The Perry Daily Times. (Perry, Okla.), Vol. 1, No. 147, Ed. 1 Monday, March 12, 1894 Page: 2 of 4

®lJC iLlUU'13.
cat nun pcblishino company
BERT K GREEK. Editor and Mmfcr.
WE I X DO USE them.
i Mr. Gavin, the chairman of iho
committee on resolutions at the dem-
ocratic convention. Saturday, read
the o.lowing resolution:
''Resolved, That we heartily en-
rfW,. .. . ... ... dorse Ur present city administration I
Officc on i) stiect, ha.t b.ock Nit
of Public 5quare. giving tmpiJymeiit to the laborer,
i <4iid we feci us ured that with the
published bvskt i>at bxckpt it'SDAi. | coming democratic administration
gubstriptlou Kaiea.
bt carrier.
Dlllv^r« <l to any part of the City
Per Week.
Per Month.
One Month
Three Months
Six Mouths
One Tear
City Otlteer*.
Cttj Clerk
Police Judx<
Richard Ni \ tm
First Ward
Second Ward
Third Ward
Fourth Ward
cot ncilm1.n .
1". Hill, C. A Weldeman
11 Friend, .1. (\ Pulam-v
L. Drake, II t' ck
J. P. McKlnnis, W . T. Cutler
land office orrtcuLft.
Register Lew: i
Receiver J. II lilng
Sec'y and ulsti
toe city will develop ami prosper in
. the luture as it has in the* past."
, lie then said: 4,Mr. Chairman, I
am1 move you that these resolutions be
isc turned over to Mr. Greer, editor o
; Ihe Iimes, for his endorsement."
j f: As that wt*s a democratic convention and we did not feel very much at
'•'< home, wo sat meekly and silently by,
but now we are glad to endorse liio
resolution, with the following amend*
Iuscit the word ''foreign"
er," and add the following:
We heartily endorse the national
administration for sending into our
midst numerous "sawbuck" gentle-
men to Ail our office 3 of trust and
thus declaring to us that we are ut-
terly incapable of self-government.
We endorse our present city ad-
ministration as clean, morally—and
Riley sumar
, Tirfrt-Class Rig?. New buggies and best single driving hor (
Commercial Trade
C Street between ;th and et
a Specialty.
d. o. harmon
John M Rrojra
Lon Wharton ments:
A. Jacobs . .. . , , .
Geo Farrar immediately be fore tli• word
\ 1). Tillerj
. P. I.lvlnu&iom-
City fcurreyor
The following
vail at
Prices will Pre-
A. HUNT, Profit
O. K. Hotel.
$2 per Day Board £4 per week. Sample Rooms
p t I:-: grocekt':-;:Lading Hotel of the City.-
I y ' . Our Dining Room ia the F inest ill Pe rrv .Snpri'jl 2
leonard bros.
D Street, Between 5th and 6th.
towxsitb nOAltP.
.Timothy Mcfirath ,
Amos b. ntts not boodlcrs (but do not misunder-
stand your committee. We do not i
Fre l L. Halley.
j I Three :!lb can of Lima Beans
1 rOD0rtV TI"X'C tW0 can String Beans
for the next THIRTY DAYS.
C St. bet. 7th and 8th, No. 230.
Three 31b can Boston Baked Beans
for or
i Three 21b can of Pumpkin for 25
Two 31b can of Corn for
Four 21b ran of Sugar Corn for 40
Three Sib can of I,: .la Beans 25
Our Dining Room is the Finest in Perry.
Banquets and Dinner on short notice"
Located on B St., bet 8th and 0th,
Special /t
i!5 1
'alifornia Muscat
c P. Drace recommend its re-nomination It is. - - CAN FRUITS
, — t0<; dMn and l'urc, 10 "W*"nt in all parts of the city. ' One 2'slb can California Apricot,
Official Directory a degenerate people as the citizens of i r - One 31b can Boston Table Peache3
Perry.) # One 21b can Blackberries
We denoiin. the infamou, Sher- ChoiCG " dailUS oSe Inib^an^hS
man law which expanded our cur- ! i Grapes
Henry w. Scott rency four and a half millions per ! .. Two 2,1olb can California Peaches
,1*11 parker m°nth. (We*ve got too much money | 0\ oi the county Two 2',.lb can California Black
no#) bat we haartily endorse the T... ''j',"*8., ,, ...
i wo 2'^lb can California Straw-
Two 21b can Iloney Dew Cherries 6.5
Two 2fj lb can California Green
Gage Plum. ...
