The State Democrat. (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 6, No. 104, Ed. 1 Wednesday, May 8, 1895 Page: 3 of 4

(the §tatc pcmocvot.
from chaffed skin.—Costs only 2 1-'- cents
nn ounce.—TRY IT.
o, 1:07 u. m.
No. 407 | . in.
No. 4£l accommodation f>:l"i p. in.
ooinu NOHTIi,
No. oo fisllt >• ID<
NO. 408.. *•
No. 420 accommodation 7:00 a. m
Prepared by University of Oklahoma.
Prof Edwin IikIUuu, Observer.
Date I Mux Mill. Mcail Until i Wind
18 I Yx *. 4M «: .H II
111 85 41.5 Mil
'h day 1
Cleft? 1
Clear ,
Pt Cl l v
« 1.1 y
I't < lily
ISboul 1 go another day with-1 Pabst beer at McGiuley aiul Cair. . ,\ny one who is suffering from
hnk.g 0 "ut ,omo °'tliat '"'""tl'ow" 1 The State Democrat keeps CoiiBtlpntloti or Iiulitfi'stion, would
pODJS a del- nt Weeks' Drug Btore.1Jl k Deeds MortRaRos, HUIh 1 (lo well to tfy Hi-ftp.' l i<|le Giant
BsltV for it is needed to i lire tbo ! ' ' K * 3 . . , , l
DdU"' burning feeling which conm of Sale and C battle Mortgages for I'iIIh. 1 hey give perfect mitixlai-,
' sale, cheap. tioti. Sold and warranted by K.J.
Go to the Norman Meat Market j Weeks, your popular druggist,
for everything jiice and first-class
we handle nothing but the best of
A lady at Tooleys, La., was very
Hick with bilious colic when M. C.
Tislcr. a prominet merchant of
the town gave her a bottle of Cham-
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarr-
hoea Remedy. He says she was
well in forty minutes after taking j1'"1
the first dose. Kor sale by Blake & eNl
Teet Druggist
All kinds of Laces and Kmbroid-
ery at the New York Bargain Store.
As the strength of a building de-
pends npon the solidity of its foun-
dation, so health depends upon the
condition of the blood. To expel
Ho carelul Can ftflord to miss using
hlincoln!Mien Wt ks' Bed-bug mid insect
QUUoGAGGpu exterminator.—One appli-
cation at house-cleaning time is sullicieut
for all summer. Costs only 35 its , a bot-
tle.—At WEEKS' Drug Storo.
Why not °ne °r tw°rooui8 °f y°ur
PsnPP 9 house while you are bouso-
1 uptl f cleaning this sp: iug,—We will
sell you a nice gilt paper for 20 cents a
double roll and furnirhyou a paper hanger
cheaper than you t an hang it yourself.
Cull at Weeks' Drug Store and seo how
cheaply wo can fix up your room.
Dont forget the annual school
F. J. Bullock, of Stella, was in the
city Tuesday.
Hon. B. J. Clardy, of \\ arnctta. j gtore> but it was left out by
was in the city.
Corn is looking line almost all
over the county.
Ben Brown of Fairview was in
the city, Tuesday.
Grandma Tarpley of Ilall was in
the city, Tuesday.
Since the citizens ticket was elect-
ed we expect to see plenty of ruin.
Capt. W. C. Richardson and
daughter Helen visited in Perry
Prof. DeBarr, of the I'niversity.
will spend his vacation at Ann
Arbor, Mich.
Mrs. Dr. Snow and the children
visiting* friends in Katiffmnn and
Terrel, Texas.
Attorney A. W. Fisher returned
from Washington, Kas., in time lo
help the citizens ticket win.
The Famous grocery store has
another lot of the famous (>. C. Hour,
the favorite brand, if you want the
Mrs. T. J. J. Wiggins entertained
a few friends at whist last uight, in
honor of Walter Skaife, of KlReno,
who is here on a visit.
