The Perry Daily Times. (Perry, Okla.), Vol. 2, No. 133, Ed. 1 Tuesday, February 26, 1895 Page: 3 of 4

soim * * .
Ho. M>. Tex « "P" 8 * ' ' "
no i -. ! •-* ►x'''v, 'i
1*1. Local freight '• (-u A- M
I No. «0h. n toai^fcxpw • - 4 M
si, 44 ■ Missouri UImt r.xpreff v
N <) i.: I . i " - •
k. ¥.. Wkbtlbvklt, Ageat.
Perry, O. T.. *. !**•
LOD«E directory.
IJI i —< 'lui .f i • i « \«. 14 I o.<
k , Ivrr) . oki.i mm., i rr!'"i> u •
iviry Tbui I U •f - I 11 ■ 1
l h«*\.-nni betw*< nltu . \ into
'yre ulv% ) s wt lroin*
w t . KrrAs, ki,
i* a 1.54 i-11, x 1.
"Tj^STIIKit !.« .! .« No. V luutfhtfrsnl I>
JPJ I o o K, m^t cv. iy .ml
au<i fourth Tucsduy oi • a u month Visitors
Wl(*Oin« IlKH. MaKV CoSNKKL .No.
Mkv m %ht it**vn < , set*.
KNIUHTK of I.AHOK in#et every Wed-
nesday eve., T *.o p in. In their hull
on Hlxtb street over l'onca Milling t o 'e
« , D vitkk, US. J ii. lknhon , m w .
Ar. ft A. M
regular conuuun
Ferry I/wlge No. i& holds Its
attoii i!i« nrst and
(1 Wednesdays athall on 7th stre
T. Taylor, 8ec,y,
f f h i ud .1
• retry, Oklahoma.
local union No old,
_ _ iiiwets every Fri-
day evening at 7 *j i> m, at the city Hall.
Visiting til-others always welcome \s . H.
Vanderpool, secretary; C'. W **rlnct, pres-
K of P.-Perry Lodge, No. 9, K. ol P.
. meets every Monday night at 8 p. m.
Ov«r . • ••• Dry <.oo«!- store All Visiting
Knights welcome.
W. II . i I imm.kb, C. C.
J. K. SHANAf klt. K . ot It. Uhd S.
T IIIMI ii i junks >\ It. < no. 10
j I meets even drat and th t : n
at 7 '• i i in ut Post Hall "H >ev nth • t w%•
A and H street*. immaC Pome rot,
IUttik J. MrKNKillT. pres.4 S><
inVWlM.'N SI \i: l'*rry rnapter v
JPj meets re.'ii, ti I'. • !; the s^r.,11 .111.1 fourth
>\ ♦•due'm1.i> s : ri month i". hall on ith
street Visitors cordially Invited. KinuJ.
Morris. \> M., l r. « K Taylor, secretary.
Your tree antl unlimited choici
ot any Suit in the 1 louse for
or any p.tir ot Odil I'ants in the
\Vf 0 w
and tli
1 imp ar eta ererj Qrvt
thJi 1 Mturdayi ft'. a. in . In
1tiirr1n~'er ha 1 "rst stairw i • • " P. ai l
of Trade. AH ■ al and visiting members re-
quest d to !• present
consul t om. clerk.
(1 a. it
I. m-.!
day ol ■ n-ii
lm All
Homer < .
s every l'i
ii nth at
with us. (
WBSLKT I a T l.'ii: AOJ t
lou Pod Mo i'.
• t and third 'I lnirs
: n p m.. ut K. p
Invited to meet
Fltll MJSllir As>KMIil.\ NO. IOPI l\
OF L.TOeets every Hat t ijrn
7 :«) In K ot P hall on seventh street he-
To. o i Perry | oca ? . i meat a • Pii i y
• Ot, leet it i oea i • ■ enlng M
7 nit odd rellowa ball, Vuttlog patri*
archs iir« siu invited to attend
H. \n . u minier, CP, J «. «,!• hi
Nothjijy is reserved, the finest
anil 1 e t of Everything we have
in the house is included in this
sale. We cannot describe the
goods here, hut Come In and
look at them. That won't cost
you a cent, and if you don't
think them dirt cheap at $9.99
per suit we won't ask you to buy.
This sale closes promptly on
March 1st
Men's line shoes and furnishing
jjoods a specialty.
perry catches.
are '401
Furnished rooms, corner 8th ami B.