Governor W. C. Renfrow
Secretary T. .1. Lowe
Chief Justice I-rank Dale
Associate Justice
I' S. .Marshal
Supt rub Instruction
Treasurer. Samuel Murphy
Attorney General, . C A Galhrath
School Land Commissioner C' A BUncoe action of the secretary of the treasury
Probate J Udft, M',vn RJfiktWards In iMoblg flffcjl million i in bond* ill
sheriff' j^ascruSS 0rder 40 0btain to opwate the
Treasim i j l. Hara son government in such a time of awful
Register of Heeds . K. I*. Mosely
County Clerk .J ' • •
Justice of the Peace <>
Supt. Public Instruction K
Com mission krh —I)r. X Ichols,
Emmet lleatty and C. A. Crow.
All over the county
Call and See Us.
Bon Ton Eating Parlor.)
^ r
Tl" o,?^00 i::i inquestiorably tlie most elegant in tbe citv and the
Bii^r people in Perry are its eujtumers
10 Corner 6th and D Strec-i
liiiu-Mturii peace.
{ley" {'en°nnce the McKinley robber
nan, tariff, because it kindled the (Ires in
; thousands of furnaces and gave to
~ . Tj , Amertoan people labor and bread
No Other Newspaper while our dear laboring brothers of
In the Strip pretends to England were Hving in poverty and , 0 I V E
rival the Circulation of The ^tres° lindo,r \f,p0 ««"ff y«tem.|
Ppruy Hill V TlMFS endorse the fifty-third congress
rbKKY UA1LY ll.^Lb. (democratic) for Its ability in obtain-
The ilC ti Li I circulation of t no {Qg a quorum at any and all tim< s.
Times last week was as fol- we congratulate Orover Cleveland
LET US BEAUTIFY, ""ifi-iasi
; Grocers,
Corner C and Exchange Streets.
A complete stock.—
Let Every Man, Woman and Child Set
to Work and Plant Trees.
I S A I! I10R D AV.
Monday, Feb. 26
Tuesday, Feb. 27
Wednesday, Feb. 28
Thursday, Mar. I
Friday,Mar. 2
Saturday, Mar. 3
Daily average
! on hi« success as a fisherman—and
! for liin immense avoirdupois and his
I flirtation with Queen Lillie.
We deplore the act of the demo-
Now In the Time and the Present the Op-
portunity to Make IVrr.v a City
of Boulevards and One of
the Most Beautiful in
tlio OlorloiH
Two 21b can l'ine Apples
I One 31b can Apples
One 2\,lb can California
Three 21b can Texas Peaches
One gallon can Muscat Grapes
" " " Wagner Peaches
' " " Apples
" Bartlet Pears
" " " Apricots
Come and see us. Goods delivered to any part of Perry
i or its suburbs.
Two cans Salmon
Wen, Three 4oz. can Oysters
One soz! can Oysters
J . One 21b can Corn Beef
Proyement j.i^t now is One lib can Corn Beef
lie ot Perrj stiouid de-
2 54C crat:c congressman from Alabama for what the people of Perry should de-
pleading that Iron and steel be led " considerabh portion oi their BAKING POWDERS
upon the protected li,t, Wheh a few! 'ml Sl0o Ponder
( years ago he stood on the same floor j cuv. And it can* ho done will out -inv -r Si1118 " Powder
15,127 and declared that ho "hoped that the , large expenditure of money, and in a UVr?.wi^U1^ 1 niversal Baking
2,52! ! fair skies t>f Alabama would never bo ; Aa v ^lat. would be immediate and
Civil - Engineer - and - Surveyor.
Excelsior Steam Laundry.
10 tii" patronage ol tbose wholia<
nti>- JIV
' I miarai- -ti ,, ' 1 'c ,v" l; oEl°'
class won, Uare your orders and th<
oor. 5ti> and B Sts.
we solicit tf|,
ax any for fli
This is the number of cop-1 darkened by the smoke from a pro-
tes actually read bythepeo- l«cU'd furnace.■
I- -n .. /... . I 1 W e endorse tb
pie, all returns
having been
iidor o the administration for
Hiu'i'L'tiHful. Tree planting should be
begun at once. Arbor day should bt
made an institution. A committee of |
.•itizeiiH should proceed to immediate ;
Protection to tlu* Amorlcnn silver dollar.
Protection to American labor by protect-
ing American Industries.
For president of tbe t'nlted Stales, l^l*;,
William McKinley, of Ohio.
for the threatened Wilson bill which
! has given lis such an ereaof prosper-
| ity and plenty, and we would recom-
{ mend that each democrat in this con-
vention arise and rattle the immense
amount of coin in bin trouser
pocket, in order to demoralize the
great throng of republican spectators
now seated in the galleries.