The cast side public school clon-
es Friday. All the teachers have
done good work and the scholars
have made material progre. .
Work on the Sanitarium is pro-
gressing rapidly, and it will be
pushed by Messrs. Depew and
halloc, the contractors.
The ladies of the C::tholic church
ask us to express tlieir thanks to
Mr. A. Kingkade for the use of his
building last Saturday night.
Mr. W. N. KI ledge has a carload
of sugar that he bought before the
ju ices advanced, and can give you
the lowest price of any one in Not
The water main is being put down
on north Peters Avenue, and resi-
dents in that part of the city will
be enjoying the luxury of plenty
of water.
A. B. Williams of the New York
Racket, had a big run of business
last Saturday. His receipts were
up to the top notch. Mr. Williams
is an advertiser.
Nr. J. W. Brown of the firm of J.
W. Brown & Bro., will be here this
week from Sherman Texas, and will
stay here some time in the interest
of their business.
The Grand Leader did over eight
hundred dollars more business in
the month of April this year than
in the same month last year. This
speaks well for Norman
Mr. Frank Todd's family arrived
this week from St. Louis and will
make this their home. Mr. Todd is
in with Mrs. Laura Weeks in the
photograph gallery.
Kvei y other man on the pop tick-
et was traded off for And\ Berry
but it can be truly said:
"That there never was a minute,
That Andy was a little bit in it."
Charley Bellamy, accompanied
by his mother ami the children,
returned to Norman last week.
Another car of Jack Frost ties-:
cent and Old Gobi flour at Wiu.ims
A Son.
Beggs' German Salve.
Beggs' German Salve.
Beggs' German Salve.
The greatest pile ointment in tin-
world. It cures where all others
| fail. A positive guarantee with
every box. Call for sample box. ■
I Sold by your popular druggist.
R. J. Weeks.
Wanted ."VKl bushels of corn .">00
bushels of oats and tons of good
hay. T. W. Briggs & Co.
Charles Kahoe, an old-time
Norman contractor, is foreman in
charge of the Patterson building
being erected next to Purcell Na-
tion Bank, lie is an expert and in
his charge the work will progress
rapidly. Purell Register.
The Coterie Kdition should have
contained a notice of the Boston
dent. The ladies desire to thank
the proprietor of that store for his
liberable patronage and to express
their appreciation of a firm whose
business enterprise is a credit to
The Presbyterian ladies have a
grand musical treat in store for the
people of Norman, as they propose
to give "An old folks" concert,
about the middle of May, wiiich
will far excel every other entertain-
ment ever given here The best
singers are engaged in it. and it
will be simply immense.
Mr. 11. W. Stubbenian the popu-
lar harness man, has just returned
from a most en joyable visit to his
old home at Osgood, Ind. Besides
visiting bis home, lie spent a short
time in Cincinnatti, St. Louis and
Kansas City. This is the first time
in several years that Stub has ta-
ken a vacation. While in Cincin-
natti he heard Fanny Davenport
and her company.
Ueat 10c Show ii Kaith,
J., hours of Hypnotism, Mimicry
Magic and Fun, at the Opera house
Thursday and Saturday and Sat-
urday nights, May Otli and 11 til.
Change of program nightly.
Mai rled.
At the residence of the bride's
parents in this city, last Wednes-
day. I'vening Miss Hattic Appleby
to Mr. C has. (lardner of Noble. The
happy collide have the best wishes
of a large circle of friends and the
St a ti-; Di: mock at joins in wishing
them many and happy days.
Ire ( n am Social.
The Ladies of the Catholic church
will give an ice cream social in the
building; next to Joe 1'rones auction
house. Ice cream cake coffee etc.
will be served and all who come
are sure to enjoy themselves. Come
out and patronize the ladies and
help a good cause. Saturday night.
Ice Cirain Social.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the
Baptist Church will give au Ice
Cream Social Saturday night, two
doors west of the Hotel Agnes.
Found at l.a*t.