Wm. Shields, of Newkirk, is In the
Grand Musicale at opera house to-
J. Mornington ia in the city from
( al Ferguson carnc up from Guthrie
this a. in.
Salesman J. I!. Holliday, of Wich-
ita, is doing the city.
Fred L. Peckham went to Newkirk
on th 1 morning'" train.
Miss Julia (' Snider, of Morrison,
is visiting friends In the city.
"Clack Bear" returned home from
Winlleld on the noon train.
Chas. Drake, of Council t!ro\e
Kan^a-, is a;;::' -t in the city.
Thos. K, Beel, of Blackwell, is
transacting business in the city.
Nannie Callicotte at Smith's hall | all kidney and liver trouble
tonight ill "The Little Dacbexs. ' i often gives ., : install relief
\Vantki>: Will buy stock of gro-
ceries in any part of the territory
Must be cheap. Will pay spot cash.
Address B. S. Co., box, 1S6, Guthrie,
O. T. a-2
Miss Delia Walters, of Arkansas
City, left this morning oil tho mail
iiaek for Pawnee to visit her father,
Chasey, who is an old time resid-
ent of Perry.
First Regimental band, Guthrie
Mandolin club, Gregg, s Operatic
Orchestra and vocal solos at Perry
opera ouse tonight. Prices 50
and 75 cents
Deputy Sheriff Canton, ot Pawnee
county, returutd this morning from
Ft. Smith, Ark., where he went some
time ago with the two Shelly boys,
the outlaws, for trial.
W. T. Morris, of the Callicotte
comedy company, left this morning
for Arkansas City to bill for their
company which appears at the opera
house in uiat city next week.
The Little Sunbeams, a society of
the Baptist church, will give a "Pink
Social" on Wednesday evening,
March 0th, for the benefit of the
pastor. Everybody is cordially in-
The First Regimental band will ap-
pear at the opera house tonight in a
grand concert. The parade this after-
noon speaks well for the entertain-
taininent and they will no doubt have
a good house.
Knid is coming to the with a
ten year old robber in the person of
young David Winkle, who robbed a
store in that city of iJtt Thursday. It
doesn't take long to learn in this
western country.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Atkin and Guy
Lemon and wife, of Seneca, Mo., ar-
rived in the city yesterday and will
make Perry their home. Mrs. Lemou
and Mrs. Atkin are both daughters of
Councilman Cornelius. Welcome to
The funeral services of little Harry
Couch, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
II. P. Couch who died at 6 o'clock
yesterday at the home of tho parents
in North Perry, occurred today and
the remains were interred in the
Union cemetery cast of the eity.
Ben Coats has returned home from
Iowa where he has been for some
time visiting hi.i parents Who reside
the.1' - ile rerun* vcr cold weath- T[je Callicotte's played last night
er there thla winter and a great deal to a crowded house. When we say
of d. stitution, and says that Noble | crowded, we mean full to overflowing
county is the garden spot of the <;ven tilt' transom over the door was
Last Chance!
Letter Heads,
and Bill Heads
The Famous,
- >uth Side Squar.- Opp. court Uouse.
Short Order House,
Sixth St. Opp. Court House.
All kinds of Game in Season.
Pkrkv, - - - OK
full, and many were unable to ge
The members of tho Oxford club | inside. The play was splendid in it-
have rented rooms over Richardson's I self, and was beautifully presented.)
bank, corner C and Sixth streets, and 1 J. W. Callicotte is an old citizen of j
g to fur'i" .1 them with chairs, Perry, locating here in the early days,
etc . ;.ud will put in a com- and was only here for a few days at-
library. Th • will give the , tending his contest which is on trial
men of the city a place to j in the land office here. Several of
away their idle hours which! his old friends suggested that he
will likely prove to them a great ! bring his company here for a week's
bene!!; bv drawing them away from I engagement, which he had left at
tti.e rougher places of resort. ! Dallas till his return, and acting on
i the judgment of his friends he billed
1; Maty Do iis /tiueli for You.
Fred Miller, of Irving, 111.
that he had a severe kidney I
• lor many years, with sever" '
in his back and also that his j
bladder was affected. He tried many i
so called kidney cures but without
any ^ood result. About a year ago;
he began the use of Electric Bitters |
and found relief at once. Electric'
Bitters is especially adapted to cure'
? and i
for this week's engagement, sent for
them and they arrived from that city
yesterday morning. Being unable to
secure the opera house on account of
a previous engagement, he rented
A Difference.