We are authorized to ann« v.nce tbe nnr.i.
of O. W. Buck as a candidate for ti
of pollcs judge, subject to the action ol ti.,
republican convention.
We nre authorized to announce the nann
ol T. 1(. Cook as a candidate tor tii -oflir - •
police judge subject to the action of tlu
republican convention.
We are authorised toannnunct tii<- i .um
ol John J . Enrlght as a cmnUdatc :• -i : >il
Judge subject to the republican conven-
ron crrr clkrk.
Wo are authorized to announce the nam-
of Geo W Pursell as a candidate for c!i\
clerk subject to the action of the repub!!
can convention to be held on March litli.
FOR citt attorney. 1 l l,c
We are authorised to am e tlu
of C 11 Stewart as n candidate for cln at
tornev subject lo the action oi the republi-
can city convention.
FOR justice or the i'face,
Please announce me as a candidate foi
Justice of the lvace suh.j. ct - tlu-... i. .1. •
the republican comentluii
The fact that the democrats
downed Ilrogan showed that the}
were not satisfied with his adininia-
I'lieSixth Ward ItepubUian* llally Uoumt
the Flag snd BYnke a Ulg Demon-
si ration —Vletory AhKircd.
Norris n. Com . 1 ()0 esst ntiallv their
We are authorized to announce 1 h" nam.- i).,mi ....., m , .. t,
ofOolHenryTSumner as a candidate foi Marcn tu.
the office of Justice 01 the peace subject t.
the action of the republican city eonven
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for justice of the peace subject to the deci-
sion of the republican convention to be held
March 14th. Have had two years experience
as police Judire and wusmayoi for 01.e term
of Ulysses, (.«rant county. Kansas
c. W.Olmsted.
We are authorized to announce the name
of W. M. bobbins as a candidate for justice
of the peace, subject to the actton <>! the
republican convention.
To the Votors of the Fifth Ward
Kuvlng been requested by a large number
of voters to become a candidate jor coun-
cilman of the f th ward, I earnestly solicit
your support In the comln* city e'lectlon.
As 1 have concluded to run independently.
regardless «<f cliques and combinations. I
am for liberal government and equality to
all. Jay A. Mat."
Perry, O. T., March 12, *91.
i so speedilv demonetizing silver and I °rf a,,i;?ation; 11 day net apart fur the
planting or trees, and to tliid cuo
every j-.upil in the public schools of
this city should be called into aetivi-
serviee to make Perry a garden spot
.is well as a mercantile center of Ok-
lahoma. Every owner of a lot should
interest himself in the matter of lmr-
ticultural improvement. Money
should be appropriated by the eit.i
luthorities for the purpose specified,
lie board 01 trade should create a
fund to assist in the ornamentatio
ind decoration of the city in this sub
itantial maniior, and if the businest
. :is once st.1. Led, it would continue o
its own mo'.ientuni. every man.
•v 'man and child engage in this' laud
ible work, and in n lew years w.
ivoil'd b-■ a city of boulevards fringed
.vith umbrageous trees. Perry can
Iuite easily be made one of the nioit
leautiful cities i;i the west. There i
110 reason whysho should not be a
1 y nf boulevards, and in time, witl
the tine climate and natural ornamen-
tation by means of trees, plats and
mountain!), be tempting enoagh to at
met the I es o ass of well-to-do peo
pie from tiie east and els -where to
oomo here and settle. Menwhohavt '
joods to sell make as tempting ex-
nbit of them as possible. No matte |
now rich the goods aro that an I
shelved in our great dry goods stores,!
their rarity, richness and value avail, i
nothing unless that great advertising j
auxiliary, the show window, '
WiIKN' thr> democratic Steer goe
through the republican meat ehoppe.
what is not used in weinerworst, will
he made up in hot tomolies.
Return. Show r>ecid"ti Itoputillrai.
< uais Orrr I-a.l ^ .ar.
Xtav York, .March 8.—The election
returns from the various comities o
the state show decided republican
naiiis. They have gained in son.i
j-.iistriet..t.'iat the democrats held ti
baking soda.
Four packages Anvil Soda
Four packages Starch
lib can P.ora Lye
-lb can Rora Lye
Three boxes Greenwich Lye
I Two boxes Lewis Lve
package goods.
One package Bird Seed
| '' " C'otfee
I " " Gold Dust
I Six '• Goldine
" Pearline
Three •' Mince Meat
i hie iiux Cocoa
i Ine package 31b Iloney Flake .