A sure cure for Diarrhea and
impurities and cause the vital fluid Summer Complaint. It is Beggs'
to become vigorous and life-giving,
Aycr's Sarsaparilla is the most
powerful and effective medicine in
Nice Clothing and Furnishing
goods at very low prices, at the
New York Bargain Store.
Dr. S. F. Scott, Blue Ridge, Harri-
son Co., Mo., says; "For whooping
cough Chamberlain's Cough Rem-
edy is excellent.', By using it free-
ly the disease is deprived of all
dangerous consequences. There is
no danger in giving the Remedy
to babies, as it cotains nothing in-
jourious. 25 and .TOcents bottles for
sale b)' BlakcJA Teel Druggist.
A nice line of all kinds of white
goods at very low prices at the New
York Bargain Storev
Ayer's Pills are recommended by
leading physicians and druggists,
as the most prompt and efficient
Diarrhea Balsam. Druggist do
not keep it. They sell it. For sale ,
by R. J. Weeks, the popular drug-
Cheaper than ever before, are the
can goods of Williams & Son.
C i Account of the Reunion of Uni-
ted Confederate Veterans at Hous-
on Tex. May 22nd to 2.~>th we wil
sell tickets to Houston and return
lor $9.0a Date of sale May 20th tV 2lst
Return limit May 20th.
R. J. Morgan, ag't.
Risinger and Sparks can now be
found at the Star Barber shop,
Wallace Parker having quit the
business. These gentlemen will
guarantee satisfaction.
Miss Merrie Alford, the Fashion-
able Dress Maker, has moved from
the Brooks building to the room
in the rear of the Grand Leader,
Is NOW Ol'KN With a NKW and COMPLETE Stock of
I)ry Goods.) do
Shoes and I lids,
All Bought at Hnrd Time Prices. You know wii.i cIk.l moans.
Berry BuUding.
re invited to
nice time.
■ouic out and
Charley says that it has been as
dry in Chillicothe Mo. as it has
been here.
J. H. Love was iu the city Monday,
the first tunc in several months.
He has been at death's door and is
now only the shadow of his former
self, but thinks that he is now on
the road to recovery.
The lean lank "Pennyrile" bovine
that illuminated the Norman City
Ticket, was a lit emblem for Berry,
and his echo, John Skineiu. Any
body who would follow that device,
would not get very far in this coun-
Never before have we had a
chance to visit such an interesting
exhibition as is now located in the
Adkin building on Fast Main St
The exhibition consists of a great
many perfectly executed life si/.e
wax figures illustrating interesting
subjects such as the dying Zouave.
Sadi Carnot, the late president of
France. The Guillotine, The Sleep-
ing Beauty, and the Birth of Our
Savior. The exhibition is more in-
teresting because the work was all
executed by two French ladies who
are constantly in attendence busi-
ly engaged in making beautiful
wax llowers which are to be given,
to every lady and little girl attend-
ing < ! Thrusday as souvenirs. It
is an exhibition that ladies and
children can visit with propriety
at any time and as the admission
is only lac everyone should attend.
remedy for billiousncws, nausea, where she will be pleased to wait ]
costiveness, indigestion, sluggish-
ness of the liver, jaundice, and sick
headache; also, to relieve colds, fe-
vers, neuralgia, and rheumatism.
On account of the Annual meet-
ing of the Grand Council of Kansas
of the united Commercial Travelers
Association of America to be held
at Topeka Ks. May 10th. «Sc 11th.
Tickets will be sold to Topeka and
return for one fare for the round
trip. Date of sale May 9th. and 10th.
Return limit May 13th.
r. J. Morgan.
Persons who sympathize with the
afllicted will rejoice with D. K. Carr
of 1235 Harrison street. Kansas
City. He is an old sufferer" from
inflammatory rheumatism, but has
not heretofore been troubled in
this climate. Last winter he went
up into Wisconsin, and in conse-
quence has had another attack.