"I wish," said tho street railway
employe, "that I was a congressman.
I do. really."
"Yes, there is a gnod deal of satis-
faction in serving your country."
"Not only; they manage thn
, . , i pay better. In congress ,thev tails
Schmidt s bail on D street and ar- i aj ()
m sevc
Electric light wires are being strung |wl" P™- our statement Price
eral of the business houses. j on,J' 5Uc- for larSe bottle. At J. M.
.... , I Remington's drug store.
Jake Leon, of the Kentucky Lienor i _ —
bouse, went down to Guthrie last | utti.- Marj i, linn.,
Sherid Hansen went down to the which are wont to stir the sympa-1 entertainment, musical, literary and
capital city this morning on official thetic chords in man's heart, such .«ociaI, for the benefit of the church,
ranged it as best ho could at hi3 own
expense. Last night's play shows
what the Callicotte's can do. It is safe
to say tiiey will have a good house
tonight to witness tho presentation
of "The Duchess." Reserved seats
on sale at the post, office, 10, 20 and
30 cents.
WUI Villi l o There?
Tomorrow Wednesday; evening
the time and the Presbyterian church
There afo niany things inthis world, tho place at which wiU be given an
nit docking a man and never do it;
on the street railroad they just dock
him and don't talk about It."
And he looked about him with the
air of a man who honestly thought ha
kail made a great philosophical dis-
Conio out tonight and hear some of
Guthrio's best musical talent, at tiie
opera house.
Tho dampness which prevails is
surely a forerunm r of rain. Let us
hope so at least.
Wanted: A cheap wagon. See
Moyer the blacksmith on B street be-
tween fith and 7th.
Hear the "Opening of Cherokee
the departing of friends, brothers and xhc prof,ram will be carried out L
theordor named< "Kbt refreshments
i,,. ,, „n t ,i ti.ot nr.„a 8Ucceejjng [jjg gjQgg* the other ex-
but it is a proven fact that none try
the soul like that of the de-
parture of little ones. The heart
pangs of father and mother cannot
be toid except by those who are
some time in life compelled to stand
| by and note the flight of the spirit of
their beloved children from this life
to that dark beyond.
.So it was that the spirit of little Mary
Strip" by First Regiment band at the , Humphries at the home of her par
opera house tonight.
Admission at Smith's ball this week
to see Callicote Comedy company
only 10, 20 and 30 cents.
Joseph Donohoe came down from
Ponca City today and is shaking
hand* with friends here.
Jno. J. Blanchard, cashier of the
Bank of Newkirk, is in tho city on
business of a legal character.
ents at tho corner of Twelfth and B
streets, yesterday noon, left this
world of trouble to join the angels in
a better land.
Little Mary was a beautiful child
and was loved by many and was in
her tentn year. Brain fever was the
cause of her taking away. The fun-
eral services were held at 2 o'clock
today at the family residence, eon-
ducted by l!ev. Brewer, of the M. K.
church, and the remains were laid
ercises. A fancy article and home
made candy booth under the immedi-
ate charge of Mrs. Raymond, will be
one of the features of the evening,
she having secured, among other at-
tractions, through the intervention
of a friend at court some autograph
photo* of Mrs. Cleveland, direct
| from the White House, together with
a letter of good will accompanying
same. The exercises will begin at
;45; admittance 15 cents.
> ft
Miss Etta Kerns returned home to-
day from Altoona, Kansas. She will! ™ay in the Perry cemetery.
resume her school room duties im- . liuckieu-. Arnica u ivc.
mediately. The best salvo in tho world for cuts,
Miss Minnie Tavlor daughter of brumes, sores, ulcers salt rher m, fe-
Miss a. nnie i.ijio , g vfr BoreH) tetter, chapped hinds,
our esteemed chief police, left t°riay : chilblains, corns, and all skin e-up-
sho will visit j tiou, and positively cures piles oi no
i pay required. It is guaranteed to
j give perfect satisfaction or money re-
All notary public seals will have to funded. Price 25 cents per box, for
be changed from "P" county to, ^ sale by J. M. Remington.
"Noble" county. The Times ofllco is
for Guthrie where
frien ds for several days.
■s y
prepared to furnish new sealB.
James J. Houston went toGutlirie
St. FHtrlck'a Day.
All Irishmen are earnestly request-
ed to meet at the law office of Hog-
today on Free Home business. He j gafct & Caruthers on Wednesday night
will be absent from tho city several j at 7:30, St. Patrick's day, west side
days, of square on Seventh street.
