The Peoples Voice. (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 2, No. 25, Ed. 1 Saturday, January 20, 1894 Page: 4 of 8

The People's Voice.
ALLAN & RIXSE, Publishers.
Sl'llSl'HII'TION $1.(10 PKK YKAH.
r\ stnftl ■* :it Noriniin,
O. r. UN lUHMtlll . -- IllHttur for tlHII-
mission through itll m iiU.
Norman, Siituril'ty, Jan., aw.
•J. S. -A.I_iIjA.lsr, Editor.
Norman Market Report.
Corn .
, 3.4 to 7 eli jMjr. lb
I'ailsc I<< 0110111 >,
1 fanner begins to eoonomlxe,
lie flit* it queer «KM<r,
By iwgiiuiln* at miw on hl*(Jearwit frl*nd,
And Moppii;.' i ih family paper.
Now l#*t me mvr you a piece ofailvlve,
My d« iroM friend ttrul brother:
Kerew your wil ^ ri|H oii without deluy,
AimI then *uh* 1 11>« for another.
I.ike I'ontious i'ilate of old, (irovcr
has washed his hands and turned the
whole Hawaiian matter over to Con
Everything the democratic party
favored in 1892 it opposses in 1893.
We suppose they will cease to < r>
turn coat at t:,e populists hereafter
"♦ • ♦-
I iyde Mattox, who for the third
ti te was convicted of murder 111 the
first degree,escaped from the Wichita
jaours liberty
was recaptured near Yate^ f'enter,
Kansas, while tru\elling on the train
Th. HubtulMluu uf lh« r.upl. In th« I .
ol Kuril Karta I. Aalouu.l lux.
The MMTHtary of tho trwwury want!
congreaa to give linn authority to issih
|a)0,U<W,000 of K')1U bou,Is to ivMin in
the tremuiry unit restore the rtwervo
This is the old Republican policy which
was no reimifiiHiit to the people that Har-
riaon was reject**! in hopM that tho
Democratic party with Cleveland would
opjNMe the scheme of the money owners I
j and national hanks. But there is u.i
change f(,r the lietter.
This bond wdieuie is a main mot !i «
well as U transparent swindle. Tlnt|
banks have torei| up and an- holding I
all tiie gold aud demand notes they liavii
Ias-n able to get hold of. This money irf
drawing no interest in their vaults. Ad i
soon as they can drive congress to passu
bond purchase law the idle money in j
the banks will be used to purchase bonds. |
The idle money now in the banks ami
in private hands will then be exchanged
for interest bearing bonds, which will i„t
put in the bank vaults, and the idle gold 1
will Ije stored iu the treasury vault.- '
The banks will use the bonds as a basi l
for their fiat notes, on which tho peopl i j
will pay them interest while they uiv '
also paying interest on the bonds. I
In place of issuing bonds to buy gold
Iu lie idle in the treasury, and then >
iug tial notes for the banks to i.iu 11
the jteople, if i lie government would i^.ua
♦ greenbacks or legal leu I r
money direct to Ihe people by paying it
out for (tensions and other obligatiiui,.,
the people would have the benefit of its
circulation through the channels of trie I ■
and avoid the double interest on bond
and 011 the national bank notes.
If the government by congress passing
a simple law is empowered to issue
bonds that rise toa premium above gold,
the same power can issue noninterest
paying bills or greenbacks which will
have all the value that bonds can havt
It is a matter of astonishment that Hi
I people will submit tamely ,r> see theJ
two old parlies 1 .111ill Willi all the moiie
i owners il tiie world to help pluuile
them.— NsUoiml Watchman.
You Should Vixit
I lie Hhl.L STORE when in search of bargain?. They carr)
the best grade of goods obtainable and sell on a very close
margin. Call and examine their siock of
I still am in it, even if the A


You Will hind
i hat their prices are very low. In fact you will be more than
pleased with the quality and prices, and will be sure to carr) |
away a bargain in either Groceries, Dry Goods, Notions, Boo!., i
Shoes,> or ( ;.ps. . Call and examine goo Is !
prices. They are sure to please
I In!
!,iin lluilding, I' Ms
bell sto re.
M. McG
-lkads. but never follows
Flour and Feed

Cov. Lewelling's administration
has spent ooo less in '93 than
the Republican administration did in
'92. With snci! a record to go before
the people of that state this fall, don't
you ti-ink '' e Republican politicians
of that state had better hide out.
