The Perry Daily Times. (Perry, Okla.), Vol. 1, No. 84, Ed. 1 Tuesday, December 26, 1893 Page: 3 of 4

) A
Cummings Mercantile Company, 6th st. Bet., d. and e.,
Three Times the LARGEST GROCERY Stock jn Perry.
•oi'iH nor Nil.
No. MM Texas Express. . «• sr, i . m.
No. in" Local Express. 11 4« a. m'
\o. 4'.m Local Freight.. '.♦ : & a. m
souiII Hoi su.
No. 4U ClilcAHO Express... 15 A. M.
lot Missouri BlHr Kipma, I rift p. m
H. E. WkkllCUVKLI, AKtflll.
\\ tuition, i T., Nov. 'Jii, 1*m.
cr. j>/l. ireim: iisto-todst,
DRU oa 1ST. -
\ U. I'. V
j \ • order i
I . \\. IVir) So. is Aiuient
r of L ullt'tl WorkiutMi meets ever
VVwli4esihw evening at Masonic Hull. Visit.
• oik bivthern c«ittilullv welcomed. J. 1
Morris*,'M.'XN. Kicharu Lester. Recorder.
One Door North Post Ottiiv.
PERRY. 0. T.
Special This Week
Elegant Dress Patterns,
See Display in North Window.
Silk Handkerchiefs,
Ljnen Handkerchiefs,
cution Handkerchiefs,
Silk Mufflers,
Wool Mufflers,
Ladies Furs.
Our Assortment in the above lines is :
the best in the City
Will Please You.
To Close Out.
Queensware, Glassware,
Imported - Soxony - Yarn,
at 6c per Skein.
S. E. Richardson,
Manager, j
7th St. Three Doors South C St.
Go to the Perry Drug Co for jewel-
Drugw, paints, oils at Perry Drug Co.
The finest line of cigars, pipes and
tobaccos in the city at the Palace.
Perfumes, soaps, toilet articlet at
Perry Drug Co.
Hansen & Nims are selling a great
many hills of lumber. Cause why?
New York Hardware Co. for heat-
ing and cook stove.
H. P. Myton is here from Garden
City, Kansas.
Buy wall paper of Perry Book and
News Co., on C street.
Palace drug store for holiday goods
— 7th St., west side of square.
Go to Jarvis & Stukey's Cafe for a
first-class meal, the best place in Per-
ry. Meals 25cts.
Kggs, 21 cents a dozen, at Cum-
mings' Mere. Co.
Order your Xmas turkey, oystors
and celery of Cummings1 Mere. Co.,
Sixth street between D and E.
mil imo of cigars and confection-
cries at Perry Book and News Co. on
O street.
Any parties desiring furniture can
get immense bargains at the Large
Tent on C street, west of square.
For cheap desks, and all other fine
furniture, call at Johnston's on C
street, half block west of square.
Lynch'* Cafo, one door west of old
I and office lte. Everything the mar-
iet affords cooked in first class style.
Secure your christmaB presents be-
fore it is too late—you will find them
at the Palace.
Best selection of hand made choco-
late and other candies at Cummings'
Merc. Co.
Horses boarded for #5.00 per month
on William'B farm one-half mile north
, of the city.—Wm. Brown.
What is more useful for a Xmas
present than one of those excellent
office desks and chairs that BankB &
Wade have on sale at their mammoth
store on 6th street?
JuiU Mtu-tieil. Dfditred Imaiic ami Order-
ed iuktu to Jar-k*oi \111*. III.,
Eftcupct. but In Krcapturrd.
iiu hi IkIu Sftjrtaf**
The county board of the commis-
sion on the insane met Inst Friday
night to pass upon the insanity of
Jack Mitchell and to make proper
disposition of liim.
An investigation in an insanity case
cannot but lie sail to a reflective
mind, yet in the case of Jack, the in-
vestigation nt many points was comi-
cal in the oxtreme. His ready re-
plies, his shrewd answers, hi*'flash-
ing wit and quaint humor aided by
expressive gestures, upset the grav-
ity of the board, time and again. Jack
was, for him, quietly dressed. His
trousers were new aiid creased; his
shirt was a pink striped percale, fas-
tened at the front by a lady's brooch;
his boots were evidently' but lately
purchased and were of "the cowboy
variety with very high heels; aii
empty" cartridge belt was fastened
around his waist and his coat was a
dark blue sack, which well became
the old soldier and pensioner.
