some of
the boys to assist them, which the
good hearted boys did of course.
Miss Rachel Henderson and Mr.
.lames Adams wont lo Norman to join
in the bonds of matrimony Tuesday.
Miss Kachel ia one of the fairest as
11 as one of the best young ladies of
our neighborhood and Mr. Adams is a
nice young man and is very enersetie
fJ4. "V.
i ? >
tou ©isrmKi i
mrvttMD ptueHrtf?
Ann rAMffAKO S0.V
JAiyLr wiiftoa TcasKi
(lower plants should call aud see me
and learn prices. G. W. BUKKE.
Central Block.
The Arena For March, 1896.
Tne March Arena contains a mag-
nificently illustrated paper written by
Justice Walter Clarke, L. L. I)., of the
Supreme Bench of North Carolina on
"Mexico in Mid-winter." Incidentally
the jurist discusses the silver question
as it was brought to his attention dur-
ing liis receutly extensive trip through
out our Sister iiepublic under the aus
pices of The Arena
"A Watch—
for Nothing
The watch is nickel, good timekeeper, quick stem wind and aet. You will
find one coupon inside each 2 ounce bag and two coupons
inside each 4 ounce bag of
Send coupons with name and address to ^
Buy a bap of this Celebrated Smoking Tobacco, and read the Jj*
coupon, which gives a list of other premiums and how to get them. W
The most complete and useful devices ever
added to any sewing machine.
The WHITE ia
Durably and Handsomely Built,
Of Fine Finish and Perfect Adjustment,
Sews ALL Sewable Articles,
And will serve and please you up to the foil
limit of your expectations.
Active Dealers Wanted in unoccu-
pied territory. Liberal terms. Address,
Dealer In and Grower of
ice i
32 choice varities of
Apples, I'lums, Crabs,
Four varieties Pei.cii,
and all kinds of small
Fruit all Grafted on
No., 1, one year old
Roots. Good size and
Healthy Trees.
Call and see my Stock. Prices
on application. Four miles east of
Moore, seven miles north of Norman
11. GARBER, '

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