Twenty five members of the Mis
sissippi legislature, elected as demo-
crats, have joined the Populist. It
begins to look as though the ceme-
tary laid out by the old parties in
which to burv the Populist Party is
going to need enlarging in the near
The Republican papers would
lei^n make their readers believe that
agitation of and uncertainty of tarilt
legislation by the present Congress is
causing the "hard times." The tariff,
as Kx-Senator Ingalls said in '88, has
nothing more to do with it than a fly
on a cartwheel.It is a money fam-
ine that is paralizing the business of
the country.
-♦ •
What a God send it is that in these
flush democratic times of restored
confidence we have a great interna-
tional question to fight over and
keep ourselves from stagnating. How
edifying to behold a great party in
congress straining everv nerve to put
the president in a hole anil the other
Part) standing guard night and day
to keep him out. How inspiring to
behold the government an 1 the con-
gre-- spending the peoples time and
the '|
was b
'd discussion o\ <-r
er a few halt, ivi-
thou >an ! miles
> i,l h- ^overbed
1 t \ ankee plunderers or
'"i'I <l:s>oIute native court,
t V ro fiddling while Rome
^1 ■ ■ ^ 'tisre is no com
Henceforth give Nero a
1 lie would be great Pan American
Daily should rather be pitied than
feared by its rival newspapers of Ok-
lahoma City. In its first issue it com
tliitted suicide when it asserted that
A >lo#!tf,7„.E Prayer.
^jj,^erfghty, All obstinate and
'Srlv All fat, Cleveland, our great
political god, again we bow before
thee in humble submission. Kach
day as this world, which was made
for thee, is hurled through ethereal
space faster than a hungry Democrat
can run for office, we have addition
al proof of thy greatness. We know
most respected and adored master,
Hiat thou art wise, or how couldst
thou know we hail a panic? In thy
great wisdom thou hast found it out
and straightway thou throwest down
thy fishing pole, kickcst over thy
bait can, and settest to work to
snatch the panic bahlheaded. We
thank thee, most kind master, for
even mentioning us in thy message
We thank thee for thy desire and thy
effort to give us a "good dollar.'
I We implore thee to make it better
than anybody's dollar. The more
[it will buy the better it is. O, great
and mighty Cleveland, if thou couldst
make it buy ten bushels of wheat
and fifty pounds of cotton, we know
it would be good. When we got hold
of one we would know how to an
preciate it. "There i
without great labor." The more la-
bor it taxes to get a dollar the more
"excellent" it is. Mighty master,
make it good. Make it better.
■Squeeze into it more labor, more
hogs, more cotton, more grain, it
will cost thee nothing, we will fur-
nish thee more labor J
more cotton, more grain. Squeeze
them into the dollar. We thank
thee, most excellent master, for thv
friendly interest in behalf of the ban-
kers. Make their paths easy and
their burdens light. Increase the
«lue of their dollars and the num-
ber ol the.r mortgages. <;jve th;.m
f l ''"d demolish .ilver with the
" tning of thy wrath. Help us oh
mighty Cleveland to love our enemies
all but the Populist. If England
smites lis on-one cheek let us run,
un , her the oilier. It she . ,ks for
oat let us give her our cloak
"" whatever thou doest, most
X_i. Renner,
Proprietor of the Popular Last Side Meat Market, believes in
advertising, and takes this method of informing the public that
he sells the best of meats cheaper than any butcher in the ciijr
Fresh and Salted Meats.
Game and Fish in Season.
Euyer of Hides and Furs.
bishop&warren~ I
THE- isroK,M:A2sr
Liverymen. I
Furnish the Finest of Rigs.
I II \\ I
Which I am Selling Very Cheap
Commercial Tr ivel-rs ,,,d >,«, «e hauled to any point at reasonable ch„r , 5
,""i drivers Prompt attention and courteous treat-
me"1" yjl' 1 '* *fl"' young and old. Give us a trial
Norman< - Oklahoma.
Call on me when in need of anything in
my lii:e ior I can and will save you
money on each bill of £00ds pur-
cli ised at my store. A trial
will convince you of this fact. I
v am desirous of your trade and would
4 be pleased to have you call and see me.
the Republicans; deliver us from the
Populists; and thine shall be the
praise,—if the Populists don't get
us,—Amen. National Reformer.