Strangely gotten-up, surely, but he
was decent in appearance for the
tirst time since tiie local man had
known him. In giving an account of
himself he talked of his lots, his
houses and other properties, which
he said he owned, lie dropped into
pontics. He announced himself the
rightful mayor of tlie city of Perry
and declared his determination to yet
remove "that Hrogan gang," as'he
expressed it.
Two witnesses only were examined
and Jack unwittingly did the rest. It
is impossible to give* his talk in full,
but some of his bright remarks are
given "If you steal a hat you may
be fined £50, but if you steal *50,
you can pay the judge ten per
cent, and he'll turn you loose."
At one time, thoroughly disgusted
both with the proceedings and
his inquisitors, he said: "Yob, you are
all prettv much sooners, but, honest-
ly, you have'nt sense enough to be
crazy." Asked if he was not gener-
ally looked upon as crazy, he said.
"Perhaps a little, judge"; but you
never attended the city council meet-
ing, did you?" Again he said, "Yes,
maybe I am a little off, but like the
washwoman, I'll try to get on again."
Oil another occasion ne remarked,
"Honestly, judge, I sometimes think
I need a guardian; I notice when
I've got a dollar, everyone tries to get
it and its mighty hard to hold on to
it." In reply to a question, he stated
that as a pensioner he "was in receipt
of 851 quarterly," and to the next
question said, "No, judge, my pen-
sion aint in any danger unless Cleve-
land gets worse."
At times he would argue a law point
with ability, and in so doing would
stand, his body thrown a little for-
ward and resting the tips of his tin.
gi-rs on the table separating him from
Judge Edwards, the chairman of the
board. As counteracting the effect of
testimony which a witness bad just
given he said, "Judge, go to the door
with that witness and ask him how far
it is to the nearest corner and he cant
tell you; he don't know anything;
what'is such testimony worth?"
Jack Mitchell, as a result of the in-
vestigation was adjudged insane and
ordered to be taken in tho morning to
Jacksonville, Illinois. During the
night, however, he managed to dodge
the watcher who had been designated
to care for him and disappeared in
the darkness. He was overhauled at
Orlando and started with a deputy for
Jacksonville yesterday morning-a
day or two later than he should have
10.OO Ketrsnl
Strayed from section 1. township 21
range *2 west. One bay horse fifteen
hands high. Star and stripe in fore-
head, right hand foot white. No
brand. Address, J. J. Beck,
Perry, O. T.
■' ■
New York Hardware Co. fur heat-
ing and cook stoves.
•Miss Zuda Miller, of UuthiTe,' I^'fls
King relatives in the city.
New York Hardware store tor nulls
and building hardware.
John M. Brogan is in Oklahoma
City. He is expected to return tomor-
row night.
Be sure to call at the Palace drug
store and examine the flue line of
Christmas goods before purchasing.
Don't flatter yourself that you can
get the value of your money at any
other place except at the Furniture
tent of J. W. Johnston & Co., on C
street, west of square.
You will make the mistake of your
life if you continue sleeping on the
ground. Get a good warm mattress
and and spring of Banks & Wade,
and you may save a doctor's bill.
Mrs. Lyons recently asked for a di-
vorce from John Lvons, a restaurant
man of this city and obtained it. Ail
attempt to kill her by cutting her
throat was recently made and John
left for his former home to attend to
his ex-wife.
C. P. Hunter, of the Turt Exchange,
this city, has returned. He went to
Henrietta, Texas, where, by a Presby-
terian minister he was joined in mar-
riage to Miss Maud Williams. The
happy couple returned yesterday and
have gone to housekeeping. " .The
Times wishes them unlimited joy-
See Banks & Wade for Xmas pres-
ents that will be useful and highly
appreciated, ltattan rockers, plush
and leather couches, beautiful steel
engrayings, bedroom and dining-room
furniture and many other proper
articles. Cash or easy payments.
Banks & Wade, undertakers, open
all night.
On? l.udy Hiiyn
I have been troubled for years with
a hacking cough. Have had many-
doctors and tried fifty cough cures.
I grew worse all the time. I tried
Parks' Cough Syrup and found im-
mediate relief. It begins at the bot-
tom of the disease and I know it is
the best cough remedy on the mar-
ket. Refer any sufferer to Mrs. W.
J. Fahey, Le Roy, N. Y. Perrv Drug
Police Picking*.