\ db Flaked Ilomnt v
i ilu Oat Meal
| 'anon City, t,
■Vier i 'Ity, No. 1,
•V'ier t ity,
six bars Olarrette.
" " Magnet.
" " Charter Oak.
" " Huinpty Dumpty.
" " Lenox
•sih Washing Soda
Watchmaker and Jeweler.
j Formerly wlthf. W. White. Outlirk . n„„o«,„.r-«
as I To show the public where they can buy the
I, .. . cheapest, I Kive a few pointers:
5 j Bedsteads, worth *3.-.0, t elling for *2.00.
25 1 ^"vcn-wire .Soring, gj-jd am..*, wo-th, sellin ^ for «2.on
S5 ; Mattresses, all kinds, worth 82 00 ti) 5(6.00, e-lling for
26 ; ;0 comforts, worth 1.00 t i A2.0J, s jllin^' for -l.o'j
25 i <I1"Z''" «oods as "< v, worth 50 cents, .selling fur 35 e!s
25 I ' <lozen pillow-cases, good as new, Worth 20 cants
2t : 10 pillows, Wirth 75 ets, S'll n; fo • •) •
1, j i) pillows, worth 50 cenu, selling for 2i ct.s.
2. i 1 dozen looking-glasses, worth 73 ct<, selling for 35 cts.
75e to f.300.
- iling for 12'.. cts.
N'ortli 7;h Between D and F.
james h. lewis.
O.Ot I
ti. If !
0 50
13. CM,
!""!,.!lnt 11 '""ne-bke boarding house—where t ,e meala are alwavs n,,l-
alK' ,lle ro°nis and beds aro clean and comfortable. Go to the
25 I Joard with room s.5.00 per week
own. Evening
Queer that it should be a Steer.
They say that Stear's friends have
cat him.
Steers' friends are having lots of
stear how they
ntear to victory.
will, they can't
The beer garden convention is a
thing of the past.
It will be said after the election
that the Steer did his best.
Who ever heard of a Steer making
a race or anything else for that mat-
How else could a convention, run
on beer, produce anything else but a
wild eyed Steer?
A large and enthusiastic meeting
was held in the city ball ot the sixth
ward, Saturday evening and rousing
speeches made by tiie following
named gentlemen". Judge Enrlght,
Stone, Meyer, Puck, Cook, Shaw,
Sumner, Stuart and others.
The meeting was of the most har-
monious kind and predictions
were made, based 011 a thorough
canvas of the ward, that a
republican victory would be the re-
sult in the coming election if the
other wards worned as earncstlv
as the republicans of the 6tli, A
more enthusiastic crowd has not been
gathered together in the citv since
the campaign opened. Every man
is earnest and means business^ and if
good work amounts to anything their
prophecies will assuredly be ful-
The president of the 0th ward club
says that he has no doubt but the
ward will be strongly republican.
After tlie transaction of some gen-
eral business the cJu!) adjourned to
meet at 2 o'clock, sharp; on Tueseav,
the 13th inst., when all the republib-
licans of the ward arc reque ted to bo
present, as business of much impor-
tance will be transacted.
n-.-ught into play. A man is express \ lb ppachBli
ly engaged fur this window decora- i ! p„?noa
tion, and the finer his taste, thus dis- 4 b AddIm
played, the greater the business and n ,, -Al1Ples
the larger the profits of the concern J , a
to which his decorative skill is do- , t ! 1
! voted. | J 5"Ap™ots
1 A city shaded with trees and made °
beautiful with nature's
Detw. pn Itll nnrt Stll on K str-
. natures rare and BULK GOODS
splendid products, in grass, flowers a ik k„iw a , „ '
and gorgeous ornamentation, is an i |
eye winner and a marvel of beauty 3 k R^h '
that will at once compell the admira*
tion of strangers and, in time, its
fame for scenic elegance will bo her-
alded world wide.
W e want something more than
'•are streets and desolate empty
squares for the young and thriving
city of Perry. We need nature's
3 lb Relish
3 lb Tomato Catsup
2 1b Preserves, Tall kinds)
Pail Svrup 50c t!5c and 81.03
1 gallun jug Mustard.
highest ornamentation; green trees I 3 hoop Pail
Mini «n1nnrl wl diMtvu frv.i ,■>*..; 1. 1 ^ .
No. 1 Tub.
Heaven*! Ilow Vour Hangs Look!!