"It came upon me again very acute
and severe," he said, "My joints
swelled and became inflamed; sore
to touch or almost to look at. Upon
the urgent request of my mother-
in-law I tried Chamberlain's Pain
Balm to reduce the sweeling and
ease the pain, and to my agreeable
surprise, it did both. 1 have uesd
three fifty cent bottles and believe
it to be the finest thing for rheuma-
tism, pains and swellings extant.
For sale by Blake <& Teel Druggist.
i l.ovely Head of llalr.
Is something that every woman
should be proud of and is some-
thing that every person can have
if they use Beggs' Hair Renewer.
A positive guarantee with every
bottle. Sold by R. J. Weeks.
Itut'lillii'ft Arnica Salve.
Tin-; Best Salve in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt-
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter Chap-
l.lbcrty and V Iclnltv.
Arch Stroup and Tamily, of
Yukon have been visiting with his
father, Isaac Stroup.
Arthur Hall and Charley McDon-
ald have been visiting in the Sac
and Fox country the past week.
Matt Phillips will move to the
Creek nation next week, where he
expects to make his future home.
May success go with him.
Sunday schools have been organ-
ized for the summer in all the
hool house
on all who need her services.
Makes pi-re hlooi>. These three
words tell the whole story of the
wonderful cures by Hood's Sarsa-
parilla. It is the best blood purifier
and spring medicine.
II<M)D'8 Pills for the liver and
bowels act easily, yet promptly
and effectually.
Cure for Headache
As a remedy for all forms of
Headache Klectric Hitters has prov-
en to be the very best. It elfects a
permanent cure and the most
dreaded habitual sick headaches
yield to its influence. We urge all
who are afflicted to procure a bot-
tle. and give this remedy a fair trial.
In cases of habitual constipation
Klectric Bitters cures by giving
the needed tone to the bowels, and
few cases long resist the use of
this medicine. Try it once. Large
bottles only Fifty cents at Fenelon's
Drug Store.
limit Ueail Tliln.
you wish to know that I
Beggs, Diarrhea Hal
medicine on earth
Complaint. Never
every time. Kqunlly good for chit
drcn. Sold and warranted by R. J
A ill li ir.
Written by the UitKlnen* Men of Nr no an
for the Uenetit of the Stnto Ilcino-
ciat Krailen.
Carpels at Dunn's.
Buy your ice of Jas. Bryan.
Try our flour, Williams & Son.
The Celebrated Pabst, Blue rib-
bon beer on tap at C. Levy's
Highest price paid for country
produce we want KM),000dozen eggs.
T. W Briggs & Co.
Fancy bulk roasted coffee at Wil-
liams & Son.
Drink Pabst Beer, always on tap
at McGiuley and Carr's.
Leave orders for ice with Jas.
Does a General
Transfer Business.®
Your Patrouau'e Solicited.
cTBuaasierasr.. jbs. .-*
am is the best i Bryan and liavt
for Summer you want it.
fnilH. Caret. j.lfl n,-yi,„I \vi
it delivered when
deliver ice to any
The Star Spangle I {(a
Many interesting thing about '
Francis Scott Key the author of
theStarSpangled Banner -arec > i
tained in a pamphlet, which 111.-13
be obtained free from the Key M
uiiient Association of Frederick
City, Maryland, by sending one 2
cent stamp for postage. This Asso-
ciation is raising funds for a suit-
able monument to the poet,
and the}' suggest, in the schools
and every where, upon
part .
I Kle
j I Hum's
Pabst, Blue kibl
leer at Levy's.
Snow flake has
(in and Barvaria
won a deserving
the most pop-
before 1 lnril, go to til
ped Hands, Chilblain, Corns, and I K,aK 1>a>' <JU" ' l th), this nul.j. t I ltet xvlior, v..
all Skin KrnptioiiB, and positively!1"' s'lilably lvcogiii/.cd. Contiilm
cures Tiles, or no pay required. It' t'ou 8 liowever
is guaranteed to give perfect sat
| reputation as
ular brand fo
The Mill and Klevator has made
wheat worth as much in Norman
as in Chicago and deserves the pat-
ronage of the people.