Considering a two-days' accumula-
tion of cussedness, the business in
the police court this morning was ex-
ceedingly light.
John Doe, for stealing a set of liar-
ness, went down to Guthrie.
M. G. Norris and J. W. Cunning-
ham, for discharging a revolver, ac-
dentaily, as is claimed, were dis-
James Hardin, for disturbance about
a lot and for carrying concealed ]
weapons, was fined >28 and costs,,
amounting to 832.85.
Two or three other cases of plain
drunk were discharged.
I Owe li
To suffering humanity to tell the
great benefit my wife "has received
from Parks' Sure Cure, the truly
great Liver and Kidney cure. She
nas been constitutionally wrecked
for several years. Tried everything
fruitlessly. After much persuasion
from my druggist backed by his guar-
antee I bought a bottle of Park's Sure
Cure and tne results arc more than
wonderful. W. P. Bayes, 2404 Jones
St., Omaha, Neb. Perry Drug Co.
Desires t<> offer a lew suggestions whli reUereni e to the approiu liiny
When Looking for a Suitable Present
why not buy something useful and practical, such as
A Nice Suit of Clothes for the Boy.
Some nice Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, lies; a Hat, a pair of Gloves, a pair of Shoes, Rubbers
or Arties. For your Husband or Friend all these and many more suitabie gifts can
Be Found at LOWEST PRICES at The Famous.
WP alsocarry a.fu11 line samples of piece goods, from which we make you anything you want
VV L< from a pair of Pants to an overcoat. Fit and workmanship guaranteed to be perfect.
Lobsitz & McCredie.
C St., Between 6th and 7th.
It is said by our most prominent people that it is the BEST CAFE in the TER-
RITORY of OKLAHOMA. There is not a Steak, Fish or oyster which go on the
tables at this Cafe, but what comes to J. H. Wolfe in a refrigerator car
It furnishes the CHOICEST of all MEATS, FISH, OYSTERS and GAME to be
found in EASTERN MARKETS. Since the opening of Wolfe's Cafe, several re-
ceptions, dinners and banquets have been served.
The Chefs of the Cafe are first-class and J. II. himself is the prince of caterers. Such en-
terprise as J. 11. Wolfe has shown in the establishment of this Cafe deserves.
Private Bankers.
Mortgage Loans,
Notaries Public.
Go to New York Hardware for
genuine Glidden barb.wire.
Perry. O. T
E. A. Lee,
By buying Car Lots enables us to
sell Goods from 20 to 50 per
cent Less than any house
in Oklahoma Territory.
How Is This?
Manufacturers of FineClothing,
218 and 220 Harket Street,
Chicago, 111, December, 4, 189^.
Messrs STAR CLOTHING CO, Perry, 0k. Ter.:
gentlemen:—We are in receipt of your esteemed favor of the
24th inst., and have decided, owing to backwardness of the season,
to accept your offer on the lot of overcoats which you order, (al-
though they are some of the most desirable portions of our stock
to-day), and which we have shipped as per invoice enclosed here-
in. You are doubtless aware that these goods are billed to you at
about 50 per cent of their cost of production. However, on account
of the genera! depression of trade in large fiinncial centers, we are
willing to accept your proposition, but wish to warn vou at the
same time that such prices as those you offer are not likely a^ain
to prevail for many a day. Awaiting your further commands, we
remain very truly yours.
Star = Clothing = Company,
We also carry an Elegant Line of
Mufflers, Neck Wear, Boots and Shoes,
Suitable for Holiday Presents.
Attorneys • At • Law.
Land office business, attachment, suits,
and collections a specialty
Office eor. btb and C, Perry,
over Hrogan4 Jackson's store, (). T ;
Groceries, — Queensware
Notice to Passengers.
Parties desiring to buy tickets during hoi- Delivery to any part of the City.
Idays should come to the depot at least an '
hour before train time In order to avoid the
crowd Just before train time.—K. E. Wes- 1 ^ ,
terveit. Agent. Comer 7th and B St., Perry, 0. T.
Wharton, December20,1893. [
A full and well selected Stock.

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Greer, Bert R. & Humphries, Jac. The Perry Daily Times. (Perry, Okla.), Vol. 1, No. 84, Ed. 1 Tuesday, December 26, 1893, newspaper, December 26, 1893; Perry, Oklahoma. ( accessed March 18, 2019), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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