I.AHOMA'SAI.UK I l/n |tA|. I'Al'KI!, ON !•'
Gn > :eryman,
only ngricuultual journal devoted to
I tho interests of the farmers and the
| material l-esoureas of oklahoma and the
Indian Territory. It i« reliable, bright
clean and well printed IB-page mag-
azine, and deals with the special wants
of the agriculturists, fruit growers and
stock raisers of the Territory, and has
special departments devoted te agri-
cultural Matters, Live stock, Horticul-
tura , Dairying, Poultry, Apicultur
I Veterinary; Reliable Market Summa-
ries, Home Circle, Youg Folks, Farm
' Jrgnnizstions, Correspondence Ed-
itorial, Etc.
The management and editor have
had many years of successful ex-
perience with this class of papers in
the west and have selected this fertile
and beautiful couutry as the best poss-
ible location for a high-class Agricul-
tural Journal. They are makfng it
fitly and truthfully represent the in-
ruitry 1-1 all nvoooiils .mist ih. settim, or -, terests of the great industrial cln« ti,
cured by tlml tlmi*. Tlianklni; niy inun\ 1 u-hich li i - .1 .■ 1
">" for ttwir kind nnil 111,,ml piitronin;,.inn,, i< • ° [, ted' and there is not a
farmer in all this country that can
atrord to do without it. It j-
Issued monthly, at Guthrie, and isonlv
30 cents a year.
Tiie I /idies' jAid Society of the M. E
Church, will u\\y a kButtorlly'? ami
lil-V .lav social, Friditj «nf,ningr,
January Kv.-rybodv cordially in-
vited to attend. Admission, 1(1 cents.
Notice to Teachers,
The next Popular examination for certificate*
totcm li in ( Icvclaud ctinnty, will l o on Jtum-
\ -' th mill 27th, in the south room on the
third floor of the Kant side school building in
Nwriiiun. m. M. <>oi «,i/.
("oimfy Superintendent.
v viMin o.
\ rlli'l v,„. l,|o,:; took II in■ :tl I Kill In t Tin,i. '
1 '>. ti-- ft nt.'ie.* iHirtif- In-Ill. >|r_ \ ^
WihmIiiikI Ml— lti'iitnli Wooit, iHithol Noriliiin:
<. .ori{i.Tlioin|isoii, I'roliiiii. .liulKi,, offlt-lutiiig.
i'lH-ki1m111i l il yoima limn of sterling worth
nail tin- ltrlili- IstliecliiirnifiiKiuiiluccoiiipliHlieil
, rtttUBhter of Dr. I .Mr-. V. A. , of this
xcellenfe j' "v Tl"' '"f"™ «'II held lit the residence of
Dr. mill Mr.-. Willis in this City. Weilnewlny.
M. Mi'tlintey wishes to inform the remtera or
the Paorun Voic* tint be bat tiie I
tline when nil iici-oimtM must be settleii, to Keti,
$ is the PHOPurs friend t
East Main St., Norman, O. T. J
Carey Lombard Lumber Co..
(A. I). ACRES, Manager.)
__ Dalers In
past and hoping to merit a
continuance of the
II v 3 < urs
• )1NI n
A number
Voiei: Office.
N«l icc.
•<>w and calf tor sale.
n honi it may concern:
N.itii-e I- henry mw-n linil M.I 11,-own ,*(•„
I' tll.-lih.-illti null i
h.. l".""n.V' '■ "'■•k f
r.m- imi ird of e« unjy comnilsslouersoi < i \ i-i ^.,
( 11 ■ n ' • h"" 'iic purpn-c (i| < :I j ] 1111
c.en-c ti ret;ii| nndt nud >pn
town ot NorniMii. -;inl i-iii111
l>. I: \\P
I te
Iteiiliztiijj thiit we eoiillt not fnriil li our fur-
mei reaitern with n more viiliinhle I'll[ AI11 .M
We hnve ,n,n-hrseil inn yearly .-iiliM-ript'ions of
the IIomk Kiki.ii ami Kori m, unit w ill pn-em
■Hi ll Ol III,, first IIKI new yearly eiiahsubserllier-
tn Hie I'koim.k., Miii k, with ii year's Mih^rh,'.