If you are looking for pure leaf
i' Norman Meat Mar
i can get Hie genuine
is faction, or money refunded.
Price 'J."i cents per box. For sale at
Fenelon's Drug store.
(>f a nice head of hair just through
negligence. When your hair be-
gins to fall out, don't neglect it.
but get a bottle of Beggs' Hair Re-
newer which will slop its falling
out, and if turning gray, will re-
store its natural color. For sale by
R. J. Weeks.
all, are asked for
Every one who loves the Mag,
ought to have some small share in
building this monument. TheCiov-
crnor of Maryland has strongly en- |
dorsed the movement. The names j
of sill contributors will be preserved j
iu the crypt of the monument, and
published (without amount) in the
history of the monument when
How to Cure V«mr«elf While t hine It.
McClintock & Millers meat wagon
calls for orders every evening, any-
one wanting order called for, will
please leave word at shop, east
main St. and it will receive prompt
attention. Respectfully.
McClintock & Miller.
Norman meat market.
The tobacco habit growns on a
man until his nervous system is
seriously affected, impairing health
comfort and happiness. To quit
suddenly is too severe a shock to
the system, as tobacco, to an invet-
erate user becomes a stimulant
that his system continually craves.
Baco-Curo is a scientific cure for
Heffgs' Blood Purifier and Blood Maker the tobacco habit, in all its forms,
Beggfc' Blood I'tiritler and Blood Maker
Beggi' Blood Purifier and Hlood Maker
for nil disease of the blood. A pos-
itive guarantee with every bottle.
You should take the advantage of
one of our clubbing offers and get
208 papers one year for $1.75.
Fnsriione/ble Barbers.
East Main Street, Norman
ONLY the best
At Brooks New Studio, just north
of the Citizens Bank.
All our flour guaranteed. Wil
li a ms & Son.
Dunn, the furniture man, has a
complete line of coffins, caskets and
undertaking goods. Hearse in con-
nection. Central block.
Ladies desiring the Latest in Fashion-
able Dressmaking will surely be
suited by calling ut our shop, on
the south ddeof Kast Main Street.
Agricult lira I
Year Free!
caper, y
lid the mutt1
linte l l'i pa.
special wants of t
stock rufsers of tli
meats devoted to
horticultural, dai
ry. reliable marl
folk, farm or^aui/
It i.s a re
^'o iiiaga/.ii
ritory, an
. poultry.
tho interests of the
rces of < iklahonm ami
diabh-, b ight, rleun
no, a nl d. als with tl.e
i'Oil depart
live htocL.
id ha
ist pt
of succe
the west
country as ti,
tvI resent tho iut< rests of t!
which it is d« \ • >t• •• 1 and the
this country that can afiord
issued monthly ut (■ uthei■
espot 1 isc« editorial etc.
>r have had many years
t i.s elass of papers in
tlii furtfle and beautiful
ntioa for a high-class
lire making it truthfully
rent industrial elass to
-• i-« not a farmer la al
o do without it. It i
nd is only 50c a year.
Heulizing that u
Premium, we have
Field and Forum,
ouId not furnish (
. • ■ . ;
1 will furnish en I
All old subscribi rs m em
subscription to the | ourii.'i I.
oiler at the earliest possibl
i b rs with a more valuable
of tho,
ly subscribers
ii to that valuable journal free,
subscribers will also re«'rdvo a
Id avail himself of lins liberal
The VIC NELSON Stock of
Hardware, Tinware, and
carefully conpotindcd after the
formula of au eminent Berlin phy- your
sician who bus used it in his pri- j
You are invited to cull
1 see for IS NOW BEING CLO
Texas Tuesday where she has been
attending school the past year.