Knight:* of the Maccabees.
The states commander writes us
from Lincoln, Neb., as follows: "Af-
ter trying other medicines for what
seemed to be a very obstinate cough
n our two children we tried Dr.
King's New Discovery and at the end
of two days the cough entirely left
them. We will not be without it
hereafter, as our experience proves
that it cures where all other remedies
fail."-Signed, F. W. Stevens, State
Com. Why not give this great medi-
cine a trial, as it is guaranteed and
trial bottles are free at J. M. Rem-
ington's drug store. Regular size 50c
and >1,
Uoune and Lot Tor Sale on Time,
Anyone wishing to buy a house and
lot on easy terms. Part down and
balance in monthly payments, can
do so by calling on W. D. McClung at
lumber yard on D street. Will build
house to suit purchaser. 3t,
A Cnrt Hefimal.
Theatrical Manager—I regret, gen-
tlemen. that I cannot put your pro-
ductions on the stage.
First Author—Why not, pray?
Manager—Your play, you see, is 60
awfully simple.
Second Author—And mine?
Manager—Is simply awful.—Flio-
gende Blaetter.
Barber Shop.
J. R. ELLIS, Prop.
one t0wl, one man.
.Sixth St. Opp. Court House.
•4<!„ 1.
Stage leaves Perry for Pawnee every clay (Sunday included) at 9 a. Br,
for Morrison, Lela and Pawnee, arrives at Pawnee at 3 p. m. Leaves Paw-
nee at 9 a. m. arrives at Perry at p. m., connecting at Pawnee with daily
stage for Cleveland and Tulsa. Through tickets sold to Cleveland and Tulsa,
This line carries the U. S. mail and express and is well equipped for passen-
gers with reasonable rates and fast time.
St. John's Military School.
A first-class boarding school for boys ami younu men. Prepares for busiaess of
lege, at tne same time pays much attention to military training and physical cult**
Arms and amu nit Ions furnished by the United States. Superb building. Delightful loc
tlon, Able professors. -
WT. REV. E. S. THOMAS, Rectofe
or circulars address, Walter M. Jay, A. M.,llead Master.
ub. in Daily Times, Feb. 23, 1895.(
pice for publication.
In the District court J of Noble county,
Territory of oklahoma."
he Darlington Miller Lumber Company,
Simeon Rarnum, Moses Snattlnger, (whose
( hrlstlan names are unknown,) 3. (
Smith, o. 1*. Si. Walker, C. Trapper, K.
K. Tripp. A. It. Malln and Walker and
Kneelana, Defendants,
The above named defendants and each of
you, will tak«- notice that you have been
sued In the District court of Noble county,
Territory ot oklahoma, by the Darlington
Miller Lumber company in an action for
foreclosure of mechanics lien for the sum
of Hftyslx and tldrt.\ one-hundreds (
and ao-ioo) dollars and Interest at 7 per cent
from Aug ,Hht,ilv 4, an ! costs of this a -tlon
and said above named defendants and each
of you are notified that you must appear
and answer the petition which has been
filed In said court on or before the i th day
of April, A. D. I89i , and that if you and
each of you do not so answer and appear,
said petition will be taken as true, and
Judgement will be taken for Uftyslx and
thirty one-hundredths (56 and ;«M00) dollars
and interest from Aug. 14th, w.«4 at 7 per
cent per annum and a .Judgement foreclos-
ing said mechanics' lien, and for costs of
this action.
In witness whereof I have hereunto s««t
my hand and atllxed the seal of said court
thlsftfh day of February, at Perry,
Noble,.county, oklahoma Territory.
(siCAL) ClerkDlst. Court.
L". T. TfiHBE, Deputy
Caters to the best trade only.
Come and Try the
C Street Opposite fcxat
Best stock all the timet
Having lust purchased the Palace
Barber Shop I wish to say that the
shop will be recleaned aiid papered
and painted as soon as the weather
will permit. Special attention will
be given to keeping the Bath Tubs
neat and clean.
have been employed, three of th in
being in« n who have been In your
town nearly ever since the opening
and will be glad to do you extra tlist
class work. Please give us a call
J. RAYNER, Prop.
Attorney and Councilors
fliec over Bank of Perry, Per ry,0k.
A. F. Prucha,
Manufacturer of the Finest
Brands of
Ixth Street,
Opposite Court Hone.
Office over St. Louis Restaurant, O
St. between Seventh and EigHtt).

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