This is a remark made by so many
husband*. If the poor wife only
knew how nice anu lasting a curl
Nonpareil Hair-Curler would make,
she would try it, too quick. Sold by Ion the market"
Singlo side washboard
Wire Cloth Tin
all druggists.
md splendid drives, fountains where
we can place them; flowers where we
can grow them, green plots and
every other conceivable adjunct that
goes to the make-up of a beautiful j
homelike and enterprising city.
All this can be brought about bv
the school children of the city. By I
the board of trade: by the city U11, r
authorities; by individuals improving o L 1 , . ,
private property; by everyone who T k K^.u
cares a snap for the glorification of; lvrauc
the city in which their fortunes are ; COAL nil
llxed and to which they have come to '
stay. | Five gallon 150 teat Oil
So let ua inaugurate Arbor day. j " 11 17^ Oil
Lot the citizens get to work in tlie j " " Nation Light Oil
matter and, in a very short time after " 44 Hose Gasoline
r10^^0 work begins public pride! Fl OtiR
will be aroused and the work will iro mnu n „ « i-wun.
forward of Its own motion ! ftttcn and Stapelton's Best
■*.. PAw nt
i .. r •, . # 1001b Kramer Star Patent
<i„rr, s,rl, P- ; 1001b Diamond Patent
Tiie greatest and best Cough Syrup. 10<)lb White Swan
It w,II relieve a cough quicker, urer 1001bStiorU
and more effectually than any thing 100 Corn Chop
«old and warranted 1001b Bran.. 1
tions ar « the places where the people
I are directly represented and can par-
\n«l Hhi re iifiii NnmLi rof Dcircatr* to deliberations of the par-
ty.Jt s earnestly solicitated that ever v
irhit i. w rds an- Lntitie<i. republican in the city of Perry, inter-
« steel in good government anddeserv*
.'ng and competent candidates,be pre-
j delegate convention of the re- ('iit and be heard at the primarien on
publicans of Perry will be held at tbe Tuesday next, or thereafter hold his
city hall Wednesday, March 14, lnwi, , peace.
commencing at 2 o'clock p. in., tor the ,, Lake Sti rdkvant,
purpose of nomi ating candidates to Uexry Bearu, Chairman,
till the following offices: Secretary.
-> Mayor of city of Perry.
25 City clerk.
2;} 1 City attorney.
25 j City treasurer.
2 j Police judge.
Two justices of the peace.
<5 Two constables.
■Mi Each ward will lie entitled to eight,, ..
delegates in said convention, aaoh I 2?U£Bt? «"! •• Firry *or lty Oo.
delegates shall be selelected onTues-
„ day. the 13th day of March, at :• . , .
~ I o'clook p. m. i A P5nti5« labor. m«-
ti") . '.en.-ral ward caucuses held for '■ Ir"..r.'l".i,k}'iV.V \\l"iorn
nat and other purposes hereinafter II'. ,Ut' 'ntelii)feu >< Uiirenn, at t I
4'; mentioned at the following o1ho«« ( I!,nv' '1 corner of
.-«! t°wit:
BBAP rail Q| II KCASH—i Dall'iUrn
wilt. r. k<mkI orot r fin |.i, it'fle.
following places. S. ft'#. ,Ti'.
First ward, Blue B.-Il building on (
street, between 5th and flth.
Second ward, at club room, be. I ""' i t'.'iiHi'.
tween Till and s:h on L' St.
)ii.riv.,.V"!''" Tn' f'"' Kcnt'ml
"Jnn, K street l>etwt',>a Mntti
Third ward, Headdy .v Cox building
Seventh s'.ret t between A and U.
Empire restaurant,
Notice to A<lvert
< "|>>- for itlsplaj mlvertlsoments In Tiif
between Fiflh oV,",! ini"" heivnfti'r bu In the offlrc lijr li
r"lh o m to Insure insertion i„ ti.e paper
p.. , , '"e sauio !«). I'nrtii'9 lutvliiit newiiil^or
Fifth ward, (orner Sixth and F „rafnl,,,.iln<)
ern ttieuiBolves accordingly.
Fourth ward,
Seventh street
BliACH, Jr.
1 by all druggists.
I Que bushel Corn, shelled
' «n s,reelK al Croves, J. p., office.
I Sixth ward, old city hall,
It is recommended that the caucus
1 "0 : above provided for shall sel.'ot each
1 30 I two candidates f„r the citv council
I 10 and also two candidates ' f,,r Hie COUNTY. CITY
1 00 | board of education. Knch ward will
Sfi >' entitled to eight alternate delo-
9ri gates to be selected In the man-
ner as the delegates.
As primary caucuses and eonven- ' " """ eunii^'^uare;',rIX""°
t>K \LKIt IN

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