A large acreage of cotton will be
Highest Honors—World's Fair, 1 ,,i,mt,.,i tiiix kmiii.
vate practice 1872,without a failure,
Miss AlmaVaubion came up front l';,n for and be sure you get Beggs' I pUrely vegetable and guaranteed
and take no other. Sold by K, J. perfectly harmless. Von can use
Weeks. j nil the tobacco you want, while
Cluaranteod Cure. j taking Haco-Curo, it will notify
We authorize our advertised drug- j J'ou wbcn to stop. We give a writ-
1 Mr. and Mrs. Makepeace were | RjHt to sell Dr. King's New Discov- iten guarantee to perinanfly cure
shopping in Norninn Wednesday. I ery for Consumption, Coughs ami any cast
A party at Mr. Milton's and Dave Colds, upon this condition. If you bind the
j i Miinlan's were the amusements of are afllicted with a Cough, Cold or
: the week. j any I.ung. Throat or Chest trouble
j Three bright young intellects j an(j w}jj USi this remedy as di-
J from this neck o' the woods took rected, giving it a fair trial, :i11«1
the < vnmiuatiou at Norman I'tst expcrlencc no hcncflt, you may re*
wee!,, 1 turn the bottle and have your money
i Mi. Davidson is entertaining refunded. W
Ii iends fnmi Texas this week.
| im Davidson from Berry, Stin-
dlived with his family.
>1. I.. Howarfh is drilling wells in
the Chickasaw nation.
(Juitc i^nuuiber of persons attend
/- t-r 4- d .. u. d,m ed the lecture at the Catho
tomAmSa,,Anl°niniwac.thc0|1ndulicrant. Ii.' .Iiurrl, in Norman I nut Snn.luy
with three boxes, or ro-
ll-oney with 10 per cent.
interest. Baco-Curo is not a sub-
stitute, but a scientific cure, that
cures without the aid of will power
and with no inconvenience. It
leaves the system as pure and free
from nicotine as the day you took
hew or Billoko. Hold by
our ironclad
guarantee, at $1.00 per box, three
boxes, (thirty days treat mem,) ifli.M).
or sent direct upon receipt of price.
Send six two cent stamps for sum
pie box, Booklet and proofs free.
Buy your gioccrics of M. McGin- Knrcka Chemical A Manufacturing
ley. Flesh goods and fair treat-1 Company. Manufacturing Chemists Hides...
ment I.a Crosse. Wisconsin Calf Skin
Buy only the flour made by the
Norman Mill and Klevator Co.
Order your new spring carpet j
from Dunn's. He has n complete j
line of samples.
How in the world can you expect
to be cured of the Piles unless you
get a box of Beggs' (iernian Salver |
Sample boxes free. K<|iially good
for Scalds, Burns, (>1<I
Sold and warranted by R. J
I Don't Think!
You could get a better
Meal, or a better Bed
anywhere in town,
than at the
Office ;
I: \ I i
nd Shop
I.I Mill.K'
rump and
one door
Windmill Department
i mitli • Norman State
offer did
coiilil not make tliin >••>«> tir«t •
all druggists, with
I IK u w \m< i i
not know thai Dr.
Trial b
Discovery could be
on. If never disappoints,
ittles free at Feiilou's Drug
I .urge si/.e aOc. and $1.
Hogs. live..
Cattle, live
Fat Calves,
linn- .
Dried Beef.
rrCv,;,:: COMMERCIAL dining hail
When in the city, call _
on me. Board by the e. w. cox, v. s.,
ii.UO to 11.00
day or week,
to please all.
We try
l)r. Price's Cream Making Powder
World's Pali Hltrhrftt McJal and Diploma
Urnduate uf (lie American Veterinary
College, of New York City, i« now located
ill the I :nr Orounds ut Norman, Okln,
Culls broke uu>l trained for road uml n|>ce
All kltidi of Veterinary work done C'astci •
a \\nu a apcclalty. ('Iiargcs reasonable.

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