Hon to that valuable Journal. All olii suli.-eril,
•rsseeiirln-iwtwiinew yearly mil,-, wm
l-o rifi-lve a snbwrtptlon to n„. .j
atTlw ^rlt^f^ib!a™" Ulmw,fof
Xt TI< |;
! excellent
lon't fa:']
t(> flight,
ever) sid
and ma
it v
! he
adored and mighty m.isier,
lielp us put the Populists
I liey press us M)rt-Iy on
rhey laugh us to scorn
ce faces at
Territory ot t )klahoma, ?
< "'lilt \ Of | 11'\ t'l;| || I )
In Probate < ourt in ;n„| for( |„
Okltihoma Territory. ■>
'I ll« Mil
K. Klder, )
I 'taint ill. |
MattleTm,.,-. \ 'ol' Dixon
I>cfcinlnnt. J
Maltie I Klder, tn,. defendioit hereli
lake notn •• tliat on th«> h.tli. dn> «,f .j.,
1 I ii<uiiii> K. Kld r the plaiutitVlii i
• "in],hint m I Ii.- Pit >1 ,;i 11 • i ollr# in .
« '1 ■ \ <'Inltd ( .unity,Oklahoma Terriion
>11.1 deteiidant, the object iin.i iu.h , i
])• tition i- :t divorce from iliMendnnt
"« nh ic ore, re(|ulted to answer m .i.-inn!
.-miiiI )ieliilou on or liefon- ii>i. |, ,j ..
" -Hie-nine uiMM "ben"
allegation tha
democratii -
cent democrat
quite c
will be a "decent
I'crfluous as the de-
f this territory are
'inpetent to draw their own
ons as to the purity of a paper
that would ardently support one ot
the most con' ,ble administra-
tions in the history of the American
Republic. It is quite evident to us
thegreat (leorgian did not understand
the feelings of the people of this terri-
tory towards the adininistation else
h.e would not have made such an as-
sertion. It was a fearful thrust and
one the decent democrats of this ter-
ritory is not likely to forget soon.
| them if iei ■ in ( |v,
now thev have, by ihe w i
of tlune own mouth, most adored
mj' er, that we had lied. It is written
'Oh that mine enemy had written a
book," but that is just what is the!
matter with us—our enemies have
written too many books,and th in-
crease not only in knowledge, but in
number. Again we ask thee to take, I
us uuder the wings of thy care.
Deliver us from the Populist. Hel >
us to bear up under the panic; en-
courage our political prejudice with
the daily bread of misrepresentation
deliver us from the Populists; in-
crease our love for thee; deliver us
from the Populists, help us to hate
ind lor <
IiiiiiI <
WM Yi Pay For.
We are not selling at cost |
but near it. Very near it. If «
! You need GROCERIES, or ?
anything in this line, Call and i
Get our Prices.
We Will save you money. I
Bring Us your Butter, *
| Eggs, Chickens, and Tur- *
I key. %
& j-
^wii-ii_ii-A.3yrs * <& * sotst
Farmer Wants
"i. \. \.ilenta,
I >cfcndant
iiiiii to ' |h-i it ion oi) or before Ihe 'in,
ui-temoir..,vi"hc ":'^i
Feirltory, on this 1Mb. rtny or Jan win i i "
II ,. Wii.kiss, I'mlMie.!,, .
attorney for petitioner.
eliool Book.-, Mixed
All hands and the cook have been
I kePt vopy bu«y '■'( J. I". Maguire'* this
| week, fitting up u,,d sending out
1 eat,r Ktovi -. When Mac ie
■ushed you may know there is 11 pile of
^'ood, leaving his i.-mbiiehmeni.
Gorton & Pooleshipped two - v l
of fnt cattle to Kansas City, to-day.
Drugs, Patent Medicine
'rl'liaMt'S^ii! BlthWGr'S- l;"bV"' W""
Penc - Pen* and Inks. (igars. PlnjA f'^st.1;"''
niiimtier of L 1
Kve Salves, Pills Plasters.
\ fl-'" ' 1
'.as failed
rcies. —
1 ,lt' Vjirtliarv rfftit. itinnch
:ii"mtier of Ointments,
UI sundries to numerous to mention
* PHSCRIPIIONS. 0(1(1 FUNG fj|||[|f ^ ,j4
Remember B. R. Kittredge, West Side,
when in need of Drugs

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